funkyHatyofel: thanks. knittl - I'm having the same issue with mysql, and the dbs are in the standard place, no separate partition00:25
IdleOneI just had a very weird thing happen. I rebooted and was not able to get a GUI so went into grub and removed quiet splash and added text to boot options. When I did ctrl-x to boot up the GUI loaded and I was able to login normally01:12
ZykoticK9IdleOne, "ghost in the machine" ;)01:39
kklimondaseriously, I shouldn't install windows on my laptop and then install 10.10 - now I can see how slow it is :/02:03
kklimonda(by it I mean 10.10 )02:04
BUGabundothe GTK ?02:11
kklimondaswitching desktops is painfully slow, gtk apps are slow02:13
kklimondaoh, and firefox + flash is slow but that's nothing new02:15
kklimondabtw, what is up with the Ambiance theme? are the new buttons here to stay?02:17
kklimondaI actually like the new version of Ambiance more - buttons in 10.04 felt way yo heavy, especially in nautilus' breadcrumbs02:18
kklimondabut those new buttons look out of place02:18
kklimondaI wonder how does opera look like02:19
BUGabundoyep, that's the GTK bug02:21
BUGabundojust switch themes02:21
BUGabundorun gtkpref02:22
BUGabundotill you findout the one faster for you02:22
kklimondaTotal time: 20.23 is pretty bad, right? ;)02:24
kklimondayeah, 8 times slower than clearlooks02:25
kklimondaseriously, wtf?02:25
Daekdroom16,42 here with non default theme02:27
Daekdroomand it feels kinda smooth02:27
Daekdroom16,44 with ambience02:28
kklimondaclearlooks is almost as fast as the default gtk+ theme and ambiance is .. slow is a wrong word here :/02:28
DaekdroomHuman-Clearlooks is 13,3002:29
kklimondacheck Redmond or Raleigh02:29
BUGabundotold you02:36
BUGabundogtk bug02:36
BUGabundoim on 7sec or something02:37
BUGabundoTotal time:  6.7102:37
BUGabundoAH AH02:37
* BUGabundo points finger02:37
kklimondabut that's not ambiance, right? ;)02:38
BUGabundono no02:40
BUGabundoits the fastest theme I could build02:40
BUGabundoone of the dark kind02:40
DaekdroomI'm completely satisfied with 16secs here :|02:41
BUGabundoI'm not02:42
BUGabundoI use FreeNX a lot02:42
BUGabundothat would timeout and kill my link02:42
BUGabundo!freenx > Daekdroom02:42
ubottuDaekdroom, please see my private message02:42
KukuNutwhy push xchat-common when xchat isn't ready? been days now but now updated xchat???03:39
kklimondawell, that's called development for a reason - various things are in the flux03:47
kklimondaboth xchat and xchat-common are built from the same source package so the fact that there is a newer version of xchat-common means that the i386 build has failed or is still in the queue.03:48
kklimondamay also be a problem with your mirror03:48
KukuNutkklimonda: this is 64-bit04:34
litropyUpon bootup, I get the error: "fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver"05:51
litropythe error is reported already: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/60904405:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 609044 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA" [Undecided,Incomplete]05:52
litropybut I'm offering my system for diagnosis, since this is so new05:52
DanaGrequest_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c06:54
DanaGCan't boot Maverick because of that.06:54
knittlfunkyHat: ok, good to know07:44
=== aloon is now known as aloons
bdunnawayquestion for the sages:   I wish to move my root fs (btrfs) onto my LVM2 Volume Group.  I want grub2 to look for my / by uuid instead of /dev/sda3 or whatever08:06
bdunnawayrunning maverick, with ext2 /boot on sda1 and btrfs / on sda3 currently.  my lvm is on /sdc & sdd08:07
bdunnawaygrub2 line reads:  linux/vmlinuz-2.6.35-8-generic root=/dev/sda3 ro   quiet splash08:08
Jordan_Ubdunnaway: Grub should be using UUIDs by default. If it's not for a btrfs root then please file a bug report.08:10
bdunnaway it is.  Essentially an experimental system, but I'm running mostly a fresh install.  I had some issues earlier with grub2 & btrfs, but I've sorted them.  That's a update-grub generated line I posted08:13
bdunnawaynow grub itself is referring to it's own /boot uuid:   search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 0130ab6d-ba48-4c29-xxxx--xxxxx08:14
bdunnawaybut not root.  This is more of a search for knowledge than a support request, tbph08:15
Jordan_Ubdunnaway: My guess is that grub-probe doesn't support grabbing the UUID of a btrfs filesystem yet. When the legal issues are sorted out and complete btrfs support is added to grub2 this problem will also be solved. But it could also be solved separately before then.08:18
