yvan300what's up ladies00:01
slidinghornyvan300, do you have an ubuntu support question we can help with?00:07
yvan300slidinghorn: woops this ain't the team channel, sorry :D00:07
paultagslidinghorn, yvan300 is an old member00:07
slidinghornoh, lol00:07
paultagyvan300, yeah, keep it in the right channel :)00:07
paultagslidinghorn, good instinct :)00:07
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=== zkriesse is now known as Glorfindel
IdleOnehello JamieC02:31
JamieCHi IdleOne !02:31
* JamieC is new..i think02:31
GlorfindelHey team02:31
IdleOneheh, you think?02:31
GlorfindelOh hey IdleOne didn't see ya there02:31
IdleOnehello Glorfindel02:31
=== Glorfindel is now known as zkriesse
IdleOnezkriesse: :)02:32
zkriesseIdleOne: That make it easier02:32
zkriesseIdleOne: Now do ya recognize me?02:32
IdleOneyes :)02:32
zkriesseHow's it goin my man?'02:32
IdleOnedoing ok here thanks and you?02:32
zkriesseGoin ok02:33
IdleOneJamieC: welcome to the channel, feel free to jump in anytime02:33
zkriesseWorking on muh blog and planning my schedule...start college next month02:33
JamieCOk thank you IdleOne02:33
JamieCWhat's this channel for?02:33
IdleOnewell it is for ummm beginners02:34
JamieCOk but what does it do?02:34
IdleOneJamieC: I am fairly new to this channel myself, I'll let zkriesse answer02:34
zkriesseIdleOne: you're not new you lier02:34
zkriesseJamieC: He's lyin!02:34
zkriesseHello isiah02:35
IdleOnezkriesse: hehe I am old to IRC indeed but I haven't spent that much time in this channel02:35
isiahhi zkriesse02:35
zkriesseIdleOne: Ah roger that02:35
isiahwhy does xkcd suck these days?02:36
IdleOneJamieC: as I understand it the ubuntu-beginners team is here to welcome and help people out who are new to Ubuntu02:36
zkriesseIdleOne: that is correct02:36
isiahI always assumed this room was for maintaining the website.02:36
zkriesseSee you're on it!02:36
* IdleOne is now officially old02:36
zkriesseisiah: What website?02:36
IdleOneJamieC: how did you find this channel?02:37
isiahthere is this like "getting started" site on the ubuntu server02:37
isiahevery once in a while someone calls a meeting and people chat about it02:37
JamieCJamieC: A friend02:37
JamieCgoogle is that particular friend02:38
zkriesseisiah: cool02:38
IdleOnelike i said earlier JamieC if you have questions just ask away02:38
isiahI remember this site when it had the longest name of all the ubuntu sites, which is why i picked it02:38
JamieCthank you02:38
JamieCI'll just sit here for a minute02:38
IdleOnesure thing02:39
JamieCHI isiah !!!!!!!02:39
isiahit was like #ubuntu-fourm's-beginners-team02:39
paultagst33med, poke02:40
IdleOnecould be02:40
paultagisiah, ##ubuntufourms-beginners02:40
st33medpaultag, stabby02:40
isiahwas that the name?02:40
isiahits been a while02:41
paultagst33med, are you in VA ?02:41
paultagisiah, yeah :)02:41
st33medpaultag, yes, why?02:41
paultagst33med, interested in the LoCo in VA, they're trying to get started02:41
paultagst33med, #ubuntu-us-va02:41
paultagst33med, they could really use someone who has a blog on the planet02:41
st33medI don't have a blog02:41
paultagst33med, well still02:41
isiahI blogged my friend's mom last night02:41
paultagst33med, you *can* have a blog02:42
paultagst33med, would you mind helping?02:42
st33medI wouldn't mind02:42
paultagst33med, #ubuntu-us-va :D02:42
paultagthanks st33med :)02:43
st33medwelcome :)02:43
isiahI should walk over to Duffs02:44
phillwisiah: starter for server ?02:44
isiahDuffs is the top buffalo wing maker on the planet, oddly enough it is a one mile walk from my house02:45
* phillw sorry for delays; re-building my system onto a new hard drive02:45
zkriesseisiah: Why'd you kick me you meanie!02:45
zkriessehey phillw02:45
phillwhiyas zkriesse :-002:45
JamieCHI phillw02:45
phillwisiah: oooh, buffalos have wings? OMG !!!!!02:46
isiahno seriously check out wikipedia's page on it. Duff's is mentioned in it02:46
isiahits like historic02:47
zkriesseHello harrison02:48
zkriesseand how are you?02:48
harrisonFine, how are you?02:48
zkriesseDoin alright02:49
isiahI am going to install xaos from source02:50
zkriesseMY PAL!!!!!!!!!02:56
zkriesseikt: It's ZachK18 btw02:56
iktwhat's up?02:56
zkriesseikt: Nick change an all02:57
iktyou seem happy? :D02:57
zkriesseikt: Because you've shown up!02:57
iktwhatcha up to?02:57
zkriesseikt: not much02:57
zkriesseikt: pm and I'll tell ya everything02:57
iktseya harrison :)03:05
paultaghey harrison slick666 seidos ikt03:09
paultagholy god03:09
seidoshey paultag03:09
zkriessehey paultag03:09
paultagseidos, long time no see03:09
paultagzkriesse, lo03:09
paultagseidos, how are things?03:09
seidospaultag, not bad.  I actually mentioned you in a long winded blog I wrote.03:09
paultagseidos, Oh? I'd love to read it :)03:10
paultagI'm quite vain, you see :)03:10
JamieCpaultag: you are?03:10
