drubinikonia: I have a quick question, does the Ubuntu IRC comunity council even deal with Kline bans? Surely that stuff is and should be handled by freenode staff?01:05
nhandlerdrubin: klines are entirely handled by freenode01:08
nhandlerBan appeals in the Ubuntu namespace are handled by the IRCC01:08
drubinnhandler: but kline evations and appeals trump Bans ;-p01:09
drubinSo there is no need to investigate further IF the user was evading a Kline. IMHO01:10
drubinAny how I am out. glad every thing got sorted.01:12
rwwI'm being my usual pedantic self, I know, but it's "IRC Council" and "Community Council". Unless something changed since I last looked, there isn't an "IRC Community Council".01:24
IdleOneI believe IRC Community Council is a valid description for what the IRCC covers01:25
IdleOneIRCC handles the Ubuntu IRC community and the CC covers the greater Ubuntu community. although rww is right in saying it is the IRC Council.01:26
rwwYes, it's a valid description, but no need to make (e.g.) the appeals process even more confusing by conflating the names of the two councils involved.01:27
rwwjust a thought. As I said, I know I'm nitpicking.01:27
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