bdunnawaysweet.  Well I can always manually set the /dev/mapper/vg-root  if needed I suppose08:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 565002 in glibc (Ubuntu) "ldopen failing with relative path when linux capability is set" [Undecided,New]08:30
DanaGmethinks they mean dlopen?08:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
penguin42forrestv: Good spot on unclutter12:11
penguin42it's also the cause of my most annoying bug (605829)12:18
alkisg!info freerdp maverick14:51
ubottuPackage freerdp does not exist in maverick14:51
alkisgHello, I'm looking for a new package called freerdp which supposedly landed in Ubuntu 4 days ago (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/606601 - fix released) but I don't see it in the repositories - is more time needed until it's there?14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606601 in Baltix "Sync freerdp 0.7.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]14:51
Daekdroomalkisg, you have to check if it's built14:56
alkisgDaekdroom: any hints where to check? Where's the build queue?14:57
Daekdroomalkisg, package page under ubuntu project in Launchpad14:57
alkisgAh, thanks, got it14:58
Daekdroomalkisg, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freerdp/0.7.2-114:58
DaekdroomShould be in the repos already.14:58
alkisgI didn't realize it first shows in +source and then on the repos...14:58
diekiAnybody else had trouble with slow window redraws in Unity\Mutter on NVidia cards?15:34
DaekdroomGood lord. Pulseaudio is failing me =/16:19
DaekdroomThey should seriously switch to OSSv4 someday.16:19
penguin42Daekdroom: What's it doing to you?16:21
Daekdroompenguin42, randomly stopping to work at all.16:21
DaekdroomRight now, for example, I have no sound no matter what.16:21
DaekdroomAlthought I learned it can be fixed by restarting my session.16:22
DaekdroomGoing to do that and gonna dig related bugs on launchpad.16:22
penguin42oh, he's gone16:22
Daekdroomhm.. seems relogging didn't work..16:23
penguin42Daekdroom: Some things to try16:23
penguin42Daekdroom: Check /var/log/user.log for errors (I always see some), try pasuspender /bin/true  and also do an lsof /dev/snd/*16:24
Daekdroomand there we go..16:25
penguin42Daekdroom: Well there's your error - interestingly I did have a single sink is suspended message in my logs but it seems to work16:27
penguin42Daekdroom: Ah, figure out what that plugin-co thing is - that's your problem16:28
DaekdroomProbably firefox's plugin-container16:28
penguin42it's odd, because most firefox stuff does manage to route itself down pa16:28
DaekdroomA killall plugin-container did it.16:30
DaekdroomCurse you, flash!16:30
penguin42Daekdroom: Hmm I'm using flash from chrom and it's not having a problem with pa (via nspluginwrapper admittedly)16:30
DaekdroomLooks like Flash can't output sound if there's something else already doing it through PA.,16:32
crimsun_then your pluginwrapper is broken; is ia32-libs synced?16:34
crimsun_(presuming you're using a 64-bit host)16:34
DaekdroomNot using 64 bit :|16:35
crimsun_Daekdroom: did you do anything specifically like rip out bits of the pulseaudio infrastructure?16:36
DaekdroomI don't think so.16:36
crimsun_sorry, but "don't think so" isn't quite precise enough here ;)16:36
DaekdroomLet me rephrase..16:37
DaekdroomI didn't do anything with it intentionally, and probably unintentionally as well.16:37
DaekdroomI don't recall any package installed/upgraded messing with pulseaudio stuff either.16:37
crimsun_Daekdroom: ok, let's back up. Is this a standard maverick install?16:41
Daekdroomcrimsun_, huh.. I have xorg-edgers PPA and mozilla-daily16:42
crimsun_err, ok. So you have firefox 3.6.9~hg20100722r34448.. installed?16:43
crimsun_Daekdroom: which page are you navigating to that causes this symptom?16:43
crimsun_s/causes/also triggers/16:44
Daekdroomcrimsun_, apparently, any.16:44
DaekdroomEither I have sound output on the rest of the system or in the flash plugin.16:44
DaekdroomCan't have both :O16:44
DaekdroomAs soon as I close the page, rhythmbox/totem/whatever starts playing sound16:45
* penguin42 wonders why his kernel build has hung16:46
symptomcrimsun_, MINE!16:46
crimsun_symptom: can't help if your nick collides with a common bug work use ;)16:47
crimsun_Daekdroom: k, i'll try to reproduce locally16:48
Daekdroomcrimsun_, huh oh..16:48
DaekdroomApparently, it was ~/.asoundrc or something like that :Z16:48
symptomcrimsun_, ya know it is surprising, it really doesnt happen that often16:48
crimsun_Daekdroom: yeah, that's a thorny one16:48
DaekdroomI better reinstall my system, incluiding but not limited to cleaning every hidden folder in my home. :|16:49
penguin42anyone having fakeroot problems?17:02
