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bulldog98what is the easyest way to let launchpad mirror an svn branch?10:28
lifelessuse a code import10:32
lifelessdocumented on help.launchpad.net10:32
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bulldog98thanks lifeless10:35
shadeslayerbulldog98: bzr-svn is currently crashy as hell10:38
wgrantshadeslayer: Howso?10:40
shadeslayerwgrant: the kdelibs incident10:41
wgrantIt might fail for the occasional branch.10:41
wgrantBut that doesn't mean it's "crashy as hell".10:42
wgrantFor the vast majority of repositories, it will work fine.10:42
nigelbshadeslayer: worked perfectly for me when I've tried.10:52
* shadeslayer shuts up and goes to work on kdebase10:52
shadeslayernigelb: had a nice chat with maco about our edu system last night ^_^10:53
nigelbshadeslayer: heh, that sounds like fun10:56
nigelbmust've been an eye openere10:56
shadeslayernigelb: http://groups.google.com/group/gsoc-india/browse_thread/thread/5c49e37f816e326b/be1af75c3b4a4886?lnk=gst&q=Plawan#be1af75c3b4a488610:56
shadeslayerwe need a GSoC training center in india :P10:57
nigelbshadeslayer: not in -in? lets move this conversation there10:59
shadeslayerubuntu-in ?10:59
jelmershadeslayer: kdelibs bzr-svn imports have never worked in the default mode11:02
jelmershadeslayer: you can work around it by disabling the cache11:02
shadeslayerjelmer: cache?11:02
jelmershadeslayer, bzr-svn uses a cache of the "svn log" output of a repository11:03
jelmerthat cache breaks for the KDE repo because of its unusual layout11:03
jelmershadeslayer: set "use-cache = False" for the relevant section in ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf to disable it11:04
shadeslayerok.. so how do i disable it while importing it on LP ?11:04
* shadeslayer does looky11:04
jelmeryou can't disable it for Launchpad imports11:04
shadeslayerjelmer: thats a problem then.. :P11:04
shadeslayerwere importing kdelibs on LP so that we can use daily builds11:05
shadeslayerjelmer: is it not possible to fix it in LP ? ;(11:06
shadeslayeruh... :(11:06
jelmershadeslayer: It requires the bzr-svn bug to be fixed first.11:06
shadeslayeryeah.. i know...11:07
shadeslayeri wonder when it will be fixed.. since i know no python :(11:07
jelmerit's on my list of things to work on but unfortunately there's more bugs that need fixing :-/11:08
CKDevelophello all11:09
shadeslayerjelmer: ok.. i guess we will have to wait some time.. thats all11:09
riochhow do I create an extra branch just for translations?11:11
riochalso, my import queue has translations waiting to be imported ("needs review") but I cannot approve them.11:13
riochanyone there?11:27
riochah ok they are importing automatically, just my impatience :)11:34
riochWhen I create a bazaar branch for translations, do I need to put anything in it, or will automatic sync do everything for me?11:56
wgrantrioch: You should generally have it start as a branch of your trunk.11:57
wgrantThat way you can merge it back in regularly.11:57
riochso if I have my trunk locally, can I just push it to the translations branch (to set it up)11:58
wgrantYou could, yes.11:58
riochI created the branch in launchpad first. It tells me to use --use-existing-dir. Is that correct?11:59
riochIt seems to have worked. It says: Created new stacked branch referring to /~juan-black/prioritise/trunk.12:01
riochWhat does it mean by stacked branch?12:01
wgrantrioch: It means that your new branch is sharing revision data with trunk. So you only have to upload revisions that are new in your branch -- not the whole lot of revisions that are also in trunk.12:06
riochok. so, I have my trunk, which launchpad imports my .pot and .po files from. I have my translations branch which launchpad is set to export to. When I release (or whatever), I can just merge the translations branch with, for example, the trunk.12:08
riochI suppose I have to make sure I merge my translations before updating them?12:08
treavesIs there a way to add a status in Launchpad?  The selection available by default isn't that great.16:10
MethsIs launchpad having any issues at the moment?  I have a 15 minute old email approval for a merge proposal that isn't reflected in the active reviews.16:29
davidsansomefirst time uploading to a PPA so forgive me if this is a stupid question... I'm getting this error after the package is built: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52435432/vtFbUWD7MKDIBCrWFzCukWbLKeW.txt , on this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~me-davidsansome/+archive/clementine-dev17:39
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agrumanwhat is the meaning of the "publish" flag (what difference would it have on my ppa if i disabled it)? I seem unable to locate any better explanation than the statement below the box.18:06
treaves foreach18:49
maxbagruman: it controls whether the bit of laumchpad which copies files from its internal file store to where they can actually be downloaded acts on your ppa or not19:16
maxbbasically you never want to turn it off, and it shouldn't be presented to users19:17
agrumanmaxb, ah thanks, then thats why "apt-get XX mypackage" gives me no results :)19:35
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BlackZlamont: (or any other build daemon maintainer), could you please take a look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phpmyadmin/4:3.3.4-1/+build/1888704 ? seems the build will never start, and the time is not real, e.g. if you see "Started 24 seconds ago" and you refresh the page you could see something like "Started 11 seconds ago" without any build progress. Also, after few time it will re-start the build due to the newly "needs building" to do22:15
BlackZand anything will never be built22:15
BlackZnevermind, it has been built, maybe it was a temporary problem22:47

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