ChrisWoollardGoodnight all. See you in a week (approx)00:26
ChrisWoollardor possibly tomorrow00:27
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dakerfunny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5k8ncasGwU02:20
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dakerhi EgyParadox18:46
c7pdaker: ping19:27
dakerc7p, pong19:27
c7pi got a question, the statics on the link you gave me the other day ( http://stats.ubuntu-manual.org/downloads/?id=23 ) are for the Greek and English manual together or only for the Greek ?19:29
dakeronly the greek19:29
c7pok ty for the info19:29
c7pbtw the page is very nice :P19:32
dakerthanks & the statistics are nice :p19:32
godbykc7p: There have been 4 copies of the book downloaded from the lulu.com site, and 1 print copy sold.19:48
c7poh great :P19:48
c7pi was about to ask about lulu, you are in my mind xD19:48
thorwilgodbyk: if c7p is right, you better not move the furniture19:52
godbykOops.. must've bumped something. ;-)19:59

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