loologra: Around?10:28
ograwhats up ?10:28
loologra: I grabed the latest preinstalled image for omap10:28
looland tried to run it under qemu10:28
loolit failed as usual10:28
loolbut I found a way to get it working10:29
ogralikely broken due to kernel out of syncness10:29
loolit's related to the fat filesystem in the first partition10:29
ograoh ?10:29
loologra: I compared with a working Angstrom image, and while the disk partitioning was okay, the fat looked different10:29
ograthe only thing that might differ from angstrom wrt first partition could be the mkdosfs binary or sfdisk10:29
loologra: First, note that the disk partitioning says it's a fat32 (type 0xc), but your images actually contain a fat1610:30
* ogra checks debian-cd10:30
loologra: Second, I'm not entirely sure that just setting things to fat32 is enough; mkfs.dosfs apparently has a concept of heads, and I strongly suspects it might behave differently on real devices versus files10:30
loologra: If that is an option, I'd like if we could switch the omap3 images to fat32 to start with, but that will require testing again on all target hardware platforms10:31
ogra    echo ,9,0x0C,*10:31
ograthats from the sfdisk scripts from tools/boot/maverick/post-boot-armel+omap10:32
ogracopied from the angstrom build script10:32
* lool bzr upgrading his debian-cd checkout10:32
ograi'm fine switching to anything you like as long as it doesnt break10:33
ograwe just need to keep jasper in sync10:33
ograsince it recreates the first partition on first boot10:33
loologra: if we discover the format is not the only one you need to support, it might make sense to have jasper read the current format to create a new one10:34
loologra: So I think the issue is with: mkdosfs -C $IMAGE.vfat ${VATSIZE} >/dev/null 2>&110:34
loologra: this needs -F 32, otherwise the format is selected automatically depending on the size of the fs, and ends up being FAT16 here10:35
ograhmm, jasper uses "/sbin/mkdosfs -n "SERVICEV001" -F 32 /dev/${DISK}${SEP}1"10:36
ograseems debian-cd is just behind here10:36
ograi need to sync the commands10:37
ograjasper also uses ",$SIZE_P1,c,*" in sfdisk10:37
ograinstead of capitalized C10:37
ogranot sure if sfdisk interprets that any different10:38
loologra: Perhaps what would make sense is an omap-utils package which we would eventually be able to install in initramfs + on antimony, and then call exactly the same commands?10:40
loole.g. with a "create-boot-vfat" script and such10:40
ograi would rather tie it to jasper than to the subarch10:41
ograbut yes, that sounds like a good idea10:41
loologra: Clearly the concept of special vfat partitions is specific to OMAP10:41
loolbut you could have a jasper-utils package which has an omap-create-boot-vfat script  :-)10:42
loologra: I'll open an ubuntu-cdimage bug to track the above issue10:42
ograsomething like that10:42
ograassign it to me10:42
ograi'm not really sure you actually want to run these images in a vm though10:43
ograsince you have no actual disk hardware that at least requires some extra preparation10:44
loologra: Why wouldn't I have disk hardware?10:44
ograi.e. making sure to create the image file big enough10:44
ograthe image is self expanding, there is nothing you can resize to unells you first create a bigger image into which you dd the downloaded .img file10:45
ogramakes running in in a vm a bit more complex10:46
ograits nopt that its impossible to use it that way, but its not designed to be run without preparation in a vm10:47
loologra: That's ok, I understand10:48
ograi should probably add a little more spare space like 500M or so, so it can run without resizing too10:51
ogragzip should just compress it it away for the gzipped image10:52
* ogra will play with that10:52
loologra: I personally find it a waste that you'd do that10:53
loolI can deal with this downstream10:53
ograwell, it wont affect the download size, likely speed up the ultra slow resizing and make it possible to actually run oem-config even if resizing failed10:54
loologra: It will affect the time it takes me to unpack and the space it will take unpacked10:55
ograthats true, though it would also be a good way to enforce minimal specs like using 4G cards (by adding enough empty space to not fit on a 2g card anymore)10:56
loologra: So, I've posted a bug with a proposed (untested) patch; it affects OMAP411:01
ograchange implemented on antimony11:01
loolLP #60970011:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 609700 in ubuntu-cdimage "OMAP pre-installed image uses FAT16 partitions (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60970011:01
ograoh, you added a patch ?11:01
* ogra checks11:02
ogranearly the same as my change (my option ordering is slightly different)11:03
loologra: Would you assign yourself to the bug and close it if you merged that already?11:04
ogralool, if the archive ever gets in sync again, please test the next image in qemu, i'll test panda and beagle11:04
ograi dont want to close it before we tested it both11:04
* ogra mentions the change 11:04
ograset to inprogress11:05
* ogra goes for food11:07
loolI've filed LP #609706 for the qemu counterpart of this issue11:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 609706 in qemu-maemo "QEMU ROM emulation code doesn't cope with FAT16 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60970611:21
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