seidosI don't know what the etiquette is, but I was going with the flow.  It's a long post that no one will read.03:10
* JamieC waves03:10
paultagJamieC, well I guess :)03:10
paultagseidos, I don't mind03:10
JamieCCan I talk here?03:11
paultag.. Montel.03:11
seidospaultag, here is the link.  be warned, it's long, inane, and generally terrible:  http://redplanetaryearth.blogspot.com/2010/07/marijuana-legalization-memes-relational.html03:12
paultagUm hell yes seidos03:12
seidosoh yeah, we're supposed to be talking in the -team channel03:12
paultagseidos, this is relevant to my interests03:12
seidospaultag, cool, hope you like it.03:14
JamieCWho's montel?03:15
isiaha talk show host03:17
JamieCisiah: cool03:17
* JamieC likes 560 WIND03:17
IdleOnetesting ?03:31
zkriesseJamieC: Don't do that03:31
JamieCWrong chat area03:31
zkriesseOk just don't do it03:31
ubot2`Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:33
JamieCI know!03:33
JamieCIt's not intentional03:33
JamieCOr wasn't i mean03:33
isiahyeah my toodler child wa looking over my shoulder03:33
isiahnow he is crawled up in the fetal position in the corner03:34
phillwJamieC: I'm still getting used to the ubots, I've only just got one on the #lubuntu channel03:34
=== paultag changed the topic of #ubuntu-beginners to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Beginners Team support channel || Please do not wait to ask questions, simply ask! If anyone knows the answer, they will most likely reply. || Please note, public logs of this channel are available on irclogs.ubuntu.com || Want offtopic? Head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team || http://divajutta.com/doctormo/foo/ask-smart-questions.pdf ||
isiahI always like it when the op removes op statues from himself03:36
isiahits like a king abdicating03:37
IdleOneseidos: Wow!03:46
IdleOneI loved how you rambled in a sort of non directional with a purpose way03:47
seidosIdleOne, lol03:47
seidosIdleOne, are you serious?03:48
SketchbagI have conky , and it's constantly on the windows list ...is there a way to run it without it have a tab open constantly03:48
* seidos types man conky in a terminal03:48
IdleOneseidos: yes. I meant that as a compliment :)03:48
SketchbagI did type conky manually in a terminal ...if thats what you meant03:49
Sketchbagbut it also has a start up command03:49
seidosSketchbag, no, I was trying to get some information on conky.  I've never used it.03:49
Sketchbagoh sorry03:50
IdleOneseidos: the entire time I was reading I also had this idea that YOU need to record yourself reading it. I think it would make even more sense to me if I could hear your thoughts. if you know what I mean03:50
seidosIdleOne, hmmm, I probably would, but my microphone doesn't work.03:50
IdleOneseidos: get it working.03:51
seidosIdleOne, I tried once, but lost hope and gave up.  I don't think I'm smart enough to get it working.03:51
IdleOneWell if it means anything I really enjoyed the post03:52
IdleOnetime for JamieC to go03:52
seidosJamieC, why?03:52
paultag!language | JamieC03:53
ubot2`JamieC: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:53
paultagthis is your second warning03:53
JamieCArgh...this stupid webchat03:53
JamieCI'm in a social site that people like to bash on and it's right next to this webchat tab03:53
JamieCBash "me" on03:54
seidosJamieC, you're in one channel?03:54
paultagJamieC, one more outburst and I won't be happy03:54
JamieCONe channel where?03:54
JamieCpaultag: I'm sorry it's not directed at here...03:54
seidosthe interblag03:55
paultaghey IdleOne, I forget, were you looking to work with the UBT?03:55
IdleOnedepends on pay rate paultag03:55
zkriesseIdleOne: lol03:55
zkriesseIdleOne: The payrate we get here is paultag points03:56
paultagIdleOne, just wanted to follow up with leads -- we're here if you're bored  :)03:56
zkriesseand those are special03:56
seidosSketchbag, I don't understand your question.  I'm running conky, but I don't know what you mean by "window list" or "tab"03:56
paultagzkriesse, so far i've given out about 10 of those babys03:56
IdleOnepaultag: I try not to make promises on my commitment level but I am happy to help out where I can. :)03:56
paultagIdleOne, then you're in the right place doing the right thing :)03:56
paultagIdleOne, just wanted to make sure you were tended to, it's not often we get established members around these parts ( such as yourself ) who want to do UBT work :)03:57
seidosSketchbag, do you mean you want it to be like on the gnome-panel?  Are you using gnome?03:57
IdleOnepaultag: what do you mean by UBT work exactly?03:57
paultagIdleOne, work with beginners -- just helping new GNU/Linux folks. A lot of people hate it03:57
zkriesseIdleOne: Ever done wiki?03:58
IdleOneI enjoy helping out. I don't mind the "newbie" (hate that term) questions03:58
