achiangbuilt-in.o is a special object that consists of individual objects mushed together to form built-in.o00:01
achianglooking4b: does your kernel boot up?00:04
looking4bI cannot really tell passed a point00:16
looking4bit might crash at a point but since I am running it blind I am not sure00:17
looking4bI hooked up the debugger and I go through a lot of code and a lot of printk00:17
looking4bbut I see nothing on the console/serial port00:17
looking4bI do have the serial driver turn on in the kernel config00:18
looking4band my BSP specifies my device00:18
looking4bI am not troubleshooting why I am not getting any console output00:18
looking4bI just cannot figure out which serial/uart driver the kernel is using00:19
looking4bi think I found the driver for the coldfire00:21
looking4bunder /driver/serial/mcf.c00:22
looking4bbut it does not have the uart_console_write function in it00:22
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persiaAnyone happen to know the URL for the wiki page about cross-compiling kernels?14:18
penguin42hmm I seem to have a kernel build that's stalled with ld hung in stat->__xstat (libfakeroot)->send_get_state->send_get_fakem->semaphore_up->semop    seems odd; I'm guessing that's a libfakeroot bug16:50
looking4bDoes anybody know how to get the uart/serial port working for the m68knommu coldfire architecture?17:07
looking4bI have been trying for days without success17:08
looking4bit seems like things have been coded for ttyS0 to function as the console but I only have access to UART1 on my hardware which would be ttyS117:08
looking4bI do use a hardcoded kernel argument of console=ttyS1 but nothing works17:09
penguin42looking4b: I assume you have the driver built into the kernel, have you got it booted at all? If so can you get a dmesg to see what it thinks that serial device is?17:22
ali1234does ubuntu use modified module-init-tools?21:17

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