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ssoxygenI am developing an open source (GPL v3) project to apply KDE's oxygen icons to Windows. I want to know whether I am permitted to incorporate Ubuntu's human icon set. If I am permitted, then must I state that the Human icon set is under a different license?18:27
thorwilssoxygen: ooh, you have to follow and thus state the license of each single icon set18:38
ssoxygenOk. But assuming I do this, I am allowed to incorporate the Human icon set into my program, although it is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3, and the icons are licensed under Creative Commons Legal Code Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5. (Please note that I have to use ImageMagick or so to convert the icons to Windows .ico files)18:41
ssoxygenPlease confirm as to whether this usage is ok18:48
thorwilssoxygen: i would assume it's all fine, as long as the application and icons remain separate entities. i'm not a lawyer. but also note that nobody will sue you for this ;)18:55
ssoxygenThe issue is that the program is written in a scripting language called NSIS that was made to create installers, and thus all the icons are embedded into the same monolithic executable that houses the code. Thus I'm not sure whether the code and the icons can be considered remaining separate or not.19:05
ssoxygenI can probably modify the program to download the icon set just before applying the icon theme19:06
ssoxygenWill that be fine?19:06
ssoxygenThe program will have to download a modified icon set however19:07
ssoxygenThe icons will have to be converted to Windows icons19:07

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