lfaraonebtw, i wont be on lter02:21
kandarpkdfarning: hi04:17
kandarpkdfarning: good morning.13:12
dfarningkandarpk, good morning .... we lost you for a while:)13:12
kandarpkdfarning: fitness problem :(13:12
kandarpkdfarning: the latest tarball of s-speak-a isn't available at http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Speak/13:14
kandarpkany other place I can look for it ?13:14
dfarningkandarpk, I recommend that each documenter set up there own local jhbuild and builddoc set up.13:14
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, that is something which can yield long term benefits13:15
dfarningkandarpk, did you look on aslo for the development information? it might have a another page listed there.13:15
kandarpkdfarning: the model is very similar to git.debian.org13:15
kandarpkbernie: Hi :)13:16
kandarpkgood morning13:16
dfarningkandarpk, it take me about and hour to prepare a patch:(  But working with the developers here it takes them a couple seconds:)13:16
kandarpkdfarning: Great.13:17
dfarningkandarpk, yes the usage of git with the sugar packages is same as with git.debian.org.... That is why we spend all that time learning git.13:19
dfarningbernie, are you around?13:19
kandarpkdfarning: I meant the model we are thinking of, for documentation13:20
dfarningkandarpk, yes when creating the documentation you will be working with the core sure packages and adding docstrings to those packages.13:21
berniedfarning: yep13:26
kandarpkdfarning: do you have anything for me to work on ?13:51
dfarningkandarpk, sorry my computer stopped beeping at me:(14:00
dipankarhello dfarning , a very good morning14:00
dfarningdipankar, good morning.14:00
kandarpkdfarning: np.14:00
kandarpkdfarning: just that I am logged into windows now.14:02
dfarningkandarpk, I guess a high priority would be setting up your local document build system. And figure out how to modify the docstrings and create patches14:02
dfarningdipankar, good morning14:02
dipankardfarning, how are you?14:02
dipankarat Paraguay?14:03
kandarpkdfarning: when we push changes, only patches are submitted to git, isn't it ?14:03
dipankarkandarpk, hi14:04
dipankarkandarpk, I don't think so14:04
kandarpkdipankar: Ok.14:04
dipankarkandarpk, I think we need to submit the whole modified code too.14:04
kandarpkdipankar: by the way, how are you doing now ?14:05
dfarningkandarpk, yes.  technically a commit is just a diff(patch)14:06
dipankarkandarpk, I am doing good. ^^ Here's your answer14:06
dipankarI was wrong I guess :)14:06
dipankardfarning, but we upload all the files. oops, thats the mistake.14:06
dfarningdipankar, things are going well.14:07
dipankarohk, when we use git push, it sends only the changes up to the repo. That must be it then.14:07
berniedipankar, kandarpk: there's a pdf linked in that page. it's a very good reading about how git "thinks"14:07
kandarpkbernie: thanks14:08
kandarpkdfarning: users can clone the source, make changes and push it back.14:10
dipankarbernie, thanks a lot.14:10
dfarningkandarpk, Yes.14:10
berniedipankar: yup. push sends one or more commits (~= patches) to a remote repo... no merges are possible on the remote side, so the stuff you send needs to be based directly on top of what the remote end has.14:10
kandarpkdfarning: so they only require to know how to test patches they apply14:11
dipankarbernie, Thanks again. How are you doing btw? How's your project coming along?14:11
dfarningkandarpk, who are the they in you above sentance.14:12
kandarpkdfarning: the users who want to add patches14:13
berniedipankar: dfarning arrived here a few days ago... the uruguayans arrived a little earlier... we're all working together on completing Dextrose (which is the new name of F11-0.88)14:13
berniedipankar: well, admittedly, we've been a little unfocused lately... meeting new people, show them the deployment, discuss strategy... we need to do more technical work next week14:14
dipankarbernie, I didn't know you and dfarning are meeting :). I am sure you guys can come over these problems easily14:15
dfarningkandarpk, yes the developer needs to know how to clone a repo(code), modify the code, test the modification, and either push or make a patch.14:16
berniedipankar: we're nearing release, so only the hard problems are left :-)14:18
dipankarbernie, Best of luck with that :)14:19
dipankarkandarpk, I need your help with debian/rules file14:26
dipankarkandarpk, my log activity didn't work on 0.84 as you tested.14:26
dipankarso now I need to change the debian/rules accordingly. [http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002600.html]14:27
dipankarbut it seems the rules file was very different.14:27
