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don_jrI am having some trouble getting my display set right.  No matter what I add to xorg.conf it changes nothing.00:26
don_jrI haev an old nvidia MX4000 with the proprietary drivers installed and a Samsung SyncMaster 731b connected with analog cable00:26
dlpI just noticed I'm being port scanned by a freenode server.00:32
crooks3o6don_jr: Which driver version?00:36
don_jrwhich I'm fairly certain is correct for the mx400000:36
crooks3o6and if you open the nvidia display settings manager deal?00:37
don_jri have not tried to reconfigure xorg, beings it doesn't appear that the xorg.conf is even being looked at.00:37
don_jrI've checked in it, it offers only 2 resolutions, one at 320x and one at 600x00:37
don_jrand the ref rate is at 54.4 htz and no option to change it00:37
crooks3o6I fought with an nvidia card for a while this morning00:39
crooks3o6I haven't used the card since before the xorg update but it seemed to respect the xorg.conf after I rewrote it manually00:40
crooks3o6was an older 760000:40
don_jrgoing to try a xorg reconf, I'll be back after the restart00:42
don_jrmaybe not...the command did literally nothing...that's odd00:42
don_jrnow why would sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  do nothing?00:45
don_jrjust stupid wonderment, does the order things show up in teh xorg.conf matter?  i.e. monitor before screen section?00:52
crooks3o6I think so..  I'd have to google it though00:52
don_jrI'll change it around and see if it help00:53
don_jrgonna restart to set changes, we'll see how it goes.00:56
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Don_jrNo help...darn it00:59
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Don_jrwell crud.. it's someting to do with xorg.conf i'm sure, about to pastebin it01:08
Don_jrWell crud.  Guess I'll just hae to deal with this for a bit, I can't find any help that I haven't tried yet.01:24
anon_hey guys01:54
anon_i'm back01:54
anon_another question01:54
anon_when i open a program, it goes to the tray, but it opens in the tray 3x01:54
trouble_who are you01:54
anon_Trouble_, nobody you know01:54
trouble_what is the quassel irc01:54
trouble_are you america?01:55
anon_you there?02:01
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Bearcathey folks. I've got the latest version of kubuntu loaded on a pc. When i go to look up a contact i'm told that the akonadi server is not running because no resource agents found. I've browsed the internet and not found a solution that works for fix this issue. I'm upto date on kubuntu 10.4. I've followed the upgrade in the known issues on the upgrade page. Any help would be appreciated.05:08
Bearcatcool! i got rid of the error by opening up kaddressbook stand-alone05:24
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Guest52460any body can chat with me?06:26
Guest52460hello everyone06:26
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th0mashey guys07:10
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aloondpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-image-generic: linux-image-generic depends on linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic; however  Package linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic is not configured yet.07:28
aloonI get that error everytime I go to install any software07:28
aloonthe software will install , but I was wondering if there is anyway to fix my kernal so I dont get that error every time07:29
troopperialoon: try at konsole sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-missing07:34
aloonthanks i'll try that right now07:34
aloonstill gives that same error07:35
aloonErrors were encountered while processing:07:35
aloon linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic07:35
aloon linux-image-generic07:35
aloon linux-generic07:35
aloonoops sorry07:35
FloodBotK2aloon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:35
alooni meant to hit edit07:36
aloonit was after an update that this happened07:36
troopperihow about this sudo apt-get -f install07:36
aloonthx will try07:37
aloonhowever:Package linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic is not configured yet.07:39
aloonis there a way to configure that ?07:40
troopperisudo dpkg-reconfigure -a07:41
aloonfailed to exec /etc/kernel/postinst.d/update-nvidia07:42
aloonI know it has to do with nvidia and a kernal update07:43
aloondid your last command , few questions , bunch of text07:44
aloonits still going07:46
aloonEncoding to use on the console:07:49
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aloonsi'm not sure theres a huge list07:49
troopperiyou can ended it if you want07:51
troopperialoons: are you testing maverick?07:57
aloonstroop yes08:00
troopperihave you check out this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127486808:00
aloonsI was having issues on lucid with 310M Nvidia so I tried a fresg install of maverick08:00
aloonsI tried uninstalling nvidia-common and reinstalling , I get the same errors08:02
troopperiand you did that purge too?08:02
