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kandarpkdfarning: good morning12:41
dfarningkandarpk, good morning. how are you?12:49
kandarpkdfarning: I am doing good12:49
kandarpkdfarning: thanks12:50
kandarpkdfarning: how are you doing ?12:50
dfarningkandarpk, it looks like you guys are making good progress.12:50
dfarningi am doing well,  tired after meeting all of the new people....12:50
kandarpkdfarning: hmmm12:51
kandarpkdfarning: thats not good to know early morning.12:53
kandarpkdfarning: you want to take some rest or should I start firing my questions ?12:54
dfarningkandarpk, :) it is a good tired.... like after a hard run.12:55
dfarninggo ahead.12:55
kandarpkdfarning: nice12:55
kandarpkdfarning: the jhbuild problem didn't get solved12:55
dfarningi'll try to help.  but you already know more technically about most systems than I do.12:56
kandarpkafter running the sugar-jhbuild script, only a jhbuild folder got created12:57
* dfarning looks12:58
kandarpkdfarning: shall I paste the contents of the script ?12:59
dfarningkandarpk, I am setting up sugar-jhbuild on my local computer to see what happens.13:02
kandarpkdfarning: Great.13:02
dfarningkandarpk, I am on a very slow internet connection.13:04
dfarninghmmm... I am on a low power netbook... that can't run jhbuild.13:05
dfarningkandarpk, what was the output from ./sugar-jhbuild build ?13:06
kandarpkdfarning: it downloaded some 2MB content and created a jhbuild folder13:07
dfarningkandarpk, hmm I thought 'build' created the source/ and install/ dirs.13:09
dfarningkandarpk, did depscheck run succefully?13:09
kandarpkdfarning: depscheck ?13:10
kandarpkdfarning: I used git clone only13:10
dfarningkandarpk, please see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Development_Team/Jhbuild#Build_sugar_base_system_and_its_dependencies13:10
dfarningkandarpk, sorry if the process seems clunky.... I wrote sugar-jhbuild a couple of years ago as a quick hack.... and no one ever rewrote it:(13:12
kandarpkdfarning: :)13:12
kandarpkdfarning: how much data will it download ?13:14
dfarningdepscheck is verysmall.... it just makes sure that all of the necessary build dependancies are installed'13:15
kandarpkdfarning: update ?13:16
dfarningkandarpk, it then prompts you to install them if they are not available.13:16
dfarningkandarpk, update will grab many MB of source code:(13:19
kandarpkdfarning: so, I need to run that as well ?13:19
dfarningkandarpk, +113:20
kandarpkdfarning: by the way, how is your work at PY progressing ?13:23
dfarningkandarpk, I think it is going well.... Creating a long term partnership with PY and UY so we have some sustainability.13:25
kandarpkdfarning: Nice.13:25
kandarpkdfarning: to run sugar via jhbuild, should I uninstall sugar first ?13:27
dfarningkandarpk, jhbuild can coexist with the installed packages.13:31
kandarpkdfarning: ok. switching to USR.13:31
kandarpkdfarning: Error during phase build of python-xklavier13:38
dfarningkandarpk, just hit continue.... or whatever the command is.... that will not affect the docstrings you are working with.13:39
kandarpkdfarning: why do I need to install ? the source should still be available13:40
dfarningsphynix grabs the docstrings from the install/ dir rather than the source/ it does this to insure that everything can find the other modules if they need to be 'imported'13:42
kandarpkdfarning: does that mean .py files inside install are created during build ?13:43
dfarningkandarpk, the .py files are also in the source code.....  ^^ just means that the directory structure is correct and every thing is in the correct place relatative to one another.13:46
kandarpkdfarning: ok13:46
kandarpkdfarning: will lfaraone be available today ?13:55
dfarningkandarpk, he is not scheudaled for today.... but he might be available anyway13:56
kandarpkdfarning: Ok.13:57
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kandarpk*I'll be back in an hour.14:06
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ankurkandarpk, around?15:00
kandarpkankur: hi15:00
ankurhey , i completed my activities , can you see if there are any changes required in them ?15:01
ankuri will sending you mail15:01
dfarningankur, +115:01
dfarningankur, what do you have planned next?15:02
ankurhi dfarning15:02
dfarningankur, hello15:02
ankurdfarning, well i was just hoping that this time i send my activities for review , they wont require changes . Well , i haven't planned much as of now15:03
ankurwill be gogin with the flow what is required :)15:04
dfarningankur, good, have you read producing oss? watched ponious people?15:05
ankurwell did not complete the book :(15:06
ankurbut will do that tonight :)15:06
dfarningankur, good there is a lot of good stuff in there that will help explain why people in opensource communities act like they do?15:07
