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dakergodbyk, are you around ?15:56
dakerthorwil, hi17:43
dakeri need n° 417:44
dakerif yoy have time!!!17:45
thorwildaker: number 4 form the morocco set got the loco vote?17:45
thorwilgood choice17:46
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thorwildaker: do you want "ma" or "morocco" in there?17:55
thorwilwhen i created the set, the ubuntu font wasn't in beta. so now it's simple to do17:56
daker1 - with the logo like the then n°418:01
dakerand one with "ubuntu-ma the Moroccan Team"+ the logo18:02
dakerwait our leader is here18:02
dakeri'll talk to him18:02
thorwildaker: in a just a few minutes, i will have it with no addition, with "ma" and with "morocco"18:04
thorwilactually, gonna a bit later, dinner time :)18:05
dakertake your time18:05
thorwildaker: mail send. note that the SVGs are in the same rather large scale as the official ubuntu logo file. are you comfortable with exporting PNGs yourself?19:10
dakerthorwil, inkscape is hard for me19:16
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thorwildaker: you only need to open the file, go File -> Export Bitmap. "Drawing" should be pre-selected. then just define the desired size, path and hit export19:20
dakerWell it works19:23
dakerthank you very very much19:23
thorwildaker: you're welcome :)19:25
thorwildaker: mainly as backup: https://code.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/ubuntu_morocco20:41
dakercool thanks20:41
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ChrisWoollardHello all.23:00
ChrisWoollardIt is really annoying. Somebody has editted a bunch to tex files and spelt application wrong. So now it doesn't compile again.23:04
dakerhi ChrisWoollard23:05
dakersomebody, Who ?23:05
ChrisWoollardNo idea23:05
ChrisWoollardI am trying to fix it.23:05
dakerit's appear on rev 138 line 13023:10
dutchiebzr blame will tell you23:11
godbykIt is annoying when people put syntax errors in the doc.23:14
ChrisWoollardOk. I have fixed it.23:14
ChrisWoollardI have pushed the changes back23:14
godbykNot just because it breaks the build, but also because it makes me trust them not to have added other errors that don't break the build.  (Spelling and grammar errors in the text, for instance.)23:14
godbykIf it becomes too much of a problem, we may have to restrict who can commit.23:15
dakergodbyk, +123:15
ChrisWoollardI always thought that procedure was to test comile before commiting23:16
ChrisWoollardIt had to either be Jason Cook or Luke Jenning. They are the only people to have commited since I last did. I know it worked then.23:20
godbykIt is a best practice / proper procedure.  But there's no way to enforce it.23:23
ChrisWoollardNever mind.23:23
ChrisWoollardShould toolbar be tool-bar or toolbar?23:29
dutchieone word23:30
dutchieno hyphens23:30
dakergodbyk, is the decision is taken about the format ?23:35
dakeri didn't see anything about the example23:36
godbykChrisWoollard: This is pretty helpful for those types of questions: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gdp-style-guide/stable/wordlist.html.en23:39
godbykI've agreed with their style choices on the ones I've glanced at.23:39
godbykdaker: No decision yet. I think we're still waiting for people to create examples in the various formats so we can compare them.23:40
ChrisWoollardThat was what I was looking for the other day but couldn't find it23:40
godbykPersonally, I'm leaning toward docbook at the moment.23:40
godbykChrisWoollard: yeah, it's buried pretty deep.  I ended up Googling for it.23:40
godbykWe should incorporate a lot of that into our own style guide some day.23:40
dakergodbyk, thanks23:43

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