parisilovefairuz! great, I meant something beside myql-query-browser.00:00
bidaboyWaltzingAlong, and virtualbox can open vmware virtual machines?00:00
ilovefairuzparis: you could search synaptic00:01
kinksis there not a free vmware player in the repo?00:01
WaltzingAlongyeah, bidaboy, ask google00:01
parsDamn loosing my mind I need to recover 1 folder :(00:01
ActionParsnipkinks: no, thats why that guide exists00:01
Mqueueilovefairuz>>  do you know how to fix this one ?00:01
bastidrazorkinks: not in the repo's but there is a vmware-player00:01
bidaboyWaltzingAlong, ok thanks00:01
ilovefairuz!google > WaltzingAlong00:01
ubottuWaltzingAlong, please see my private message00:01
DasEikinks: the ose version of vbox is00:01
bastidrazorkinks: available on the vmware page.00:01
ilovefairuzMqueue: what's wrong now? can't boot windows?00:01
econdudeawesomeIs anyone else having trouble with minitube? Whats the deal?00:02
parsActionParsnip: I cant fsck it, cant clear the journalling, cant use backup blocks... any options left lol?00:02
ilovefairuzecondudeawesome: youtube could have changed its markup and minitube cant parse it, leave the guy a comment00:02
Caeroctavio-rdz: (I cant paste) ifconfig says eth1 is the wifi ; dmesg says "eth0: Broadcom ... Wireless controller" and then "udev: renamed eth0 to eth1", then "eth1: non IPv6"00:02
PiciWaltzingAlong: Please mind your language here.00:02
ilovefairuz!language ? WaltzingAlong00:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:03
kinkspars: yes, buy a new hard drive and use telekinesis to copy your data.00:03
WaltzingAlonganyone else?00:03
econdudeawesomeilovefairuz I don't have a launchpad account--do I need one to leave a comment?00:03
WaltzingAlong!language | WaltzingAlong00:03
ubottuWaltzingAlong, please see my private message00:03
tokigalorclonezilla is better for copyig data00:03
DasEiWaltzingAlong: your issue ?00:03
bazhangWaltzingAlong, ask a question00:03
ilovefairuzecondudeawesome: i mean the developer's blog00:03
parskinks: hard drive is only 2 weeks old00:03
WaltzingAlong!listofwordsoneshouldnotuseinthischannel > WaltzingAlong00:03
ActionParsnippars: foremost can read the partition and attempt to recover data. I STRONGLY suggest you think more and get a backup. That way you dont care if the drive dies as you can restore the data00:03
DasEi!coc > WaltzingAlong00:04
ubottuWaltzingAlong, please see my private message00:04
octavio-rdzCaer: ok well it does detect your eth000:04
kinkspars: in that case, refer to warranty, then use telekinesis to copy data? I don't know. :/00:04
bazhangWaltzingAlong, please /msg ubottu00:04
octavio-rdznow try ifconfig eth000:04
parsActionParsnip: damnit I guess ill just format it then :@00:04
WaltzingAlong/msg ubottu !coc00:04
ActionParsnipkinks: drive only has issues due to poweroutage during fsck00:04
DasEiWaltzingAlong: may I pm you ?00:05
rilliamcan anybody here tell me how to mount and smb share00:05
WaltzingAlongDasEi: as you like00:05
ilovefairuz!samba | rilliam00:05
ubotturilliam: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:05
ridinhow do i make a shortcut in my home folder00:05
ilovefairuzridin: shortcut to what?00:05
Caeroctavio-rdz: how could I read its MAC address for instance?00:06
ilovefairuz!hi | mducharme00:06
ubottumducharme: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:06
mducharmecould someone recommend a reliable fairly inexpensive laser printer00:06
ridinilovefairuz, an application my home folder without needing to make on in my desktop00:06
ActionParsnipridin: shortcut to what?00:06
ActionParsnip!ot | mducharme00:06
ubottumducharme: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:06
IdleOne!hcl > mducharme00:06
ubottumducharme, please see my private message00:06
ActionParsniprilliam: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28047300:06
ilovefairuzridin: drag it from the application menu00:06
parsActionParsnip: thanks for the help anyways, ill just have to format it - bye00:06
Caeroctavio-rdz: because I tried adding a connection and it asks the MAC address00:06
mducharmeI need it to work properly in ubuntu 10.0400:06
mducharmethat's why I was asking in here00:07
ridinilovefairuz, thanks00:07
ActionParsnipmducharme: check the HCL, HP are super supported00:07
ilovefairuzmducharme: HP ones are generally well supported00:07
octavio-rdzubottu is a bot, rigth?00:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:07
ilovefairuz  ubottu is awesome00:08
dementorhow can i configure the mouse and keyboard?00:08
ilovefairuz!brain > Caer00:08
ubottuCaer, please see my private message00:08
ilovefairuzdemonspork: cofigure them to do what?00:09
ilovefairuzdementor ^00:09
mducharmeactionparsnip and ilovefairuz - the HP laserjet they have right now doesn't work properly00:09
Dr_Willismducharme:  I got a nice Brother  with wireless for $100 on sale. :) H:-2170W00:09
dementori cant write i cant move the mouse00:09
mducharmeI had told them to get an hp laserjet because it would work00:09
mducharmebut the hp that they got was some kind of "winprinter"00:10
ilovefairuzdementor: what's the make and model, how are they connected?00:10
Dr_Willismducharme:  theres some Hp's that have issues.. my brother had a slight issue.. but its best to reseaerch befor spending a lot of $$$00:10
ActionParsnipmducharme: grab the latest HPLIP, it should help00:10
mducharmelaserjet 1018 model00:10
Dr_Willismducharme:  thats why i like the new wireless/networked printers.00:10
mducharmeuses some kind of zjstream protocl00:11
mducharmeI had it working fine back when they were on opensuse00:11
Dr_Willismducharme:  for a company. they should be checkin out the cost of ink and how much they are going to be printing. that can be 100x the xost of the printer over  the life of the printer.00:11
mducharmebut since I moved the to ubuntu it hasn't worked00:11
dementorthe mouse a wireles genius and the keyboard ia 4tech and thei are conectet to the serv thro a kcm switchi00:11
ActionParsnipdementor: try without the kvm00:12
mducharmeand I tried upgrading the hplip, no difference00:12
weedarI want to cross-compile for sparc64 on my 64-bit Ubuntu, any ideas how? So far I've only found cross-compilers for sparc32-targets00:12
ActionParsnipweedar: use a chroot00:12
dementorthe same i tryed00:12
mducharmethe 1018 is suppposed to be compatible, but it isn't, that's why I wanted to make sure whatever it is is not a winprinter00:12
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot00:12
IdleOneDr_Willis: that Brother printer worked OTB?00:12
CaerFor an unknown reason my network applet doesn't show any Ethernet connection anymore, what should I do?00:13
xStinkhi i have the strangest issue00:13
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  yes. Once i fitgured out how to get it networked right. I had to plug it into the wired network first to set up the wireless settings.00:13
ActionParsnipCaer: do you have an entry for it in /etc/network/interfaces ?00:13
xStinkanyone around this time on a Sunday?00:13
=== lor is now known as rollo
CaerActionParsnip: no, but neither for eth1 which the applet shows (but I can't see my router there)00:14
IdleOneDr_Willis: mine seems to work only when it feels like it. there are drivers in the repos for it but for whatever reason it doesn't always get recognized00:14
ActionParsnipCaer: if you do, thats why. but you don't so its ok00:14
=== rollo is now known as lorenzo
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  I  do think i had to manually install the proper brother package from teh repios for the drivers.  But there was some odd issue  where it would be real slow to print. A check of the forums suggest just using the Generic PCL5 driver. and now its printing quite well00:14
ilovefairuzdementor: what's the model of the switch ?00:14
bidaboywhat is the best text to speech client00:14
RealEyeshave you guys heard of the Starcraft II POL?00:14
=== jeremy is now known as Guest37482
ActionParsnipCaer: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network    websearch for the product line of the wired connection for guides00:14
=== lorenzo is now known as tuco
IdleOneDr_Willis: thanks for the hint.00:14
octavio-rdzCaer: if you do ifconfig eht0 and it does show you the ip then it must be ok ..... if not you could try ifconfig eth0 up00:14
ActionParsnipbidaboy: there is no best app for ANYTHING.00:15
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  try the generic pcl5 perhaps. It was weird bug. it would take 40 min for it to print a little bity page..  :) i seiwtched to the genric pcl5 and not had any issues since.00:15
ActionParsnipbidaboy: theres no best anything in life00:15
xStinkI installed 10.4, rebooted and everything works fine00:15
dementorilovefairuz; is a lindy switch00:15
Caeroctavio-rdz: ifconfig says "cannot find eth0"00:15
Guest37482anyone know how to install python 3.1.2?00:15
ilovefairuzbidaboy: search synaptic for "tts"00:15
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  also if says its out of toner.. You can put some black tape over   one of the 'windows' (a little pencil sized clear hole) on the Toner cart. and prioberly get a few 100+ more pages out of it. :)00:15
xStinkthen i update and all of a sudden i don't have permission to use sound, reboot or anything like that00:15
ilovefairuzdementor: no model? just "lindy"00:15
ActionParsnipbidaboy: there is espeak and festival I can think of, neither are best, nor are they worst00:16
dementorbut ai try whit out the switch and the same plb00:16
octavio-rdzCaer: you if you just do eth0 it does show eth0?00:16
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  it said i was out of toner after 100 pages on one toner cart. :(   not sure how many i will actually get.00:16
octavio-rdzCaer: oops I mean if you just do ifconfig it does show eth000:16
CaerActionParsnip: lshw shows only eth1 (without naming it)00:16
weedarActionParsnip: Thanks for the suggestion :) I'd prefer being able to compile for several architectures at once though, by specifying "cross-sparc32 cross-sparc64 amd64" for example to compile for sparc32/64 on a 64-bit x86 system00:17
