wgrantBlackZ: Do you recall which builder it was repeatedly not-quite-building on?00:11
wgrantBlackZ: That generally indicates that the builder is subtly broken, and needs a bit of poking.00:11
BlackZwgrant: vernadsky00:11
wgrantOK, that's less likely.00:12
BlackZwgrant: but IIRC this is happening with other i386 buildd too00:12
wgrantIt'll need someone to look at logs.00:13
wgrantSince they're real buildds, not virtual ones.00:14
BlackZwgrant: it happened with other builds too00:14
BlackZbut they're succesfully built now00:14
wgrantYeah, it'll just take a few tries to dispatch.00:15
BlackZwgrant: this is happening with palmer too00:16
wgrantThey're both eventually building something successfully, though.00:17
wgrantThis is concerning.00:17
wgrantAnd they're now both looping.00:19
wgrantI'd expect this from virtual builders, not physical ones.00:19
BlackZwgrant: if you want to take a look, it's happening with other packages as well00:19
BlackZ(right now)00:19
BlackZwgrant: I will ping someone from the build daemon maintainers team Monday00:22
wgrantThis is pretty much a lamont thing. Or potentially a Soyuz thing, in which case I'll get someone to look at the logs on Monday.00:23
lamontwgrant: iirc, there's a karmic build (superseded 9+months ago) that's trying to dispatch, and aborting the run00:42
lamontbut I'm not here right now.00:42
lamontand have nfc how to kill that build either...00:42
lamontwgrant: and I'm on holiday thru 3 august, only passing through here infrequently00:43
wgrantlamont: Ah, OK.00:44
wgrantlamont: I might convince Soyuz people to look at logs on Monday and get that destroyed...00:44
lamontbut yeah, someone should work out the sql to kill that errant build00:44
wgrantAlthough it will be irrelevant soon, since the buildd-manager rewrite actually WORKS.00:45
lamontthis will be a thing most wonderful00:47
wgrantIt's even almost properly asynchronous.00:47
weedarDo many packages for Ubuntu get automatically fetched from Debian and have no real Ubuntu-maintainer? Also, would lots of "Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync" changelog entries imply this or is there another reason for such behaviour?01:59
wgrantweedar: That's more of an #ubuntu-devel question.02:02
wgrantBut yes, most Ubuntu packages are synced without changes from Debian.02:02
weedarwgrant: Thanks for the tip, and for the answer :)02:03
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rippswhat's this? I see two armel ppa builders. Is there any way for us to use them?04:29
wgrantripps: No. They're only for internal Canonical projects.04:38
rippswoops, I meant :(04:39
wgrantripps: They're not actually virtualized, so it's not safe.05:05
wgrantPlus they're slow.05:05
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micahglifeless: is oops no longer appropriate as a tag (i.e., I should just use timeout)?09:16
lifelessmicahg: Ursinha told me that its either oops or timeout : oops for oops that are not timeouts, timeout for oops that are timeouts09:19
lifelessmicahg: I lolled a little earlier today when I found a bug she filed tagged oops timeout :)09:19
micahglifeless: ah, ok, should I just guess as to which one is correct in my case and you people will fix?09:19
lifelessif it sits around for 10 seconds and then fails09:21
lifelessmark it timeout :)09:21
lifelessif you aren't sure, tag both, or neither. Totally fine any which way.09:22
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sjamaanDoes anyone have an idea what could be the cause of this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52478681/peter-bex-chamilo-chamilo-classic-hg-mirror.log ?11:50
agrumani have a source package which produces multiple binary packages, some with Arch: all and some with Arch: i386, amd64. Now when i removed i386 from all "non-all" the all wont be built (did this since the i386 build is broken and i currently only need Arch: all, and Arch: amd64 built). Is "Arch: all" dependent on i386 or something? If so i think it would be a bug when i dont have any "Arch: i386" at all currently.12:17
wgrantagruman: Arch: all is produced by the i386 build.12:18
agrumanwgrant, ah, but what if there are no i386 at all present? Shouldnt they be built then by some other target>12:18
wgrantagruman: Possibly. But a lack of an i386 build is probably a bug.12:19
agrumanwell, since my i386 is broken, the all targets wont be built at all untill that is fixed, and even though the amd64 works its unusable since the all targets are missing ...12:20
agrumani suppose i could replace all with amd64 or something though12:21
wgrantYou could.12:21
wgrantBut it seems odd that the i386 build would be broken, while amd64 would work...12:21
agrumanbut how would a target which has some special pkgs for amd64 and the rest as all work? Seems that "all" would not be built?12:22
agrumanwgrant, well there are somewhat large differences between the two, and the problem is upstream.12:23
agrumanwgrant, thanks alot for the help.12:25
winstonwhey how do i remove an account12:47
wgrantwinstonw: Go to your user page, click 'Change details', and then scroll down to the bottom.12:48
winstonwI deactivated my account, when will I be able to create a new account with the same email (it keeps on sending me an email suggesting I just forgot my password)13:21
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pooliewinstonw, why don't you just reactivate your account?13:46
winstonwpoolie: i don't want that username13:59
lifelesswinstonw: so reclaim it and then rename it ?14:05
winstonwoh, if i were to reclaim it, how do i go about changing the username14:06
lifelessin your account page14:09
lifelessthere is an edit icon, you can just change it14:09
winstonwhow do i reclaim an account?14:10
winstonwi didn't see an option to reclaim an account14:24
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micahghi, it seems like my project got deleted?21:07
micahgI created a project to triage Ubuntu Mozilla PPA bugs (ubuntu-mozilla-ppa-bugs), but it no longer exists21:08
drubinHi I am trying to get a persons email addresses from the "person" object and I seem to be failing. I must be using the wrong attribute but I can't find which one it should be https://edge.launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#email_address but how do you get that from  https://edge.launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#person22:05
mwhudsondrubin: it's person.preferredemail.emailaddress at the python level, not sure about the api22:06
drubinmwhudson: that is exactly what I want. Thanks.22:07
drubinon the python level is there a way to get a list of email addresses? I am trying to compare these with out Mailing list.22:07
micahgmwhudson: I seem to have a project that was deleted, can it be restored?22:10
mwhudsonmicahg: what was the project?22:23
micahgmwhudson: ubuntu-mozilla-ppa-bugs22:23
micahgmwhudson: I got an email about a license, but I didn't think anyone would do anything based on the content22:24
mwhudsonmicahg: i think that's why it was disabled, but it all seems to have happened rather fast22:25
mwhudsonmicahg: i can re-enable it for you if you promise to make your mind up soon :)22:25
micahgmwhudson: about a license?  what do I use?22:25
micahgmwhudson: k, I'22:26
micahgll just use the Ubuntu and Mozilla licenses22:26
mwhudsonmicahg: it's back22:27
micahgmwhudson: thanks22:27
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* micahg should've selected other open source not idk22:28

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