zookoFolks: which is the deadline that would apply to uploading a new version of a current universe package? (Tahoe-LAFS)06:29
zookoBeta Freeze?06:30
zookoTahoe-LAFS v1.6.1 is currently packaged in Lucid.06:30
zookoThe current stable release of Tahoe-LAFS is v1.7.1.06:30
zookoI *hope* that Tahoe-LAFS v1.8.0 will be released by the end of August, but that is a few days past the Beta Freeze and anyway the Tahoe-LAFS schedule could well slip.06:31
zookoSo, I guess I should try to get Tahoe-LAFS v1.7.1 uploaded for Maverick. :-)06:31
zookoHm... how do I initiate that process? Tahoe-LAFS is not (yet) in Debian.06:32
LucidFoxwhen I try to build with pbuilder-dist sid armel build, it spams the console with08:57
LucidFox"qemu: Unsupported syscall: 335"08:57
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LucidFox"qemu: could not open serial device 'stdio': Success"09:32
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bulldog98what is the sence of lintian-override files?13:05
umangbulldog98, I think it is when a certain lintian error or warning clearly doesn't apply to you, or you are justified in ignoring a certain error/warning, you can override it.13:07
bulldog98ok thanks umang13:07
umangbulldog98, I'm not sure about MOTU, but on Debian you have to inform anyone sponsoring your upload about the override and why you've done it while requesting for a sponsor.13:08
bulldog98umang: that’s not the point I simply wanted to update an package and understand why there are files like that13:09
umangbulldog98, ok.13:10
ScottLif i wanted to add a patch to package in a development release (i.e. maverick) what would i need to do?14:27
lfaraoneScottL: use "edit-patch" on the source, if it uses a patch system.15:32
ScottLlfaraone, oh, i know how to apply the patch, rather i meant how do i get the patch applied to the package in the archives ?15:35
lfaraoneScottL: you submit a debdiff or a bzr branch and request sponsorship.15:38
ScottLlfaraone, that's what i thought, thanks!16:03
lfaraoneScottL: which package?16:03
ScottLlfaraone, gnome-system-tools , this is the package that ubuntu studio uses for network connections (and configuration) but a patch was applied to disable the interfaces because network-manager was chosen as default16:07
ScottLunfortunatly the 10_disable_interfaces.patch prevents configuration of network, which prevents ubuntu studio users from configuring their network16:08
ScottLsince gnome-network-admin (the actual package built by gnome-system-tools) is now in universe and not installed by default on ubuntu desktop i was hoping to remove the 10_disable_interfaces.patch16:09
ScottLthus given ubuntu studio users the functionality to configure their network16:09
ScottLit should be pointed out that ubuntu studio has chosen not to use network-manager because of its dynamic loading that it puts onto the cpu which intermittantly increases latency16:11
ScottLwhich should be recognized as a Bad Thing (yes, i capitalized that) for a multimedia distribution16:11
azeemScottL: dynamic loading?16:11
ScottLazeem, my understanding is that network-manager does not apply a consistent cpu loading, i believe this is when it is searching for other wifi networks that are available16:16
lfaraoneIf I'm sponsoring a merge that has a debian-ubuntu debdiff, should I dget the latest Debian version and apply the diff?16:24
BlackZlfaraone: yes, for example if you're going to sponsor foobar 0.0.1-1ubuntu1 and the debian package is 0.0.1-1 you will want the dsc of foobar 0.0.1-1 from debian16:26
vishanyone around to sponsor : Bug #604636 ?17:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 604636 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Description: Cheese is too "cheesy"!" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60463617:21
Laneyvish: you are mistaken: that text is in the Debian description17:24
vishLaney: it was in the ubuntu diff17:25
Laney...I just looked at it17:25
