webPragmatistRoyK: i got it going as an mta01:05
johnHi, Ubuntu server10.04, mpd up and running, external client access ok, but no local sound out put. how do i configure a sound card on this edition?02:11
johnI have alsa installed. Is there a nice config or auutoconf for it?02:32
silentwhisperif im using dyndns02:54
silentwhisperdoes it means that im behind a proxy / nat?02:54
silentwhisperim using router does it mean im  behind nat?02:57
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silentwhispereverybody are busy03:08
harrisonI would like suggesttions on what to install on a home server, I have the basics: apache, vsftp, samba, etc. what could be added to that?03:09
silentwhispertry mail server03:10
silentwhisperthat's what im studing now03:10
harrisonI think I have that installed, but ISPs... well they might not like mail trafic, and I don't really need a mail sever but thanks for the idea.03:12
bogeyd6can i ask to restate harrison03:12
harrisonyes I am looking for software to add to my server, I have the basics: apache, vsftp, samba, etc.03:13
bogeyd6for what purpose03:13
harrison*slaps head* a home server.03:14
bogeyd6how about a PVR03:14
harrisonPersonal video recorder?03:14
bogeyd6yeah, for tv shows03:14
harrisonOffice is a bit to far but I am thinking of using an older computer for that, set it by the tv.03:15
harrisonThat is what I would use.03:15
harrisonAny other ideas?03:19
harrisonAnother question, What are cron jobs?03:21
KurtKrautharrison, have you checked http://tinyurl.com/yepp6ff already?03:23
enav1hi people i want to see the ubuntu hardware blacklist pleas... but i dont know where it is03:23
harrisonI don't randomly enter tinyurls but I will check it out.03:23
KurtKrautharrison, if you're using Windows, I'd agree with your procedure to avoid 'tinyurls'.03:24
silentwhispersir if im using router and i have dynamic ip03:24
silentwhisperdoes it means im behind a proxy/nat03:24
harrisonI wouldn't think so.03:25
harrisonA dynamic IP is an ip that changes from time to time.03:25
KurtKrautsilentwhisper, I agree with harrison03:26
silentwhisperhow to determine if im behind proxy/nat?03:26
harrisonFirst who is your ISP?03:27
KurtKrautsilentwhisper, some proxies are configured in a 'transparent' way, meaning they're unreconizable.03:27
harrisonSilent, what are you tring to do?03:29
bogeyd6harrison, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html03:32
harrisonthanks bogeyd6, I had a look at that before I guess I am going in the right direction.03:33
harrisonQuestion: how do you/which log should I check to see who has loged on in the past?03:34
harrisonmy server IS accesibal via the world.03:35
harrisonAnyone have questions?03:45
harrisonGood night everyone.03:47
silentwhisper goodnight04:23
silentwhisperin postfix04:46
silentwhispercan we config to use hostname and domainname at once04:47
silentwhisper    myorigin = $myhostname (default: send mail as "user@$myhostname")04:48
silentwhisper    myorigin = $mydomain   (probably desirable: "user@$mydomain")04:48
silentwhisperi want to setup my mailserver to receive and send through internet04:48
bogeyd6!postfix | silentwhisper04:55
ubottusilentwhisper: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer04:55
silentwhisperwhen i try to run04:58
silentwhispersu - fmaster04:58
silentwhisperi wont work04:58
silentwhisperi already installed postfix whis is it dont have /home/user/Maildir directory?04:59
EvilPhoenixyou asked yesterday...05:00
EvilPhoenixdid you get no answers?05:00
silentwhisperbut i already did that i already run command to create directory but i was not there05:01
EvilPhoenixyou tried in #postfix?05:02
EvilPhoenixif thats even the right channel...05:02
silentwhisperim currently at the channel now05:02
sweetpiEvilPhoenix: what about postfix?05:05
EvilPhoenixtalk to silentwhisper05:05
EvilPhoenixhe had the issue(s)05:05
EvilPhoenixsweetpi:  ^05:05
EvilPhoenixsilentwhisper:  if you're alive, ask your question again05:06
EvilPhoenixsweetpi:  i can give you the logs of silentwhisper's question if you'd like05:06
sweetpiok, msg them05:06
EvilPhoenixsent be advised it might be slow on sending a few lines05:07
sweetpii didnt know this channel even existed :)05:07
EvilPhoenixstupid caps05:07
EvilPhoenixnow you do05:08
EvilPhoenixsweetpi:  did you get the PM05:08
sweetpiyes, reading05:09
* sweetpi doesnt think silentwhisper is a native english speaker05:10
sweetpiits possible, but i dont understand what the problem is05:14
EvilPhoenixit seems from my interpretation...05:16
EvilPhoenixthat he doesnt have a mail folder in his user's directory05:16
EvilPhoenixand doesnt know why05:16
EvilPhoenixperhaps he thinks postfix creates it automatically...05:16
sweetpihmm.. all my installs keep mail in /var, even local mail.05:18
sweetpianyway the users mail dir wouldnt normally be created until they received mail05:21
sweetpii think hes away anyway05:22
EvilPhoenixor maybe his connection /died05:22
silentwhisperi receive mail /var/mail/edwin05:30
silentwhisperis it corect05:30
silentwhisperis it in the format of Maildir05:30
* EvilPhoenix pokes sweetpi05:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #609651 in openldap (main) "compile OpenLDAP with OpenSSL" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60965106:07
