tuizimif i have a norma installation, and download the rt kernel would i be able to use jack rt?00:35
tuizimor i have to do some magic coding tricks to tune the distro?00:35
tuizimdont wanna take everything off and put ubuntustudio from scratch..00:35
holsteinhey tuizim00:36
holsteinjust install linux-rt however you install things00:36
holsteinthen check out00:36
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:36
holsteinand decide how you want to deal with booting your RT kernel00:36
holsteinyou can run uname -a in a terminal to make sure you are running the RT kernel00:37
holsteinthen check out00:37
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation00:37
holsteinfor how to install the metapackages if you want them00:37
tuizimfor instance, can i just choose on synaptic ubunstudio audio and rt kernel?00:38
tuizimubuntustudio meta00:38
tuizimand voilá ?00:38
tuizimthats awesome :)00:38
holsteinpretty much00:38
holsteintuizim: you might want to just search ubuntustudio00:38
holsteinin synaptic or watever00:38
holsteinand read about the meta packages00:38
holsteinand decide what you want00:38
holsteintuizim: and try the generic kernel00:39
holsteinand get the RT one if needed00:39
tuizimi dont wanna ubuntustudio skin changes00:39
tuizimjust the audio part00:39
tuizimill do audio editing mostly, kinda in the mood to try the rt stuff again00:39
holsteinyou want sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins linux-rt00:40
holsteintuizim: you dont need the RT kernel to try the software00:40
holsteinyou might just want lower latency at some point00:40
holsteintuizim: are you planning on using it for real-time effects processing?00:40
holsteinor software synthesis ?00:41
holsteingo for it then :)00:41
tuizimthe studio will have reharshals and recording00:41
holsteinanother good resource is http://opensourcemusician.libsyn.com/00:41
tuizimwhoa! thanks00:41
holsteintuizim: you using your internal sound card?00:44
tuizimi got an maudio delta 101000:45
tuizimon a dell 470000:45
tuizimno video card00:45
holsteinthose work well00:45
tuizimshaggy stuff00:45
tuizimit was kinda forgotten, im ressurectint this dell00:46
holsteinor the fancy one with the breakout box?00:46
tuizimit had 256 ram, bought 2gb00:46
tuizimno, lt00:46
holsteinyou should be fine00:46
tuizimand the ugly cables00:46
holsteintheres a guy00:46
tuizimthanks very much for the attention!00:46
holsteinover in #opensourcemusicians00:47
tuizimnot much action on this chan lately00:47
holsteinhas a 1010lt00:47
holsteinsays he gets like 1.2ms latency stable00:47
holsteinsomething really low like that00:47
holsteintuizim: yeah, i usually sit back and answer questions when i can00:47
tuizimwhoa! with rt kernel i supose00:48
holsteinthis would have been a under karmic or jaunty we were talking about it00:48
holsteinso yeah, the RT kernel00:49
holsteinhe's on lucid now though00:49
holsteinand hasnt complained00:49
tuizimill just dive them00:49
tuizimiv installed ubuntustudio in it, with the 256 ram00:49
tuizimdidnt work out wel00:49
holsteinif your wanting to run a studio on a p300:50
holsteini would look at an old distro00:50
tuizimits a p400:50
holsteintuizim: you bumped up the ram right?00:50
holsteini got a p4 2.4 with a gig of ram00:50
holsteinand its running ubuntu studio well00:51
holsteini wouldnt call it nimble or elegant00:51
holsteinbut its more than do-able00:51
tuizimthe one think i got mad was skype and jack00:55
tuizimeven youtube i got into jack00:55
tuizimand didnt found an alternative to use skype as a radio microfone00:55
tuizimto people talk live00:55
holsteintuizim: those guys in that channel had it going00:56
holsteinthe opensourcemusician guys00:56
holsteinthe podcasters00:56
holsteinone of them is in canada and the other in the mid-west somewhere00:56
holsteinand they had skype to JACK00:57
holsteinthey use mumble now00:57
tuizimim im brasil01:01
tuizimits quite large, people always very far away on the coletive podcasts01:02
tuizimwell, its kinda of urgent this, ill get my hands dirty01:02
tuizimnice talking to you man!01:02
holsteintuizim: good luck :)01:02
holsteinlet us know how it goes01:03
holstein[lsd] will tell you about skype to JACK sometime01:03
holsteinhe just got up i think01:03
tuizimwould be nicer with skype, since people already have it going on theyr pcs01:06
holsteinit works01:06
tuizimeasyer for someone we interview or so01:06
holsteinthose guys just wanted mumble so everything would be opensource01:06
holsteinwhich is nice01:07
tuizimthats an important point for us too01:11
tuizimgo all the way01:11
