sidhi've just installed mythbuntu and the Soungraph iMON PAD remote is not working well, so before changing anything related to remote stuff i would like to backup the actual config, do you know what files/directory to backup ?12:42
KjetilKI've got some problems with sysvinit-scripts that needs to be run before myth comes up13:11
KjetilKbut I'm too ancient for this newfangled upstart job thingies :-)13:11
KjetilKhow can I ensure that those scripts are run first?13:12
sidhKjetilK: not sure, but in the past there was some /etc/rc{0-6}.d/{S|K}{0-999}scriptname  scripts that could give you this info13:46
KjetilKsidh, yeah, that's the sysvinit stuff, but they've migrated to something called upstart13:58
KjetilKI found /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/Linux/init_scripts/upstart.mythtv-backend.conf13:58
KjetilKand then I ran out of time, will look at it later14:02
KjetilKif anyone knows, it would still be nice to hear :-)14:02
rileypwhy not just call your script from rc.local?17:13
rileypand then call mythfrontend to star after all your scripts have ran  and diable auto startof mythfrontend from the gui menu17:16
rileypstar start  diable disable17:16
KjetilKrileyp: it isn't mythfrontend that's the problem, it's mythbackend20:59
KjetilKand apparently, the sysvinit scripts runs after (or in parallell) with the upstart scripts, so rc.local won't work20:59
KjetilKanyone else?20:59
KjetilKhmmm, perhaps I'll repeat the question...:20:59
KjetilKI've got some problems with sysvinit-scripts that needs to be run before mythbackend comes up21:00
KjetilKso, I need to run those scripts before mythbackend is started21:01
KjetilKeventually, I found /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf and I figured I should just be able to declare a dependency there on the init.d scripts, but I have no idea on how to do that21:02

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