paultagIdleOne, feel free to help out without signing a contract ;)03:58
paultagIdleOne, I know you do a lot so no pressure, we just try and make sure everyone feel at home03:59
IdleOnezkriesse: my own :) little translation on the UWP wiki but put that on the back burner for a bit now03:59
Sketchbagyea ...the gnome panel would be good03:59
Sketchbagbecause right now its in my window list with firefox and stuff ....not really a big issue but I want my taskbar to look clean03:59
IdleOnepaultag: lol I haven't done to much of anything lately. trying to find my bearings IRL03:59
paultagIdleOne, real life over everything, don't do the burnout thing04:00
zkriesseIdleOne: ALWAYS do real life first04:00
tenachyeah, don't burn out on real life. That sucks.04:00
IdleOneno worries about that but like I said if I am around and see a question I can answer I am glad to answer it04:00
IdleOnetenach: you're telling me :P04:01
JamieCzkriesse: So who the heck are you telling people what to do04:01
IdleOneJamieC: have you read the Ubuntu guidelines and code of conduct?04:01
IdleOneand still you have this poor attitude04:01
paultagOK JamieC stop04:01
IdleOnepaultag: is way more tolerant then I am04:03
seidosSketchbag, I think what you want would require a change to conky's source code. :/04:03
seidosSketchbag, I can't think of a way to do it without doing something like that.  Want to look at the source code with me?04:04
seidosSketchbag, though, someone might have a better idea.04:04
* IdleOne lost the game but passed the test04:17
SketchbagI don't know how much of the source code I would understand ....04:28
SketchbagWhere do you get it from ......I'll take a look04:28
* stlsaint likes conky04:35
seidosstlsaint, do you know how to put conky into the gnome-panel?04:42
seidosSketchbag, me neither!  probably not much.  I know x-chat has a little gnome-panel widget doo-hickey though.  So may be I try to figure out how it does that, then use the same code in conky.04:42
seidosSketchbag, you can try sudo apt-get source conky04:43
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stlsaintseidos: oh no04:46
seidosstlsaint, me neither.  I think it would be a change to the source code04:48
SketchbagI went to the conky channel and asked my question but no one has answered yet :P05:20
seidosgood idea, I should've of thought of that05:21
seidosI downloaded the source code, it isn't as big as I thought it would be05:21
seidosit's *only* 31 files05:22
seidosit should take me 6 months to figure out how to implement what you want :/  I don't know, I've never done something like this before.05:22
seidosoops, sorry, I already screwed it up.  it's 76 files.  wrong folder.05:23
Sketchbag*only* lol05:23
* seidos facepalms05:23
seidosyeah, and now I figured out it's like twice as many files05:24
SketchbagSame here I would like to try it aswell...I want to get into that type of thing05:24
seidosdid you try sudo apt-get source conky?05:24
SketchbagNo I googled it05:24
Sketchbagthey have a command to get it05:24
seidosit will put the source code into the directory where you typed the command.05:24
seidosyou mean git?05:25
Sketchbagwhat is git?05:25
SketchbagI thought that was just a container that they put the code into05:26
seidosI think it's a protocol or something05:26
seidosI don't really know deep down.05:26
seidosI'm probably wrong, but I think of it like ftp05:26
seidosexcept for source code?05:26
Sketchbagoh .. okay I see ...i thought it was something along those lines ...05:27
seidoswell sudo apt-get source conky worked for me05:27
SketchbagJust one more step to confuse the noob05:27
seidosyeah, I don't really use git05:27
Sketchbagi didn't even know what it was lol , your one step ahead of me05:29
seidosman I'm not sure if it's even possible to implement what you want05:30
seidosI mean, for me05:31
SketchbagAre the conky source files seperated into any type of groups05:35
Sketchbagmaybe you could find the once for the actual prgram behavior and just play with it and see what happens05:35
Sketchbagbut yea I would assume to do something like that you would need some intricate knowledge of the progrom as a dev or something similar05:36
seidoswell I compiled it06:06
seidosand when I try to run the binary it doesn't work, says it need some config file06:06
seidosSketchbag, it's organized into different files.  here's a screenshot of the directory:  http://imagebin.org/10665406:08
SketchbagDo you have all the dependencies ...like lib-dev and stuff>?06:20
yax51does anyone know which program I would use to add text to videos.....kinda like subtitles, but without having to use a subtitle track?06:31
seidosSketchbag, I think so.  I just did make, I didn't do make install.  I thought I could execute the binary that was in the src folder after make.06:33
seidosyax51, I've never made a video in ubuntu.06:33