timposeyI have a new install of ustudio, the system will not access the internet wireless or connected by cable, it would not connect during the install even after trying repeatedly03:24
timposeywhy is xchat erasing the first part of everything?!!!03:25
timposeyI have a new Ustudio install on my laptop and it... (see above)03:26
holsteintimposey: hey03:26
holsteini think i talked to you earlier03:26
holsteinget that thing plugged in to your router03:26
timposeyyes, I tried it with the cable and it would not work.03:27
holsteintimposey: plug the cable in03:27
holsteinand restart the box03:27
holsteinjust to make sure03:27
timposeyI did that03:27
timposeyI installed ubuntu 10.04 side by side on the drive and when I boot from regular ubuntu it works fine03:28
holsteintimposey: gotcha03:29
holsteinbut you have the network cable plugged in03:29
holsteinand restared the box03:29
holsteinand no-go?03:30
timposeyyes and no-go03:30
holsteinwell, its on the DVD too03:30
holsteinthe nm-applet03:30
holsteinyou can tell synaptic to use the DVD as a repo03:31
holsteinand install it from there03:31
holsteinim 90% sure thats what you need03:31
timposeyI have the ISO installed on my usb memory03:31
holsteinyou should be able to point synaptic to it03:32
timposeyhow would I go about just getting that without reinstalling everything?03:32
holsteinjust open synaptic03:32
holsteinsystem - administration - synaptic package manager03:33
holsteingo to settings - repositories03:33
holsteingo to the 'other software' tab03:34
timposeyand whay synaptic would I be looking for03:34
holsteinand go to 'add cd-rom'03:34
holsteinbut im pretty sure you need the acutal DVD03:34
holsteinfor this to work auto-magically03:34
holsteinwe'll see03:34
timposeyIf it will work without the cd or dvd, I don't see how to do it.03:37
holsteindo you have the DVD?03:37
timposeyno, I will have to burn one.03:37
holsteinthats what we will call 'the easy way' ;)03:38
holsteinyou can poke around though03:38
holsteinand find the .deb somewhere in that iso image03:38
holsteinyou'll need dependancies though03:39
timposeywhat package will I be looking for?03:41
holsteini would burn the ISO to disc though03:42
holsteinor just wipe that install03:42
holsteinand install what you want from ubuntustudio into the other install03:43
holsteinwe can call that 'plan B'03:43
timposeyI have tried that in the past, but it just did not work that well, I was hoping by doing the full install that it would work better.03:43
holsteindo you need internet then?03:44
holsteinin that install?03:44
holsteinif its a studio install03:44
timposeyI can already see this is going to be a huge learning curve I was using ulead video studio on windows and final cut on mac.  It would be nice to have it so that I could download the photos and video that I have online right now.03:45
holsteinso you need it03:45
holsteinyeah, burn that iso03:45
holsteinand go through the above steps03:46
holsteinwith synaptic03:46
timposeyI will burn the dvd and give it a try and see what happens.   thanks for the help.03:46
holsteinwhen you ad the CD as a repo03:46
holsteinyou'll be promted to 'reload'03:46
holsteinyou'll want to do that03:46
holsteinthen search for nm-applet03:46
holsteinthat and some other things should install03:46
holsteinand hopefully after restaring03:47
holsteinit will just automagically work like the other install03:47
holsteinif not03:47
holsteintimposey: come find me :)03:47
holsteinor someone in here03:47
timposeythanks, just glad someone is here...03:48
holsteinim always logged in here03:48
holsteini just might be out03:48
holsteingood luck :)03:48
timposeyholstein you still there?03:54
holsteintimposey: yo03:55
timposeyI burned the dvd put it in the drive tried to access it but it says failed to mount the cd-rom03:55
timposeywhich is actually a dvd03:56
holsteinbad disc?03:56
timposeybut it is mounted in places03:56
holsteintimposey: just try in synaptic03:57
holsteinand see if it'll mount that way03:57
holsteinif not03:57
holsteinwe'll have to try something different03:57
holsteintimposey: bb... phone03:58
holsteinmissed em04:18
timposeyI burned a cd with just ubuntu 10.04 and I found a package called network-manager-gnome that was not installed04:19
holsteintimposey: OH04:20
holsteintuizim split04:20
holsteini got confused04:20
timposeycould that be it?04:20
holsteintimposey: that should do it04:20
holsteinall that stuff should be on that ISO as well04:20
holsteingood idea :)04:20
timposeynow I04:21
holsteintimposey: did you find nm-applet?04:21
timposey'm comfused.. it now pops up with a window that says insert the disk for ubuntu studio into /media/apt/04:22