ilovefairuzdementor: the keyboard is not detected even without the switch?00:17
ActionParsnipCaer: you will need a ppa00:17
Caeroctavio-rdz: no00:17
IdleOneDr_Willis: right now I just want to get it working again. \o/ for saving ink hehe00:17
Guest37482anyone know how to install python 3.1.2?00:17
bidaboyi want to say that is available for diferent langage00:17
dementorilovefairuz,  yes is not detected00:17
ActionParsnipCaer: then reboot and run:  dmesg | less     and read through, see if your ethernet port is detected at boot and if there are any issues with it00:17
chris___1http://imagebin.org/106644 im on an acer extensa 4620Z and it's running really hot. fancontrol isnt reading the configuration file sudo sensors-detect make, though it was written correctly00:17
ActionParsnipGuest37482: you will need a ppa]00:17
octavio-rdzCaer: strange if you said that dmesg | grep eth shows that is there00:17
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  yea. i finally started looking in the forums for others with that slow issue.. and stumbled upon the fix. search the forums for my posts it will be ione of those.00:18
ilovefairuzdementor: the keyboard connection is usb ?00:18
DasEiGuest37482: any certain reason for this newer version ?00:18
IdleOneDr_Willis: will do thanks.00:18
dementorilovefairuz, yes00:18
Guest37482not really00:18
Caeroctavio-rdz: I did not says that ; it seemed like the wireless card started as eth0, then was renamed eth100:18
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  over all - i give it a B+ - good price.. decent speed.. ok features..  :)  its just real LOUD when it first starts up.. and  its right next to my bed.. so the wife prints while im asleep and i hit the ceiling.00:19
ilovefairuzdementor: can you ssh into the machine from another one? and type lsusb00:19
corpsegrindrHas anyone succefully gotten HDMI audio to work on a nvidia G210? I have run every tutorial I can find  and have still not been able to get it working00:19
Guest37482i just like to keep things up to date and im new to python00:19
DasEiGuest37482: then stay with the repo one on a productional system or try in a vm first, as dependencies , by a small chance, can mess up00:19
ilovefairuzdementor: try attaching them without the switch and restart the computer00:19
dementorilovefairuz, from this computer i cant00:19
Ace2I need help. I am running Ubuntu 10.04. I had the PC up and running when I left today. When I came back I went to get back on and it was froze on a black screen. I was able to see and move my mouse around but the password screen would not come up. I restarted and it wont go past "Grub loading, please wait..." Error 1700:20
CaerActionParsnip: what is a ppa? but dmesg after a reboot said something like 'udev: eth0 renamed to eth1' (eth1 is the wireless card after the boot)00:20
octavio-rdzCaer: my bad then .... did you read about the problem about the dual booting? that I typed after you said you were going to reboot?00:20
Guest37482does kubuntu 10.04 have a version built in?00:20
DasEi!latest > Guest3748200:20
ubottuGuest37482, please see my private message00:20
bidaboyvirtualbox can open virtual machines created via vmware?00:20
IdleOneDr_Willis: perhaps move the printer? where do I find that PCL5 driver? in repos?00:20
barfsterGuest37482: cat /etc/issue00:20
Caeroctavio-rdz: yes, but you said you changed something in the card properties ; I cant see any. Plus the card works fine under windows.00:21
ju2wheelsbidaboy: yes, just dont install vmware tools on i think is the only requirement00:21
ActionParsnip!ppa | caer00:21
ubottucaer: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.00:21
DasEibidaboy: with some tricks, yes, but not in general, a vm is easily created on half-efficient equipment00:21
ActionParsnipGuest37482: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/python3.100:21
bidaboyDasEi, how?00:21
ilovefairuzdementor: well we can't troubleshoot without ssh, try attaching without switch and restarting00:22
ActionParsnipCaer: sounds like the wifi is being named as et0 but the wired is usually eth0, is the wired connection enabled in bios?00:22
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  it was allready insatlled. heres the thread -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146148000:22
octavio-rdzCaer: I don't have a windows box right now ... but as I remember it was in Control Panel -> Network -> Select the network then properties00:22
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  change the printer from brother whatever.. to -> Make and Model: Generic PCL 5e Printer Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs-simplified.5.000:22
DasEibidaboy: vbox is like a pc in pc, with all parts, so you just use a iso and install to vbox's harddrive, for deeper info look at their homepage or join ##vbox00:22
CaerActionParsnip: the card worked fine yesterday ; I will check the BIOS00:22
bidaboyDasEi, ok thaks00:23
dementorilovefairuz, tomorow i will change the way i connect to the serv  and i wil come back for help:)00:23
Mr_Sonomawhy do people feel the need to try and break into your systems here?00:24
ActionParsnip!ot | Mr_Sonoma00:24
ubottuMr_Sonoma: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:24
WiesshundMr_Sonoma, where is here? :(00:25
Dr_WillisI am here.. you are 'there' :)00:25
CaerActionParsnip: wired not disabled in BIOS ; I just disabled "power saving" to be sure00:25
ilovefairuzMr_Sonoma: pm?00:25
ActionParsnipCaer: good move00:25
ActionParsnipCaer: is the system a laptop or branded pc?00:25
DasEiDr_Willis: they are everywhere.. ot, k00:25
hiexpoevening all00:26
CaerActionParsnip: HP dv6 laptop ; has a "disable wifi" button and some quirks00:26
ActionParsnipCaer: greta, let me search00:26
metalgeekActionParsnip, Hi, Where did you go earlier?00:27
octavio-rdzCaer: I suppose you are in windows in that machine the one with the problem right?00:29
Caeroctavio-rdz: I have windows installed but I connect to IRC from an other laptop (and though a headless server)00:30
ActionParsnipCaer: do you dual boot?00:30
CaerActionParsnip: yes00:30
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: not sure00:30
FabParmahow to modify the menu into the applet to the desktop panel that has an envelop as icon?00:30
metalgeekActionParsnip, could you spare a second?00:31
CaerActionParsnip: windows 7, ubuntu Lucid ; I have three kernels installed, and tested the last two00:31
ActionParsnipCaer: ok the windows boot may be tying up the device, head into device manager and disable power saving on the device as well as uncheck the box to allow the device to wake windows up. Windows is screwing te hardware up00:31
octavio-rdzCaer: ok got to "Devices manager" (or something like that)  and select the ethernet card then properties and see if there is something like Link Down power saving00:31
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: sure00:31
ActionParsnipoctavio-rdz: yeah, so annoying. dual boots can be such a PITA00:32
octavio-rdzActionParsnip: yes I had that problem like a year ago .... it just stopped working after a windows update00:33
IdleOneDr_Willis: I am unable to see the printer on the network, telling me to check System > Admin > Firewall00:33
ActionParsnipoctavio-rdz: never had the issue as I dont use windows :)00:33
theholderhey all00:34
octavio-rdzActionParsnip: good point .... now I don't do dual booting but I used to .... now just Ubuntu00:34
TheEskimo!hi | theholder00:34
ubottutheholder: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:34
metalgeekActionParsnip, Cheers, I don't know if you remember but I installed Ubuntu LL to a 500gb SATA drive a few days ago.  I still have two little 40gb ATA's left around. I'm planning to put one of them in this machine as a place to put windowsXP, Could this create problems as I hear that GRUB is alot more intelligent than win bootloader and so best practice would dictate that I install Win first. Ant thoughts would be warmly recieved thanks.00:35
FabParmahow to modify the menu into the applet to the desktop panel that has an envelop as icon? i'd like to set Thunderbird, as default and add some link useful to me, at the moment the only shwon is Pidgin link00:35
thune3FabParma: i couldn't make sense of your question. could you try again?00:35
metalgeekAnt = Any, sorry00:35
Ace2I was getting an "Error 17" message when I was starting up my PC. I reinstalled grub 2 and now when I start it just says GRUB with a curser flashing after it. Can someone help me please?00:35
FabParmathune3: its a bit more clear now?00:35
econdudeawesomewhat is the name of the program used to change the sound theme? I'd like to invoke it from the command line...00:36
metalgeekthune3, Hi, Thanks for all the help the other day, really helped ;)00:36
TheEskimometalgeek: If you are installing windows and ubuntu on different harddrives the order doesn't matter.00:36
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: sure you can install windows to them, you will need to add the entry in grub as grub can boot windows hapily00:36
CaerActionParsnip octavio-rdz : unchecked, and it worked ; thank you very much for your patience and $&#@ windows !00:36
ActionParsnipCaer: yep :(00:37
ilovefairuzecondudeawesome: gnome-volume-control00:37
octavio-rdzCaer: that is a good new.00:37
metalgeekTheEskimo, ActionParsnip , Thanks guys, so just install the hardware, bootup with win cd, install as per normal & then tell GRUB about it?00:37
econdudeawesomelovefairuz is that the gnome equivalent of alsa-mixer, or does that allow a change in theme?00:37
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: sounds good to me. To be double safe you can disconnect the power from the Ubuntu drive and then you will have no threat of damaging the data00:38
TheEskimometalgeek: Yup. You might have to change the harddrive boot order in your bios, but probably not. It should be just that simple.00:38