Sketchbagyax51 Im pretty sure there are some video editing programs on the ubuntu software centre06:47
Sketchbagcheck their websites to see if one has the feature you are looking for ...if not google it06:47
vu1kani've got a netgear wnr834bv2 that got reset to factory defaults, when i plug an ethernet cable into it, my ubuntu doesn't even see that i've got a viable ethernet connection...i went into network connections and set everything to automatic, and it still won't connect to the router's config...any suggestions as to why this is?09:24
vu1kaneverything worked fine before the reset09:24
slidinghorni'm sorry vu1kan are you still around?09:46
vu1kanindeed i am09:46
slidinghornsorry for the delay, just got home :)  so you can't connect via ethernet?  Could you before?09:46
vu1kanyep, in fact, i'm direct connected to the modem atm, and it's working fine09:48
vu1kanit's just not seeing the router when i plug into it09:49
slidinghornI'm doing some digging...09:52
slidinghornvu1kan, do you know if the router works on any other type of system?  (i.e. could it be a defective router?)  I only ask this because I'm not finding a lot along the lines of not being able to connect to ethernet -- and I'm not much of a networking expert10:00
vu1kani've got an old xp box i can try it on, i'll give it a shot...10:01
slidinghorn...and by "much" i mean "at all"  ;-)10:01
vu1kani think the router's bricked...same issue on the xp box10:14
slidinghornwell @ least we know it's not your ubuntu install :)  is it a new router?10:15
vu1kannope, it's about a year old, tbh, i was just trying to find something to do and thought i'd rework my setting, wipe the forwarded ports for WOW and the like, and didn't want to take the time to clear each one individually...now i wish i had10:17
slidinghornah...well routers aren't too expensive, especially if you don't need wireless10:18
vu1kanthat's the rub, i do need wireless...it's not broadcasting either, that's why i tried wired10:19
slidinghornwell basically routers should be independent of OS if I'm thinking correctly...usually you just need the admin page IP (usually or
vu1kani'm aware; i just thought it was a 'nix issue at first...now i think it's the router because the indicator led's aren't resolving...they're just lit solid10:25
vu1kanty for trying, slidinghorn, but i think i need to get ahold of netgear10:27
GlorfindelHello xiaogui11:12
GlorfindelHey IdleOne !11:12
tukadafoondayI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and when it was installing the update my computer locked up, anywho, now it hangs on the bootup and says the following (Process:407) Glib-warning**getpwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0) any help would be great - thanks in advanced11:27
slidinghorntukadafoonday, does plymouth load (purple screen with ubuntu and dots)?  how about GDM (login screen)?11:29
tukadafoondayyeh that loads... its gets abour two dots across and then hangs./11:30
svakshatukadafoonday: did you lose power during the updates? did your machine shutdownduring the updates?11:30
svakshaif the shutdown was not clean, this can happen.11:31
tukadafoondayummm during the update i ctrl alt delete and pushed shutdown as it was hanging.11:31
slidinghorntukadafoonday, have you tried booting in recovery mode to try to complete the update?11:31
svakshatukadafoonday: ah :)11:31
tukadafoondaywell maybe not hanging but it wsas un responsive for the update and another thing.11:31
tukadafoondayso it is my fault...11:31
tukadafoondayAny idea how i could fix this?11:32
tukadafoondayi tried in recovery mode... and it stops on the text bootup... rather than loading the GUI11:34
svakshatukadafoonday: usually updates take a few hours (depending on how slow your internet connection is) so it helps to leave it alone for a few hours :) Regarding fixing, it would be easier to reinstall 10.04 (assuming it was a fresh install and no data on it). just my .0211:35
slidinghornwhat does it say when it stops?  are there any other error messages?11:35
tukadafoondayahhh i am not sure what it said... it didn't give an error though.11:36
tukadafoondayi am on windows now, just to try and get some help.11:36
tukadafoondayYes, it was a fresh install, so it might not be a bad idea to reinstall, though there is no learning from starting from scratch each time something goes wrong.11:37
svakshatukadafoonday: in the text bootup (nosplash?) mode are you able to see when it gives [fail] message?11:37
tukadafoondaysvaksha - No i didn't see a error message?11:38
tukadafoondaymaybe i should reboot and look, just such a long task...11:39
tukadafoondayhow do i stop and scroll up the booting text?11:39
svakshaif you are on windows, is it a dualboot? do you see grub? does it ask if you want to boot into windows or ubuntu?11:39
