rootkidand how using gcc00:00
visuospatialJordan_U: winXP boots up perfectly. you're a wizard!00:00
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:00
visuospatialJordan_U: thanks a ton.00:00
Jordan_Uvisuospatial: You're welcome.00:00
bastid_raZorJordan_U: you're a grub fixing wizard.00:00
ngirard_Hi all. Can I try maverick-desktop-amd64.iso alpha 2 using VirtualBox ?00:00
Jordan_Uvisuospatial: You're Ubuntu drive is using GPT just so you know for future reference.00:00
Jordan_Ubastid_raZor: No, I'm a terrible cook.00:01
dodimardumb question as it may, but need a good advice. got a quad core system with 4gb of RAM.. shoud I install ubuntu 10.04 (desktop) 64bit or 32 bit.. this computer is my work PC and I use it for work.00:02
sindegraJordan_U: Actually, could I somehow use the intel driver for tty?00:02
maleldraconisJordan_U: you said something to me before about using the USB drivers in Grub2 to boot from an external disk drive.  Could you expand on that, please?00:02
Jordan_Usindegra: The intel driver is used for ttys by default. That's why I was wondering why you were messing around with VESA.00:02
rootkidpls tell me how Y open a file file.c00:03
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sindegraJordan_U: Ahh, I mean what you see. I was messing around with vesa because I was trying to get the links2 browser to display images without X.00:03
BidaBoyhi all00:03
BidaBoyi have a problem in bt00:03
sindegraJordan_U: but now I am wondering if I can use intel to accomplish that.00:04
tucemiuxanyone knows how I can browse file system hierarchy like windows explorer style???  Basically, on the left pane to traverse through the directory hierarchy and on the right pane the actual files stored on the directory I choose on the left pane will show up on the right pane00:04
BidaBoycan some won help me00:04
tucemiux!ask | BidaBoy00:04
ubottuBidaBoy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:04
sindegraJordan_U: correction: now I wonder00:04
Moggai'm just getting into lvm... what filesystem type should i choose when formatting an lvm if my environment is linux/mac? mkfs.ext4 /dev/fileserver/volume ?00:04
cablophow do i hate grub200:05
BidaBoyi have changed the partition size where installed bt in xp00:05
cablophow can i make grub2 to ignore a system?00:05
BidaBoynow i cant boot up00:05
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ilovefairuztucemiux: click on header, select "tree"00:05
cablopi don want or need it to be listed in the menu, never, no way to have it on the list00:05
tucemiuxilovefairuz, on nautilus?00:05
cablopany suggestion00:06
ilovefairuztucemiux: yes00:06
Jordan_Ucablop: set GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in /etc/default/grub and move any entries for Other OSs you want to keep to /etc/grub.d/40_custom00:06
cablopthanks Jordan_U00:06
bilelcow boy00:06
BidaBoycan any won help00:06
Jordan_Ucablop: You're welcome.00:06
tucemiuxilovefairuz, i can click on "File", "Edit", "View", "Go", "Bookmarks" and "Help"00:07
psycho_oreos!offtopic| BidaBoy00:07
ubottuBidaBoy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:07
FloodBot2bilel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:07
ilovefairuztucemiux: view > check "Side Pane" if not checked, then on left pane header, select "tree"00:07
ilovefairuzhas a down arrow00:07
maleldraconiscan you guys see my text?00:07
zxscould someone lend a hand in getting 3 monitors setup on 10.04 - ati 4xxx x2 cards00:08
maleldraconisthanks, having connection problems with the chat prog00:08
maleldraconistrying to figure out how to boot from an external drive when the bios won't power on the drive before the OS loads00:09
tucemiuxilovefairuz, i see...  how do you call that left pane??  Is it possible to have more than one "left pane"??00:10
barfsterIs it possible to add support for ext4 in Ubuntu 6.06?00:10
BidaBoyi installed 3 os windows xp, ubuntu and windows 7, i changed my partition size of ubuntu sub windows xp, now when i boot ubuntu, i cant start xserver, can any one help00:10
stukadhow to change the default 125hz on a usb mouse to 500hz in ubuntu 10.4? (MX518)00:10
ilovefairuztucemiux: don't think so00:10
tucemiux6.06? LoL00:10
Jordan_Ubarfster: Why?00:11
tucemiuxilovefairuz, thanks a lot!  That's exactly what I was looking for, im going to have to use this nautilus thing more and more, do you have any other tip or trick up your sleeve you think i should know about nautilus?00:11
barfsterI just put a disk in a server, and it’s formatted with ext400:11
Jordan_Ubarfster: Why is your server still running 6.06?00:11
ilovefairuztucemiux: you're welcome00:11
barfsterBecause I am lazy and have not upgraded in a while?00:12
barfsterAnd because the scripts running there works...00:12
corpseI just installed a radeon 4350 GPU in a HTPC runing xbmc. When i try to play a video file I just get random flashes of color. I know the vidoes work and i should have the proper codecs becuase i had a differnt card in before that worked fine00:12
barfsterHow can I upgrade?00:12
BidaBoycan any one help00:13
maleldraconissorry for being insistent, but I really need help figuring out how to boot from an external drive when it's not powering up before the OS loads00:13
maleldraconisany ideas?00:13
hebz0rlhi there is have a creative xfi xtreme music http://tinyurl.com/yds9udz and i have lucid lynx the problem is i can hear sounds but the microphone isnt working (its just playing what im hearing) what can i do i tried the drivers from creative but i just get and error00:13
macomaleldraconis: not possible00:14
Saturn2888I can't get my system to boot. I get a blinking cursor and I can type, but it doesn't boot. I loaded Hardy's kernel and it gave me  initramfs but my keyboard isn't working now so I can't type.00:14
macomaleldraconis: if the drive is built such that it absolutely wont power on until the OS talks to it (not just when the computer powers on), theres nothing we can do about it00:14
hebz0rlthe error is http://pastebin.com/davBhALQ00:14
maleldraconisany other ideas on how to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS without a usb stick or cd drive? I have an ASUS EEEPC netbook00:14
Jordan_U!install | maleldraconis00:15
ubottumaleldraconis: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:15
macomaleldraconis: put the hard drive in another computer, install using that one, then put the hard drive back?00:15
macomaleldraconis: and why cant you use a usb thumb drive?00:15
maleldraconisMaco: it's a netbook, so I can't remove the hard drive.  and it's not reading from USB sticks before OS boot either...00:16
maleldraconisthis bios is a pain00:16
corpsemaleldraconis: look up info on doing a network install00:16
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  youve got the ISO?00:17
Jordan_Umaleldraconis: I've never heard of a netbook that can't boot from USB, are you sure you setup the flash drive properly?00:17
macomaleldraconis: netbooks mean you cant remove the hard drive?00:17
macomaleldraconis: that one's news to me. also, plenty of eeepc users have installed ubuntu, so im sure the bios is capable of speaking to thumb drives00:17
maleldraconiswell, it's not working with the thumb drive I have00:17
maleldraconisyou see why I'm frustrated with this process00:18
Jordan_Umaleldraconis: Does that thumb drive work with another computer?00:18
wiesshundmaleldraconis, do you have the ISO image of the live CD?00:18
uzu-cati have ubuntu installed and i need to install windows00:18
maleldraconisyes, I have the ISO00:18
uzu-cathow can i do it?00:18
Jordan_Uuzu-cat: Boot the windows install CD and install windows. For help installing windows join ##windows.00:18
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  you could boot the iso in windows using qemu, or you could use the WUBI installer00:18
maleldraconisJordan_U: not for booting00:18
uzu-cati'm telling this 'cause i know that when you install windows it uses to delete the linux launcher00:18
macomaleldraconis: how did you put it on the thumb drive? did you just copy the iso there or did you use unetbootin?00:19
macouzu-cat: install with the windows cd, then use the ubuntu cd to reinstall grub00:19
Jordan_Umaleldraconis: Then why did you expect it to boot your netbook?00:19
wiesshunduzu-cat,  install windows on its own partition, then if need be use the linux live CD to reinstall grub, though i didnt need to00:19
bastid_raZormaleldraconis: the last link the bot provided describes how to install via the ISO on the harddrive.00:19
Saturn2888What are the default directories in /dev when it's not mounted?00:19
maleldraconisI used the windows installer from the website and it only installed on the free space I had, it didn't format the whole drive like I want it to00:19
BidaBoy2hey i changed out my ubuntu partition size and now i cant start xserver, can any one help pls00:20
maleldraconisJordan: I didn't know until after I tried with this comp00:20
uzu-catok, thanks, i'll try it! ;)00:20
nimbiotics_Hello everyone. On ubuntu 9.10, is there a graphical tool that would allow me to compare 2 text files side by side?00:20
macomaleldraconis: ok so we've established that your netbook isnt rejecting boot options, just that your usb is broken00:20
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  yes that is how the wubi install works, the only way to use the whole partiton is to boot the live image with no windows active00:20
barfsterWhich version of ubuntu starts to support ext4?00:21
ilovefairuznimbiotics_: meld00:21
Jordan_U!upgrade | barfster00:21
ubottubarfster: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:21
uzu-cati heard about a program called Gparted, how can it helps me?00:21
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  you said your thumb drive sucks, do you happen to have an mp3 player that works also as a flash drive?00:21
barfsterI am doing an upgrade now00:21
ilovefairuzuzu-cat: to repartition your hard disk00:21
maleldraconisthat's what I'm using as my flash drive, wiess00:21
barfsterBut only to 8.04 for now00:21
maleldraconisthat's probably the problem00:22
Jordan_Uuzu-cat: If you don't already have a partition free to install windows into, gparted can help you resize Ubuntu to make space. If you already have a partition set out for windows then you don't need gparted.00:22
maleldraconisbut I have some options to try I guess, so I'll check those out and get back to you guys on how it worked or if..00:22
macomaleldraconis: ah yeah, mp3 players dont tend to go into USB Mass Storage mode until the OS starts talking to them00:22
nimbiotics_ilovefairuz> Thanks!00:22
maleldraconisthanks all00:22
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:23
uzu-catroger that00:23
gruberrorI've just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my machine but get a no such device: uid error upon booting, upon further investigating it seems that my bios doesn't even recognize the drive i installed ubuntu to00:23
gruberrorthe drive worked fine under windows 700:23
uzu-catwell, thanks again00:23
gruberrorcan someone please assist00:23
wiesshundmaleldraconis, you could do this..  you could resize the linux partition after deleting the windows partition00:23
BidaBoy2can any one help me to repaire my ubuntu kde xserver00:23
gruberrorNow i can't boot into windows or ubuntu00:23
maleldraconisI'm afraid that the bootloader is on the windows partition and if I do that, I'll lose boot capabilities00:23
ilovefairuzgruberror: then it's a hardware issue, check data cables00:24
Jordan_Ugruberror: How is the drive connected? (USB, PATA, SATA etc)00:24
gruberrorJordan_U: sata, ilovefairuz, its not, the drive is mountable under livecd00:24
Jordan_Ugruberror: Is the drive the BIOS is currently booted from also sata?00:24
gruberrorJordan_U: yes, all my drives are sata00:25
wiesshundgruberror,  if the bios doesnt acknowledge the HDD, it is a hardware issue of some sort, linux can many times see hardware that the bios is spazzing on. doesnt mean all is well though00:25
Jordan_Ugruberror: Check your BIOS settings then, that drive may simply be disabled.00:25
gruberrori installed ubuntu on sdb, sda being the drive i have windows 7 on00:25
maleldraconisis there any way to see if the boot loader is on the linux partition and not the windows?00:25
wiesshundgruberror,  if the BIOS cant see it, you cant boot from it00:25
gruberrori see00:26
BidaBoy2can any one help pls00:26
gruberrori dont even get the grub menu though, but i guess grub is performing since i do get to the grub rescue prompt00:26
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  what option did you use when you installed grub?00:26
macomaleldraconis: if you did wubi, ubuntu's not on a separate partition at all00:26
macomaleldraconis: its just in a file inside the windows filesystem. a very big file00:26
Jordan_Ugruberror: That's because grub is installed to sda. You're just getting a rescue shell because it can't load any of its modules or grub.cfg from sdb.00:27
Saturn2888what are the UUIDs in mdadm.conf supposed to represent? They are not the same UUIDs as blkid shows00:27
maleldraconisMaco: it shows as a seperate partition00:27
Sunzaruis gdm disabled in 10.4 ?  i can't get it to display a custom logon box, just a wallpaper ( http://imagebin.org/106551 )00:27
wiesshundmaleldraconis,  can you see the linux partition from inside windows?00:27
Jordan_Umaleldraconis: In what utility?00:27
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gruberrorok ill go back into bios and see whats going on, i wasnt even able to see it in bios though00:28
gruberrorthanks for the help everyone00:28
maleldraconisDisk Utility on ubuntu00:28
rileypI need to use a Dynamic DNS record that resolves to my WAN IP, but have the DNS resolve to the internal host IP from inside the network00:28
macomaleldraconis: it's lying00:28
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macomaleldraconis: it's loop-mounted, else it woiuldnt be able to boot. its a trick00:29
corpseI just installed a radeon 4350 GPU in a HTPC runing xbmc. When i try to play a video file I just get random flashes of color. I know the vidoes work and i should have the proper codecs becuase i had a differnt card in before that worked fine00:29
rileypcan anyone help me with this I have a billion router00:29
Jordan_Ugruberror: See what happens when you connect sdb where sda is currently connected (it won't be bootable because grub isn't there but I'm curious if the BIOS will recognise it).00:29
maleldraconismaco: just like everything else on my comp00:29
ilovefairuzrileyp: port forwarding00:29
maleldraconisit all lies to me, lol00:29
kisukecorpse, you might need to reconfigure xorg00:29
rileypcorpse go buy a nvidia card.. they have viddpau support00:29
macomaleldraconis: if there really were a separate partition for ubuntu, windows would show it as an unknown partition in its disk utility thingy00:29
rileypoh really port forwarding!00:29
monkey_dustcorpse, radeon and ubuntu do not getalong well => https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver00:30
maleldraconisthanks maco00:30
corpserileyp:  i traded in a g210 for the 4350 because the hdmi audio would not work ><00:30
maleldraconisI think I just need to go the route of installing without cd00:30
m0dmdAfter installing ubuntu server on vmware00:30
ilovefairuzrileyp: routers usually allow you to redirect a given port to a specific internal host00:30
m0dmdHow do I view my server through my windows host00:30
rileypok so i port forward a port for my ipod or for my mythpodcaster server00:31
macorileyp: for your server00:31
rileypok so do i port forward a udp or tcp port and whichone?00:31
ilovefairuzrileyp: this all depends on the service you're trying to expose outside of the router00:31
macorileyp: depends what you want to go through it? could also forward both...00:32
m0dmdilovefairuz: would you happen to know what I need to do next00:32
rileypok so if i port forword which is my servers ip00:32
m0dmdto view my server for the host environment00:32
* maco notes there are more protocols than just those 200:32
ilovefairuzrileyp: you are usually given a choice for external port and internal port, both tcp and udp00:33
ilovefairuzrileyp: check your router's configuration interface00:33
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/issues/detail?id=28 end of this thread is my dilema00:33
Jordan_Umaco: What protocalls other than udp and tcp are generally routed?00:33
Sunzaruis gdm customization disabled in ubuntu 10.4 ?  i can't get it to display a custom logon box, just a wallpaper ( http://imagebin.org/106551 )00:34
macoJordan_U: 50/51 for vpn tunnels00:34
macoJordan_U: 41 for 6over400:34
rileypok so i set udp and tcp its a billion bipac00:34
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barfsterJordan_U: php4 is discontinued in 8.04 :-(00:34
funkyHatm0dmd: which service on the VM do you want to view?00:35
ilovefairuzrileyp: really, it's usually a few clicks in the router's web interface00:35
m0dmdI have finished installed ubuntu server on vmware00:35
m0dmdif it were wampserver on windows it would be localhost00:36
tucemiuxJordan_U, im confuzzled, you can "route" other protocols other than udp and tcp? can you route IP frames or is that packets?  Now im confused00:36
macoJordan_U: apparently the "proper" names for those according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/289892 are esp, ah, and isatap (50,51,41)00:36
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m0dmdwindows does not know to open the ubuntu server on vmware by localhost00:36
rileypwhat port do i open?00:36
tucemiuxm0dmd, if you installed the webserver point the browser inside the guest os to http://localhost and see what you get00:37
ridinok i changed my password now when i login i have to put my new password and then my old one because of some keyring00:37
funkyHatm0dmd: ah I see. In the shell on the VM type in ifconfig. That tell you the IP address of the VM, then you can put that IP address in your web browser to connect to it00:37
rileypI have forwarded ports before on my router and know how to do this  but I need to know what port00:37
m0dmdfunkyHat thank you00:37
ilovefairuzm0dmd: in the virtual machine settings, select NAT not Host only00:38
funkyHatm0dmd: no problem :)00:38
macotucemiux: i *think* 50/51 use ports, from some firewall rules ive seen00:38
uzu-catwhat is what i have to do to create a partition with gparted?00:38
tucemiuxrileyp, what questions are you asking? can you ask it all in one line?00:38
m0dmdilovefairuz it's working. I've had NAT00:38
m0dmdthank you fellas00:38
tucemiuxmaco, i thought we were discussing protocols?  You dont route a port, you use protocols to route internet traffic00:38
ilovefairuzrileyp: depends on what you're trying to access? what server/daemon ?00:38
rileypits my ipod attempting to communicate with mac reader00:39
tucemiuxm0dmd, and now to make the change permanent give the virtual machine a static IP and open up whatever ports you want on your router and send it to the virtual machine00:39
rileypactullay its mac reader try to look at my rss feed sorry not 1 line00:39
ilovefairuzrileyp: what server does this "mac reader" this run?00:40
m0dmdtucemiux: copy that.00:40
ilovefairuzrileyp: try netstat to find the open ports00:40
icemakerpsycho_oreos:  hey again i am back . can u tell me again what u told me to do ?00:41
ridinok i changed my password now when i login i have to put my new password and then my old one because of some keyring00:41
cablopJordan_U: is the guy trying to change he framebuffer still here? i forgot his nick00:42
macotucemiux: the context was port forwarding. got confused, sorry00:42
macotucemiux: but if you just mean what other protos are common other than tcp/udp, then esp, ah, and isatap00:42
oliver_I change the resolution in alien arena and can now when i start i it laggs and i can not change back to defualt... help00:42
rileypI dont know what port mac reader uses00:42
mgolischyou have been told that before00:43
halli'm unable to set my usb wifi card to mode master "for use in to share net wireless" anyone that can help with that00:43
ilovefairuzrileyp: netstat on the mac00:44
tucemiuxmaco, yes, you were using incorrect terminology, but typically on a router you can only specify those two protocols, tcp/udp -- unless I'm mistaken00:44
rileypilovefairuz, Its a ipod touch no net stat00:44
ilovefairuzhall: lshw -C network00:44
mgolischrileyp: use google then?00:44
ilovefairuzrileyp: the server runs on an ipod touch ?00:45
macotucemiux: not sure. tbh, i dont recall my router even asking for a protocol when i setup port forwarding. it only wanted the port00:45
macotucemiux: i know for sure that some routers do *block* isatap, making those wanting to use ipv6 tunnels none too happy00:45
ilovefairuz!hi | merfin00:45
ubottumerfin: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:45
hallilovefairuz http://pastebin.org/413927 done00:45
mgolischwho cares its a bad idea anyways unless you have a ipv6 capable firewall00:46
tucemiuxmaco, i guess it all depends on what router you have, I have a linksys router and installed tomato on it, tomato actually lets you specify what protocol to use, you can use either or both00:46
macotucemiux: i was using ddwrt00:46
rileypmgolisch,  goolgle to search for mac reader port?00:46
Oeroliver_, edit the alien arena config in /home/<name>/.alien-arena/arena/00:46
ilovefairuzhall: hmm no driver shown, lsusb ?00:46
oliver_0er: thx!00:47
mgolischrileyp: yeah i doubt the iphone provides with any builtin feature to list open network connections00:47
hallilovefairuz http://pastebin.org/413928 it's the belkin one00:47
Jordan_Ucablop: No, sindegra left.00:48
cablopi see00:48
oliver_0er: i have not thtat folder :/00:48
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rootkidwich is the command for open a file.tgz00:49
ilovefairuzhall: uname -r00:50
mgolischhall: you sure the adapter/driver supports master mode?00:50
mgolischmost do not00:50
test34rootkid, tar00:50
ilovefairuzhall: and lsmod | grep rt3700:50
ridincan someone help me with this http://imagebin.ca/view/cHq684D.html00:51
rileypend of this page is my dilema http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/issues/detail?id=2800:51
ilovefairuzmgolisch: depending on the kernel version00:51
hallilovefairuz 2.6.32-21-server00:51
hallmgolisch i have no idea but shouldent all wifi cards support it ?00:52
kisukeok what does "mac suspend failed" mean?00:52
mgolischatleast not all drivers do00:52
hallilovefairuz lsmod | grep rt37 show's nothing00:52
test34rileyp, no issues at the end of this page00:52
ilovefairuzhall: pastebin lsmod00:52
benoitcSupport: Cloud Status Knowledge Base Forums Tickets Live Chat 1-877-934-0407 0800-083-301200:53
hallilovefairuz http://pastebin.org/41393300:53
kisukesigh, what doe a guy have to do to get a question answered?00:56
Seeker`kisuke: have some patience00:56
kernel_geekMy computer gets my caps key wrong. Any ideas ?00:57
kernel_geekCaps on = lower case00:57
nokia3510where can I report this, as it's happening on lucid only ? (i.e. no other distro's have it) http://fpaste.org/kxvV/00:57
kernel_geekCaps off = Upper case00:57
cablophow can i see the grub menu? it won't whow00:57
kisukeSeeker`, i do, i have had 3 questions today, mostly doublechecking syntax, so i wait a while and get.. nada00:57
Seeker`kernel_geek: shift key stuck?00:57
kernel_geekSeeker`: hehe nop00:57
Seeker`kisuke: if noone knows the answer to a question, you won't get one. You just have to wait until someone that does know the answer sees the question00:58
ilovefairuzhall: a ralink?00:59
hallilovefairuz huh ? it's a belkin wireless usb stick00:59
ilovefairuzoh sorry, you mentioned, perhaps it's rebranded00:59
ridincan someone help me with http://imagebin.ca/view/cHq684D.html01:00
icemakerhey again all01:01
Jordan_Ucablop: Ubuntu hides the grub menu by default, hold shift during boot to show it.01:01
cablopthanlks again Jordan_U01:01
Jordan_Ucablop: You're welcome.01:02
linux_opIs there anyway that I can make my external usb hardrive bootable with ubuntu FROM Windows 7?.01:02
linux_opI tried a bunch of live tools but none worked, they all say autorun.inf problem01:02
lfitzhi, i was trying to write a udev rule (last thing i did) and now my touchpad no longer works, the udev rule was for the mouse however, not touchpad01:03
icemakerhave no idea on linux but need to install an usb wireless card tp-link wn422g v2 can any1 guide me through??? plz01:03
noisewaterphdI've got a mac formatted USB hard drive connected, it can read but not write, why?01:03
lfitzthere is a power button for the touchpad and it does not light up anymore01:03
mgolischlfitz: thats basicaly the same thing01:03
lfitzmgolisch: ?01:03
wiesshundicemaker,  is that card supported on linux?01:04
mgolischhow about removing that rule? or fixing it?01:04
Jordan_Unoisewaterphd: Linux doesn't support writing to hfsplus unless journaling is disabled.01:04
zenergiAny suggestions how I can troubleshoot why monit wont' start at bootup or respond to /etc/init.d/monit start or /sbin/service monit start?01:04
wiesshundicemaker,  if not you will have to see if its supported by ndiswrapper01:04
lfitzmgolisch: i removed the rules and rebooted, nothing happened01:04
Jordan_Unoisewaterphd: Hfsplus is the filesystem used by OSX..01:04
mgolischlfitz: what did that rule look like?01:05
noisewaterphdthat isn't cool01:05
Jordan_Unoisewaterphd: You're welcome.01:05
ilovefairuzhall:  basically there are conflicting reports on whether it suppots ap mode or not, the chip is a ralink, you could try to setup an ap manually using hostapd, some reported success with recent kernels01:05
hallilovefairuz could you point me in a direction to where i can read on about that hostapd ?01:06
lfitzmgolisch: http://pastebin.com/KNKfbPJU01:06
mgolischlfitz: what does that shellscript do?01:07
NiamorWindows7 Uptime : 2days 6hrs 2mins 1sec Record : 1wk 2days 19hrs 54mins 23secs01:07
MeadWindowsXP Uptime: 19hrs 10mins Best: 3wks 1day 17hrs 14mins 45secs01:07
cablopi did it :D01:07
Seeker`Niamor: Mead: Please turn those scripts off01:07
lfitzmgolisch: its one line right now, it is: 'touch working' :P01:07
j800rhey guys, i have a question. as i've now migrated to Linux full-time, permanently, i have a 1tb hard drive formatted to NTFS that I use to store my files on. if i format this drive to ext4 (I know i'll lose all files on it) will Ubuntu automatically recognise it for file storage even if i have Ubuntu installed on a different drive?01:07
icemakerwiesshund: it's suported by ndswrapper this is what i found on google but i cant realy understand it and it's giving me an error as is http://dinthsblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/i-was-fighting-to-run-tp-link-wn422g-v2.html01:08
JoeMaverickSettwhy are some of the packages kept back instead of being installed?01:08
cablopthe bad thing is sindegra is not here... he can test his settings and i think that vesa of a netbook will support the resolution he wanted01:08
ilovefairuzhall:  one moment, pasting stuff for toy01:08
mgolischlfitz: it probably has nothing to do with that rule then, i guess, some laptops have function keys to disable the touchpad, maybe you accidentaly pressed that button01:08
j800rJoeMaverickSett, are you referring to the kernel images?01:08
JoeMaverickSettj800r, yes.01:09
j800ri think they may have found bugs in it01:09
cablophow can i chanmge the animation at startup?01:09
j800ryou can still install them if you allow proposed updates, but they obviously held them back to work on them01:09
cablopalso, i want to change the login screen01:09
wiesshundicemaker,  1st you need to get the driver files for it for win2k/winXP01:10
JoeMaverickSetti tried dist-upgrade, but they are still being held back01:10
ridinany help on http://imagebin.ca/view/cHq684D.html01:10
wiesshundicemaker,  then you can use the ndiswrapper gui, or command line , to have it load them01:10
j800rJoeMaverickSett, i told you why they're being held back, if you seriously want them regardless, you're gonna have to allow proposed updates01:10
UberN00bhow can i run exe files ?01:10
JoeMaverickSettj800r, oh! ok.01:11
j800rJoeMaverickSett, just go to system, admin, software sources, then select the updates tab. you'll find the option there01:11
icemakerwiesshund: ok i`ll try it and come back01:11
JoeMaverickSettj800r, thank you.01:11
j800ralthough personally i'd recommend against it. i updates the kernel and kinda regret it01:11
glicki FINALLY got my family Mom and brothers using Ubuntu as their main PC in the living room01:12
JoeMaverickSettj800r, ok. ;) i just want to try.01:12
j800rso is anyone able to help me regarding my hard drive issue?01:12
bastid_raZorj800r: you'll need to add an entry to /etc/fstab for the drive to be mounted automatically.01:12
trismJoeMaverickSett: you don't need to add proposed, if you don't see the updates now, they should be there soon (I can see them finally)01:12
=== crow is now known as Guest58184
j800rahh, ok01:12
glickwhat a relief, not having to fix their stupid windows problems all the time, and slowdowns from all the viruses and trojans my mom would invariably download01:13
glicknow i actually trust it to back up my important data01:13
glickand my mom is loving it01:13
UberN00bhey guys, how can i run a exe file ?01:13
j800rbastid_raZor, if i reinstalled ubuntu after formatting the storage drive to ext4, would i be able to install ubuntu to my main hd, and then set my home partition to be on my storage drive?01:13
glickshe thinks its much better and simpler then windows01:13
glickUberN00b, try Wine01:14
trojan_spikelol @ glick01:14
glickUberN00b, linux doesnt natively run windows .exe files01:14
bastid_raZorj800r: yes, but if you're reinstalling just to move your /home to a different partition yo udon't have to.01:14
UberN00bglick, the problem is that its an add in to office 200701:14
wiesshundicemaker,  http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Main_Page01:14
cablopwhat is the name of the thing that makes the startup animation in ubuntu?01:15
UberN00bglick, im trying to run the SaveAsPDF.exe and wine cant touch it01:15
trojan_spikeUberN00b, have u got office 07 installed??01:15
glickUberN00b, FTW?! you dont need that in linux01:15
theholderi am using ubuntu server 9.10 32bit and its refusing to find some headers01:15
j800rwell, it would be for that purpose, but i haven't finished setting my ubuntu system up yet so it wouldn't be a HUGE deal to reinstall and i'm sure it'd be easier to set the directory that way01:15
glickopen office can do all that and more by default01:15
UberN00btrojan_spike of course :D01:15
glicklol SaveAsPDF is an add on01:16
ilovefairuzhall: this needs to be in /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/468227/01:16
glickis SaveWithoutManglingYourData.exe an extra add on as well?01:16
trojan_spikeand i just wont let u save it as a pdf??01:16
wiesshundUberN00b,  why are you using msoffice under linux?01:16
UberN00bglick, yeah but it appears that there is some discrepancy between the formating of ms office and open office01:16
ilovefairuzhall: but i can't find the correct driver name for your usb card01:16
glickyeah UberN00b msoffice is completely unecessary01:16
UberN00band when i open docs made in ms office with open office the text is scrumbled01:17
glickUberN00b, OO.org can read 99% of office files correctly01:17
glickespecially the older files01:17
glickUberN00b, what kina document is it?01:17
glickwhat was it made with?01:17
trojan_spikeglick, anything else unnecessary??01:17
Daekdroomdoc? it should read doc with no problems01:18
glicktrojan_spike, ?01:18
UberN00bit doe read it correctly but the page is .. ermm smaller01:18
trojan_spikenever mind01:18
UberN00band i adjusted it to be A4 size01:18
hallilovefairuz sry i got disconnected what did you say before about something in a hostapd file ?01:18
JoeMaverickSettbut then if you use OO.org presentation file *.odp, it won't run on msoffice.01:18
glickso save presentations in the office presentation format01:19
glickoo.org can save as MS doc formats01:19
trojan_spikeUberN00b, what u can do is open the doc with-in open office.. edit , then save it from open office as a pdf.. open it pdf reader then01:19
JoeMaverickSettwill it work as good as it's on msoffice01:19
ilovefairuzhall: basically you need to do four things: a) install and configure hostapd 2) install and configure dnsmasq 3) set static IP for wlan0 4) set up IP masquerading01:20
glickJoeMaverickSett, will what work as good?01:20
Moggaquestion - if i mount the same drive from a host machine in multiple VMs am i going to cause trouble if everybody's writing? any file locking etc. issues?01:20
JoeMaverickSettglick, using OO.org presentation to save as ms file type.01:20
trojan_spikelots of trouble.. read / write01:20
ilovefairuzhall: i think there was a firewall program that could many of these things, firestarter ?01:20
glickJoeMaverickSett, i think so01:20
UberN00btrojan_spike, thanks but i tried that. The thing is that I am working on my cv and certain ammount of information HAS to be on 1 page and oo.org's page is just not big enough01:20
glickJoeMaverickSett, it should01:20
JoeMaverickSettglick, okie, thanks.01:20
hallilovefairuz it's a headlesss ubuntu server installation so can't use firestarter01:21
Moggatrojan_spike: so i should export from one VM (fileserver) and mount everwhere else?01:21
glickJoeMaverickSett, when i worked at boeing it was good enough for our presentations01:21
ilovefairuzhall: well then go the manual route as outlined01:21
Mogganfs etc01:21
trojan_spike1 at a time Mogga01:21
Saturn2888is the reason the UUIDs are the same for linux_raid_member drives so mdadm knows which drives go together?01:21
ilovefairuzhall: the conf files for hostapd and dnsmasq can be very very minimal01:21
JoeMaverickSettglick, cool. i sometime kinda like OO.org presentation more. ;) more helpful in setting up the presentation.01:21
trojan_spikeUberN00b, did u install ms-office with 'play on linux'?01:21
R3cur51v3Can anyone recommend a good webcam recorder? Cheese lags.01:22
hallilovefairuz could you guide me through what i need to do or where to start ? :)01:22
glickJoeMaverickSett, heh its come a long a way since StarOffice01:22
glickwhich was god aweful01:22
ilovefairuzhall: this is an example of hostapd.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/468227/ .. but I can't find the correct name of the driver for rt73usb01:22
glicklol the early versions01:22
JoeMaverickSettglick, :D01:22
UberN00btrojan_spike, im not sure I used wine with winetricks + the guidance of the #winehq people, cant recall anything named "play on linux"01:22
glickoo.org has grown up :'(01:23
Moggatrojan_spike: only mount one drive at a time as a local mount /dev/vda /dev/vdb etc. but then i can do nfs exports etc and nfs/samba/etc mount on other machines?01:23
ilovefairuzhall: next is dnsmasq.conf.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/468228/ (notice the choosen network range) make sure that doesn't conflict with something you have01:23
trojan_spikeUberN00b, u should use play on linux to install windows software..01:23
glickonce you get used to it, ubuntu, is a much simpler system to use than windows01:24
glicki dont know if thats still true01:24
icemakerwiesshund: i am trying to install it like u said . what files shoud i intall? .sys/.cat/.inf?01:24
glicki havent tried 701:24
ilovefairuzhall: third is setting static IP and stuff (  for wlan0  in /etc/network/interfaces01:24
Moggatrojan_spike: thank you by the way... i'm actually on canonical support but my package doesn't support any virtualization even though this is really just a basic IO question01:24
glickbut i remember i hated vista01:24
