nUboon2Ageakgraner: i really enjoyed hearing your interview on Full Circle podcast.  i'll have to listen to some of your other interviews they refered to.   Enjoyed the goat festival item;  ;)  on a different note, the rss feed i'm so jazzed about is totally letting me down this week in terms of lack of timely output of articles -  Don't know if its just a temporary thing, but i'm bummed about having got so pumped about it and01:53
nUboon2Agethen be let down so. :/01:53
nUboon2AgeHere's something that might help getting the newsletter out:  Google Doc Mount Puts Your  Google Docs in Nautilus for Editing  http://info-indoblogs.blogspot.com/2010/07/google-doc-mount-puts-your-google-docs.html  akgraner, nhandler and all01:55
nhandlernUboon2Age: Yeah, our own doctormo made the frontend for that02:13
nUboon2Agenhandler: cool. :)02:15
nigelbw00t w00t doctormo ;)04:44
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holsteinakgraner: ping20:46
holsteini was wondering if you could just tell me what from http://ietherpad.com/UWN-Ideas you want to go into 'in other news'20:46
holsteinim going to try and get through that tonite20:46
holsteini got a busy day tomorrow20:47
holsteinakgraner: no hurry, i wont be back til 10ish tonite20:47

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