demismas far as configuration files, and system structure is ubuntu identical to debian? What are the differences?00:38
ActionParsnip!ot | demism00:38
ubottudemism: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:38
Ace2Can someone please help me with a grub problem00:39
matthew_i don't have pulseaudio, how can I switch to my usb soundcard in alsamixer?00:39
ilovefairuz!help | Ace200:39
ubottuAce2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:39
octavio-rdzmetalgeek I don't see any problem in having windows in other HD ... what do you plan to install? cause I remember that I could not install windows XP in a slave HD00:39
Ace2I was getting an "Error 17" message when I was starting up my PC. I reinstalled grub 2 and now when I start it just says GRUB with a curser flashing after it. Can someone help me please?00:39
thune3FabParma: i'm really tired, and maybe it's just me; but no. I'm reading it as: 'How do I modify the panel applet that displays an envelope icon? I'd like it to open Thunderbird instead of Pidgin.'00:40
ilovefairuzAce2: boot from livecd, open a terminal, type fdisk - l, and pastebin it00:41
=== hannibal is now known as Guest6834
Ace2ilovefairuz, OK00:41
corpsegrindrHas anyone succefully gotten HDMI audio to work on a nvidia G210? I have run every tutorial I can find  and have still not been able to get it working00:42
=== AnEskimo is now known as theeskimo
FabParmathune3: close to the system clock do you see an icon that seems an envelop?00:43
=== theeskimo is now known as TheEskimo
metalgeekSSLActionParsnip, IdleOne, Dr_Willis, Being a noob to all this you guys have been very patient, Thank you. I can always find one of you day and night, Ubuntu spirit?00:43
FabParmathune3: clickin on it you get Evolution and Pidgin00:43
ActionParsnipcorpsegrindr: i've never seen anyone get hdmi working00:43
FabParmathune3: right?00:43
Ace2ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46864800:43
corpsegrindrActionParsnip: sad00:44
ActionParsnipmetalgeekSSL: just time to kill00:44
IdleOnemetalgeekSSL: our pleasure00:44
ActionParsnipcorpsegrindr: i just use my soundcard, its what its made for00:44
FabParmathune3: so, i would like to modify that applet00:44
metalgeekSSLSee ya in a bit then ;)00:44
corpsegrindrActionParsnip: yeah, unfortunetly thats not working either00:44
ActionParsnipcorpsegrindr: do you use a creative audigy per chance?00:45
corpsegrindrActionParsnip: As a matter of fact i do, audigy platnium ex00:45
ActionParsnipcorpsegrindr: guess how I knew...00:45
corpsegrindrActionParsnip: It also does not work00:45
ActionParsnipcorpsegrindr: they are a real pain to get going, not worth the heartache at all00:46
ilovefairuzAce2: your ubuntu installation is on sda1 ?00:46
Ace2ilovefairuz, Yes00:46
ActionParsnipno idea why people buy them at all00:46
corpsegrindrActionParsnip: I have onboard hd nvidia sound, but I think it may be broken. even with windows 7 i get mostly white noise from it00:46
ilovefairuzAce2: in the terminal type 'grub'.. then .. root (hd0,0)00:46
thune3FabParma: i  can only point you to http://moztraybiff.mozdev.org/ or http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/email-notification-add-mozilla-thunderbird-to-the-indicator-applet-in-ubuntus-system-tray/00:47
DasEicorpsegrindr: I haven't follow it, since being very nasty , but as I remember there was something going on with latest alsa in conjunction with pulseaudio, if you don't mind the hassle, can try it00:47
Ace2ilovefairuz, I got a syntax error near unexpected token '('00:48
corpsegrindrDasEi: Yeah i have done all the alsa updates and pulse tweaks with no effect. Others claim to have gotten it working though00:48
ilovefairuzAce2: are you sure you typed corrected? root (hd0,0)00:48
Ace2ilovefairuz, Yes00:48
ilovefairuz!screenshot | Ace200:49
ubottuAce2: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.00:49
wizard_anyone no were I can get the flying windows plugin for compiz?00:49
DasEicorpsegrindr: last I know from it was a degraded functionality, so more a x-wing then a x-fi, though nice under win00:49
FabParmathune3: thank tou for help me00:49
ionuthi. i have a nokia 5200 and i want to connect to the internet using that phone . what software should i use?00:49
ActionParsnipwizard_: flying window?00:49
FabParmathune3: i have a look right now00:50
DasEicorpsegrindr: did you search alsaproject for your specific model ?00:50
ActionParsnipwizard_: like the screensaver?00:50
corpsegrindrDasEi: I did not. ill run that right now00:50
wizard_ActionParsnip, yes thats the one00:50
DasEicorpsegrindr: http://www.alsa-project.org/00:51
ilovefairuzionut: do you have a bluetooth chip ?00:51
ionutilovefairuz: no i don't ( you mean in my laptop? )00:51
Ace2ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46865000:51
ilovefairuzionut: yeah in laptop00:51
ActionParsnipwizard_: let me see, have you asked in #compiz too?00:52
wizard_ActionParsnip, no I just asked in here00:52
ionutilovefairuz: no , i don't. but i think if i have the right software i can connect it using usb00:52
ActionParsnipwizard_: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/07/31/install-three-experimental-compiz-plugins/00:52
DasEiAce2: looks like you try to run a grub 1 command from bash (and not the grub-shell) on grub200:53
ilovefairuzionut: well you can buy a very cheap bluetooth dongle (like $1) , and try pairing the phone with the laptop, network manager will detect if it can access the internet from it, most modern nokia phones work fine00:53
wizard_ActionParsnip, tried that I get this00:53
ilovefairuzAce2: type grub and then press enter, you'll get to a prompt00:53
Ace2ilovefairuz, OK00:54
ActionParsnipwizard_: get what?00:54
ilovefairuzAce2: then, root (hd0,0)00:54
ionutilovefairuz:  so , i think i missundertund (i wrote that correct :D ?) myself. i want to connect my phone using cable usb to use the network of a vodafone card of my phone. using bluetooth is the same. but what kind of software i shoult use00:55
wizard_ActionParsnip, install git-core00:55
Ace2ilovefairuz, It says "The program grub is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install grub00:55
wizard_ActionParsnip, which I am installing now00:55
ActionParsnipwizard_: the guide shows what to install, although one of the packages need changing, the system will tell you which00:56
wizard_ActionParsnip, cheers nearly there i think00:56
ilovefairuzionut: no software, it works out of the box, after you buy the bluetooth dongle (attaches to a usb port),  right click on bluetooth icon and select "setup new device", the rest is an easy wizard, then you'll find the connection in the network manager icon added automatically00:57
ilovefairuzAce2: grub200:57
=== hasen_ is now known as hasen
ilovefairuzionut: if you laptop has bluetooth, you don't need to buy the bluetooth dongle00:58
wizard_ActionParsnip, get this wizard@wizard-laptop:~/compizplugins/screensaver$ make00:58
wizard_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.00:58
Ace2ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46865200:58
ionutokay, that's good buddy. can you just give me a link to that kind of bluetooth you like or used before... anyone.pls00:59
eyes_onlyhey guys is anyone elses input (keyboard, touchpad) going all wonky after the most recent slew of updates?01:00
panichas anyone managed to get pptp vpn working on 10.04?01:00
ilovefairuzAce2: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt01:00
wizard_wizard@wizard-laptop:~/compizplugins/screensaver$ make01:00
wizard_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.01:00
wizard_anyone help with the above01:00
ilovefairuzwizard_: ./configure01:01
Ace2ilovefairuz, OK01:01
Bridger987Question:  I'm trying to share a folder (on my Ubuntu machine) with my Windows XP Machine, but I'm not seeing it (or even my machine) from Windows XP.  Any suggestions?01:01
baelinstall samba01:01
wizard_ilovefairuz, what you mean instead of make do ./configure01:01
TheEskimowizard_: run it first. Then make01:01
ilovefairuzwizard_: type: ./configure && make01:02
Bridger987bael >  I installed Samba before I even started.  Still not working.01:02
jcapeQuestion about the firefox 4 ppa: should it be displaying the tabs-on-top style?01:02
jcapeand/or is there a better place to ask?01:02
murielgodoihi guys, how can I get 3d hardware support using Radeon 9600se + lucid?01:02
TheEskimojcape: There is probably a better place to ask, but yes that is the default behavior01:02
ilovefairuzjcape: change from view menu01:02
eyes_onlyjcape: yes, firefox 4 has moved to tabs on top interface01:03
baelBridger987, right click -> Sharing Options01:03
jcapeilovefairuz: Thanks01:03
wizard_ilovefairuz, wizard@wizard-laptop:~/compizplugins/screensaver$ ./configure make01:03
wizard_bash: ./configure: No such file or directory01:03
Bridger987bael >  "Share this folder" is checked, as well as "Guest Access" for reading files.01:03
ilovefairuzwizard_: pastebin : ls -al01:03
ilovefairuzAce2: so no errors?01:03
Ace2ilovefairuz, No errors. Just came back to command prompt01:04
wizard_ilovefairuz, ?????01:04
ilovefairuz!pastebin | wizard_01:04
ubottuwizard_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:04
ilovefairuzAce2:  sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda01:04
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ilovefairuzwizard_: copy and paste the output of : ls -al01:05
econdudeawesomeDoes anyone know how to disable to default sound theme in Lubuntu? #lubuntu is dead01:05
Guest26548hey there is there anying way to get my microsoft lifecam to work on ubuntu01:05
Ace2ilovefairuz, OK, installation finished. No error reported01:06
ilovefairuzAce2: ok try rebooting01:06
wizard_ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/468658/01:06
Ace2ilovefairuz, OK01:07
ilovefairuzwizard_: well you need cmake, not make01:07
ilovefairuzsudo apt-get install cmake01:07
Wiesshundecondudeawesome,  system - prefs - sound01:08
wizard_ilovefairuz, I have cmake installed01:08
