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kermiacJoeMaverickSett: see http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html for the current schedule08:16
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JoeMaverickSettkermiac, thanks.08:18
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jagan185hi everyone12:55
JoeMaverickSettis the next class about "LAMP server" at 18:00,July 28 according to UTC time?14:43
pedro3005yes,  I think so14:43
nhandlerThat is correct JoeMaverickSett14:44
JoeMaverickSettso, it means that as i'm in Malaysia, it would be around 2am on July 29? is that correct?14:45
JoeMaverickSettaccording to the current UTC time and my time is 9hrs difference.14:45
pedro3005yeah, I think that's it14:46
JoeMaverickSettpedro3005, thanks. nhandler , you too.14:47
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