macowhy did floodbots all just go nuts in #ubuntu?00:30
tonyyarussowent off their meds00:46
PiciInteresting that none of the people making comments are in the -ops-monitor channel.00:57
bazhangniamor had that script on a few days ago as well01:08
Seeker`will do sometime about it next time01:09
Seeker`why do I remember bastid_razor01:16
bazhangposting nsfw links in -ot01:17
Picihes pretty helpful in #u though, isn't he?01:18
IdleOneyes he is01:18
Seeker`name just rang a dusty old bell somewhere int he back of my head01:18
Seeker`may be nothing01:18
IdleOnehe may not be aware of the rules there, or that the same rules apply01:18
Seeker`probably me just being senile01:18
IdleOnejust this morning I unbanned Niglop02:02
IdleOnehe was banned because of language02:03
Seeker`well, he had just typed his password in the channel, so I wouldn't instaban02:03
Seeker`but it may be worth you talking to him?02:03
IdleOnehe got !language tossed at him.02:04
IdleOnewill let this one slide02:04
bazhangprogramble is pushing it02:04
IdleOneprobably* ?02:04
bazhangno that's his nick02:05
Seeker`bazhang: where?02:05
bazhanghe has been offered multiple suggestions, and just responds with 'already said/done/it's broken'02:09
IdleOnehe said he is using arch02:10
IdleOneask in arch channel.02:11
bazhangjpg images in terminal?02:22
nhandlerYou can convert them to ascii colored text bazhang02:24
bazhangnhandler, he also wants to view pdf via console02:25
nhandlerbazhang: There are ways to convert pdf files to text or html02:25
bazhangnhandler, okay thanks02:25
IdleOnebazhang: I think he is expecting to view HD images in CLI02:39
bazhangIdleOne, he is running a server? and wants to do everything a desktop allows, without an actual desktop02:39
IdleOnehe is going to have to either install a GUI or realize it's not gonna happen02:40
bazhangthat ban looks wrong06:04
bazhangthecat not bearcat06:04
IdleOnebearcat was repeat bot06:05
IdleOneor was pasting chat from the channel, probably not a bot06:06
bazhangIdleOne, you're still opped in #ubuntu06:47
bazhang@mark #ubuntu-offtopic buzag (aka hufx Iam_360_ jarheadless) threatening to ban evade #ubuntu <buzag> bazhang: hey come on I could use many diff points to access ubuntu07:16
ubottuThe operation succeeded.07:16
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox To replace metacity with Openbox please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReplaceMetacityWithOpenbox10:44
rwwThe last sentence there could probably be removed. It's not the most common use case, and the first wikilink covers a way of doing it anyway.10:45
ikonia44the url ?10:45
ikoniathe url ?10:45
rww"To replace..." to the end10:46
ikoniasorting it10:47
rwwalright. ta10:47
ikonia!no openbox is <reply> openbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox10:50
ubottuI'll remember that ikonia10:50
IdleOnesorry bout holding @ all night16:24
MTecknologynhandler: ^^ != *!*@ubuntu/member/kalliki.admin.mtecknology  #ubuntu-offtopic :)18:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:28
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:28
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:28
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:28
dinosauri was banned in #ubuntu-beginners for no reason at all.21:54
IdleOnedinosaur: you will have to take that up in #ubuntu-irc21:57
IdleOnedinosaur: Please part this channel. There is a no idling rule. Thank you.21:59
dinosaurok thank you21:59
IdleOneBearcat: How can I help you?22:49
BearcatIdleOne: thanks22:53
IdleOneBearcat: Please state your business here22:54
Bearcati have a clients kubuntu system. I can't get distribution lists to save. If you save one then select another ..22:54
Bearcati'm typing..22:54
IdleOneBearcat: this is not a support channel22:55
Bearcatif you select one then set focus to another contact, when you return to the distibutionn list it's empty.22:55
Bearcati didn't mean to type -ops22:55
Bearcatmy bad22:55
IdleOnesee you in a minute22:55
IdleOneBearcat: you are being forwarded here22:56
Bearcat..ok that's wierd22:56
IdleOneI set a ban on you earlier today in #ubuntu22:56
IdleOneDo you know why?22:56
Bearcatwhy would i be forwarded here?22:56
Bearcatno i don't22:56
IdleOnewhen you joined #ubuntu earlier today, your client seemed to be spamming that chat from other users, repeating as it were22:57
Bearcatthat's odd22:57
IdleOneBearcat: I will remove the ban, please insure that you don't have any repeater scripts running.22:57
Bearcatthanks. I don't have any such scrips that i know of. I use irc all day.22:58
IdleOneban is lifted, please join #ubuntu and have a great day.22:58
IdleOnesorry for the inconvenience22:58
Bearcati apologise, for what ever happened.22:59
IdleOneno worries22:59
Bearcatmight be an erc thing, but i'd think that would be hard to insert an unknown script into.22:59
Bearcatalright onto the proper channel.23:00

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