murielgodoiIs fglrx needed to get 3d hardware support using Radeon 9600se + lucid?01:08
ilovefairuzwizard_: type: cmake01:08
wizard_ilovefairuz, done now install ?01:08
econdudeawesomeWiesshund it's not there01:08
Wiesshundecondudeawesome,  which isnt there? the sound tab?01:09
ilovefairuzwizard_: did you read README.txt ? probably has instructions01:09
econdudeawesomeWiesshund the sound option in the preferences menu01:09
Ace2ilovefairuz, I restarted and it comes to up to what looks like a prompt that says GRUB with a flashing curser but you can't type anything01:09
wizard_ilovefairuz, will have a look now cheers01:09
Wiesshundecondudeawesome, what distro you running?01:09
econdudeawesomeWiesshund I tried through the command line--gnome-volume-whatev. and it didn't work01:10
econdudeawesomeLubuntu 10.04 installed over Ubuntu 10,0401:10
Niglopare there any video editing software in linux that work the same as sony vegas?01:11
matthew_I've configured my power settings to never put the display to sleep, but it still goes to sleep...01:11
ilovefairuzAce2: are you sure sda1 is where you installed ubuntu ?01:11
eyes_onlyrecent updates broke my touchpad, ui hangs dmesg throwing resync fail errors01:11
zaspanQuestion: i`m trying to compile "k10temp" module to work with "sensors" but when I run "make install" it says it`s missing some file(FATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.32-23-generic/build/System.map': No such file or directory). I reckon that I am missing some kernel development files and I don`t know which ones. Can someone please tell me which packet to apt-get?01:11
Wiesshundecondudeawesome,  i am not sure in lite ubuntu where youd find the sound app :( i looked at it once and didnt like it as a desktop01:11
ilovefairuz!bug | matthew_01:11
ubottumatthew_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:11
Wiesshundecondudeawesome,  did you try asking in #lubuntu ?01:12
sindegrazaspan: I think ./configure should report what you're missing.01:12
Ace2ilovefairuz, Yes01:12
matthew_ilovefairuz, i know what to do with a bug, thank you. I was just wondering if this was user error in some way.01:12
econdudeawesomeWiesshund yes--#lubuntu is dead, the only one who answers is phillw who is away. Google of course reveals nothing :-)01:12
ilovefairuzsindegra: no ./configure for kernel modules01:12
Wiesshundecondudeawesome, sorry :( but for that sub distro i am not sure. they took alot of things out they considered unnecessary01:13
zaspansindegra, yes there is no configure file. just Makefile and k10temp.c01:13
sindegraecondudawesome: I run lubuntu, what's the problem?01:13
Wiesshundsindegra,  He cant find the sound control app to turn off desktop theme sounds etc01:14
econdudeawesomesindegra I cannot change the sound theme--using the gnome controls from my underlying original Ubuntu install (10.04) changes nothing, and I get the annoying "pop" sound any time I open a chromium tab. I just want to disable the sound theme (not just turn down my volume)01:14
arniokasis there any tool, except from lm-sensors, that doesn't work with my netbook, for temperature-monitoring?01:15
ilovefairuzzaspan: did you run make before make install? is module built?01:16
zaspanilovefairuz, yes i did01:17
ilovefairuzzaspan: does insmod on the module work?01:17
redvilneed suggestions for a good DVD ripper to install in ubuntu..one that is easy to configure and use? anyone?01:17
BigC_say I was to buy a notebook that has a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 gpu in it. Do I download the driver from the AMD website, or do I get it via synaptic? Also is there a open source driver for this GPU?01:17
nb72I'm looking to run an old machine headless as a server (mostly file server in the house).01:17
ilovefairuz!hardware | BigC_01:18
ubottuBigC_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:18
nb72Is there a guide for setting up a machine to control it over ssh?01:18
ilovefairuznb72: install ubuntu server edition, and ssh gets installed automatically01:18
Mr_Sonomanb72, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring01:19
nb72ok.  I'm installing ubuntu server 10.04.01:19
FabParmathune3: has worked, not exactly as i wanted but its fine for me i make a screen for you01:19
nb72Thanks guys01:19
econdudeawesomesindegra--any idea?01:20
sindegraecondudeawesome: pretty much stumped admittedly. I didn't even know lxde had sound themes.01:20
Wiesshundredvil, eh i just use nero for that01:21
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Wiesshundsindegra, it doesnt, its a left over from his 10.4 full install01:21
BidaBoywhen i try to use fbi (image and pdf viewer in cosole) i get this message : 'open /dev/fb0 no such file or directory' can any one help me?01:21
redvilwiesshund: do they have nero for ubuntu?01:21
Wiesshundredvil, not really but wine...01:21
zaspanilovefairuz, if I am using insmod right then it works. I used it like this: insmode k10temp.ko01:21
econdudeawesomesindegra I think its a holdover from the initial Ubuntu install (i installed the lubuntu-desktop package afterwards). Problem is gnome-volume-control says I have no sounds installed01:21
redvilwiesshund: thnx01:22
sindegraecondudeawesome: aha.01:22
ilovefairuzzaspan: then mv  the module  to /lib/`uname -r`/modules  and add it to /etc/modules01:22
econdudeawesomesindegra where would you start looking?01:22
Oerredvil, nero is a paid app, maybe this is any help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD%3A%3ARip01:23
ChaorainI'm having  some problems. I have a Dell Xps M1730 and I can't get the wifi to work. "rfkill List" says that the device is hardware disabled. Is there anything I can do about this?01:23
Wiesshundecondudeawesome, i found some web posts where people did the same thing but none of the posts had a resolution, that didnt entail putting the full version back01:23
redviloer: will look that one up too..thnx01:23
sindegraecondudeawesome: I'd try and figure out how gnome implements sounds themes, try to find the appropriate file and delete the entries01:23
econdudeawesomeWiesshund yeah, I saw some of those posts01:23
BidaBoywhen i try to use fbi (image and pdf viewer in cosole) i get this message : 'open /dev/fb0 no such file or directory' can any one help me?01:23
Wiesshundecondudeawesome, silly idea but can you uninstal the themes?01:24
ilovefairuzChaorain: lshw -C network01:24
ilovefairuzChaorain: pastebin output01:24
econdudeawesomeWiesshund I'd like to, not sure how01:24
econdudeawesomecause I think that would compeltely take care of the problem, and I never use them anyway01:24
Wiesshundecondudeawesome,  see if you can find them in the package manager?01:24
BidaBoyi repeat, when i try to use fbi (image and pdf viewer in cosole) i get this message : 'open /dev/fb0 no such file or directory' can any one help me?01:25
redviloer: does lucid support it? it only says the latest release is for 8.04..01:25
ilovefairuz!patience | BidaBoy01:25
ubottuBidaBoy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:25
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BidaBoyok, i waiting01:25
ActionParsnipBidaBoy: you need to use framebuffer for console01:26
BidaBoyActionParsnip, how01:26
Chaorainilovefairuz: ok It will be a bit because I have to reboot to that os01:26
ActionParsnipBidaBoy: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/     use the guide until the youtube video01:27
BidaBoyActionParsnip, ok thanks01:28
ActionParsnipBidaBoy: its also how to get a decent res for plymouth under proprietary drivers01:28
BidaBoyActionParsnip: ok01:29
jeraldhello can anyone help me with this update01:29
jeraldI got this error when i tried to make an update01:30
jeraldFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/elementaryart/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release  Unable to find expected entry  Click/binary-amd64/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)01:30
jeraldSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.01:30
FloodBot1jerald: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
jeraldsorry noob here so I'll just past it to ubuntu.com.. ok ok sorry..01:30
FNiHey guys - new ubuntu user here. Is it possible to remote desktop into a windows machine using the default windows protocol?01:30
ActionParsnipjerald: the ppa does have a lucid folder, even has maverick too01:31
ilovefairuzFNi: rdesktop01:31
econdudeawesomeWiendhuss, sigendra--all sounds are stored in /usr/share/sounds--I can take it from there :-D01:32
jeraldI'm new to this system.. sorry I don't get you guys.. here is  the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/468663/01:32
Wiesshundecondudeawesome, cool01:32
sindegraecondudeawesome: are sound themes maybe being implemented by pulseaudio>01:33
jeraldActionParsnip, how can I fix this01:33
sindegraecondudawesome: alright then.01:33
econdudeawesomesindegra possibly01:33
melkorHas anybody here had luck using fglrx drivers + 2.6.34 kernel?01:33
ActionParsnipjerald: I just added the PPA and it updated ok. how did you add the ppa?01:33
sindegraecondudeawesome: you would have that because you converted from ubuntu to lubuntu01:34
econdudeawesomesindegra yes01:34
jeraldI think when I update to create a dock.. not so familiar with it.. what's ppa?01:34
eyes_onlypsmouse.c resync failed, latest update, anyone have a quick hack for synaptics touchpad?01:34
jeraldActionParsnip, I don't know what is ppa01:35
ActionParsnipjerald: its the thing you added to install the theme from01:35
zaspanilovefairuz, thx that worked but if I am guessing correctly i will have to do this procedure every time a new kernel arrives01:35
jeraldActionParsnip, I just drag the folder to the theme box then automatically install the theme..01:36
ActionParsnipjerald: you added an extra software source to then install the theme from didnt you?01:36
ilovefairuzzaspan: yeah recompile01:36
ActionParsnipjerald: click System -> Administration -> Software Sources01:36
FNiilovefairuz: that worked perfectly. thanks!01:36
