IdleOneWaltzingAlong is trolling.00:05
jpdsAnd waltzing.00:14
seeker^100 yards in 20 mins on te m2500:32
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from brian)04:35
EvilPhoenixwe've got a spammer in #ubuntu05:21
EvilPhoenixer we did05:22
EvilPhoenixnvrmind xP05:22
ikonia@mark #kubuntu vistakiller ranting again in #ubuntu and #kubuntu11:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:44
bazhang<jeffmr__> that's the great thing about backtrack, you can be on any network and rejoin  ban evade number 111:52
elkyTor ain't going to be doing him much good here.11:55
ikoniamake sure vistakiller doesnt start up in #ubuntu+1 he's done #ubuntu and #kubuntu12:05
bazhangIdleOne, you're still opped in #ubuntu12:07
ikoniathere you go, fixed13:00
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 463 bans)13:32
ikoniawhy is ubuntu-tweak now installing packages like automatix ?14:31
topylino idea why they added the "application center". maybe they want users to use it for everything14:33
topyliit has a thing for ppas too14:34
ikoniawell, for me they have just lost support in #ubuntu14:34
ikoniain the same way automatix did14:34
ikoniaa good tool that could have been part of universe has not just lost any credibility14:34
topyliyeah they could have kept to tweaks14:35
ikoniathey where being offered help getting it into multiverse/univserse14:35
ikoniaI can't see how that can happen now14:35
ikoniaI'd have thought they would have learnt from the issues/reception automatix brought14:36
ikoniathe main developer seems like a really easy to work with and sensible guy14:36
ikoniadissapointed another tool now falls in the bin14:37
topylithe app center also has a "package cleaner" with options like clean kernels, clean config, purge ppas but they don't explain those options to the user14:40
topylii do understand what they are, but i wouldn't assume everybody does14:41
ikoniawhy is that needed ?14:43
ikoniathat's what synaptic does14:43
ikoniaclean kernels = remove kernel package, that's what synaptic package manager is there for14:44
topyliyep, and synaptic can clean up the config leftovers14:45
gordactually the computer janitor app is there for cleaning kernels :)15:15
ikoniachanserv is slow15:38
IdleOnewas I op'ed all night again?15:43
ikoniano, I removed it15:44
IdleOneabout 3 hours ago right?>15:44
IdleOnewell anyway, thank you15:45
ikoniano problem15:45
IdleOneGood morning15:45
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=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
gordif anyone is around and watching -offtopic could you let me know? i'm ill and need to go buy food :(19:47
funkyHatgord: ya19:50
gordMy saviour! *crawls under covers*19:52
* mneptok is exhausted after a week at the CLS and OSCon21:09
Flannelmneptok: How was the Ubuntu OR booth?21:13
mneptokFlannel: not bad. i filled in there for a bit when less technical people were not around21:13
* mneptok was mostly chained to his own booth21:13
gordi don't want to do cons or anything with more than 30 people anymore, i always come home sick :( gotta goto guadec next week as well21:17
* funkyHat cons gord 21:17
mneptoki have this week at home, then DebConf and LinuxCon back-to-back21:18
gordnot another con :( a funkycon at that!21:18
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from alonso_)21:24
ikonia /whois alonso_21:24

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