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timhi ... i've got a sharp netwalker z1 and would like to upgrade the version of ubuntu (it comes with 9.04 preinstalled). after a simple update, it does not boot any more, though ... the device is using redboot as boot loader ... before starting a new attempt, does anyone have experience with this device?12:21
timalso, is there some kind of live-microsd image? sharp just provides an image, that restores the original state of the machine ...12:24
Baybalwhat kind of upgrade you did?12:41
* Baybal away12:41
timBaybal, adapt /etc/apt/sources.list to point to lucid and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:46
Baybaldid you update kernel?12:47
BaybalI think you may have pointed the apt to repository for PC12:47
BaybalI'm sleepy12:48
Baybalemail me please12:48
Baybali'm gonna go bed12:48
timBaybal, ok ... i'll send you an email ... i guess, the kernel was updated ...12:50
persiatim: Hey: I've a PC-Z1 also.  The issue is twofold: 1) it's hard to find any newer kernels for that device, and 2) it ships with Ubuntu for ARMv5, but lucid is for ARMv7+thumb2, which means one needs to essentially reinstall (and compile a new kernel with the lucid toolchain).14:07
timpersia, hm ... see14:08
timpersia, did you manage do to that?14:08
persiaDo which?  Upgrade?  I've not found a newer kernel.14:09
timi see14:09
timbtw, what specifics does the kernel have?14:09
persiaMy understanding is that lucid udev, upstart, etc. require features not available in the older kernel.  I've not tried it with the mix, but I wouldn't expect it to work.14:10
persiaHow do you mean, what specifics?14:10
timcertain device drivers etc14:10
timthe source, that is provided by sharp is essentially the 2.6.28 vanilla kernel14:10
persiaOh, I don't know the specifics.  The source is available: let me see if I can dig it up.14:10
persiaI'm certain the provided source is the real source.  I know there were some patches that got sent upstream.  I don't know if all the patches got sent upstream.14:11
persiaAny of the "araneo" sources at http://netbook-remix.archive.canonical.com/updates/pool/public/l/linux-fsl-imx51/ would be the correct source for the packages installed on the machine.  I think the sendai kernels are for the newer netwalker (without keyboard).14:13
timah ... i see ... btw, i just checked ... there _are_ some differences between the vanilla kernel and the sharp kernel14:15
timi will try, maybe i can port them to a recent kernel version14:15
persiaIf you can, that would be *great*!  I'd love to run lucid or maverick on the PC-Z114:15
timpersia, i'll do my best ... do you know of any source, how to cross-compile a kernel?14:16
persiaI only know a little about how the kernel packages are compiled, but the kernel team usually hangs out in #ubuntu-kernel, and they can probably answer anything that doesn't get a good response here about how the package works (I think the contents are from Sharp or Canonical or someone, so I wouldn't expect the kernel team to know them well).14:16
persiaWe generally discourage cross-compilation in Ubuntu.  I seem to remember some document on the kernel team wiki about cross-compilation, but I don't remember the URL.14:17
persiaYou might do a text search on the wiki (but it will take a while).14:17
timpersia, i'll try ..14:17
persiaI've just asked in #ubuntu-kernel, in case anyone knows, but those guys tend to be quiet on the weekends.14:18
timbtw, do you know, if there is a git respority for the araneo sources?14:19
persiaI don't know.  I heard some rumours that it wasn't developed in git, so if there is, and the rumours are true, the git repo would be more of a back-application of patches.14:19
timhm ... i just found an interesting forum posting from someone, trying to port it to 2.6.31 ... and who gave up because of badly written code :(14:23
persiahttp://ime.nu/kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=amitk/ubuntu-fsl-2.6.31.git;a=summary might have some of it, according to http://pc11.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/linux/1258005134/14:25
persiaWell, you might want to fix the redirect on kernel.ubuntu.com :)14:26
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timpersia, hm ... true ... not easy to port :/14:47
persiaThat's what everyone tells me :(14:48
* persia hopes someone will make some new small PC that runs Ubuntu well and works with upgrades.14:48
timnot easy doesn't mean, not impossible14:50
cwilluhonestly, mainline kernels work fine for the most part14:55
cwillui.e., unless you actually have hardware that we include the driver for14:55
persiacwillu: You're able to boot a mainline kernel on a PC-Z1?  I was advised this might melt my laptop.14:56
timcwillu, i guess, there is some specific hardware in the machine ... almost 400000 lines of code differ between vanilla 2.6.28 and sharp's14:58
cwillu_at_work(sorry, ran off)15:07
cwillu_at_workand I missed the bit about non-standard hardware too :p15:08
persiaI'm not sure it's "non-standard", but just not known to be supported mainline today.15:09
persiaIt's certainly widely available in retail channels though.15:10
cwillu_at_workI haven't had my coffee yet, give me a break :)15:10
persiaSorry: timezone failure :)15:12
* cwillu_at_work checks the time15:17
cwillu_at_workoh, it's even morning15:17
timhm ... if we would know, what the original version of the kernel was, that sharp was modifying, it would be easier :/15:27
persiaI suspect it's the 2.6.28 BSP from FSL, but I can't be sure.15:28
timwell, it conflicts with very early version of 2.6.28 from the linux-2.6-imx.git tree ... then the sources diverge15:40

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