UberN00btorjan_spike, so you think that wine doesnt run it properly ?01:24
glicki've been only running linux since '0101:24
ilovefairuzhall: fourth is enabling ipv4 forwarding and setting ip tables to forward packages01:25
trojan_spikeUberN00b, 'play on linux' was made by the developers that made wine.. This will improve the way windows software work on wine..01:26
ilovefairuzhall: http://users.utu.fi/sjsepp/hostapd/hostap.html covers a LOT of these01:26
trojan_spikeu want the link??01:26
ilovefairuzhall: adapt to your needs01:26
glickwould be nice if they released civ5 on linux as well01:26
glickbut i know itll never happen01:26
UberN00btrojan_spike I've been referred to improved versions of wine before, unfortunately paid software, is that the case as well ?01:27
hallilovefairuz i'll look into it. shame it just doesnt work with mode master that way it would work allrdy :(( but thx for the help01:27
ilovefairuzhall: the process is rather lengthy but not hard01:27
theholderbusy room01:27
ilovefairuzhall: you're welcome01:27
trojan_spikedo u mean u paid for wine?? or paid for something like 'crossover'??01:27
UberN00bsomeone tried to convince me to pay for something other than wine01:28
j800rUberN00b, cedega?01:28
UberN00bbut now i got wine free, but is play on linux free as well ?01:28
adamkexUberN00b: yes01:28
j800ri was about to get to that01:28
wiesshunddoes WUBI not allow you to do an actualy naitive linux install?01:28
trojan_spikeUberN00b, this is ur link :: http://www.playonlinux.com/script_files/PlayOnLinux/3.7.6/PlayOnLinux_3.7.6.deb  :: trust me,, it will make things easier01:29
UberN00bj800r, i think not, not sure though01:29
Odd-rationalewiesshund: suspend for one thing.01:29
Kuninwhen trying to upgrade 9.10->10.04 I get this error: The package 'skype-common' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist.01:29
j800ryes, PlayOnLinux is a frontend for Wine, and it's brilliant01:29
snowy17Erm. Hi?01:29
j800rit's actually kinda better than Cedega, and it's free01:29
wiesshundOdd-rationale,  hmm?01:29
j800ranyways, time to format one huge drive.01:29
adamkexKunin: unblacklist it then, there should be a function in synaptic01:29
Odd-rationalewiesshund: suspend and hibernate don't work well in WUBI.01:29
Kuninadamkex I would looking for a blacklist option, but couldn't find one01:30
wiesshundOdd-rationale,  no im asking if there is not a way to do a real linux install fromt he win installer?01:30
adamkexKunin: ok hold on, let me look into it01:30
wiesshundOdd-rationale,  or only the compressed pseudo install in the win file system01:30
oliver_which it's best of kdenlive, cinelerra or openshot?01:30
icemakerwiesshund: ndiswrapper tells me the driver is invalid01:30
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:31
UberN00btrojan_spike, thanks im on it now01:31
wiesshundicemaker,  then that driver wont work, and possibly the card is not supported01:31
kerebrusAny one know how to restore xserverp-xorg? I installed pulsbo on the direction of ubuntu wiki and it unstalled the devault compiz drivers, but now my computer doesnt load into ubuntu just sits a black screen01:31
trojan_spikeur welcome UberN00b01:31
Kuninadamkex I would thinking of just doing a --purge on skype01:31
Odd-rationalewiesshund: oh. misread... You can move the wubi install to a linux partition. thus making it just like a native install.01:31
lewis1711is there some trick to get inbuilt microphones in laptops working, or is linux unable to do this? I selected everything in my sound control and turned it up, but nothing01:31
snowy17Is theholder in here?01:31
adamkexKunin: go ahead, you can redownload it on skype.com, it doesn't seem to be in the repos, just do a "dpkg -i skype_whatever.deb" to install it01:32
icemakerwiesshund:  so nothing i can do to get it working?01:32
wiesshundOdd-rationale,  so the answer is no it wont do a real install. meh hehe01:32
wiesshundicemaker,  then if the mfg provides no linux driver, no the device probably isnt going to work01:33
Kuninadamkex ok, I'll try that, thanks01:33
=== emc_ is now known as emc
icemakerwiesshund:  mega bummer . thanks anyway01:34
adamkexKunin: oh, you need add sudo before dpkg when installing again, good luck01:34
phoonzidentify hinterlader8801:36
phoonzguten morgen01:36
phoonzja ich hatte mich dummerweise verschrieben :D01:36
stickyphoonz, change your password01:36
phoonzhab getan :D01:36
bazhang!de | phoonz01:36
ubottuphoonz: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:36
wiesshundist nicht morgan01:36
wx9jmy machine keeps freezing up , I then need to do a soft reboot to get it back, how can I trace the source of the problem ?01:38
ejvwx9j: dmesg01:39
Iam_360_what was that?01:39
Niglop/ns id jagexred01:39
Kuninwhat ejv said01:39
EvilPhoenix!language | Niglop01:39
ubottuNiglop: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:39
Iam_360_some kind of monkey!01:39
bazhangNiglop, watch the language01:39
Kuninthough dmesg | tail is probably easier to look at01:39
ilovefairuzlol @ the two pwds01:40
Niglophow do i change my password?01:40
bazhangNiglop, ask in #freenode01:40
EvilPhoenixanyways...  anyone here know if the logging location for iptables can be changed?01:40
ilovefairuzNiglop: join #freenode, request sendpass01:40
ejvor /msg nickserv help setpass01:41
ejvdunno why you'd bother staff with such a meaningless problem lol01:41
Kuninwx9j have you changed/installed anything since this freeze started happening?01:41
=== emc_ is now known as emc
=== les is now known as Guest66607
* uRock thinks01:42
Kuninwx9j it could be hardware related too01:42
Solow-LaptopWhy is webchat.freenode.net being detected as proxy?01:42
wx9jKunin, I have changed versions of the os but then changed back to see if that was the cause, it was not difference01:42
wx9jKunin, It almost acks like it is running out of mem but this box has 2 gig01:43
Kuninwx9j in my experience, most freezes and crashes are hardware related, normally RAM or PSU failure01:43
EvilPhoenixSolow-Laptop:  its not the webchat thats being detected, its you.  it checks your IP afaik01:43
ejvcould be "ghosts in the machine" like iRobot01:43
wx9jPSU ?01:43
Kuninwx9j do you have your ubuntu install disk still?01:43
uRockwx9j, do you have htop installed?01:43
KuninPSU = power supply unit01:43
Solow-LaptopEvilPhoenix: But I'm not using a proxy :S01:43
EvilPhoenixSolow-Laptop:  there's always #freenode where you can ask01:44
wx9jhaha Yes I have most of the Ubuntu discs around here , I am now using 9.1001:44
=== administrator is now known as Guest74867
Iam_360_:) furious01:44
Kuninwx9j the ubuntu install disk has memtest on it, could run that and see if there's RAM failure if you can't find any software cause, or just download memtest86+ and burn to CD01:44
wx9juRock, not even sure what that is01:44
les_Can someone help me with Pitivi Video Editor?01:44
Kuninhtop is a nice CLI to view things like memory/cpu usage and running processes01:45
uRockit is a system monitor that runs in terminal and tells what utilities are using how much CPU and RAM01:45
Kuninit's like top, but prettier01:45
Solow-Laptopbtw I must say, I like ubuntu 9 better than 1001:45
les_hello, mylky01:45
uRockwhich version 9?01:45
wx9jI will do that , I did check that a few weeks ago but will try again, what version has that test on the cd ?01:45
Kuninsolow-laptop shhhh... I'm upgrading to 10.04 now01:45
Kuninwx9j every one that I can think of has it on there, it's one of the boot options01:46
uRockKunin, it is worth it. It is beautiful.01:46
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: http://www.mail-archive.com/gentoo-security@lists.gentoo.org/msg00367.html ?01:46
mylkyI want to switch from debian too ubuntu but my CD drive is down and my bios sees out of date.01:46
wx9jOk well I wll do that and thanks,01:46
Kuninwx9j it might say test memory, test ram, memtest... something like that, I don't remember01:46
mylkyI cant do a live usb.01:46
les_Does anyone know how to edit a video in Pitivi and save as ogv?01:46
mylkyhow can i flash my bios upto date ?01:46
Solow-LaptopI'm not upgrading on my laptop... It's removing my wlan support. Which I've been fighting to get working for 2 weeks. btw I'm using 9.1001:46
wx9jsame here, my own memory seems to need replacing, thanks01:46
uRockmylky, if your Debian install is working, then you can use unetbootin01:47
KuninI'm going to 10.04 mainly for the new kernel, my main OS drive is a SSD01:47
Solow-LaptopI only use my laptop to program.01:47
Solow-LaptopSo it could just as well be windows 3.0101:48
uRockSolow-Laptop, I loved Karmic and I still have it on the wife and kid's systems01:48
Kuninbtw, anyone know how I can shrink a partition and grow another... when i installed the netbook remix on my Eee I accidentally swapped the intended partition sizes,  root is running out of space01:48
* uRock Thinks it is time to get back to my homework.01:48
uRockKunin, LiveCD and Gparted01:49
rileyp4th post from bottom is       http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/issues/detail?id=28 what I owuld liek to do can anyone help me01:49
KuninuRock there would be the problem, Eee, no CD drive01:49
uRockThat would be a problem.01:49
ilovefairuzmylky: depends on the BIOS vendor, check their website01:49
ilovefairuz!ot | les_01:50
ubottules_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
Solow-LaptopuRock: the look and feel are a lot... better imo. Although windows look and feel has something, a bit more... you know :) ubuntu is not that simple. like using backspace in the browser, or flag e to get explorer, games, photoshop.. and the general look and feel. But I like ubuntu :)01:50
Kuninalmost done getting new packages...01:50
ZykoticK9!anyone | les_01:50
ubottules_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:50
les_okay, thanks, I'm new to irc, so no clue about protocol.01:51
bazhangles_, ask a question about pitivi01:51
Firstgearanybody know of any OCR software with a GUI for Linux?01:51
les_I'll check out the offtopic channel someone recommended01:51
bazhangles_, its fine to ask here01:51
ZykoticK9les_, ask here :)01:51
programblehow can i get ubuntu on a USB stick from Arch?01:52
programblei have been trying unsuccessfully for 10 hours01:52
bazhangprogramble, unetbootin01:52
programblebazhang: unetbootin is broken01:52
Kuninarg, an hour to install all these new packages... guess I'll go to the dishes01:52
programblehasn't worked for months01:52
bazhangprogramble, not so01:52
programblebazhang: i just tried with unetbootin, and the BIOS does not even see the USB as bootable01:53
EvilPhoenixilovefairuz:  thats for gentoo, i need it for Ubuntu01:53
bazhangprogramble, sometimes takes a couple of tries01:53
avg_guyi have a usb key thats not mounting when i plug it in how would i locate it ?01:53
EvilPhoenixanyone know where syslog configs are stored?01:53
Kuninprogramble: not all BIOS can boot off USB01:53
trojan_spikeare there any good fan controls?? i have water cooling,, fans going 9001:53
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: same concepts apply01:53
EvilPhoenixilovefairuz:  the file doesnt exist hence the issue01:54
programbleKunin: i know it can, im not an idiot01:54
Kuninprogramble: that or you could have done something wrong too :P01:54
programblewell that is possible with how retarded unetbootin has gotten01:54
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: /etc/syslog.conf ?01:54
iswWhat is one of the default or most common directory paths linux/ubuntu users install applications to?01:54
EvilPhoenixilovefairuz:  nonexistent01:55
anon_can i get help01:55
anon_when i open a program, it goes to the tray, but it opens in the tray 3x01:55
anon_I see 3 copys of the same program in the tray01:55
bazhangisw, installed how01:55
programblei have also tried hacking the liveusb creator from ubuntu onto arch and using that... also failed01:55
Oerprogramble, make sure usbstick is formatted fat3201:55
programblei did01:55
trojan_spikeisw  ,, home 'user' is usual ,, .file tho (hidden)01:55
Oerunetbootin works fine, did you check the iso md5sum ?01:56
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default01:56
programblethe only thing i can think to do is to burn ubuntu onto a cd (which i DONT want to do, thats why im going for USB), boot it, then put it on usb from that01:56
iswbazhang: I am unfamilure with the linux directory tree system and was just wondering where to wget my teamspeak3 server to01:56
iswtrojan_spike: /home ok I'll check into it thanks01:56
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:56
programbleOer: the usb is not bootable.01:57
bazhangisw, install teamspeak-client or -server from repos01:57
zc00giiprogramble: open it up in cfdisk and mark it bootable?01:57
=== tremmons is now known as iflema
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: ubuntu obsoleted the older location and automatically migrates it01:57
programbleit is marked bootable, but will not boot01:57
iswbazhang: ok thanks I did not know they had teamspeak3 server on the repos01:57
EvilPhoenixilovefairuz:  now to figure out what to add to make it log correctly o.o01:57
programblehere look i'll check md501:58
programblemd5 is fine01:58
iswbazhang: I don't th ink teamspeak3 is on the repos yet just ts201:58
programbleany more ideas Oer?01:59
trojan_spikefan control any 1?? for water cooling02:00
programbleon the topic, why the hell does ubuntu netbook edition not come as a usb image?02:00
programblenetbooks do NOT have CD drives02:00
zc00giilol, good point programble02:01
programblewho's idea was that?02:01
programblesomeone who doesn't own a netbook or what?02:01
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: pastebin it02:01
bazhangprogramble, unetbootin as they all can boot usb.02:01
ilovefairuzmorning lemonade_02:01
anon_anybody help me?02:01
ilovefairuz!anyone | anon_02:01
ubottuanon_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:01
Jordan_Uprogramble: Because they don't want people whiping out their hard drives when they mess up with dd (and unetbootin and Ubuntu's own tool work fine with the netbook images).02:01
chapattWhat is your problem, anon_?02:02
programbleJordan_U: oh god. and here i was thinking i joined #ubuntu not ##windows02:02
bazhangprogramble, watch the attitude02:02
programbleand ubuntu's own tool only works if you are ALREADY RUNNING ubuntu02:02
anon_Okay so, when i open in program, it opens in 3 in the task manger, if i minimize it, they all minimize, why?02:02
ilovefairuz!cn | lemonade_02:03
ubottulemonade_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:03
bazhanglemonade_, english only here and stay on topic02:03
moesWhy is the kernel, headers,,image...greyed out in update manager...Lucid 10.1002:03
anon_chapatt, Okay so, when i open in program, it opens in 3 in the task manger, if i minimize it, they all minimize, why?02:04
ilovefairuzanon_: what program? gimp ?02:04
Oeranon_, a program like Gimp opens 3 windows, and minimize all, it is normal behaviour02:04
chapattKubuntu is the DE02:04
programbledoes ubuntu use isolinux?02:04
chapattwhat application is it?02:04
ilovefairuzanon_: which program you open? Gimp ?02:04
anon_Xchat atm02:05
anon_Goes for any program02:05
anon_FF, xchat, pidgin etc.02:05
Jordan_Uprogramble: Yes, and by the way the download page for UNR has windows instructions.02:05
chapattAre all of the windows the same?02:05
ilovefairuz!who | chapatt02:05
ubottuchapatt: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:05
programbleJordan_U: i am using Arch, as i said earlier02:05
anon_What do you mean02:05
Jordan_Uprogramble: Then use unetbootin.02:05
ilovefairuzanon_: are all three "windows" the same ?02:05
programbleJordan_U: i like how the downloads page only has windows mac or ubuntu02:05
programbleJordan_U: that didn't work, as i said 3 times already02:06
anon_If i open XChat, i get 3 of them in the tray02:06
anon_IF i open FF, i get three of them in the tray02:06
anon_but they're only 1 prog.02:06
chapattanon_: Are they all the same windows? Do they all work?02:06
ilovefairuzanon_: tray? or task bar?02:06
programbleanon_: perhaps you have 3 trays?02:06
anon_let me check02:07
ilovefairuzFF is not support to show any icons in the tray02:07
ilovefairuzanon_: post a screenshot02:07
ilovefairuz!screenshot | anon_02:07
ubottuanon_: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.02:07
anon_I had 3 trays02:07
Mr_Sonomahow would i list files in a directory that have been added or modified after a certain date?02:07
chapattanon_:does that mean you problem is solved?02:07
bazhangprogramble, there are aur builds for unetbootin.02:07
ilovefairuzMr_Sonoma: no creation data recorded on ext4, and man find02:08
zc00giibazhang: aur builds are broken02:08
programblebazhang: i have unetbootin and it appears to work fine, but the usb will not boot02:08
Jordan_Uprogramble: Some (broken) BIOSs will only boot a drive if it has an "active" partition on it, can you check if one of your partitions is "bootable" with fdisk?02:08
programbleJordan_U: again, already said, the partition is indeed marked with the boot flag02:08
BidaBoyhow can i change my ip adress using an adsl connection?02:09
Jordan_Uprogramble: Not sure where you'd post it, but if you can post the first sector of flash drive it would be usefull to be able to look at it.02:09
ilovefairuzBidaBoy: disconnect and reconnect02:09
programbleJordan_U: uh.. yeah, where would i post that?02:09
ilovefairuzBidaBoy: to obtain a new dynamically assigned IP, unless you have a static one02:10
ilovefairuz!pm | BidaBoy02:10
ubottuBidaBoy: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:10
ilovefairuzBidaBoy: then contact your ISP if you one of your  choice02:11
ChrisBuchholzI wonder if there is a way to make grub kick-start a boot from a usbdrive?02:11
ilovefairuz!hi | ChrisBuchholz02:11
ubottuChrisBuchholz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:11
bazhangChrisBuchholz, grub2? sure there is02:11
ilovefairuzChrisBuchholz: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/how-to-boot-from-an-usb-stick-without-bios-support-using-grub2-776192/02:11
BidaBoyin windows there are some softwares who can do it02:11
avg_guyok lsusb isnt seeing the thumb drive so is there another way to locate it with in the term02:11
bazhangChrisBuchholz, check the links and the grub2 wiki as well02:12
ChrisBuchholzThanks, all of you. I'm gonna take a look ;)02:12
bazhang!grub2 | ChrisBuchholz02:12
ubottuChrisBuchholz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:12
moes Why is the kernel, headers,,image...greyed out in update manager...Lucid 10.1002:12
BidaBoycan any one help02:12
VectorXhi is there a link to a good easy to understand tute that explains how to setup a multiseat environment without using any special software ?02:12
bazhangBidaBoy, with what02:12
BidaBoychanging an ip of my choise using adsl connection02:13
bazhangBidaBoy, and the connection to Ubuntu with that?02:13
BidaBoyyes pppoe02:13
ilovefairuzVectorX: GDM support remote login, no additional support required, but I'd recommend NX02:14
bazhangBidaBoy, not related to ubuntu. try ##networking02:14
VectorXilovefairuz NX ?02:14
ilovefairuzVectorX: correction: no additional software02:14
BidaBoythere are some softwares in windows who can do it02:14
ilovefairuzVectorX: NX is like VNC but much faster02:14
bazhangBidaBoy, this is ubuntu support not windows. you need to do it at the router level.02:15
ilovefairuzVectorX: http://code.google.com/p/neatx/02:15
BidaBoyi want just a virtual ip adress for some websites02:15
VectorXilovefairuz thanks ill read it02:16
bazhangBidaBoy, the purpose of that being?02:16
BidaBoyto havent my real ip02:16
Jordan_Uprogramble: Can you pastebin the output of "file -ks /dev/sdX" as root where sdX is your flash drive (not a partition)?02:17
thune3programble: you would happen to be using a flashdrive with a CDFS partition like U3 on sandisk products?02:17
b0nnhrm, I have a problem updating my stuffs. I get The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>02:17
programblethune3: it has one fat32 partition on it02:17
songeri want to extract a ,bz202:17
bazhangsonger, what file02:18
songeris my download folders02:18
macosonger: bunzip202:18
programbleJordan_U: http://gist.github.com/48828202:18
sublimesonger: tar zxvf <filename>02:18
b0nnI ran sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B5, this downloaded some new keys, but I still get the same error02:18
chris_osxhi there02:18
songerthis is the name: is my download stardict-3.0.2-RC1.tar.bz202:18
EvilPhoenixhow to restart syslog to take in the hchanges?02:18
EvilPhoenixchanges to its config*02:18
chris_osxis there a new kernel in the update list?02:19
bazhangsonger, stardict is in the repos02:19
BidaBoyhow to change a given ip adress02:19
songeri want to use it offline02:19
ilovefairuzEvilPhoenix: service syslogd retsrat ?02:19
VectorXilovefairuz i found this http://www.linuxtoys.org/multiubuntu/multiubuntu.html  do you think it is accurate or is there something better02:19
bazhangBidaBoy, again nothing to do with ubuntu02:19
adamkexbazhang: if you're given one then i don't think you should change02:19
=== mike_ is now known as Guest14999
bazhangadamkex, mis tab I guess02:20
adamkexBidaBoy: if you're given one then i don't think you should change02:20
adamkexbazhang: yeah sorry02:20
bazhangBidaBoy, ##networking02:20
sabinhello everyone02:20
bazhangBidaBoy, /join ##networking02:21
adamkexBidaBoy: /j ##networking02:21
moes Why is the kernel, headers,,image...greyed out in update manager...Lucid 10.1002:21
BidaBoyok thanks02:21
songertar zxvf stardict-3.0.2-RC1.tar.bz2  it doesn't mater whres the file ? sublime02:21
bazhangmoes, held back. will be available later, and 10.04 you mean I am guessing02:21
ilovefairuzVectorX: both could go well, it depends on your hardware setup02:22
wiesshundanyone use qemu much ?02:22
moesbazhang, 10.0402:22
BidaBoyhow can i view jpeg images in console02:22
sabinPlease some body help i am having problem with my new USB TV Box02:22
VectorXilovefairuz ok02:22
adamkexsonger: tar -xjvf i think02:22
bastidrazorBidaBoy: eog filename.jpg02:23
adamkexsonger: it is a bz2 compressed file you are dealing with not gz02:23
ChrisBuchholzHow would one go about editing /boot/grub/grub.cfg?02:24
BidaBoyok i will download it thanks02:24
BidaBoyhow about pdf files sub console02:24
bazhangsonger, better to install from repos. try aptoncd if you have an ubuntu install already02:24
adamkexChrisBuchholz: sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.conf02:24
sabinHelp http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1501570.html02:25
ChrisBuchholzadamkex: and that will apply to grub.cfg ?02:25
bastidrazorBidaBoy: evince02:25
adamkexChrisBuchholz: that command will allow you to edit that file02:25
bastidrazorBidaBoy: no need to download these applications. Ubuntu comes with them already.02:25
songerbazhang, i can use it offline?02:25
soundbugive just installed ubuntu 10.04 64 bit version and have no sound, is this a known issue?02:25
BidaBoyok thanks02:25
bazhangsonger, aptoncd lets you create a repo for offline use , sure02:25
adamkexsonger: did you try turning it on?02:25
ChrisBuchholzadamkex: yes, but what about /boot/grub/grub.cfg? It says its read-only even though i open it as superuser ?02:26
BidaBoyand video files?02:26
bazhangChrisBuchholz, dont edit that directly02:26
bastidrazorBidaBoy: totem02:26
ChrisBuchholzbazhang: what would i do then?02:26
cens0redWhen does official support for 9.10 cease?02:26
bazhangChrisBuchholz, read the grub2 wiki yet?02:26
thune3ChrisBuchholz: if you are on grub2 simple stuff is done by editing /etc/default/grub and running update-grub02:27
adamkexsonger: turn the sound on02:27
bazhang!aptoncd | songer02:27
ubottusonger: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline02:27
ChrisBuchholzbazhang: nope, i figured i would do much rather see this thing working, and then, as i can relax, dig into it :P02:28
ChrisBuchholzthune3: i hear you02:28
bazhangChrisBuchholz, well check what thune3 said, but a read of the wiki is very informative02:28
songerbazhang, can you tellme more how to use  aptond, or a tutorial to creat repo offline like start dict dictionaris02:28
ChrisBuchholzbazhang: yes indeed02:29
bazhangsonger, you have an ubuntu install now? and wish to put stardict on another ubuntu install?02:29
songerubottu, i did not know that but  in thos same pc i want to use startdict offline02:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:30
sam__any 1 know about nvidia drivers?02:30
bazhangsam__, ask a question please02:30
sam__i have installed 10.04 and my screen is off set just a few pixels02:31
songersorry i did know not about APPtonCD02:31
sabinplease help coz forum could not help me on this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1501570.html02:31
songerbut i want to use startdict en this pc, some times i have not conecction02:31
sam__the biggest problem is when i try to set up special effect it makes my screen 640x48002:31
murchersonhelp I need to know how to enable logging to a file for vlc please02:31
bazhangsonger, install aptoncd then create a repo with it02:31
songerok i'll try it02:32
bazhang!here | sabin02:32
ubottusabin: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com02:32
sam__when i say special effect i mean like the wobbly windows etc..02:32
charles__eat shit02:32
charles__bark at the moon02:32
BidaBoyi want an image viewer sub console02:32
sabinI have bought a USB TV Box device (Gadmei USB TV Box UTV 332E). But my ubuntu does not recognize it. While it works perfectly on windows with its CD driver.02:33
=== Horus is now known as Guest79282
BidaBoycan any one help02:34
sabinBus 001 Device 002: ID 1f71:330102:34
sam__i recently installed ubuntu 10.04 and when i try to enable effects that need 3d ac graphics my screen sets to 640x48002:34
sabinthat was my lsub output02:35
BidaBoyhelp! an image viewer in console02:35
solow-laptopCould someone explain why i'm getting this: http://pastie.org/105789002:35
sam__im a noob still02:37
BidaBoyan image viewer sub console02:37
kerebrussam__ what is your graphics card and chipset?02:37
bazhangBidaBoy, why do you need that02:37
IdleOneBidaBoy: please stop repeating so quickly02:37
BidaBoyto images02:37
coz_BidaBoy,  i did see one a while back let me check02:37
sam__my grapgics card is a nvidia all i know chip set no idea what that is how do i find out?/02:37
bazhangBidaBoy, why do you need that. explain02:37
kaelesHas anyone had success using mono develop to build .net 4 apps on ubuntu?02:37
cylobi am wanting to install ubuntu but im not sure if i'll know how to get my wireless adapter working for the internet. can someone help02:38
BidaBoyi want to view images in console02:38
bazhangBidaBoy, yes. why.02:38
coz_BidaBoy,  there was one named  "fbi"   but you had to view images as root  let me see if there is a more up to date one02:38
BidaBoyim using ubuntu server an font want to install any desktop02:38
kerebrussam__ do you know how to use the console?02:38
sam__i know how to open it yes02:38
sam__u mean terminal right?02:39
zemel1138Hi!  I was wondering if anyone could please help me very quickly.  I am trying to install and use SFML.  I downloaded the package from the site and installed it, and had no compiler errors with this program.  However, I got the following error: "X Error of failed request:  GLXUnsupportedPrivateRequest" -- could anyone help me with this, please?02:39
coz_BidaBoy,   maybe one named  ZGV  or  dfbsee02:39
BidaBoyok i will try, thanks02:39
wiesshundanyone real familiar with qemu?02:40
kerebrussam__ check your private messages02:40
coz_BidaBoy,  I dont think you are going to like zgv02:42
BidaBoyhow about fbi02:42
wiesshundpeople should really buy a cheap usb cdrom when they get a netbook eeepc etc ;/02:42
BidaBoyit send me a message about dejavu !?02:42
deanhi why is my /boot/grub/menu.lst empty even though i have partitions and stuff02:42
coz_BidaBoy,  let me check hold on02:42
bastidrazordean: grub2 does not have a menu.lst file.02:43
bazhangdean, its grub202:43
bastidrazorubottu: tell dean about grub202:43
ubottudean, please see my private message02:43
deanhow do i check ur private message on irssi?02:44
wiesshundcylob,  what kind of wireless adapter02:44
bastidrazordean:  change to that window .. /window #02:44
coz_BidaBoy,  well fbi runs within terminal but I havent opened an image yet02:44
BidaBoyyes i think its about colors02:45
kerebrusAnyone know how to get compiz working?02:46
wiesshundcylob, ?02:46
jacob_hey guys, I'm trying to install rar and i'm getting this message, Package rar is not available, but is referred to by another package02:48
jacob_is there a way to resolve this, thx in advance02:48
shell-fuwhat's the difference between logical & primary memory/volumes/etc??????02:48
BidaBoycoz_, have u tryed to download file using w3m?02:48
coz_BidaBoy,   no I have not02:49
BidaBoycoz_, ok02:49
coz_BidaBoy,  and I cant find any other terminal based image viewers02:49
ChrisBuchholzI have tried to add the plob boot manager menu entry to grub, but i get an error every time. http://pastebin.com/AFYC52QN - I have just copy-pasted it from the link http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/how-to-boot-from-an-usb-stick-without-bios-support-using-grub2-776192/ so i dont really see whats wrong. I have also checked the syntax, but nothings seems to be off02:49
BidaBoycoz_, ok thaks02:49
togdarfree VM to run ubuntu on windows 7?  VM workstation is out of my current budget02:50
coz_BidaBoy,  no problem...you can continue the serach on google  with    terminal based image viewers as the search string or something similiar to that02:50
coz_BidaBoy,  console based   etc02:50
solow-laptopwhat command in terminal should i use to view available packages for php5?02:50
Jordan_UChrisBuchholz: Add your custom entry to the end of /etc/grub.d/40_custom02:51
BidaBoycoz_, i searched, and i founded a lot but none is cool02:51
togdarphp -i | grep <packacge>... or find your php.ini02:51
BidaBoycoz_, i think about to make some one02:51
izedplease, how can i configure my gnome-panel in lucid? the context-menu doesnt give options anymore02:52
solow-laptoptogdar, Wth? :P02:52
coz_BidaBoy,  no none are cool at all  and most are irritating at best....02:52
solow-laptopI mean stuff like php5-xdebug, etc02:52
coz_BidaBoy,  again ...why do you want this to be in terminal?02:52
solow-laptopPackages, there's a command to view the list.02:52
ChrisBuchholzJordan_U, oh, damn. I should be going to bed and get my head straight it, it seems ! :D02:52
kerebrustogdar google sun virtual box02:52
solow-laptopnever mind than. I'll google. great help...02:53
togdarsolow-laptop: you looking to check to see whats there or get new stuff?  Sorry - im a noob.  Think you want to look at apt-get for packages02:53
togdarkerebrus: thanks02:53
rafabHi. It's possible to dd the ISO file into a flash drive and boot and install from it?02:54
BidaBoycoz_, it's because my brother, when im out he toutch my pc, and im wonder he toutch my document, but in terminal he cant do anythink02:54
coz_BidaBoy,  ah I see  :)02:54
Jordan_Urafab: No, use a tool like unetbootin.02:54
deanjordan_U i did everything and it still wont work02:54
kerebrusrafab you wanting to install ubuntu from a usb drive?02:54
rafabJordan_U thanks02:54
subspiderhi i can't get email with evolution from hotmail is that normal ??02:55
Jordan_Urafab: You're welcome.02:55
rafabkerebrus, yes, I'm an Arch user myself,02:55
rafabkerebrus, arch ISO can be dd'ed to a flash drive without any trouble02:55
Jordan_Udean: Does selecting the windows entry still bring you back to grub?02:55
subspiderrafab, arch is amazing man02:55
deanjordan_u: yes it does02:55
rafabsubspider, I know, that's why use it ;)02:55
wiesshundheh he wanted apt-cache02:55
rafabI want Ubuntu for my sis laptop :P02:56
deanjordan_u: i followed every instruction exactly\02:56
=== EndEng|dev is now known as EndEng1|afk
subspiderrafab, pacman rules :)02:56
rafabwell, I'll download some crap to make the flash drive booteable02:56
Jordan_Udean: Did you point testdisk to your first partition?02:56
wiesshundBidaBoy,  dont give him password to log on your pc02:56
subspidersome help on evolution will be apritiated :)02:56
deanjodan_u: i pointed it to my second because my first was a reserve02:56
Mr_Sonoma!ask | subspider02:57
ubottusubspider: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:57
izedhow can i configure my gnome-panel in lucid? the context-menu doesnt exists anymore02:57
revarrI have a acer aspire 5740 with Ubuntu 10.4.  The screens brightness is on max all the time.  I have attempted to change the GRUB perameters without success.  The system does not find and acer wmi acpi.  What should I do?02:57
Bogus8Hello, I'm trying to run fuppes on 10.4 server... got it installed but when I run it, it gives me an "unable to open database file" from sqlite302:57
BidaBoycoz_, i dont want that02:57
dominicdinadasamba help anybody ?02:57
ilovefairuzrevarr: func key + arrows?02:57
BidaBoycoz_ have u tried programming sub ubuntu02:58
revarrshows changes on the birghtness bar02:58
revarrilovefairuz: but no real effect02:58
ilovefairuzrevarr: is there sun-like symbols on the arrow keys ?02:59
revarryes and I have used them02:59
revarrI have also used the controls via power management02:59
ilovefairuzrevarr: that's hardware them, these arrows should work even before ubuntu starts02:59
sindegraAnyone know how to stop lubuntu from automtically booting the x server/lxdm?03:00
revarr-well they do show the change03:00
revarrwonder how it could of been damaged03:01
revarrilovefairuz: also what about the whole not recognizing he wmi acpi03:01
revarror whatever it says right before loading03:01
=== Seahorse_ is now known as Seahorse
subspidersindegra, you mean uninstall lxde ?03:02
Bogus8Anyone know of a good place to seek some fuppes help? (irc channel? Forum?)03:02
ilovefairuzrevarr: what shows the change?03:02
sindegrasubspider: no, not completely. I just want to stop it from booting. I only want my virtual terminals, so to speak.03:02
ilovefairuzrevarr: does they work before ubuntu boots?03:03
wiesshundsindegra,  see msg03:03
=== yah_ is now known as Nigelz
revarrwell the screen is lower brightness03:04
subspidersindegra, you mean pressing ctrl + f5 ?? after login ??03:04
revarralso they worked in windows 703:04
sindegrasubspider: no idea what that does.03:04
sindegrawiesshund: let met check that out.03:04
subspidersindegra, it give you cmd03:04
=== brishu_ is now known as brishu
subspidersindegra, if you do it now03:05
sindegrasubspider: you mean, ctrl+alt+f5?03:05
subspidersindegra, to start x again press ctrl + f703:05
subspidersindegra, maybe i usaully press ctrl + f503:06
wiesshundsubspider,  i think he wants the machine to boot to a text console only, unless i misunderstood03:06
sindegrawiesshund: you're correct.03:06
wiesshundsindegra, just need to look over that page, to change the run levels03:07
subspiderwiesshund, but what is the advantage ??03:07
coz_BidaBoy,  no I dont think so... but I have to break here  ...sorry...I will be back in a few minutes :)03:07
BidaBoycoz_ ok03:07
subspiderwiesshund, can you give me the page to i would like to see that03:07
wiesshundsubspider, lot of people dont need the gui for certain things03:07
wiesshundsubspider,  http://caulfield.info/emmet/2008/03/add-a-textonly-runlevel-to-ubu.html03:08
subspiderthnks :)03:08
wiesshundif i was runnign soemthing besides a desktop, id probably not have it boot to gui either03:09
littlebearwiesshund: um. don't we have ctl alt f1 ~f6 for the cli?03:09
sindegralittlebear: that's how it works for me03:09
Mr_Sonomasindegra, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions03:09