ActionParsnipjerald: then remove the repo you added01:37
ilovefairuzFNi: you're welcome01:37
ActionParsnipjerald: it's the elementary art one which you want to remove01:37
metalgeekActionParsnip, Hi,01:37
jeraldActionParsnip, everything is in lucid01:37
Ace2ilovefairuz, Ok, I went through the process again to reinstall grub. Now I'm getting on restart: Minimal BASH- like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.01:37
ActionParsnipjerald: what do you mean?01:37
ilovefairuzzaspan: google dkms01:37
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: howdy01:38
lumberjack[hey, abit offtopic here, but are there any mirc packages with extra tools included? recommend some plz ;)01:38
`AssassinHow do I do a really minimal ubuntu install?01:38
Ace2ilovefairuz, Then it has grub> with a flashing prompt after it01:38
jeraldActionParsnip, the elementary theme is supported with ubuntu lucid main01:38
metalgeekActionParsnip, Install was smooth as silk, now for the bit I have no idea about, GRUB?01:38
ilovefairuzAce2: normally, if ubuntu is on sda1, it would have booted right into it01:39
rwwlumberjack[: try ##mirc01:39
ActionParsnipjerald: yes, I know. I'm getting you to remove it so we can readd it01:39
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: will you please quit just latching onto me just because I'm here01:39
jeraldActionParsnip, so which one I should remove?01:39
Ace2I unhooked the other drives. There is only one drive left so I know it's right01:39
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: ask the channel like everybody else, if I have a solution I will reply01:39
ActionParsnipjerald: the elementary theme one01:39
FabParmathune3: http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/1356/screenshotsi.png01:39
ActionParsnipjerald: if you read your error you would see that01:40
Niglopare there any video editing software in linux that work the same as sony vegas?01:40
Ace2ilovefairuz, My home folder is encrypted. Is there a way for me to access it to save my files? I'll just reinstall the whole system01:40
sindegraecondudeawesome: you might have already solved your problem but sound-theme-freedesktop seems to do sound themes01:41
ridinok, when downloading large files my wireless adapter downloads it for a bit and then 'gives up'01:41
metalgeekActionParsnip, **latching** You said always happy to help, if your here ask you, so i have, don't worry, won't bother again. Didn't realise it was upsetting you01:41
ActionParsnipNiglop: http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/    no idea about sony vegas, if its a firewire interface it should be fine01:41
sindegraecondudeawesome: uninstalling that might solve it in a more elegant matter01:41
jeraldActionParsnip, now i know how to see thanks.. so what now I will just unchecked the box.. or remove?01:42
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: its just a bit imposing01:42
ActionParsnipjerald: get it removed, i'll give you the command I ran to add it in again01:42
=== Bridger987_ is now known as Bridger987
metalgeekI have installed windows to a different drive in my ubuntu box, i have no idea how to configure GRUB as am complete noob so any help would be appreciated, Cheers everyone01:43
jeraldActionParsnip, done01:43
ilovefairuzAce2: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/03/mounting-your-encrypted-home-from.html01:43
ActionParsnipjerald: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elementaryart/elementarydesktop; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install elementary-desktop; /usr/share/elementary-desktop/configure.sh01:43
ilovefairuzridin: pastebin: lshw -C network01:43
Ace2ilovefairuz, Thank you for all your help! I will save my files and do a reinstall.01:44
melkorIs anybody here using the fglrx drivers, they don't seem to support lucid.01:44
ilovefairuzAce2: you're welcome01:44
ActionParsnipmelkor: use system -> Admin -> Hardware drivers01:44
ridinilovefairuz, i'm going to hide my ip in the pastebin, is that alright?01:45
ilovefairuzridin: sure01:45
chip_just upgraded to 10.04 from 9.04 on my dell insperion 8200 It does not recognize the display. any suggestions01:45
jeraldActionParsnip,  here whats happening http://paste.ubuntu.com/468667/01:46
melkorActionParsnip: are you using it? Does it work with the 2.6.34 kernel?01:46
metalgeekActionParsnip, why do i keep getting dialog from you PM01:46
metalgeekActionParsnip, i dont get what you mean01:46
ActionParsnipjerald: ok, can you pastebin your sources.list file please01:46
metalgeekActionParsnip, I keep closing the window01:46
ActionParsnipmetalgeek: i dont give support in PM, so i'm confused why you PM'd me01:47
jeraldActionParsnip, how can I copy that?01:47
metalgeekI keep getting the window from you01:47
ridinilovefairuz: http://pastebin.com/JTKqPVFZ01:47
metalgeeki keep closing window01:47
Chaorainilovefairuz: Sorry it took so long http://pastebin.com/zghMTBYS01:47
ActionParsnipjerald: gedit/etc/apt/sources.list    copy the text and use: http://pastie.org  and create a pastebin so we can see the file01:48
metalgeekI have installed windows to a different drive in my ubuntu box, i have no idea how to configure GRUB as am complete noob so any help would be appreciated, Cheers everyone01:48
ilovefairuzridin: is it a usb one? lsusb01:48
ridinilovefairuz, yes will pastebin01:48
Dr_Willismetalgeek:  in theory. You rerun 'sudo update-grub' and it 'should' see and add a proper grub menu item for windows - reguardless of what hard drive windows is instgalled on.01:48
ionutwhich is the best way to install system sounds for my ubuntu 10.04?01:48
CkhiKuzadI have the window-picker applet for my gnome panel, which allows the windows to have little tab close things on them, and on a screenshot, i saw that it could get rid of the top bar of a window when it was maximized, how do i set this to be able to work?01:48
metalgeekDr_Willis, Thanks01:49
ridinilovefairuz: http://pastebin.com/n3aWmMZz01:49
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  theres some panel applets that let you do that. I forget the names however.01:49
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  they are not in the normal reposiutories.01:49
melkorusing the system/hardwar to install fglrx fails to install01:49
ilovefairuzChaorain: try holding the kill switch on for a while, don't release immediately, i have an intel card and for some reason i need to do this with recent kernels01:49
CkhiKuzadDr_willis, i have one, its called window-picker, and it is a feature in the UNE, i got it from a launchpad site. i need to know how to configure it to do that.01:50
jeraldNo such file or directory..01:50
metalgeekDr_Willis, Beautiful, worked like a charm cheers bye01:50
Chaorainyou mean pushing the phisical switch further on?01:50
kakashi744hey can some anwser a question for me?01:50
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  the ones i saw worked with window-picker. thwere were like 3 applets total i saw. one for window/app selection, one for the title bar. one for the min/max/close button01:50
ActionParsnipjerald: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list    sorry01:50
ionutwhich is the best sound theme for ubuntu ?01:51
aetaric!ask kakashi74401:51
Chaorainilovefairuz: my switch is a slider on switch01:51
aetaric!ask | kakashi74401:51
ubottukakashi744: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:51
aetaricforgot the pipe XD01:51
kakashi744!what happend to fort carson roleplay?01:51
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:51
ilovefairuzChaorain: yes, press it and keep it until the indicators lights up01:51
ilovefairuz!ot | kakashi74401:52
ubottukakashi744: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:52
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  ones ive used --> http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/yet-another-window-applet-for-gnome.html01:52
ionutwhich is the best sound theme for ubuntu ?01:53
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  and -> http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/use-namebar-and-dockbarx-to-optimize.html01:53
aetaric!best | ionte01:53
ubottuionte: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:53
Dr_Willisionut:  ive never seen any alternative sound themes.. its like that part of the OS/gui/confuigs.. sort of got ignored.. you got the default and 'none'  last i looked.01:53
Chaorainilovefairuz: the wifi light does flash, The bluetooth is also controlled by this swith and it stays on, if that makes a difference01:53
scroteis $-L the variable for libraries?01:53
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ionutDr_Willis: but you can install others?01:54
jeraldActionParsnip, http://www.pastie.org/105882901:54
ionutDr_Willis: isn't that?01:54
coz_ionte, in all honesy I personally shut of all sounds :001:54
ilovefairuzChaorain: so the indicator is on but no difference?01:54
Guest24256how can i remove limewire from edubuntu01:54
Dr_Willisionut:  ive never seen a way. never really noticed..  i use 'no sounds'01:54
aerobaall my files in the root directory are showing up as text files01:54
Dr_WillisGuest24256:  if it was installed via the package manager.. use the packaghe manager to remove it01:54
Chaorainilovefairuz: Bluetooth: yes Wifi: no01:54
coz_ionut,     http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/%22Borealis%22+sound+theme?content=1258401:55
ionutDr_Willis: i have installed some sound themes. but i want a good one (like a person that says "hello boss" :)) or sth like that )01:55
ilovefairuzChaorain: one light for both of them?01:55
jribaeroba: how are you making that determination?  Where exactly?01:55
coz_ionte,   I am sure there are sound themes out there.... why I dont know :)01:55
Darklord6229what is the command for the terminal to find out what my wireless card is and the info about it01:55
Dr_Willisionut:  ive never seen any. or tried any..  not seen a tool to change the sound themes wither..01:55