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silentwhisperis this correct?07:17
silentwhispermyorigin = /etc/mailname07:18
silentwhispermailname value is mwit.no-ip.biz07:18
sherrsilentwhisper: yes, that's fine. Or you can set it explicitly (rather than from a file)08:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #609681 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.0.67-0ubuntu6.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso post-installation script devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60968109:35
jetoleHey guys. Does anyone know how I can limit how much RAM a process can use?14:30
KurtKrautjetole, I guess with the ulimit command you might do it14:30
jetoleKurtKraut: I don't know how with ulimit. I know the -m option is ignored on Linux14:31
KurtKrautjetole, just for checking... why do you need that?14:35
jetoleKurtKraut: My workstation in the office has 4 gigs though a 3 gig hardware limit via the motherboard and tends to run out of memory on a regular basis from say, if I leave the browser open and banshee and thunderbird, eventually one of them will use more then there is I won't even have enough to ctrl+alt+backspace X or ctrl+alt+f114:52
jetoleand yes I know thats not server related (although I run many servers too) but it's also generic enough that if there is a way, then it applies to server and desktop14:53
jetoleI'm asking in #kernel now14:53
KurtKrautjetole, there is certainly something very wrong in the scenario you've described.14:53
KurtKrautjetole, I do everything you mention in a 1 gig RAM machine and never experienced such thing.14:54
KurtKrautjetole, do you have a swap partition?14:54
jetoleI should. Lemme ssh in and double check14:54
jetoleKurtKraut: yes and no, it's not a partition but that shouldn't matter. It's a flat file (swap.dd) but according to the kernel devs, around the time 2.6 was released, a flat file is just as able as a partition14:56
KurtKrautjetole, the free -m command tells you that swap space is being used?14:56
KurtKrautjetole, do you keep track of the load average of this system? What is the load_avg number right before a crash?14:57
pmatulisjetole: how do you know the problem is due to a lack of memory?14:59
pmatulisjetole: maybe your pc is overheating, heatsink & airflow ok?15:01
jetolepmatulis: off the top of my head I can't remember. I have seen indicators in the past. I think it's when I was running conky and it showed the top memory using applications on my desktop and how much they were using and I saw something like banshee or chrome with >1G and memory at max before it crashed but it was just an off chance that I cought it15:01
jetolepmatulis: should be15:02
jetoleIt's a new PC, low profile actually but it's a dell too15:02
jetoleI will double check the fans Monday but I know I have seen indicators of memory in the past15:02
kaushalis there a way to know what time is the system is up and running15:24
kaushalI do w command and it shows  07:22:50 up 2 days, 19:2215:25
kaushalis there a better way to calculate the time since the server is up and running ?15:25
kaushalI mean time in hrs:mm:secs15:25
internalkernelI have a question regarding GeoIP and Vhosts in Apache...16:00
internalkernelI have two vhosts - one is allowing CA and US, and one only US - can I have two different allow variables?16:00
internalkernelor will one override the other?16:01
internalkernelto clarify... in apache.conf - I have Setenvif US and CA to AllowCountry16:02
internalkerneland then, I have a Setenvif US to SiteCountry - is this valid?16:03
internalkerneland the specific vhost configs reference the appropriate variable16:04
LeeQquesion about server mirroring and database backups16:39
LeeQI have main server and backup server, backup taked mysqldump every night16:40
LeeQdns points to backup server if main server is down16:40
LeeQsay main server goes down and things are added to the db on the backup server16:40
LeeQwhat is the best way to reconcile16:40
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Jeeves_Mosshow do I get my WM5 device to be able to send TLS STMP?  I've seen a lot of people posting requesting how to make it work, but no soulitions so far.20:09
mcarsecan someone help me with an unbootable 10.04 server system?20:35
mcarseI applied a recent kernel update, and since then, it drops to "grub rescue" at boot.20:37
mcarseThe system is running software raid120:37
Jeeves_Mossmcarse, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54488120:38
mcarseGrub rescue displays an error that "no such device" then displays the uuid20:40
Jeeves_Mossmcarse, then you need to grub search for /boot20:43
mcarseJeeves_Moss: this appears to apply to grub 1, my system is running grub220:43
mcarseJeeves_Moss: How do I do that?20:47
Jeeves_Mosshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Command Line and Rescue Mode20:48
mcarsethank you Jeeves_Moss20:50
mcarseI think I have got it sorted out.20:50
mcarseNow i just need to figure out why I have problems like this every time I update the kernel20:51
Jeeves_Mossmcarse, it's not finding the proper UUID to update20:52
mcarseis there a config I have to adjust somewhere to fix that?20:52
Jeeves_Mossmcarse, sorry, I'm not sure.  I've never had that issue20:54
mcarseJeeves_Moss: thanks20:55

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