littlebearsindegra: exactly, I usually use the regular for gui and f1 to f6 for my cli needs03:10
Jordan_Uprogramble: Can you pastebin the output of "file -ks /dev/sdX1" (the first partition this time)?03:10
wiesshundlittlebear, that doesnt do anything though until after the fact03:10
littlebearwiesshund: O.o, it's just a few seconds03:10
programbleJordan_U: http://gist.github.com/48831603:10
revarrso no other suggestions?03:10
Dean101Jordan_U: IT WORKED!! thank you so much03:10
sam__hello back03:10
Jordan_UDean101: You're welcome :)03:11
Iam_360_slip between both!03:11
sindegraMr_Sonoma: that tut seems to assume grub1, not grub2, and I'm not quite sure how to do it in grub 203:12
subspiderwiesshund, these very usefull man03:12
Mr_Sonomalet me look again then LOL03:12
subspiderwiesshund, thnks because i have lubuntu over there as print server03:13
Kuninhmm, this doesn't look good03:13
Jordan_Uprogramble: This will only work if the unetbootin / startup disk creator app is doing things in what is IMHO the wrong way (aside from also being broken in your case). But try "install-mbr /dev/sdX".03:13
Kuninupgraded 9.10->10.04 now it's sitting at disk drive for /dev/md0 is not read yet or not present, I try to hit M as prompted to manually mount it but it does nothing03:13
Kuninin fact... it seems like my wireless keyboard isn't doing anything03:13
programbleJordan_U: happen to know what package that would be in on Arch?03:14
subspideri cant recive or send emails with evolution on hotmail acount03:16
revarrdoes anyone else have an acer aspire 5740 that has Ubuntu working with brightness control?03:16
Sunzaruanyone nkow how to get wine to run eve-online ?  i've looked at some articles but can't get it to get past the splash screen03:16
Kuninok... crap... wireless (logitech) keyboard not working, I don't have a physical connection to use temporarily, and system won't boot fully due to fstab/rdadm not auto-mounting my raid arrays... anyone have an idea?03:17
subspiderSunzaru, hi maybe i can help03:17
sindegrawiesshund: I figured it out.03:17
sindegrawiesshund: I just booted rebooted and started in tty103:18
subspidersindegra, nice  :)03:18
sindegraalthough you have to edit not menu.lst if you have grub203:18
wiesshundsindegra, cool03:18
thune3sindegra: oh you found a method, i was just testing one out...03:18
sindegrathune3: did it work?03:18
thune3sindegra: i just moved /etc/init/gdm.conf to /etc/init/gdm.noexec  . That prevented the gui from starting, and led right to terminal.03:19
Jordan_Uprogramble: Not off hand, the project is unfortunately simply named "mbr" and source code can be found here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~neilt/03:19
Evolution-Xi have 3 diferent recovery at star up03:20
Evolution-Xis that normal03:20
Jordan_Uprogramble: I think that syslinux has similar boot sector code and a command to install it.03:20
Mr_Sonomasindegra, good, i had just found a wiki on grub2 that i thought maybe would help. but now it looks like you dont need it LOL03:21
sindegrathune3: nice. I edited /etc/default/grub and added the text boot option, then ran sudo grub-update (I have grub2)03:21
sindegraMr_Sonoma: figured it all out on my own. Apparently the boot options from grub1 are pretty much the same as grub2.03:22
=== hasen_ is now known as hasen
Jordan_Uprogramble: You can also just try chainloading the first partition from grub or any other bootloader.03:22
=== wildbat_laptop is now known as wildbat
Evolution-X3 diferent recivery at start up what thats mean ?03:22
programbleJordan_U: the computer i plan to use this on eventually will have windows 7 on it, so thats not an option03:23
thune3sindegra: yeah, i think the text boot option is probably the best. Then "start gdm" will just launch your gui without intervention.03:23
Mr_Sonomasindegra, yea but reading that wiki looks like menu.lst has been replaced by 2 files, one of witch is not user editable03:23
Kk2why the new 64bits version are not for daily users?03:23
=== geowany is now known as The_Vampyre
programbleJordan_U: it says this is not a bootable disk (trying in qemu)03:24
sindegraMr_Sonoma: yes. the /etc/default/grub file is editable, which is the one I changed.03:24
jatsQuick question: when I delete or move files, df and nautilus don't report any more free space, even after a reboot. What's happening?03:24
Jordan_Uprogramble: I meant to test it out. Basically you currently have no boot code at all in your mbr, a microsoft style mbr just chainloads the first partition marked "active".03:24
wiesshundjats,  did you empty the trash bin?03:24
jatswiesshund: yep.03:24
programbleJordan_U: i think im just going to have to burn a cd, boot it, then use the usb creation tool03:25
jatsKk2: Not all computers support 64-bit Operating systems like Ubuntu. Also, some drivers and programs don't work on 64-bit linux.03:26
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
ericthehaxi have a g-pen f610 and whenever i "click" (press the pen tip) it will then act weird until i pull the pen out of range03:26
bazhangKk2, that's a poorly worded web page. 64bits is fine03:27
Jordan_Uprogramble: If unetbootin and Ubuntu's tool really aren't writing a bootable mbr (simply assuming that a microsoft style one already exists, which to be fair is true for most drives) then it's a bug that needs to be fixed. If you could confirm that this is the case it would be helpfull.03:27
jatsThis probably is redundant, but other programs are reporting they can't write to disk either.03:27
programbleJordan_U: at this point i think the usb creator didn't work because i was runing it on arch.. it required a fair bit of hacking to even get it to half work03:28
matthew__what is the ubuntu equivalent of asoundconf?03:28
Jordan_Uprogramble: What about unetbootin though?03:28
jatsKk2, bazhang is right, it should probably be worded "not recommended for people unsure if their computer supports 64-bit programing.03:28
programbleJordan_U: i have no idea03:28
thune3jats: i suspect your fs has errors and needs to be fsck-ed. You can look at dmesg log or /var/log/syslog for your drive letter to see if an error is reported.03:28
Jordan_Uprogramble: That should work fine in arch.03:28
newubuntu10_04us I just installed Ubuntu for the first time and I'm trying to figure out a few things. I hope this is the place to com to find patient people that have answers...:) The first thing I'm trying to do is run a program SpyNoMore from http://spynomore.com and I can't seem to get it to install. I'm starting there, because my computer had a VERY stubborn virus that required removing the partitions from the fixed disk...so welcome t03:29
jatsthune3: thanks, I'll try that.03:29
rileyp http://pastebin.com/b95Bd1QY can anyone help me do that?03:29
programblenewubuntu10_04us: anti-spyware is not needed on ubuntu03:29
Jordan_Uprogramble: If you wait a minute I can give you a small disk image that you can use to test my theory in qemu.03:29
programbleJordan_U: sure03:30
oafhow to safely remove u stick with command?03:30
newubuntu10_04usI love your confidence programable.03:30
programblenewubuntu10_04us: ask anyone :P03:30
Mr_Sonomanewubuntu10_04us, is that a windows program? ubuntu is not windows ;)03:30
jatsnewubuntu10_04us: I don't think any anti-spyware apps run on Ubuntu.03:30
sindegranewubuntu10_04us: it seems incredible but true. you really don't need spyware.03:30
sindegranewubuntu10_04us: and not only because all the spyware is focused on windows platforms03:31
newubuntu10_04usSo, does that mean there are no apps developed? I don't know if it's windows only or not. That is why I came here. I figured someone would either know or be able to direct me to a valuable product.03:31
jatsnewubuntu: Unfortunately, I don't think you can automatically remove spyware from a windows partition from within Ubuntu.03:31
bastidrazoroaf: umount /path/to/usbstick03:31
Mr_Sonomanewubuntu10_04us, you don't need anti spyware on ubuntu03:31
sindegranewubuntu10_04us: there's like linux spyware discovered once ever 5 years03:31
sindegranewubuntu10_04us: or probably less!03:32
newubuntu10_04usjats: my windows partition is GONE...I removed the whole partition table before booting to the U disk.03:32
programblenewubuntu10_04us: then you dont need anti-spyware or anti-virus03:32
oafbastidrazor: i use that command but it's is different with i click in a gui03:32
Mr_Sonomanewubuntu10_04us, then install ubuntu and have no fear! :D03:32
bazhangnewubuntu10_04us, you can install a rootkit hunter if you wish. there is ZERO need for anti-spyware03:32
revarrdoes anyone else have an acer aspire 5740 that has Ubuntu working with brightness control?03:32
jatsnewubuntu10_04: Ubuntu can be used to fix Windows partitions, so that's what I thought you might have been doing.03:32
Jordan_Uprogramble: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/chainload.iso use it as a virtual CD.03:33
bastidrazoroaf: how so? do both methods unmount the usb stick?03:33
newubuntu10_04usMr_Sonoma I'm running from my new Ubuntu installation right now.03:33
ssbplsi am back03:33
oafbastidrazor: i test this two method , the command way can not completely remove u stick03:34
ssbplswhat's the best movie player for ubuntu?03:34
programbleJordan_U: what exactly do you want me to do?03:34
sindegrassbpls: mplayer, maybe?03:34
newubuntu10_04usbazhang: Is there one you'd recommend? Or a site with sw recommendations?03:34
bastidrazoroaf: can you be more specific?03:34
jatsssbpls: vlc, probably.03:34
bazhangnewubuntu10_04us, from the repos chkrootkit and rkhunter03:35
ssbplsuse the ubuntu tweek to get it?03:35
bazhang!software > newubuntu10_04us03:35
ubottunewubuntu10_04us, please see my private message03:35
bazhangnewubuntu10_04us, you should really have a read of the ubuntu manual03:35
oafbastidrazor: i have said it.that command can not safely remove u stick like clicking in a gui03:35
bazhang!manual | newubuntu10_04us03:35
ubottunewubuntu10_04us: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:35
newubuntu10_04usbazhang: Awesome...thanks!!03:35
jatsssbpls: VLC does audio just as well and is cross-platform (if you run other OS's)03:36
Jordan_Uprogramble: qemu -cdrom chainload.iso /dev/sdX03:36
newubuntu10_04us<<<< Thanks bazhang!!03:36
revarrguess not03:36
ssbplsjats:thank u ,in my computer,i have there OS03:36
programbleJordan_U: it wont boot from the CD with the USB in there :\03:37
jatsssbpls: you're welcome!03:37
bastidrazoroaf: explain how it does not. umount is the command to unmount drives/partitions03:37
oafbastidrazor: i click that icon of u stick and select safely remove.the folder in /media/u disappear.but when i use command, the folder still at there.03:39
iluminator101when i tried to install ubuntu 10.04 i got this error gblib error 32303:39
iluminator101what is that03:39
bastidrazoroaf: what is the exact command your using?03:39
oafof cause  umount !!03:39
sindegraoaf: maybe try copy-pasting what you put in and the results you got from that03:40
Jordan_Uprogramble: It should. If it isn't then try "kvm -cdrom chainload.iso -hda /dev/sdX -boot d"03:40
iluminator101when i tried to install ubuntu 10.04 i got this error gblib error 32303:40
oafsindegra: no03:40
programbleJordan_U: my CPU doesn't support KVM03:40
Spaztic_OneHow can I view the screen, or at least what was said, that is there immediately before login?03:41
oafsindegra: i have stop all progress03:41
bastidrazoroaf umount by itself can not magically determine what you want to unmount. you have to tell it what to do.03:41
oafbastidrazor: god, i of cause use that command , umount /media/u03:41
oafbastidrazor: is it right?03:42
programbleJordan_U: i had this other idea. do you know how to get a vm in vbox see my usb stick?03:42
Kuninhmm, after upgrading to 10.04 one of my drives isn't mounting which breaks my raid array...03:42
bastidrazoroaf: yes, did the icon disappear from your desktop? unless you've changed things anything mounted in /media will appear there.03:42
oafbastidrazor: i have said that it have not disappeared03:43
programbleJordan_U: also, with the chainloader iso, it still says its not a bootable disk03:43
oafbastidrazor: so i think that command is different with click gui03:44
iluminator101when i tried to install ubuntu 10.04 i got this error glib error 32303:44
* programble gives up03:44
newubuntu10_04usbazhang: I can't seem to figure out where chkrootkit put it's icon or perhaps it runs from the terminal?03:44
programblei have spent literally all day and some of last night trying to do this03:44
bastidrazoroaf: read the manpage of umount: man umount03:44
bazhangnewubuntu10_04us, its a terminal (cli ) program, just type the name and let it run; there may be a false positive or so, don;t be alarmed03:45
oafbastidrazor: ok, i have read it.03:45
=== an is now known as Guest98707
Jordan_Uprogramble: If this works then it's just a matter of installing "mbr" in archlinux.03:45
newubuntu10_04usbazhang: cool03:45
oafbastidrazor: ok, forget it03:45
oafbastidrazor: i google it03:45
bastidrazoroaf: okay, best of luck.03:46
programbleJordan_U: what works?03:46
iluminator101when i tried to install ubuntu 10.04 i got this error glib error 32303:46
Jordan_Uprogramble: "kvm -cdrom chainload.iso -hda /dev/sdX -boot d"03:46
jatsiluminatior101: have you tried googling it?03:46
iluminator101yea no luck03:47
Kuninhey, reboot worked... the M$ fix shouldn't work on linux!03:47
programbleJordan_U: that didnt work03:47
plouffeDoes anyone know how I can get an invite to #php03:48
bazhangplouffe, register03:48
KB1JWQj #php03:48
bazhangplouffe, /join #freenode03:48
KB1JWQIt's ##php03:49
bazhang!register > plouffe03:49
ubottuplouffe, please see my private message03:49
subspiderthat bot is cool03:49
plouffeok thanks03:49
plouffe##php didn't work03:49
iluminator101jats if it was a bad burn or disk it would have booted up and went this far right or...03:49
jatsilluminator101: I don't know offhand...Is glib "error 323" all that comes up?03:49
bastidrazorplouffe: you need to be registed to join #php03:50
jatsilluminator101: It probably would have errored out sooner if the disk/burn was bad.03:50
subspiderplouffe, see my msg ok03:51
ralliasHi. How do i change the precidence that I autoconnect to wireless networks?03:51
ericthehaxare there settings i can change regarding my pen tablet?03:52
Jordan_Uprogramble: What happened?03:54
ssbplswhat's the matter?03:54
ralliasI am trying to figure out how to reorganize the order that the wireless autoconnect works in03:54
bastidrazorrallias: right click on the nm-applet in the panel and uncheck  Connect Automatically in the profiles of the network03:54
PureSinehello, I'm ubuntu first user I want to install jdownload it says    1. wget must be installed on system!   2. Download jd.sh   3. chmod +x jd.sh   4.start jd.sh, how can I chmod +x jd.sh ?03:56
Jordan_Uprogramble: I need to leave for about an hour, but chainload.iso is definitely bootable.03:56
* uRock Exiting stage left....03:56
tensorpuddingPureSine: it means, use chmod +x jd.sh in the terminal03:57
tensorpuddingthat adds execution permissions to the file03:57
PureSinethanks, I try that03:57
programbleJordan_U: yes, it is. after i choose the "chainload blah blah" from the menu, it says that03:58
tensorpuddingyou can achieve the same effec in nautilus though03:58
ssbplswhat's the other system tool except ubuntu tweek?03:58
tensorpuddingby finding the file, right clicking, Going to Properties then Permissions and toggling the Execution part03:58
macossbpls: uh... gconf-editor?03:59
thune3!hi | wowy04:01
ubottuwowy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:01
ssbplswhat's the best IDE for Python?04:01
=== eduardo is now known as dualbus
tensorpuddingssbpls: ask #python04:02
ssbplstensorpudding:give me the sofeware name04:02
tensorpuddingor if you really want my personal opinion, emacs.04:02
a__como estan amigos,soy nuevo en esto del irc04:02
Bogus8Hello, I'm trying to run fuppes on 10.4 server... got it installed but when I run it, it gives me an "unable to open database file" from sqlite304:03
tensorpudding!es | a__04:03
ubottua__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:03
=== warren is now known as Guest87537
a__ok,lo intentare04:03
Spaztic_OneHow can I view the screen, or at least what was said, that is there immediately before login?04:04
tensorpuddingSpaztic_One: if the channel is logged, read the logs04:04
=== _pg__ is now known as _pg_
Spaztic_Onetensorpudding: How would I do that?04:05
tensorpuddingThe logs for this channel are probably at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com04:05
Spaztic_Onetensorpudding: No, when starting up my computer04:05
ericthehaxis there a conf to edit for tablet settings04:05
Spaztic_Onetensorpudding: Probably should have been more clear on what I was asking04:06
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: remove quiet splash from /etc/default/grub   then do a sudo update-grub04:06
nullwireI just used smbmount to mount a network drive. Where can I add this so that it mounts automatically on startup?04:06
ssbplswhat's the best IDE for c in ubuntu?04:06
JoeMaverickSettssbpls, use the terminal to compile?04:07
tensorpuddingssbpls: notepad04:07
tensorpuddingyour questions are like asking us what the tastiest fruit is04:07
wiesshundssbpls, pico04:07
bazhang!ide > ssbpls04:07
ubottussbpls, please see my private message04:07
bastidrazornullwire: probably /etc/fstab04:07
wiesshundtensorpudding, well of course we all know the answer to that is mango04:08
dualbusssbpls: If you want a full IDE, try using Netbeans with C/C++ plugin. Else, use gedit + gcc04:08
nullwireyeah just found my way there. any idea what to do in /etc/fstab?04:08
tensorpuddingit's not really possible to completely describe what a blueberry tastes like on IRC.04:08
nullwiresmbmount looks like smbmount //server/share /localdir -o username=user,password=pass04:08
tensorpuddingor why you should consider it when there are strawberries04:08
sindegrawiesshund: I have to agree with that. Mango is darn tasty.04:08
nullwirecan i just paste that in fstab?04:08
thune3Bogus8: thi instructions here (which should use checkinstall instead of make install) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1310511, seem to indicate that the first command you give to fuppes is 'r', and 'v' to set things up. I'm no expert and just refer you to instructions on that page.04:08
PureSinewell I tried to change the permission of the downloaded file but after running that nothing happened. maybe I don't have wget on my system as it had been indicated. anyway  I don't find any executable file in its address  https://launchpad.net/~jd-team/+archive/jdownloader, as I said I'm ubuntu first user and I am not familiar with extensions like gz,.... I was looking for .exe files04:09
bastidrazornullwire: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently04:09
Bogus8thune3: thanks for the effort but you probably got to that page because of my post which is the last one referring to this problem04:09
Bogus8google was amazingly fast indexing that page (less than 20 mins after I posted)04:10
Bogus8thune3: that IS the guide that I followed :(04:10
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: What does quiet splash do?04:10
sindegraPureSine: linux doesn't use .exe files to indicate executables.04:10
nullwirelastly, when i type name: message in irc does it automatically highlight it for the person im sending to?04:10
thune3Bogus8: i actaully got there through http://fuppes.ulrich-voelkel.de/wiki/index.php?title=Compiling_on_Ubuntu_Linux04:10
sindegraPureSine: a file has either the permission +x (executable) or not04:10
Bogus8thune3: same as me then04:11
nullwirenullwire: test04:11
sindegraPureSine: if it does you run it in the terminal with ./filename when you're in the correct directory04:11
PureSinesindegra, can you tell me where in the address should I click to get jdownwloader please ?04:11
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: quiet hides all the things going on during boot.  splash gives you the Ubuntu logo with loading dots. by removing them you will see text scrolling by as things get loaded04:11
tophello, I have a problem where I put ubuntu into hibernate and I pull it out of Hibernate and have no internet connection. can any one help me im new to ubuntu04:11
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: Ah, ok. Is there any way to review what all that text was after boot?04:12
blendmaster1024_nullwire, yes04:12
blendmaster1024_nullwire, except for yourself :)04:13
nullwireah, ty :)04:13
sindegraPureSine, that's a link to the ppa.04:13
nullwirethanks ubuntu chat, ur always handy04:13
sindegraPureSine: you can use apt-get to get your jdownloader if you add the ppa to your sources.lst04:13
PureSineoh that's getiing more complex do I need to download apt-get too04:14
josuealguem sabe como ativar os efeitos visuais no ubuntu 10.404:14
sindegraPureSine: you already have apt-get, or at least you should04:14
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: you need to enable bootlogging. edit /etc/default/bootlogd and change BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=No   to Yes.. when you boot a log will be created in /var/log/boot04:15
mrecis there any way to temporary disable the screensaver? it's a little bit annoying that the system goes into standby when watching TV04:15
sindegraPureSine: you can actually get wget by doing the following: sudo apt-get install wget04:15
tensorpudding!es | josue04:15
ubottujosue: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:15
PureSinesindegra, you mean I type that in terminal ?04:15
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: Thank you. So, if that was not enabled, there is no way to see all of the messages?04:15
sindegraPureSine: yeah. Although maybe apt-get uses wget. I dunno anymore04:15
sindegraPureSine: try it anyway04:16
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: nothing has been logged previous to enabling this so no record of previous boots.04:16
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: what about the current boot?04:16
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: same.04:16
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: Alright, thank you. Reason why I'm asking about this is because I saw something listed as "failed" and wanted to know what it was.04:17
topcan some one help me with my network problem04:17
blendmaster1024_anyone know a way to record the sound coming out of an arbitrary alsa program into audacity or something similar? my sound card doesn't have a loopback device.04:17
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: Oh, do I need to update anything for the bootlogd like I did for changing grub's settings?04:19
josueo meu e em portugues04:20
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: no, a reboot will populate the log file.04:20
ubottuEntre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:20
Spaztic_Onebastidrazor: Ok, thank you for your help.04:20
bastidrazorSpaztic_One: best of luck04:20
mudit1141i have ubuntu insalled, somtimes i get some screen flickering and the computers power gets off !04:21
thune3mrec: low tech way is to run "gnome-screensaver-command --inhibit" in a terminal, and then ctrl-c when you don't need it anymore.04:21
mudit1141is this related ubuntu in anyway ? can i see any log ?04:21
topmy network does not work on my ubuntu box following hibernation. i read the problem was in the netwpork manager i have removed it. how do i manually connect to the internet in the terminal.04:22
PureSinex jd.sh04:22
mrecthune3: ah great!04:22
=== warren_ is now known as Guest46452
adamkextop: what type of network?04:22
Guest46452how do i put antivirus on ubuntu04:22
adamkexGuest46452: for a server or desktop?04:22
ownerProblem. Just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and grub broke04:23
bazhangGuest46452, you dont need one.04:23
ownerI'm booted in live mode how do I fix it04:23
sindegraPureSine: wrong window there :P04:23
topadamkex: standard wired.04:23
adamkexbazhang: servers may need AV04:23
xangua!virus | Guest4645204:23
ubottuGuest46452: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:23
mudit1141i have ubuntu insalled, somtimes i get some screen flickering and the computers power gets off. can i see a log on what is happening on my machine?04:23
bazhangadamkex, for windows mail perhaps, not for ubuntu though04:23
adamkextop: type in "sudo dhclient eth0" and see if it works04:23
Zykloni would think only for servers because of mass file transfers04:24
adamkexbazhang: yes for mailing servers04:24
topadamkex: kk 1 moment04:24
david18hi my name is David04:24
Zyklonhi David?04:24
david18I am from Ecuador04:24
david18Hi Zyklon04:24
wowyzyklon  you  name ?04:24
bazhangdavid18, ubuntu support question?04:24
ownerthat's my non working grub.cfg please help04:25
ericthehaxlets hear it, dave. ur lucky, ur not invisible04:25
david18I want to pratice04:25
PureSinesindegra, yes sorry, my Num pad also does not work here so I do a lot of mistakes sorry, byt when I try start jd.sh it says start: Unknown job: jd.sh04:25
wowyzyklon   from?04:25
ericthehaxpractice what04:25
adamkexPureSine: press numlock04:25
blitzohow can i benchmark the 32bit version vs the 64bit version?  the 64bit seems to run slower04:25
mudit1141i have ubuntu hardy insalled,i get some screen flickering and the computers hangs . can i see a log on what is happening on my machine?04:25
sindegraPureSine: jd.sh can't be started with the start command04:26
ericthehaxand ur question IS?04:26
ownerSOS!!! I just upgraded to 10.04 and my GRUB does not work http://pastebin.com/pzJZYCnG04:26
ownerI'm in live mode04:26
mudit1141am i a invisible man ?04:26
bazhangdavid18, try ##english or #ubuntu-offtopic this is ubuntu support only04:26
blitzomudit1141, why are you running an old version?04:26
sindegraPureSine: get in the directory where jd.sh is, and type ./jd.sh04:26
PureSineadamkex, no problem is more complex than that I run ubuntu inside a virtual machine and num pad does not work at all04:26
ownermudit1141 join the club of invisible people04:26
ownermudit1141 I think that anyone needing help here is invisible like you and me.04:26
topadamkex: I love you :) it did work04:27
adamkexPureSine: ok04:27
ownerSOS!!! I just upgraded to 10.04 and my GRUB does not work http://pastebin.com/pzJZYCnG04:27
adamkextop: remember though, you will need to do that everytime04:27
blitzomudit1141, why are you running an old version04:27
sindegraowner: that's a grub2 file right? try running sudo grub-update and see if it will automatically fix it.04:27
Guest46452how can i get my webcam working on ubuntu04:27
adamkextop: when you start your computer/connect to the internet04:27
blitzohow can i benchmark the 32bit version vs the 64bit version?  the 64bit seems to run slower04:27
ownersomdegra thanks04:27
mudit1141blitzo: would upgrading help ?04:27
bp0has anyone got lightspark working in ubuntu?04:27
PureSinesindegra, now it says ./jd.sh: line 55: java: command not found04:27
mudit1141owner thanks !04:28
=== Technik is now known as LewekLeonek
ownerOH WAIT sindegra if I'm running from a live system won't that update the grub for the live system04:28
topAdamkex: ok i will probably reinstall a better network manager then.04:28
blitzomudit1141, hardy is at least 2 years old - bugs get fixed in newer releases.04:28
adamkextop: yeah, you can also try wicd04:28
sindegraowner: yeah04:28
tensorpuddingblitzo: install both on your machine with the same software and compare the running times of programs.04:28
adamkextop: it's an alternative to network manager04:28
ownersindegra then it won't work04:28
topadamkex: ok ill try that04:28
loopyI have a q04:29
ownersindegra I can't boot my PC so how do I sudo grub-update04:29
blitzotensorpudding, i have forgotten the name of the program that times a run, pls refresh my memory04:29
jaimedowner, are you able to boot in recovery mode?04:29
ericthehaxIMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!! BLAAAAAARGH!!! ok so if i press the pen down, after i release it wont move the cursor. Being its not a touch screen I need it to. So I have to pull the pen out of range and bring it back. Is there a fix for that?04:29
ownerjaimed what part of grub don't work don't you understand?04:29
ownerjaimed there is no grub menu04:29
ownerjust a grub recovery menu04:29
sindegraowner: even if you hold shift?04:29
sindegraowner: nm04:29
loopyanyone able to answer a q?04:29
tensorpuddingblitzo: time04:29
zykl0nWhats the q?04:29
ericthehaxDo i have to spam just to not be invis?04:29
sindegraPureSine: what kind of a file is jd.sh exactly?04:30
sindegraPureSine: what's it for?04:30
jaimedyou screwed your MBR owner04:30
loopyzykl0n: I had a problem getting my usb drives detected....and04:30
blitzotensorpudding, ya ya thx!  what do you suggest that is cpu-intensive, a big make?  something else?04:30
loopyfinally, they were detected but not sure how... is there some way to trace what happened?04:30
ownerjaimed your right04:30
ownerjaimed when it upgraded it asked me what HD to install grub to04:30
adamkextop: to use wicd you need to use wicd-client, you can add that to your startup programs (don't remember where though)04:31
ericthehaxjust like walmart. Every time I come here, Im invisible.04:31
ericthehaxepic fail04:31
loopyzykl0n: not sure how because before it didn't matter04:31
ownerjaimed I selected the first partition instead of the drive04:31
zykl0nHonestly, I am not sure. Did you receive an error?04:31
PureSineI got tis for downloading jDownloader from here http://jdownloader.org/download/index (Clicked On Linux)04:31
loopythis is on an old laptop, T4104:31
bazhang!helpme | ericthehax04:31
ubottuericthehax: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude04:31
wiesshundericthehax, no you just need to wait till someone knows what the answer is04:31
ownerjaimed I think it put the stuff there instead04:31
PureSinesindegra,  I got tis for downloading jDownloader from here http://jdownloader.org/download/index (Clicked On Linux)04:31
Guest46452trying to download antivirus on ubuntu says location what do they mean04:31
ownerjaimed how can I fix this?04:31
loopyzykl0n: I had errors before04:31
blitzotensorpudding, oh and how do i edit the grub menu that asks which kernel to boot?  i already have several installs with several upgrades and can't tell them apart04:31
adamkexGuest46452: you don't need it04:31
zykl0nAnd it just magically worked again?04:31
jaimedif the data on the HD doesn't matter04:32
jaimedreinstall owner04:32
ownerjaimed can't04:32
loopyFATAL:  ehci_hcd not found.... and 'cannot enumerate ... usb device on port 3..'04:32
ownerjaimed have important stuff I can't back up04:32
jaimedif it does, you'll have to chroot to your old environment and reinstall grub04:32
loopyzykl0n: not again... first time04:32
loopyI think it might not work again...04:32
sindegraPureSine: forget that jd.sh. Just get the ubuntu package.04:32
sindegraPureSine: I'll tell you how.04:32
hanasakiwhat is a good and cheap 2 or more port pci ethernet card that works with ubuntu?  gigabit04:33
blitzohow do i edit the grub menu that asks which kernel to boot?  i already have several installs with several upgrades and can't tell them apart04:33
loopythis is in lubuntu 10.04 but i tried ubuntu 10.04 on cd.... same experience04:33
zykl0nWhat ubuntu distro are you using, llopy?04:33
ownerMaybe someone else can figure it out. SOS!!! I just upgraded to 10.04 and my GRUB does not work http://pastebin.com/pzJZYCnG04:33
loopyzykl0n: lubuntu 10.04 but experiment with live cd of ubuntu 10.04 had same problem04:33
=== MK-BB is now known as MK|BNC
blitzoedit the grub menu that asks which kernel to boot?  i already have several installs with several upgrades and can't tell them apart04:33
loopyusb connected drive would not detect or mount04:34
ownerowner is loading bullets into gun.04:34
blitzohow do i edit the grub menu that asks which kernel to boot?  i have several installs with several upgrades and can't tell them apart04:34
sindegraPureSine: go to /etc/apt/sources.list and open it up04:34
ownerowner is pointing gun at head04:34
zykl0nhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9593925 Just found this.04:34
loopyzykl0n:  but, just recently, it did ...but, i don't know why... i want to 'trace' what happened for it to mount04:34
ownerowner dropped gun04:34
jaimedblitzo /etc/default/grub is the file you have to modify04:34
ownergun went off04:34
sindegraPureSine: open it with nano or something.04:34
blitzojaimed, it's not in that file i looked already04:34
ownerowner failed to commit suicide.04:35
jaimedyou want to change the default boot blitzo?04:35
sindegraPureSine: Once you've done that add the following lines:04:35
macoowner: stop that now04:35
loopyzykl0n:  yeah04:35
ownermaco :D04:35
macoowner: suicide is not an ok topic for this channel04:35
ownermaco SOS!!! I just upgraded to 10.04 and my GRUB does not work http://pastebin.com/pzJZYCnG04:35
loopyis there a log I can trace what happened?04:35
blitzojaimed, no, i want to change the text that is displayed when i boot.  i have xubuntu and ubuntu and they both have the same kernel names04:35
sindegraPureSine: wait, I can't type em here, they're too big. just a sec.04:35
zykl0nits a bug from what seems to only affect laptops04:36
bazhang!patience | owner04:36
ubottuowner: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.04:36
=== LewekLeonek is now known as Lewek_Leonek
sindegraPureSine: http://pastebin.com/yWGyf0Lx04:36
zykl0nI would just try google, sorry that I can't help you.04:36
sindegraPureSine the codes in there04:37
jaimedowner, it won't be fixed unles you install grub in the right place04:37
PureSinesindegra, should I add to the end of file ?04:37
sindegraPureSine: after that, save the file, and run sudo apt-get install jdownloader04:37
loopyzykl0n: okay, thanks anyway... maybe they fixed the bug or maybe i just got lucky this one time?04:37
sindegraPureSine: yes04:37
jaimedgoogle for "grub reisntall mbr ubuntu" owner04:37
zykl0ndid update and work?04:37
PureSineok let me try04:37
ownerjaimed ok04:37
IdleOne!grub2 | owner04:37
ubottuowner: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:37
IdleOne!google > jaimed04:38
ubottujaimed, please see my private message04:38
blitzocan someone tell me how to change the text of the grub menu that is displayed at boot time?  i have multiple installs on my harddisk and can't tell them apart04:38
blitzosurely this is a simple ques04:39
orudiewhere can I get ubuntu live cd ?04:39
jaimedblitzo is that grub2?04:39
IdleOneorudie: www.ubuntu.com04:39
blitzojaimed, it is whatever 10.04 installs by default04:39
orudieis live cd different/separate from ubuntu desktop edition installation CD ?04:39
=== Lewek_Leonek is now known as LewekLeonek
IdleOneorudie: that is the Live cd04:40
IdleOnesure thing04:40
=== MK|BNC is now known as MK-BB
blitzoorudie, all your questions are answered at http://ubuntu.com04:40
Redcl0udI downloaded it earlier and burned it to a cdr and used it as a live cd before I installed it on my other pc04:40
jaimedblitzo /boot/grub/grub.cfg has that info04:41
jaimedhowever it's automatically modified by update-grub script04:41
jaimedso your changes might get overwritten when you install a new kernel from updates04:41
ownerSOS!!! I just upgraded to 10.04 and my GRUB does not work http://pastebin.com/pzJZYCnG04:41
sindegrablitzo: it's the etc/default/grub file you need to edit04:41
blitzojaimed, that's it - then what do i have to run to update it?04:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:42
sindegrablitzo: if you then use sudo update-grub grub.cfg gets automatically updated04:42
blitzosindegra, that is not the correct answer04:42