jeraldcoz_,  help me with this http://www.pastie.org/105882901:55
ilovefairuzridin: lsmod01:55
ionutcoz_: for ubuntu is ogg?01:56
Guest24256cant find it01:56
ilovefairuzDarklord6229: lshw - C network01:56
aerobajrib: well, when I open up rox-filer, all  my files show up as text icons, and when I click to open them, they open as empty text files01:56
ActionParsnipjerald: great, ok run: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   and change:  deb repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4 binary/    to:   deb http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4 binary/01:56
coz_ionut,   I believe they are .ogg files01:56
Chaorainilovefairuz: no, two seperate lights but one switch for both01:56
jribaeroba: and if you use nautilus?01:56
ActionParsnipjerald: save the new file then run: sudo apt-get update       why you'd want to use that PPA is anyones guess01:56
coz_jerald,   that is your sources list ...yes?  what help do you need with it?01:56
ionutcoz_: the fastest way to install it is to copy it in the sounds directory?01:56
ridinilovefairuz: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Ta8VK3tU01:57
bockWhy do all my jpeg files coming from the built in card reader show up distorted? I can view them fine with imageviewer but when uploading to facebook still distorted.01:57
aerobajrib: I use both natilus and rox01:57
coz_ionut,  that is where i used to place my own sounds i would create .. I assume it is in the same place   just be sure you rename the files if t hey are not renamed already to match which sounds go with which events01:57
jribaeroba: if you use nautilus is the strange behavior also present?  Can you give an example of a specific file?01:58
ionutcoz_: ya. got that. thanks man01:58
coz_jerald,   you still there??01:58
jeraldyeah done01:58
ActionParsnipjerald: is it any better now?01:58
coz_ionut,  if the sound theme creators are "good"  then the sounds should already be named properly for the respecitve events01:58
jeraldCoz_, yeah I'm here01:59
coz_jerald,  ok I see this is your sources list   yes??  waht is the issue?01:59
jeraldActionParsnip, I'll try to update01:59
bockwhy are jpeg files distorted do they need to be imported01:59
aerobajrib: Yes, jrib, the strange behavior is still present. For example, I right click on a tar.gz file that I just downloaded, check its properties, and see that under properties the tar.gz file is text01:59
ActionParsnipjerald: cool, once you get that square, I'll give the command to install the theme01:59
ionutcoz_: ya, maybe they think if everything is done like from default , nowone will open and watch all the files...01:59
coz_bock,  depends on the resolution of jpeg images  some can be very pixelated if the resolution is low02:00
jribaeroba: what does the « file » program in a terminal say about it?02:00
ilovefairuzChaorain: tail -f /var/log/messages while you flip the switch02:00
bockthey came off my 10.3 nikon02:00
aerobajrib: what do you mean by <<file>> program?02:00
Chaorainilovefairuz: ok, I have to reboot again02:00
jribaeroba: open a terminal, type "file PATH_TO_YOUR_TAR.GZ"02:00
coz_bock,  mm  and I assume they have a high res  ...the camera is above 5 megapixels ?02:00
bockcoz: yeah for sure02:00
jeraldActionParsnip, I got another issue.. I can't go to update.. it says could not  initialize the package information02:01
jeraldActionParsnip, the one we changed..02:01
bockcoz: 10.3m02:01
coz_bock,  this may not work but could you take a screenshot of the distorted image and upload to picpaste.com02:01
ActionParsnipjerald: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update     thanks02:01
jeraldE: Type 'http://repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4' is not known on line 55 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list02:02
=== warren_ is now known as Guest4951
bastidrazorjerald: you should join #backtrack-linux02:03
aerobajrib: funny, it says "cannot open '/root/downloads/zim-0.48.tar.gz (no such file or directory)02:03
coz_jerald,  then place a  #  in front of that   #deb repo.offensive-security.com/dist/bt4 binary/02:03
coz_   and try to update again02:03
jeraldbasicer, yeah I love backtrack.. I still have to fix my ubuntu02:03
ilovefairuzridin: looks like a driver bug02:03
ilovefairuz!bug | ridin02:03
ubotturidin: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots02:03
jribaeroba: then there's no such file.  Why do you have stuff like that in /root anyway?02:03
Gacktcan anyone link me to an update "install from usb" guide? please02:03
coz_bock,  did you upload that screenshot?02:04
johnhello, Ubuntu server 10.04, mpd up and running, but no audio output.02:04
jribaeroba: Anyway, zim is in the repositories, why aren't you using APT?02:04
bastidrazorjerald: then remove the line that you just pasted from your /etc/apt/sources.list02:04
bockcoz: sorry working on it one sec02:04
coz_bock,  oh ok :)02:05
ActionParsnipjerald: sounds like that repo is a bit whack02:05
aerobajrib: but its there. I had to save it somewhere, I usually untar my tarballs and then configure and such. I tried right-clicking in rox and clicked terminal here, wrote the file name, -it recognizes it02:05
coz_bock,  pick a photo you dont mind sharing publicly02:05
bastidrazorjerald: mixing repositories is the perfect way to break things.02:05
jribaeroba: did you see the last thing I said?02:05
ActionParsnipjerald: I just tried to browse to the repo in my browser and it failed02:06
Craig`how do I change my resolution? i went system->pref->display, my monitor is unknown (i'm on laptop) and the only available resolutions are 800x600 and 640x480, i want 1024 :(02:06
ridinilovefairuz, what should i put?\02:06
ActionParsnipCraig`: what video card?02:06
Craig`not sure, how do I check?02:06
coz_Craig`,  lspci | grep -i vga02:06
midas__hello. how do i enable rhythmbox to encode mp3? what do i have to install?02:07
ilovefairuz!install | Gackt02:07
ubottuGackt: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:07
Craig`:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter (rev 10)02:07
ductTapeDJThis one should be easy: I just installed ubuntu 10.4 on a computer already running Windows 7 and I want to know the easiest way to share files between the two OS's.02:07
bastidrazormidas__: probably ubuntu-restricted-extras02:07
ActionParsnipductTapeDJ: linux can write and read to NTFS02:07
ductTapeDJwhat's that?02:07
coz_midas__,    ffmpeg would be the first thing to install02:07
ilovefairuzridin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect02:07
aerobajrib: now I did. Yes, I did download the .deb file, but it didn't run...so I thought I'd compile to see what the problem was02:08
ActionParsnipductTapeDJ: what's what?02:08
ductTapeDJwhat's ntfs?02:08
jribaeroba: I didn't say to download a deb file02:08
trojan_spikegreat question would be how to access ubuntu files from windows 7.. i still havnt got that yrt :(02:08
Dr_WillisductTapeDJ:  the windows 'drive' shold show up in the  places/computer/media area.02:08
Dr_Willis!ntfs | ductTapeDJ02:08
ubottuductTapeDJ: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:08
jribaeroba: do you know about APT?02:08
ductTapeDJooh! I didn't think to check there02:08
ActionParsnipductTapeDJ: its the crap file system windows uses02:08
Dr_WillisductTapeDJ:  ntfs is the filesystem that windows uses.02:08
ductTapeDJokay I'll restart and try again.02:08
coz_Craig`,  ooo sis02:08
bastidrazorubottu: tell trojan_spike about samba02:08
ubottutrojan_spike, please see my private message02:08
aerobajrib: you said to go get it from the repository, correct?02:08
jeraldActionParsnip, it's working.. finally02:08
lumberjack[windows whats that?02:08
jribaeroba: I said to use APT02:08
ductTapeDJyeah I installed ubuntu as a backup in case windows craps out02:08
coz_Craig`,  mmm  you need th sis drive for that card02:08
ActionParsnipjerald: cool, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/12/elementary-theme-gets-ppa.html02:08
bockcoz: that might have worked the thumbnails where distorted when uploading but the preview was correct and the pic uploaded correct thanks man02:08
ductTapeDJI understand ubuntu is better overall but my games run on windows :(02:09
ActionParsnipjerald: if you mess up your sources file you will get issues02:09
ductTapeDJanyway, thanks for the help!02:09
Craig`coz_, where can one obtain that?02:09
Craig`i googled, heh02:09
coz_Craig`,  hold on I think I have one archived if not let me google it hold on02:09
jeraldbastidrazor, your next.. how can I run backtrack on ubuntu?02:09
bockcoz: one more quick one how do i make the open gl version of the cairo dock open on startup02:09
ActionParsnipjerald: backtrack isnt supported here02:09
jeraldActionParsnip, thanks fro the tip..02:10
bastidrazorjerald: in a virtual machine?02:10
jribaeroba: do you understand what to do?02:10
coz_bock,   you can go  into system/preferences/ startup applicatons    and put in  cairo-dock -o   as the command02:10
jeraldActionParsnip, sorry..02:10
aerobajrib: you mean apt-get? yes02:10
jribaeroba: if you prefer to use apt-get, sure.  Use that02:10
jeraldbastidrazor, do you have email?02:10
bastidrazorjerald: not that i am going to give you. sorry.02:10
bockcoz: you awesome thanks bro are those your thems02:10
aerobabut I really want to see my files....all I see are text02:10
UberN00bhey guys, does anyone know how can i uninstall office 2007 along with wine ?02:11
jeraldbastidrazor, heheheh evil.. pure evil..02:11
jribaeroba: Okay, but to install zim, use APT.  In any case, it seems the file doesn't exist.  Pastebin « ls /root/downloads »02:11
Dr_WillisUberN00b:  Uninstall? You can just use its uninstaller icon (that should be in the wine menus) or delete the whole .wine dir if you wanted to go extreme02:11
bastidrazorjerald: do you know what backtrack is?02:12
jeraldActionParsnip, don't worry If I mess up.. you guys can help.. every time you help me.. I am learning. every little issue every little answer is knowlege..02:12