aloonswhich purge ?08:04
troopperisudo apt-get purge nvidia-common08:04
aloonspurge and then reinstall ?08:05
troopperifirst reinstall then purge08:06
aloonscan I cut off that reconfiguring ? It's going on and on ... ?08:07
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aloonssorry i was following , I just didnt know it was okay to cut off that reconfiguring08:08
troopperialoons: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9483174  see geoffjay message08:10
aloonsreboot brb08:13
cjaehow do I refresh device notifier?08:14
cjaeI umounted and grew a fat32 fs on a usb hdd and now it doesnt show up in device notifier08:16
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* feldspath is away: Parti pour l'instant.08:49
loyhello ! I'm new on kubuntu (lucid) and have a big problem with sound using on multi apps. (I'm french so use simply english please :p )09:14
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:17
loythanks, i see this09:19
loyso, my sound card is detected, but I'm using 3 sound apps : Amarok, sometimes read flash videos, and tuxguitar. Since yesterday, I can launch Amarok and learn flash, but no 3rd app. I must kill one sound app for this.09:33
* feldspath is back.09:35
loy(I have already read and apply the documentation)09:35
luis_hello good night eveyone i need some help, i just install kubuntu 1.0409:51
luis_sorry for that, i just install kubuntu 10.04 in my laptop but it keeps shutting down, every 5 minutes or so can you guys help me to fix this please???09:53
vistakillerplymouth is the worst choise ever..09:59
luis_anyone knw how can i fix that please???09:59
vistakillershuttind down?10:00
vistakillerwhithout a reason?10:01
luis_i had kubuntu 9:04 then upgraded to 10.04 and since then keeps shutting down i have to keep a fun close to my laptop so it stays on10:05
luis_like the little fan inside that cools the laptop stop working just like that and then the system overheat and shut down on itself10:08
moetunesis the cpu at full throotle before it shuts down?10:10
luis_not even that10:10
luis_it's a laptop10:10
luis_acer aspire10:11
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ussher_loy if you run everything through pulse then they should all work together10:19
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luis_so no way to fix this? i guess this means i will have to down grade and go back to kubuntu 9.1010:24
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bobywhen we can expect kubuntu 10.04.1?10:36
Misterioboby: Isn't 6 months after the release and then a new patch-recopilation after 3 months?10:37
Misterioboby: Yes, but be patience please, I am not a formula 1 writting :P10:37
bobydo you know exact day?10:37
bobyfor example 29.7?10:38
Misterioboby: I *think* the same day as 10.10 is released10:38
bobyso it is 27.710:38
bobyoh, you meen 10.04 or 10.1010:39
Misterioboby: 10.04.1 is released the same day that 10.10 is released10:39
bobydon't understand. isn't 3 months after 10.04?10:40
MisterioSo, first update 6 months after its release, then, new update 3 months after the newst version10:40
Misterioboby: First one 6 months ago (3 remaining)10:40
Misterioboby: Then yes, after 3 months10:40
Misterioboby: But I don't know10:41
bobyit wasn't that way in case of 8.0410:41
Misterioboby: It can be first one after 3 months and then after 6 months10:41
Misterioboby: Oh, then as 8.0410:41
efesIncorrect checksum: http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/firefox_3.6.7+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1_i386.deb , http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic_2.6.32-24.38_i386.deb10:43
efesany hints?10:43
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:45
bobyyou don't understand me misterio10:45
Misteriooops, fail10:45
bobylook at here10:45
Misterioboby: Reading10:46
bobyas you can see 8.04.1 was released in july10:46
bobynot in october wnen 8.10 was relesed10:46
Misterioboby: Right, but after first update, next updates was released after 6 monyhs10:47
bobytell me this: 8.04 = april, 8.04.1 = july. Now, 10.04 = april, 10.04.1 = ?10:47
bobydon't need 10.04.2 or 3 only 10.04.110:48
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bobyi am interested in first update10:49
Misterioboby: Then just wait a days10:49
bobybut how many?10:49
bobyis there any information on ubuntu site about this10:50
Misterioboby: This month has 31 days, and it's 24th :P10:50
bobycorrect information10:50
Misterioboby: Normally ubuntu updates are released thursdays10:50
kiku4youKubuntu How to change Theme?10:50
bobydid't know that10:51
bobyso it is 29.7!10:51
kiku4youTheme does not like black10:51
Misteriokiku4you: Change to oxigen, it's cool10:52
kiku4youขWho has the resources to change Theme10:53
kiku4youHow to change Theme11:08
kiku4youUrl's do who have told the source.11:09
rorkkiku4you: system settings > appearance11:12
rorkkiku4you: there are many localized help channels, if you want help in your native language we could direct you to it.11:13
kiku4youTo find out11:14
nikeHi there11:17
nikeRussia is here?11:20
