doctormopleia2: Yes I thought that might be the case.00:12
cjohnstondoctormo: am I correct that there is no way to view the merge (bzr lp-view or whatever it is) with GC?00:31
doctormocjohnston: that is correct, if there is no outstanding bug report for that feature, then there should be00:32
cjohnstonI will look into it.. :-)00:32
cjohnstonI started a python class yesterday, so maybe i can be more productive00:33
doctormocjohnston: Well I was actually thinking of recruiting you to be my saint.00:46
cjohnstonyour saint?01:08
cjohnstonexplain please?01:08
cjohnstonbug filed doctormo01:11
doctormocjohnston: Basically you'd be the patron of development, and when I'm working on GC I would be thinking of making it for you instead of some vague concept of community or jono (who doesn't use gc I don't think)01:18
cjohnstonI love GV01:18
cjohnstonit rocks my world!01:18
doctormocjohnston: OK about the bug, there already is a view merge request button, but it does something else. could you explain in the bug report more about what bzr does and what it shows and at what stage of the development workflow? That was I'll know where to put it.01:19
doctormocjohnston: OK, so this feature is a button which shows after you've submitted a merge request and it opens a web browser to show the merge request in launchpad?02:03
doctormocjohnston: It did that already, if you look at the videos I made way back in April.02:11
doctormocjohnston: After a merge request it _should_ show a button to launch a web browser to view the merge  request. But then again it might be broken too.02:11
cjohnstonok.. I do see the button now..02:15
cjohnstonhow did I misst hat02:16
cjohnstonmiss that02:16
cjohnstonclosing invalid02:16
doctormocjohnston: heh it's my fault, I read your original idea and thought it was something else.02:20
cjohnston;-)  I could have sworn that I had looked for it.. lol and couldnt find it02:21
cjohnstonoh well02:21
doctormopleia2, paultag: want to see something fun I made?04:24
paultagsec doctormo, dealing with the most absurd troll in my life04:24
paultagdoctormo, also check out topic in ubuntu-beginners04:25
doctormoWhat happened? netsplit?\04:27
doctormoAWESOME! Me, standa and alexandrep are working on irc building an svg translation system for these guides. We have a french and chequ translations of the how to ask guide. woop.06:58
pleia2doctormo: nice!07:32
doctormoThe important part I think is getting a way to do it that doesn't break :-D07:33
macodoctormo: have you ever tried to read the wikipedia pages about the tudors and stuarts? because it becomes clear quickly that monarchs are better than soap operas07:35
doctormomaco: Please, I do not have tie to make learning materials about the English royal civil wars! :-P07:35
macodoctormo: i started out trying to tell james1/6 apart from james2/7 and had to go back to mary1s (who *isnt* mary1e!) and then i still havent sorted how the heck mary1s relates to henry807:36
macoi think if i ever get this straight in my head that i need to make a flow chart of it07:37
doctormomaco: They do those, they're called family trees07:38
macodoctormo: yes but with *extra* lines for "X imprisoned Y" "Z abdicated to \alpha"  "Q killed P" "R arranged for assassination of W"07:39
doctormonigelb: Could you mark https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/ubuntu-learning-materials/bazaar-introduction as abandoned please?07:40
doctormopleia2: Same of you here https://code.launchpad.net/~lyz/ubuntu-learning-materials/learning07:40
doctormomaco: You should make a data file, yaml based. Start with the family tree and then find a graphing solution in the repo and make a pretty svg.07:41
doctormomaco: BTW, did you like the How to Ask guide?07:42
macoyes i did07:42
macoand yes, it sounds like a use for dot07:42
pleia2doctormo: done, I'll create a new branch when everyone gets sorted with a doc format07:42
pleia2(for now I've just been stuffing them in a directory on my webserver)07:42
doctormopleia2: Aye, I'm thinking of merging in these guide branches to be a part of the materials project.07:44
doctormopleia2: They're standard as far as I can see, svg only with xml translations.07:44
pleia2ah, sounds good07:44
pleia2I really do have plans to write more learning stuff (converting some of the more popular user days sessions is a big one on my todo list), but until format is settled it's just too much work07:45
pleia2I don't actually know docbook well enough, or mallard at all, to fully invest in either until I'm sure07:45
doctormopleia2: Take a look at the license file in the how to ask branch, it's awesome.07:45
vishhmm , does anyone know how i might have edited "/etc/mailname" ..?07:45