tukadafoondayYeh i see grub11:39
tukadafoondayI can choose any option that i want - the normal linux loads up the splash screen, gets two dots in and hangs... the other pumps out a thousand lines of text and then also seems to stop. (no activity on the HDD light) maybe i need to let it sit longer.11:41
svakshawhat is normal linux? and what is other?11:44
tukadafoondayhah sorry, one is the regular boot, and one is recovery mode.11:44
svakshaif you can pastebin the error messages in the recovery mode, someone might be able to help11:46
svakshause pastebin.com11:47
tukadafoondayHow can i do that when i can't even get into an operating system to do it?11:47
svakshatough yeah, but with no error message its difficult to know where there is a problem.11:49
svakshawhich is why i suggested the earlier reinstall11:49
tukadafoondaymaybe i will just reinstall then.11:49
tukadafoondayshould i install a diff version of linux? or is Ubuntu the easiest to learn with?11:50
tukadafoondayso far i am not feeling so...11:50
slidinghorntukadafoonday, ubuntu is a pretty good distro for beginners.  did you enjoy the experience with the live cd?11:51
tukadafoondayI did not use the Live cd...11:51
* svaksha likes ubuntu and debian and usually leaves the machine that is updating alone for a few hours ;>11:51
tukadafoondayhah, yeh alright settle.11:51
tukadafoondayI have used Suse 11.3 but could not get my wireless working.11:52
tukadafoondayatleast with Ubuntu everything seems to be working until i updated.11:52
slidinghorntukadafoonday, try it out...you can also try out a few other distros that have live cds available to see what suits you.  Another good newbie distro which is based off ubuntu is Linux Mint11:52
tukadafoondayI tried mint and my video card was not supported, though it is in Ubuntu now, so maybe i will try and install mint again.11:53
tukadafoondayWhat is the difference between them? I don't know what difference people see really, they are all the same apart from the package managers hah11:53
slidinghorndifferent software suites, kernel configurations, etc.11:56
tukadafoondaywell, since i have no idea about kernel configs, and i don't know what software suites are worth having, the world is my oyster right?12:00
slidinghorntukadafoonday, precisely!  :)12:00
tukadafoondayso where do i go? hah... the world is my oyster, and i am blind!12:02
slidinghorntukadafoonday, I'd try reinstalling ubuntu...after that, you can try out other distros in virtual environments to see what you like12:03
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paultagAnyone have a USB key they'd kindly lend me?14:46
dairyman87hey guys. i have a problem. upon restarting my pc, i got an error which i stupidly forgot to copy, but it had to do somethingwith the gnome trash applet crashing and not responding. it asked me if i would like to delete the panel. when i chose not to, and continue using my pc, i noticed that i couldnt open any folder in  the "places" section on my top panel.15:08
dairyman87i cant open any files straight from "places" my desktop icons have disappeared. i cannot even open my external hard drive from "places"15:09
dairyman87i restarted my pc again and i got the same gnome applet error, and this time i deleted the panel or whatever it was, but im still having problem opening any folders in my places15:10
dairyman87NB: i noticed i still have some files listed in "recent documents": i tried opening one of them, and it works. but other than that i still cant open anything from "places" such as home folder, computer, documents, pictures etc15:12
dairyman87and also just to let you know. i mistakenly dropped my laptop before all this started to happen15:13
dairyman87any ideas on how i can fix this? this is a big deal, i cant access my files!!!15:16
dairyman87this is the error: The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_Panel_TrashApplet".15:20
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, you might want to read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60876715:22
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, i think it's filed as a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-applets/+bug/30507015:23
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 305070 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) ""The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID: GNOME_MultiLoadApplet" (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Low,Invalid]15:23
dairyman87i see. well this wasnt happening before i dropped my laptop. when that happened i shut it down.and upon starting it, i get this msg15:24
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, i think this might be more helpful? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/30842615:24
