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rippsfta2: hey, do you know how I can force a reupload of a tarball using drobotik? I had some backport builds that screwed up and the solution was redo how I was doing the tarballs. But it doesn't look like the upstream source is going to update anytime soon.10:33
micahgfta2: launchpad won't take a new tarball10:34
micahgripps: ^^10:34
rippsmicahg: is it possible to put a temporary +build1 to the end of the tarball's version?10:34
micahgripps: yeah, or +repack10:34
rippsI'm going to have to do it manually, aren't I?10:35
micahgripps: no, you can add something to the rules file to do it10:35
rippsmicahg: any idea how?10:36
micahgripps: well, in get-orig-source, just make it append +repack or something10:36
micahgor +rebuild10:36
rippsmicahg: but how am I suppose to force it to remake the tarball, drobotik won't make it unless the upstream source has been updated.10:37
micahgripps: idk, maybe fta2 knows...10:37
cousin_mariohi there11:24
cousin_mariowould something bad happen should I install tb3.1 from the tarball on lucid?11:24
micahgcousin_mario: bad? no, I'll try to have the daily working a little later maybe12:08
cousin_mariomicahg: I mean the official mozilla release, not the daily build12:10
cousin_mario3.0x junk filter is slipping, I assume it would be better with a more up-to-date version12:10
micahgcousin_mario: yeah, nothing bad will happen, I'd suggest backing up your profile first though12:10
cousin_mariomicahg: yeah, sounds like a sensible idea12:11
micahgcousin_mario: well, actually, I think you should use a different profile with upstream builds12:11
cousin_mariomicahg: why?12:11
micahgcousin_mario: some of the paths might be different, if you have a backup, you should be ok though12:12
cousin_mariomicahg: oh, ok12:12
cousin_mariomicahg: any other possible conflict? dependency mismatch?12:13
micahgcousin_mario: there shouldn't be any new dependencies except for the extensions, you'll need a new enigmail and a new lightning12:14
cousin_mariomicahg: lightning is another reason for upgrading12:15
cousin_mariomicahg: and I don't use enigmail anyway12:16
micahgcousin_mario: 1.0b1 isn't working?12:16
cousin_mariomicahg: it is, actually12:16
cousin_mariobut I'd like to keep it up-to-date12:17
cousin_marioactually, I'm more worried about the inbuilt junk-mail filter12:17
micahgcousin_mario: it is up to date for 3.0.x :)12:17
cousin_mariothen it's not great!:D12:17
micahgit's what's supported :)12:18
cousin_marioI guess I'll have to check what my mail provider offers12:18
cousin_mariothanks everybody14:38
JoeMaverickSetthas anyone tried signing in to Windows Live Mail from Namoroka? *btw, it's eligible to talk about Namoroka here, right?*17:19
BUGabundoblame msft17:21
BUGabundofor looking into browser name17:21
BUGabundoand not rendering agent17:21
JoeMaverickSettit changes to mobile version isn't it?17:22
JoeMaverickSettBUGabundo, mine always changes to mobile version of Live mail.17:23
JoeMaverickSettBUGabundo, but if my Pidgin shows one mail from my Live account and click it, it's fine, after that if i go any other pages like profile, it will change in to mobile version. how weird is that?17:24
BUGabundoask msft!17:25
BUGabundoits their code17:25
micahgJoeMaverickSett: try user agent switcher from addons.mozilla.org20:46
bobbyDoes anybody know when FF4 is getting the UI overhaul?23:33
micahgbobby: not sure for Linux23:33
bobby:(, too bad... Why are we always treated like second class citizens to windows :(23:33
bobbyThanks micahg :)23:35

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