crimsun_may be tangentially related to debian 52514417:04
ubottuDebian bug 525144 in fakeroot "libfakeroot segfaults when building kernels in parallel" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/52514417:04
penguin42crimsun_: Hmm, I'm not getting a seg, I'm getting a hang in a semop, and if I kill it and start again I get an error about semop(1) failure17:06
crimsun_this is with 2.6.35-12.17?17:06
crimsun_I'm cheating a bit (2.6.35-12-generic #17~lucid1-Ubuntu)17:07
penguin42no, -10.1517:07
penguin42(current maverick)17:07
crimsun_I'll zsync a daily and see if I can reproduce17:07
penguin42I'm not sure if it's reproducable - I got it on the kernel build I was doing17:07
crimsun_64-bit host compiling a 64-bit kernel?17:08
penguin42reported it as bug 60951317:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 609513 in fakeroot (Ubuntu) "[maverick] hang in stat->__xstat->send_get_stat->send_get_fakem->semaphore_up->semop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60951317:08
penguin42crimsun_: Anyway, where did you get the -12 ?17:20
crimsun_penguin42: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-maverick/17:26
crimsun_oh you. silly cpu causes virtualbox-ose not to support 64-bit guests.17:39
penguin42which CPU?17:39
crimsun_well, to be fair, it's this bios coupled with this cpu17:41
penguin42it's interesting the only refence to the U4100 on intel.com is someone saying it's actually an Su410017:45
penguin42http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43568 shows it as not having VT17:46
crimsun_that's what I get for trying to go inexpensive17:49
penguin42yeh, this laptop has the same problem; it's got a T5500, bottom end early Core2 - about the only one without VT17:49
* penguin42 wonders if anyone has checked Maverick on a 2.5T disk18:00
gubulatest xchat asking what channel to join and telling me no channel joined when by def #ubuntu is18:17
yoasifim using pidgin and the notification plugin seems to stop working after a while18:30
yoasifanyone else seeing this?18:30
* penguin42 hasn't moved over to using pidgin on his maverick box yet, hmm maybe I should upgrade this box18:30
Daekdroomyoasif, I haven't noticed that.18:31
yoasifDaekdroom, bah18:31
DaekdroomSpeaking of pidgin.. Random crash right now :|18:32
yoasifis there a bug open for volume resetting to mute on reboot? crimsun_18:33
Daekdroomyoasif, afaik, yes.18:33
penguin42oh, wth I'll take this one upto maverick, now that I've been able to work around most of the bugs on my other machine18:35
penguin42the download is nice and fast (coming off a squid on the machine I've already upgraded), but the dpkg will be SLOW on this laptop18:49
kklimondais there a good explanation why is lapotp getting hotter under linux than under windows?18:58
penguin42kklimonda: I think that can be quite hard to analyse; you could try using powertop18:58
Volkodavor get the higher rpms on the fans18:58
kklimondawell, my fan is running as fast as on windows so that's not it18:59
kklimondaand it's running constantly :/19:00
ikoniaaloon: telling you the correct channel, is nothing to do with maverick users "not being part of the channel" it's actually helping users to the correct channel19:39
aloonI had everything working perfect , not easy on a sony vaio F111. Anyhow after getting Nvidia and all sound , brightness issues dealt with the update manager had a bunch of stuff and I let it do its thing. Now when I go to install any software it gives errors when it comes to the kernel.19:41
aloonikonia thanks I understand19:41
ikoniawhat is the error19:41
aloonive tried to get rid of any pending failed updates or installs , but even then it gives the kernel errors19:42
ikoniawhat is the error19:42
aloonI can get some , one sec , and thank you19:42
ikoniaplease use a pastebin to show us the error19:42
aloonlinux-generic depends on linux-image-generic (= however package linux-image-generic is not confirmed yet19:44
aloonthats one of the main ones19:44
ikoniafirst thing to do is make sure your cache files are up to date in case the repo has changed, (apt-get update) second thing is to check the other repos to see if that package is released in any of the others et19:45
aloonit was a two part screw up ... I also installed and used ubuntu tweak to clear my unused kernels , that was after I rebooted after the update and I could see that there was the weird error every time I went to install a program (the program installs , just gives kernel errors at the end)19:46
aloonI didnt install tweak just to that , but after I had problems I went in there and looked at the kernel and cache section19:47
ikoniait looks like it's the way tweak clears down the kernels19:47
