erUSULall : ActionParsnip ask me for a testimonial for memebership https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ActionParsnip i'm sure he would apreciate that form other #ubuntu regulars as well13:34
IdleOneerUSUL: :) +1 for actionparsnip16:19
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dinosauri was banned in #ubuntu-beginners for no reason21:58
paultagHey IRCC22:00
IdleOnedinosaur: I believe paultag can help you with your ban question22:01
dinosaurIdleOne, but i believe his assistance will be biased because he believes im someone i am not.22:01
IdleOnedinosaur: then I am sure paultag can point you to the people you need to talk to22:02
paultagdinosaur, Issues regarding standing team bans can be brought up with #Ubuntu-beginners-council. You will, however, need to prove that "LOLWTF" who logged onto Freenode last night under the same IP, with the same speech patterns as yourself is not you. That is, because LOLWTF admited to being Montel, a member with a standing ban, and k-line.22:03
paultagOh shoot. Sorry, this nick22:04
paultagWell, then I guess there is no room for that at all :)22:05
dinosaurand what ways of  verification can i prove22:05
dinosaurthis clearly is not a static ip address.22:05
paultagdinosaur, Not much, I'm afraid that we have three Ubuntu members with logs to that effect, and a bot who logs that channel22:05
paultagdinosaur, there was no part from the network whilst using the IP22:05
dinosaur'that channel' being #ubuntu-beginners right?22:06
dinosaurplease provide me these logs22:06
paultagdinosaur, It was not #ubuntu-beginners, it was one of my personal channels, as you know.22:06
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/22:06
paultagdinosaur, Are you denying being LOLWTF?22:06
paultagjust so we're clear22:07
dinosauroh, okay so there's no official logs. correct? and no, im not.22:07
paultagJul 24 12:46:26 *dinosaur (~dinosaur@ has joined #whube22:07
paultagJul 24 12:46:43 <dinosaur>sup22:07
paultagJul 24 12:48:59 <paultag>hey montel22:07
paultagJul 24 12:49:50 <dinosaur>ok same ip i know.22:07
paultagJul 24 12:49:52 <paultag>yeah22:07
paultagJul 24 12:50:10 <paultag>dead giveaway22:07
paultagThe ban will stay, unless you lodge something formal, Montel.22:08
dinosaurJul 24 12:46:26 * dinosaur (~dinosaur@ has joined #whube22:09
dinosaurJul 24 12:46:43 <dinosaur> sup22:09
dinosaurJul 24 12:48:59 <paultag> hey im going to fake some logs like this and then get you in trouble22:09
dinosaurJul 24 12:49:50 <dinosaur> ok cool22:09
dinosaurJul 24 12:49:52 <paultag> yeah22:09
dinosaurJul 24 12:50:10 <paultag> i think im smart22:09
paultagdinosaur, so you claim that is a fake log?22:09
stlsainti can atest that that log is not fake as i was in the channel as well22:09
paultagdinosaur, So I need to get Joeb454, collinp, stlsaint to pull logs as well?22:10
paultagdinosaur, all Ubuntu members?22:10
IdleOneI know for sure that paultag never said he was smart :P22:10
paultagIdleOne, :P22:10
dinosaurlol you have some good friends.22:10
paultagdinosaur, it's against the CoC to act in such a way22:10
dinosaurwhat did i do wrong in #ubuntu-beginners again?22:10
paultagdinosaur, Ban evasion22:10
dinosauryeah, and people lie in court too22:10
paultagdinosaur, and Network evasion22:10
IdleOnedinosaur: ubuntu membership is not given because we are log forgers22:11
dinosaurpaultag, then why have i not been klined?22:11
paultagdinosaur, I'd rather handle this in a sane way22:11
paultagdinosaur, because k-lines clearly don't have effect22:11
dinosaurid rather not deal with a lieing and biased op.22:11
dinosaurits a shame. clearly theres not strict enough ubuntu membership guidelines22:12
paultagdinosaur, so, I'm lying, biased, I forge logs -- that's your claim?22:12
dinosaurrather not repeat myself.22:13
paultagWell, I think it's down to "he said" "she said" at this point.22:14
dinosaurno its down to what "paultag said".22:14
ikoniaok - lets deal with facts here22:14
ikoniadinosaur: are you montel, yes/no22:14
stlsainti can give a screenshot of my client showing the exact convoy with no chance of editing22:14
ikoniadinosaur: are you callling paultag a liar with his log ?22:15
ikoniadinosaur: ok, then you need to lodge a complaint with the irc comunicty council who will check the facts22:15
ikoniadinosaur: are you aware of that process ?22:15
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.22:16
ikoniatomaw: as you're awake, you should be aware that dinosaur/montel is potentially a kline dodger22:16
ikoniadinosaur: please follow that process, and your ban will be reviewed by the ubuntu irc community council22:16
ikoniaand that ends that22:19
tomawfor now22:19
ikoniathank you22:19
paultagThanks guys :)22:19

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