lifelesspoolie: so stevea details organised ?10:01
poolielifeless, no ack from him yet, i'll send an sms10:09
michealhHey Silasle13:42
michealhAsk away!13:42
SilasleOk, tried to push my source to an branch whit these commands: http://paste.ubuntu.com/468850/ and got the message "bzr: ERROR: Transport operation not possible: readonly transport ", whats the problem?13:44
fullermdSounds like you're trying to push over http.13:45
michealhAhhh Silasle Goto out Team bzr and copy what the command says about pushng13:45
Silaslemichealh: There it is written "You cannot upload to this branch. Members of Cinematic Maintainers can upload to this branch."13:46
Silaslefullermd: And that means?13:46
poolieSilasle, are you meant to be a member of this team?13:47
michealhSilasle: You ARE a member ;/13:47
poolieSilasle, please pastebin the traceback from ~/.bzr.log13:48
michealhSilasle: Your launchpad is silas isnt it?13:48
Silaslepoolie: I am in the member list but i still get an message whit "You are not a member of this team."13:48
fullermdWouldn't a bad team membership or the like give a "can't write this file" sorta error, not a "readonly transport" one?13:48
poolieyou'd think o13:49
* fullermd will stick with his 'http' answer, 'cuz it'll make him look real smart if it proves out correct.13:49
Silaslemichealh: No i am not, i'm silas-lenz13:49
michealhSilasle: You are a member13:51
poolieyou just added him? or he just joined?13:52
poolietry again?13:52
michealhpoolie: I added him... It is a restricted team13:52
SilasleAnd it works (Created new branch. )13:52
fullermdAh well, I do seemingly get that error in such cases.  Random Launchpad Black Magic(tm).13:53
* fullermd wishes there were a freakin' 'lp-resolve' command.13:53
* michealh goes away and leaves Silasle to it.13:54
SilasleBut the branch seems to be empty13:58
poolieSilasle, looking at it how?14:05
Silaslepoolie: I think i got it to work now14:06
cjaois there a way for me to put the .bzr directory elsewhere (such as ~/bzr/project1.bzr)?21:26
luksif you mean the whole .bzr directory, then no21:32
luksbut you can move the repository/branch and have only a lightweight checout21:33
cjaomy problem is that i don't have write access to the directory with source files, but i still want to check in those files to a bzr repository (kind of a convoluted situation, i know)21:36
luksyou can create a separate checkout of the repository21:45
lukshm, actually, if you don't have access to the dir at all it won't work21:46
luksstill, you can move the branch/repository elsewhere21:47
luksand let the person who has write access to create a lightweight checkout there21:47
luksthat way you can write to the repository from a different location21:47
luksand the person can update the source files in the working tree from the repository when they want to21:48
cjaowhat if the dir doesn't contain a branch / repository? there's nothing to check out from...21:56
GaryvdMcjao: I don't think there is a way to do this. :-( . Might it be possible for someone who has write permission to create a .bzr that you have write permissions to?21:58
GaryvdMOr a symlink to somewhere where you have write permissions?21:58

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