ankurbut it was quite depressing to know the amount of OSS projects do not meet their aim15:08
dfarningankur, yes,  many companies also fail....15:10
dfarningankur, we have to get a lot of things right, find good people to work with, and have some luck.15:10
ankurdfarning,  +115:11
dfarningankur, since you are caught up... do you want to hack or study today?15:13
ankurone min dfarning  , i was on phone15:14
dfarningankur, np an interesting hacking project will be to try to run sugar in ubuntu 10.10 and see what bug we fixed in the ppa still exist.  Then we can go back and correctly apply the patches to the 10.10 branch.15:20
ankurdfarning, as far as i remember i uploaded most of the packages for maverick in ppa15:23
ankurwell it will be good to see if that worked or not15:23
ankurbut one thing i remember was that uploading of two packages failed at that time , there build failed15:24
ankurwe will have to work on that too15:24
dfarningankur, _nope_:) no more ppa.... now you are ready to work directly in ubuntu universe the same way neeraj was doing last week.15:25
dfarningankur, the ppa was just pratice:)15:25
ankurdfarning,  :)15:25
ankuralso i wanted to ask , i was some what missing from action last week , i missed that if slider puzzle and jigsaw puzzle starting bugs were fixed or not15:25
ankurbecasue when i saw bugs , they were dependecy related problem , AFAIR15:26
dfarningankur, not sure... will have to ask lfaraone or kandarpk15:26
ankurpython-abiword was not added15:26
ankurdfarning,  i am up for testing , but i wanted to test my packages once more and mark them up in wiki page.15:30
ankuronce i do that , i will get back to you :)15:30
dfarningankur, you understand the situation better than I do15:31
kandarpkdfarning: do you have anything for me ?15:32
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dfarningkandarpk, hacking or learning today?15:34
kandarpkdfarning: do not have 10.10 installed15:34
dfarningkandarpk, installing and testing that would be usefull.15:37
kandarpkdfarning: Ok.15:37
ankurdfarning,  will luke be coming today ?15:41
dfarningkandarpk, I would suggest the same task as I suggested to ankur.  Think about how to scync the packages between debian and ubuntu while maintaining the patches in a sane manner.15:42
kandarpkdfarning: I worked on syncing connect and poll15:43
dfarningkandarpk, cool.15:46
dfarningI must runn15:46
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lfaraoneI'll not be here for more than a minute.17:02
lfaraoneJust letting everyone know that the changes specified on http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002708.html need to be made to all packages.17:03
lfaraoneI've also marked it as such on the wiki page.17:03
lfaraonePlease hilight or mail me and I'll get back to your questions when I have a chance. Today'll be a beach day :)17:04
kandarpkalsroot: Hi.19:08
alsrootkandarpk: hi19:08
kandarpkalsroot: I faced some problem in cloning speak activity19:08
kandarpkalsroot: upstream branch wasn't present in my local git repo on cloning19:09
kandarpkany idea ?19:09
* alsroot tries clean clone19:09
alsrootkandarpk: I just did "git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/speak/mainline.git" and it is ok for me, did git log errors?19:11
kandarpkalsroot: I used gbp-clone git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-speak-activity.git19:11
kandarpkalsroot: let me run the command again19:12
alsrootkandarpk: btw, better to use fully-bundled branch instead of master, toolkit dependency live there19:13
kandarpkalsroot: git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/speak/mainline.git19:16
kandarpkis creating mainline folder, whch has only master branch19:17
kandarpkam I missing something ?19:17
alsrootkandarpk: thats right, only mast branch is created by default19:17
kandarpkalsroot: what about upstream branch ?19:18
kandarpkhow do I get that ?19:18
alsrootkandarpk: but there is no "upstream" branches, http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/speak/repos/mainline/logs/master19:18
alsrootbtw, to get particular branch on clone, add "-b <branch>" to clone command19:19
kandarpkalsroot: ok. thanks.19:20
kandarpk*need to study a bit more...19:25
alsrootkandarpk: there are several external git tutorials on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Team/Git19:29
kandarpkalsroot: thanks :)19:30
kandarpkalsroot: one more thing, running 'DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean'19:34
kandarpkdoesn't regenerate control from control.in19:34
kandarpkin speak activity19:34
alsrootkandarpk: sorry, I used deb packaging only in pretty simple cases, not sure what it could be19:35
kandarpkalsroot: np.19:35
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