dipankarjust a sec I will link the debian/rules14:28
dipankarkandarpk, here it is: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-log-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=ea5e9a66489c8ad5064a7de8fd6fb4fc1dcb6535;hb=HEAD14:31
dipankarkandarpk, except for line no. 5 there is nowhere else mentioned about DEB_SUGAR_BRANCHES in the file, pretty weird14:31
dipankarcould just help with that?14:32
dipankarI am stuck with this portion only14:32
kandarpkdipankar: trying to see if I can help14:34
dipankarkandarpk, thanks very much14:34
kandarpkdipankar: I think after restoring debian/rules to the original state, you need to rename the activity by adding -0.8614:42
kandarpkin rules and control.in14:42
kandarpkdipankar: that is sugar-log-activity-0.8614:43
dipankarkandarpk, but here it mentions something else I guess (I may be wrong though :))14:44
dipankarIf it works in 0.86 and above, for example, restore your debian/rules14:44
dipankarfile to it's original state. Change "DEB_PYTHON_SUGAR_PACKAGES" adding14:44
dipankar"-0.86" to the end. Change the binary package name in debian/control.in14:44
dipankaradding "-0.86" to the end.14:44
dipankarLuke has mentioned to add -0.86 in the DEB_PYTHON_SUGAR_PACKAGES14:45
kandarpk DEB_PYTHON_SUGAR_PACKAGES = sugar-log-activity14:45
dipankarohk :) got it14:45
kandarpkyour rules file says ^^14:45
dipankar*thats sickness has raptured my attention.14:45
dipankarsorry to trouble you kandarpk :(14:46
kandarpkdipankar: I often do that when asking for help.14:46
kandarpkdipankar: np14:46
* dipankar is taking a 5 min break.14:48
* dipankar is away: Be Right Back14:48
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.14:53
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hello sir14:53
manusheelkandarpk: How is Speak activity packaging coming along?14:55
kandarpkmanusheel: sir, its latest tarball isn't available.14:56
kandarpklatest version is 16 and tarball available has version 11 if I remember correctly14:57
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, that is unfortunate.14:57
kandarpkmanusheel: sir, I was waiting for Luke to know if we can generate the orig tarball ourself14:58
kandarpkmanusheel: but I don't think thats possible14:58
manusheelkandarpk: Let us send an update on not been able to package Speak activity, and possible suggestions on how we could expedite the generation of tarball.14:58
kandarpkelse he would have told before14:58
manusheelIf not by ourself, then by the Sugar activity team.14:59
* dipankar is back (gone 00:13:47)15:02
manusheelKandarpk: Did you look at the 4 steps suggested by David?15:03
kandarpkmanusheel sir: yes sir, we discussed about it a little while ago15:04
manusheelkandarpk: Can you try to do that process today?15:05
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I am not very clear with the scheme.15:06
manusheelkandarpk: What all things are we not clear with?15:06
manusheelLet us ask David about it.15:06
kandarpkmanusheel sir: can't we just clone jhbuild, make changes and push it back15:06
kandarpkdfarning: Around ?15:08
manusheelkandarpk: I am not sure we can do it like this.15:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: are some permissions required to push into git repo of jhbuild ?15:09
manusheelkandarpk: I suspect.15:10
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok, then we'll need to follow the steps suggested by David.15:11
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, we should follow the steps.15:12
manusheelLet us try and see if there are any errors.15:12
manusheelOr issues.15:12
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I don't have much knowledge of git-format-patch. Rest all is quite clear.15:14
manusheelkandarpk: I would like you to search and read on it. Let me send you the resource.15:15
* lfaraone waves.15:18
lfaraonekandarpk: well, you can do the same thing with speak as we did with other activities for which there are no upstream tarballs, use git snapshots.15:20
dipankarhey lfaraone good morning.15:20
lfaraoneand ask alsroot nicely to make tarballs. :)15:20
kandarpklfaraone: better late than never.15:21
dipankarlfaraone, I finally am through with the checking of log-activity. Its working for 0.86 and 0.88 only. here is the repo : http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-log-activity.git;a=summary15:22
lfaraonedipankar: cool.15:22
* alsroot can release Speak tarball, if there is such need15:23
manusheelalsroot: Please do so.15:23
kandarpkalsroot: Please release15:23
manusheelThank you.15:23
lfaraonealsroot: that'd be awesome, thanks.15:26
dipankarlfaraone, I would like you to review that : sugar-log-activity.15:27
