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newubuntu10_04usI just installed Ubuntu for the first time and I'm trying to figure out a few things. I hope this is the place to com to find patient people that have answers...:) The first thing I'm trying to do is run a program SpyNoMore from http://spynomore.com and I can't seem to get it to install. I'm starting there, because my computer had a VERY stubborn virus that required removing the partitions from the fixed disk...so 03:26
duanedesignhello newubuntu10_04us03:35
duanedesignnewubuntu10_04us: looks like that application is Windows only03:36
duanedesignclamAV and Avast are two popular anti-virus apps for Linux03:38
newubuntu10_04usduanedesign: Thank you...that is pretty much what I was afraid of.03:45
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nUboon2Agenewubuntu10_04us: Actual viruses are not something to fret about in Linux, but as to other malware that could potentially be a problem here's a simple approach,  How to block internet advertisements, banners and spyware in Linux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110440, and http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2010/01/block-ads-malware-spyware-using-hosts.html04:11
zkriesseLOLWTF: I'm sorry do you wish to be kicked?04:20
LOLWTFi got this dns caching proxy that i installed  from src and  i need to  start it with one bash command and its pissing me  off04:20
LOLWTFi cant get  it running04:20
LOLWTFi tried adding the command  to /etc/rc.local  but that doesnt help04:21
LOLWTFand then04:21
LOLWTFi  tried  creating a bash script and then  doing  update-rc.d pdnsd.sh defaults but that didnt  help either04:21
LOLWTFwtffffffff do i do now.04:21
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OCboyhello every105:17
OCboyany1 use shell.cjb.net05:17
OCboyHuh .. ?????05:17
collinpI doubt that any of us have personal experience with the provider that you mentioned, but you can state your issue and we'll try to help to the best of our abilities.05:19
OCboyi have problem with conf eggdrop05:20
collinpEggdrop has their own support channels, AFAIK.05:20
collinpAlthough I do have experience with eggdrops.05:21
OCboythey have no support channel05:21
collinpNot on freenode, no. Their official support channel is on UnderNet.05:21
OCboyThank ÿou Verÿ Much05:21
OCboydo u know the name of it pls05:24
LOLWTFeggdrop sucks05:35
LOLWTFjust use irssi05:35
kermiacGood Afternoon people. There will be a short "How to Triage Bugs" session in #ubuntu-au in 10 minutes. Please feel free to join in the fun05:51
dogwalkerI'm about to install the 64-Bit Ubuntu 10.04 on an AMD-64 Based CPU, and I wonder if anyone knows if Javascript is installed by default.05:53
tenachdogwalker, Java or Javascript?05:54
tenachFrom what I understand, you don't install javascript, as it's handled by a web browser.05:54
dogwalkerJavascript, tenach, I need it to be supported for my bank's Web interface.05:55
tenachBy default Firefox is installed with javascript enabled.05:55
tenachWhen you install Ubuntu05:55
dogwalkerThank you very much for your help.05:55
tenachNo problem! :)05:55
tenachIf you have any more questions, just ask :D05:55
tenachIf I can't help, someone else is bound to be able to.05:56
dogwalkerI've got a problem with my Windows XP and the Nvidia GT 8500 card, and it appears to be "un-fixable".05:56
tenachWhat sort of problem?05:56
dogwalkerSo I'll slave the windows Disk to the Ubuntu install (on separate hard disk) and copy the files off.05:57
dogwalkerFatal Error/BSOD.05:57
dogwalkerand I've already tried re-loading the driver from Nvidia05:58
dogwalker<no resolution>.05:58
kermiacholstein: I noticed you're in the BugSquad mentorship program mate, feel free to come & join in on the session in #ubuntu-au. It starts in a couple of minutes05:58
dogwalkerSo before the whole works becomes un-readable...05:58
dogwalkerI'll copy the files over, and call it "Done"05:58
dogwalkerI can't think of anything Linux won't do, once I find applications to install.05:59
holsteinkermiac: thanks06:00