vishi did something silly and added my email id there instead of the mail server.. :/07:45
pleia2vish: during mailserver (auto)configuration?07:46
vishpleia2: when do we do that? i forgot?  evolution config?07:47
pleia2vish: oh, hm, not running your own mailserver?07:47
vishhehe , i must have been fooling around with some config and entered that there :D07:47
pleia2I am not sure why /etc/mailname would even exist07:48
pleia2probably :)07:48
vishhmm , last edited in Jan.. now i wish i had elephantine memory :(07:49
pleia2doctormo: licence file07:50
pleia2license too07:50
pleia2I am so impressed that there is such great cc-by-sa artwork out there07:50
doctormopleia2: Ah well, mimoly did the original as a request from me, she was a part of ubuntu-th at the time. She made it in inkscape on my request too.07:55
doctormoI posted the flyer to spread ubuntu, included svg07:55
doctormoSomeone created awesome varients based on the original07:56
doctormoI'm also buying commissions all the time, inking some, getting inkscape made ones sometimes and other times things just drop into my lap.07:56
vishpleia2: would it be ok to just delete the "/etc/mailname" and expect nothing to explode? ;)07:57
vishi dont have a mailserver anyway..07:58
doctormoAh that's right Ubuntu  and loco, so think of the graphics as a collaboration between Ubuntu Thailand, Ubuntu Nicaragua and Ubuntu Massachusetts :-P07:59
pleia2vish: probably, I might just set it to the full domain name of my machine to be on the safe side07:59
pleia2in case something really is using it07:59
pleia2elizabeth@coruscant:~$ cat /etc/mailname08:00
vishpleia2: cool , thanks :)08:00
doctormopleia2: I'm wondering if I should try and convince more LoCo people to commission graphics and make sure they're svg.08:02
doctormoAll the psd, xcf and jpeg images on spread Ubuntu are rather infuriatingly useless.08:02
vishdoctormo: we really have to revive the artwork team and the ML :(08:02
pleia2doctormo: I suspect they're released that way simply out of ignorance, I think "convincing" would mostly be education on why SVG is the better, more useful, release format08:03
vishits a lost cause recently , not much work goes on there , and a lot can be done if we use that.08:03
doctormovish: Scrap the original concept08:03
doctormovish: I have AN IDEA!08:03
* pleia2 is offically sold on the awesomeness of SVG thanks to doctormo :)08:03
doctormovish: Center the artwork team around an instance of ccHost, that is what debian does.08:04
doctormopleia2: How easy would it be for you to set up a ccHost instance?08:04
pleia2doctormo: I'm not familiar with ccHost, link?08:04
vishdoctormo:  we need something like > http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/ArtRequests  , one place where teams can just ask for what they want and artists can pick up and work on it08:05
doctormovish: That is what cchost is for, wikis be damned I hate them.08:05
vishoh ok, didnt know how debian does..08:05
vish+ it08:06
doctormohttp://openclipart.org/ is a cchost instance for svg files only08:06
pleia2doctormo: I have space and bandwidth on the ubuntu-owl host, this doesn't appear to be too difficult08:06
doctormoI thought so, I never knew about it until I had to go hunting for that debian branding.08:08
pleia2well, I'd be happy to set one up if you think it'd be useful (would probably have to wait until tomorrow night or Monday though, it's late and I have a busy day tomorrow)08:09
* pleia2 will finally be getting some of these boxes out of the condo and into newly painted storage \o/08:11
vishdoctormo: i brought this up a while ago with kwwii and he mentioned we needed rules as to what can be requested from the team.  right now the artwork ML and team is basically having people introducing themselves "Hi , I'm here to help" and they probably expect to help in the default art/theme/design/ , and dont get to do anything , situation is a bit misleading atm :s08:11
doctormopleia2: If you can set one up, I only need to know the branding requirements and we'll get it set up and then we may need to tweak it before announce.08:12
doctormoI have several folders of svgs to upload08:12
doctormoWhich would be very useful I think.08:12
doctormovish: Well, I think it's hard because we're not clear on requirements, rules etc. After all there are a number of streams of content.08:13
doctormoI know I had to be very strict on licensing with ubuntu-artists.08:13
doctormofor the free culture showcase.08:13
doctormoBut if we get a cchost set up, I seed it with all my partworks and a few completed works, then we go to the artwork team and plead the change over.08:14