lfaraonedipankar: okay, mark it in the wikipage.15:27
dipankarlfaraone, I think I have rectified all things.15:28
alsrootdone, http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/honey/Speak/Speak-16.tar.bz2, it has bundled "toolkit" dependency but better to leave it as-is, toolkit was rewritten in vala and will be accessible later as polyol15:28
manusheelkandarpk: Please have a look at http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-format-patch.html15:29
kandarpkalsroot: thatks a lot.15:29
manusheelkandarpk: Did you get a chance to look at git-format-patch?15:36
manusheelThe link that I had send.15:37
kandarpkmanusheel sir: sir, will do that in 5 min.15:37
manusheelkandarpk: Sure.15:40
dipankarlfaraone, done15:44
dipankarlfaraone, I have changed the wiki page: http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks15:45
kandarpkmanusheel: sir, I think I understand what needs to be done15:49
kandarpkregarding git format-patch15:50
kandarpk*switching to USR.15:51
lfaraonedipankar: in  log, you found that it didn't work in 0.84, right?15:57
lfaraonedipankar: if so, please talk to neeraj about renaming the actiivty to sugar-log-activity-0.86.15:57
dipankarlfaraone, actually I sent it over to Kandarp for checking.15:57
dipankarand he reported me that it is not working on 0.8415:58
dipankarlfaraone, did I do something wrong?15:58
dipankarI am not getting 'where' to rename activity?15:58
lfaraonedipankar: well, if an activity does not work in 0.84, the activity shoul d have -0.86 appended. If it didn't work in 0.86 or 0.84, it should have -0.88 appended to the name. for ex, see what neeraj did with write.15:58
* lfaraone is looking at etoys.16:01
kandarpklfaraone: git init isn't creating branch master16:10
lfaraonekandarpk: what do you mean? "git init" will initialize a git repository with a master branch.16:11
kandarpklfaraone: git branch gives nothing16:11
dipankarlfaraone, I think I have done that step in renaming the package in debian/rules16:11
kandarpklfaraone: some package missing ?16:11
lfaraonekandarpk: because you're on master by default.16:12
kandarpklfaraone: how do I list the branches ?16:12
dipankarlfaraone, here is the debian/rules. line no. 6 http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-log-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=5151f39fdd41e9f31d82a1c4dff01ec79a90bb21;hb=89893508c370cf5c27a6eb69fecf4bd72920f3e316:13
kandarpkbernie: around ?16:14
lfaraonekandarpk: "git branch", but you won't see anything until you commit.16:14
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.16:14
berniekandarpk: yup?16:23
berniekandarpk: what lfaraone said16:23
berniekandarpk: "git branch -a" to see also the remote ones16:23
kandarpkbernie: thanks16:23
berniekandarpk: normally, when you clone a remote repo called foo, you get many branches foo/bar, foo/baz...16:24
berniekandarpk: that's the meaning of "origin/master". it's the "master" branch on the "origin" remote repo.16:24
kandarpkbernie: can we straightaway push changes to git repo of sugar-jhbuild ?16:27
berniekandarpk: you first need to replace the remote url in .git/config16:28
berniekandarpk: there's a command-line tool "git remote" to edit remotes, but I find it easier to directly edit the config file.16:28
berniekandarpk: the remote url you'll find is of rhe git://... kind16:29
berniekandarpk: that's the read-only git protocol which can't be used for pushing16:29
berniekandarpk: if you go to the repository page on git.sugarlabs.org, you'll find what the correct push url is supposed to be16:29
berniekandarpk: you'll see the push url *only* if you are logged in and you happen to be one of the authorized committers.16:30
berniekandarpk: what repo is this?16:30
kandarpkbernie: Ok.16:30
kandarpkbernie: git://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar-jhbuild/mainline.git16:30
kandarpkbernie: it contains the source codes for various sugar modules16:30
kandarpkand more16:31
berniekandarpk: then you could ask silbe for access... but normally one does not directly commit to a repository until he/she becomes a maintainer of the project.16:31
berniekandarpk: that's a different mindset from cvs and svn...16:31
kandarpkbernie: I only wanted to confirm this16:31
kandarpkbernie: that ordinary users don't push their changes16:31
kandarpkbernie: thanks16:32
berniekandarpk: yep16:35
berniekandarpk: there's a BUT though...16:35
kandarpkbernie: ?16:39
* dipankar says good bye to all.16:39
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, great.16:49
manusheelWhat needs to be done?16:49
manusheelCan you share your approach?16:49