tenachSounds about like how I moved to Linux/Ubuntu, dogwalker.  The version of XP that was installed on my computer decided to call itself invalid, so instead of arguing with the tech support guys again, I just moved over to here.06:01
zkriesseduanedesign: ping07:05
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kermiacthanks for coming to the session guys :) -- collinp, nUboon2Age, holstein08:19
nUboon2Agekermiac: thanks for doing the class. :D08:31
duanedesign'lo all10:50
kermiacFor anyone interest, the logs for todays "How to Triage" class in #ubuntu-au are available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/BugJams/HowToTriageClass2010July2413:07
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Scotsmanwhere are the bass and treble controls on the new ubuntu? im lost14:40
Scotsmanthats whats above my head14:42
Scotsmanwhat is this backend process sucking all the cpu for?14:44
pedro3005what is the name of the process?14:44
stlsaintwho where is the op?14:45
Scotsmanthe wee green LED14:45
stlsainti dont know what your talking about?!14:46
stlsaintScotsman: i only see you asking questions?! Who are you trying to help?14:47
pedro3005I think he's asking for help14:47
stlsaintor what is your issue14:47
Scotsmanim speechless14:48
stlsaintWTF is bass and treble controls!?!?14:48
pedro3005I think he's talking about sound14:50
pedro3005you know, sound mixing14:50
stlsaintmeh, whatever14:50
duanedesignhave you all ever tried the pulse audio equalizer14:53
stlsaintduanedesign: nope14:56
philinuxI have base and treble on my woofer14:58
duanedesigni used the equalizer in Karmic and really liked it14:59
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AJH1011Hello - torrents used to open automatically in Transmission but suddenly they do not - how do i restore it please?21:18
dinosaurAJH1011, you could try right clicking the file, and going to properties, then going to the open with tab, and then put the marker on transmission21:19
paultagdinosaur, c'mon man21:19
paultagdinosaur, you can stay in Whube, but c'mon21:19
dinosaurlol okay21:19
paultagdinosaur, here as well, please.21:47
paultagdinosaur, Montel, this is getting annoying21:49
dinosaurstop calling me that, ive told you im not him.21:50
dinosauryoure being very rude.21:50
paultagdinosaur, I can pull logs and make this a big deal, but I'd rather you leave on good terms rather then *another* k-line21:50
paultagdinosaur, were you on last night as "LOLWTF" ?21:51
dinosauranybody can open up nano and edit some logs. ive come in here to help, now can you please leave me alone.21:51
aveilleuxdinosaur, the logs of this room are public21:51
paultagdinosaur, were you on last night as "LOLWTF" ?21:52
dinosauri know that.21:52
aveilleuxdinosaur, then why are you going on about editing nano?21:52
paultagdinosaur, Your IPs match, after all. So I'll assume yes. Please leave, Montel21:52
paultagaveilleux, Let dinosaur leave with his head in the air and feeling like he showed us21:53
paultagc'mon Montel, be big and bad21:53
dinosaurpaultag, stop highlighting me or im going to put you on  ignore.21:53
aveilleuxdinosaur: highlight :D21:54
paultagthank you aveilleux for trying to help21:54
paultagHe is an unwelcome member of the community21:54
aveilleuxpaultag: Always here to help21:55
paultagaveilleux, and I thank you for it! :)21:56
stlsaintpaultag: LOL21:58
paultagstlsaint, Yeah, becoming absurd. I was hoping he would just leave when he saw I did not care about it21:59
paultagstlsaint, clearly, not.21:59
paultagIt's a shame he's not on 4chan, I have a feeling he'd be a great troll.21:59
paultagOh well.21:59
paultagSorry for that bump, team.22:00
IdleOnepaultag: you have a guest in #ubuntu-irc , wanting to discuss a ban22:00
paultagOh joy22:00
aveilleuxpaultag: Have fun!22:00
nhandlerpaultag: Feel free to point him to #ubuntu-beginners-council22:01
paultagnhandler, of course, thanks :)22:01
IdleOnepaultag: sorry, but had to call you22:01
paultagIdleOne, it's quite alright22:01
paultagIdleOne, I'm more then happy to help explain what's going on, it's no trouble22:01

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