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rockstarAnyone around for a review?15:15
rockstarsinzui maybe?15:16
sinzuirockstar, I am15:16
rockstarsinzui, very small diff, creating mp now.15:16
rockstarsinzui, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/cancel-rescore-redux/+merge/3085615:21
sinzuirockstar, r=me15:25
rockstarsinzui, great, thanks.15:25
rockstarsinzui, actually, I need to check status instead of buildstate. status is currently just a reference to buildstate, but buildstate is going away in db-devel soon.15:25
rockstarI forgot about that.15:25
sinzuiI will be about for 1 more hour15:26
rockstarsinzui, this is the diff: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/468461/15:27
sinzuithat looks good15:27
sinzuigo ahead and land it15:28
* rockstar sends to ec215:28
rockstarsinzui, also, you were right.  Smaller branches == greater velocity15:29

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