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crimzonHi Everyone! I could use some help if anyone is up for a JACK/Audio issue?19:42
holsteincrimzon: hey19:58
holsteinwhats up?19:58
crimzonwell, jack is failing to start19:59
holsteinhas it ever started?19:59
crimzonNo, new build. Ubuntu Studio 10.04  AMD SB 850 Ati Chipset19:59
holsteininternal card?19:59
holsteinRT kernel?20:00
crimzonit says preempt, is that the same thing?20:00
holsteinrun uname -a in a terminal just to make sure20:00
holsteincrimzon: not to JACK20:00
holsteincrimzon: run sudo qjackctl20:01
holsteinand go into the 'setup'20:01
holsteinand uncheck the 'realtime' check box20:01
holsteinand see if it starts as su20:01
holsteincrimzon: check the latency down in the right corner too20:01
holsteinan dmake sure its nothing ridiculous20:02
holstein20ms or more should be safe20:02
crimzonHmmm. I don't see setup in the qjackctl20:03
holsteinlet me get a screenshot link20:03
holsteinso we know we're talking about the same thing20:03
holsteincrimzon: check that out ^^20:04
holsteinthe first screenshot20:04
holsteinclick on 'setup'20:04
holsteinthats what you should see when you run sudo qjackctl20:04
crimzonlol, I'm sorry. I found it. Wow. I've been staring at this stuff too long.20:05
holsteincrimzon: i totally understand20:05
holsteinim doing the same thing20:05
holsteinsetting up a new install on a better box i had donated to me20:05
holsteinafter a while, it just all looks the same ;)20:05
holsteinANYHOW, whats the latency reading down in the lower right?20:06
crimzonMan, I can't get win7 to dual boot for the life of me. But that's another issue. Trying to use MDADM for a software raid5, but windows just can't let it do, keeps nuking MBRs on all disks... it's odd.20:07
crimzonwhatever, 69ms latency20:07
holsteinthat'll be fine for testing purposes20:07
holsteinuncheck that 'realtime box'20:07
crimzonWhat should I be able to get that down to?20:07
crimzonya, unchecked20:08
holsteinand try starting it20:08
holsteincrimzon: with an internal card20:08
holsteinand preemtive kernel20:08
holsteinand no RT set here20:08
holsteini would think under 3020:08
holsteinmaybe under 20 ?20:08
holsteindepends really20:08
holsteincrimzon: you can try getting the RT kernel and checking this box20:09
crimzonI have a PCI Audigy 2, and I could maybe compile an RT for my system. I'd like to get it under 10 for recording purposes later.20:09
holsteinyou might be able to get close to 1020:09
crimzonnot installed mind you20:09
holsteindoes is start as root?20:10
holsteinand not complain?20:10
crimzonSeems to be putting along, message readout is all XRUN callback 26-2720:10
holsteinyeah, lost of things can cause that20:11
holsteinmight want to look at your IRQ's20:11
holsteinhit the stop button20:11
holsteinand close Qjack20:11
holsteinand open it back up as normal user20:12
holsteindouble check the settings, and see if it starts and acts similar20:12
crimzonlooks happy. same output20:13
holsteincrimzon: COOL20:13
holsteinso your up and running20:13
holsteinneed to trouble shoot those xruns20:13
crimzonSo I might have sound now? YEA!!!!20:13
holsteinfirst place i look is cat /proc/interrupts20:14
crimzonOk, where should i read about that?20:14
holstein 21:   31880039   IO-APIC-fasteoi   ehci_hcd:usb1, uhci_hcd:usb3, sata_via20:14
holsteinthats a line from mine20:14
holsteinyou want your sound card off by itself idealy20:14
holsteinsometimes you can set this in the bios, sometimes not20:14
holsteincrimzon: also, just relaxing the JACK settins20:15
holsteinincreasing frames/period and periods/buffer20:15
holsteincrimzon: hell20:15
holsteingetting the RT kernel and checking that box can help too20:16
holsteinyou might want to try that first20:16
holsteinthats easy enough20:16
crimzon16:      52020         18        396        756   IO-APIC-fasteoi   HDA Intel20:16
holsteincheck out #opensourcemusicans too20:16
holsteinif you need more tweaking advice20:17
holsteincrimzon: thats probably OK20:17
crimzon19:          0          0         33         55   IO-APIC-fasteoi   HDA Intel20:17
holsteinnot bad having 220:17
holsteinyou could look in your bios next reboot20:17
crimzonone is for the HDMI built in20:17
holsteinand see if you can get the sound off on its own20:17
crimzonmake sure audio has it's own IRQ?20:17
holsteinbut that looks acceptable20:18
crimzonI could try this Soundblaster, see if it performs better. I keep getting a random popping sound in my left or right speaker.20:18
holsteinyeah, im not a fan of the creative gear personally20:19
holsteinbut, its worth a try20:19
crimzonThank you so much for your help20:20
holsteinanytime :)20:20
holsteingood luck20:20
crimzonI can't believe it was that simple!!!20:20
holsteinOH yeah20:21
holsteinfor dual booting20:21
holsteincheck that bootloader out20:21
holsteinAFAIK you dont have to install it to use it20:22
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osmodivsDoes Ubuntu studio comes with YafaRay?23:25
osmodivsDoes Ubuntu studio comes with YafaRay?'23:25
osmodivsOr some other renderer for Blender?23:25
osmodivsI am downloading the "alternate" version, whatever that means23:26
osmodivs1 hour to go23:26

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