qwebirc96733hello any helpers out ther?00:48
qwebirc96733how do i get the vnc service working via ssh?00:49
qwebirc96733where do i check error logs on the frontend?00:53
rileypssh -X dad@
rileypthen simply type thunar to use thunar etc01:16
rileypthe -X allows you to open programs in your current screen01:17
qwebirc96733what that for me?01:20
qwebirc96733how do i start the x11vnc from a ssh session/01:34
qwebirc38198hello all, just ran aptitude upgrade on my backend and now myth-backend can't seem to connect to mysql anymore (10.04 /w mythbuntu ppa)03:07
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Staticwave_Acebackend reports Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)03:08
Staticwave_Acehrm, it seems mysql is either not starting or crashing03:09
rhpot1991maybe you shoudl stick around...03:18
Shadow__Xrhpot1991: but that takes all the fun out of it03:21
TechnophilHi  Can anyone tell me why mythbuntu comes out with Xubuntu in preference to the gnome desktop?06:24
Shadow__XTechnophil: it uses less resources06:26
silverdulcetafaik, they use xubuntu/xfce since it is lighter on the resources and most people running mythbuntu don't use the desktop.06:26
silverdulcetTechnophil: you can install gnome-desktop on a mythbuntu install, or just install mythtv on an ubuntu-desktop install if you like.06:27
TechnophilThanks Guys, I am really after the gnome network manager for 3G cards.06:30
Shadow__Xon a mythtv system?06:30
TechnophilShadow__X: Yes!  In anticipation of the next question, its on a Dell D830 Laptop06:32
Technophil(Which has one of the most power efficient vdpau "a" graphics chips)06:33
Shadow__XTechnophil: why dont you just install ubuntu on it then install mythfrontend06:33
TechnophilYes, with the benefit of hindsight that's what I should have done.06:34
TechnophilIronically when one installs "ubuntu" using the mythbuntu myth CC one only gets a subset of ubuntu!06:34
Shadow__Xi wouldnt want everythig06:35
Shadow__Xbut still if i were you i would redo the machine with ubuntu06:35
silverdulcetTechnophil: if you have a seperate /home partition, you could install ubuntu over it and just not format /home06:35
TechnophilI just thought there might have been some more reasons for mythbuntu using Xubuntu than just resources, which in the scheme of things I doubt is much extra with gnome, although I accept some scenarios efficiency will be paramount.  For example it might have also been a developer preference.06:37
silverdulcetTechnophil: well, you also have to remember gnome desktop pulls in *alot* of dependencies that definately wouldn't be used on most mythtv devoted machines, e.g. evolution06:40
TechnophilThat seems to me to be the resource issue.06:40
TechnophilWhich seems to me to mostly translate to HDD space, as the Linux OS is so efficient....06:41
silverdulcetTechnophil: so really, if you want to use it part time as a mythfrontend and mostly/part time a desktop/laptop its recommened to install whatever you want as your desktop os and add the frontend as a package.06:41
TechnophilWill do.06:43
silverdulcetTechnophil: same logic would apply to a dedicated backend only, you start with the server os you want and then add mythbackend as a service it runs, instead of installing mythbuntu.06:43
TechnophilIn my case the need for 3G came later.....06:43
silverdulcetTechnophil: have you tried installing the gnome-network-manager package? not sure if it would work, but I don't see why it wouldn't.06:44
TechnophilI have several D830's now, so will run up ubuntu on one, i'll be interested to see the differences.06:44
TechnophilI expect that will work, might try that first, what will be interesting will be to see what the dependencies are, I suspect it might be quite a list...!06:45
silverdulcetsorry, the package is network-manager-gnome06:46
Technophilkewl, thanks.06:46
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hot_wheelzcan u attach a name to the logs that mythbuntu generates to to id yours when is gets sent to http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/ is that possible?09:08

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