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Sarvatthyperair: compiz 0.9 works16:22
Sarvattwith opengl compositing16:23
hyperairSarvatt: ?16:23
Sarvatthyperair: it might be one of the compiz 0.8.4 patches screwing things up16:23
Sarvattwith recent mesa I mean16:23
hyperairi see.16:23
hyperairmight be, eh.16:23
* hyperair wonders if there are compiz 0.9 packages for lucid.16:24
Sarvattwould explain why the people doing the changes who use fedora dont see the problem :)16:24
hyperairah i see.16:25
Sarvatttry dropping 049-damage-report-non-empty.patch or  010-disable-child-window-clipping.patch16:25
* hyperair didn't compile compiz...16:25
Sarvattdo you want the compiz 0.9 build script to do it from git?16:25
hyperairthat might be interesting, yes.16:26
Sarvattneed libboost-serialization(whatever version lucid is using)16:27
Sarvatti purged all compiz related packages too first16:37
Sarvattthink i'll just install this to /usr while i'm at it16:38
Sarvattoh yeah probably want to change the -Os -march=native CFLAGS, I was just screwing around16:40
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Sarvatthyperair: more specifically its the "Force fullscreen redraws (buffer swap) on repaint option in compiz that makes it work17:15
Sarvattprobably works with 0.8.4 if you enable that too17:15
Sarvattin workarounds17:16
hyperairhmm let's try that.17:16
hyperairSarvatt: there isn't such an option in compiz.17:17
hyperairi mean in 0.8.417:17
Sarvatthmm it might be somewhere else in 0.8.417:17
hyperairSarvatt: is it force_glx_sync?17:17
Sarvattnope that doesn't even do anything because its always forcibly enabled in a patch even if its disabled in ccsm17:18
Sarvattforce_swap_buffers is the option17:18
hyperairheh okay17:18
hyperairnope, doesn't exist.17:18
hyperairi think it's new.17:19
hyperairwell apart from that, i really wish there was an option to disable page flipping.17:20
hyperairit's really hard to restart X without another computer to ssh in from17:20
Sarvattdont think its page flip related if you can still ssh in?17:21
hyperairhttp://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-May/135429.html <-- see scenario B.17:23
hyperairno wait, it's more like X gets stuck.17:24
* hyperair sighs. what happened to the days when i could alt+sysrq+r followed by alt+f1 to force a vt-switch?17:24
hyperairnow that X has to willingly switch the VT, it's become so much harder to recover from hangs.17:25
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vishhyperair: hey! how was the bug jam event? [forgot to ask so long ;p ]18:12
hyperairvish: i bored everyone halfway to death.18:13
hyperairhonestly, i have to wonder how bug jam events go elsewhere.18:13
vishbugs _are_ boring ;)18:13
hyperairyeah, it seemed pretty boring to me too >_>18:13
hyperairand there was an audible groan + laughter when i proposed 5-a-day18:13
hyperairthe next time i'm asked to do a jam, i'm rejecting all notions of doing a bug jam.18:14
hyperairpackaging jam sounds much more fun18:14
vishhyperair: yeah , easier to stick to tasks you are familiar with ;)18:15
* hyperair nods18:15
fil1hi, anyone has problems with xorg-edgers PPA and the last build of xorg ( using nvidia-current? (10.10)22:17
fil1I can only boot in low graphic mode.22:19
Sarvattnvidia binary drivers dont work with xserver 1.922:29
Sarvattthere's a note at the top of the xorg-edgers page about it22:30
fil1ok thanks.22:48
DrHalani am using maverick and sometimes my leftclicks stop to work22:50
DrHalaneverything else works fine in x22:51

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