sindegrablitzo: nm then :P04:42
jaimedblitzo if you run update-grub you will overwrite any changes you've made04:42
jaimedjust modify and save and reboot04:43
jaimedbut keep in mind that when new kernel comes, you'll have that modified by update.grub04:43
ownergoogle has failed me for the last time!04:43
jaimedwith all the kernels found on /boot/04:43
blitzojaimed, i have multiple installs of ubuntu on my hardisk - how does grub2 know which of those grub files to read?04:43
IdleOneblitzo: those are kernels and not multiple installs04:44
jaimedby multuiple installs you mean multiple kernels??04:44
=== LewekLeonek is now known as Lewek_Leonek
IdleOneblitzo: grub will load the top most04:44
blitzoIdleOne, geez why don't ppl read the ques before the answer04:44
jaimedblitzo, IdleOne is a bot04:44
IdleOneI am?04:45
IdleOnenews to me04:45
jaimedaren't you?04:45
blitzoi have multiple installs04:45
blitzoeach install has multiple kernels.  they all look the same on a boot.  how can i tell them apart04:45
jaimedand grub is installed in the MBR, blitzo?04:45
blitzojaimed, yes04:45
coz_blitzo,  I believe you may have to rename some of them  but  for that you may have to ask someone more proficient with grub2 or maybe on #grub channel04:46
blitzocoz_ at last, a voice from the wilderness :-)04:46
coz_blitzo, :)04:46
PureSinesindegra, I can't modify because I doln't have permission and I can't change permission because I'm not the owner of sources.list :(04:46
coz_blitzo,  I know they can be renamed but I am not that proficient with grub2 and dont want to lead you in the wrong direction04:47
sindegraPureSine: I should hve told you about that. sorry.04:47
wiesshundblitzo, see msg window04:47
coz_blitzo,  you could also google   grub2 rename grub list items04:47
jaimedblitzo, you have a /boot directory for each install?04:47
bullgard4What are "common vulnerabilities and exposures" in this text: "* New upstream release v2.0.6 (SEAMONKEY_2_0_6_BUILD1); * MFSA 2010-34: Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:;   - CVE-2010-1211"?04:47
blitzojaimed, of course04:47
sindegraPureSine: run this command: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list04:47
wiesshundblitzo, http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html04:47
sindegraPureSine: atleast I am assuming you have nano.04:48
sindegraPureSine: now when you save it it should work.04:48
cablopmmmm... can i use the remote ubuntu desktop as a replacement of logmein? i was reading and it seems to be insecure04:48
jaimedbullgard4, that's a database with all knnown vulnerabilites for software04:48
PureSinesindegra, yes I have but one question how can I copy paste I mean in windows shortcut is ctrl+c04:48
bullgard4jaimed: How can access this database?04:49
cablopi wanted to use the nomachine thing, but it seems to not to access to an existing graphic session04:49
bullgard4jaimed: How can I access this database?04:49
sindegraSame as ubuntu, but you might have the page you're copying from open at the same time04:49
cablophey sindegra, could you solve your framebuffer issue?04:49
blitzowiesshund, thanks!!04:49
waterboy0911hey guys can anyone give me tips.. I can't update my ubuntu 10.04 noobie here04:49
gdbbullgard4: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-121104:49
sindegracablop: turned out to not need to solve it exactly. I got everything I wanted to work working though.04:49
cablopwaterboy0911: how are you updating it?04:49
coz_waterboy0911,  did you open a terminal and tyep   sudo apt-get update &&  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:50
bullgard4waterboy0911: Use the program "Update Manager"04:50
waterboy0911it says that it was caused by upgrading to a pre-release version of ubuntu.. what does this means?04:50
sindegraPureSine: Same as ubuntu, but you might have the page you're copying from open at the same time04:50
cablopok, sindegra i found an article about that, i had the opposite issue, my 140x900 screen was not working, you need to test the settings from grub and adjust accordingly04:50
waterboy0911that is what I am using..04:50
waterboy0911I got photos.. wait04:50
uRockHow do I start a csh shell in ubuntu?04:50
neezeranyone familliar with VPN connections? I'm having problems connecting to my VPN server with my ubuntu client, and I have no idea why.04:51
sindegracablop: with vbeinfo?04:51
blitzouRock, do you have csh installed?04:51
uRockdon't know04:51
gdbHuh, seems to lead to broken pages.  Maybe that's not such a good link.04:51
cablopsindegra if you want to know you just need to run the command vbeinfo from the grub console to see he supported modes of your vesa... or to run hwinfo --framebuffer04:51
blitzouRock, type csh at command line04:51
Saturn2888I have some packages that need to be installed and aptitude says #Broken:2 Will use 61.4kB of disk space. How do I make sure it doesn't keep restarting erroring out about stuff? http://pastie.org/private/gncuhqze38ksvmdiyum6yw04:51
cablopyes that thing, sindegra04:51
wiesshundsudo apt-get install csh04:51
uRockthax blitzo04:51
blitzouRock, if it isn't there it'll tell you to get it04:51
coz_waterboy0911,  mmm    well it does ask to try again later04:51
blitzouRock, one other04:51
coz_waterboy0911,   I would still open a terminal and try   sudo apt-get update04:51
blitzouRock, to make it your default shell edit /etc/passwd04:52
waterboy0911I try to update using terminal first.. but I got errors.. now I did try using the update manager.. still I have this problem04:52
PureSinesindegra, E: Couldn't find package jdownloader04:52
waterboy0911ok.. I'll try it again..04:52
jaimedbullgard04 http://cve.mitre.org04:52
gdbYou can also "cat /etc/shells" or "dpkg -l csh" or "ls /bin/*sh"04:52
sindegraPureSine: you added the lines?04:52
uRockblitzo, just playing with them to see the differences. Thanx04:52
coz_waterboy0911, ok  open system/administration/synatpic package manager04:52
sindegraPureSine: I am going to try it here and see if it works04:52
blitzouRock, huge differences04:52
gdbuRock: If you're familiar with bash, csh will be totally alien to you.04:53
waterboy0911I amn in the synaptic package manager04:53
coz_waterboy0911,  under the Edit menu  choose  Fix broken packages04:53
jaimeduRock: chsh scripts also does that04:53
sindegraPureSine: just a sec04:53
cablopwaterboy0911: did you installed packages from outside ubuntu repos?04:53
coz_waterboy0911,  see if any show up   if not...then  click the  Reload button and when that is done click the  Mark all upgrades  button04:53
waterboy0911where can I see fix04:53
uRockgdb, I am taking a unix/linux intro class04:53
cablopthis could be the problem04:53
waterboy0911i see04:53
coz_waterboy0911,  then hit the Apply button04:53
waterboy0911yep.. got it.. but what's next?04:54
bullgard4gdb: "CVE is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Copyright 2010, The MITRE Corporation. CVE and the CVE logo are trademarks of The MITRE Corporation. CVE-Compatible and CCE are trademarks of The MITRE Corporation. This Web site is hosted by The MITRE Corporation." Does that mean that this database is issued by a ministry of the USA...04:54
blitzouRock, usually they would focus on sh derivatives because all system shells are written in it04:54
crittI have found plenty of docs explaining how to connect ubuntu to a windows network. But can anyone tell me how to create a network between 2 ubuntu computers. NOOB here04:54
gdbuRock: Ah, okay! Sounds fun. :-)  If, during the course of that, you find you like csh, I'd recommend going with tcsh instead.04:54
cablopbut, sindegra i was reading you need to set the gfspayload to something your vesa support, and i think the vesa of those small devices could support that resolution04:54
uRockkool, thanx all04:54
jaimedbullgard4: yes04:54
cablopi'm on a netbook now, but never trie ubuntu here04:54
blitzouRock, another shell to look at is called fish, google for it04:54
bullgard4jaimed, gdb: Thank you very much for your help.04:55
uRockk, I plan to try Korn too04:55
cablophow can i start a remote desktop session?04:55
sindegracablop: no idea sir. I just solved my problems by using the intel framebuffer I have.04:55
waterboy0911do I need to click this all?04:55
blitzouRock, korn is ksh04:55
macouRock: i hope you mean ksh93. ksh88 is *pain*04:55
sindegracablop: which behaves a lot better than vesa.04:55
wiesshundcritt,  like file sharing?04:55
coz_waterboy0911,  all?04:55
blitzouRock, which backwards compat with bash and sh04:55
crittcoz yes04:55
waterboy0911do I have to install all of this? in the synaptic04:55
redlanceIs VNC the best way to do remote desktop between 2 linux machines?04:55
cablopsindegra if you have a link drop me it, please, i'm planning to move my netbook to win7 or ubuntu depending on which one is easier04:55
wiesshundcritt, right click folder for example, pick sharing options04:56
coz_waterboy0911,  if it is going to install stuff then yes   you were doing a distribution upgrade04:56
waterboy0911ohh I got an erro.. wait.. I'll print screen04:56
ross_my battery icon is not showing - how do I put it back?04:56
wiesshundcritt, to see things on your network click places network04:56
cablopredlance: i'm making same question... but geting no answers04:56
crittI can see the windows network but thers nothing listed there to connect the ubuntu computers04:56
crittI did that04:56
sindegracablop: don't really have a link. sorry. My problems were more of a phantom that I myself created than actually existing.04:56
cablopross_ add it wirh right clic in the panel, just that, afaik04:56
JULinuxUserthe symbol grub_puts_ not found04:57
wiesshundcritt, do you have 2 ubuntu computers up with somethign shared?04:57
waterboy0911ok then.. but first I will show you the error04:57
coz_waterboy0911,  ok04:57
cablopsindegra: ah, i see... it is autodetected?04:57
JULinuxUserwhen I try to boot all it says is 'grub_puts_' not found04:57
crittyes as a test I shared both music folders04:57
shawncm217Why does my Firefox 3.6.7 install on Ubuntu 10.04 x64 have the en-GB language pack installed? (I would think it needs to be en-US.)04:57
waterboy0911here it is http://s641.photobucket.com/albums/uu136/waterboy0911/?action=view&current=Screenshot-3-1.png04:58
wiesshundcritt,  hmm04:58
ross_cablop: what to add? which is the battery?04:58
sindegracablop: pretty much. if I use vbset -i (you might have to install vbset) that's the framebuffer it tells me I am using04:58
cablopshawncm217: i don't know i think they're moving to en-gb04:58
crittwiesshund I havent rebooted . Would that cause it not to show up?04:58
coz_waterboy0911,    ooo hardy release??/   open a terminal and type   lsb_release -a   or copy and paste that into terminal04:58
guesthello all any 1 know how to fix this problem? i was messing with my file and restarted my cpu then i get this message wheni reboot 90.7khz/84.6khz frequency out of range please try another resolution04:58
sindegraPureSine: I haven't forgotten about you. just  sec.04:58
cablopsindegra: ah! i'm getting more confused, lol04:58
dominicdinadabah who can help me with some samba questions... in #samba they all idling04:58
coz_waterboy0911,  dapper   whoa you must have been upgrading for some time :)04:59
waterboy0911do you need me to print screen?04:59
cablopask dominicdinada04:59
bastidrazorross_: System > Preferences > Power Management > General > Always display an icon ..is probably what you're looking for04:59
waterboy0911did I mess up bad? :(04:59
coz_waterboy0911,   no just tell me what it says04:59
coz_waterboy0911,   lsb_release -a       tell what that prints out05:00
shawncm217cablop: Thanks. That sounds like a question for the Firefox channel.05:00
cablopshawncm217: samba in firefox?05:00
dominicdinadasince a recent update yesterday my samba shared are not working. I suspect it is when grub updated the drive mappings? so the samba lines refering to the idmap gid ? in the samba prob is incorrect... can i just comment that out05:00
waterboy0911No LSB modules are available.05:00
waterboy0911Distributor ID:Ubuntu05:00
waterboy0911Description:Ubuntu 10.04 LTS05:00
FloodBot3waterboy0911: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:00
PureSinesindegra, thanks :)05:00
cablopnope nope, just look for some samba urorials in the net, samba is pretty mature and well documented here and there05:00
coz_waterboy0911,  ok the  10.04 was enough05:00
cablop!samba | dominicdinada05:00
ubottudominicdinada: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:00
shawncm217cablop: I'm not sure what you're asking.05:01
coz_waterboy0911,  ok   open synaptic package manager again05:01
wiesshundcritt, http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/05/19/how-to-share-files-and-folders-in-ubuntu/05:01
cablopah sorry i got confused shawncm21705:01
crittweishund ty05:01
sindegraPureSine: try this command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily05:01
coz_waterboy0911,  under the Settings  menu click on repositories05:01
sindegraPureSine: wait, fail05:01
sindegraPureSine: I mean05:01
mfillpotHas anyone else experienced 10.04 randomly booting into CLI and not starting GDM?05:01
coz_waterboy0911,  then click the  Other software tab05:01
shawncm217cablop: No problem.05:01
cablopshawncm217: dunno, i installed the language packs and there were no en-us in ubuntu, and it installed me too many spanish ones05:01
sindegraPureSine: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader05:02
sindegraPureSine: now do sudo apt-get install jdownloader05:02
buzaghey my usb drive isnt working05:02
coz_waterboy0911,  in the list05:02
coz_waterboy0911,   you see things starting with http://05:02
bastidrazorsindegra: you need an update in there after adding the ppa05:02
coz_waterboy0911,  yes??05:02
cablopasking again... what's the best alternative to logmein? but to see an existoing graphic session? no to start a new one05:02
waterboy0911yeah I see05:02
waterboy0911there are 5 of them05:03
sindegrabastidrazor: oh shoot you're right.05:03
togdarhow can I do a real format of a drive from the ubuntu boot disk... am i not able to because I need to mount the dive?05:03
cablopi need to be able to see aprogram that runs in a sesion that is always openned, sometimes remotely, from internet...05:03
dominicdinadacablop:  idmap gid = 16777216-3355443105:03
dominicdinada................ is invalid :/ I read and know where to find the documents and have looked....... it was working up till the last reboot then nothing05:03
coz_waterboy0911,  grab the corner of that dialog and reisze it so you can see each line in it's entirety05:03
sindegraPureRazor: before running the sudo apt-get install jdownloader run "sudo apt-get update"05:03
sindegraPureSine: before running the sudo apt-get install jdownloader run "sudo apt-get update"05:03
waterboy0911yeah done05:03
sindegraPureSine: my bad05:03
coz_waterboy0911,  any line that does NOT say  lucid    un check that box05:04
cablopdominicdinada: it seems you are using a very complex configuraion..05:04
mfillpotHas anyone else experienced 10.04 randomly booting into CLI and not starting GDM? I will repost this every couple of minutes until I get a response.05:04
waterboy0911hahaha.. everything is not lucid05:04
coz_waterboy0911,  rather any line that does not say  karmic or lucid05:04
waterboy0911like at the end of each http//:?05:05
togdarby real I think I mean to say low level format of the drive...05:05
coz_waterboy0911,  well issnt there a check box in front of http?05:05
cablopwaterboy0911: if you have a very specific system, then don't upgrade all to lucid yet05:05
waterboy0911yeah there is.. but where can I see lucid or karmic?05:05
coz_waterboy0911, it would look similar to this    http://ppa.launchpad.net/matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn/ubuntu lucid main05:06
waterboy0911No I don't have that..05:06
cablophow can i start via ssh a graphic program into an existing session?05:06
coz_waterboy0911,  that was a bad example but that is where the work lucid would be located abouts05:07
wiesshundmfillpot,  the answer is no. and if you spam post the question your not gonna be well liked05:07
coz_waterboy0911,  no you wont have that link there but you see the word lucid there?05:07
PureSinesindegra, thanks, it seems it is downloading something :)05:07
waterboy0911I have this packages.freecontrib.org/ubuntu/plf dapper free non-free05:07
sindegraPureSine: about darn time. it took waaay too long.05:07
waterboy0911no lucid..05:07
coz_waterboy0911,  ok uncheck that one05:07
tensorpuddingdapper is really far gone now05:08
coz_waterboy0911,  are there mostly karmic links?05:08
waterboy0911ahh yeah I have one.. archive.canocal.com/ubuntu lucid05:08
coz_waterboy0911,  ok that one stays checked05:08
waterboy0911and I have here ubuntu hardy05:08
mfillpotwiesshund, if people responded then it wouldn't be necessary. and it looks like another random ubuntu issue that I will have to find and fix myself05:08
wiesshundtogdar, eh you mean like fdisk?05:08
coz_waterboy0911,   oh05:08
waterboy0911then everything uncheck05:08
dominicdinadacablop: I thought i used the default samba built in configuration tools via port 90005:08
coz_waterboy0911,  ooooo05:08
waterboy0911ok so I will uncheck everything except for the lucid05:09
togdarwiesshund: yeah - thanks.  Suppose I thought id have same option from 'Disk Utility'05:09
coz_waterboy0911,  this is where "house visits"  would be handy05:09
wiesshundmfillpot, well ya know, nobody here is getting paid, but if you wanna shell out some cash im sure someone will run to your whim.05:09
waterboy0911I don't get it..05:09
cablopdominicdinada: i was doing a little samba thing today, but didn't need uids or anything05:09
JULinuxUserhttp://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/fix-symbol-grubputs-not-found-when.html here is the answer to my problem.05:09
coz_waterboy0911,  well  I am not clear on which version of ubuntu you actually have there05:09
wiesshundtogdar, ive never looked there for it, but they probably didnt leave it in there to prevent accidental mistakes05:10
cablopif you have a complex samba config, dominicdinada then trry installing SWAT to manage it05:10
waterboy0911I have just installed the latest ubuntu 10.0405:10
togdarwiesshund: do i refer to the <disk> as /dev/sda ?05:10
buzagopps thats fixed now!05:10
dominicdinadacablop: so i might be able to comment out the Gid Uid's then and see if the problem is fixed05:10
waterboy0911but I did some updates to create a mac theme..05:10
coz_waterboy0911,   you did? from a cd?05:10
waterboy0911so I am pretty sure I am using lucid05:10
bazhangwaterboy0911, pastebin your sources.list05:10
coz_waterboy0911, oh you wanted the mac theme05:10
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest60470
coz_waterboy0911,  yes please pastebin.com    /etc/apt/sources.list05:10
wiesshundtogdar, yes, thats correct /dev/sda1 sda2 etc per partition, dev/sdb is hdd2 etc05:10
waterboy0911yeah I did it from a cd05:10
togdari want to clean these up before I try set up the raid on the two - want a clean / checked disk05:10
togdarwiesshund: ty05:11
buzagbaby baby dont leave me05:11
waterboy0911not actually it's my room mate here want's it..05:11
bazhangbuzag, wrong channel05:11
coz_waterboy0911,  if this gets fixed   elemetary theme is nearly the same as the mac os theme ...I would go for that one instead05:11
waterboy0911then now he messes my notebook..05:11
buzagoh sorry dude!05:11
Guest60470Does anybody know if there's a way to password protect individual applications?05:11
waterboy0911No I'll shift it where it should be..05:11
buzagsinging out loud!05:11
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic buzag05:12
buzagmeh !05:12
waterboy0911I use linux not mac.. it's pretty  embarrassing05:12
coz_waterboy0911,  why  linux os far better05:12
waterboy0911lets go back to that source list05:12
waterboy0911where should I go to pastebin my source.list05:13
coz_waterboy0911,   ok in terminal    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   copy the entire contents and then go to pastebin.com and paste it then give us the link05:13
wiesshundGuest60470, you can limit access to any kind of file or directory based on user and group05:13
peter-atxhow do I find out the URL of a postgreSQL database I made in the standard location? (/var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main)05:13
mfillpotwiesshund, thank you for the information, I will tackle this on my own05:13
buzagwaterboy0911: in pastebin.org    of course :P05:14
coz_waterboy0911,  pastebin.com   is good also05:14
waterboy0911I am in the source.list05:14
TriciaHey, trying to get my wifi light to stop blinking, and I don't have a /sys/class/leds/iwl-phy0, which google seems to be pointing to05:14
dominicdinadacablop: I think i found the solution :/05:14
buzagwaterboy0911: .org is better!05:14
coz_waterboy0911,  ok copy the entire contents and go to pastebin.com05:14
waterboy0911then where will I paste then?05:15
coz_waterboy0911,   open up firefox and go to www.pastebin.com05:15
abhijit!paste | waterboy091105:15
ubottuwaterboy0911: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:15
abhijithello coz_05:15
coz_abhijit,  hey05:15
waterboy0911yeah.. I did paste it to pastebin05:15
buzagwaterboy0911: ?? .org05:16
coz_waterboy0911,  ok we need the link it gave you for that  did you click the submit or send button there?05:16
waterboy0911what's next05:16
arboI've been googling, looking for the tool I need to create recreate the partition table from within ubuntu.  (installed ubuntu onto raid0, want to resize the partition on the raid to install win7)05:16
abhijitcoz_, do you online in eve?05:16
coz_abhijit,  yes    :)05:16
coz_waterboy0911,  hold on  are you at pastebin .com05:16
wiesshundarbo,  gparted?05:16
abhijitcoz_, ok. I will catch you this eve.05:16
waterboy0911http://pastebin.com/ ?05:16
coz_abhijit,   ah it is not after midnight here05:16
waterboy0911yeah.. I am in pastebin.com05:17
buzagwaterboy0911: .org is used b non capilists05:17
coz_waterboy0911,  yes are you there?05:17
abhijitcoz_, ohh.05:17
waterboy0911yeah I am here.. I already paste what's on my list05:17
overriderWhy would a program like postfixadmin not be available via apt-get; does downloading and installing it via the sourceforge side somehow screw up my package database?05:17
cablopdominicdinada: nice! :)05:17
coz_waterboy0911,  ok do you see that large white space on that page?05:17
waterboy0911I already paste it there05:17
patxi have a ubuntu 10.04 minimal install runing in a vm. i have installed openbox and gdm and set up .xsession. however when i boot up the vm the mouse does not show up in the gdm or when i log in (via all keybaord). if i press ctrl+alt+f1 nothing happens either. why is this?05:17
buzaglarge white space hehe05:17
dominicdinadacablop: well it seems my users file is corrupted :O05:17
coz_waterboy0911,  copy and paste the contents of your sources list in there and then at the bottom of that page clic the SUBMIT button05:17
waterboy0911it's a huge text box..05:17
uRockdoes anyone ever use environmental variables in a shell? just wondering05:18
coz_waterboy0911,  it will open up another page  just copy the url from the address bar to here05:18
macouRock: yep, theyre pretty important in shell programming05:18
buzagwaterboy0911: thats it paste to your hearts content05:18
wiesshunduRock,  sometimes05:18
coz_waterboy0911,  ok now paste the link here05:18
waterboy0911hold on05:18
coz_waterboy0911, its in the address bar in firefox05:19
josue#ubuntu br05:19
waterboy0911is that it?05:19
coz_waterboy0911,  there you go :)05:19
coz_waterboy0911,  this is not a clean install of ubuntu luicid05:19
buzagwaterboy0911: rockin!!!05:19
waterboy0911so what did you find?05:19
waterboy0911hahahaha lols..05:19
waterboy0911this is wubi05:19
waterboy0911I installed it to vista..05:20
coz_waterboy0911, oh !!!!!!05:20
waterboy0911how did you know?05:20
buzagwaterboy0911: wubi  OMG!05:20
coz_waterboy0911,  mmm   well  aparenlty it is messed up then05:20
coz_waterboy0911,   why didnt you just install it along side of vista?05:20
abhijitwaterboy0911, coz_ has some magic.05:20
waterboy0911hahah aROCK'N ROLL05:20
coz_waterboy0911,  if you defrag windows  completely and download and burn the lucid live cd  it will install next to vista allwoing both to work05:21
waterboy0911I have a small space.. and second.. I use vista when I am in my work..05:21
buzagwaterboy0911: you ROCK   we ROLL!!!05:21
coz_waterboy0911,  I see05:21
waterboy0911yeah I burn it using cd05:21
coz_waterboy0911,  well how  large is the hard drive?05:21
waterboy0911then there is an option there that install inside windows or live05:22
coz_waterboy0911,  I see05:22
coz_waterboy0911,   how large is the hard drive on that system05:22
waterboy091180GB.. around 74.505:22
abhijitcoz_, can you tell me in terms of UTC what maximumx time you be on irc?05:22
coz_waterboy0911, ok05:22
wiesshundbleh, untu can do everything vista can05:22
coz_abhijit,   in UTC  ??  ooo05:22
waterboy0911I think one solution here is major upgrade05:22
abhijitcoz_, yes05:23
waterboy0911buy new HDD05:23
coz_waterboy0911,  well  no not necessary.... how much empty space is left on that hard drive???05:23
waterboy0911around 20 or 30 perhaps..05:23
coz_waterboy0911,  20 or 30 gigs?05:23
buzagwaterboy0911: let me turn the all seeing EYE to your problem05:24
waterboy0911I think I will just install it again..05:24
xanguajosue: looking for ubuntu support in spanish¿¿ try #ubuntu-es05:24
coz_waterboy0911,  that more than enough to actually install ubuntu next to  vista05:24
waterboy0911how can I do that?05:24
waterboy0911do i need to partition the HDD?05:24
coz_waterboy0911,   well make sure that you defrag vista first05:24
wiesshund20 30 gigs? oh hell remove wubi install, split into two 40gig partitions and dual boot both05:24
coz_waterboy0911,   ubuntu will partition the drive  with sliders you can move  but let me find a graphical how to for you first05:25
buzaghey coz_    no real need to defrag05:25
coz_buzag,   vista??05:25
waterboy0911yeah I think that is one solution wieshund05:25
coz_buzag,   i would defrag regardless especially xp  or vista05:25
Linear-Keyhow i can i disable the mouse being passed through gnome-terminal?05:25
patxi have a ubuntu 10.04 minimal install runing in a vm. i have installed openbox and gdm and set up .xsession. however when i boot up the vm the mouse does not show up in the gdm or when i log in (via all keybaord). if i press ctrl+alt+f1 nothing happens either. why is this?05:25
hardcorelhey, hay dominicanos aqui?05:25
waterboy0911coz.. what's next?05:26
buzaghey coz_    no real need just complicats things05:26
waterboy0911do i re-install all over again?05:26
coz_waterboy0911,  hold on looking for   how to for you to look at05:26
waterboy0911waterboy: @ waiting mode :D05:26
buzagpatx:  ???05:26
wiesshundpatx,  no sure05:27
* buzag sings its all right its all right05:28
bazhang!ot | buzag05:28
ubottubuzag: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:28
buzagmeh! /me boggie on down05:29
coz_waterboy0911,  ok go here   http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installing  and carefully look through and read through everything until you feel confident about it...make notes if necessary...this is anolder post but it should be quite similar05:29
TriciaI don't have a /sys/class/leds/iwl-phy0, which I'd like to have, so I can disable the infernal blinking05:29
coz_waterboy0911,  actually it is not that old sorry05:29
* buzag boggie on down05:29
thune3patx: what vm sofware are you running?05:29
bazhangbuzag, stop that05:29
coz_waterboy0911,  click on the images to get a larger view of the dialogs that you will see with the install of ubuntu when partionin comes up05:29
buzagstop what?05:30
waterboy0911okay.. no problem05:30
wiesshund./ignore buzag05:30
waterboy0911if things not working.. I don't mind re-installing it.. lols05:30
patxthune3, virtual box05:30
waterboy0911but whatever.. I'll try the worst first05:30
coz_waterboy0911,  you will be MUCH happier with this installed next to vista05:30
* buzag its like a jungle some times05:30
waterboy0911yeah.. I'll try to use partition first.. then install05:31
Spidey01Hello, my laptops synpatics touch pad stops working whenever the system enters suspend, the wireless also disconnects05:31
coz_waterboy0911,  if you end up reinstalling vista as well ...just partition the disk  in half05:31
Spidey01Is there a way to automatically re-enable the touch pad without having to reboot?05:31
coz_waterboy0911,  then it will be easier to distinguis them partitions in ubuntu install pricedure05:31
waterboy0911ohhhh.. there it is.. I didn't see this coming.. lols..05:31
waterboy0911now I know what to do thanks coz05:31
buzaghey bazhang..    whats with that05:32
waterboy0911ok then.. re-installing then.. I see now.. thanks for the enlightenment guys05:32
bazhangbuzag, this is ubuntu support only. chatting singing etc in #ubuntu-offtopic05:33
buzaghey bazhang..    oh come on only dancing!05:33
waterboy0911but before this.. I will mess my ubuntu first.. and expect the worst.. lols..05:33
coz_waterboy0911,  no problem...on hint while on irc...when talking with someone  first type the first 2 or 3 letters of their name and hit the tab button to complete it then type yhour message...this way that person will be alerted05:33
buzagok ok05:34
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad05:35
wiesshund./kline !*!@*.threembb.ie05:35
traskmindRunning Ubuntu 10.04 GNOME, I have my TV hooked up to my laptop as an external monitor with a clone image. How do I get the laptop screen to go black w/o affecting the TV or is there a way I can shut the laptop w/o the screen going blank or being put to sleep?05:35
buzagso who might I help?05:35
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
waterboy0911coz, ayt next time..05:35
wiesshundtraskmind, cant you just close the lid?05:35
coz_waterboy0911,  ok please let me know if this works for you05:36
coz_waterboy0911,  but PLEASE read that link I gave you carefully05:36
traskmindwiesshund: no, the only options that it gives is Blank Screen, Sleep, Hibernate :\05:36
traskmindwiesshund: and even blank screen blanks the TV screen as well.05:36
wiesshundtraskmind, what happens if you just close the lid?05:36
traskmindwiesshund: the screens go blank.05:37
waterboy0911coz, I'll just be here when I need something..  but for now I will partition my hdd05:37
wiesshundtraskmind,  you could swap tv to primary monitor then? im not sure aside from that05:37
buzagwere lost in music05:37
buzagops sorry05:37
traskmindwiesshund: how can I do that? They're both displaying the same screen.05:38
coz_waterboy0911,  ok and you almost have the  name / tab thing right   type  coz  then hit the tab button05:38
wiesshundtraskmind, dont clone05:38
wiesshundtraskmind, sorry i dont have a better solution than that :(  maybe someone else might05:38
binniI have a rather old laptop that I want to install Xubuntu on but I can't seam to boot from a CD and probably not a USB drive, so I was wondering if I could install it from Windows, can UNetbootin do that? Do I just select type: Hard Disk and drive?05:39
wiesshundbinni, yes it can05:39
wiesshundbinni, http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unetbootin/wiki/installmodes05:39
waterboy0911coz, everytime I press tab the message on the chatbox goes down05:39
webPragmatistwhats the preferred mta for use with php / sendmail05:39
waterboy0911ok.. bye now..05:40
coz_oh we have to get him xchat :)05:41
TheoHey guys. I have a Dell netbook (no CD drive) and Im using the Ubuntu netbook version. Im very new to Linux OS' and I dont have much time atm to learn all the good functions. I was using windows before and I would like to switch back. I Just dont know how I can install windows back on my netbook. I have a windows.iso on my hard drive tho. Im just going to install windows to do my studies (I'll put Ubuntu back on when Im done hehe). Hop05:41
bazhangTheo, ##windows05:41
nIRVI'm in need of speaking to someone with expertise on networking & Ubuntu.05:41
nIRVWe're a national human rights watchdog that decided to move our computer park (+/- 50) to ubuntu05:42
b0nnhrm, ff isn't using my flashplayer, and I cannot see why, any idea how to troubleshoot?05:42
mom_nIRV, i think canonical sells support05:42
nIRVexperience was fantastic as we were migrating. we're now facing a serious networking issue that might see us reverting back to ms windows.05:42
TheoAnyone here that can help me?05:43
nIRVmom, we're non-profit ngo, don't have $ to pay for canonical's support : )05:43
bazhangTheo, that is a windows issue05:43
bazhangTheo, /join ##windows05:43
grizzly_need some help guys05:43
mom_nIRV, better revert back to windows then05:43
TheoOk thanks. I'll try it there05:43
grizzly_i am brand new to linux ubuntu and am sorry didn't get into it sooner05:43
thune3patx: i'm not seeing much accept https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox-ose/+bug/495182/comments/6  . The solution was (i think) disabling compiz in guest or adding this to guest xorg.conf05:43
buzaggrizzly_: ??05:44
nIRVmom, your obviously not a ubuntu PR guy :)05:44
Sunzarui'm testing my notification area thingy.. can someone say my name real quick05:44
mom_nIRV, nope, if i were i would give you support costs05:44
nIRVlet me describe problem in the off chance someone faced a similar situation *crossing fingers*05:44
grizzly_trying to install gnome3 shell and keep getting errors05:44
buzaggrizzly_: gnome3 shell   whats that?05:45
grizzly_its a desktop shell05:45
mom_nIRV, have you looked in the extensive ubuntu forums first?05:46
slinkeeyHello All!! :)05:46
grizzly_anybody know anything about gnome 3 shell?05:46
nIRVbasically, our network became unresponsive after most computers moved to ubuntu. web connections time out constently. doesn't seem to be a router problem as we've tried three different types, doesn't seem to be an ipv6 issue as we've tried to disable it on some machines that were then still having network issues, doesn't seem to be TCP scale issue as we applied workaround, etc.05:46
Spidey01Anyone know anything about synaptics ? >_>05:46
thune3grizzly_: only thing i've seen here is systems needing repair after trying to uninstall it05:47
soreau! anyone | Spidey0105:47
ubottuSpidey01: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:47
grizzly_i'v seen many on youtube working with it pretty good05:47
nIRVmom, I've been googling the whole wide web for two weeks, tried all of the solutions out there (disabling ipv6, tcp scale, routers, etc.)05:47
grizzly_has great features and looks05:47
mom_nIRV, my network (with router) works fine05:47
Spidey01ubottu: actually I asked it a few pages back05:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:47
slinkeeyI have a ubuntu notebook tethered to my blackberry.. The Blackberry assigns my ppp connection an IP address that happens to be the same numbers at work...  This causes a problem when I vpn.. Any tips in ubuntu to get around this?05:47
nIRVmom, how many computers?05:48
mom_nIRV, i only own 3 :P05:48
Spidey01Heh, should have guessed that 8=)05:48
thune3grizzly_: i wish i new. sounds like something to play around with on some livecd with it, before committing to install.05:48
slinkeeyOnce VPNd in I can get to oddball machine on different subnets, but I can not get to the ones with the same ip scheme as my pc cause the routings conflict... :(05:48
mom_nIRV, Im 3/3 and you are 0/5005:48
nIRVmom, basically, yes : )05:48
nIRVthe odd thing is that remaining windows machine on the network are _not_ affected.05:49
mom_nIRV, are the windows machines using TCP/IP?05:49
sweetpinIRV: are the windows boxes on the same switch?05:50