rork!ru | nike11:20
ubottunike: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:20
sergeyHello world11:34
ubusaHello... am i understand that right with Lucid Lynx?! (K)ubuntu releases only every two years a new version, so they can update, fix the system to become it more stable? Or i understand that wrong and (k)ubuntu becomes every 6 month a new version too?12:02
James147ubusa: kubuntu and ubuntu release a new version every 6 mounths12:03
James147ubusa: they support the released version for a while though12:03
ubusaAh... so only support to catch some business customers. I understand.12:04
James147ubusa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases12:04
James147ubusa: they dont jsut support businesses, they support every version up to its end of life12:04
James147ubusa: the current version is known as a long term support version and will be supported untill 2013 on the desktop (2015) on the server12:05
ubusaAt the moment i'm not sure what to choose. I've used ubuntu and was happy with that. But now i see that's gnome is far away from what... i call productive workspace. So i tested KDE and... meanwhile it only one times crash. If this don't happens often, i really to interested to switch to Kubuntu.12:08
ubusaBut in the Internet all saying that Mandriva ist more userfriendly then kubuntu... so i'm not sure.12:08
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nisha_newbieanyone from India...i need to configure BSNL broadband and need help hee12:09
James147ubusa: i dont see all the internet saying that :) havent tryed mandriva yet but kubuntu is one i prefere since more things just seem to work for it (at least for me). I suggest you try them both out (i beleave that mandriva have a live cd, i know kubuntu do so try that out and see which you like more before installing)12:11
ubusaWhat is with synatpic. Brings this package manager something unter kubuntu (kde)? I readed that the kpackackagekit not so good as synaptic for gnome. Is that true? Can i use synaptic for kubuntu insteed of kpackagekit?12:13
James147ubusa: i don't see why people don't like kpackagekit that much... its perfectly usable here... but yes you can use gnome software under kde12:14
ubusaoh i love this notification dialog with the view button *smilie*12:14
ubusaJames147: That means Synaptic can handle kubuntu sources too without problems?12:15
James147ubusa: kpackagekit and synaptic both use the same repos :)12:15
James147ubusa: although in the next version of kubuntu there is promise of intergration of an app store like thing into kpackagekit12:16
ubusaJames147: Ah... i understand. Then i will install Kubuntu... i don't want to learn a new distrib.12:17
James147ubusa: ubuntu and kubuntu are the same distro... they jsut use different desktop envrioments12:17
James147ubusa: you can install them on the same system be installing either "kubuntu-desktop" or "ubuntu-desktop" depending on which you started with12:18
James147ubusa: then switch which you use in kdm or kdm (the login manager)12:18
ubusaJames147: Yes... but if i now will test Mandriva i've to learn some new happenings and commands which are different to (k)ubuntu.12:18
James147ubusa: they are both linux so have alot of the same core commands :)12:19
ubusaJames147: For you :) But not for me... how using ubuntu only two weeks.12:20
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nisha_newbiehow do i remove auto eth0 default connexn...i want to set one of my own connection manually and i want to remove auto eht0 since i use PPPoE12:26
ubusaStrange... why KDESudo don't accept my user password?12:35
ubusaI've set a root password to after it don't let me access my ntfs partitions. But this password it don't accept too.12:36
ubusaCan it be that it don't support special characters?12:38
James147ubusa: probally, i would try  apassword without spical characters12:43
James147ubusa: also it is advised not to give root a password12:43
ubusaWhy not?12:43
ubusaA root without password? That sounds crazy.12:44
James147ubusa: you dont need to, you can do everything through sudo if you need to (even login as root with -i)12:44
James147ubusa: root with a password is a security consern, quite a few mecheines get hacked into by weak root passwords, if root dosent have one then it cant be hacked12:45
ubusaFunny... KDESudo don't support special characters-12:45
James147ubusa: and since sudo dose eveything you really need for root there is no need for a root password12:45
ubusaWith no special character... it works12:45
ubusaWhy can anyone hack the root when it has a password... and when it has no password it's unhackable? Sorry... confused me. I learnd to give the adiministrator on every machine a strong password. But don't use this account. I don't want to use the root account, sudo is enough for me.12:49
ubusaBut... why can anyone hacking root better, when it has a password. And why not when no password set?12:49
James147ubusa: when there is no password (not a empty password) login through that user is disabled12:49