ActionParsnipUberN00b: run: uninstaller   you can remove office there, then you can run: sudo apt-get --purge remove wine    then to remove it ALL, run: rm -r ~/.wine02:12
UberN00bDr_Willis would that uninstall the office as well ?02:13
aerobajrib: so there's nothing I can do? because it's not just the tar file I can't see. It's also everything in /root/desktop02:13
jribaeroba: you can do what I asked I guess...02:13
ActionParsnipjerald: indeed, every day is a school day02:13
jeraldbastidrazor, I know what it can do.. but don't know how to operate.. that is why I use ubuntu first to familiarize linux..02:13
onurHi. I am trying to use Ubuntu in a chroot environment in Debian. Debian using /tmp/.X11-unix socket for Xorg but Ubuntu using a different one. How can I set Ubuntu to use /tmp/.X11-unix file to use X socket?02:13
coz_Craig`,  let me check my storage drives hold on02:13
=== zkriesse is now known as Glorfindel
jeraldActionParsnip, I love messing my machine.. :D every thing you just said today.. I jot down notes.. lols.. now I know.. :D02:13
bastidrazorjerald: it is an OS similiar to Ubuntu.. meaning you have to install it just like you did ubuntu. you can not run backtrack on Ubuntu.02:14
ilovefairuzonur: ln -s?02:14
Dr_WillisUberN00b:  would what? in most cases stuff you run/install via wine.. installs to the .wine directory. thats how wine works by default.02:14
aerobajrib: you mean type file in terminal?02:14
UberN00bActionParship how ? I tried with Alt+F2 the output was no such file or directory02:14
onurilovefairuz: but which location?02:14
jribaeroba: No, you already told me you ran file.  Pastebin « ls /root/downloads ».02:14
UberN00bDr_Willis, oh thanks then i'll just  uninstall wine02:14
ActionParsnipUberN00b: run it in terminal02:14
Dr_WillisUberN00b:  thats not what i said..02:15
ActionParsnipUberN00b: uninstalling wine will leave the app still installed in ~/.wine which you will need to delete02:15
Dr_WillisUberN00b:  if you uninstall the 'wine' program friom the pacakge manager. it will NOT clean out your .wine dir02:15
bockwhy wont my fan controllers work either like thinkfan02:15
midas__ what codecs do I need to install to be able to encode mp3 on rhytmbox02:15
Chaorainilovefairuz: back, http://pastebin.com/gYXnVS7g02:15
jeraldbastidrazor, I know.. it's backtract 4 which is the latest.. but there was this blog I read about.. it was ubutu 8.04 I think.. that they installed backtract3.. I don't know.. I forgot..02:15
Bogus8Ok, running Server 10.4 and I had this problem before but I had done dist-upgrade and it was thought that was the problem... So I reinstalled.  Now I'm getting the same error... when I shut down and reboot I get "unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck MANUALLY.02:16
Bogus8What gives?02:16
coz_Craig`,  I have not used these in some time so I cannot guarantee they work   http://ncc-1701a.homelinux.net/~linux-sis/index.php?page=Downloads02:16
ActionParsnipmidas__: install ubuntu-restricted-extras and you should be ok02:16
ilovefairuzonur:  /tmp/.X11-unix/X002:16
Bogus8I was running just fine and shut down clean02:16
coz_Craig`,  but let me keep searching as well02:16
aerobajrib: then what?02:16
jribaeroba: give me the url02:16
coz_Craig`,    http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/lucid/xserver-xorg-video-sis02:16
ActionParsnipBogus8: boot to liveCD and fsck the partition02:16
midas__ActionParsnip, thx, installing...02:16
ActionParsnip!backtrack | jerald02:16
ubottujerald: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:16
coz_Craig`,  that second link would be more reliable02:17
UberN00bDr_Willis oh i just found the "uninstall wine software"  button :D  that might do the work, thanks :)02:17
aerobajrib: it's not doing anything, it just prints >02:17
UberN00bActionParsnip oh i just found the "uninstall wine software"  button :D  that might do the work, thanks :)02:17
coz_Craig`,    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Sis02:17
jribaeroba: what did you type?02:17
bockwhat a good fan controller?02:17
Bogus8ActionParsnip: I have done that last time I had the problem and it seemed to fix it but then upon reboot it came up again... I am now at my buddy's installing the system and just d/l a live cd to try to repair it again... will attempt that but I don't have much fait in it02:17
ActionParsnipbock: in what sense02:17
onurilovefairuz: It's debian's socket file. Ubuntu looking somewhere else for this file. I am searching this location. (sorry for bad english)02:17
aerobapastebin <<ls root/downloads>>02:17
bastidrazorjerald: as ActionParsnip indicates backtrack is not supported here. we will not be able to help you with it.that includes installing. #backtrack-linux would be the proper channel.02:17
jribaeroba: the «» are for your benefit.  You don't type them02:18
ActionParsnipBogus8: be sure to md5 test the iso ;)02:18
jribaeroba: press ctrl-c and try again02:18
coz_Craig`,   try to get the .deb package for the sys driver....one warning  you wont be able to run something like compiz with that though02:18
jeraldubottu, I don't have time for other os.. I need to know UBUNTU as of now.. nothing more..02:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:18
onurilovefairuz: Can you or someone paste netstat -x output if you are using ubuntu lucid?02:18
Craig`I don't think I use compiz02:18
jribaeroba: and that's also not what I told you to type02:18
bockActionParsnip: like I want to oveclock the cpu fans cause its 112 where im at02:18
aerobajrib: it's not?02:19
Craig`coz_, sorry to be a noob but which .deb should I get? (i thought there would be a simple command for this :P)02:19
Dr_Willisbock:  is that 112F or C ? :)02:19
ActionParsnipbock: then i'd ask in ##hardware02:19
jribaeroba: no scroll up.02:19
jeraldbastidrazor,  thanks..  @ all.. guys.. thanks for the help.. I need to get up and have my breakfast already..02:19
Bogus8ActionParsnip: ugh... it's at my house.... could that really be the problem?  Why wouldn't I have seen this issue before?02:19
coz_Craig`,  well not sure    you have to find out if your system is 32 bit or 64 bit before deciding which package to use  and that ubuntu link should be read fully first02:19
jerald@ all: I'll be back for another issue.. hehehhe02:19
ActionParsnipBogus8: if the system says then i'd do it02:19
bock112F outside cpu is just getting really hot wondering if there was an easy program to control the fans02:20
Craig`coz_ 64bit02:20
ActionParsnipjerald: not for backtrack here02:20
ActionParsnipbock: the kernel will handle it02:20
coz_Craig`,  ok open synaptic package manager02:20
Dr_Willisbock:  I always go the lazy route . and take off the side of the case and get a big desk fan.02:20
coz_Craig`,  then hit the search button and type in  xserver xorg video sis02:20
Bogus8ActionParsnip: if the system says what?  I'll fsck it for sure... but you think the syftem ? telling me to check the install CD for defects?02:20
coz_Craig`,  it may or may not be there let me check here02:20
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ActionParsnipBogus8: if the system is saying the partition needs fscking then i'd do it02:21
Craig`http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/xserver-xorg-video-sis ?02:21
Craig`then i'm guessing i'm wanting the amd64 one?02:21
onurilovefairuz: Looks like my problem is completely different. Sorry for waste your time.02:21
bockDr_Willis: Yeah that works for sure02:21
coz_Craig`,  it looks like it is already in the repositories02:21
coz_Craig`,  open up synaptic package manager   hit the Search button and type in  xserver xorg vieo sis02:22
ActionParsnipBogus8: if you boot the CD and press space when the stickman shows you can check the cd for defects, also check the iso for issues using md5sum before burning so you know the iso is consistant and complete02:22
bockActionParsnip: Really thats cool I install thinkfan and thought it would allow me too02:22
hiexpocoz_,  even if system is 64 you will be happier with 32 :)02:22
Bogus8ActionParsnip: right... I will... I jus know I had this EXACT error on this system before and it wouldn't help.02:22
coz_Craig`,  and yes you want the amd64  one02:22
coz_hiexpo,  oh its not for me  guy  :)02:22
jribaeroba: any progress?02:23
hiexpocoz_,  oh ok sorry02:23
Bogus8ActionParsnip: right... but install ent very smooth... I've been using the  fotemy buddy's needs... just when I rebooted it flipped out.02:23
coz_Craig`,  as long as you installed the 64 bit ubuntu version then use that 64 bit package and when it installs you MUST reboot the system02:23
aerobajrib: nope.02:23
pfifohas anyone figured out a way to stream shows over ustream.tv using ubuntu yet?02:23
Bogus8's needs... just when I rebooted it flipped out.02:23
jribaeroba: so you weren't able to run the command I told you to run and pastebin it?  What are you having trouble with?02:23
Craig`coz_, the package is already installed02:23
coz_Craig`,  mmmm02:24
aerobajrib: running the pastebin command itself02:24
Bogus8wow... I got some serious lag to my system and it's causing some typo's... sorry02:24
jrib!pastebin | aeroba02:24
ubottuaeroba: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:24
coz_Craig`,  let me check on the ubuntu how to02:24
ShapeShifter499I've lost all sound on my ubuntu 10.04 64 bit system how do I fix this02:24
DareDevil01Hi i need to know how to set a module to load every time a reboot02:25
pfifoShapeShifter499, hi, run alsamixer form the command line and check that everything is unmuted02:25
=== an is now known as Guest82346
ShapeShifter499pfifo: it says "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory"02:26
adamkexDareDevil01: add your module to this file /etc/modules02:26
coz_Craig`,  here is another hit  on google    http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-sis-771671-mirage-3-video-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid.html  I have no idea if this is valid or not02:26
pfifoShapeShifter499, was sound woring after you installed?02:26