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 308426 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_Panel_TrashApplet".Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration? (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,Invalid]15:24
dairyman87people are saying that they log off a few times and it works again. ivedone that at least 5 times. same error. i wouldnt be so bothered, but the problem is i cant access nautilus15:24
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, i'm also a new user of Ubuntu, been using it only for 3 months, so i'm not much of a help.15:25
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, you might want to try #ubuntu channel15:25
dairyman87oh its okay though i really appreciate your help ! i was actually browsing the same link when you came to help me. thanks a lot!!!15:26
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, helping is what it's all about in Ubuntu, ain't it? :)15:28
JoeMaverickSettdairyman87, cheers dude, hope you find the way. =D15:29
dairyman87wow the ubuntu channel is such a pain in the ass15:32
dairyman87no one wants to help!15:32
dairyman87The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_Panel_TrashApplet". this error comes up everytime i logon, and because of it i cant access nautilus (my files) . can anyone help? pm me thanks15:36
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woolgath1ringgoahi i got a question17:23
woolgath1ringgoai wanna install adobe flash player so that i can watch youtube videos17:23
woolgath1ringgoabut there are many versions and i don't know which one to install17:24
JoeMaverickSettwoolgath1ringgoa, i suggest you install the latest one. ;)17:26
woolgath1ringgoaok thanks. i think i know which one.17:27
JoeMaverickSettwoolgath1ringgoa, alright dude. hope you enjoy!17:27
slidinghornwb paultag18:33
paultaghey slidinghorn18:34
slidinghornhowdy sebsebseb18:40
sebsebsebslidinghorn: Howdy18:44
zkriessehey paultag18:48
zkriessehey slidinghorn good email18:48
slidinghornzkriesse, thanks :)18:49
paultaghey zkriesse18:49
zkriesseslidinghorn: whatcha interested in? oh wait to -team18:49
zkriesseHello gordy18:55
Gorbyany germans here?18:55
slidinghornGorby, usually the support rooms are english only...there is #ubuntu-de for german support though :)18:56
zkriesseUhm paultag you speak German right?18:56
zkriesseoh thanks slidinghorn18:56
* slidinghorn speaks as much german as google translate tells me18:56
* zkriesse did not know of the german chanel18:56
Gorbyjust a question - i can talk english too18:56
paultagGorby: Hallo, was ist los?18:56
paultagGorby: Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen :)18:56
Gorbydanke - aber ich lass es doch lieber bei englisch damit alle es verstehen (told him i speak now engl only ;) )18:57
Gorbywell that is my problem (wait a sec - takes long to write) :18:57
paultagGorby: haha kein problem :)18:57
GorbyI tried to install ubuntu 10.04 32bit on a PC with Win7 64bit and 4gb Ram - the PC has a 1TB hard disk in RAID 1...first off: Win7 has a bad virus so i fixxed it so that you can start programms normally but you have no internet connection so far (you couldnĀ“t start programms until i fixxed it) - then i tried to install ubuntu 32 in dual boot with win7 so that you can choose ( next part following)19:00
sebsebsebGorby: Make sure to clean out the hard disk properly, or the virus or parts of it, may still be there causing problems, I guess, and I don't mean formatting,  I mean with a proper hard disk cleaning tool.19:02
Gorbyi made keybord layout and everything until you have to choose the partition, in win7 i partinioned 40 from the 2 main partitions (one with windows, one for DATA)..so i made the DATA partition smaller and created a new drive...then in ubuntu i choosed manually partioning (I also tried automatic, but it also did not worked)...i defined one as SWAP for linux (4gb as big as the RAM) and 16 for /home and 20 for / -mountpoint (root19:03
Gorbythen i tried to go on - but when it says to write the datasystem to the partion it fails "unable to write datasystem to disk"19:03
isiahI have rebuilt xchat from source, now it runs at least 3x faster. You may proceed to worship me as a god now.19:03
Gorbyi tried to clean it with kaspersky and spybot search and destroy not only once but often19:04
isiahgot to love those complier flags19:05
Gorbyin safe mode also19:05
paultagisiah: -OMG-FAST19:05
paultagGorby: hum. Interesting problem.19:05
paultagGorby: What hard drive is this?19:05
slidinghornGorby, also, for clarification, are you running on a LiveCD or USB?19:05
Gorbypaultag what do you mean? "what hard drive is this" ?19:06
paultagGorby: model / manufacturer19:06
Gorbyoh - i dont know it - it is not my pc that i am helping to repair...i try to call him - sec19:07
Gorbyhe is not at home at the moment19:08
isiahcat /proc/mdstat19:08