ubusaAhhh... that means... if i now delete the password again linux will disable the root account again?12:50
James147ubusa: there should be a way to remove the password and disable its login give me a min to figure it out :)  but yes, if you dont need to login to root then no password with disabled login is best12:51
ubusaInteresting. You don't have to search... when i really need it i find it.12:52
ubusaBut good to know.12:52
ubusaWhere can send we bug reports? (like the kdesudo special letters thing)?12:52
James147ubusa: looks like you can disable the root acount in the user managment in system settings (probally under advanced)12:52
James147ubusa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdesudo/+bug/40085112:53
ubusaEvery freaking click i made with kde make it more interesting for me. Preview for links in irc... cool.12:53
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ubusaJames147: ah it's already reported #512:55
James147ubusa: but you might want to add your information to the bug report12:56
ubusaJames147: Then thanks James... i will save my home directory and installing kubuntu.12:56
ubusaJames147: I will do... but first i will install kubuntu. Thanks for your help.12:57
James147ubusa: btw, you should just be able to install kubuntu on the same drivewithout formatting, if you do it should delete the system folders and leave /home inteact (I would backup anyway just incase ;) )12:59
anon_Hey guys, i need help13:08
James147!help | anon_13:08
ubottuanon_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:08
anon_My kubuntu can't play youtube music, it plays the intro sound, other sounds but NOT youtube!13:09
James147anon_: :s thourght they had fixed all the flash sound problems :(13:10
James147anon_: what version of kubuntu?13:10
anon_Uhh... how do i check that13:10
James147anon_: "cat /etc/issue" shoudl tell you (in terminal)13:10
anon_Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \l13:11
James147try purging and reinstalling flash... "sudo aptitude purge flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree; sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer" then restart your broswers13:12
anon_I wrote that in the terminal, but still didn't work :\13:16
anon_Now it works13:19
anon_Thanks James14713:19
James147anon_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/543035 << try folling the advice there13:19
anon_WOrks works13:19
FloodBotK2anon_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:19
anon_No homo though13:19
BluesKajHowdy all13:32
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botnetyou dun goof'd13:38
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Jessy_Slaughteryou dun goof'd13:42
Jessy_Slaughterhey guys, yesterday i accidentally my computer!!! is that dangerous?13:43
MisterioJessy_Slaughter: What?13:46
James147Misterio: troll...13:46
MisterioJames147: Okay :P13:46
zalgoJessy_Slaughter: your consequences may vary!13:48
Jessy_Slaughterzalgo: i backtraced you! and your recordings will be sent to the cyber police...13:49
[mors]hey !13:49
[mors]the last flash update broke flash quite heavily in 9.1013:50
Jessy_Slaughterbroken flash is broken13:51
[mors]eh... it's working now... oh well...13:52
[mors]another thing...13:52
[mors]when I close an app, the clipboard contents are cleared.. I really hate that. anyway to prevent it ? related to klipper ?13:53
James147[mors]: seen that repoted before but I cant remember the fix...13:53
James147[mors]: think #kde might know more about it13:53
[mors]ok, thanks13:54
pushkarajhello guys, I am facing a problem with krunner, from past 10 mins. if I press alt+f2 the krunner is not popping up13:59
pushkarajearlier it used to work fine. Does anyone know how do I fix it?14:00
James147pushkaraj: try launching "krunner"14:01
Misteriopushkaraj: Try killing it and reopenning14:01
pushkarajgreat! it was simple than I thought, I thought - a demon might have got killed - which listens the key presses14:04
pushkarajthanks  :)14:05
BluesKajbroken flash ? unistall flash the install flashplugin-nonfree14:05
James147pushkaraj: nop, its just running in the background and showing its self on the keypress14:05
James147BluesKaj: he said its working now :)14:06
James147BluesKaj: also, flashplayer-nonfree just points to flashplayer-installer... its normally best to pruge both then install flashplugin-installer14:08
BluesKajyeah, but it installs the correct flash version14:09
BluesKajin my experience14:09
James147BluesKaj: :D so does the installer.. -nonfree was just renamed to -installer so taht people who are upgrading get -installer installed... -nonfree can be removed without remoing flash14:10
James147BluesKaj: at elast for 10.04, eairler versions still use -nonfree14:10
BluesKajppl are installing from the fash site and then getting conflicts and they don't tell us what they've done, so they just say flash isn't working14:11
James147BluesKaj: what difference does that make to which package to install?14:12
James147BluesKaj: flashplugin-nonfree: This package is a transitional package that can safely be removed after you installed flashplugin-installer.14:12
