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holstein_tooakgraner: ping03:47
Pendulumakgraner: I've got the 2 links in the google doc done for summaries. I may not be around most of the day, however, as my brother just got home for a few days and the weather is messing with my fingers and my computer12:33
akgranerGood Morning!  Hey I just got back from OSCON at about 1am this morning  - flight delays and all that good stuff16:48
akgranerI still need to pick up my kids and get some food in the house since Pete and I have both been gone for a week  - so do what you can with your parts of the newsletter and I'll work on it some more tonight but I'll probably publish Monday Morning just so you all know16:50
akgranerinternalkernel, nigelb Pendulum scott_ev cjohnston holstein ^^^^^16:50
internalkernelakgraner: sounds good to me - I dumped a ton of links into the Gdoc over the week, so I'll write up summaries for them later today and then ping you16:52
internalkernelthe lady and I are going to see a movie in a bit, so I probably wont be able to get to any of it until later today anywyas...16:52
akgranerThank you!16:52
akgraneryep it was a crazy week on my end as well16:52
Pendulumakgraner: I've done summaries for the ITB things that are in the google doc, but not added any links. I'm not sure I'll have time to either due to a combination of my brother being home and computer problems16:55
akgranerPendulum, no worries :-)  I appreciate all the time you have already given to this week's issue  - you rock!16:56
akgranerI just wanted to give everyone a heads up!16:56
akgraner:-)  Thanks everyone!!!16:56
nigelbakgraner: sounds good.  getting to work on it!16:57
akgranerIf someone wants to go back through this week's planet feeds that would be great16:57
akgranerIf not I'll do that tonight16:57
highvoltageI'll be contributing next week, the last week has just been too hectic for me (I still even haven't had chance to *read* the last UWN!)16:58
akgranerplanet feeds can go into many categories from ITB, Planet, ION, and LoCo as well As GCN - but if you want to just pull them and summarize them  - I can move them around later16:58
akgranerhighvoltage, thanks!16:58
nigelbhighvoltage: heh :) Moving can be tough :)17:00
highvoltagenigelb: that, and my boss(es) are going on leave for the next 2 weeks so I've been piled with work17:02
highvoltagebut while they're away I can be super-productive :)17:02
nigelbhighvoltage: haha17:02
zkriesseHello YoBoY19:18
YoBoYthe next deadline to team reports is the next sunday, right?19:18
YoBoYhelle zkriesse :)19:18
zkriesseI've no idea for team reports19:18
zkriessethe person to ask is akgraner who's away at the moment19:19
YoBoYshe's highlighted now :p19:20
zkriessewell yeah19:20
zkriesseNot that she'll respond...she's probably relaxing as it's sunday for here19:20
YoBoYfor me too :)19:20
nhandlerYoBoY: Team Reports should idealy be in by the end of this coming Saturday19:36
nhandlerYoBoY: Early sunday morning at the latest19:36
nhandlerzkriesse: I handle the team reports for UWN :)19:36
YoBoYok, i need to do the page19:37
YoBoYwrite the page19:37
zkriessenhandler: Oh I didn't know that19:37
holsteinakgraner: i see your message19:50
holsteinglad your home safe :)19:50
holsteinim around later tonite, and i'll finish up then19:50
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scott_evupcoming meetings & events is done20:49
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