isiahtry that19:08
Gorbywhere should i type that in ? running liveCD and then "try out ubuntu -> in terminal"?19:09
isiahyeah try the terminal19:09
Gorbyi mean to type that in terminal of ubuntu19:09
slidinghornGorby, you can "Try without installing" then go to the applications menu Accessories -> Terminal19:09
isiahI mean I am looking around seeing if there are other commands19:09
Gorbyokay i will try that...and then just type in "cat /proc/mdstart"19:10
isiahhere this also gave HD info: sudo dmidecode -t memory19:12
Gorbyokay, but would it be also right if i just catch that guy on the phone and he gives me the model of the HDD?19:14
isiahlshw seems to be also helpful19:16
isiahyes type it in19:16
isiahit has a nice well done man page as well19:16
Gorbyat the moment i have no access to the computer19:17
isiahuse ESP to type it in19:19
Gorby..wait wait wait19:20
GorbyESP? - i am not that good in ubuntu stuff19:20
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Gorbywhat is ESP?19:32
Chad_Hi all, just a small problem, networking working fine including wireless on a presario 2200 laptop running Ubunu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope, but problem is it will not work for any user except root, it seems the drivers do not load for anybody else... how do I fix this quickly?19:46
isiahthe wireless drivers?19:47
Chad_everything works as root, but the network manager will not even show for other users19:48
isiahyou have tried running network manager from the terminal for other users:?19:48
Chad_what is the command?19:48
isiahI would guess NetworkManager19:49
Chad_one moment19:50
Chad_no dice.... it will not run19:51
isiahok, I am guessing here that we need to fine your wirless driver and then chmod it so other users can use it19:52
isiahany idea how this error occured?19:52
Danawar Heyaa, i need to install this http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=14410&action=edit in order to get COD4 working how would i go about doing this?@19:53
Chad_already did that...   driver is freshly installed19:53
isiahChad_ and you modified the permissions?19:53
stlsainthey folks whats the best way to convert 3gb of music to OGG?19:53
Chad_yes, read - write - execute for user and group as root and read and execute for other19:55
isiahand you used modprobe to add the driver?19:55
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=== P_________ is now known as Phrea
Chad_that may be it, cause I used the info on http://ubuntuforums.org that did not include that... would ya have an example command line.. I rarely use modprobe19:59
Chad_http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5469730&postcount=13 is where I got the info20:00
isiahChad_ so let me get this straight. You extracted and ran ./configure on this driver in your home directory, then moved it, finally set the permissions with chmod?20:03
Chad_http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5469730&postcount=13   followed that, then set the permissions when it failed once on users other then root... root works fine20:04
isiahwhat was the downloaded file20:05
isiahfile's name? firmware.tar.gz?20:06
isiahdid you ever type in a command like "tar zxf firmware.tar.gz"?20:07
isiahor something like that?20:07
Chad_yes, it unpacked a bunch of stuff20:07
isiahok so it created a nice new difrectory there20:07
isiahand you used sudo to move it20:07
isiahok I am going to download this, give me one sec20:08
isiahits making me login, i dont have the time. Please email me the file engine73@gmail.com20:09
isiahI am getting the strange idea that you might have simply put the file in the wrong location20:15
Chad_copied as the instructions said..20:17
isiahyeah well it might not know that it has to look there20:17
isiahone possible solution to try: COPY (not move) all your files in /lib/firmware into a new directory as a backup. Then move the files inside those new directories the b43 stuff out of them and into /lib/firmware20:18
isiahif it doesnt work delete all files in the /lib/firmware and copy the old set of files from backup into it20:18
Chad_will try it and come back on later if it fails... need to go handle the non-electronic world...20:20
RealEyeshow do I customize my grub screen?21:08
isiahyou must alter the grub config file21:08
isiahI dont know if there is a gui way to do it, I just do it from the command line21:09
slidinghornRealEyes, take a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Splash%20Images%20and%20Theming21:10
RealEyesisiah, maybe you could help me run the commands?21:10
isiahcd /boot/grub21:10
RealEyesi need to learn more about the bash scripts :/21:11
RealEyessudo aptitude install grub2-splashimages21:12
slidinghornRealEyes, are you having a problem with it?21:12
slidinghornoh ok...21:12