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Sir, creating patches is quite easy16:52
kandarpkmanusheel sir; 1) clone the repo16:52
manusheelkandarpk: Ok. Did you read about git-format-patch, the link that I had send?16:53
kandarpk2) copy master into some new branch16:53
berniekandarpk: back16:53
kandarpk3) make changes in new branch16:53
kandarpk4) git format-patch master16:53
manusheelkandarpk: Neat.16:54
kandarpkmanusheel sir: it will create a patch of changes b/t master and new16:54
kandarpkmanusheel sir: http://paste.ubuntu.com/468492/16:54
kandarpkchanges in activityservice.py and activity.py16:55
manusheelYes, I saw that.16:55
berniekandarpk: that's a good workflow16:56
manusheelkandarpk: So, have we submitted the patch?16:56
kandarpkbernie: thanks16:56
berniekandarpk: you can also _not_ do a separate branch until you find out you need it16:57
kandarpkmanusheel sir: No.16:57
kandarpkbernie: we need other users to submit changes16:57
berniekandarpk: you get a local branch for free when you clone. "origin/master" gets implicitly branched into the local "master" branch16:57
kandarpkbernie: Ok.16:58
berniekandarpk: btw, I mentioned an alternative to push earlier...16:58
berniekandarpk: here it is:16:58
berniekandarpk: gitorious lets *any* logged in user create clones of any repository16:58
kandarpkbernie: yes.16:59
berniekandarpk: once you've created your own clone (jhbuild-kandarkpk, jhbuild-seeta or jhbuild-ubuntu), you can push to it16:59
berniekandarpk: then, you can request merge with mainline (or any other clone)16:59
berniekandarpk: that's an interesting workflow promoted by these new distributed forges such as gitorious and github.16:59
berniekandarpk: I like more the workflow of sending patches with git-format-patch + git-send-email and get them reviewed on the mailing lists.17:00
berniekandarpk: because all these inter-branch merges are likely to go unnoticed by the majority of the community17:00
berniekandarpk: and one important factor in open source development is to make everyone aware of what the others are doing so they can learn from each other.17:01
kandarpkbernie: Nice.17:01
berniekandarpk: for the same reason, reviews done in bug trackers are anti-community.17:01
kandarpkbernie: Ok. Great.17:01
* bernie gets into the shower17:02
kandarpkbernie: thanks a lot.17:02
kandarpkbernie: still there ?17:02
kandarpkmanusheel sir: the patch doesn't have anything substantial in it.17:05
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.17:08
manusheelkanarpk: Can you document this workflow with a sample example?17:08
manusheelkandarpk: It is important for us to recognize that this workflow works.17:09
kandarpkmanusheel sir: sure.17:11
manusheelkandarpk: Great. Please share the expected output at every step.17:11
manusheelkandarpk: Again, prepare the steps, expected output and commands from a perspective of encouraging patch submissions from the community.17:12
manusheelTry to make it for a user with a basic familiarity with Linux. This strategy will be helpful for us towards getting maximum patch submissions committed.17:13
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok.17:15
manusheelkandarpk: Thanks Kandarp.17:16
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I'll need to include steps for working on sphinx as well ?17:16
kandarpkthat will be required for testing changes locally17:17
manusheelkandarpk: Yes. Please do. You can take references from the document prepared earlier.17:17
manusheelThat would expedite process.17:17
kandarpkmanusheel sir: One problem.17:17
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, please go ahead.17:17
kandarpkmanusheel sir: how will users be able to get the rst files prepared by us.17:18
kandarpkfor testing locally they'll need that to create something similar to nline version17:18
kandarpkbut there is an online resource available to see how the docstring will look in HTML format after conversion.17:20
kandarpkmanusheel sir: ^^17:20
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, interesting question.17:20
kandarpkmanusheel sir: http://www.tele3.cz/jbar/rest/rest.html17:21
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I think the user here would only like to see if his docstring will be correctly converted into HTML or not17:22
kandarpkcreating a complete website look-alike wont be required17:22
manusheelkandarpk: I don't think users will be able to get the rst files prepared by us. Yes, they'll need to use this tool to preview the correct conversion of their docstrings to HTML.17:22
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, that is more than good for them and us.17:23
