silentwhisperneed help about postfix00:09
silentwhisperi need help00:09
skydromedont we all00:11
EvilPhoenixi posted at least 20 mins ago with no answer00:11
silentwhispercan you help me about postfix00:11
EvilPhoenixme? noooo00:12
skydromeif you ask, someone might answer00:12
EvilPhoenixwell i actually sit here for when I need help00:12
EvilPhoenixand I dont use postfix00:12
silentwhisperwhat do you use?00:12
* EvilPhoenix states he does not use postfix, hell he doesnt even know what postfix is00:13
silentwhispermy postfix has no maildir directory00:14
silentwhisperwhy is that?00:14
silentwhisperplease check it out00:16
EvilPhoenixsilentwhisper:  repeating / spamming wont get you an answer00:17
silentwhisperthat is my sample00:17
ScottKsilentwhisper: Please pastebin the output of postconf -n00:19
ScottKsilentwhisper: I think you need to read man 8 local (also at http://www.postfix.org/local.8.html)00:27
silentwhisperwhat is the purpose of mx record?00:32
skydromesilentwhisper, try #postfix00:33
silentwhisperthank you00:34
RoyKUbuntu surprises me a little - a 24 core box running with a load of 25 or so hardly uses time for sys01:31
RoyKall in all - works01:31
iswIs anyone familure with or have documentation on switching from DHCP to static IP address on ubuntu 10.04?01:46
qman__isw, man interfaces02:19
qman__I'm having trouble trying to upgrade one of my servers to lucid from hardy, it says "Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.'", but I can't figure out what packages are causing the problem. Here's the full logs from the failed upgrade: http://pastebin.com/unNUbvwh02:29
qman__I also noticed that early on it lists a whole bunch of old packages that aren't installed, and the log says "skipping"02:30
pmatulisqman__: bad problem for a friday night02:33
qman__yeah, it's not urgent, just had some time and decided to give it a go02:34
pmatulisqman__: was hardy all up to date before the upgrade?02:34
qman__double checked and even rebooted just before02:35
pmatulisqman__: are you holding/pinning any packages?02:35
qman__I didn't set any, where do I check to make sure?02:35
pmatulistry 'dpkg --get-selections | grep hold'02:35
qman__comes up empty02:36
pmatulisqman__: what about PPAs?  using any?02:37
qman__and I'm fairly sure I didn't compile anything from source, either02:38
pmatulisqman__: how did you perform the upgrade?02:38
qman__if I did, it would probably show up in those logs, right?02:38
qman__sudo do-release-upgrade -d02:39
qman__well, do-release-upgrade doesn't work yet02:39
qman__since 10.04.1 isn't out yet02:39
pmatulisi don't understand02:40
kklimondaqman__: may be a transitory problem with some kernel update in lucid02:40
qman__without the -d, I get no updates available02:40
pmatuliswhy do you need 10.04.1 to upgrade to 10.04?02:40
kklimondaqman__: linux-image-2.6.32-24-386 is still in lucid-proposed02:40
pmatulisoh, maybe you have -proposed enabled02:41
qman__I didn't check that the latest version existed for -38602:43
qman__just that there was a -386 in lucid02:43
qman__that could very well be the problem02:44
qman__I really ought to just scrap the thing and get something newer, but it just won't die02:45
qman__hard to argue with that02:45
qman__looks like it's also in updates02:47
qman__so I could probably upgrade from the alternate CD and then update02:47
A-KOI upgraded to Karmic from Jaunty and it seems that my apache ssl site broke--and I can't figure out why....I hadn't made any changes to the files, and I'm pretty sure I had the upgrade not make any changes to conf files......I've had a few things it spit out to me, like Can't find a certificate (even though it's there)...03:08
overriderUfw logs port scans and such to ufw.log, but they also appear in /var/log/messages. I cannot find syslog.conf, so what does Ubuntu use for logging and where can i control what gets logged to where?03:25
overriderOk its rsyslog now. jeez03:28
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ideamananyone around that can help me figure out how to get my first UEC running? .. i'm not having any luck after two days of trying05:38
ideamanmy availability scan continues to show 0000/0000 for all instance sizes05:38
ideamanI've tried a 2 physical machine setup, and now today tried a single machine setup (just for dev/testing)05:38
ideamani tried the eucalyptus channel, but it seems dead05:39
webPragmatistwhats the preferred mta for use with php / sendmail05:39
ideamansendmail is an mta...05:40
webPragmatistright… well05:40
webPragmatisti think i was using exim now05:41
ideamanexim or postfix are good05:41
ideamansendmail is more mta than most people need, and one of the harder ones to configure05:41