RealEyesI'm trying to learn more about it. The main goal (aside from making looking cool) is to erase one of the options on the grub menu.21:13
RealEyesSee, on my Grub menu, I have the choice between 2 seperate Ubuntu-generics... When only one is installed.21:13
slidinghornsudo update-grub21:14
slidinghornRealEyes, are you sure there's only one kernel installed?  ubuntu keeps a couple around after upgrades in case there are problems with a newer kernel21:15
RealEyesGenerating grub.cfg ...21:15
RealEyesFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic21:15
RealEyesFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic21:15
RealEyesFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-21-generic21:15
RealEyesFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-21-generic21:15
RealEyesFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin21:15
RealEyesFound Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/sda121:15
RealEyes(sorry for the flood)21:15
slidinghornRealEyes, no biggie...for future reference though: http://paste.ubuntu.com21:16
RealEyesthere are the 2 different ones.21:16
RealEyesI need to keep the one on top.21:16
RealEyesDeleting the middle ones...21:17
slidinghornRealEyes, If you know for sure you won't be needing the old kernel, open synaptic (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager) and search (in the bar at the top) for linux-image21:17
slidinghornRealEyes, from there, you can mark the 2.6.32-21-generic for removal and then run another sudo update-grub21:18
RealEyespackage manager is finding many a kernel lol21:22
slidinghornwell a lot of packages will be found, but only the ones that say "linux-image-2. -----" are the actual kernels.  there should only be two that are marked as installed21:23
RealEyesOnes that are installed are marked in green, right?21:28
slidinghornRealEyes, yes21:29
RealEyesit worked21:38
RealEyesi got it by using dpkg --purge linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic21:38
slidinghornthat works too...synaptic would have done almost the same thing21:39
slidinghornthere are several ways to do the same things in linux -- for example, for software management, you have Synaptic, dpkg, aptitude, apt-get, & the software center21:41
slidinghornsynaptic & the software center are GUI front ends, whereas the rest are command line21:42
RealEyesyesss ok i understand21:42
RealEyesi need to learn more term comms21:42
slidinghornRealEyes, linux is all about learning :)  have you gotten a chance to check out the new ubuntu manual?  http://www.ubuntu-manual.org21:43
RealEyesI downloaded it :D21:43
slidinghornit's a great resource for beginners (and experienced users too!)21:44
slidinghornon an unrelated note...I think I ate too much pizza too fast.  I'm going to go lie down but if you need any help, just mention my name in the channel and I'll hear it21:45
RealEyescool man21:46
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paultagHey I need som help with my netbook, I just made it unbootable22:52
paultaganyone around?22:52
isiahi am kind of around22:52
paultagisiah: GRUB is posting to the kernel initrd / kernel it's self. Active and responsive for IRQs for less then a second, then it hangs22:53
paultagisiah: reproducable on Kubuntu and Xubuntu 10.04 on an HP Mini 11022:53
paultagI have to hard reboot. Ctrl + alt + del fails, along with F1->722:54
paultagREISUB to no effect22:54
paultagOop. On this boot it's loading, after 4 tries. Something odd is going on22:54
paultagIt had UNR 10.04 on it since April wiht no issues22:54
paultagChecking to see if there's anything in logs22:55
isiahyou lost me at the word posting22:55
paultagright. no worries22:55
paultagLet me poke around22:55
isiahwhat do you mean "posting"?22:56
paultagisiah: the BIOS posts to the bootloader22:57
paultagisiah: and hands off runthyme22:57
isiahand instead it is doing what?22:57
paultaghanging in Linux on the init thread22:59
paultagunresponsive to IRQs22:59
paultagand REISUB22:59
duanedesignhave you tried hitting the side of the computer. :P23:00
paultagif only23:00
paultagugh, it's still unresponsive23:00
paultagit will boot every once in a while23:00
paultagit's pre plymoth23:00
paultagbut I've never had an issue with plymouth beforre23:00
IdleOnesounds like the flux capacitor is not getting any plasma transfer rates, perhaps your positronic matrix failing23:02
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duanedesignisiah: Plymouth is an application that runs very early in the boot process (even before the root filesystem is mounted!) that provides a graphical boot animation while the boot process happens in the background.23:15
isiahthe more you know......23:16
paultagstill have this issue23:21
paultagoh wait, I need to leave23:22
paultagthat's right23:22
paultagbai, thanks guise23:22

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