James147BluesKaj: in lucid14:12
BluesKajwell using the flash plugin-nonfree removes the offending flash version from what I've seen14:12
BluesKajerr instyalling rather14:13
James147BluesKaj: so should -installer since -nonfree just installs that14:13
BluesKajyeah , i guess we're saying the same thing , but just differently...the nonfree looks at the kernel source and installs the proper version.. that's how it was explained to me14:15
James147BluesKaj: then so should -installer... in lucid they are renaming -nonfree to -installer   so they left -nonfree but now it jsut installs -installer so that people that are upgrading get -installer and not a missing package14:16
James147BluesKaj: thats what "transitional packages" are... essentially a pointer to the new package14:17
BluesKajyeah, but the thing is , it works afaik14:17
James147BluesKaj: :) it will work, just the same way as installing the -installer directly... sorry for being so stubberen about it... eveutually nonfree will be removed from te repos (probally maverick?)14:18
BluesKajJames147, both flashplugin-installer and nonfree are still listed in the package manager (I prefer synaptic)14:21
BluesKajfor lucid14:21
James147BluesKaj: they will be... but -nonfree is an empty package that depends on -installer... thats what a transitional package is, it depends on the newpackage so that it gets installed on a upgrade form an older system14:22
James147BluesKaj: even the discription states you can safly remove -nonfree after installer is installled14:23
BluesKajyes , I understand that,but nonfree is still a legit package that does what it used to do, if it doesn't work in maverick , then that's for the ppl at ubuntu+114:23
James147BluesKaj: see you at -offtopic :) better to disscuss it there14:25
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Dan_LDoes anyone know how to set up syntax highlighting in kate?15:36
Dan_LI found this:  http://search.cpan.org/dist/Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate/lib/Syntax/Highlight/Engine/Kate/SQL_MySQL.pm15:36
Dan_Lbut I need to make it go!15:36
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aguitelhow install minimal kde ?16:37
blackflagHello all, Im looking for a MIB compiler and Browser. I searched for it but was not able to find a good one for Linux. Can somone give some hints?16:37
aguitelhow install minimal kde4 in ubuntu?16:41
aguitelwhy in kubuntu there is no restart and shutdown options ?17:02
aguja85i want to mount a ntfs partition every time i boot, do i have to modify the fstab file?17:03
Torchaguja85: yes17:03
aguitelaguja85, yes17:03
aguja85Torch: thx17:03
ArGGu^^aguitel what you mean there is no restart and shutdown options?17:05
aguitelArGGu^^, yes17:05
ArGGu^^there is restart and shutdown17:06
aguitelArGGu^^, yes i know ,but i want to bypass this17:06
aguitelArGGu^^, like in gnome17:06
aguitelArGGu^^, or in lxde17:06
ArGGu^^bypass the menu?17:07
Barriduscan anyone help me figure out why every time i log in, i'm greeted with a kdesudo password prompt "Please enter your password to use this device."  all drives etc seem available without acknowledging that prompt17:07
aguitelArGGu^^, in Leave there is no shutdown and restart option17:07
ArGGu^^aguitel I have restart and shutdown in menu->leave17:08
aguitelArGGu^^, me not17:08
Barridusit appears before anything else does upon entering my username and password in the kdm login screen17:10
Nick_Meisterhi guys i just did install kubuntu-desktop on top of my ubuntu installation and every time i try to login to the kde session it crashes me back to the login screen17:10
Barridusdid you select "kdm" when asked to during the installation?17:11
Nick_Meisteri selected gdm17:11
Barridusah, that may be it17:11
Nick_Meisterwhat do i do now?17:11
Barridusyou can get it to ask again with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm"17:12
Barriduswithout uninstalling/reinstalling anything17:12
Nick_Meisteralright ill brb going to try it now17:12
Nick_Meisternope it did not help17:14
Nick_Meisterwhen i try to log on i get crashed back to the screen17:14
Barridusi didn't mention you should reboot after picking kdm in that command17:14
Nick_Meisteri can get into gnome tho17:15
Nick_Meisteryah i rebooted17:15
Barridusthe kdm display manager did not load17:15
Nick_Meisterim on a different computer now17:15
FloodBotK2Nick_Meister: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:15
Barridusi haven't run both in quite some time myself17:15
BluesKajBarridus, , i think your login prompt at a tty is a "leftover bug" after using the tty for whatever reason ..I had that bug for a while on karmic, but forgotten how to cure it. :(17:16
Barridusdid the login screen change, Nick_Meister?17:17
Nick_Meisterits kdm now alright17:17
Nick_Meisterall blue and stuff17:17
BarridusBluesKaj: tty?  would that show as a kdm password prompt?  it's not in CLI17:18
BluesKajBarridus, no tty login prompt first ?17:19
Nick_Meisterso what should i do  now17:19
BluesKajok Barridus , sorry , I misread17:20
