macois bzr case insensitive?03:05
macolike, i cant have a directory and a file with the same name where one is capitalised and the other isnt?03:05
macocuz it's getting unhappy at me when i try, and this is annoying03:05
dashon what OS?03:06
macoi had a dir named gally and did  "bzr mv gally Gally" then wanted to rename Gally.py to gally so tried "bzr mv Gally.py gally" (so my executable has a nice lowercase name with no extension) and bzr is angry03:10
maco$ bzr mv Gally.py gally03:11
macobzr: ERROR: Could not move Gally.py => Gally: Gally is already versioned.03:11
macoi thought maybe i needed to commit the first mv before i could do it, but i did that and it still gives this error03:11
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spivmaco: bzr should work just fine with files that differ only by case, if the filesystem allows it.11:28
spivmaco: e.g. I just tested 'bzr mv Foo.txt foo.txt' in a fresh branch locally and it DTRT.11:30
pooliehi spiv11:30
spivGood evening poolie11:43
lvhis this the right place to ask for stuff about bzr-eclipse?11:50
lvhI'm trying to move to eclipse from emacs but so far the bzr support is really confusing me11:51
lvhI can get it to work when everything behaves like a single branch, but I'm used to (and I suspect most people are) single repo + many branches11:51
lvhI don't understand how to import such a layout (eg; Twisted/ (this is the repo) with Twisted/twisted (trunk), Twisted/mypatch-whatever, ...)11:52
spivlvh: this is a good place to ask (but unfortunately I personally don't have any experience with bzr-eclipse)11:59
spivI suppose if there's a #eclipse they might know something too.12:00
lvhspiv: from what I heard the person convincing me to try eclipse copped out and moved back to svn12:00
lvhspiv: I'll try #eclipse, thanks :)12:00
lvh(in his defense, svn support in eclipse is probably about the best in the world)12:02
lvhapparently the trick is to not use bzr integration in eclipse12:11
lvh(keep a terminal open instead)12:11
lifelesspoolie: I'm going to head off, I'm a bit over enclosed rooms and its all gnunet for the rest of the afternoon13:38
pooliewhere are you now?13:38
lifelessro your right13:38
lifelessnear the door13:39
pooliefor a clean getaway13:39
lifelessduh duh duh daaaaaaaa13:39
poolieblock diagrams13:39
poolienice people though13:40
lifelessyou'll be ok ? :)13:40
pooliewant to see stevea tomorrow?13:40
pooliei'll cope13:40
lifelesswould love to13:40
pooliei think in retrospect i would have made more talk more concrete13:40
mgzheh, communicating where you are in the same room over irc?13:47
mgzlifeless: just to double check something I vaugely remember you telling me, is it your intention that TestCase instances should be gc-ed after being run now?13:49
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macospiv: right i managed doing one step of that. now try "bzr mv blah Foo.txt" so you're moving something into where the old name was... it doesnt like htat16:34
rockstarspiv, I've reproduced her bug.  It does look like some sort of case-insensitivity issue.16:40
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