holsteini think network-manager-gnome is the one that you want04:23
holsteinmaybe its been renamed04:23
holsteintimposey: in synaptic04:23
timposeywhy would it say /apt/04:23
holsteinuncheck the box beside that repo04:23
holsteinthe one that enabled the CD as a repo04:23
holsteintimposey: the /apt is going to be becuase apt is using it as a repo04:24
holsteintimposey: uncheck that box *after* you get network-manager-gnome and its dependancies installed04:25
timposeythat is the thing, it will not let me install it.04:26
timposeywhen I uncheck the box then it is not showing as available for install04:26
holsteintimposey: yeah04:27
holsteinso re-check that box04:27
holsteinthen tell me what error you get04:27
holsteinwhen trying to install network-manager-gnome04:28
holsteintimposey: be sure to hit the 'reload' button04:28
holsteintimposey: whats it look like?04:30
holsteini would go to the 'other software' tab04:31
holsteinand get rid of the repo you added04:31
holsteini bet you added the studio DVD04:31
holsteinget rid of that one and whatever else you added04:31
holsteinand start over04:31
timposeywhen I do that it says error scanning the  cd  E: failed to mount the cd-rom04:32
holsteinleave the ones that are 'archive.connonical' alone04:32
timposeyI have not touched them04:32
holsteintake the CD out of the drive04:34
holsteinin the 'other software tab' you should have only 2 things there right?04:34
holsteinso put the CD in04:35
holsteinthen try that 'add CD-rom' button again04:36
timposeyit just asks again to put the cd in04:37
holsteinunder the 'ubuntu software' tab04:37
timposeythen the error scanning the cd message04:37
holsteintheres an option at the bottom04:37
holstein'installable from CDrom/DVD04:38
holsteintry enabling that with the checkbox04:38
holsteinand see if you have any joy04:38
holsteini really need to do this sometime04:38
holsteintest it04:38
holsteinso i know how to do it04:38
holsteinand strip out the .debs for others to DL04:39
holsteinthis comes up a lot04:39
holsteinbut usually, theres some other way of getting online04:39
holsteintimposey: whats it look like?04:39
timposeythat is when I see that the package is not installed04:40
timposeybut when I hit apply it looks in /media/apt04:40
holsteinbut its there right?04:40
holsteinand doesnt get it?04:40
timposeyit is not looking at the media/cd-dvd rom drive.04:43
holsteintimposey: OK04:45
holsteingo back to reposiories04:45
holsteinand uncheck that box04:45
timposeyI'm going to give up tonight, I may try a full reinstall tomorrow.04:45
holsteinget the CD out04:45
holsteintimposey: if you got one sec04:45
holsteinare you still hardwired?04:46
holsteinto the net?04:46
holsteinhey ScottL04:47
holsteinyou got a minute?04:47
holsteintimposey: sorry04:49
holsteini got nothin04:49
holsteini thought i had an install around here that was network manager free04:49
holsteinbut i dont04:49
holsteintimposey: i'll know more about it next time i see you04:49
timposeythanks for your time04:50
ScottLhi holstein04:50
holsteintimposey is having a hell of a time ScottL04:50
holsteininstalling the gnome network manager04:50
holsteinfrom the DVD04:51
holsteinand ive never had to do it04:51
holsteinany suggestions?04:51
ScottLeh, i've never actually done it either, but yeah i've got one04:51
holsteintimposey doesnt have internet on the box04:51
ScottLyou can always navigate to .../pool/g/gnome-network-manager and double click on the .deb package04:52
holsteintimposey: can you get that DVD to mount?04:52
holsteinand try that real quick?04:52
* holstein makes note of that location :)04:52
timposeyyes but under pool, I don't have g04:52
holsteintimposey: is that the ubuntustudio iso?04:53
ScottLmaybe under n then for network04:53
ScottLoh, yeah i belive it's under n04:53
timposeyubuntu-Studio 10.04 LTS amd6404:53
ScottLi remember finding network-manager, network-applet and network-admin all in the same directory04:54
holstein/pool/main/g ...04:54
timposeyall I have are main multiverse restricted and universe04:54
ScottLoh, yeah and main04:54
ScottLsorry, i'm really tired and probably not thinking straight04:54
holsteinim in the maverick iso04:55
holsteinthat should be similar though04:55
timposeyok found it04:55
holsteinsweet :)04:55
ScottLoutstanding...you can copy the .deb file to your desktop and double click it...that's probably the best way i think04:56
timposeyI found gnome-nettool04:56
timposeynetwork manager is not there04:56
ScottLtry under N04:57
timposeyunder n network manager04:57
timposeysaying dependency is not met, looks like I might have to do some searching04:58
holsteinand network manager applet too04:58