ikoniareading a few similar bugs on launchpad19:48
penguin42forrestv: Prod19:48
aloonheres what i'm wondering , A: if I can fix the kernel as is in maverick , B: if i should reinstall maverick , get everything back but then not update headers and kernel (wait and research how to do it) , C: go back to Lucid19:49
daedalus96i am trying to boot the live dvd for 10.10, but it won't load, i can get into the grub command line, does anyone now how i can get from there?19:49
penguin42daedalus96: There are a few known problems19:49
daedalus96i am trying to boot the live dvd for 10.10, but it won't load, i can get into the grub command line, does anyone now how i can get from there?19:50
aloondid you go into bios and enable boot from cd/dvd ?19:50
penguin42daedalus96: There are a couple of lines in the grub line like load_video and set gfx something, try editing those out19:50
daedalus96let me explain better19:50
daedalus96when i turn on my computer19:50
ikoniaI thought the livecd was built on lilo, not grub19:51
daedalus96it skips the optical boot, and trys to load ubuntu (which is broken), and i press escape19:51
ikoniadaedalus96: ok, so the cd is probably not bootable19:51
daedalus96taking me to a screen to choose which kernel to load19:52
daedalus96i can i change it to be?19:52
penguin42oh, if it's skipping the optical boot - hmm, I'd try and mount the CD on another system and see if it's ok19:52
ikoniadaedalus96: if it's skipping the boot, then the CD is probably broke19:52
daedalus96it is19:52
daedalus96i tried it19:52
aloonikonia , sorry to bug , which would you personally do ? fix kernel problem , reinstall maverick or go back to Lucid..19:52
daedalus96you mean to boot it from another comp, or is the files are there?19:52
penguin42daedalus96: Does it boot on other systems ?19:52
penguin42daedalus96: Both questions19:52
daedalus96give me a sec19:53
daedalus96i will join after i try it19:53
daedalus96it has files, but idk if it boots19:53
ikoniaaloon: if your not confident with running a development version that changes and break, use lucid, if you are, search launchpad for bugs similar, there are quite a few with different fixes19:53
daedalus96cya soon19:53
ikoniaironic part message19:53
ikoniait skips the DVD boot and he's wondering why it's not booting19:53
aloonikonia heres a very typical error that i've been getting:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/468561/19:55
ikoniaaloon: yes, and I've offered you suggestions/info19:56
aloonive been reading/writing19:56
ikoniarun-parts: failed to exec /etc/kernel/postinst.d/update-nvidia: Exec format error19:56
ikoniaseems to be a key issue19:56
aloonsorry having keyboard issues to19:56
aloonas you can see19:56
ikoniahow did you install the nvidia drivers ?19:57
litropypeeps, there's something going on with plymouth19:58
aloonOne sec I have to recheck , because the normal ways didnt work , obviously jockey etc didnt , but even the driver off of nvidia didnt work as it had in lucid.19:58
ikoniaaloon: you should not get drivers from nvidia.com19:59
aloonnvidia-current is what ended up working19:59
litropyI boot up ... sometimes it just takes forever to switch to the window manager and everything is fine after, but most of the time, I just get a perpetual black screen. Sometimes, I see a garbled version of my splash screen, and that stays there perpetually. Sometimes, I get a notification that VESA is switching to Intel19:59
litropy's graphics driver (which is a good thing)19:59
aloonI did those easy steps , under Lucid it was much harder for my 310M nvidia20:00
aloonbut I was just learning about installing drivers in command line init3 etc20:00
yofelinit 3 does nothing special since karmic20:01
aloonand like you said , not drivers drirect from nvidia site20:01
ikoniaaloon: you're not using lucid though20:01
yofelactually init 3 didn't do anything special in ubuntu for a long time20:01
* penguin42 reboots20:01
litropyany ideas would be greatly appreciated. If I can just bypass plymouth for now and be okay, that's fine, too20:01
ikoniaaloon: why are you using a development version that changes if you are not confortable with running the OS at the moment ?20:02
aloonokay cool , was just covering bases , closing GDM was a breaktrhough when I realized jockey was not going to work with any driver20:02
yofellitropy: did you try to change the gfxpayload setting already? (first check dmesg for errors though)20:02
daedalus96the live  dvd booted on this system20:02
ikoniadaedalus96: you have a problem drive then20:02
yofelaloon: and how did jockey fail?20:03
daedalus96and an older live cd boots on the target system20:03