doctormoWe can do a test run of it that way and get a feel for the request system it has.08:14
pleia2doctormo: acceptable to set it up as cchost.ubuntu-owl.org or ubuntu-owl.org/cchost ?08:14
pleia2(either one is fine, cchost.ubuntu-owl.org makes it easier to move to new hosts if my hosting ends up unsatisfactory)08:15
doctormopleia2: ok go with art.ubuntu-owl.org08:18
doctormoNo need to know it's cchost after all, that's tech talk.08:18
* pleia2 nods08:19
vishdoctormo: do we need commenting? it would be great if the artists submitted something and if it is used by some team , team can comment "we used this for our event!" , would be kinda nice for the artist[and others] to know where it was used ;)08:24
doctormovish: I suspect that art would make it's way from cchost to spreadubuntu for that kind of event art.08:25
doctormoBut then I have my doubts about spreadubuntu code base when cchost is a complete tool used by so many already.08:25
doctormoBloody nautilus, it's like a zombie or vampire, you kill it, it comes back, you launch it with --no-desktop and it becomes a zillion instances.08:37
doctormoUbuntu broke nautilus with it's damn autostart transition.08:37
doctormofinally got it nailed08:42
doctormohey sense08:45
pleia2doctormo: I changed my mind and installed it tonight, I locked it down a bit more permissions-wise on the server (didn't actually want everyone on the system to be able to read the config file with the database password...) but I think it's ok08:47
doctormopleia2: lol, sounds like the right thing to do imo08:47
pleia2doctormo: I'll give you the admin user, emailing over info momentarily08:48
sensehey doctormo08:48
doctormopleia2: awesome!08:48
pleia2ok, I'm supposed to be in berkeley in 11 hours, I should get some sleep08:54
doctormopleia2: have a good time in Berkeley.08:54
pleia2thanks, just heading up for a LUG meeting, but they meet at this pizzeria that has the best pizza I've found in the bay area08:54
pleia2and I haven't been in a few months!08:55
pleia2ok, heading toward bed, night all :)08:56
senseOne of the hotels we had arrangements with for GUADEC was evacuated this night/morning because of smoke development in the lobby with an unknown cause. :S09:23
senseAnyone heading towards IBIS Scheveningen?09:23
doctormocjohnston: OK for you my patron, I have fixed the revert/merge-in bug that caused branches to lock up, also it should pause for ever. Just get 1.6.6 from ppa:doctormo/groundcontrol (also for anyone else who uses ground control)09:30
doctormoEmbarrassingly bzrlib requires you to run cleanup now, but I never did, so locks never got cleaned up on a whole bunch of instances.09:31
doctormoHarha, ground control button in gcfunctions to generate all pdf and png archives of each language of the guide.09:48
doctormoMorning paultag13:14
paultagmorning doctormo13:14
paultagI'm facing some hard decisions this morning13:15
doctormopaultag: What's the airoplane?13:15
paultagmy phone is lagging really badly. Took about 10 seconds for my screen to turn on because I'm using Android 2.2, and it's a phone made for 1.x13:15
paultagdoctormo, so either loose all the features that I've come to rely on, or stick with all this crap-lag13:15
paultagthis is no laughing matter nigelb!13:17
doctormopaultag: You could recode it to use Vala13:17
paultagOh yeah, then I can get a 20 second lag :P13:17
doctormopaultag: It compiles to C code, exactly how is that going to be slower than Java13:18
paultagdoctormo, it's not, I just hate code generators that generate code to generate code13:19
doctormopaultag: And I hate PHP, we all have our quirks.13:19
paultagthat and my bootscreen rocks for my droid13:20
paultagbut I made it and backed it up, but still :)13:20
paultaghttp://www.gifbin.com/bin/1233928590_citizen%20kane%20clapping.gif <-- every boot13:20
nigelbpaultag: pretty good!13:22
nigelbIm getting amused at results from googling "nigel"13:22
nigelb(yeah, nothing better to do :p)13:23
paultagI have the TV on ( I don't watch it much ) and there is some Christian Evangelical talking about how the end of the world is nigh and that we will invade Jerusalem13:24
paultagit's better then any comedy on13:24
nigelbum, /me is christian13:25
doctormoI'm trying to wade around in the utter crappness that is php with the cchost site.13:25
doctormoI got it looking cool with the css alone13:25
nigelbdoctormo: wait php is crap?13:26
nigelbI get paid to work on it :D13:26
paultagnigelb, yeah but you don't go around saying to invade the holy land13:26
doctormoBut now I gotta change some html and it's utter poo, why can't people just use template engines instead of mixing code with content.13:26