BarridusBluesKaj: to make sure i'm with the lingo, isn't tty the plain jane cli?17:20
BluesKajyup, no X17:20
Barridusyeah this is in x heheh17:20
Barridusi think i found something that might help, apparently it's related to the ntfs partition17:21
Barridusmaybe i botched the fstab17:21
BluesKajW7 Barridus ?17:21
Barridusnope, xp17:21
Barridusthat i never use anymore anyways hah17:22
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BluesKajwell, I have W7 on this laptop , to keep up withj17:22
BluesKajfriends who need help17:22
Nick_Meisterman an here i was really excited to  try out kde :(17:23
Barridusi'm not sure what to suggest Nick_Meister :/17:24
Barridusi'm no superpro though, i did have that problemm myself and that fixed it17:24
BluesKajmy computer-phobic lead singer is having issues with his outboard drive that contains all his music and if he rips a cd and it doesn't go to the outboard music folder he gets real frustrated.17:25
Barridusyou did say you were picking KDE at the login session right?17:25
Barridusin the KDM one17:25
Nick_Meisterit goes to gnome fine17:26
Nick_Meisteryes the kdm17:26
Barridushmm, maybe a setting in /home/yourusername/.kde is borked17:28
Barridustry logging into gnome, using nautilus the file manager to see hidden files, and renaming the .kde folder to like .kde_backup and trying the process again?17:29
erkan^hello, i have a problem with QTM. Can someone help me?17:30
Barridusi will be right back myself, seeing if i got rid of that phantom kdesudo password nagging17:31
dfreyI'm trying to add a network printer.  I have used it in the past, but it's not in my list of printers and it seems like my ability to add printers is more limited than it was in the past.  Perhaps I'm missing a package now?  This screenshot shows what I'm seeing http://chubby.dyndns.org/~dfrey/printing.png17:33
Nick_Meisterdid not help17:33
Barridusdid you ever do a distro upgrade (like karmic to lucid) at some point?17:38
Barridusor was the ubuntu lucid a fresh install17:38
Nick_Meisterok so17:39
Nick_Meisteri looked at .xsession errors file17:39
erkan^No. I first cleaned my computer. Then I Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer installed.17:39
Nick_Meisterand it says it cant load library /usr/liblibkdeinit4_ksmserver.so17:40
Nick_Meisterand it says it cant load library /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_ksmserver.so17:40
Barridussounds relevant17:40
Nick_Meisterhow do i install that library O.o17:41
Barridusi don't know, but that definitely sounds like the problem17:43
Barridusdo the files actually exist?17:43
Nick_Meisterhold on17:44
Nick_Meisterim trying to get it into pastebin somehow17:44
Nick_Meisterfrom command line17:44
Barridusi myself do not have /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_ksmserver.so but i do have /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_ksmserver.so17:45
Barridusdisregard, i misread i think17:46
Barridustype "ls /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_ksmserver.so" should let you know quickly17:46
Nick_Meisterok nvm17:46
Nick_Meisteri fixed it17:46
Barridusyou're solved?17:46
Nick_Meisternow how do i get rid of the keyring thing17:46
Nick_Meisteryes i solved it17:47
Barriduswhat was it?!17:47
Nick_Meistergnome shoved its own nvidia drivers in during updates somehow17:47
Nick_Meisterand broke my old ones, so i had to redo the nvidias own drivers17:47
Barridusah, i had a hunch but i'm not much of a driver guy17:48
Barridusi'm not sure how drivers are handled differently between display managers17:48
Barridusthat's kind of disconcerting17:49
Nick_Meisterbut yes why am i now getting keyring messages every time i log in both in gnome and kde17:49
Nick_Meisteri have to put in my pass twice now  :S17:49
Barridusis it gnome keyring or kubuntus?17:50
Nick_Meisteraparantly gnome17:50
Barridussounds like it's trying to start gnome things17:51
Barriduswhich won't do anything17:51
Nick_Meisteralso how do i get my old ctrl + alt + arrows to switch my workspaces for me in kde17:52
Barridusi'd check kde system settings -> advanced tab -> autostart17:52
Barridussee if any gnome libraries are there that aren't relevant to kde17:53
Nick_Meisteri have my cairo-dock in there17:54
Nick_Meisterbut i kinda need that17:54
Barridusi won't be able to really help with workspaces, as i turn them off heh17:54
aguja85_/dev/sda6 /mnt/TERA ntfs-3g defaults 0 017:54
aguja85_gives me  an error when booting... any help?17:54
Barriduswhen i last dual ran both desktop environments in (k)ubuntu, this was far simpler17:55
Barridusi will brb, rebooting again (working on my issue too heheh)17:56
Barridusi think my fstab and kde's automount removable devices are tripping over each other17:57
Barridusand i was right, wheee.  *files that away under "crap to remember"*18:00
BarridusNick_Meister: have you considered using an unsecure gnome keyring18:04
Barridus(with no password)18:04
Nick_Meisterok now a new problem, my sound dont work in kde18:28
Nick_Meisterbut it works fine in gnome18:28