aloonsony vaio f111 , its i7 core laptop thats really nice , many things were not working under Lucid , keyboard backlight , hdmi sound , wireless had bugs , plymouth was ugly and low res ,20:03
aloonmany of those things worked off the batt under maverick20:03
ikoniadaedalus96: your using a DVD, has the system got a DVD drive ?20:03
litropyyofel, I like the sound of what you're saying, but I'm not educated enough to understand it fully. No, I haven't changed a gfxpayload setting, and where do I find dmesg log entries?20:03
daedalus96i believe it does20:03
yofellitropy: for dmesg, open a terminal and run 'dmesg' you'll get the current kernel log20:04
aloonjockey would always install the driver but then when you go to use desktop effects it would search for the driver and say no20:04
aloonsince lucid kockey has not worked for me on ATI or NVidia. I have to install with gdm stopped in command-line20:05
litropyyofel, what am I looking for in dmesg's output?20:05
aloonmaybe its just the machines ive been running20:05
aloonbut i read lots and lots of similar stories20:06
yofellitropy: can you pastebin it? pastebinit would be easiest if you could install it, after that, just run 'dmesg | pastebinit' and give me the link20:06
litropyyofel, now installing pbinit20:07
forrestvpenguin42, hi20:07
penguin42forrestv: Thanks for the tip about unclutter20:08
litropyyofel, http://pastebin.com/SpHPdHM020:08
daedalus96i am just going to reinstall teh system20:08
litropyyofel, keep in mind this has been run after a _successful_ bootup, not during the problem. In which I can't run anything.20:09
yofelwell, seems like it successfully switched framebuffers here '[   24.464347] fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver'20:10
yofellitropy: well, debugging boot if you can't do anything can be hard, so for now add 'GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text' in a new line in /etc/default/grub, run 'sudo update-grub' and see if it helps20:12
litropyyofel, yes -- that's precisely the message. If I don't see that, _usually_ it doesn't work. But I have to hold [enter] to see it usually. Now adding/updating grub20:14
penguin42ok, quick survey - who has got the 'unclutter' package installed (but didn't manually do it)20:14
penguin42it doesn't seem to have got installed on this upgrade but has on my other box20:18
* charlie-tca don't have it in xubuntu20:18
* penguin42 wonders if it was a dependency in an earlier Alpha and has now gone20:19
litropyyofel, thank you -- that worked like a charm. Now, I'm curious -- what did that do? switch to text mode, which doesn't require a gfx driver?20:21
vishpenguin42: it was installed since sabdfl requested it20:21
vishpenguin42: it should be removed now , it was unseeded20:21
penguin42vish: Ah good; it was causing chaos20:22
yofellitropy: no, until now, the kernel always started in text mode, which had the problem that pylmouth looks horrible with ati/nvidia and some other drivers as they don't provide a drm framebuffer20:22
yofellitropy: we now try to fix that and cjwatson changed grub so the kernel starts in graphics mode, but some (or all) of the drm framebuffer don't like it and the driver crashes20:23
yofellitropy: the line I gave you makes the kernel start in text mode again20:23
vishpenguin42: it was for a bug to solve the "hide pointer when user is typing" but it had more problems and didnt really solve anything..20:23
penguin42vish: Yeh 605829 and 61105 in my case20:24
penguin42hmm bug-buddy complaining it can't trace a stack - I guess with the ptrace stuff that's expected?20:25
litropyyofel, thank you for such a verbose description!Sounds like I'm getting my info straight from the source.20:26
penguin42mango-lassi seems to die at startup, pity I was hoping to replace synergy20:27
yofellitropy: maybe you're interested in the original notification about this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-July/030995.html20:29
forrestvpenguin42, you're welcome ... i'm much happier now that it's fixed for me20:32
penguin42forrestv: Mine is happier; but I'm getting wildly flickering graphics20:32
litropyThank you, yofel -- I truly appreciate it; I now know what to follow. Peeps, I have another one for ya: basically, I can't install libvirtodbc0: http://pastebin.com/Rtn1Ars020:34
penguin42forrestv: It was ok on lucid but I was running xorg-edgers on there, I'm running a straight maverick on it now; I might try edgers I guess20:34
litropywhoops wrong link20:34
litropyher we go: http://pastebin.com/Rtn1ArS020:36
yofellitropy: remove virtuoso-nepomuk first20:37
yofellibvirtodbc0 is missing a conflict on virtuoso-nepomuk20:37
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
