sensegood morning09:51
LucidFoxI should say, I'm impressed how quickly indicator-appmenu has matured16:06
LucidFoxIt seems more stable to me than gnome-globalmenu, despite a much shorter development time.16:07
* hyperair hopes indicator-applet will mature enough to stop leaking memory.16:07
hyperairconsidering how successful indicator-appmenu is, though, i can't help but wonder why a similar approach isn't used for windicators rather than using CSD.16:09
* hyperair whistles16:09
LucidFoxHonestly, I don't think windicators are a good idea to begin with16:09
LucidFoxAre there any plans to add support for locations to indicator-datetime, for feature parity with the old panel applet?16:11
hyperairLucidFox: well, i don't either, but will refrain from thinking any further until it's actually implemented.16:12
daooIs there documentation for the libindicate python bindings?17:10
sensedaoo: If there is not, please feel free and encouraged by me to file a bug. I do have the sneaking suspicion there are indeed none.17:30
daooI've not managed to find any.17:30
senseA shame17:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 422039 in libindicate "Documentation should be completed (affected: 3, heat: 4)" [Medium,Confirmed]17:31
sensedaoo: Thanks, will watch that bug.17:37
daooAnd also this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/libindicate/+bug/42204417:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 422044 in libindicate "Documentation should find a home on the web (affected: 1, heat: 1)" [Low,Confirmed]17:38
daooI was started to play around with libindicate but unfortunately didn't get very far when there was no documentation. :(17:43
sensedaoo: Did you look at some examples?19:21
daooYes I did.19:21
daooWell, what I want to do is check draw-attention of all message indicators.19:22
daooI want to know, if for instance, pidgin has any new messages.19:23
daooWell, I could do that with dbus and check against pidgin.19:24
daooThough, if i use libindicate instead I could also check the status of other applications (I have mail, and rss reader).19:26
daooI looked at list-and-print but it's confusing, is there no methods that return the value of a property instead of just sending it to a callback?19:27
sensedaoo: All I could advise you to do is to look at the source code of the library to figure out what does what. Otherwise I wouldn't know.19:27
sensedaoo: there is a libindicate-doc package19:28
senseYou could try to figure out how the Python bindings work by following the C documentation.19:28
daooYeah, I've checked, but I'm not that good at C.19:28
daooYeah, the C bindings did seem to have functions where you could send variable pointers. Though, I could not find out if they were in the python bindings.19:29
daoosense: There only seems to methods that take callbacks in the python bindigs.. :/20:15
sensedaoo: If you need other methods, file a bug!20:16
daoosense: I don't know but this bug might be what I need: https://bugs.launchpad.net/libindicate/+bug/49949020:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 499490 in libindicate "Indicator does not have normal GObject behavior (affected: 1, heat: 2)" [Undecided,New]20:24

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