Sunzaru! anyone | sunzaru05:50
ubottuSunzaru, please see my private message05:50
Sunzaru:P had to test the notification window.. figured the bot could do that :D05:50
nIRVand for machines with dual-boot, booting in windows is will result in great network experience, booting in ubuntu will result in constant time outs05:50
nIRVsweetpi, yep05:50
mom_nIRV, do you know how the working computers are configured?05:50
Bearcat_hello folks. I'm having difficulty saving distribution lists in kde-pim, If i add members to the list they show up. Then when i select another  contact, then go back to the list the members are gone. Using kubuntu 10.4.  I'd love some help here. I don't use kde much (clients comptuter) but i'm not a linux nwebie.05:51
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mom_nIRV, what protocol they are using?05:51
nIRVnetwork is a bit complexe. 1 router + several switchs05:51
nIRVmom, tcp/ip05:51
mom_nIRV, proxy server?05:51
silv3r_m00nsometimes when I do sudo apt-get upgrade , it says The following packages have been kept back:05:52
silv3r_m00nwhy ?05:52
mom_nIRV, windows boxes use auto DHCP?05:52
frankS2How can i grep after " and \ i?05:52
nIRVall machines are on dhcp05:52
mom_nIRV, is the domain configured properly?05:53
nIRVhrm, I think the domain is not set (blank)05:53
togdarim still at a loss on how to do a 'full format' not these fake mbr wipes - kinda wish I had a windows 2000 disk05:53
togdaris fdisk what I want?05:54
mom_nIRV, what happens when you try to ping a ubuntu machine from the windows machine?05:54
buzagtogdar: want to wipe a disk?05:55
grizzly_anyone know anything about gnome shell?05:55
grizzly_i am new to ubuntu05:55
litropyIs there a way I can just bypass plymouth right now? I'm getting "conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA"05:55
togdarwant to feel like i really formated it - passing over the sectors... not this click a button that says format and a second later it says done :)05:55
nIRVpinging (both web sites that time out and internal windows/ubuntu machines) working fine05:55
buzagtogdar: really format    as in complete wipe?05:56
togdarbuzag - last raid 1 failed on me - but i think i had crap lingering there...05:56
mom_nIRV, how is DNS then?05:56
Spidey01the Xorg log file is telling me  config/udev: removing ...  \n  UnloadModule: "synaptics"05:56
Spidey01how the flub can I force it to reload the thing?05:56
mom_nIRV, when you ping you are doing like www.google.com etc?05:57
nIRVmom, I've tried ISP DNS, google 8888 8844 DNS, nothing works05:57
thune3silv3r_m00n: my understanding is that if upgrading a package requires installing something other than just a "higher version" of a package (or needs to uninstall something), it is held back. "apt-get dist-upgrade" or specifiying those packages on a "apt-get install ..." line will *usually* install those packages. Just make sure it looks ok to do so.05:57
nIRVmom, DNS resolution is fine05:57
togdarbuzag: dont want to mess up cylinders and things I don't understand - just want the disk to not have old stuff from when it was raid 0 and Vista05:57
buzagtogdar: just use fdisk05:57
Jordan_Utogdar: It really doesn't matter what used to be on a disk.05:57
nIRVmom, connection timing out after DNS resolution ... if I for eg telnet www.google.com 80, it resolves ip but then times out05:57
mom_nIRV, i thought you said: pinging (both web sites that time out and internal windows/ubuntu machines) working fine05:57
nIRVmom, yep, ping e.g. www.google.com or ping is ifne05:58
togdarJordan_U: really?  I was always told to reformat before reinstall05:58
nIRVerr fine05:58
buzagtogdar:yeah reformat05:58
nIRVoh I should add, we have an internal web server (ip that works fine, accessible from ubuntu machines ... the connection time out occurs only when connecting to external IPs05:59
Jordan_Utogdar: Folklore, or at best simply a roundabout way to test that the drive doesn't have any bad sectors.05:59
pr986any one say me how i use wvdial in ubuntu05:59
sweetpitogdar: full format is usually unnecessary. check out dban if you really want to wipe the data05:59
togdarJordan_U are there not viruses that can persist?05:59
togdardban! thats what I wanted to remember06:00
mom_does links2 work on the ubuntu machines?06:00
buzagtogdar: but dban is very OTT IMHOP06:00
pr986how i use wvdial in ubuntu06:00
togdar:) maybe ill just buy a new disk06:00
buzagtogdar: why bother   bro06:01
Jordan_Utogdar: No, once you've created a new partition table and filesystem the viruses are just bits on the disk considered "free space", or they're overwritten and then they're used. Either way the fact that those bits once contained a virus is meaningless.06:01
togdarkidding - may need some help in a sec here - didnt seem to be able to mount these last time06:01
traskmindHow can I disable ACPI permanently?06:01
Bookman darn, my computer keeps shutting down randomly and I can find no errors in the system log. I'm not sure where to check next06:02
buzagtogdar:pm me if you need to06:02
bazhangthecat, wrong channel06:02
togdarJprdan_U: maybe its just psychological then... peace of mind, tradition, what have you06:02
togdarThanks all06:02
pr986any one say me how i use wvdial in ubuntu06:02
buzagtraskmind: noacpi06:02
traskmindbuzag: I haven't edited a Grub menu by hand since before Grub2, so what file do I need to edit?06:03
mom_nIRV, not really see what the problem is if the machines can all communicate with each other and the internet and can resolve domain names06:03
Jordan_Utraskmind: /etc/default/grub06:03
buzagtraskmind: its /etc/grub06:04
Guest36049wow. toos low06:04
IntelMinerHey guys, quick question, does a tool or guide exist for creating a 3rd party software source for Ubuntu?06:04
pr986any one say me how i use wvdial in ubuntu06:04
nIRVmom, welcome to my world :) thanks for taking time to listen to the issue... I should add we rewired most of the network (a job we had to do anyway) in the hope a broken cable to have led to this situation. unfortunately, we were wrong.06:04
buzagtraskmind: Guest36049 is right06:04
bazhang!ppa > IntelMiner06:05
ubottuIntelMiner, please see my private message06:05
mom_nIRV, why would you think it is a broken cable if they can all communicate with each other?06:05
Jordan_Utraskmind: Yes.06:05
traskmindJordan_U: thank you.06:05
Jordan_Utraskmind: You're welcome.06:05
nIRVmom, out of hopelessness? I thought defective cables could have led to connection timing out in certain cases.06:06
mom_nIRV, what happens when you installed ubuntu?  it wasnt able to get packages?06:06
IntelMinerbazhang, ubottu, Im talking about making my own local PPA, not just adding one06:06
pr986any one say me how i use wvdial in ubutnu06:06
bazhangIntelMiner, local repo?06:07
bazhangIntelMiner, apt-mirror or aptoncd perhaps06:07
pr986please help me06:07
IntelMinerbazhang, custom local repo, Ive got apt-mirror for a 'vanilla' one but I have some other packages I usually update06:07
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline06:07
nIRVmom, actually, this is part of the strangeness of this story. when our network was 20% ubuntu, no problem ... network started not working on ubuntu machines when we reached a 70% ubuntu-machine-on-network ratio06:07
=== Guest36049 is now known as FenrisWulff
bazhangIntelMiner, aptoncd then I guess06:07
IntelMinerbazhang, would that require me to use a CD/USB each time or can I just chuck it on say, an Apache folder and apt-get it over the network06:08
mom_nIRV, are you configuring manual IPs?06:08
bazhangIntelMiner, not sure about that but sounds doable now that you mention it06:08
nIRVmom, nope06:08
nIRVall of our network is auto dhcp, except few printers and one web  server06:09
wiesshundwhere is the session properties manager at in 10.4 ?06:09
FenrisWulffpr986, do you need to get it or know how to use it?06:09
IntelMinerbazhang, how does say, WINE or such do it for theirs, assuming Deb/Ubuntu has a specific way to do that06:09
mom_nIRV, maybe some were using the same IP06:09
mom_mom_, id do everything manually06:10
bazhangFenrisWulff, he/she quit06:10
mom_static IPs06:10
nIRVmom, our fixed ips are between 50-90, and our dhcp server attributes ips from 100-200.06:10
FenrisWulffbazhang, yeah, I can't read or write..06:10
bazhangIntelMiner, depends on the number of packages needed I suppose, if you already have an apt-mirror..06:11
nIRVmom, so unless the router's dhcp server issues overlapping IPs (which I doubt is the problem since we tried 3 different routers), problem is elsewhere.06:11
IntelMinerbazhang, its a few, just be nice to have it automated, what if I just say dropped it into the apt-mirror directly, would it grab it since its the newest file?06:11
mom_nIRV, did you run out of addresses with 50 computers?06:12
nIRVit's a real shame we're hit by this mysterious network problem, our transition from windows to ubuntu went really well and the staff reacted quite positively to it.06:12
nIRVmom, nope06:12
mom_nIRV, id try configuring a ubuntu box manually for static IP and see what happens first:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/change-ubuntu-system-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address.html06:13
nIRVmom, did that too06:14
nIRVmom, same problem06:14
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet IntelMiner leads to this: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror06:15
nIRVmom, heh we're retracing the various paths we took during these last two weeks : ) keep throwing ideas, we might hit something06:15
IntelMinerbazhang, already done that to make a "vanilla" apt mirror, now I want to make a PPA or such so itll default to fetching newer packages if I specify them06:16
sweetpinIRV: do all machines have the same nic?06:16
wrektjethey having a small problem with my networking. not getting an ISP but I found the "sudo dhclient eth0" command and that is working for me. is there a cause for this?06:17
topim also having network issues happening after i hibernate my computer. and the sudo dhclient eth0 command also works for me after removing network manager which i beleived to be the problem06:18
mom_nIRV, did you plug in your ubuntu computers?06:18
nIRVsweetpi, hrm, how am I supposed to get this value? all of them have, to my knowledge, different MAC addresses and unique IPs (from what I can see)06:18
wrektjetwell i went to edit the NM .conf file and found it blank! i dont recall that being the case. (this all started bec i moved)06:19
rebirthhello, i am trying to use processing on ubuntu, but when i launch it i get the error "Processing required java 6 from Sin (ie the sun-java-jdk package on Ubuntu)..." but i have already installed the package "sun-java6-sdk"06:19
sweetpinIRV: just thinking it might be a driver issue06:19
mom_nIRV, ifconfig should show06:19
nIRVmom, :) that reminds me of my first freelance job twelve years ago. "sir, I urgently need your help, my fax hasn't been working for a week and the company can't fix it", came there and plugged in machine. the easiest money I ever earned ;)06:19
maxredchquisiera peguntar algo06:20
nIRVsweetpi, a driver issue of one computer that'd result in a network time out issue for all machines?06:20
maxredchhi i have a question to all people06:20
mom_maxredch, en ingles por favor06:20
maxredchim new on ubuntu06:20
maxredchand my ubuntu 10.04 some times fall06:20
mom_maxredch, there is a spanish channel too for ubuntu06:21
maxredchand my window turn black06:21
sweetpinIRV: no, i meant if all ubuntu machines used the same nic driver, it would be the same on all of them06:21
maxredchdont worry im speak a little of spanish06:21
maxredchmy ubuntu dont be stable =/06:21
karashi'm having network problems as well ever since my last system update. i've disabled ipv6 in grub, made the firefox corrections, static and dhcp assignments, MTU tweaking, etc., everything possible i could find on ubuntuforums. I can ping sites just fine, i can dns sites just fine, and intermittently it will work fantastic and normal for about 5 minutes, and then it's back to horrible.06:21
preecherhow does i get plugins for empathy so i can make audio calls06:21
maxredchyou think are firefox the problems ?06:22
topI feel that installing a different network manager like wicd will solve some network problems. testing now06:22
karashi also installed wicd and removed network-manager06:22
karashsame thing06:22
maxredchfirefox ?06:22
top bummer to hear this karash06:22
maxredchand if im unistall firefox you think my ubuntu dont turn black ?06:22
karashyes, and epiphany06:22
maxredchepiphany = ?06:23
maxredchthe same06:23
nIRVsweetpi, k ... I'll have a look. the whole thing is quite bizarre, for the problem to appear in relation to high ratio of ubuntu computers on network...06:23
mom_nIRV, have you tried debian stable?06:23
Jordan_Ukarash: What are the exact symptoms, does another OS work on the same machine/network?06:23
topim using opera as my primary web browser.06:23
topfire fox not the issue06:23
maxredchuffffff  opera are very nice but some webpages cant open06:23
Nick_NestorHello everybody, I've got a problem. So, I left today and just hit "suspend." I continued to turn off my monitor and rush out the door. I come home, and my monitor turns on, but to a power-saving state, indicating that the computer isn't even putting out a signal. I'm moved the mouse, typed some keys, hard-rebooted, unplugged, everything (that an idiot like me) can do. Any suggestions? :]06:23
topstill. i leave on fire fox as backup :)06:24
karashJordan_U: Windows can always find sites and at least load them. speed is usually consistent to around 3-5 mbps (i have a 5 mbit connection), but ubuntu seems to just give up.06:24
nIRVmom, I had hoped we wouldn't need to go as far as re-installing another linux distribution on all our machines *snif snif*. at the end of the day, if we can't fix this, that will be one of our few options left.06:24
sweetpinIRV: maybe it was a kernel update that did you in, not the ratio. the windows boxed work fine, correct?06:24
Jordan_UnIRV: Have you looked at what kind of traffic you're getting with wireshark?06:24
mom_nIRV, i personally would have installed a stable distro for a rollout of that size06:24
nIRVsweetpi, we installed ubuntu 10.04 on all machines and have not had kernel updates in between time things were ok and time things were not ok :)06:25
=== Nick_Nestor is now known as xVxNICKxVx
Jordan_Ukarash: You're going to need to be more specific and clear than "seems to just give up".06:25
mom_nIRV, ubuntu is mostly testing and unstable debian packages06:25
nIRVmom, 10.04 is LTS no? :)06:25
maxredchi like ubuntu more than windows 706:25
karashJordan_U: The server at www.ubuntugeek.com is taking too long to respond.06:25
maxredchbut the problems06:25
Moggahaving a problem cross-mounting between VMs... mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on dstore1:/mnt/home06:25
maxredchi think i need to come back to windows 706:25
mom_maxredch, yep that means they will be trying to fix it for 7 years i think06:25
karashJordan_U: it is also affecting my repository connections, so it's not just limited to my browser(s)06:25
Jordan_Ukarash: Can you ping www.ubuntugeek.com OK?06:26
nIRVjordan, I've tried this. I'm not a big expert on tcp outputs so did not see any obvious alarming items in the output list06:26
maxredchuffffff  why my monitor turn black06:26
Moggamount fileserver:/mnt/home /mnt/home is what i'm using... on fileserver the home mount is a block level mount of a LV on the host06:26
maxredchwhit ubuntu 10.0406:26
mom_nIRV, they will be trying to get it stable over 7 years06:26
karashJordan_U: yeah06:26
Moggaany ideas06:26
karashJordan_U: i can ping everything with minimal packet loss06:26
nIRVmom, heh06:26
maxredchdont exist a distro more stable than ubuntu ?06:26
karashsometimes, however, it will spike to 14% loss when it gets really bad.06:27
maxredchon linux and very easy like ubuntu ?06:27
mom_max109, debian stable06:27
mom_maxredch, debian stable06:27
maxredchbut debian see like ubuntu ?06:27
ravhelp i can't remove my usb cdrom06:27
wrektjethey can someone pastebin a copy of their network config file06:27
ravim using ubuntu netbook remix06:27
maxredchand are easy ?06:27
xVxNICKxVxI'm sitting here looking to my right to an empty "Ubuntu" screen.06:27
wrektjetfrom /etc/networkmanager/nm-system-settings.conf06:27
ravi cant safely remove06:27
rebirthhello, i am trying to use processing on ubuntu, but when i launch it i get the error "Processing required java 6 from Sun (ie the sun-java-jdk package on Ubuntu)..." but i have already installed the package "sun-java6-sdk"06:27
Jordan_Ukarash: Wireless? If so what chipset?06:28
maxredchi have a good idea for a software on ubuntu06:28
karashJordan_U: wired, sorry i forgot to mention that.06:28
maxredchcan be a good idea06:28
karashJordan_U: Desktop06:28
mom_nIRV, i only use ubuntu on one desktop and one notebook . . . rest is debian stable06:28
maxredchon ubuntu dont exist too much software of webpage edition06:28
maxredchexist one on windows are very good06:28
xanguarebirth: instal sun-java6-plugin06:28
maxredchthe name its website x506:28
maxredch=D i think if exist one program like website x506:29
sweetpimom_: you said you have 3 computers.. that means debian stable runs on 1 computer? :p06:29
mom_sweetpi, i do have a family :P06:29
maxredchubuntu have a good tool very nice06:29
rebirthxangua: i did06:29
maxredchmom were are you from ?06:29
bazhang!ot | maxredch06:29
ubottumaxredch: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:29
nIRVmom, actually, this is probably a good rational. I wanted to give ubuntu a spin because I thought the sexy factor would make it easier for the staff to accept transition06:29
wrektjetkarash i think im workin on a similar problem. do u get an IP if u run sudo dhclient eth0?06:29
maxredchim from chile im install my ubuntu 2 days06:30
mom_nIRV, my debian stable looks sexy with some configuring06:30
bazhangmaxredch, stay on topic please06:30
nIRVthat's a life lesson: don't go for sexy, go for stable06:30
maxredch=D  i like a lot but the problems of inestability xd !06:30
maxredchuffff !06:30
maxredchexist a cure for the inestabiltity of ubuntu 10.04 ?06:30
cornwallisdoes anyone know how i can send a process to the background without pausing it?06:30
nIRVmom, yeah when you have time to configure a machine. 50 machines however, harder. makes a world of difference when OS your installing already applies "sexy" configuration :)06:30
karashwrektjet: i get the IP i give my router to assign me from my MAC address, so yeah, i can but I rarely use that method.06:31
mom_nIRV, compiz works in debian stable :P06:31
maxredchcompiz see like ubuntu ?06:31
bazhang!enter | maxredch06:31
ubottumaxredch: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:31
extremityi have one question... maybe some body knows.... how to remove items 'Help and support', 'About Ubuntu' from System menu in Gnome?06:31
nIRVmom, I was more referring to stuff like wallpapers, nice-to-the-eyes theme, indicators experience, etc.06:32
karashi'm mostly just frustrated because everything was working flawlessly for about a month, and then i decided to do a system update and it's been horrid ever since. i've been on the phone with my ISP 3 times now and they can not find the problem.06:32
karashand connections like IRC seem to stay connected just fine.06:32
mom_nIRV, you could also post your question in the ubuntu forums06:32
wrektjetkarash i was using static IP before i moved. right now im just working on getting my network up then ill try setting my router. did u have any luck with the other mamager. wicd06:32
mom_nIRV, and explain everything you did and all the tests you ran06:32
|TroubleMaker|extremity, you can use the menu editor to remove the items from the menus. system > Preferences > Main Menu06:33
karashwrektjet: at first it was working okay, but the problems came back even after a complete removal of network-manager06:33
nIRVmom, yeah, that's in the to-do list before ultimately reverting back to windows06:33
extremityyes i knew that, but Menu editor don't show this items =)06:33
mom_nIRV, did you verify the MD5 of you disk before installing?06:33
nIRVmom, yep06:33
maxredchbye thanks for help06:33
extremity|TroubleMaker|, try to open the 'main menu' application and you will see that06:34
wrektjetcan someone please pastebin a copy of their /etc/networkmanager/nm-system-settings.conf file06:34
|TroubleMaker|extremity, i was just looking at that06:34
karashi'm dreading having to use windows until i can figure this out.06:34
xVxNICKxVxHow do I get Ubuntu out of power-saving mode?06:34
Gneas !backports06:35
xVxNICKxVxMouse does nothing and power isn't even gettign to the keyboard.06:35
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:35
mom_i havent ever had more than 20 computers on my home network at once so not sure06:35
extremityand you see System->About Ubuntu? System->Help and Support? System->About Gnome?06:35
togdarshould i leave the two disks unallocated or set as primaries and NTFS before setting up RAID array?  or if it matters06:35
mom_nIRV, id check in the forums to figure it out perhaps06:35
|TroubleMaker|extremity, sorry thought it was there and spoke before i looked.06:35
xVxNICKxVxAnyone? I hard rebooted a few times and no difference.06:36
Gneahrm, libgtk1.2 got left out of lucid lynx... this is not good06:36
xVxNICKxVxNot even a bootloader screen.06:36
karashJordan_U: any other ideas?06:36
mom_nIRV, did you make sure the windows computers didnt have a virus/trojan that interfered with the network?06:36
nIRVmom, will do. I've pretty much looked throughout the forum and tried all of the hacks there (tcp scale, disabling system's ipv6, disablign firefox's ipv6, etc.), so the answer will hopefully come within a new thread06:36
xVxNICKxVx... > : [06:37
stercorHow can I install ubuntu-server on a ubuntu desktop machine?06:37
topwicd worked for me dudes06:37
bazhangstercor, install lamp06:37
extremityxVxNICKxVx, what happened ?06:37
bazhang!lamp | stercor06:37
ubottustercor: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:37
xVxNICKxVxHit suspend, haha. That's it.06:37
Gneacan't believe how many noobs are trying to post advice to the ubuntu forums06:37
nIRVmom, could be, although the router's statistics page doesn't reveal any suspicious activities (in terms of packet transfer, etc.)06:37
extremitystercor, with virtualbox06:37
extremitystercor, =)06:37
nIRVw8, be back in a minute06:37
xVxNICKxVxextremity, I hit suspend, then the computer went into power-saving mode.06:37
xVxNICKxVxextremity, and now it won't come out of it. Haha, it's beign lazy...06:38
Gnea"why don't you just use libgtk2.0?"  <-- OMG, where you hit with the stupid stick or were you born that way? libgtk2.0 is *not* libgtk1.2 and some older programs need the 1.2 to link against!06:38
karashi may have to give opensuse a whirl.06:38
[Raiden]stercor: sudo tasksel06:38
stercorI want to be able to compile C programs.  LAMP is not what I'm looking for.06:38
extremityxVxNICKxVx, boot from liveCD06:38
extremityxVxNICKxVx, mount your hdd06:39
bazhangstercor, install build-essential06:39
xangua!language | Gnea06:39
ubottuGnea: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:39
RandumNumberstercore, if you want to compile C programs you need to get the GCC compiler06:39
extremityxVxNICKxVx, check configuration06:39
xVxNICKxVxextremity, I didn't burn it at a low-speed like I was intending to use it as a LiveCD. Is that bad news?06:39
stercorbazhang: sounds good.  brb06:39
greezmunkeyxVxNICKxVx: not if it passes a md5sum check...06:40
RandumNumberstercore, at a terminal you type GCC <file.c> and it compiles a.out file which you then have to make executible06:40
extremityxVxNICKxVx, what linux? ubuntu?06:40
Gneaxangua: back off, bub06:40
wrektjettop are u running it with or without netwkmngr installed06:40
xVxNICKxVxextremity, Lucid Lynx.06:40
extremityxVxNICKxVx, what fs? ext3?06:40
xVxNICKxVxextremity,  and now my CD tray won't even respond :[06:40
xVxNICKxVxextremity, ?06:40
xevioxcan somebody tell me, why I'm not able to create a folder in a mounted device? (Operation Not Permitted) it also doesn't work with sudo ..06:40
uRockDoes a non Admin account have permission to write to .bashrc?06:40
Gneaxangua: I didn't even swear, and I was quite on-topic. Please be sure that you know what you're talking about before utilizing the bot, thanks.06:41
greezmunkeyuRock: each account can have its own .bashrc06:41
RandumNumberGnea, why are you being so aggressive?06:41
GneaRandumNumber: that's not aggression.06:42
Gneabut I think I found libgtk1.2...06:42
wrektjetkarash top whats the command line entry to install wicd06:42
xanguaGnea: then stop making fun of others06:42
tensorpuddingpeople still use gtk 1.x?06:42
wrektjetkarash top forget that06:43
Gneaxangua: didn't make fun of anyone, just pointed out a difference between thinking first before acting, and acting before thinking.06:43
tensorpuddingMost software that uses gtk 1.x is old and deprecated nowadays.06:43
|TroubleMaker|wrektjet, sudo apt-get install wicd ?06:43
uRockgreezmunkey, thanx, I am trying to set "PS1='uRock '" but it doesn work06:43
greezmunkeywrektjet: if you install from Synaptic, it will uninstall Network Manager as a bonus.06:43
nIRVn_mom, thanks for taking so much time on this...06:43
wrektjetthnx guys i had it was a typo in my first 2 tries06:44
Gneaxangua: now, unless you have any constructive advice on libgtk1.2...06:44
xVxNICKxVxextremity, What the hell...06:44
* mintux says hello 06:44
nIRVn_mom, the other problem is that it appears problem only affects http connections ... ftp, irc, etc. are not suffering from time outs06:44
greezmunkeyuRock: I'd have to check the syntax on that..06:44
FAJhi right now i am trying to use freq-selector, but when i click on any of the options other than performance or powersave, the other two options (ondemand and conservative) automatically go to performance.  help/06:44
xVxNICKxVxI just power cycled the power strip it was connected to... And it just turned on...06:44
xVxNICKxVxextremity, However frustrating this was... It could have been worse.06:44
uRockI can see that the commands I found were written to the file, but they didn't work06:44
rebirthok, i have a more specific question. when i run "java -version" it says i am using OpenJDK. i don't want to use this version. i want to use sun-java6-sdk which i have installed06:44
rebirthhow do i switch?06:45
xVxNICKxVxextremity, Thanks for your attempts though; they are appreciated :]06:45
greezmunkeyuRock: you simply want to change your command line prompt? Right?06:45
[Raiden]uRock: export PS1="uRock :"06:45
greezmunkeyuRock: check this nifty article: http://www.linuxconfig.org/Bash_prompt_basics06:46
uRock[Raiden], do I add that to the .bashrc or just run it in CLI?06:46
FAJhi right now i am trying to use freq-selector, but when i click on any of the options other than performance or powersave, the other two options (ondemand and conservative) automatically go to performance.  help/06:46
uRockgreezmunkey, thanx06:46
greezmunkeyuRock: np, but [Raiden] had it right :)06:47
Gneaah sweet, got libgtk1.2 to work... and xmms06:47
uRockgreezmunkey, do I add that to the bashrc or just run in terminal?06:47
Gneahttp://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~knuta/xmms/   <-- the karmic releases work on lucid06:47
uRocknm, I see it on the link06:48
greezmunkeyuRock: you can do either, from the command line to test, then commit it to your .bash_profile file06:48
steveni am not able to use xchat from behind proxy! (college LAN)06:49
greezmunkeyuRock: bash is pretty powerful, you can find a lot of help in #bash as well :)06:49
uRocksweet, thnx06:49
ravis there any program in ubuntu similar to c#?06:50
BKTech86would anyone mind helping me get pcre to work in codeblocks06:50
tensorpuddingrav: Look up Mono06:50
ravok thanks06:50
tensorpuddingMono provides an implementation of the .NET CLR and a C# compiler06:51
[Raiden]uRock: try to find in google: Bash Prompt howto06:51
[Raiden]my English is terrible )06:51
uRockthnx [Raiden]06:53
gbear14275I've been noticing during my kernel upgrades some odd behavior during my crub config generation.  errors that look like this: "File descriptor 3 (pipe:[3580460]) leaked on lvs invocation. Parent PID 2199: /bin/sh"  Can anyone tell me what that is?06:53
gbear14275I'm wondering if it's something I should try to address06:53
buzaggbear14275: weah  is means its well F**ked :P06:55
bazhang!language | buzag06:55
ubottubuzag: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:55
gbear14275buzag: ummm... huh?06:55
quietonewhy is 10.4 slow? I have gNewSense/Ubuntu/XP on a desktop. The other two are fine. In 10.4 I have 5 second delays in mouse clicks. In terminal, type a word or two then 5 seconds before it appears.06:55
blakif it ain't broke take a hammer to it?06:55
bazhanggbear14275, ignore him please06:56
gbear14275bazhang: i can do that06:56
bazhangblak, thats not helpful06:56
blakbazhang: my bad. gbear14275: quickest way would be to try and copy them down or take a pic with your camera phone and google06:58
greezmunkeygbear14275: Bug#549976 may look familiar: http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/browse_thread/thread/6519602a67871f5f06:58
professional-arewhat is the command in the terminal to find where an aplication is.. so i can put it at the start up thing.. thatnks06:58
=== Flomaster is now known as Stv|Jobs
buzagif it ain't broke take a hammer to it?   or maybe a shotgun :)06:58
gbear14275greezmunkey: found that... but didn't see/don't know how to find any follow up06:59
greezmunkeyprofessional-are: you can try "locate" but you kind of have to know what you are looking for -06:59
blakprofessional-are: are you simply trying to have them autostart? or do you want a folder to open at startup?06:59
buzagno again dude07:00
professional-areBlak, autostart07:00
professional-arespecifically screenlet app07:00
buzagpiss off07:00
gbear14275greezmunkey: but yes that looksalmost identical07:00
bazhangbuzag, please stop that07:00
buzagstop what exactly?07:01
greezmunkeygbear14275: agreed, I have had only limited sucess tracking down bugs. Most of the time everything runs fine, You can get a lot of wierd errors sometimes that simply don't amount to much.07:01
greezmunkeygbear14275: not much help, I know...07:01
blakprofessional-are: test out the command + operators you want in your terminal, then go in to "autostart", and "copy+paste" the command, comment it so you can find it later and you should be set07:01
gbear14275greezmunkey: thats ok :)  The conversation is at least welcome.  So I guess I'm asking now because it seems that every kernel upgrade I'm getting more and more of them07:02
gbear14275and they change throughout the install details too.07:02
buzagbazhang: stop jumping on me07:02
professional-areblak, i used to type like a one word command but i forgto... it was  like "where skype"07:02
professional-areand it would work07:02
greezmunkeygbear14275: do you keep track of your logs, check them regularly?07:02
bazhangbuzag, stay on topic and stop with the language and nonsense advice07:02
buzagpiss off07:03
professional-areblak, its which... thanks for your help though07:03
blakprofessional-are: n/p, man -k * is your friend :) mine at least07:03
rokyI find it odd. That the only linux distrobution that works with my sound card is Arch Linux. heh.07:04
professional-areblak, i dont know what you just said07:04
gbear14275greezmunkey: not as well as I should...  it would be more accurate to say I just tend to watch the messages that normally occur during installs, startup, etc.  Watch for flag messages.  But to be honest... the logs are a bit intimidating and I don't understand them as much as I would like...  it's something I should get more involved in07:04
professional-areblak, whats -k *07:04
quietoneSo how do I go about making 10.04 usable? I've been searching for anything to try for ~2 months. Surely, someone has an idea?07:04
gbear14275greezmunkey: so... my latest kernel upgrade generated these related snippets.  http://pastebin.com/xn2C6EKq07:05
rokyquietone: what do you mean by "usable"07:05
greezmunkeygbear14275: your linux system is more like an old school hot rod. It takes a bit of fussing and figuring, and if you know where to look it will tell you what is wrong. Checking logs is like poppin' the hood and tweaking the carbs, just something you need to do...07:05
ravis trisquel good?07:05
gbear14275greezmunkey:   those are just chunks I pulled out and copied down... but you can see the body of the message seems to stay the same but the PID tends to change and they grow and shrink in quantity throughout the upgrade process07:05
greezmunkeygbear14275: I'll take a look, but no promises.07:06
quietonerocky. I find waiting 5 seconds for a response from a mouse click is unusable. In a te rm, I type a word or two and have to wait 5 sec to see it.07:06
blakprofessional-are: type "man -k gedit" it'll display a manual list for gedit. "man" is like a search command for manuals07:06
rokyquietone: and what make and model of computer is this.07:07
gbear14275greezmunkey: right now shes still running well, but i perk up when i hear pops and rattles ;).   No need to devote time to it... just passing examples07:07
blakquietone: are you running from a pendrive, liveCD or full install?07:08
professional-areblak, oh ok thanks sorry for the noobness07:08
quietoneroky, hmm a desktop built by a company in Petone, NZ.07:08
blakprofessional-are: n/p, we all started somewhere07:08
haxyourfaceincan anyone help me out with mounting an hfs harddrive?07:08
quietoneblak, full install. Please note that gNewSense and XP are fine on the hardware.07:08
rokyquietone: Full install or live cd?  Do you know what hardware you have?07:09
blakhaxyourfacein: try NTFS Configuration Tool from the repositories07:09
thune3quietone: is this a constant or periodic issue? does it coincide with something else you knowthe computer is doing?07:09
greezmunkeygbear14275: you keep you system regularly updated, right?07:09
quietoneroky, Full install. Hardware - not sure. We did put in a vid card. I'll find those details.07:09
smknjoeI'm new to linux. Can anyone point me to where I may discover why the fan on my L305 S5918 spins at top speed forever in lucid lynx.07:10
quietonethune, this is all the time. We don't use ubuntu because of this07:10
thune3quietone: k07:10
gbear14275greezmunkey: yeah...  longest between updates is normally no more than a couple weeks07:10
gbear14275greezmunkey: normally 3 times a week07:10
blakquietone: video card driver could be issue, doubtful though. you have a conky?07:11
haxyourfaceindoes ntfs config tool handle hfs?07:12
bazhanghaxyourfacein, hfsplus does iirc07:12
bazhang!find hfsplus07:12
ubottuFound: hfsplus07:12
haxyourfaceinif so what about hfs with bad superblock07:12
bazhang!info hfsplus | haxyourfacein07:13
ubottuhaxyourfacein: hfsplus (source: hfsplus): Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.4-12build3 (lucid), package size 45 kB, installed size 260 kB07:13
blakhaxyourfacein: my bad, misread that07:13
quietoneblak. video cars is an ATI Radeon X1550 and we have a NetGear wireless card which I use ndiswrapper for07:13
lvfadeawaycan anyone tell me how i can determine if my isp is filtering my ports?07:13
appamajigquickie question here (I hope) I found directions to migrate my wubi install to a partition here: (http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9615202 ) I have gparted open, and I want to resize sda1 (which is the partition that I have the wubi file on).  It's mounted to /host.  I am assuming that in order to resize the partition I have to unmount it. I wouldn't think that unmounting this partition would have any bad affects at all...07:13