yofellitropy: if apt refuses to do so, try 'sudo dpkg --force-depends --remove virtuoso-nepomuk' (which will ignore dependencies)20:38
litropyyofel, the former line ran successfully; now trying again.20:39
litropyyofel, success; thanks again! you guys are doing great work over there.20:41
litropyyofel, might the drm framebuffer error be graphics card specific? I'm running a dual core Intel Atom N280 (graphics card included with CPU)20:47
yofelnot sure, I have an eeePC 1000H with intel graphics and that didn't work really well in graphics mode either20:48
yofelit's more the graphics driver20:48
litropyYep, eeepc 1005ha pux20:49
yofel(or probably the kernel drm code I think)20:49
litropywhat does drm stand for here?20:49
yofelno idea actually, didn't look into this too much until it broke ^^20:50
litropydirect rendering manager, yofel20:50
yofelah, thanks :D20:50
litropyyofel, "The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a component of the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, a system to provide efficient video acceleration (especially 3D rendering) on Unix-like operating systems ... It consists of two in-kernel drivers (realized as kernel modules on Linux), a generic drm  driver, and another which has specific support for the video hardware. This pair of drivers...20:53
litropy...allows a userspace client direct access to the video hardware."20:53
litropyIf the drm successfully switches from VESA to Intel's, everyhting is fine. But if the framebuffer problem happens before the switch, the system hangs. So it sounds like if it's the driver that causes the problem, it's VESA's. Yet, on my other partition, I use a VESA driver just fine.20:58
litropythat is, even past bootup, I'm using a VESA driver.20:58
litropybut what do I know :P21:00
litropyDo I really need all these kernels? I know how to remove them from Grub's menu, but with every grub update, they of course come back. And they're taking up space on my hd21:07
kklimondayou can uninstall all but the most recent21:08
Melodistwith synaptic21:09
aloonFor a bunch of reasons I installed maverick , I have a new sony vaio i7 core with 310M nividia and under Lucid there was a dozen things to fix like fn keys , VT , brightness etc etc , under Maverick most of the problems are solved (hdmi sound included) ... but last install I got Nvidia working perfect and then right away there was a linux headers and kernel update , after the update I started getting compiling errors ever time I installed a program21:33
kklimondawhat compilation errors, what program?21:34
penguin42aloon: I'm not an nvidia user, but often driver stuff comes along later in the beta cycle21:34
aloonSo now I reinstalled maverick and update manager wants to update headers & kernels in the first update , this time I havent installed nvidia yet , should I update kernel and headers ?21:35
aloonand then install nvidia ?21:35
penguin42worth keeping the kernel up to date21:36
kklimondaI use nvidia just fine with the most recent kernel21:36
aloonI think the problem was putting in the driver and then updating kernel right after21:36
alooni'll try it kernel first this time21:37
aloonI alwyas struggled with ATI but always got it working , then I switched to nvidia which always was easy , but lately the newest laptop nvidia cards are not well supported and its a hairpulling experience getting everything setup21:39
aloonit's updating linux-image-generic21:40
aloonno errors21:41
aloonfor some reason it seems that you have to put a script in usr to have the nvidia driver recompile the kernel properly when it gets updated. I wish it was easy like the old days21:42
kklimondayou don't have to - all you have to do is install nvidia from package21:45
aloonfrom synaptic ?21:47
aloonthis is how I did it the last time and it worked , on Lucid I could not install nvidia via synaptic , the driver would be activated , but not work21:48
aloonon maverick nouveau driver actually looked decent on my laptop , but i wanted the features of my nvidia card , it seems nvidia-current does work for me under maverick21:49
aloonif the nvidia driver is installed through repositories , are you saying that it will update fine even if the kernel and headers are updated ?21:49
aloonif so , thats great news , i've spent weeks trying to get things going under Lucid21:50
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DaekdroomI didn't know it was so *easy* to help translate ubuntu D:22:48
penguin42well, as someone who knows one language (and not particularly well) that's easy for you to say!22:50
Daekdroompenguin42, >.>22:51

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