JoeMaverickSettis it eligible to talk about Namoroka here?06:24
JoeMaverickSetthello, could anyone answer my question?08:32
JoeMaverickSettQUESTION: "is it eligible to talk about Namoroka here?"08:32
fishorfta2: hi, are you Fabien Tassin?09:06
fishorfta2: just wonted to ask, if newest xulrunner-2.0 with yasm compiled or not09:12
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SagiHi, i have a strange problem with google.de since Firefox Update 3.6.7 on Ubuntu 10.04. If i enter www.google.de, it looks like this: http://www.abload.de/img/bildschirmfotohjo8.png16:52
Sagistrange symbols16:52
Sagiclearing cache etc. doesnt help16:52
Sagiwith Chrome, it looks normal16:52
jongleurhi. I need a littl bit help - not sure whether I'm right here.19:17
jongleurWhile switching from Windows7 to ubuntu 10.04 I copied my old profile folder. At first Thunderbird was very unstable with boot times of >20 minutes19:18
jongleurI switched to the mozilla-build of thunderbird19:18
jongleurnow it's stable, but my calendars of the lightning extension are gone.19:19
jongleurwhere is the error and what can I do to solve this problem19:19

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