holsteintimposey: all the dependancies will be in that main directory though04:59
timposeythanks, I found it04:59
ScottLgood deal :)05:00
timposeyor you all found it, I just followed instructions and not too well.. lol05:00
* ScottL is going to bed05:00
holsteinthanks ScottL :)05:00
rumbertIs there some way to set an ICM profile for all X Windows applications?  for all GTK applications?  I have discovered an ICM profile for my monitor.  How can I see what settings I need to set my monitor to for it to match the profile?14:34
astraljavarumbert: From various posts Google revealed me, xcalib seems to be an option. Have you tried that?15:54
* rumbert looks15:55
astraljavarumbert: Oh, and definitely check dispwin (search for Argyll CMS)16:08
astraljavarumbert: You can check further from here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-636874.html, jcornuz's email has a lot of links.16:19
rumbertgot it16:20
kasbah85is my fresh ubuntustudio install only supposed to boot up into xterm?20:45
holsteinkasbah85: *shouldnt*20:46
holsteinkasbah85: did you try a lucid live CD on the hardware before installing?20:47
kasbah85lucid is installed on another parition actually20:48
kasbah85works fine20:48
kasbah85gnome seems to be installed20:49
holsteinkasbah85: maybe you have a bad disc?20:53
holsteinyou can just remove that install20:54
kasbah85i checksummed the iso20:54
holsteinand install what packages from ubuntustudio you want in your other install20:54
kasbah85but i used unetbootin to do a usb instalation20:54
kasbah85maybe that was the problem20:54
kasbah85its probably not tested for20:54
holsteinthere are special steps to install the alternate CD's from USB20:55
kasbah85yeah, i just wanted to try it first before i mess with my existing ubuntu20:55
kasbah85i found one special step to mount the "cdrom"20:55
kasbah85the rest seemed to work fine until the install finished and it only logged me into an xterm20:56
holsteinyouve tried logging in and starting X?20:56
kasbah85i just tried "xinit". but that was probably the wrong way.20:57
kasbah85"start gdm"?20:57
kasbah85X does start... but only with xterm--the mouse works20:58
holsteinlet me think about that then20:58
kasbah85i think i will just burn a DVD20:58
holsteinand maybe someone will come along20:58
kasbah85just to be clear: X starts on its  own upon login only with xterm20:59
kasbah85went to a new terminal. stopped gdm and restarted. had the same effect21:02
holsteinand when you get it runing21:02
holsteinit seems normal?21:02
kasbah85when i get what running?21:02
kasbah85the mouse works, but there is nothing else, just an embedded xterm21:03
kasbah85like the thing for testing X21:03
kasbah85i will reformat and try again from USB since i don't have a DVD right  now21:04
holsteinkasbah85: you want to just add the packages to your other install?21:04
holsteinyou dont really need to dual boot ubuntu and ubuntustudio21:04
holsteinunless you just want to21:04
kasbah85no I don't want to do that just yet21:04
kasbah85i wanted to test it first21:05
holsteinyou dont have to add everything21:05
holsteinits just several metapackages really21:05
kasbah85i was hoping it would set up my 0404 correctly and jack etc21:05
kasbah85i could just set those things up myself i guess21:06
kasbah85emu-0404 soundcard that is21:06
holsteinits not going to do anthing 'magical'21:06
holsteini usually just get the audio stuff21:06
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins21:07
holsteinmaybe linux-rt too21:07
holsteina link for later :) http://opensourcemusician.libsyn.com/21:08
kasbah85ok danke21:08
holsteinkasbah85: 404 USB or PCI?21:10
holsteinif you got the PCI one, you should be good to go21:11
holsteingetting JACK running the first time is tricky21:11
kasbah85PCI .. yeah i had it working a while back.. got lucky with the firmware too21:12
kasbah85yeah to be honest it was quite easy to set up21:13
kasbah85i was kind of hoping that i would see something in ubuntustudio to use the effects etc that the card provides21:14
holsteinmaybe the mixer21:14
holsteini thought it used the one that the delta 1010lt uses21:14
kasbah85maybe, i don't know21:15
holsteinSTILL, that package would be in the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage21:15
kasbah85ok cool21:15
holsteinif you want to dual boot something21:16
holsteincheck out http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/21:16
holsteinits kubuntu like21:17
holsteinlots of changes though21:17
holsteinKDE too, if you can handle that21:17
* holstein is not running KXstudio21:17
holsteinbut i have a test install21:17

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