paultagnigelb, and this dude clearly does not know history13:26
nigelbpaultag: ehe, no I dont13:26
paultagthis dude is bad nigelb13:27
paultagnigelb, it's so bad it's funny13:27
nigelbdoctormo: ah, coded by someone yet to discover mvc I see13:27
nigelbpaultag: haha.  name?13:27
doctormonigelb: How is that even possible that a site this big and popular could be coded like this?13:27
paultagnigelb, I don't even know. He's just some 80 year old non-priest who wants to make a few bucks off dumb people13:28
nigelbdoctormo: I've seen worse.13:28
doctormoIf you tried this on in perl you'd be skinned alive and then laughed at in #perl13:28
paultagdoctormo, are you *kidding* ?13:28
paultagdoctormo, have you seen 99.999% of "stable" apps?13:28
paultagdoctormo, I want to throttle developers13:28
doctormopaultag: Why do I get the impression that you and I are of a kind, I made an MVC in perl and you probably in php13:29
nigelbdoctormo: At work, I'm leading an mvc revolution right now.  Not one of the "experienced" developers are sure on how to do it13:29
paultagdoctormo, yup.13:29
paultagdoctormo, my framework kicks arse13:29
doctormopaultag: Not as much ass as mine kicks.13:29
paultagdoctormo, it's so easy to add new code, or revise old code13:29
* nigelb agrees on that13:29
doctormoAnd mine is old too.13:29
paultagdoctormo, mine's new and agile13:29
doctormopaultag: Tell me http://search.cpan.org/~doctormo/Template-Direct-1.16/ isn't a work of art.13:30
paultagit looks pretty complete13:31
paultagdoctormo, http://github.com/whube/whube/ <-- only "real" implementation of my framework13:31
doctormolook at the source for data/simple.html13:31
paultagdoctormo, the babies are made in content/, mode/ and controller.php13:31
doctormoIt's enough to make one's head go inside out the way you can do loops13:32
paultagwhoh wtf13:32
paultagdoctormo, http://cpansearch.perl.org/src/DOCTORMO/Template-Direct-1.16/data/simple.html<-- this wall of text?13:32
paultagalso model* not mode13:33
doctormopaultag: I said view the source, not look at the wall13:33
nigelbpaultag: LOOOOOOVE the dedication13:34
paultagnigelb, thanks! :)   I'm trying to make it for the new generation :)13:34
paultagAh, I see it now doctormo13:34
doctormoEach line is a test13:34
paultagdoctormo, I mean, it looks straightforward, it's just a new syntax. You'll have to give me a few to fully understand what's going on13:35
doctormoLook at test e413:35
doctormoIt's a tree structure loop with single branch skips. Mwhhaha13:35
paultagdoctormo, can you use the enter key and spaces to break up the text?13:36
doctormopaultag: Can I? It's cpan, that's been written for a good 7 years, you want me to change it now?13:36
paultagdoctormo, no! this is a simple question :)13:36
paultagdoctormo, not a feature request13:37
paultagdoctormo, because honestly I don't like perl13:37
doctormopaultag: your using php, so I'd guess that perl is your foe13:37
paultagnaw, python makes me a perl foe :)13:37
doctormoBut I don't understand your question then.13:37
paultagbut really, regexps. C'mon. Just admit you slam random keys on the keyboard13:37
paultagAdmit it.13:38
doctormoBe hoenst I spent years and years in perl and switched to python. I think that says it all about python.13:38
paultagdoctormo, aye13:38
paultagdoctormo, are you able ( with the current build ) to break up lines?13:38
paultagdoctormo, so take a line and indent it13:38
doctormowhat is it about if($$content =~ s/\{\{TAG$start\}\}([\w\W]*?)\{\{TAG$end\}\}/{{PH}}/) { you don't understand?13:39
paultaghaha mmma13:39
paultagthat just looks like maintainable code to me!13:39
paultagnigelb, Oh and I guess Queue runs that framework too13:39
doctormoThat's because it is, have you seen WORN perl?13:39
paultagbut that's mid-release13:40
paultagdoctormo, WORN ?13:40
doctormoWrite Once Read Never13:40
doctormoccHost is WORN PHP13:40
paultagWebCal was so WORN that lyz and I put it up for removal from Debian13:41
paultagno joke13:41
paultagit's bad13:42
paultagI'm convinced Android is out to use up all ram all the time13:44
paultagI just killed about 8 processes, and now ( 30 seconds later ) all 8 + 2 new ones were up13:45
doctormopaultag: Reminds me of nautilus last night13:50
doctormopaultag: Did you see that I fixed a whole brace of gc bugs with one line of code? heh. release 1.6.6 to my ppa so people can get the fix for merge-in and revert.13:50
paultagnice :)13:52
paultagI saw cjohnsto n was asking for that13:52
paultagbrb, if I stop talking it's because my net dropped out13:53
doctormonigelb: Your thoughts: http://art.ubuntu-owl.org/14:08
nigelbdoctormo: very cool14:18
nigelbdoctormo: wanna move it to mvc like thing?14:18