Laneylaney@chicken> grep cheesy debian/control                                  ~/temp/cheese-2.30.1 Cheese is a cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your web17:26
vishLaney: cheese_2.30.1-0ubuntu2.diff.gz , mentioned it , so am a bit confused :s17:27
Laneythe diff.gz contains all changes, not just ubuntu ones17:27
Laneylsdiff -z *.diff.gz17:28
Laneybut is this really the kind of thing that papercuts is about anyway?17:28
Laneyseems exceedingly trivial17:28
vishLaney: this cycle the descriptions are getting a make over too17:29
Laneyas you wish, it's your time17:29
LaneyI suggest that you don't deviate from Debian over this though17:30
vishLaney: hmm , now I have to re-open upstream bug :s17:30
* vish need to figure that out..17:30
Laneyhttp://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer get this page bookmarked17:30
vishLaney: how to re-open a debian bug?17:31
Laneythat page will guide you17:31
vishjust now , did the -done reply17:31
* vish reads :)17:31
ari-tczewMoM/universe: package hp-ppd 0.9ubuntu2 0.9-0.1 is it possible to upload 0.9-0.1ubuntu1 ?17:40
crimsun_ari-tczew: note that 0.9ubuntu2 will always sort after 0.9-0.1ubuntu1 (you can use dpkg --compare-versions to confirm)17:46
ari-tczewcrimsun_: well, in this case only fakemerge is possible right?17:47
ari-tczewupload ubuntu3 with changes like in merge17:47
crimsun_ari-tczew: "fakemerge"? Are you meaning to drop the Ubuntu delta ("fakesync") or to perform a merge?17:48
ari-tczewcrimsun_: perform a merge in ubuntu317:48
crimsun_yeah, you'll have to merge it17:48
ari-tczewcrimsun_: are you expierenced with sound system?17:48
crimsun_(do I really want to answer that question...?)17:49
crimsun_ask away17:49
ari-tczewcrimsun_: because I don;t have a sound on maverick and I;m not sure who is a sound system mastermind - you or TheMuso17:50
crimsun_well, bugs are good, but what's the issue? Have you filed a bug using ubuntu-bug alsa-base?17:52
crimsun_(nearly always filing a bug is more efficient)17:52
ari-tczewcrimsun_: and what I can write there? I don't have a sound?17:56
crimsun_ari-tczew: I need the apport-attached info more than I need your description of "don't have a sound"17:56
crimsun_sorry, I don't intend that to sound rude, but "no sound" is too vague to be useful17:57
ari-tczewcrimsun_: why do you write that: (do I really want to answer that question...?)17:57
ari-tczewbecause I don't understand17:58
crimsun_ari-tczew: I've endured a fairly significant amount of grief for sound issues over the past five years.18:01
* hyperair wonders what kernel maverick has.18:03
hyperairi know that 2.6.35-rc6 successfully borked both sound and bluetooth for me.18:03
hyperairnot sure how those two are related though18:03
crimsun_maverick's currently released kernel is 2.6.35-rc5-based18:03
hyperairhmm then it can't be that =)18:04
crimsun_ubuntu-maverick.git has 2.6.35-rc6 merged (in 2.6.35-12.17); you can find it in the kernel ppa18:04
hyperairmaybe i'll give that one a go. i might have screwed something up here on my own.18:05
ari-tczewdoes someone want to merge phpbb3?18:26
MTecknologyAre there any chances of php5-5.3.3 making it into maverick?18:37
MTecknologyor would that be an extremely high expectaction?18:38
crimsun_MTecknology: it'd be easier if it were already in Debian unstable19:03
MTecknologycrimsun_: I'd consider trying to help get it there, I'm sure zul needs help. I remember the last time I tried to work with that package I wound up in an angry place for a week straight and then just gave up..19:05
MTecknologycrimsun_: I should try again anyway, huh? - when's the import freeze?19:06
MTecknologyoh.. that was a month ago..19:07
MTecknologycrimsun_: maybe for 11.04, right? :)19:11
crimsun_MTecknology: it's never too late to help in Debian, and exceptions can always be requested in Ubuntu19:16
MTecknologycrimsun_: I'll do my best - it was only release a few days ago iirc :)19:17
Muscovy.join #Ubuntu-MOTU-Sponsors21:48
* Laney wonders what that channel is23:52

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