* Takyoji wonders how many are alive at the moment00:21
kermit6 billion00:22
kermitoh wow, 6,857,600,000, thats more than i thoguht.00:23
kermitand it looks like most of them are in india or china http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bc/Population_density.png00:24
Takyojiotherwise I might not be around for the IRC meeting that I arranged. :P00:27
kermitjust say everyone's nick00:29
TakyojiAnyway, as I was going to say in the meeting was:00:35
Takyojias of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/MeetingAgenda00:35
TakyojiI feel like changing around the structure of the website; perhaps with more fitting of a design (perhaps with some relativity to the current Ubuntu theming), and perhaps restructuring of it as well. Also would really love to do something in recognition of Software Freedom Day. And as of restructuring, I'd still want to try and include the "contribution commitment" idea soon.00:38
* tonyyarusso is here - hopefully my parents won't decide to have dinner at 700:38
Takyojiand anyone's free to start the meeting while I'm gone. :P00:38
TakyojiGoing to the Rice County Fair with my sister00:38
* Takyoji disappears00:38
tonyyarussoYou're such a bum Takyoji00:38
tonyyarussogeez :P00:38
tonyyarussoUpdated theme:  http://sd.ubuntu-us.org/00:39
tonyyarussoI'm not really sold on it yet.00:39
tonyyarussonerd fun:  http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4138/4820647230_faba1c9f3b_o.jpg00:49
* tonyyarusso is setting the table...this doesn't bode well00:55
sparklehistoryHow do your parents feel about laptops at the table?00:55
* tonyyarusso back01:32
tonyyarussoSo there are what, three of us here?  :(01:32
_diabloi'm here sorta01:35
tonyyarussohttp://pastebin.com/iXAX2Ncc <--  Call it like this:  ./weather.py "Minnesota" "Lincoln" "Undivided"04:31
rlaagerRelated to weather, a colleague of mine implemented this, which summarizes the weather as one or two Unicode characters: http://weather.mar.cx/04:37
tonyyarussolol, nice04:39
tonyyarussodoes he share the code?04:40
rlaagertonyyarusso: I don't know. I'll ask.04:42
rlaagertonyyarusso: As far as implementation, it just wraps wunderground.com04:43
rlaagertonyyarusso: http://weather.mar.cx/weather.mar.cx.tar.gz06:29
TakyojiI have moments when there's so much harddisk activity, that the system hangs. And when I analyze the running processes, nothing's using up processing cycles much at all.08:51
kermitTakyoji: using the disk doesnt use much CPU08:52
kermitTakyoji: look for processes in uninterruptable sleep08:52
TakyojiLike, just to freaking open the File menu in Nautilus one time took like 1-2 seconds with a lot of harddrive activity to do just that, when there was no activity before or prior08:52
kermiti bet you're running firefox08:53
TakyojiNow I'm running Firefox, all other times I've been using Chrome08:53
kermiti had problems like that stop after i stopped using firefox08:53
kermitfirefox was calling fsync constantly08:53
TakyojiActive processes I had running were: Chrome, XChat, and Flash within Chrome08:55
TakyojiI have a feeling it could be Flash08:56
Takyojilike with temporarily storing video in /tmp or similar08:56
Takyojiand not having really acknowledgement with the way that EXT4 works08:56
kermiti've seen flash in firefox occationally grow to some huge memory footprint quickly08:57
TakyojiThing is, I never had high memory nor SWAP usage either08:58
TakyojiBy the way, as I said, I've always been using Chrome and it's also happened to me while I had Chrome active without having Firefox or similar active at all. :P08:59
kermityes, as you said09:00
Takyojiotherwise as I was going to say, I notice that in the system monitor applet that I have on my gnome-panel on the top, that during those moments of poor performance, there's a little CPU usage, and then there's all "IOWait" for the rest of the graph09:00
Takyojias per processor use09:00
kermitthat happens to me if i run tcpdump with -As 009:03
Takyojiand it's the only outstanding value I can find when my system is lagging horribly09:04
kermittry ps ax|grep \ D09:04
kermitwhen it's doing that09:04
TakyojiNo exclusive CPU usage, minimal SWAP use, RAM usually under 50%, etc. Just IOWait and excessive harddrive head movement.09:05
TakyojiI'll see if I can hopefully cause the issue on queue or similar09:06
Takyojiotherwise what's the significance of the command?09:09
Takyojian escaped space and a D?09:10
Takyojiahh, I see now09:11
TakyojiAs for this system (laptop); I have: 1.7GHz single-core x86 processor, 512MB RAM, 100GB 4200RPM harddrive09:28
TakyojiMy desktop doesn't have the slowdown issues at all09:29
kermitit could have to do with 'laptop mode' which tries to batch up disk writes in large blocks to allow the drive to spin down longer09:29
kermiti dont know if thats on by default or some setting.. i dont think i use it on mine09:29
TakyojiThis system is always on charger electricity.09:32
TakyojiThe battery can only last a few minutes of idling09:32
* Takyoji disappears for the night10:00

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