doctormonigelb: I don't want to do anything just now, I made it last night out of ccHost, so I've only been playing with the styles and configurations.14:19
doctormonigelb: Although if you know php, maybe you can help.14:19
nigelbdoctormo: I code on php for living now, so yes I do know php.14:21
doctormonigelb: I need write access to the php before I can do anything though, stupid php bug.14:29
* nigelb has no clue what that's about14:30
doctormopaultag: what are you up to today?14:47
paultagdoctormo, I'm trying to find a USB key so that I can install kubuntu on the netbook14:49
paultagdoctormo, but other then that, nothing. You?14:49
doctormopaultag: I woke up at 7pm last night after a nice long day asleep, now I want to stay awake for a large part of the day but I'm already feeling tired.14:49
doctormopaultag: Was wondering if you'd be in town for a spot of fun.14:50
doctormoNote: I also have lots of usb keys ;-)14:50
paultagdoctormo, I have to pick me mum and sister from Out west ( I can never spell Framinham )14:50
paultagdoctormo, that'll be at about 12, perhaps after that I can try and see if I can get downtown14:51
doctormoSounds like something could be done then.14:52
paultagi'll keep you in the loop14:52
doctormopaultag: ta lad14:58
paultagI'm still here :)14:58
paultagnot until about 12 or so14:59
paultagI've got 2 hours give or take14:59
senseIn The Hague at long last! Stupid train delays: one hour in total.16:22
sensejcastro: When will you arrive in The Hague? Or are you already there?16:27
paultagis jcastro on trial?16:27
paultagthey finally caught him16:27
nigelbpaultag: LOL LOL LOL16:27
sensepaultag: Crimes against humanity, probably.16:33
paultagtypical jcastro, I'm not surprised tbh. But be seemed so normal, but I guess that's what they all say16:34
senseyeah, know one sees it, but meanwhile...16:34
czajkowskidoctormo: what meeting ?17:18
nigelbczajkowski: got your ray bans ;)17:27
czajkowskithank feck17:32
pleia2doctormo: we do have the option of using the devel release of cchost, I just went with the latest stable18:35
pleia2the problem with changing the PHP is that it'll make upgrades a nightmare, will have to patch everything18:36
pleia2I don't mind doing it I suppose, but I'd need someone better at php than I to help out if patching goes awry18:36
* nigelb offers to help19:40
doctormopleia2: Hey there20:25
doctormopaultag: Sometimes the week is hard enough to merit one of these: http://xvessi.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2ub66720:46
pleia2doctormo: hey, site looks good!21:02
doctormopleia2: http://art.ubuntu-owl.org? yea21:07
doctormopleia2: According to the oca guys, you just comment out those lines that cause the issue.21:07
doctormopleia2: Also, how hard would it be to install inkscape on a server?21:07
pleia2doctormo: let me check, I don't have any gui stuff on there now21:28
pleia2122 newly installed21:28
pleia2I'd rather not :\21:28
doctormopleia2: hmm, shame they don't do a server version. Anyway I guess I'll use imagemagik for now.21:30
doctormopleia2: did you make yourself a user?21:31
pleia2doctormo: on the art thing? not yet21:34
* pleia2 running around today, at a lug meeting now21:37
doctormopleia2: Don't worry about it, I'm just playing with the settings and tweaking it all, if you can just set doctormo as the owner of all the non ww-data files, then I could have a look at the submit problem.21:39
doctormoWhile your busy21:39
pleia2sure, lemme write a script real quick to s/elizabeth/doctormo permissions21:43
* doctormo loves being in a community with such talented people21:44
doctormoOK I think we need getid3 installed, 1.7.8 with an updated svg parser module.21:45
pleia21.7.9 is currently installed21:45
senseAre there other people in The Hague for GUADEC?21:45
pleia2doctormo: done (yay xargs!)21:53
doctormopleia2: Thanks, ok so getid3 should have svg support, but the website says it doesn't... hmmm, will investigate.21:54
pleia2ii  php-getid3                        1.7.9-1                      PHP script to extract informations from mult21:55
pleia2maybe it just doesn't like the package? I pointed it at /usr/share/php-getid3/ when I did the install21:56
doctormopleia2: Nah it just complains like a crazy thing about submitting files.22:00
doctormopleia2: I think I need to have a look at the database, I think it might be storing things.23:12
doctormopleia2: OK I think I got things sorted out, but image submission was broken in this version of ccHost so I had to change a bit of code, we can make a patch-set of the changes against the version in your home dir.23:41
pleia2sounds good, thanks23:49

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