appamajigright? so I can unmount the /host partition and then resize it?07:13
quietoneblak, conky?07:13
haxyourfaceinive tried hfsplus07:13
haxyourfaceini just need to recover some data from my sisters bad mac drive07:14
haxyourfaceinsays cant read superblock07:15
blakquietone: it's a system monitor util. driver up to date for that ATI?07:15
thune3appamajig: If i understand you, you unmont partition you are currently running wubi from. If this is correct, then no it will not work. You would need to perform resizing from livecd, or install running from another disk.07:15
haxyourfaceinso i replace superblock07:15
haxyourfaceinand it still says it07:16
thune3appamajig: *you want to unmount07:16
quietoneblak, I have no idea. How do I check that.07:16
appamajigthune3: cool, that's all I needed to know.  I appreciate it!07:16
topATI video cards supported in ubuntu??07:18
lvfadeawaydoes anyone know of a good way to tell if my isp (cox cable) is blocking my ports?07:18
topATI video cards supported in ubuntu??07:19
bazhang!ati > top07:20
ubottutop, please see my private message07:20
greezmunkeytop: heh, not very well :(07:20
blakquietone: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=538795&highlight=radeon+x155007:20
sweetpilvfadeaway: https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 but it seems to be overloaded atm07:20
lvfadeawaythanks ill check it out07:20
appamajigI just went through all that today... finally have it working on my acer aspire laptop with opengl... only took about 2 hours or so07:21
greezmunkeyI inadvertantly gave ATI a bad rap, my particular embedded ATI is just a bit old...It works, that about all.07:22
haxyourfaceini have a 4600 series ati and ubuntu doesnt like it much07:24
[Raiden]if possible, better to replace to nvidia 8xxx or later. Good speed and HD acceleration...07:24
thune3greezmunkey: ati and now nvidia leaving older cards in the driver-update dust. It's going to make a bunch of machines that were "good enough", no longer usable.07:24
jubobadoes someone here have mac os x?07:24
appamajigyeah, mine is old (200m)... it does OK for most of the desktop stuff, and I can play 720p with the system (it's a 1.9ghz dual-core turion)... that's all that matters :)07:24
bazhangjuboba, related to ubuntu somehow?07:24
jubobaI need to know the name of the font that mac uses as default for the terminal07:24
haxyourfaceinjuboba: i do07:24
greezmunkeythune3: yeah, that's ok. I don't "need" compiz!07:24
jubobahaxyourfacein: do you know the name of the font?07:25
jubobahaxyourfacein: I love it and want to use it in my terminal (linux)07:25
haxyourfaceinnot sure07:25
bazhang!apple > juboba07:25
blakyou guys have video cards and problems running compiz?07:25
ubottujuboba, please see my private message07:25
jubobahaxyourfacein: can you checl?07:25
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.07:25
xanguajuboba: just fins a person that has mac OSX and ask him to give it to you07:26
bazhangjuboba, please take this to ##apple07:26
jubobaxangua: that's what I'm tryin to do07:26
blakxangua: why would somebody _choose_ to run MacOSx07:27
xanguajuboba: i believe there is a mac os channel in freenode, am i wrong¿07:27
tensorpuddingMac uses Monaco for Terminal.app, at least they used to07:28
quietoneblak, thx. Just want to check that it is still applicable as it is 3yrs old. (and more complex that I was hoping for)07:28
haxyourfaceinyes its Monaco07:28
papnaWhen I try to boot my desktop from a live USB I burned, I get the first screen ("Ubuntu" with little progress pips) forever.07:29
blakquietone: yeah, i've never had to deal with video cards in *buntu since my built-in on my top works fine, hope that helped?07:30
bazhangpapna, did you md5 the iso? burn at low speed then do a disk integrity check?07:30
bazhang!md5 | papna07:30
ubottupapna: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:30
thune3gbear14275: did you see this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lvm2/+bug/591823 sounds like a grub issue07:30
quietoneblak, it give me no clear direction. I don't know what to do or try.07:30
papnabazhang: I verified the md5. I did not have burn speed options since it's a USB stick, not a CD.07:31
aloonHowdy , everything is going good except I did an update and it upated my kernal etc ... now I get the following error everytime I install new software:  dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-image-generic: linux-image-generic depends on linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic; however:  Package linux-image-2.6.35-10-generic is not configured yet.07:31
bazhangpapna, using unetbootin or usb-creator07:31
daedaluzsound is clipping like crazy driving me insane, now would the correct procedure be to disable pulseaudio and use oss instead07:31
tensorpuddinghmm, mkfontdir and mkfontscale don't work07:32
bazhangaloon, where did you get that kernel07:32
aloonit updated to to07:32
bazhangaloon, lucid only uses 2.6.3207:32
aloonI knew clicking yes might cause weirdness07:32
papnabazhang: Using the "Make Startup Disk" utility thing.07:32
quietoneblak, but then I can't make it worse. so I pick one of the suggestions and have a go07:32
pallgonepapna: try to disable the splash so you can see what's going on07:33
papnaNot unetbootin.07:33
aloonbazhang i'm on maverick07:33
bazhangpapna, sounds like a bad 'burn' then. you may also wish to try again or try unetbootin07:33
bazhangaloon, #ubuntu+1 for that07:33
aloonoka thanks07:33
papnabazhang: Well, I tried with multiple USB keys now written from multiple computers at least one of which I verified the iso.07:36
papnabazhang, I'll try unetbootin.07:37
wrektjetis it a bad idea to watch a movie while upgrading?07:37
papnapallgone: Is there a way to do that on the fly?07:37
=== nic_ is now known as yournewnickname
Jordan_Uwrektjet: No.07:38
=== yournewnickname is now known as nicfbi
wrektjetJordan_U, ok cool07:38
daedaluzanyone else problem with audio clipping related to pulseaudio?07:38
Jordan_Udaedaluz: What makes you think it's related to pulseaudio?07:39
enavhello i want to know why my ubuntu is just crashing time to time...  now with more frequency07:39
phlak_userenav: what do you do just before it crashes?07:39
enavwhat i need to do to find out the answer07:39
daedaluzJordan_U: because on my opensuse install where I have OSS, sound works perfectly07:39
phlak_userenav: and by crashing what do you mean?07:39
phlak_userdaedaluz: you can remove pulseaudio and check07:40
enavphlak_user: video freez and audio corrup for 2 secons after total freez07:40
phlak_userenav: does it happen when you watch a movie or other video?07:40
Jordan_Udaedaluz: So it's just as likely to be an alsa issue.07:41
enavphlak_user:  not really....07:41
acovrigI can't get to the gdm login window, why? last thing on screen (tty1) is *Starting NTP server ntpd07:41
phlak_useracovrig: did you install desktop or server edition?07:41
enavphlak_user:  is just ramdom or after long periods of use07:41
phlak_userenav: is your CPU heating up?07:41
acovrigAlt+F8=*Checking battery state    [OK] <newline> *Starting mail retriever agent:      [OK]07:41
enavwell dont know07:41
enavphlak_user: well dont know07:42
acovrigphlak_user: I installed desktop 9.04, ssh works ok tho07:42
enavphlak_user:  my video card, cpu usage and memory is Ok07:42
phlak_useracovrig: can you login into the text console?07:42
acovrigphlak_user: yes07:42
=== Guest94041 is now known as skidoo
enavphlak_user: is like a bug or something...  some times i leave my computer alone doing nothing and this crash suddenly07:43
phlak_userenav: when you type "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" (without the commas)   what happens?07:43
phlak_userenav: typically could be due to RAM; do a memtest (select the option on the grub menu)07:44
enavphlak_user: i have 6 GB higth performance ram and already checked with the RAM utility07:44
enavphlak_user: im an semiadvanced linux user... but i still cant find out the answer to my problem07:45
niteshadeneed some help07:45
TheEskimoWhat sort of help niteshade07:46
phlak_userenav: are you on 64-bit Ubuntu? 6GB is not going to be visible on 32-bit07:46
enavphlak_user: i got 64 bit edition07:46
enavphlak_user: everything is well configured i guess but the crash happens some times07:46
greezmunkeyenav: what about hardware? Did you reseat everything including procesor?07:47
niteshadewell, when i right-click the workspace switcher, and click preferences, it only has a little dialog box with just spinbox for columns, and rows, but it's supposed to have more than that07:47
enavgreezmunkey: wht do you mean?07:48
greezmunkeyenav: pull out cards and place them back, one at a time, etc.07:48
TheEskimoSorry, niteshade. A little distracted. Which options aren't showing?07:49
enavgreezmunkey: done several times07:49
niteshadeeverything isn't showing besides two little spinboxes saying columns and rowws07:49
niteshade* rows07:49
acovrigI can't get to the gdm login window, why? last thing on screen (tty1) is *Starting NTP server ntpd; running 9.04 desktop edition, was working fine a while ago; can ssh&login locally (txt-based)07:49
enavgreezmunkey:  i allready did everithing i knopw as computer technician but i thing this crash thing is due a SistemBug07:50
TheEskimoniteshade: I'm not sure why that would be happening. Have you tried readding the panel?07:50
niteshadewhat do you mean?07:50
greezmunkeyenav: yeah, good luck finding that :(  Random errors are the worst.07:50
TheEskimoniteshade: You can add another workspace switcher and  see if it works as expected.07:51
enavi did some search at lauchepad  and find a error that looks like mime... is a problem with a log file that flood after a recursive error07:51
niteshadek, but what did you mean by "reading the panel?07:51
TheEskimoniteshade: re-adding07:52
enavmaive that is my problem but i dont know how to test that on my computer07:52
skidooi cant get my computer to pull an ip address from my router, when other computers pull IP addresses just fine.  how should i troubleshoot this?07:52
bdunnawaygdm == g*damn07:52
magicianlordis it better to have gnome panel on top or bottom of screen? i cannot decided07:52
TheEskimomagicianlord: that is all preference. It takes up the same space either way.07:52
blagmagicianlord: top, because that's also where window controls are07:52
enavanyway im goign to post my PC specs07:52
niteshadewell, that didn't work07:53
TheEskimoblag: you could make the same arguement for bottom. Less chance of missclicking on the panel instead of the x button for example07:53
greezmunkeyskidoo: in a terminal, run tail -f /var/log/syslog - then in another terminal, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart - check the first terminal for errors.07:53
magicianlorddo you hit the buttons accidentally when the panel is at the top?07:53
TheEskimoniteshade: What feature is it that you want that is not there? I don't have a workspace switcher up so I can't check (sorry). What is the specific option07:53
niteshadewhat i'm trying to do is name each workspace and have it say which one's which on the switcher applet (I know it can be done, and i've done it before, but it's just not showing up)07:54
niteshadelike i have one for web browsing, one for stuff on console, one for games, etc07:54
enavUbuntu 64b 10.04 updated, Compiz 'On', CPU Athlon 6000+ X2, 6GB Corsair XMS, Gforce9800GTX..... give me some idea of the posible crash thing07:54
PureSinehi I'm using VirtualBox(latest version) and I created two VM one with ubuntu and another with win XP, Numpad does not work with ubuntu but works with win XP, can it be Vbox related or ubuntu related ?07:55
TheEskimoniteshade: you are right. That option should be there. When did this problem start occuring? Did you reinstall ubuntu/gnome or anything else? Did it occur out of the blue?07:55
niteshadeit should have that in preferences07:55
enavwell bye bye07:56
niteshadeactually i haven't tried anything like this in a while, so i couldn't really track it down to when07:56
niteshadeis there any other way to change this stuff than by going to the applet and clicking preferences?07:56
magicianlordi was reading that hdparm is broken in lucid, but sqeueeze already has it fixed07:56
magicianlordwhy isnt the ubu pkg up to date07:56
TheEskimoniteshade: is it possible you're using a different version of the applet than usual?  Or need to update it?07:57
ZHANGYIMINGwhat are you doing now07:57
niteshadei dunno07:57
ZHANGYIMINGDo you know backtrack- linux  operating system?07:57
bazhangZHANGYIMING, yes, not supported here07:58
niteshadebacktrack is for hacking07:58
niteshadehee hee...07:58
ZHANGYIMINGno no no07:58
=== gobbo is now known as _gobbo
bazhangZHANGYIMING, /join #backtrack-linux07:58
ZHANGYIMINGbacktrack is hacking system07:58
TheEskimoniteshade: You can name the workspaces in metacity. I don't know if that will help07:58
ZHANGYIMINGno hacking system07:58
bazhangZHANGYIMING, its offtopic here07:58
niteshadebacktrack's got metasploit07:59
samshortguy13How do you guys hack07:59
niteshadeit's a long and complicated process...07:59
ZHANGYIMINGno hack07:59
bazhangsamshortguy13, we dont, unless you mean the kernel07:59
blakbacktrack is actually for pentesting, it still doesn't have the proper tools for anonymity07:59
niteshadeyou could probably get tor and proxychains on there tho08:00
acovrigI can't get to the gdm login window, why? last thing on screen (tty1) is *Starting NTP server ntpd; running 9.04 desktop edition, was working fine a while ago; can ssh&login locally (txt-based)08:00
samshortguy13Well I have an iPhone and it's the filesystem is setup alot like ubuntu08:00
niteshadei haven't fooled with it that much, but i think it's slax based, which means you could probably find a module to load up on there08:00
greezmunkeyIt's disrespectful to other peoples property, gaining access without permission...08:00
ZHANGYIMINGbacktrack linux system is forensic system08:01
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niteshadeOFF TOPIC08:01
bazhangZHANGYIMING, did you have an ubuntu support question?  chat in #ubuntu-offtopic if not08:01
niteshadeoh yeah, there's something else i needed help with.  Is there any program to get music on the ipod touch?08:02
niteshadein linux i mean08:02
bdunnawayhow do I make grub recognize my btrfs root filesystem by specifying the UUID instead of the device id?08:02
niteshadei just don't like to use windows that much (and my computer doesen't like to either08:02
TheEskimoniteshade:there are a few options. I haven't done it personally, but I know it is possible08:03
samshortguyHey I've been trying to get ubuntu on my IBM netvista but I'm haven issues08:04
bdunnawayit's currently :  linux/vmlinuz-2.6.35-8-generic root=/dev/sda3 ro   quiet splash08:04
TheEskimoNiteshade: read this link. This is someone with the problem you had and how they fixed it (workspace problem) http://www.pubbs.net/200910/ubuntu/7440-my-workspace-switcher-cannot-change-names.html08:04
bazhangbdunnaway, what version of ubuntu?08:04
bdunnawaybut theree's a "by-uuid" option there somewhere.  I'm using maverick08:04
bazhangbdunnaway, #ubuntu+1 for that08:04
bazhangniteshade, rhythmbox works here08:05
TheEskimoniteshade: The result seems to be changing visual effects to none fixes it. Here is the bug report if you want to contribute to it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/23923108:05
acovrigI can't get to the gdm login window, why? last thing on screen (tty1) is *Starting NTP server ntpd; running 9.04 desktop edition, was working fine a while ago; can ssh&login locally (txt-based)08:05
reeniginEesreveRis it possible to daemonize any process/script?08:05
TheEskimoreeniginEesrever: add & to make it run in the background08:05
reeniginEesreveRTheEskimo, something like i can control from init.d too ?08:05
greezmunkeyacovrig: have you tried to restart gdm from your tty?08:06
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acovriggreezmunkey: how?08:06
TheEskimoreeniginEesreveR: I think there is a program for it. however, I have always just had it start with ./script.sh & to do it08:06
SickAnimationsHey everybody, 10.04 is awesome.08:06
acovriggreezmunkey: startx?08:07
reeniginEesreveRTheEskimo, by any chance do you remember name of the program for the init.d thing? I have tried googling but that didn't give much info08:07
greezmunkeyacovrig: you could try that first.08:08
TheEskimoreeniginEesreveR: daemontools might work for it (unfortunately that is the name of a popular windows program too so finding it might be more difficult)08:08
acovriggreezmunkey: I bet I can't do it over ssh can I? lol08:08
greezmunkeyacovrig: probably wouldn't do much good!08:08
oafwhat does that mean ? ^B and <Esc>B ?08:08
TheEskimoreeniginEesreveR: I am not sure though. I hope it does. It isn't an uncommon problem so with a bit of googling you might find other solutions08:09
D3bianHey all08:09
acovrigoaf: are you asking what ^B means?08:09
greezmunkeyacovrig: probably something like this: sudo service gdm restart08:09
TheEskimoreeniginEesreveR: http://cr.yp.to/daemontools.html08:09
reeniginEesreveRTheEskimo, thanks a lot :)08:09
oafacovrig: yes08:09
ubuntuuuuuumy bum smells funny :(08:10
oafacovrig: is it Ctrl+Shift+B?08:10
cjaebulk divx 5 or 6 converter?08:10
D3bianGot a question regarding network file transfer.  I'm trying to copy .nef files over SAMBA network, but I get that I do not have enough rights.  However I can copy any other file.  Any ideas?  Google is not my friend this time :(08:10
acovrigoaf: yes, and ^b is Ctrl+b08:10
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reeniginEesreveR:( daemontools is unavailable in hardy :(08:10
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oafacovrig: and what is <Esc>B?08:11
hiexpofor daemon tools ubuntu http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/all/daemontools-installer/download08:11
acovrigoaf: I guess Esc+Shift+b, but that seems kinda odd to me08:11
hiexpoget all deb08:12
oafacovrig: thanks08:12
wrektjethey minor issue one of my drives didnt mount i hit sudo mount -a and got back "drive already mounted or busy" when neither is the case08:12
D3bianget all?08:12
Jordan_UreeniginEesreveR: command & disown08:12
Sawblade5I am gonna call the powers of SendQ08:12
Jordan_Uwrektjet: Does "pgrep fsck" print any number(s)?08:13
ubuntuuuuuudoes ubuntu actually NEED the swap partition?08:13
wrektjetyea two lines 412 87208:13
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D3bianNot really ubuntuuuuuu08:13
D3bianBut it sure makes it work faster08:13
Jordan_Uwrektjet: Wait for fsck to finish then.08:14
phong_hi guys, i forgot how to go close the graphic user interface of ubuntu08:14
ubuntuuuuuuD3bian: how can something slower than RAM make it faster?08:14
phong_something with sudo etc/  gdm stop08:14
acovrigubuntuuuuuu: it depends on how much RAM you have, in my opinion08:14
phong_forgot the rest08:14
phong_any help?08:14
D3bianbecause a swap drive is specifically used for swapfiles08:14
Jordan_Uubuntuuuuuu: Because the more less often used data you store in swap, the more frequently used data you can cache in RAM.08:14
phong_how to get out of ubuntu windows with combination key press CTRL+F1 is that right?08:15
D3bianIt's like virtual memory of Windows08:15
ubuntuuuuuuJordan_U: ok08:15
ubuntuuuuuui never used VM when i used that gastly OS08:15
D3bianActually, Jordan_U explained it more clearly08:15
ubuntuuuuuunow I just have to get the irc plugin OUT of empathy, cause xchat is far superior :)08:16
mrgenericuserctrl-alt-f7 to switch back08:16
D3bianI actually like irssi more, but I'm lazy today08:16
ubuntuuuuuuhee hee08:16
ubuntuuuuuuiissi is arsey :)08:16
ubuntuuuuuubut anything terminal, apart from illness, is good :)08:17
D3bianbitchx is also cool :P08:17
oafhow much time will it spents hacking a 7-zip file's passwd with john?08:17
D3bianHahaha ubuntuuuuuu , good one08:17
ubuntuuuuuubitchx is nice yes08:17
D3bianBut uhm, back to my little problem08:17
D3bianGot a question regarding network file transfer.  I'm trying to copy .nef files over SAMBA network, but I get that I do not have enough rights.  However I can copy any other file.  Any ideas?  Google is not my friend this time :(08:17
ubuntuuuuuumiss my amirc, why I love xchat :D08:17
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H__On 10.04 I see no /etc/acpi/resume.d/ support anymore. What's the new system ?08:18
ubuntuuuuuuparanoidphreak: did you phreak in the 80s.. ;)08:18
D3biananyone got an idea why I can't copy that over my network?08:18
H__D3bian: what's in the logs ?08:18
D3biangimme sec08:19
ID10THello guys I need some help, I installed Ubuntu 10.04 server edition, which does not come preinstalled with a desktop.  I know I have to sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop and I must be connected to the internet.  I am connected and I get an IP when i do ifconfig but it doesn't seem to be connected to the internet and I can't ping the router... any help pointing me in the right direction?08:19
D3bianPermission denied08:19
D3bianThats all08:19
ZHANGYIMINGhi verybody08:19
abhinav_singhhi i am having a cron script which is executing at every 1 minute and generating a log....but that log file is empty...how to check if cron script is correctly working or not08:20
D3bianDunno which logs to go check yet it's first time I played with Samba08:20
greezmunkeyD3bian: are you using Nautilus to move files? If so try gksudo nautilus & in a terminal, and try again.08:20
paranoidphreakubuntuuuuuu: lol, yeah, it was beginning of introductions of viruses and stuff :(08:21
mrsun__GAAAH why doesnt firefox work after a couple of uses08:21
ubuntuuuuuuparanoidphreak: and there I thought it was something to do with the phone system....08:21
mrsun__i have to move the .mozilla folder for it to work againb08:21
mrsun__and all the bookmarks etc disapears08:21
D3bianok greezmunkey, didn't try that yet08:22
paranoidphreakubuntuuuuuu: lol....08:22
D3biangonna give it a go immed08:22
greezmunkeyID10T: try:  ping google.com  : in a terminal, do you get a reply? If not you don't have name resolution.08:22
mrgenericuserID10T: check cable, check ip is correct range, try route add default gw (router ip)08:23
greezmunkeyD3bian: Realize that the files will be owned by root if you do, so you may have to change that once you get them to your system.08:23
cjaehow dso I tell what codec my video is encoded with?08:24
D3bianI think nautilus is pooched08:25
D3bianwhen I do that I can no longer load network drives08:25
bazhangcjae, right click properties08:25
* D3bian smacks nautilus08:25
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cjaebazhang: what all it says is avi08:26
greezmunkeyID10T: hrmm...I mis-read your post. You get an IP address from the router, and yet you cannot ping it? Is that correct?08:27
acovriganyone know of a good vnc server I can use?08:27
TheEskimoacivrig: tightvnc ain't bad08:28
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TheEskimo*acovrig: tightvnc isn't bad08:28
acovrigTheEskimo: is that the apt-get name, or is it tightvnc-server?08:29
[Raiden]cjae: may be ffmpeg -i file.avi08:29
TheEskimoacovrig: I guess it's tightvnc-server. You can install from source if you like (what I did) http://www.tightvnc.com/08:29
cjae[Raiden]: cool will try08:30
TheEskimoappearently tightvncserver actually acovrig.08:30
ID10Tgreezmunkey yes that is correct08:30
ID10Tmy real question is do i need to configure my ethernet card or is it plug and play08:31
greezmunkeyID10T: what ip address and mask did you get from your router?08:31
greezmunkeyID10T: 9.5 times out of ten it will just work.08:32
D3biangreezmunkey, still not working man08:33
TheEskimoD10T: if you google your cards model and ubuntu you will probably find reports of if it works oob or not.08:33
H__found my answer : /etc/acpi/resume.d/ moved to /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/08:33
D3bianI'm reinstalling nautilus08:33
ID10Tthe cards is integrated into the motherboard08:33
ID10Tit should work i've installed other linx distros08:34
TheEskimoID10T: It still has a model. But it will almost certianly work with no additional config needed.08:34
TheEskimoAs greezmunkey said08:34
cjae[Raiden]: msmpeg4 this will not play on my avic pioneer touch screen via usb in my truck, any codec suggestion?08:34
greezmunkeyD3bian: yeah, there is obviously more to this...try this: make a copy of one of the nef files. change the extension to .txt, and then try moving that copy via ubuntu.08:34
ID10Tit should be plug and play basically right08:34
TheEskimoID10T: Yes08:34
D3biangonna try08:35
ID10Tmaybe its the cable it's really long and old08:35
phlak_usercjae: you have ubuntu on your truck pc?08:35
greezmunkeyID10T:  how long?08:35
mrgenericuserID10T: what is your router ip and the ip you get from ifconfig08:35
topin system->administration->Hardware drivers. Ubuntu tells me I have no proprietary drivers installed when Ubuntu Software Centers says I do have Proprietary drivers installed ie xserver-xorg-video-ati. im very confused08:36
rwwtop: xserver-xorg-video-ati isn't proprietary08:37
Oprtzhi guys, i wounder how to remove Docky from my desktop ? i m on 10.04 ubuntu, thanks08:37
cjaephlak_user: no just playing with usb device on ubuntu machine in house, seems the pioneer device is quite picky, havent done alot of encoding yet08:37
cjaephlak_user: would like to bulk encode a buch of files08:37
D3biangreezmunkey, works immediately08:38
D3bianit's as if .nef file is not allowed08:38
phlak_usercjae: have you seen oggenc?08:38
greezmunkeyD3bian: My guess then is that your system doesn't like that binary file. Probably sees it as a potential threat. Why is another question.08:38
cjaephlak_user: app? gui?08:39
topfglrx driver porprietary?08:39
Oprtzhi guys, i wounder how to remove Docky from my desktop ? i m on 10.04 ubuntu, thanks08:39
Niglopwhat are the difference in distros08:39
cjaephlak_user: I know what ogg is08:39
phlak_usercjae: oggenc is a commandline encoder08:39
phong__hey guys, how to check what ubuntu bit i have?08:39
phong__32 or 64..how to check08:40
D3bianI'm guessing so too08:40
cjaephlak_user: better than ffmpeg08:40
D3bianI'll put them on usb stick and transfer them08:40
phong__how to check ubuntu bit version ?08:40
topI need help setting up my ati card....08:40
TheEskimotop: What sort of help?08:40
topcant find drivers that actually work08:40
phlak_usercjae: OggConvert is a gnome utility08:40
Oprtztop: ubuntu recognise all ati cards08:40
phlak_user!info oggconvert08:40
ubottuoggconvert (source: oggconvert): convert media files to free formats. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.2-3ubuntu1.1 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 580 kB08:40
phong__i was wondering if it is x32 or x64, how to check?08:40
TheEskimotop: Have you downloaded them from the ati website?08:40
cjaephlak_user: kde08:40
rwwtop: yes08:41
TheEskimotop: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx08:41
topill try eskimo08:41
mrgenericuserphong__: in terminal type 'uname -a' and look for x86_6408:41
TheEskimotop: Download it and then do ./driverName.run in the terminal08:41
blakOprtz: open terminal and "killall docky" then go in to the software center > installed > highlight 'Docky' and hit remove08:41
[Raiden]cjae: try to recode a desired format.  Avidemux , ffmpeg , mencoder....    My English is limited :)08:41
phong__mrgenericuser, x86_6408:42
greezmunkeyD3bian: it's actually an issue with your Samba setup, a permissions thing. It can be fixed, but you'll have a bit of reading to do to get there.08:42
TheEskimotop: It always worked for me anyways. Hope it works for you08:42
phong__that is what i see08:42
patxwhat application should i use to add sound to a custom x session?08:42
cjaephlak_user: so what exactly is msmpeg408:42
Niglopwhat are the difference in distros08:42
Oprtzblak: thanks bro08:42
phlak_usercjae: Microsoft MPEG-408:42
mrgenericuserphong__:  if you see x86_64, it is 64bit, otherwise 32bit08:42
TheEskimoNiglop: what do you mean? Which distros are you comparing?08:42
greezmunkeycjae: a really liberal mpeg-4 ...08:42
[Raiden]msmpeg4 very old format like divx308:43
D3biangreezmunkey, I had a feeling it was :(08:43
D3bianI hate reading08:43
NiglopTheEskimo:  like arch linux ubuntu linux mint gentoo etc etc08:43
cjaegreezmunkey: meaning that it should be played on most things?08:43
bazhangNiglop, off topic for here08:43
patxwhat application should i use to add sound to a custom x session?08:43
patxANY ideas?08:43
hiexpoevening all08:43
greezmunkeyD3bian: How can reading about Ubuntu possibly be boring? :)08:44
TheEskimoNiglop: They all have the linux kernal, however the programs and other things installed on top are what is different. Example, package managers. Debien uses the aptitude system, red-hat uses rpms, arch uses pacman, etc.08:44
phlak_userpatx: did this help --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession08:44
patxno not really08:44
patxim looking at that now08:44
TheEskimoNiglop: Is that clear enough or do you want a more specific answer?08:44
D3biangreezmunkey, not boring, I'm lazy today08:45
patxhe uses gnome-volume-manager08:45
patxi tried that08:45
patxbut it didnt work08:45
D3bianI love everything that is debian based, so I loooove Ubuntu08:45
Niglopi get it TheEskimo  so the difference is what file manager environment and package managers etc it comes with?08:45
cjaephlak_user: apparently this works     http://pastebin.com/teda0d1V08:45
TheEskimoNiglop: Basically yes. There are more differences than just those of course.08:46
Niglopsuch as?08:46
bazhangTheEskimo, Niglop continue in #ubuntu-offtopic please08:46
TheEskimoOkay. Sorry. I will quit.08:46
NiglopTheEskimo:  can you join #ubuntu-offtopic please08:47
cjaephlak_user: so whats the difference between msmpeg 4 and mpga?08:47
froudhello, where does the x window configuration file reside in ubuntu lucid08:47
topEskimo: should I uninstall all the other ati driverss on my system b4 i install the stuff from amd support page?08:48
H__froud: either generated on-the-fly , or in /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:48
Soul_Sampleis there a way to manage multiple cpu cores at once? I have to have 4 cpu frequency applets on my panel and it's ugly and inconvenient08:48
greezmunkeyD3bian: I was going to respond, but was being lazy...that and my computer just sits there when I tell it to do something...what's up with that?08:49
Prince17Asiahi all:)08:49
froudH__: okay I dont seem to have one, I assume if I create one then it will be read by default?08:50
D3bianYa have to give it some love greezmunkey ;)08:50
H__froud: right08:50
froudH__: thanks mate08:50
greezmunkeyg'night all08:51
D3bianthanks for the help y'all08:52
D3bianGot to get some work done now08:53
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izedplz, how can i configure the gnome-panel in lucid? there isnt an context-menu via 3rd-mouse-click anymore ..08:55
node357hi, does anyone know why i cant connect to the main ubuntu update server, or they keyserver so I can authenticate ppa repos?08:55
Axordized: there should be08:56
nic_fait frette en caliss08:57
nic_watashi wa neko desu ka08:57
[Raiden]ized: netbook edition?08:58
ized<Axord>: indeed, but 3rd-click gives me just the help-option and an 'about'08:58
izedno - no netbook-edition - its lucid-amd64 running on macbook 2.108:59
Axordized: what does the 'about' say?08:59
izedoem ..09:00
charnelI am having problems with links in Ubuntu. I will browse for a text editor to tell a program to open files with it. When I type scite which is a valid command in command line I am getting ot found error how shall I point to scite ?09:00
Axordized: I suspect you're clicking on an individual applet space, not the actual panel09:00
izedit says: This program is responsible for launching other applications and provides useful utilities. ^^09:00
ized<Axord>: i know what u mean, but i clicked in the right panel-area ..09:01
undecimAnyone know why I can't adjust my brightness on my Asus with Intel graphics? I've tried updating the BIOS and disabling KMS, but no luck.09:01
izedThe GNOME Panel 2.30.209:01
nezbWhat is the difference between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server and is it possible to make a minimal desktop install into a sever install? Thanks :)09:01
Axordized: very very odd09:02
tenochslbanyone familiar with calibre?09:02
undecimnezb: The Desktop and server installs just have different software packages and a different kernel. If you want to turn a desktop install into a server install, just install the server software and kernel.09:03
sburwoodWhen I start up the computer (10.04), the light on the screen often goes from green to brown.  That means that there is a problem with X?09:03
sburwoodIf so, how do I diagnose the problem?09:03
nezbundecim: Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure the package sources (repos) are the same09:03
node3571374 people here and no one answers me09:04
sburwoodnode357: I'm a n00b09:04
sburwoodnio: hello09:04
node357hi sburwood, so am i, i think09:04
node357hi nio09:04
node357i tried the forum too and got no reply09:05
sburwoodnode357: that's why (aside from the fact that I just got here) I don't answer any questions09:05
node357okay sburwood .. that's ok... i just wish someone who knew would speak up09:06
node357but i guess it's always this way, if youre not a computer pro you cant use ubuntu09:06
sburwoodnode357: they may be busy.  I don't know09:06
sburwoodnode357: we're scaring everyone away ... loll09:06
nioi had a problem that the program i compile don't run on another pc which work fine in my computer i guess this is a problem related to the permission09:06
node357sorry, i'll be quiet and wait :P09:07
sburwoodnode357: I'm joking09:07
nioany one have any idea how to normalize fuse09:07
sburwoodin any case, I need to go.  I had hoped that I'd have a quick answer myself09:07
izedso whats up with this gnome-panel?09:07
node357nio, i don't even know what that means hehe09:07
sburwoodnio: what's fuse?09:07
[Raiden]ized: You can try to reset the panel options: gconftool - recursive-unset /apps/panel09:07
Jordan_Unode357: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/43519309:07
node357sorry sburwood .. good luck09:08
gartralcan anyone watch hulu? i've been unable to connect for days >.<09:08
sburwoodthx, u209:08
node357thank you Jordan_U09:08
Jordan_Unode357: You're welcome.09:08
Axordgartral: hulu seems to be working fine for me09:09
ized<[Raiden]> killall gnome-panel after 'gconftool - recursive-unset /apps/panel' doesnt work09:09
Jordan_Uized: Ubuntu netbook remix doesn't use gnome-panel IIRC.09:10
izedi mean it restarts, but eben have not the old context-menu09:10
gartralAxord: website or desktop?09:10
acovrigwhat is the package called for the main desktop stuff, cuz my desktop inst must have became a server inst09:10
quietonetenochslb, I use calibre09:11
izedi do not have netbook remix on my computer - its ubuntu-lucid09:11
tenochslbquietone. any problems installing it?09:11
Jordan_Unio: What do you mean by normalize?09:11
node357gartral, I can reach the hulu site, but I have never watched shows there so that's as far as I got09:11
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Axordgartral: website09:11
quietonetenochslb, no. has always worked a treat09:11
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gartralnode357: that doesnt help me, the desktop client loads an ad, then stops09:12
gartralAxord: ok thanks09:12
tenochslbquietone, mine is broken or something09:12
* ized kicks panels09:12
Axordized: man, that sucks :/09:12
int21how can i change my gnome desktop to kde?09:12
