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Linuxiei'm trying to add a radio station to the Rythmbox19:16
Linuxiesays i'm missing a plugin.. when i search for it it won't find any19:17
alkisgFor general ubuntu questions, you'd better ask in #ubuntu19:19
Linuxieam i in the wrong room?19:19
alkisgMore or less, yes19:19
Linuxiei'm using edubuntu live dvd19:20
alkisgType /j #ubuntu to go to the ubuntu channel19:20
Linuxiethose rooms are too crowded.. no one answers19:20
alkisgedubuntu is based on ubuntu, so for general ubuntu questions, you'll get more answers there19:20
Linuxieso what is this room for?19:21
alkisgThis channel is more focused to things that are _not_ in an ubuntu installation19:21
alkisgE.g. for educational software, for ltsp (thin clients), etc19:21
Linuxiewell how about the irc client19:21
alkisgWhatever you can find in the ubuntu live CD, you'd better ask in #ubuntu about it19:21
Linuxiei have to use the webclient19:21
alkisgYou can ask here too, sure, but I doubt if anyone will answer...19:22
Linuxiewell there's nothing going on in this room anyways.. i'm just looking for some experienced linux help.. :)19:23
Linuxiei'm new to linux19:23
Linuxiei have been to so many channels.. folks just don't answer19:24
alkisgYou need to ask the right questions in the right channels19:25
Linuxiethere are so many rooms with many people but no activity19:25
alkisgFor rythmbox, there's an irc channel in the gnome server19:25
Linuxiei'm been to ubuntu, linux, newbies, and all the respective distros channel19:25
Linuxiebeen doing this for weeks19:25
alkisgWell, if you have any educational software question, this is the right channel. Otherwise I don't think you'll get any answers here too. Try #rhythmbox on irc.gnome.org19:26
Linuxiei went to #nvidia to get help as to why my desktop features don't work.. like compiz19:26
Linuxiebut no answer19:26
Linuxiewell i thought edubuntu was related to all questions regarding the edubuntu distro19:27
Linuxieoh well19:27
alkisgThere's a good possibility that noone here knows to answer you rythmbox question. That's why the right questions need to be asked to the right channels.19:28
Linuxieactually rythmbox is just an example i have many other19:29
alkisgOK, the same answer for others too.19:29
alkisgIf they're educational software, then people here might know the answer. If not, they probably don't.19:29
Linuxiei keep hearing about the sugar on a stick19:30
Linuxiedo you have any experience in that19:30
Linuxiethat's all education19:30
alkisgNot personally, so just wait for any others to see that question and answer it if they know about sugar.19:31
alkisgAlso, it would help if the question was more specific, e.g. did you run into any problems with it? etc etc.19:32
Linuxiesome distros have it pre-loaded on the live cd or dvd but many don't19:34
Linuxieso i would like to add but don't know much about it19:34
Linuxieand there's not much help anywhere19:35
Linuxieit is basically for kids19:35
Linuxiebetween 8-1219:35
Linuxiesince i'm new to linux.. i really don't know which one to install on a hd19:36
Linuxieso i'm trying to gain all knowledge so if i want to pools my own selection of software then i can do that smoothly19:36
Linuxiesome things work off the bat in some distros but in others it is a hassle19:37
Linuxiei don't know how else to go about it..19:38
Linuxiei have tried users group, various channels, read a ton of material, gone through some tutorials of which many are outdated,19:39
Linuxiewhat else can i do19:39
Linuxiesometimes installations don't work from the gui but they work from the cli19:40
Linuxiebut each distro has a diff way of updating, installing etc.19:40
Linuxiemy LUG meet once in a month and then theres not enough volunteers19:41
Linuxiei'm not complaining.. just looking how else to go about it19:41
alkisgI'm not sure I understand your problem.19:43
Linuxienever mind19:43
alkisgI believe you need a book :)19:43
Linuxiethanks for your help19:43
alkisgTo read some stuff about linux etc19:43
alkisgHere's one: http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:43
Linuxielike i mentioned above i have gone through many things19:43
Linuxiesee the [14:39]19:44
alkisgI'm on a different timezone, are you talking about (09:39:29 μμ) Linuxie: i have tried users group, various channels, read a ton of material, gone through some tutorials of which many are outdated,19:45
alkisgI still don't understand your main problem19:46
alkisgIs it "how should I get help on a specific problem"?19:46
Linuxiewell.. tell me have you been using linux for a long time?19:46
Linuxiehow did you start19:46
alkisgOr is it "I don't know what else to do to learn linux"19:46
Linuxiewell many times the questions are related to a specific distro and when i go to that channel i don't get a good solution19:47
alkisgAnyway, gotta go, I hope you quickly find the solution to your problem. Bye.19:48
coz_hey guys...there are no plans to elimiate Edubuntu in the near future is there?20:45

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