ideamani haven't setup a sendmail mta for years now.. mostly postfix myself05:42
webPragmatistdoes each mta implement the command sendmail though05:42
webPragmatistfor php to user?05:43
webPragmatisti don't really care which mta i use… sendmail looked complicated like you said and by default didn't seem to allow localhost sending through any domain05:44
ideamani'm fairly sure postfix will work fine with php05:45
ideamanlike 99%05:45
webPragmatistwell okay my next question05:48
webPragmatisti tried to purge sendmail … and it left a bunch of crap05:48
webPragmatisthow do i delete that crap05:48
ideamanpost #405:50
webPragmatistwhy doesn't purge sendmail remove the stupid dependencies05:50
ideamanare you using aptitude or apt-get?05:50
ideamanaptitude will generally offer to remove unrequired dependencies... apt-get you probably need to use apt-get autoremove, if it recognizes the un-needed packages05:52
webPragmatistbleh i got it05:53
webPragmatistideaman: okay so i'm going through this postfix installer… should i put the fqdn if it's just used as outgoing mail?05:54
ideamanmhm.. probably, since otherwise local mail probably won't be handled properly05:55
ideamanyou don't actually need to run an MTA on your server... you could follow what that other post said, and use the PHP Pear::Mail package and set it up to use SMTP instead05:58
ideamansetting up your own MTA may provide unwanted issues such as a) configuration is difficult if you don't setup MTA's on a regular basis b) your IP can be black-listed in SPAMCOP lists, etc05:59
ideamanc) security issues05:59
ideamanfor simplicity using a module that just supports SMTP, and using your ISP's MTA may be the best choice06:00
scarwhy when i run 'apt-get upgrade' is the linux kernel held back? how to install that update?06:25
ideamanapt-get dist-upgrade06:29
scarideaman, i see. thanks06:34
webPragmatistideaman: yea i prefer to run the mta06:42
webPragmatistmainly because our mail server is about as reliable as … eh something06:43
webPragmatistI swear I used exim before i think and got less flack … now i have messages stuck in the queue06:43
webPragmatistJul 24 00:40:37 new357715 postfix/smtp[1306]: connect to mydomain.mxlogic.net:25: Connection refused06:44
webPragmatistis it trying to send outgoing to an smtp? i'm confused06:44
ideamanyes, sounds like its trying to send an email (maybe a failed delivery notice?) to mydomain.mxlogic.net06:45
ideamanmhm, YOUR MTA is trying to contact the MTA on mydomain.mxlogic.net06:45
ideamanif mydomain.mxlogic.net is your server, or the fqdn you used in one of your config files, that could be your own machine its trying to contact06:46
ideamanwithout realizing its one in the same machine06:46
ideamananotherwords it doesn't think its local email06:46
ruben23hi guys i planned to setup a mail server- with 60 users, any server specs you can recommend for this..?07:26
Nafalloruben23: Pentium 75 or higher should be okay.08:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #609409 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE9-2ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60940908:31
silentwhisperany one here patient enough to guide me in setting up postfix08:34
silentwhisperim totally noob08:34
silentwhisperactually i already installed it08:35
silentwhisperneed help in troubleshooting08:35
SandGorgonanybody running hi guys.. what are some of the cheaper/free clickstream (user-path navigational analysis tools) that I can use with nginx ?08:44
SandGorgonsilentwhisper, just a suggestion if you are purely looking for a mail solution - check out Lamson mail server. Written in pure python08:45
silentwhisperno downtime? and easy to setup?08:51
overriderHow to get a list of services that startup during boot?09:36
SandGorgonsilentwhisper, any success with mail ?11:01
silentwhisperno not yet still reading manuals11:12
silentwhisperabout postfix11:12
foxinessis it possible that i find a store to sell servers with ready made ubuntu-server edition? "  i have checked hp dell ibm website and more "12:11
tarvidfoxiness, we build our own and could build what you need12:26
tarvidgeneric servers are easy to build, maybe all you need is support12:28
foxinesstarvid, now i'm in the dell website , i try to customize my server12:28
foxinesswith no OS installed " why on earth Dell do not write a line about ubuntu server! "12:29
tarvidI find it more cost-effective to simply buy the parts, assemble and load12:30
tarvidservers come in flavors depending on purpose but the general purpose is to shovel data from the hard disk to an Ethernet port12:31
tarvidin general, one is better off with two servers than one expensive server12:33