tenochslbfor those experts on claibre take a look at this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/sKJuaS8c     quietone09:12
quietonetenochslb, I have found their forum helpful. http://www.mobileread.com/forums09:13
plum-mobileHelp! My windows are all completely transparent due to compizconfig manager... How can I disable this??09:13
hiexpoint21,  i think you can do it upon log in09:13
izedcome on axord - i really have this problem - its real09:13
int21i try...but i only have xterm09:14
[Raiden]int21:  install kubuntu-desktop package09:14
int21Raiden: thanks!09:14
Jordan_Uized: Did the gconftool command otherwise reset your panel configuration?09:14
Axordized: I wasn't doubting you09:15
izedJordan_U: i pasted it into shell - no output09:15
Jordan_Uized: It's normal for it to produce no output.09:15
quietonetenochslb, can't help with that. If you haven't done so you could purge it and reinstall.09:16
izedJordan_U: yes - it means that it produces obviously no error - but the panel is still unconfigurable09:16
tenochslbquietone, i did try it.09:16
Jordan_Uplum-mobile: Press alt+F1, type "metacity --replace", then hit enter to temporarily disable compiz. Then you can get into ccsm and fix the settings.09:18
plum-mobileYES! thank you Jordan_U09:18
Jordan_Uplum-mobile: You're welcome.09:19
[Raiden]ized: you can create new user for testing.  :)09:19
quietonetenochslb, I'd put your output on their forum.09:19
tenochslbquietone, thanks09:20
plum-mobileHow can I re enable it?09:20
ized<[Raiden]>: ah - yes - good idea ..09:20
node357is it just me or is 64 bit ubuntu really fast09:20
node357im glad i got this version09:20
tenochslbquietone. do you have the link?09:21
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:22
plum-mobileJordan_U: My ccsm isn't responding now but im at the button where I can disable this transparency. How can I re enable it to fix this?09:22
Jordan_Uized: If a new user fixes things, and right clicking works in other applications, try "mv ~/.gconf/apps/panel/ ~/.gconf/apps/panel-broken"09:23
plum-mobileNvm I got it09:24
plum-mobileWait how can I re enable it now Jordan_U ?09:25
quietonetenochslb, already put it here in msg to you09:25
Jordan_Uplum-mobile: alt+F2, "compiz --replace"09:25
flukeboxHi all09:25
plum-mobileThanks Jordan_U !09:25
plum-mobileSaved me from having a horrible presentation tomorrow in front of my peers09:26
barfsterI have problems with an install of ubuntu 10.04, it does not show me GRUB at boot, it goes directly from Checking NVRAM to something like this: fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 /dev/sda5 : clean, 164345/6291456 files, 1533006/ 25143725 blocks.09:27
flukeboxX/gdm suddenly stopped working, and whenever I boot .. gdm keep crashing which goes into inifinte loop ... so i need to hard shutdown09:27
Jordan_Ubarfster: Hold shift during boot to get the grub menu.09:27
tenochslbquietone, what do you mean?09:28
AscavasaionHello.  I use UK English on my computer but I also use Afrikaans in between and I need a quick way of typing elcial characters like e with a ^, e with a ' etc etc.  In Windows I could Alt+ASCII number here... but not in Linux.  any pointers?  Character Map is cumbersome.09:28
barfsterBut what could be wrong? in this scenario that is...09:28
=== chris1 is now known as xargo
flukeboxis there any way to ... get things working ? Configuration is like... ubuntu 10.04, nvidia prosperity drivers09:28
phlak_userAscavasaion: you could change between keyboard layouts using a key combination09:29
NeverCastHello Ubuntu Folk!!09:29
quietonetenochslb, http://www.mobileread.com/forums09:31
subtlelordhi i am new here09:32
tenochslbi was reading one of the treads and i did the same thing so now it loaded quietone09:32
phlak_user!hi| subtlelord09:32
ubottusubtlelord: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:32
robertpayneIs it a bad idea to run apache/nginx as root user?09:32
tenochslbquietone. one of the treads from that formum thanks09:32
Christian_hi ? i need some help ssh disconect my bcuz "software network cause abort" how i can disable that ? i09:32
quietonetenochslb, you're welcome09:34
niosorry i was disconnectd09:34
nioi am having a problem related to permission any one have any idea how i can normalize my fuse permission09:35
plum-mobileGood night09:36
Christian_hi ? i need some help ssh disconect my bcuz "software network cause abort" how i can disable that ? i09:37
phlak_userrobertpayne: why would you want apache to run as root?09:37
nioUbuntu 8.04lts Can't Mount Root File system09:38
robertpaynephlak_user: just wondering if there is security concern or if it's better to run it as another user and only make that user own public directories09:38
phlak_userChristian_: that would occur if your internet connection went off09:38
Christian_i just leav the ssh i think is bcuz the iddle09:38
Guest21439what are you doing noew09:39
phlak_userrobertpayne: there is a major security concern with letting anything run as root; including you :) apache is designed to run as normal user (www-data) and the document root is owned by this user09:39
phlak_user!hi| Guest2143909:39
ubottuGuest21439: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:39
phlak_userChristian_: you mean the idle timeout?09:39
robertpaynephlak_user: sounds like I need to reconfigure then.. it is running as www-data ( the subprocesses ) but root has ownership over all directories apache/nginx is serving from09:39
Christian_can i disable?09:40
nioubottu i have a problem unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) kernel panic09:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:40
phlak_userrobertpayne: that is also fine with the exception that it will be unwriteable by any other user unless configured otherwise09:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:41
phlak_userChristian_: you need to add these two lines to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config09:41
phlak_userKeepAlive yes09:41
phlak_userClientAliveInterval 6009:41
stukadhello, does someone know how to change the default 125hz on a mouse to 500hz in ubuntu 10.4? (MX518, usb)09:41
robertpaynephlak_user: true.. I mostly just use root access directly to my server.. have an extremely long password and using 2048bit keys for the ssh connection as well as non-default port.. I might just leave it as is09:41
phlak_userChristian_: and restart sshd09:42
Guest21439what's the hacker09:42
ikoniaGuest21439: this channel is ubuntu support only - do you have a question ?09:42
Christian_line clinetaliveinterval whats mean?09:42
phlak_user!ot | Guest2143909:42
ubottuGuest21439: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:42
Guest21439hello veryboday09:47
ejv"hi dr nick!"09:47
* quietone is happy. Ubuntu has no time lag now so son can work on music schoolwork. 09:47
Guest21439what are you doing now09:47
* ejv chuckles09:47
phlak_userChristian_: those two lines need to be added to the sshd config file.09:48
ikoniaGuest21439: we are all in a support discussion channel used for supporting ubuntu09:48
Guest21439what's the ssh configugre09:48
ikoniaGuest21439: it's a configuration use to control the ssh (remote access) daemon09:48
phlak_userChristian_: ClientAliveInterval lets you set the frequency at which the KeepAlive message is sent from the Server to Client. you can tweak this09:48
Christian_a okay09:49
Christian_thanks alot09:49
FloodBot3Christian_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:49
Guest21439what are you doing now09:49
ikoniaGuest21439:  you've been told what we are doing now09:49
madridhello, I need to know how to make startup faster in jaunty, jaunty  is very good but slower than vista, I await your instructions ...09:49
ikoniamadrid: startup speed is quiet subjective, the most common cause is the either hardware detection, or miss-configured network card tht takes a long time to get a dhcp address09:50
phlak_usermadrid: you could install lucid (the latest version) which is way faster to boot than jaunty09:50
ouyeshi all I have a problem, I want to use my wireless network and set a fix ip, but I cannot do that under my ubuntu09:50
madridphlak-user lucid is more heavy than jaunty i have it tested09:51
ouyesthe ssid of my wireless network is not English based, so how to set a fixed IP address for my wireless network?09:52
phlak_userouyes: yes you can; right click on network manager, select edit connections, select the profile and set ipv4 address to manual09:52
phlak_usermadrid: hmm i would say otherwise but thats just my opinion09:53
ouyesphlak_user, tried but failed because you cannot save that information09:53
ouyesphlak_user, the apply option is grey09:53
barfsterJordan_U: No response if shift is held down, however pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL shuts down the system normally with about 5x [OK]09:54
ouyesphlak_user, I think the problem is the ssid's name09:54
barfsterShould GRUB kick in before or after the resolution of the screen changes?09:54
phlak_userouyes: nope, did you fill in all the details like IP Address, netmask, gateway, DNS server etc? only then will the apply button become enabled09:55
ouyesphlak_user, it seems that non-english ssid is not supported by network manager09:55
phlak_userouyes: english shouldnt matter at all since Ubuntu now lets you select any language as the default language including chinese09:56
madridphlak-user with jauty  the processors do not work  as in lucid09:56
H__madrid: what do you mean by that ?09:56
ouyesphlak_user, I selected English but I have a non english ssid09:56
ouyesphlak_user, you can try it you self09:57
phlak_userouyes: i did, and it works; sorry, I cant help you beyond this.09:57
madridh  the processors are not squeezed09:57
Natanaielwhith which key I can go to recovery mode? F5?09:57
H__madrid: can you elaborate 'squeezed' ?09:58
ouyesphlak_user, when ssid name is XO I can set a fixed IP successfully but it doesnot work out for a non english name of ssid09:58
madridin lucid the processors are working too much09:58
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vistakillerplymouth still sucks..09:59
H__madrid: have an URL with more in-depth explanation ?10:00
oCean_madrid: maybe you've found that in your specific situation. And now?10:00
herp^hey, how do i get that 3d cube thing in kubuntu?10:00
topi get an error trying to install ati drivers following the instructions is says that default_policy.sh is incompatible and to use --iscorrectdistro which did not work for me10:00
topdoeas any one how to fix this10:01
Natanaielwhith which key I can go to recovery mode? F5?10:01
herp^wow, so many people in this chan10:01
oCean_Natanaiel: recovery mode? During boot?10:01
madridH squeezed = overworked processor10:01
oCean_madrid: do you have an actual question?10:01
H__herp^: system settings - desktop effects, desktop switching to cube animation10:01
NatanaieloCean_: yes10:02
stukaddoes the following command actually change the polling rate on a usb mouse in ubuntu 10.4?: modprobe usbhid mousepoll=210:02
H__madrid: you cannot make such claims without providing proof10:02
oCean_Natanaiel: hold shift during startup will show grub menu. From there you can choose recovery mode10:02
Natanaielok, tnx oCean_10:03
madridyes , ocean i want to konw how i can to load faster jaunty?10:03
herp^H__: thanks10:04
herp^so.. how do i get that wiggley, stretch windowing, like in gnome?10:05
oCean_madrid: the good people in this channel cannot actually change the way your ubuntu behaves. However there might be some tutuorials/howto documents available on how to speed up boot process10:06
DDAZZAHello I have a Amilo laptop and have just freshly install ubuntu 10.4 however I can't enable wireless on it.  Does anyone have any suggestings on how I could fix this?10:07
ikoniaDDAZZA: do you know what wirless card is in it ?10:07
madridH - you know that the Linux kernel is more bloated with every update so heavy is lighter jaunty10:07
=== wiredfutureman is now known as wired|test
ikoniamadrid: please don't talk nonsense10:08
top"Error: ./default_Policy.sh does not support version. make sure that the version is being correctly set by --iscurrentdistro" while installint ati drivers can anyone help? im trying to follow install instructions from ati but it is not helping me any.10:08
phlak_usergot dis10:08
madridikonia  the creator of linux said it10:08
ikoniamadrid: I'll say again, please don't talk nonsee, this channel is for Ubuntu support only10:09
DDAZZAikonia, I'm not sure what the NIC is but the problem is the laptop needs you to press "fn key + F1" to enable wireless and its not working.10:09
ikoniamadrid: any offtopic chatter is in #ubuntu-offtopic10:09
ikonia!wireless | DDAZZA10:09
ubottuDDAZZA: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:09
H__madrid: what ikonia said. Please limit tak to ubuntu support issues only10:09
ikoniaDDAZZA: work through that link, that's a good start10:09
madridwell ,  i only  want to konw how i can to load faster jaunty?10:10
phlak_userDDAZZA: the Fn keys will work only if the correct acpi routines are installed. They normally dont work out of the box as in the case of my EeePC10:10
ikoniamadrid: I've given you some pointers10:11
topcan anyone help me setup my ati card w/ ubuntu or is this the wrong channel for this type of support????10:11
ikonia!ati | top10:11
ubottutop: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:11
madridikonia: I want instructions for removing jaunty start services without reducing the good work of jaunty10:13
robertpayneanyone have an idea how apache is auto including /etc/phpyadmin/apache.conf? It's not anywhere in my .conf files or their includes10:13
ikoniamadrid: how do you know it's startup services ?10:14
ikoniamadrid: I've suggested the two most common cause of slow boot time, have you investigated them ?10:14
topubottu. i did look and I must be missing something there because it is not helping me a whole lot10:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:15
madridsorry ikoni whre is the link, i need the lint for this question...10:15
madridwhre is10:15
topi follow link to binary howto/ati10:15
Tadysrobertpayne, you have include phpmyadmin in apache config10:15
ikoniatop: whats not clear in that link10:15
ikoniamadrid: I didn't give you a link, I suggested the two most common causes10:16
robertpayneTadys do you mean like the main apach2.conf file or something seperate from the .conf configuration files?10:16
ikoniamadrid: if you remove the splash screen at startup you'll see any services that are responding slow and you can debug10:16
Tadysopen apache2.conf and include10:17
solkighello! how do i set up a boot menu in ubuntu 10.04? i would like to have the option to boot into failsafe mode but i don't know how to do that.10:17
Tadyssudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf10:17
Tadysnclude /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf10:17
robertpayneTadys: I can guarentee you it's not in any of my includes.. I've searched all of them10:17
robertpayneTadys: I'm trying to figure out *why* it is included currently.. not how to include it.. I have no directive for it anywhere10:18
phlak_usersolkig: if you keep shift pressed during boot, you will see the grub menu10:18
shblangdoes anyone know how to assign a shortcut keyboard command to use the function of a gedit plugin?10:18
solkigphlak_user, ah, ok...did'nt know that. will give it a try. thanks!10:19
node357not a clue shblang10:19
madridikonia :i need the console parameters to perform this action10:19
ikoniamadrid: change the splash option in your grub configuration to "nosplash"10:19
=== mauro is now known as maramau
madridikonia , with tartupmanager?10:20
shblangat work we have the regular expression search plugin and the window pops up when you do ctrl-alt-h, at home i have same exact plugin but no keyboard shortcut, just the dragdown menu option10:20
ikoniamadrid: I don't know if you can change it in startup manager, I normally change it in the grub configuration10:20
quietonetop: I just used the BinaryHowto successfully, where did you get to?10:20
=== james is now known as Guest36308
ikoniamadrid: when you say it boots slow, how slow ?10:20
madridtoo much ikonia10:21
ikoniamadrid: how much ?10:21
songerhow you doing?10:21
robertpayneTadys: mind my stupidity.. it's a sym link in the conf.d folder so it didn't download to my local hd properly through ftp10:21
abhijit!hi | songer10:21
ubottusonger: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:21
robertpayneln -s10:21
madridm3 minutes10:21
ikoniamadrid: 3 minutes ?10:21
=== irc is now known as cobe_
ikoniamadrid: is that from pressing the power on, or from when you see the ubuntu splash logo10:22
songeri'm trying to connect my cell as modem10:22
[Raiden]madrid: ubuntu 9.10?10:22
madridraiden not 9.04 jaunty10:23
songeri'm following some tutorials, eny help? is of metro pcs10:23
TheEskimomadrid: if you have been upgrading from previous versions that can impact your boot time dramatically. In my experience, the easiest way to fix that sort of problem is to reformat and reinstall. Could that be an option for you?10:24
topthere are no instructions for ubuntu 10.0410:24
abhijit!pm | kiku4you10:25
ubottukiku4you: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:25
pr0nGuyDoes anyone know of a way to view two docs in Open Office like Microsoft Office's "side by side" feature?10:25
madridtheeskimo the problem with jaunty is  always the same in my pc10:25
ikoniapr0nGuy: no idea, however #openoffice.org channel may have some solid advice in it10:25
ikoniamadrid: follow my instructions to remove the splash screen and see what service is haning10:26
ikoniamadrid: I've explaine the two most common causes10:26
quietonetop, I downloaded #7 and ran it with sudo (lucid)10:26
abhijit!pm | kiku4you READ THIS FIRST10:26
ubottukiku4you READ THIS FIRST: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:26
[Raiden]may be bug in grub like this:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143001310:27
abhijitkiku4you, I am not expert. I dont know everrything. please ask your question here. so that anyone who knows answer can help you10:27
quietonetop, just to sure this is the file I ran ati-driver-installer-10-3-x86.x86_64.run10:28
topcan some one PM me and walk me through this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:28
madridikonia for me  track your isntrucciones is difficult, for that reasoni need console parameters  to make this easier10:28
topquietone: what ati card?10:28
ikoniamadrid: I've given you the instructions. You need to remove the splash option in /boot/grub/menu.lst and replace it with "nosplash"10:29
kiku4you_kubuntu How to change theme.10:29
ikonia!themes | kiku4you_10:29
ubottukiku4you_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:29
madridikonia yes ikonia but with console language,  easier10:29
ikoniamadrid: that IS console10:29
przemek_jest ktoś?10:30
ikoniamadrid: it's changing 1 word in a config file to another10:30
ikoniamadrid: you can do that in a terminal10:30
quietonetop, it is an X1550 RV505. It didn't appear on the list in #1, but I tried it anyway. I did that because Ubuntu had such a long lag time I didn't use it.10:30
ikoniamadrid: it's editing one config files and changing one word.10:30
pr0nGuyikonia: I'm trying to find it OOo's help index, but it's not called "side by side" as it is in M$, and I don't know what other names it could be.10:30
madridikonia are you human or bot?10:31
ikoniapr0nGuy: I'm not a big OO user, however the channel  #openoffice.org may have more advanced support users10:31
ikoniamadrid: you know I'm human as I'm talking to you, don't be stupid with me10:31
pr0nGuyikonia: oh, you meant the chan.  I'll give it a reply, but they are so silent in there.10:31
phlak_userpr0nGuy: did you mean two separate documents or like this --> http://www.oooninja.com/2008/03/openofficeorg-30-new-features.html10:31
maitreyhi, I have installed avast in ubuntu 9.04 and it wouldn't open instead it displays this message:An error occured in avast! engine: Invalid argument .    @can someone help me? thanks10:31
topquietone: I have a 9600 rv350. is this card not flgrx supported then and i need to stick with the open source drivers then?10:32
kiku4you_kubuntu How to change theme? Do not know really If you have to tell me or I will Url of reference.10:32
madridikonia :i only want the parameters console to do it10:32
ikoniamadrid: I've told you what you need to do10:32
ikoniamadrid: you can make that change in the console or the gui10:32
quietonetop, does that appear on the list in step 1?10:32
kiku4you_url of the data10:33
abhijitmaitrey, i dunno the sulution but you really dont need an antivirus for linux10:33
ikoniamadrid: you change the word splash in /boot/grub/menu.lst to nosplash10:33
prpluh is ubuntu desktop 24bit color by default or do i have to set this?10:33
MaRk-Imadrid:  sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst   then add "nosplash"       do it at your own risk10:33
kiku4youThought like Ubuntu.10:33
topquietone: negative. it is not10:34
Misterioabhijit: He needs if he has Windows in another partition10:34
madridikonia : i want  the commands to execute those  commands on the console10:34
ikoniamadrid: it's a config file, not a command, you NEED to change the config file and reboot to remove the splash10:34
* MaRk-I troll10:34
pr0nGuyphlak_user: that seems to be multiple pages, not exactly two separate documents side by side.10:34
madridmark-I thank you10:35
MasterRoosorry about the link :-( my bad10:35
node357maitrey: i have no idea how avast works with Linux, but if you can't get it working I suggest clamav.. it worked well for me both on Linux and Windows10:35
airtonixany idea how to make network manager re-insert the default profile it provides for a "auto ethX" (complete with appropriate mac address) ?10:35
phlak_userairtonix: i can tell you what the parameters are and you can change them10:36
airtonix(that mac address field ought to be a combo box of available devices in my opinion)10:36
kiku4you_Ubuntu 10.10 The auspicious day.10:36
{g}Hey People! I use VMs and run Ubuntu10 on them. Then I start tightvncserver to use them via VNC. I do that to run graphical rendering software on these boxes that need X. So far I always "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to have a desktop environment. Thats probably very much overkill. Which desktop would you guys suggest?10:36
madridmark im a good boy im not a troll10:36
airtonixphlak_user, go ahead10:36
ikoniakiku4you_: do you have a support question ? you're just saying random words10:36
MaRk-Imadrid: I'm glad you caught it, I didnt mention your nick10:37
phlak_userairtonix: Connection name: Auto eth010:37
kiku4you_`I just do not know something.10:37
airtonixphlak_user, i know how to manually do it.10:37
ikoniakiku4you_: what do you need to know ?10:37
topQuietone : no it does not appear in the list for step 110:38
phlak_userairtonix: sorry, what did you want to do?10:38
kiku4you_nd want to talk to my friends only own nothing more10:38
airtonixphlak_user, i was hoping network manager had a command to autoamtically insert the dhcp "auto ethx" entries10:38
blitzoi have a question about system startup - in which script or config file is X started?10:38
ikoniakiku4you_: this channel is only for support discussion, #ubuntu-offtopic is good for chatting10:38
quietonetop, I was wondering about that with mine as they all begin with HD numbers. Maybe we don't know the naming system.10:38
airtonixphlak_user, im writing a guide which includes how to setup two network cards but i guffed it and made the mistake of removing the two default profiles (which happen to have the mac address)10:39
kiku4you_People think that the source assembly ubuntu.10:39
ikoniakiku4you_: sorry what ?10:39
erUSUL!openbox | {g}10:39
ubottu{g}: openbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox To replace metacity with Openbox please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReplaceMetacityWithOpenbox10:39
phlak_userairtonix: you mean, if you reinstalled network manager, wouldnt it do it again?10:39
MaRk-Iairtonix: ifconfig gives you the mac addresses of your NICs10:39
{g}erUSUL: openbox sounds like its complicated to install.10:39
topQuietone : I know for sure that I do not have an HD video card. but I also did not see an HD 9600 either10:39
airtonixMaRk-I, i am aware of this but for a person following a guide verbatim a command that does it would be nice.10:40
blitzocan someone give me a url that explains the system startup process?10:40
abhijit!pm | maitrey10:40
ubottumaitrey: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:40
airtonixphlak_user, maybe sudo dplg-reconfigure network-manager ?10:40
erUSUL!upstart | blitzo10:40
ubottublitzo: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:40
quietonetop, totally confusing. by that mine shouldn't have worked. Have you searched the forums as well?10:40
phlak_userblitzo: did you mean like this --> http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch07_:_The_Linux_Boot_Process10:40
{g}erUSUL: i would like one, where i just can "apt-get install desktop" and thats it. thats why i use ubuntu-desktop for now. i just apt-get install it, run tightvnc and can use it via vnc.10:40
phlak_userairtonix: yes, that could be it10:41
abhijit!antivirus | maitrey10:41
ubottumaitrey: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus10:41
kiku4you_Kubuntu and Ubuntu Ah, not wait for these same families. Sorry10:41
topQuietone : I have not searched the forums10:41
ikoniakiku4you_: I don't understand what you are trying to say, what language is your native language10:41
erUSUL!info lubuntu-desktop | {g}10:42
ubottu{g}: lubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.13 (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc ia64 sparc lpia armel)10:42
quietonetop, good luck10:42
rww{g}: openbox isn't complicated to install. sudo apt-get install openbox and you're done =\10:42
topQuietone : thanks man. ill look on the forums too10:43
{g}rww: ok, will try it. one moment...10:43
rwwall the complicated crap is for using it as a window manager for GNOME10:43
topI was just hoping that a reall person in chat could help10:43
rwwwhich I assume you don't want to do10:43
{g}rww: true. i just need X and im fine.10:44
quietonetop, I understand completely10:44
Fudgewhat is Palimpiset10:45
rwwFudge: GNOME's disk utility10:45
erUSULFudge: System>Admin..>disks10:45
Fudgeo_O thanx, a new 500gb drive i loaded with stuff for a friend, its ext4 and she has fedora and apparently she said that program reckons its near death.  is it reliable?10:46
caacusing Lucid, all latest updates installed. It doesn't recognize my usb stick anymore (only diskutility does), how can I retrieve the data from it so I can format it?10:46
phlak_userpr0nGuy: the only workaround i see is to select "New Window" from the Window menu and then arrange the two windows side-by-side10:46
{g}rww: hmmm... yeah, that gave me an X session with an empty screen. Right click gives me a menu. But whatever I choose in that menu ("web browser", "terminal") - nothing happens.10:47
rwwFudge: it's as reliable as the SMART diagnostics on the drive10:47
rww{g}: do you have a web browser or terminal installed?10:47
Fudgerww  ah I see, well only bought in feb and havnt used it so guess if dies will send back10:47
{g}rww: uhmm... maybe not. will try to install firefox...10:48
erUSULrww: well at least xterm has to be installed ...10:48
rwwerUSUL: well, some x-terminal-emulator provider. good point.10:49
caacanyone please?10:49
node357irssi wow10:49
{g}caac: what does "fdisk -l" show?10:50
caacit shows ">"10:50
erUSULcaac: you do not have to type any " "10:51
{g}caac: really? hard to believe.10:51
caacdoes it require sudo?10:51
{g}caac: ah, probably yes.10:51
node357if fdisk said that to me i'd have a heart attack10:51
caacgives the same >10:51
rwwit does, but the > is because you're putting quotation marks or something in there10:51
{g}caac: from now on, whatever i say, put sudo in front of it.10:51
caacdidn't put " in it10:52
rwwcaac: press ctrl-c, then try again10:52
theneoindiancan someone tell me a way to disable my front speakers of my laptop . i only need my headphone working10:52
node357if i run fdisk as user i get no output, run with sudo works10:52
caacis it L or |?10:52
{g}caac: what does "echo 123" say?10:52
{g}caac: L10:52
caacit doesn't contain a valid partition table10:53
{g}caac: WHAT doesnt contain a partition table?10:53
caacDisk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table10:53
erUSULcaac: use testdisk to repair the partition table ? ( you can make a backup of the usb stick just in case something goes wrong with dd )10:54
phlak_user caac your disk is toasted10:54
caachow can I make a backup if I can't access it?10:54
erUSULcaac: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step10:54
caacoh I've done that10:55
erUSULcaac: sudo dd if=/dev/sdx of=usb_backup.img bs=1M10:55
caacanalyze and deeper analyze didn't recognize a thing10:55
caacdd: opening `/dev/sdx': No such file or directory10:55
InsolentDreamslol, ugh10:55
erUSULcaac: there is another option . gpart ( not confude with gparted )10:56
InsolentDreamscaac, you should not be directly copying what you see here10:56
erUSULcaac: replace x with the correct letter .10:56
InsolentDreamsYou should use your eyes and see what people are trying to show you, sdx means, replace x with proper device10:56
erUSULcaac: sdb; isn't it?10:56
InsolentDreamscaac: copy/pasting from chat like this can be dangerous  ;)  There's always someone that'll put something bad10:56
{g}caac: what does "fdisk -l" say?10:57
caac{g}: it said my usb doesn't have a valid partition table10:57
{g}caac: how does that happen?10:59
caac{g}: idk how it got messed up, one day my usb worked fine, the next day nautilus didn't recognize it anymore11:00
{g}caac: i would google "linux repair partition table" then.11:01
{g}How do I get a terminal emulater up under openbox?11:01
SandGorgoncaac, if u find something, please PM me.. i had a similar issue11:02
caacok SandGorgon11:02
soreau{g}: Assuming you have a terminal installed and no way to start it, go to a tty and run DISPLAY=:0 terminal11:03
{g}soreau: question is: how do i go to a tty?11:04
hiexpocaac,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49612611:04
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.11:04
laserbeamhello everyone...11:04
caacyeah hiexpo11:04
laserbeamcan someone please explain me what is the login keyring?11:04
laserbeamsome crazed popup comes up every few minutes and asks me for some login keyring password11:05
caacI think I'm screwed, no way to recover it11:05
laserbeamand i can't get rid of it... I never set that password up and my login password doesn't work11:05
caaclaserbeam: Apps > Accessories > Passwords 'n blablabla11:06
robertpayneis there a list of all the env variables you can use in apache conf files like %{HOST} I can't seem to find a list anywhere11:06
caacright click the folder, and change password11:06
Scotsmanhow do I get to change the tone (bass/treble) in ubuntu these days?11:06
laserbeamok... and what do I do there?11:06
laserbeamI can't change it11:06
{g}soreau: alt+ctrl+f... seems to not work in vnc.11:06
laserbeambecause I need the original pass11:06
caacn/i then11:07
laserbeamand I never it up...11:07
laserbeamset it up*11:07
soreau{g}: If you are connected over a network, ssh into it11:07
oCean_caac: immediately after plugging in, what does dmesg say?11:07
caach/o oCean_, lemme try that11:07
{g}soreau: but when i start firefox over the ssh connection and kill the ssh connection, ff will probably die too. well, i got a terminal on the vnc now. it works.11:08
caacoCean_: I'll link you to pastebin?11:08
oCean_caac: sure11:09
soreau{g}: Use firefox&disown to background it and detach it from the terminal11:09
hiexpolaserbeam,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34930211:09
{g}soreau: ok11:09
Scotsmani just need to turn the bass down on this thing...11:10
ouyesis there a channel talking about wireless?  or security ?11:10
hiexpolaserbeam,  rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring11:10
oCean_caac: problem is in this line: [ 2479.234164]  sdb: unknown partition table11:10
laserbeam... that file ain't there...11:10
erUSULScotsman: there is a pulseaudio equalizer you can install.11:11
Scotsmanoh is asla not default now11:11
erUSULScotsman: or the individual apps equalizer11:11
caacoCean_: weird stuff: the other day it was still working, and the next day it didn't :S11:11
oCean_caac: hm, yeah removable media can be a bit tricky sometimes. You tried sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb ?11:12
naxilhelp me11:12
erUSULScotsman: i checked. i got it from a ppa11:13
ouyesnaxil, what is your question11:13
oCean_naxil: ask a question first?11:13
Scotsmancheers erUSUL11:13
naxili have ubuntu 10.04 but the panel on up is gone11:13
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:13
naxili have cancelled the up panel with connection icon11:13
pallgonesoreau: nice one, didn't know disown...11:13
=== Hunter is now known as Guest89284
laserbeamwould it work if i delete the login.keyring file? that's the one that keeps bothering me... (I'm not randomly deleting files any more... last time I deleted the partition table)11:13
oCean_caac: actually, you could have formatted the thing w/out creating partition table, but that's not default I guess. You remember formatting the thing yourself?11:14
naxili have other question11:14
caacoCean_: like 1y ago lol11:14
=== guido is now known as Guest74074
oCean_caac: this looks bad, I'm afraid11:16
caacyeah, I'm screwed lol11:16
oCean_caac: well, there is a very slight chance that creating a new partition table will leave the data untouched, as long as you don't format11:17
naxili have this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/468365/11:17
oCean_caac: but chances are slim :(11:17
naxiland what i can do for control my hsdpa modem (huawei 156g)11:17
caacoCean_: it's my only chance to recover the data, so worth  a try11:17
oCean_caac: just to be save, you could try to dump the complete contents of the device on your disk11:18
oCean_caac: that way you can mess around a bit11:18
yeahaany ideas why shutdown from gnome-panel or `sudo shutdown -h now` does not work ?11:18
caachow oCean_?11:18
naxili have this problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/468365/11:18
naxilwhen i start ubuntu is go to inimitramsf11:19
naxili do a 200mb of update but when is finish i need to do something11:20
oCean_caac: I guess this should do it: dd if=/dev/sdb bs=1 of=/path/to/somespace/dump.img11:20
caacwowow wait11:21
caacpath to somespace?11:21
oCean_caac: yeah, that'll create a complete 4GB dump of your usb device11:21
oCean_caac: if there's 4GB available, it'll do11:21
=== cueball_ is now known as flea
naxilsome people can helpme11:23
acer_ubuntu 软件中心打不开11:23
{g}naxil: sorry, i dont know anything about that.11:24
J_BradyMay I ask something that's probably an FAQ?11:24
oCean_caac: probably /home/brandon ? i.e. not /brandon11:25
abhijit!cn | acer_11:25
ubottuacer_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:25
caacok oCean_11:25
J_Brady... I have a machine with five HDD's in it currently (two are linked together in raid 1) ... Windows XP Pro SP3 is installed on the raid 1 array.  Windows 7 is installed on another drive, and was installed second.  When I boot, I get a menu where I can select either Windows 7 or "previous version of windows" ...am I able to install Ubuntu from within windows?11:26
caacoCean_: the cursor went on to the next line, no output11:26
J_BradyI'm just wondering if Ubuntu will be able to set up a three-way boot, with access to both win7 and winxp..11:26
