Sarvattdarn, that guy that uploaded ppa-purge to universe versioned it goofy and it wont get upgraded03:00
Sarvattoh you silly launchpad.. Rejected:03:19
Sarvattmesa_7.9.0+git20100723.80b331c7-0ubuntu0sarvatt.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 7.9.0+git20100723.80b331c7-0ubuntu0sarvatt <= 7.9.0+git20100723.2299ff4c-0ubuntu0sarvatt03:19
hyperairSarvatt: with 723, compiz doesn't even start.07:11
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Sarvatthyperair: 0724 uploaded with a ton of glx fixes14:58
BlackZSarvatt: I proposed the branch, did you see? 15:01
hyperairSarvatt: okay, i'll give that a go15:02
Sarvattyeah, only reason I haven't merged it yet is i'm not sure about the changelog, any reason you dropped all the versions and redid it as 0+bzr46 so it wont upgrade?15:03
Sarvattsorry i haven't replied yet, I just woke up15:03
BlackZSarvatt: 0 because your currently version is 0.2.6; bzr46 is the bzr branch I worked on for do the ubuntu package; and 1 are my changes 15:07
BlackZSarvatt: BTW yeah, I told you I proposed the branch in pm (11:43 am about) 15:16
BlackZ(local time where I live) 15:18
Sarvattapproved it, not sure if i need to merge it manually also or if it automatically merges eventually though. would you mind bumping the version to 0.2.7+bzrwhatever whenever its uploaded again so people with it currently installed get updated?15:34
Sarvattor even 1+bzr or something15:35
Sarvattah it says what i need to do now15:36
BlackZSarvatt: I could yes, but your currently version is 0.2.7 so you should give it a version number like 1.0.0 15:36
Sarvattrepository upgrade so i can actually merge it is taking forever15:43
BlackZSarvatt: as I told you, I put 0 becuase your currently version is 0.2.6; why do you think it will not get updated?15:46
Sarvattbecause 0+bzr46 < 0.2.6?15:46
BlackZSarvatt: right, but if there will be a new release it will get updated (and I did my changes to the ubuntu package with a final .1) 15:47
Sarvattthanks for doing that BlackZ 15:54
Sarvattkees: achievements are the best idea EVER!16:01
Sarvattespecially achievements for using annoying features people complain about like the button order changes so they actually give them a shot :)16:04
hyperairSarvatt: 0724 has the same issues 0722 had.21:37
Sarvatthyperair: yeah i noticed :(21:44
Sarvattcant boot with compiz enabled21:44
Sarvattwell gotta switch to a vt and switch to metacity21:44
Sarvattdid 0723 work for you too or was I just crazy?21:46
keesSarvatt: \m/21:46
hyperairSarvatt: with 0723 compiz just refused to start.21:46
hyperairsudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*7.9.0+git20100721.ec0e7b16-0ubuntu0sarvatt~lucid*21:46
hyperairSarvatt: ^^21:46
hyperairthat's what i did anyway =p21:47
Sarvattany idea which 0722 was busted? do you have both?21:50
Sarvattlibgl1-mesa-glx_7.9.0+git20100722.c686ee0f-0ubuntu0sarvatt_i386.deb libgl1-mesa-glx_7.9.0+git20100722.ca3238f3-0ubuntu0sarvatt_i386.deb21:50
hyperairno, i think i only had one.21:51
hyperairyeah, only one.21:51
Sarvattboth are busted21:52
Sarvattgonna say something in #dri-devel21:56
Sarvattincase someone responds when i'm not around and you want to try it :)21:57
hyperairi think i'll wait for your packages. mesa takes forever to compile21:57
Sarvatthyperair: found it - https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2922522:35
ubot4Freedesktop bug 29225 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "[bisected] compiz could not be enabled on gnome desktop" [Major,New]22:35

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