tarvidspeculating on the relationship between Dell and Ubuntu is not fruitful12:34
foxinesstarvid, I liked the idea " DIY " , will be a new experience for me12:41
tarvidhttp://www.ls.net/content/reference-windows-server-upgrade was for a Windows client12:45
tarvidSome prices are down, Windows Server is unnecessary, might be more useful to build 2 instead of the eSata backup12:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #609290 in apache2 (main) "Critical bug in memcpy-ssse3-rep.S" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60929013:53
VeeCounti've just installed Ubuntu Cloud Controller and there are some things that make me confused: dhcp and dns servers have been installed, but i have those on another server, will eucalyptus or something crash if i deinstall these services?14:37
VeeCountdo i have to make some special configuration of the existing dhcpd so the cloud could work properly?14:40
VeeCountagain, the apache server has been installed, can i use nginx instead for examle?14:41
VeeCountanyone alive here on saturday? =)14:41
VeeCountand netstat tells me that there are over 200 connections established like this tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED14:45
VeeCountlooks scary =)14:45
andyltmHow can I determine what is using all the memory on my ubuntu-server?15:28
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uvirtbotNew bug: #609543 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "Since Thursday's update, mysqld is not started on boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60954318:57
ruben23any application mail that is ready na dhandy to deploy.19:01
dominicdinadaneed a hand with samba all of a sudden after the update 2 days ago my samba server isnt working, a check of the results shows that now it is erroring on a few things such as the user/pass files etc...19:02
RoyKruben23: see the server guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html19:03
RoyKdominicdinada: pastebin your config and give detailed info about the environment, and perhaps someone can help ;)19:03
dominicdinadaRoyK: how about this i pastebin the errors... and tell you about how the update 2 days ago remapped the drives ???19:04
RoyKdominicdinada: sure, but we need details to help. something like 'can someone help me?' doesn't say much about the problems19:06
dominicdinadai do believe i detailed everything going on..... now to show u how strict my config is........19:07
RoyKdominicdinada: you haven's said what changes you have made, not said what sort of samba config you have, you have merely said it doesn't work...19:08
RoyKdominicdinada: for a start, pastebin smb.conf and tell us what you have changed, and perhaps, maybe, someone can help19:09
dominicdinadaRoyK: instead of wasting the time typing and telling me what i havent done ReRead that i wrote that when updated 2 days ago the update forced me to remapped the hard drives.... etc19:10
dominicdinadaand ill finish getting the config and log pastebinned19:10
dominicdinadaRoyK: http://pastebin.com/k2yKZgV319:12
RoyKthat's the shortest smb.conf I've ever seen :þ19:14
dominicdinadai said i wasnt posting the whole thing...19:14
RoyKwell, I have no idea. anyway, if showing your smb.conf file is a security threat, then something is terribly fucked up with your systems.19:15
RoyKso, you're on your own19:15
dominicdinadaRoyK: all the info u need has been given, Thanks for wasting my time. Ignored19:16
ruben23hi any directory service for ubuntu desktop like 100 units.20:26
ruben23where i can manage users login and pasword20:26
ruben23with domain20:26
ruben23RoyK: anyapplication that uses ldap..?20:58
webPragmatisthow can i find out what ip postfix is using to send outgoing mail21:00
MaletorI want to smash my volume group and all lvms in it. So I guess21:29
Maletor                 this means I have to boot from live usb and mount /dev/md1 ?21:29
Maletor                 Then chroot ? Then delete the lvm then the vg then remove from21:29
Maletor                 fstab? Only thing is I'm confused about the chroot...21:29
Maletor(without line breaks) I want to smash my volume group and all lvms in it. So I guess this means I have to boot from live usb and mount /dev/md1 ? Then chroot ? Then delete the lvm then the vg then remove from fstab? Only thing is I'm confused about the chroot...21:30
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RoyKwebPragmatist: postfix will, by default, try to use dns lookups to send mail to other places. if you need it to pass it through a relay host, configure a smart relay host23:33

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