ikoniaJ_Brady: should be fine11:26
J_Bradyshould be, or definitely?11:26
ikoniaJ_Brady: install the two windows first, then ubuntu and it should detect them find11:26
BluhHello, seems like my ubuntu froze what should I try to get it unfrozen? >.<11:27
ikoniaJ_Brady: it can boot any ammount of OS's, manually set them up, the should part is the auto detect11:27
lemonade_acer_, english only11:27
J_BradyIf I install Ubuntu from the windows 7 desktop, will I be able to see if it autodetects both operating systems before choosing to install?11:28
J_BradyOr would I be able to see that from the liveboot?11:28
ikoniaJ_Brady: no, that will be using wubi11:28
abhijit!jp | acer_11:28
ubottuacer_: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい11:28
pallgoneBluh: use debian ;) - seriously you can try the sysreq commands to try to recover11:28
oCean_caac: that dd will run for quite a while.11:28
J_Bradypallgone, are you talking to me?11:28
caacoCean_: 1hour?11:28
lemonade_ubottu, tha's chinese11:28
acer_nobody speak chinese?11:29
abhijit!en | acer_11:29
ubottuacer_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:29
pallgoneJ_Brady: uhm, no11:29
caacno sorry11:29
ikonia!cn | acer_11:29
ubottuacer_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:29
oCean_caac: I have no clue, you can track it by checking the size/growth of the image you're creating in your homedirectory.11:29
caackk, sweet, thx oCean_, bbl11:29
oCean_caac: yeah, I'll be afk also, but at least now you have a backup of the thing :)11:30
caacawesome, tyvm :)11:30
* caac will be back later11:30
dalehuntwhat in your opinion is the best backup tool?11:30
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:30
caacI'd say compress everything and save it in your drafts folder of your email lol11:31
J_BradyWell, ikonia seems to have gone afk.  Can someone tell me what wubi is?  Sorry, I'm a mostly a Linux noob, considering installing Ubuntu in a three-way boot.11:32
ikonia!wubi | J_Brady11:32
ubottuJ_Brady: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.11:32
abhijitwhat is a three way boot, J_Brady ?11:33
ikonia!install | J_Brady11:33
ubottuJ_Brady: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:33
J_BradyI mean, windows 7, windows xp and ubuntu all installed on the same machine, but installed to different hard drives.11:33
J_BradyI know you can also install more than one operating system to the same hard drive with partioning, but I would prefer seperate drives.11:34
ikoniaJ_Brady: that a fine configuration, no issue with 3 seperate drives11:34
J_BradyAnd I noticed your messages, thank you ikonia.11:34
theneoindiancan someone tell me a way to disable the front speakers of my laptop . i only need my headphone working11:37
mIRC632a ciao a tutti11:38
theneoindianmy prob is basically this : my headfone jack is ruined , but when i somehow adjust the headphone knob inside it , i get the sound thru headphone , but the speakers still plays . the headphone is not sensed by alsa since the jack is ruined . now i need to disable the main spkeakers11:38
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:39
ubottuHi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins11:39
J_BradyChecking the link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide ... it looks like Ubuntu 10 isn't supported yet?11:40
J_BradyOr maybe the page just hasn't been updated yet?11:40
J_BradyDoes anyone know?11:41
abhijit!10.10 | J_Brady11:44
ubottuJ_Brady: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:44
quietonetheneoindian, alsmixer? I have two headphone jacks and I think it was working as you want.11:44
J_BradyYeah, unless I'm reading this wrong, the last version uploaded to sourceforge was 9.04 rev 129 on 4-22-09...   I think I see what you mean abhijit.... I looked at ubuntu.com and saw the announcement for 10.04 LTS.11:46
theneoindianquietone,  in alsamixer , the headphone control can't be manipulated . i think alsa the system doesn't sense the headfone since the jack is in a bad condidition11:46
J_BradyI didn't notice Long Term Service... 10.04 for the normal release is still beta?11:47
J_Bradyor there is no 10.04 that isn't lts, and the next version is just 10.10?11:47
abhijitJ_Brady, there is not 10.04 for normal release11:47
J_Bradyokay.  And so wubi doesn't work for 10.04 LTS.11:47
abhijitJ_Brady, it should.11:48
* bleah away11:48
ArchanaHow do i recover a deleted file ?11:48
abhijitJ_Brady, wubi is notihng to do with if its lts or not11:48
J_Bradywould you recommend installing 10.04 LTS, or waiting for 10.10?11:48
abhijitJ_Brady, deped on you. 10.04 is out so grab it and install it why to wait for next release? :)11:49
J_Brady... good point.11:49
J_BradyCan always scrub and install 10.10 then.11:49
rocket16J_Brady: Installing 10.04 will be better, because 10.10 will be automatically upgraded to, when it is released.11:49
J_Brady.... 10.04 LTS can be upgraded to 10.10 non-LTS?11:49
ArchanaJ_Brady, yes11:49
abhijitArchana, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk11:50
rwwIt's not an automatic upgrade, actually.11:50
rwwBut yes, you can upgrade it.11:50
J_BradyOkay... good.  Thank you everyone.  How would I use wubi with 10.04 then?11:50
fade_anyone know how to fix video conversation issues in skype?'11:50
abhijit!wubi | J_Brady follow instructions here11:50
ubottuJ_Brady follow instructions here: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.11:50
Archanaabhijit, i do not have a 'lost11:50
abhijit!details | fade_11:51
ubottufade_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:51
Archanaabhijit, i do not have a lost partition11:51
J_Bradyhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/wubi/files/  is where I looked... the latest version is for 9.0411:51
quietonetheneoindian, well apart from cutting the cable to the speaker (I am not advocating that) I don't have any ideas.11:51
Archanaabhijit, i just want to recover a file deleted from trash11:51
fade_if i'm showing my video, the otther guys video gets clipped at the bottom. Pic related: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/320204/Screenshot-07%3A44%20%7C%20Call%20with%20anja.grimsgaard.png11:51
J_Bradyand was uploaded to sourceforge on April 22nd, 200911:51
ArchanaJ_Brady, Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop iso has wubi in it..11:51
abhijitArchana, first read on that page the list of things testdisk can do.11:52
J_BradyArchana... Got it.  Thanks again.11:52
theneoindianquietone, good idea :P but this is a laptop dude ;)11:52
fade_ubuntu 10.04, modern ATI card (don't think that's relevant)11:52
Archanaabhijit, ## Recover deleted files from NTFS partition# Undelete files and directories from FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 filesystem# Undelete files from ext2 filesystem    --- But mine is ext 411:53
fade_seems Compiz was the perp11:53
fade_allright then i have something to investigate11:53
TBotNikall: Anyone know some code that will let me do automated or remote search of the Ubuntu Man Pages?11:54
erUSUL!undelete | Archana11:54
ubottuArchana: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:54
soreaufade_: If you have the catalyst/fglrx driver installed in sys>admin>hw drivers, uninstall it and reboot to try the radeon driver11:54
erUSULTBotNik: apropos ? man -k ?11:54
fade_thanks soreau11:54
fade_will check it out11:54
J_BradyIs there any strong reason why I shouldn't install the x64 version of 10.04?  I have a Core i7 920 and 12 GB of ram, but the download page advised 32-bit.11:54
TBotNikerUSUL: Can that be run in PHP?11:54
Archana!undelete ext411:55
erUSULTBotNik: are terminal commands i supose you can call them from php but maybe there are better options11:55
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.11:56
J_Bradyfigured that would work :P11:56
TBotNikerUSUL: Well trying to put it into PHP so both Ubuntu and Windows users can run it11:56
erUSULTBotNik: maybe this  helps more http://manpages.ubuntu.com/11:56
abhijitJ_Brady, install 64 bit11:57
J_Bradyabhijit ... have you run into any 32 programs you needed to install but couldn't, because of running 64 bit?11:58
naxilsome people know a linux dashboard for huawei e156g?11:58
abhijitJ_Brady, though some program not available for 64 bit you can still install them on 64 bit os using ia32 etc12:00
abhijitJ_Brady, I have one 32 bit program installed on my 64 bit buntu12:01
J_BradyDid you have any trouble instlaling it?12:01
abhijitJ_Brady, absolutely not12:01
J_BradyOkay, thanks.12:01
abhijitJ_Brady, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit12:01
abhijitJ_Brady, among them getlibs is the way working for me http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47479012:02
abhijitJ_Brady, apart from that I encounter very few softwares that not having 64bit version.12:03
TBotNikerUSUL: Trying to create function in PHP ===> function get_man($srchtxt,$subtext,$curline) where $srchtxt is what I'm looking for, $subtext is a target string in the current help file line and $curline is the current line.  Will return to the file a complete clickable URL to the manpage.12:03
J_BradyI'm very impressed with the community so far at least.  :)  Will have to show back up in here sometime later and try to help others to repay the karma.12:03
abhijitJ_Brady, :D12:03
J_Brady'course if wubi nukes my bootsector, I'm going to haunt you all, just as soon as I break the laptop out...12:05
J_Bradymostly kidding...12:05
J_Bradykind of.12:05
JoeMaverickSettJ_Brady, lol12:05
abhijitJ_Brady, you are welcome :)12:06
erUSULTBotNik: dunno; really12:06
grayhatgeekhi everyone12:06
J_Bradytalk to you later guys/gals.12:06
pablo_some1 can help me plz? im on my first day with ubuntu12:06
abhijit!hi | pablo_12:06
ubottupablo_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:06
TBotNikerUSUL: Will request on ##php and see what I get12:06
grayhatgeeki'm searching for GTD application similar to omnifocus as fast as possible12:07
abhijitpablo_, whats your issue?12:07
pablo_i have canon mp620 printer connected by lan to router but i dunno what need for install on laptop12:07
grayhatgeekanyone can help me with good REAL GTD app ?12:07
barfsterI am now able to get into GRUB and choose from the GRUB menu, when running from RESCUE MODE, machine shows alot of dmesg stuff, until the point where it tells that /dev/sdb1 is checked and OK12:08
abhijit!details | pablo_12:08
ubottupablo_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:08
SolowI'm now runnin my local host on http://localhost, I'd like to run a certain localhost to run on http://manual how do I get this done?12:09
barfsterThen it stays there like forever, 8 hrs at the longest12:09
pablo_ok sorry im noob XD12:09
pablo_im with ubuntu 10.4 liquid12:09
pablo_printer canon mp620 connected to router by lan12:09
grayhatgeekanyone know about GTD app for ubuntu ?12:09
* andrew_46 waves to electhor 12:09
pablo_i dunno what need do for install on ubuntu12:09
erUSULgrayhatgeek: what is a "GTD app" ?12:10
TBotNikerUSUL: What PHP equivalent of wget?12:10
grayhatgeekGTD = Get Things Done of david allen12:10
grayhatgeeksystem for time management12:10
abhijit!hardware | pablo_ check if your printer is supported or not12:10
ubottupablo_ check if your printer is supported or not: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:10
erUSULTBotNik: wget downloads url via http or ftp. i do not know php12:10
grayhatgeeki'm searching for application similar to Omnifocus12:10
grayhatgeek"omnifocus is just MACOSX app"12:11
erUSULgrayhatgeek: get things done ?12:11
pablo_ok ty 4 all i will go check now12:11
Solow*I'm now running my local host on http://localhost, I'd like a certain vhost to run on http://manual how do I get this done?12:11
TBotNikerUSUL: OK so the $lines = file(URL) would be eq?12:11
grayhatgeek<erUSUL> : YES12:11
quietonegrayhatgeek, I am pretty sure I was tried one out a while back. need to think a bit12:12
grayhatgeek<quietone> : i've been using Omnifocus for very long time on MAC OS12:12
erUSULTBotNik: as i said i do not know php. sorry12:12
dom__hi guys12:12
grayhatgeek<quietone> so i just wanna alternative for it on ubuntu12:13
grayhatgeek<erUSUL> <quietone> http://www.omnigroup.com/products/omnifocus/12:13
pablo_only see canon pixma mp 630 but not see canon pixma mp62012:13
abhijit!tab | grayhatgeek12:13
ubottugrayhatgeek: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:13
CakiWho keeps bshellz  go?12:13
CakiWho keeps bshellz  go?12:13
grayhatgeekubottu, thanks12:14
psycho_oreos!repeat| Caki12:14
ubottuCaki: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.12:14
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:14
pablo_any tutorial for beguinners with ubuntu for read?12:14
erUSUL!info gtd12:14
ubottuPackage gtd does not exist in lucid12:14
abhijit!manual | pablo_12:14
ubottupablo_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:14
erUSUL!find gtd12:14
ubottuFound: debgtd, yagtd12:14
psycho_oreosCaki, please don't pm me without permission12:15
erUSUL!info debgtd12:15
ubottudebgtd (source: debgtd): tool to help organise and prioritise your Debian bugs. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-1 (lucid), package size 11 kB, installed size 152 kB12:15
erUSUL!info yagtd12:15
ubottuyagtd (source: yagtd): utility to help organize your to-do lists. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0-1 (lucid), package size 68 kB, installed size 256 kB12:15
Cakijebem vam mater12:15
Cakiodg te mi12:15
pablo_ok thanks a lot12:15
pablo_cya all12:15
Cakija sam iz srbije i treba mi bnc12:15
Cakii digao sam onaj shell12:15
grayhatgeekerUSUL, i did but i couldn't find any real GTD app for ubuntu12:16
grayhatgeekerUSUL, i'm searching for an app which use the real methodology of GTD system same as OmniFocus12:16
grayhatgeekanyone can help me with real GTD app ?12:18
stukadsomeone got counter-strike 1.6 to work _without_ lag?12:18
stukadubuntu 10.412:18
quietonegrayhatgeek, http://www.trgtd.com.au/   is what I looked into a while back. Just didn't suit me.12:19
grayhatgeekquietone, thinkingrock is really POOR , UGLY app12:19
grayhatgeeki've tried it and didn't suit me either12:20
yakovhi, I need help with Arista transcoder12:20
stukadsomeone here managed to get quakelive/cs1.6 not to lag while ingame in ubuntu 10.4 ?12:21
quietonegrayhatgeek, thx. maybe that has skewed my understanding of GTD.12:21
grayhatgeekquietone, OmniFocus on Mac OS is still the best ever GTD app for me till now12:22
abhijit!details | yakov12:22
ubottuyakov: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:22
yakovI with ubuntu 10.04 and when i try to transcode a video a get a message that mpeg2enc from GStreamer is missing, and I can't find where to download it, could somebody help me plese12:22
grayhatgeeki just wanna any app with even the basic methodology of GTD12:23
grayhatgeekGet things Gnome is extremely poor app as well , just simple todo list not GTD12:23
barfsterI am now able to get into GRUB and choose from the GRUB menu, when running from RESCUE MODE, machine shows alot of dmesg stuff, until the point where it tells that /dev/sdb1 is checked and OK, but then it stays there like forever, 8 hrs at the longest12:25
mr_haiim trying to install a game with wine but its not allowing me to run any program on the disc because nonw of them are marked as executable and its a "read only" system12:25
TBotNikAll: there is a dman script on the Ubuntu man pages, using the wget command, but need to translate to PHP, so will work on all OSs.12:25
barfsterI am now able to get into GRUB and choose from the GRUB menu, when running from RESCUE MODE, machine shows alot of dmesg stuff, until the point where it tells fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16 /dev/sda1: clean, but then it stays there like forever, 8 hrs at the longest12:26
janisozaurHow can I record, and replay later on, mouse input events?12:26
barfsterjanisozaur: using an app? or a dev?12:26
yakovI am with ubuntu 10.04 and when i try to transcode a video I get a message that mpeg2enc from GStreamer is missing, and I can't find where to download it, could somebody help me plese12:26
TBotNikAll: This is back to my org Q=> "Anyone know some code that will let me do automated or remote search of the Ubuntu Man Pages?"12:27
janisozaurbarfster: whatever12:27
FloodBot3ylmfos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:27
janisozaur!jp | ylmfos12:27
ubottuylmfos: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい12:27
biharii need a help12:27
rwwubottu: cn | ylmfos12:28
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:28
yakovylmfos: Do you speak english?12:28
ylmfosi  can12:28
ylmfosi  come from china12:28
abhijit!ask | bihari12:28
ubottubihari: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:28
mr_haihow would i record input from a dev such as the micrphone jack?12:29
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
janisozaurbarfster: any suggestions?12:29
bihariabhijit,  i want to ask How are you ? :p12:29
abhijit!ot | bihari12:29
ubottubihari: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:29
mr_haibarfster: i would like to know the "from a dev" answer"12:29
bihariSome third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manager.12:30
biharii got this message wen i try to upgrade my ubuntu12:30
mr_haiim thinking about making a wifi antannae that uses the mic/headphone jacks12:30
stukadDoes anyone know how to check the mouse rate in ubuntu?12:31
janisozaurstukad: you mean reported events per unit of time?12:32
oussemahi guys12:32
stukadjanisozaur, like pollrate, but actually see the HZ12:33
monkey_duststukad, mouse rate? pollrate? HZ?12:33
janisozaurstukad: one way, perhaps not the most obvious, would be to hook up to /dev/input device and actually count them via some shell script12:34
UltraParadigmWhat is the best C++ compiler/environment for someone wishing to learn C++?12:36
abhijit!best | UltraParadigm12:37
ubottuUltraParadigm: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:37
janisozaurUltraParadigm: in ubuntu you can use gcc (with it's g++ "frontend" for c++), intel (which i believe is not free) and maybe some other. g++ is what is used to compile everything on your system by default12:38
UltraParadigmthanks janisozaur:12:39
psyvizhello world :)12:39
psyvizcould somone maybe help me12:39
barfsterHere is my current status: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1397192#712:40
abhijit!ask | psyviz12:40
ubottupsyviz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:40
monkey_dust!ask| psyviz12:40
barfsterSomething was logged OK, actually the fsck went OK, however the thing comming next?!? Whatever that is, is having an infinite loop12:40
barfsterHow can I find out what is next in the boot sequence after fsck?12:41
SolowI just used the keey combo: ctrl+alt+f1, and now it's asking me for my laptop login, when I do I get the terminal, and my desktop is gone :S12:41
SolowHow do I reverse this?12:41
rwwSolow: ctrl-alt-F712:41
psyvizi am trying to run a script to install vmware-server-2.0.x-kernel-2.6.3x-install.sh   ----- I use the comand sudo ./vmware-server-2.0.x-kernel-2.6.3x-install.sh but nothing happens... any help ??12:41
Solowrww, tytytytytytyty!12:41
Solowrww, but the netbeans plugin for php says it's to search the php manual. are they messing around with people?12:42
jefkehello all, i've got a question: I have a camera attached to a server, now what i want to do is, record eacht day, and use like 50 GB for that, so when he reaches 49.9 he erases and goes back recording, is there anything like that? (preferably with apache front end)12:42
monkey_dustpsyviz, installing vmware in ubuntu is very difficult, i did not get to it, either, but you can use Virtualbox12:43
rwwSolow: no idea, I haven't used netbeans12:43
mr_haii use qemu for my virtualoization12:43
mr_haipsyviz qemu is simple to use12:43
laserbeamSolow: I don't know either... but maybe someone on #netbeans might12:44
mr_hainetbeans iss not my fav solow try out geany12:44
Solowno i like netbeans :)12:44
SolowI like Nusphere PhpEd the most, but linux doesn't support it :(12:45
Solowomg i just read I can!12:47
SolowRunning PhpED with Parallels. what are parallels?12:47
valrhi all, need some help with an cpu overheating in a toshiba satellite pro l30012:47
valrrunning 10.0412:47
valrcan anyone help?12:47
JimmioI get "Some of the packages could not be retrieved from the server(s). Do you want to continue, ignoring these packages?" Should I not continue?12:47
abhijitJimmio, if you continue then it will install packages which are successfully downloaded and continue. but if your select no then it will do nothing, reject all and close.12:48
philinux!hello | songer12:48
ubottusonger: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:48
songerphilinux, i need help12:49
songeri'm trying to conet a  cell as modem12:49
Jimmioabhijit: I realize that. I also realize, if dependencies aren't met, it will break my system.12:49
abhijitJimmio, you can revoer your syste with dpkg12:50
philinuxsonger: hopefuly someone with expertise can help. Not me I'm afraid never done that12:50
=== subzero2000_ is now known as subzero2000
Archana_can ubuntu be installed into second internal harddisk ?12:50
philinuxArchana_: Yes12:50
songerthaks, philinux12:50
philinuxsonger: let us know what version ubuntu and which cell phone12:52
Archana_philinux, and second internal harddisk can be chosen during partitioning.12:52
songerlucid, motorola moto ve 24012:53
songermoto ve24012:53
philinuxArchana_: yes. I have 2 HD's. 1 has lucid the other has maverick12:53
valrhi all, i am currently running 10.04 on a toshiba satellite pro l300 and am getting cpu up to 85 degrees celcius, can someone help?12:54
BadElvishow does this work? http://www.getdeb.net/app/Monosim what is apturl?12:55
Randolphhi all12:56
philinux!apturl | BadElvis12:56
janisozaurvalr: I assume your cpu can scale, do you use ondemand or conservative cpufreq governor?12:56
philinuxBadElvis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptURL "in forefox address bar type this apt:packagename12:57
philinux!hi | Randolph12:58
ubottuRandolph: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:58
valrhi janisozaur, not sure, how can i tell?12:58
siva_where to find what is new in linux kernel
trojan_spikeany 1 know of a good fan speed control?? i have water cooling12:59
mgolischsiva_: read the packages changelog?12:59
BadElvisphilinux: thanks, seems, as if the package i am looking for is gone.12:59
abhijittrojan_spike, dunno if this work for fan control but its a very nice power tool : powertop try it sudo apt-get install powertop13:00
janisozaurvalr: don't know about cli, but there is a gnome-applet you can use to switch and monitor cpu freq13:00
philinux!hi | wiktor13:01
ubottuwiktor: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:01
trojan_spikeis the powertoy GUI?13:01
janisozaur!pl | wiktor13:01
ubottuwiktor: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:01
Niglopwhats the difference between running commands in the (alt f2 command line thing) or the terminal?13:01
wiktorco tam13:02
phillyjanyone know how I can get into a usb drive folder from the terminal? Its a hidden folder on the desktop, i think13:02
janisozaur!ot | wiktor13:02
ubottuwiktor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:02
monkey_dustNiglop, with Terminal you can easily read the output of the command13:02
Niglopoh i see, thanks monkey_dust13:02
wiktorhow old are you13:02
janisozaurphillyj: check if its mounted (and where): "mount" and just cd there13:03
valrjanisozaur: what's the name of the applet? i see there is cpudyn...13:03
wiktorwhere are yo from??13:04
janisozaurphillyj: if it's "windows-hidden", i.e. it has hidden attribete set on fat32/ntfs file system, it will show up in ls listing, if it's "linux-hidden", i.e. it begins with a dot, you need to use ls -a13:04
wiktorwhere are you from??13:05
janisozaur!ot | wiktor13:05
philinux!troll | wiktor13:05
ubottuwiktor: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel13:05
janisozaurvalr: translated from polish, it should be called "cpu frequency monitor"13:05
phillyjjanisozaur: yes, i used ls -a; but all i see is a folder labled "." and ".."13:05
wiktorpo jakim tu sie gada13:06
janisozaur!pl | wiktor13:06
ubottuwiktor: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:06
* monkey_dust thinks wiktor is a kid who accidentally got here13:06
janisozaurphillyj: then there are no other hidden folders there13:06
wiktorI played metin 213:07
ActionParsnipyo yo yo13:07
erUSULActionParsnip: o/13:07
monkey_dustwiktor, this is not the right place for your kind of questions13:07
J_BradyWell I'm back... hey everyone!13:07
ActionParsniperUSUL: can I PM please dude13:08
ActionParsnip!hi | wiktor13:08
ubottuwiktor: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:08
erUSULActionParsnip: sure13:08
monkey_dustActionParsnip, wiktor is a child13:08
janisozaurActionParsnip: wiktor is a troll13:08
phillyjjanisozaur: I'm using WUBI and i find it mounted in a location "/media/USB_disk along with my optical drives13:09
e01how can i enable nouveau driver13:09
stanley_robertsohi all13:09
ActionParsnipwell ops are around, as long as s/he is civili etc then all is ood13:09
e01i was installed it, but can activate it13:09
bazhangwiktor, stop that13:09
monkey_dustbazhang, wiktor is a small kid13:09
philinuxe01: It is activated on a default install that finds an nvidia card13:09
bazhangwiktor, do you have an ubuntu support question?13:09
bazhang!pl | wiktor13:10
ubottuwiktor: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:10
wiktorit,s big kid13:10
J_Brady... I just installed 10.04 LST using Wubi.  Worked like a charm, actually.  Until one of the drives in my raid 1 array dropped out during reboot.  I booted (is that the right past tense there?  I bat into windows maybe?) into win7, so Intel Matrix Storage Manager could do a rebuild...  I'm guessing it's unrelated to the install.13:10
songerhello, i can't configure my cell to use as modem13:11
janisozaurphillyj: WUBI? you mean ubuntu live from usb?13:11
wiktorwhat is the kanal??13:11
ActionParsnip!kernel | wiktor13:11
ubottuwiktor: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages13:11
aeon-ltdwiktor: kernel13:11
bazhangwiktor, /join #ubuntu-pl13:11
janisozaurActionParsnip: kanal = polish for channel, irc channel in this context13:11
ActionParsnipjanisozaur: ooh, funky. Learned something today :)13:12
wiktordo you speak english?/13:12
valrjanisozaur: my cpu cannot scale,13:12
ActionParsnipwiktor: this is the english ubuntu channel13:12
J_BradyOne piece of information for everyone... Wubi has no problem (or appeared to have no problem) installing over an existing install of windows 7 and windows xp pro, on seperate drives.  My boot menu showed "previous version of windows", "windows 7" and "ubuntu"...when I selected ubuntu it went to the grub loader with the options windows 7 or ubuntu.  selecting ubuntu booted.13:12
bazhangwiktor, this is ubuntu support. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic13:12
shiv_where is 'sessions' ?13:13
J_BradyJust in case anyone asks that, since just a little while ago, I was, for instance.13:13
janisozaurshiv_: can you elaborate on that?13:13
janisozaurvalr: sorry, no idea then13:13
valrjanisozaur: thanks for your help13:13
shiv_janisozaur, I am trying to change startup programs so some of them just do not start when I boot.13:14
valris anyone able to shed light on my overheating issue in 10.04 on a toshiba satellite pro L300?13:14
Niglophow much of a difference is there between aptitude and pacman?13:14
J_BradyA separate question... does ubuntu have an easy to use tool to clone one ntfs file system to a different drive of the same size?13:14
janisozaurJ_Brady: man dd13:15
bazhangNiglop, a question for #ubuntu-offtopic13:15
J_Bradyman dd is a program that will do that janisozaur?13:15
ActionParsnipshiv_: look in system -> preferences -> startup apps13:15
janisozaurJ_Brady: it's a man page for "dd"13:15
J_BradyOh, understood.13:15
janisozaurJ_Brady: be sure to check also what WaltzingAlong mentioned13:16
shiv_ActionParsnip, ahha thanks13:16
barfsterWhere is the startup script for ubuntu 10.04?13:16
philinuxvalr: See this and the rest of the thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9603087&postcount=4013:16
barfsterThe stuff before starting to load daemons13:16
ActionParsnip!startup | barfster13:16
ubottubarfster: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot13:16
ActionParsnip!boot | barfster13:16
ubottubarfster: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto13:16
barfsterbefore the services13:16
trojan_spikeshiv_, Preferred Applications.. is what your looking for13:16
barfsterafter mandatory fsck13:16
trojan_spikestart up applications i mean13:17
shiv_trojan_spike, thanks t I got it13:17
thruxton_hello, is it possible to install a package with wildcards? `apt-get install banshee*` for example?13:18
J_Bradyjanisozaur or waltzingalong... can dd or ntfsclone do that for the drive ubuntu is installed on?  I decided to go with the method of installing ubuntu as a file in my win7 filesystem as a test...and it's the win7 drive I want to clone.13:18
sdistefanohi all ; I'm getting software rendering with Intel GMA 3150... Any ideas on how to fix that?13:19
llutzthruxton_: aptitude understands wildcards, " aptitude install ~nbanshee' "13:19
janisozaurJ_Brady: you have ubntu installed on ntfs drive?13:19
janisozaurJ_Brady: oh, didn't read your whole message...13:19
J_BradyIt's installed as a file in my win7 ntfs filestructure... it said it was using ext4, so I assume it made a big lump file that win7 sees as just junk13:19
WaltzingAlongJ_Brady: using wubi?13:19
thruxton_llutz: ahh ok, ive never used aptitude! thanks I will give that a go13:19
lemonade_i want to change the desktop,not gnome or kde ,any good option?13:20
J_BradyYes, using wubi.13:20
thruxton_lemonade_: xfce4!13:20
WaltzingAlonglemonade_: xfce13:20
philinuxlemonade_: lxde is lightweight13:20
trojan_spikeJ_Brady, disk clone u mean??13:20
llutzthruxton_: that '~nbanshee'   stands for "all packages with banshee in name-field (~n)"13:20
janisozaurJ_Brady: you can boot using usb live stick, then your drives will be offline13:20
J_BradyYes, preferably...over trying to copy the root of the drive and hitting system files I can't touch or something.13:20
philinux!xfce | lemonade13:21
lemonade_thruxton,it support 3d?13:21
ubottulemonade: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels13:21
J_BradyI don't think I have a large enough USB drive.13:21
philinux!lxde | lemonade13:21
J_BradyI could burn a disc and go into liveboot I suppose.13:21
J_Bradywould liveboot have the dd or ntfsclone available?13:21
thruxton_lemonade_: not sure, it supports compiz and all that good stuff13:21
janisozaurJ_Brady: I didn't use CD in such a long time I've completely forgotten about that option. but yes, you could13:21
philinuxlemonade_: http://lxde.org/13:21
WaltzingAlongJ_Brady: could also install it if not, dd more likely than ntfsclone13:22
lemonade_philinux, it supports 3d?13:22
barfsterIs there an overview of the boot sequence of an installed system?13:22
J_BradyOkay then... I guess that'll be my plan.  Thanks guys.13:22
janisozaurJ_Brady: you might want to check virtualbox13:22
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox13:22
barfsterIs there an overview of the boot sequence of an installed system? In particular I am interested in the stuff before the stuff launched from /etc/init.d/13:23
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications13:23
philinuxlemonade_: http://blog.lxde.org/?p=3013:23
janisozaurJ_Brady: non-free in above means non-open-source, it is free as in free beer ;)13:23
J_BradyRight... :P13:23
lemonade_gonna have a look,thanks all13:23
J_BradyWhat does it allow one to do though, specifically?13:23
janisozaurJ_Brady: it allows you to run "virtualized" OS within another. you can have windows and ubuntu, running inside of windows, simultaneously13:24
J_Bradywould it be windows running inside of ubuntu, or ubuntu running inside of windows?13:24
janisozaurJ_Brady: the other way round is also possible13:24
SolowI'm trying to ssh into my pc, but it keeps saying 'invalid password' (And the password is right). But it also says Solow@(ip here), while it should be wesley@(ip here) how can I change the username for ssh13:25
monkey_dustJ_Brady, it's like a box within a box, i mean, an OS within an OS13:25
J_BradyI will check it out then.13:25
mmjackHow can I change which display is the primary display?13:25
=== thruxton_ is now known as thruxton
janisozaurJ_Brady: http://utilidadespc.es/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/virtualbox.jpg, http://blog.bergcube.net/public/Ubuntu/VirtualBox.png13:26
J_BradyNow if this da** raid 1 rebuild would finish... 20%? ... <sigh>13:26
J_BradyIs it better than Wine for pc gaming on linux?13:27
monkey_dustJ_Brady, check this pdf for an introduction to virtualization => http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4653463/issue38_en.pdf13:27
janisozaurJ_Brady: it's different thing13:27
=== root is now known as Guest74240
J_BradyThanks monkey.13:28
ActionParsnipJ_Brady: theres also crossoveroffice and cedega for windows apps inc games but they both cost13:28
janisozaurJ_Brady: with wine you just translate system calls to native *nix. I ran warcraft 3 using wine faster then on windows. using virtualbox (or vmware), on the other hand, let's you install whole OS13:28
ActionParsnipJ_Brady: both have an appdb but if your apps are compatible and you need it then its worth the money13:28
J_BradyYeah... I would probably just boot into winxp rather than pay for cedega.  No offense to the developers, just... a reboot isn't that big an obstacle, even if they become less frequent.13:29
J_Brady... I assume when you use virtualbox to install xp, you go through the activation process normally...13:29
janisozaurJ_Brady: yes.13:30
ActionParsnipJ_Brady: a cedega is most likely cheaper than a windows license13:30
J_BradyI have a legitimate copy of SP3... are you allowed to install more than one copy of the OS to the same machine?13:30
janisozaurJ_Brady: what system are you using now?13:30
J_Bradycurrently win7... which is on the 30 day trial.13:30
joakimkAfter upgrading firefox, the flash player is messed up... I've tried reinstalling with "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" and restart FF, but no luck. Also, going to adobe.com for the install file fails, since FF can not handle the apt:// protocol. Any tips?13:30
J_Bradywinxp is installed, that's SP3 and legit... and installed Ubuntu 10.0413:30
ActionParsnipJ_Brady: i think you can install the home edition on 3 systems, i'd ask in ##windows13:30
joakimkbtw, this is Ubuntu 9.0413:31
janisozaurJ_Brady: does http://www.grc.com/securable.htm state "yes" above hardware virtualization?13:31
ActionParsnipjoakimk: dont use the adobe site for flash, flash is in the repo13:31
joakimkActionParsnip: ok... But going to Add/Remove software menu, and searching for "flash" gave 0 hits13:31
ActionParsnipjoakimk: if you give the output of:  dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf    use http://pastie.org  I can advise13:32
joakimkActionParsnip: and I did try installing flashplugin-nonfree13:32
philinuxjoakim: Try this. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/161939/13:32
joakimkok :)13:32
BluesKajHowdy all13:32
J_Bradymy cpu is a core i7 920... I believe that supports it, yes?13:32
janisozaurJ_Brady: surely yes13:32
ActionParsnipjoakimk: if you install apturl  you can use apt:// links13:32
J_BradyOkay, so that means okay to install?13:32
joakimkActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/105826513:33