manusheelThey should be able to see their docstrings getting converted to HTML.17:23
manusheelkandarpk: I think it should be easy for us to see their submissions, and revisions, wherever possible.17:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok.17:32
kandarpkmanusheel sir: so, we should isolate the user from the process of using sphinx ?17:32
=== neeraj is now known as neeraj_afk
kandarpklfaraone: for how long will you be around ?17:53
lfaraonekandarpk: about 5 minutes.17:53
kandarpklfaraone: Oh, not much time left then.17:54
lfaraonekandarpk: what can I do for you?17:54
kandarpklfaraone: Jonas wanted one of us to add README.source to sugar wiki17:55
kandarpklfaraone: so I thought if I could send it to you first for review17:55
lfaraonekandarpk: right, I can do that, since it'll be hard to track down the right version.17:55
lfaraonekandarpk: sure. I'll reply to you by monday on tha.17:55
kandarpklfaraone: do I need to reply on the mailing list ?17:57
lfaraonekandarpk: well, you might as well post it to the wiki, we can always edit it later.17:57
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.17:58
kandarpk*will be back in 2min.17:59
kandarpklfaraone: sugar-emulator is crashing on my system as well18:02
kandarpkon installing python-gi18:02
lfaraonekandarpk: cool, thanks.18:02
kandarpklfaraone: I am using README.source from core sugar18:04
lfaraonekandarpk: sure.18:04
lfaraonekandarpk: by the way, when you finish working on a bug and uplaod a new patch  (like in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-connect-activity/+bug/609249) you should set it back to "confirmed" or "new" from "incomplete" and unassign yourself.18:10
kandarpklfaraone: Ok.18:11
kandarpklfaraone: reset-upstream-to-v8718:14
kandarpkwhat should I replace v87 with something general ?18:14
lfaraonekandarpk: not sure what you mean, but I have to go.18:16
lfaraoneit's j ust a branch name, so it doesn't matter what you call  it.18:16
kandarpklfaraone: I mean, writing something like v.VERSION_NUMBER18:17
kandarpklfaraone: thanks.18:18
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, the user might not be interested in Sphinx like us.18:19
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok.18:19
manusheelkandarpk: However, we should keep in mind that we should have an option for that too.18:19
manusheelNever know, who want to indulge in that :-)18:19
kandarpkmanusheel sir: for that all our files should be accessible online.18:20
manusheelkandarpk; Ok, then let us take that part later.18:27
manusheelFirst, let us concentrate on the workflow, where they are not online.18:27
manusheelHowever, please add a small section on this part too.18:27
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Fine.18:28
manusheelkandarpk: Great.18:31
=== neeraj_afk is now known as neeraj
manusheelSo, let us try to generate a sample implementation using the 4 steps.18:32
manusheelHope it works out well.18:32
manusheelkandarpk: Please take screenshots, and copy paste outputs wherever possible.18:54
manusheelWe'll put it at the wiki.18:54
kandarpkmanusheel sir: of the HTML pages ?18:54
manusheelkandarpk: Output per step.19:00
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok.19:00
manusheelThat is we write a command at the terminal, and we get this "...." as the output.19:01
manusheelkandarpk: Great work.19:01
kandarpkmanusheel sir: as suggested by Jonas, I've added README.sources at :19:01
manusheelkandarpk: Neat.19:02
manusheelYes, can you send an update e-mail to the team about this.19:03
manusheelThat should be very helpful.19:03
manusheelWe should also reply on Debian olpc mailing list about it.19:03
manusheelkandarp, this is very neat.19:06
manusheelDo send an e-mail on olpc debian mailing list.19:07
manusheelkandarpk, neeraj: Did you get a chance to review jigsawpuzzle?19:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: no sir. Shall I review it now ?19:09
neeraj*seeing it now19:10
manusheelkandarpk: after, we complete the sample implementation.19:11
manusheelneeraj: you can review it now.19:11
neerajmanusheel sir, doing that19:11
neerajmanusheel sir, acco to lfaraone review on tasks http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002682.html, Ankur has made the changes..19:15
neerajmanusheel sir, As far as I can see he has made changes correctly. There might be just one redundant line in the last of debian/copyright, o/w all changes seems to be fine..19:16
manusheelneeraj: ok, great.19:17
neerajkandarpk sir, please confirm > acco to luke review on tasks http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002682.html, Ankur has made the changes..19:18
kandarpkneeraj: just 5 min.19:19
neerajkandarpk: np.. take ur time19:20