aguja85i installed jdownloader some time ago, how do i execute the program? i dont know where it is18:42
BarridusNick_Meister: that's prolly easy18:44
Barridusgnome uses pulseaudio, kde does not18:44
Barridusyou should be able to change that i think in audio in system settings18:45
Barriduspiick whatever your sound card actually is, not pulseaudio server18:45
Nick_Meisterlol kde isnt very stable is it18:50
Nick_Meisterit already crashed 3 times for me ...18:50
Peace-Nick_Meister: which kde?18:50
Peace-kde 4.4. it's pretty stable18:51
Nick_Meisteroh btw how do i make it so it saves one version of the session18:51
Nick_Meisterand doesnt do autosave from then on18:51
Peace-Nick_Meister: which version please?18:51
Nick_Meistercause i want it to reset to the default applications once its restarted18:51
Nick_Meisterthe one in the repository18:52
Peace-well you can have bad repository.18:52
Nick_Meisteri installed it with kubuntu-desktop18:52
Peace-please tell me the version.18:52
Peace-Nick_Meister: rename $HOME/.kde after you have upgraded http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4.318:53
Barriduskde works well for me, but then i'm on the netbook remix of it18:53
Peace-kde 4.4 it's a rock18:53
Peace-if you have not  messed up the system.18:53
Barriduskde-netbook crashed a lot in the beginning, but never does now18:54
Nick_Meisterok but how do i do the thing where i save the currently running applications and have it default to that during a reboot18:54
Peace-netbook version is another story18:54
Peace-Nick_Meister: systemsettings18:56
prefrontalI can't save my keyboard shortcuts in KRDC - they just get ignored18:57
prefrontalI made a screencast of this bug: http://grey.colorado.edu/mingus/index.php/KRDCShortcutsBugScreencast18:57
prefrontalcan anyone else replicate in lucid? thank you18:57
Peace-mm i am sorry i have not time18:59
Peace-i have to go18:59
Nick_Meisterwhere is the save session option?19:06
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BarridusNick_Meister: system settings, advanced, session manager19:16
Nick_MeisterBarridus, hey do you happen to know how to change the background of konsole to a picture?19:25
Nick_Meisteraghhh this is so frustrating19:31
aloonsorry to bug , what's the channel for people on maverick ?19:32
Torchaloon: ubuntu+119:52
aloonfound it thanks19:52
prefrontali enabled the KDC 4.5 repository but Software Updates says I have 151 blocked packages, most of which seem to be KDE19:54
prefrontalit seems that everything from Backports is blocked19:57
prefrontaldist-upgrade seems to be fixing it19:59
BarridusNick_Meister: it appears that feature was removed for some reason.  you can only set konsole to be transparent now.  i'm sure there are other terminals that can20:02
Barridusyou have gnome-terminal, right?  since you have both de's.  you can run that in kde20:02
Barridusyou can always have that even if you're just running KDE20:03
Barridusi use yakuake personally, it's a drop-down terminal like some pc games have (like quake)20:08
Barridusyakuake doens't have background image support either, but it's just damn cool and convenient20:11
glaucousAnyone got a tip for a good backup utility for Kubuntu?20:11
Barridusi just run an rsync script20:12
Barriduserr command20:12
Nick_Meisterok now i have this problem20:14
Nick_Meisteri want to open a bunch of gnome-terminal windows20:14
Nick_Meisteron a particular workspace and have no border on and generally i want them frozen as they are forever20:14
Barridusglaucous: i just run a script that contains /usr/bin/rsync -a -r -t -v -E --progress --one-file-system --delete /home/ryan/ /media/80GBUSB/aspreonekdebak/home20:14
Nick_Meisterso every time i log on they are there, and so on and so forth20:14
Barridusand then similar commands for /etc and /boot20:15
glaucousBarridus, mkay, I'll take a look which commands that I need20:15
glaucousOptions, that is20:15
Barridus--one-file-system is in there still from back when i ran gnome with gvfs, it would pull everything from a network drive (2tb in size) and try and back that up too since gnome considered it part of /home's contents20:16
Barridusi dunno if i really need it anymore, but it doesn't hurt anything so it's still there20:17
BarridusNick_Meister: not sure, i use the saved session option we disabled for you hehe20:18
Barridusit annoyed me at first but now i appreciate it20:18
irinaanyone here who can help me get wireless working on an acer aspire 5100 with kubuntu lucid?20:19
irinafriend with laptop here, linux newbie20:20
Nick_MeisterBarridus, well i use the save session options too, but i manually save them, unfortunately instead of keeping the terminals where they are, it turns the border on, and it only spawns 1 of them20:20
Barridushmm, multiple tabs won't cut it?20:20
Nick_Meisteri have a fairly high res screen20:21
Nick_Meisterits better to divie it up into several terminals20:21
Barridusi'm sure a way exists, but i'm one of those anti-window-clutter guys hehe20:22
Nick_Meisterthats why im doing this20:24
Nick_Meistera separate workspace just for that20:24
