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DarkNemesisAlmost half the people who play computers games in Britain are women, but they often prefer a different type of game http://bit.ly/aRmd3C09:33
elkyIs this the one that puts the women in their 40s?09:36
AlanBellelky: can you see the video?09:37
elkyI'm arguing with flash at the moment it seems09:37
elkyor whatever codec it is09:37
AlanBellprobably with BBC geocoding too09:37
elkyi just have a black square09:38
DarkNemesiselky, i dunno... i'm a woman/lass/girl/etc in her 20's09:38
AlanBellhmm, it should say "go away you foreiger" or words to that effect I think09:38
AlanBellanyhow it is showing a car racing game with a 14 year old lad playing it09:39
AlanBelland saying his mum plays MahJong09:39
AlanBelland saying facebook games like farmeville are for women09:39
elkyDarkNemesis, so am I, but i recall seeing some research a few months back about women in their 40s being the leading game playing demographic09:39
elkyAlanBell, ok, so it probably is riffing off the same research I'm thinking about09:40
DarkNemesiselky, ahh ok, well first game i played was green bottles on the bbc micro09:40
AlanBellelky: could be. It is basically pointing out that the non-action games industry is pretty big and targeted at women09:41
elkyAlanBell, it's around the right timeframe for mainstream media.09:42
AlanBellsome joyful advertiser pointing out all the crap they can sell to women when they are in a "receptive state of mind"09:43
elkyBut yeah, it's interesting how the topic of a game changes who plays it. When it's not about the topics of games that do antisocial things, people who don't like antisocial things play the games. Funny that.09:43
AlanBellthe advertiser was a woman btw09:43
elkyAs compared to the amount of product placement guys get (which is probably more) I'd say she was asked a leading question to get that comment.09:44
elkyThis is probably not -project discussion though, so lets stop clogging up the logs.09:45
loverkissAnd why do nobody not write ?20:39
pleia2loverkiss: this is the project channel for Ubuntu Women, apparently no one has anything to say about work they're doing on the project right now :)20:41
loverkisspleia2 , ;-P20:45
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