kandarpkmanusheel sir: git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar-jhbuild/mainline.git19:39
kandarpkisn't getting the source19:39
manusheelkandarpk: Interesting.19:40
manusheelWhat is the error?19:40
kandarpkmanusheel sir: some folders are missing19:41
kandarpkmanusheel sir: till now, I was working on the sugar-jhbuild folder I had used to install sugar19:42
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.19:43
manusheelCan you copy paste the logs?19:43
manusheelkandarpk: We should touch base with alsroot and bernie about it.19:43
kandarpkmanusheel sir:19:44
kandarpkconfigdebiansbuildbot  scrils19:44
kandarpkconfigdebiansbuildbot  scripts  sjhbuild  sugar-jhbuild  sugar.jhbuildrc19:44
kandarpkpts  sjhbuild  sugar-jhbuild  sugar.jhbuildrc19:44
* alsroot is not using jhbuild, so can't help with it19:44
kandarpkconfig, debian,sbuildbot,  scripts,  sjhbuild,  sugar-jhbuild,  sugar.jhbuildrc.19:45
kandarpkthis is what I got on cloning19:45
kandarpkmanusheel sir: contents of jhbuild-folder I already had19:47
kandarpkconfig,debian,install,  jhbuild,  sbuildbot,  scripts,  sjhbuild,source,sugar-jhbuild,  sugar.jhbuildrc.19:47
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.19:48
manusheelalsroot: Thank you for letting us know.19:49
manusheelAppreciate it.19:49
manusheelkandarpk: I see.19:50
manusheelLot of folders are missing.19:50
* alsroot uses gentoo instead of jhbuild :)19:50
kandarpkmanusheel sir: the size has reduced from 426 MB to 2MB19:50
manusheelalsroot: Ok :-) Whom can we touch base on jhbuild.19:51
manusheelkandarpk: That is a massive decrease.19:51
alsrootmanusheel: silbe on #sugar is a jhbuild maint, but looks like he is offline these days19:52
manusheelalsroot: Kandarp does not get all the folders on cloning jhbuild from the mainline git. It seems some issues. Ok, will touch base with  Sascha Silbe. Thank you for the pointer.19:53
manusheelkandarpk: Let us write an e-mail to Sascha and Bernie on this issue.19:54
manusheelThey should be able to help here.19:54
manusheelkandarpk; In the meantime, let us focus on 2 MB clone.19:54
manusheelMove with the next steps to see the things in action.19:54
kandarpkmanusheel sir: the source is missing19:56
manusheelkandarpk; Ok.19:57
manusheelWe cannot proceed ahead then.19:57
kandarpkmanusheel sir: there isn't much to do19:57
manusheelkandarpk: Let us see if Bernie is around, and can help us on this.19:58
manusheelbernie: Hi Bernie. Around?19:58
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I've run the other step on the jhbuild folder I already had19:58
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, how did it come along?19:59
kandarpkmanusheel sir: sir, the patch file I generated was using the steps we had discussed20:00
manusheelkandarpk: Great. That is neat.20:03
manusheelkandarpk: Can we complete the next 2 steps using that patch?20:03
manusheelkandarpk: Wish to see the missing gaps in the 4 steps.20:04
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I didn't get what steps are missing ?20:05
kandarpkmanusheel sir: we only need to submit the patch, isn't it ?20:05
manusheelkandarpk: We are also the reviewers of the patch, and see their conversion to HTML.20:08
manusheelI.e. docstrings to HTML.20:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: we'll need to generate HTML using patch file ?20:11
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I'll leave now.20:19
manusheelkandarpk: Sure.20:20
manusheelPlease take rest.20:20
manusheelWe have a meeting tomorrow.20:20
kandarpkmanusheel sir, neeraj : good night20:20
manusheelkandarpk: Please send an e-mail To Bernie.20:20
manusheelAnd Sascha.20:20
manusheel"Sascha Silbe" <sascha-ml-ui-sugar-devel@silbe.org>,20:21
kandarpkmanusheel: Ok.20:21
neerajkandarpk sir, good night20:21
manusheelkandarpk: I'll send you his sugarlabs id.20:21
manusheelSascha Silbe <silbe@sugarlabs.org>20:22
manusheelkandarpk: This is the e-mail id for sugarlabs.20:22
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok.20:23
manusheelkandarpk: Great. Please send them an e-mail on jhbuild issue.20:25
manusheelkandarpk: Good night.20:25
kandarpkmanusheel sir: good nihgt sir20:25
manusheelkandarpk: See you tomorrow.20:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: :)20:26
Ian_DaniherWhat part of the ubuntu-sugar-remix package from the PPA requires compiz?21:07
lfaraoneIan_Daniher: I'm not sure. Why do you think it does?22:05
Ian_Daniherlfaraone: because I installed USR from the PPA on an ubuntu-netbook-remix install and it pulled compiz as a depend.23:26
lfaraoneokay, no idea.23:27

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