Nick_Meistera workspace for coding, one for documentation, and one for web stuff20:24
Nick_Meisteris it possible to change the background of just one workspace?20:28
justacabalaCan anyone help me20:52
justacabalaI'm on kubuntu 10.0420:52
justacabalai have configured my 2 monitors with xrandr laptop screen is right of external monitor20:54
justacabalahow can i select screen while running apps from konsole20:55
justacabalaI need to run an app from console on spesific screen20:57
mvki got a 2.6.35 kernel installed from mainline PPA, yesterday was pushed to the kubu 10.04 repos21:05
mvkand my packagemanager said it would ignore them21:05
mvkbut now it comes up again, that it has 4 security updates > i dont want to be installed and keep my 2.6.35 kernel, what should i do?21:06
mvkHELP :)21:07
Nick_Meistermy kde does not appear to be hardware accelerated how do i find out?21:14
mvkNick_Meister:  can you operate a shell?21:14
Nick_Meistermvk, yes21:15
mvksudo apt-get install mesa-utils21:15
mvkor mesautils21:15
mvkthen run: glxinfo21:15
Nick_Meistermvk, isnt mesa a rasterizer?21:15
mvkyou dont need mesa, just the utils21:16
mvkits software GL yes, rasterizer21:16
mvkglxinfo tells you if you have 'direct rendering'21:16
mvkand what the device capabilities are21:16
Nick_Meistermvk, well glxinfo says vendor string Nvidia corpoation21:16
Nick_Meisterand direct rendering set to yes21:16
mvknow type glxgears21:16
Nick_Meisteryep those work too21:17
Nick_Meisterbut my transition effects and such are still sluggish :(21:17
mvkdoes it look reasonable for your card?21:17
mvkwhat card?21:17
Nick_Meistergeforce 8600 M21:17
Nick_Meisterglx gears renders at 10 000 frames per 5 seconds21:18
mvkshould have enough power21:18
mvkyou enabled desktop effects trough settings?21:18
mvkno idea then21:19
mvkit has enough muscles  for desktop effects : )21:19
Nick_Meisterit has enough muscles for most games :S21:19
Nick_Meisteri noticed on the monitor21:20
Nick_Meisterthat my cpu usage peaks when i switch workspaces21:20
Nick_Meisterand such21:20
Nick_Meisterand holy crap i just got a zombie21:21
Nick_Meisterthat has never happened to me before21:22
Nick_Meisterits using up all my cpu21:22
mvkdoesn sound like its using hware acceleration21:22
mvkyou installed the nvidiai drivers? how?21:23
Nick_Meisterthe normal way21:23
Nick_Meisteri downloaded from their site and ran the sh script21:24
moetunes http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-nvidia-drivers-manually-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html21:27
SentynelJust started getting this error when I try and start Amarok: http://pastebin.com/Pmdg4rMG What's going on? (This is with Amarok 2.3.1 on KDE 4.4.2 in Kubuntu 10.04.)21:30
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letaHey guys, having a problem with 10.04 and burnt discs with mp3s on them. If I burn as a regular audio cd it reads fine, if I burn as a data cd with just pdf files, or whatever, works fine. If I burn mp3s as a data cd it acts like there's no disc in when i try to read it. Any ideas?21:52
letaHey guys, having a problem with 10.04 and burnt discs with mp3s on them. If I burn as a regular audio cd it reads fine, if I burn as a data cd with just pdf files, or whatever, works fine. If I burn mp3s as a data cd it acts like there's no disc in when i try to read it. Any ideas?22:20
mvkusing K3B?22:20
mvkfor audio, you need Juliet filesystem22:20
mvkK3B will inform you about this22:21
letaaudio cd's work fine22:29
letaand ya, using k3b22:29
letaonly problem is when i burn mp3s as a data cd it will not read the disc22:30
letai installed restricted extras and can play mp3 files, just can't read a data cd that has mp3 files burnt to it22:33
letaAnd I know it isn't a problem with the burn because I've tested using data cds containing mp3 files burnt from another box and it still will not read22:34
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Le_professionelFloodBotK2:  op pls ...22:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:53
makrobat!list channel22:54
moetunesmakrobat: type   /list   and check in the freenode tab22:56
anon_anybody know how to uninstall flash and install again?23:02
Sentynelanon_, sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-installer23:03
WaltzingAlongkubuntu 10.04. which keys need to be pressed to see the grub menu? perhaps at the screen with the kubuntu logo and the dots during boot, before kdm login23:04
WaltzingAlonghold down shift, got it, thanks23:06
anon_Sentynel, how do i purge the flash and then install it?23:09
anon_james told me, it was like.. aptitude or something >.<23:09
WaltzingAlonganon_: purge the flash?23:10
Sentynelsudo apt-get purge flashplugin-installer && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer23:10
anon_thank you23:10
anon_it keeps crashing23:10
SentynelFlash does do that a bit.23:10
anon_second time today23:11
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anon_does not work23:18
WaltzingAlong!flash > anon_23:23
ubottuanon_, please see my private message23:23
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