DareDevil01adamkex thank you02:26
jribaeroba: are you actually doing this or should I go do something else?02:26
ShapeShifter499pfifo: did it somehow get deleted?02:26
adamkexDareDevil01: you're welcome02:27
ShapeShifter499pfifo: sound on my system was working up till today02:27
UberN00bActionParsnip ermm, how do i run the uninstaller in terminal again ? XD02:27
PDG1so I believe it was actionParsnip that helped me last time... but either way. I was having some video issues and it was suggested i look for more information on the video card i had. I found some information but i cant understand it.02:27
Craig`E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)02:27
Craig`E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:27
jribPDG1: no one can help you after reading that.02:27
hentai7how can I get my resolution higher? its only at 640*480 and the monitor can do more, installed nvidia driver for gfx card, before with no driver it was 800*600 now its worse, any manual way02:27
coz_Craig`,  is that a terminal read out?02:28
PDG1jrib, you're right...02:28
coz_Craig_Dem,  close synaptic package manager02:28
Craig`two minutes though, i didn't download a file02:28
Craig`righto, thanks02:28
pfifoShapeShifter499, if I was in your position I would just reinstall, in my experience trouble shooting sound problems is a big hassle.02:28
aerobajrib: thanks for trying to help. feel free to move onto something else. it looks like my bash doesn't have pastebin. sorry for wasting your time.02:28
jribPDG1: you're goal should be to write something that someone can read and then help you (use pastebin if you need to include logs or errors and the like)02:28
ShapeShifter499pfifo: reinstall? the WHOLE system?02:28
ductTapeDJhey again02:28
ductTapeDJso... yes and no.02:28
machetehey, I want to mount swap partition02:29
jribaeroba: it's not a command, you just open a web browser, copy and paste what is in your terminal, hit submit, give the url02:29
PDG1jrib, it was a mistake :P I understand what i did wrong02:29
machetewhat's the filesystem type contraction?02:29
pfifoShapeShifter499, its probbally quicker than trying to track down the issue and then attempting to fix it.02:29
ductTapeDJThanks for the advice, I can move files from windows into ubuntu now... but ubuntu doesn't see my internet connection. How do I set up wireless?02:29
ductTapeDJI know the SSID and WEP password, but there's all this weird "VPN" stuff that windows cleverly hides from me02:29
ductTapeDJand now I'm lost.02:29
machetewhat's the command to mount a swap filesystem?02:30
Muellimachete: mount.02:30
ilovefairuzChaorain: try ..  sudo echo 0 > /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/rf_kill ... sudo ifconfig wlan0 up ... iwlist wlan0 scan... this should show you available networks.. if not, it could be a hardware issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/23084402:30
machetemount /dev/sdxx /mnt -t ....?02:30
Muellimachete: bullshit02:30
Muellimachete: swapon, sorry.02:30
bastidrazorilovefairuz: that will not work > will eat your sudo02:30
ilovefairuzbastidrazor: you're correct02:31
ductTapeDJChaorain, should I try that too?02:31
aerobajrib: so I go to the pastebin.ca website, and paste ls /root/downloads?02:31
ironfoot495Hello I havew a problem getting ubuntu 9.10 to send error messages to my email address. I do HAVE THUNDERBIRD WORKING BUT WHEN i TRY TO USE A PHP ERROR PROGRAM IT WONT SEND IT TO MY EMAIL? Can someone help me troubleshoot this?02:31
Chaorainilovefairuz: Alright, I'll give it a try02:31
ilovefairuzChaorain: sudo su -, and type the commands without sudo02:31
macheteMuelli, unknown filesystem type swapon02:31
Bogus8Ok... I just ran the fsck.ext4 check on the drives and it fixed them... then I reboot and it comes RIGHT back to the SAME errors!02:31
hiexpowith wep key should connect02:31
ductTapeDJwait, how do I list available networks?02:31
Muellimachete: sorry. the command is swapon. not mount.02:31
=== Glorfindel is now known as zkriesse
Bogus8HELP PLEASE :(  I'm about to cry here... second time I've built this system02:31
Chaorainaeroba: I think you messanged the wrong guy02:32
macheteoh I see02:32
bastidrazorilovefairuz: bad idea... try echo 0 | sudo tee -a /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/rf_kill ..instead02:32
ductTapeDJnever mind I'll try back later.02:32
ilovefairuzbastidrazor: why a bad idea?02:32
=== brishu_ is now known as brishu
bastidrazorilovefairuz: sudo su is a bad idea.. if you want a root bash session use sudo -i02:32
PDG1anyway.... I don't understand if i should follow these instructions or not because i'm not using jaunty http://paste.ubuntu.com/468676/02:33
ilovefairuzbastidrazor: hm you still didn't say the "why" but i'll google it02:33
coz_PDG1,  you could attemtp to replace the work jaunty  with lucid   its risky at best though02:33
coz_PDG1,  you definitly do NOT want to use the jaunty repository howev02:34
coz_PDG1,  rather replace  jaunty with lucid in the repository link02:35
PDG1coz_, i was also thinking that...02:35
coz_PDG1,  just dont use the jautny repo02:35
coz_PDG1,   what is this for again?02:35
nb72Hi all.  I have ubuntu server setup.  I can ssh in using  how can I ssh in using the hostname?02:35
oafcoz_ http://pastebin.com/nDM1EsAJ02:35
Bogus8What the F is going on with this system?  I was able to tell i to continue to boot... now when I logged in it says "unable to add entry for user gilligan" then it dumps out a BUNCH of errors.  It has also mounted the / in RO and didn't mount a second drive (possibly due to that error)02:35
coz_oaf,   you probably didnt use   sudo for the commands02:36
oafcoz_ i try it02:36
ilovefairuz!language | Bogus802:36
ubottuBogus8: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:36
PDG1coz_, I'm not even sure if maybe I'm using the most up to date driver for karmic anyway02:36
coz_PDG1,  you are on karmic?02:36
Bogus8ilovefairuz: really?  I can't say "F"?02:36
coz_PDG1,  sorry to make you repeat but what is t his for again?02:36
ilovefairuzBogus8: the whole phrase is not needed02:37
oafcoz_ invalid command after i use sudo02:37
robertpayneIs there any way to test cron job configuration files?02:38
coz_oaf,   ok start from the beginning...what are you doing?02:38
Bogus8ilovefairuz: well, Might be if you were on my end? :)02:38
oafcoz_ i want to put a file into that ftp server02:38
PDG1coz_, not really repeating, so it's okay :P... my display cuts out during video playback sometimes. I was directed to find something about the video card i have, 82865G (rev 02), and i found that wiki artivle02:38
coz_oaf,  oh  !!!  ok then you are talking with the wrong person for that  sorry02:38
coz_PDG1,  and the read out of    lspci | grep -i vga02:39
PDG1coz_, http://pastebin.com/MA3vuDU402:41
coz_PDG1,  ok  and which version of ubuntu is t his again?02:41
coz_PDG1,  if you are not sure    in a terminal type   lsb_release -a02:42
=== a_ is now known as Guest79493
Guest82346disculpen amigos,¿como agrego otro servidor a xchat?quiero agregar irc-hispano y no le encuentro la vuelta02:43
ShapeShifter499pfifo: ok I installed somethings....and rebooted and sound now is working02:43
coz_Guest82346,    #ubuntu-es02:44
PDG1coz_, lucid02:44
coz_PDG1,  ok hold on02:44
=== notloving is now known as my_first
=== sburjan`` is now known as sburjan`
coz_PDG1,   I am not finding anythings specific and I am not great with  intel video02:46
PDG1coz_, it's okay... do you know how i can find out what driver i'm currently using?02:46
coz_PDG1,  I am finding ubunt forum posts with similar issues as you have02:47
my_firstI am a ubuntu starter02:47
PDG1coz_,  from what I've read already... it seems like it's something to do with 3D and 2D video not being displayed properly... which just gave me an idea02:48
Mr_Sonomamy_first, how can we help you?02:48
Chaorainilovefairuz: I had a few typos but here it is, http://pastebin.com/aeFKHHbs02:48
coz_PDG1,  ok02:49
PDG1coz_, I'm going to try and switch to no visual effects02:49
Chaorainilovefairuz: The wifi light did light up but I couldn't find any networks02:49
maxredchhi i like to know the name of the chanel on spanish of ubunu02:49
coz_PDG1,  ok let me know what happens02:50
IdleOne!es | maxredch02:50
ubottumaxredch: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:50
coz_PDG1,   hey guy I have to break here for a short while... if you are here when I return let me know the outcome :)02:50
PDG1coz_, works perfect... thats what it was02:50
PDG1coz_, and you're gone02:51
=== Moo is now known as Guest50770
Guest50770could anyone here help me with an issue trying to play media files off a windows share02:51
=== Toxic is now known as Guest15420
wileyanyone know where I can get touchpad help for lucid on my macbook 5,1?02:54
ShapeShifter499is there a command I can run so a application would run the latest xulrunner no matter where its installed?   i.e.  "/usr/lib/xulrunner- -app "/usr/lib/xulrunner-" ?02:55
cornwallishere is what i am trying to do: say i have a folder called /clientA and it has files in it on the local computer (server 1). I also have another server (server 2) on the same LAN that needs to share files across the network to that same folder "/clientA". will NFS be able to combine the files on that folder? can someone lead me in the correct direction?02:57
ZykoticK9wiley, don't know if you seen it already, but might help.  good luck https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-1_5-2/Lucid02:57
wileythanks Zykotick.... been there and all around Google but can't seem to get it to behave like it does in OSX.... too sensitive02:58
ZykoticK9!tab > wiley02:58
ubottuwiley, please see my private message02:58
ZykoticK9wiley, having to type ZykoticK9 is a pain.  Zy (TAB) is SO much easier.02:59
Random832cornwallis: so, what, some of the files in the folder are on the local computer and others are on the server?02:59
Random832could you mount it in a different directory and do a symlink02:59
wileyyep, thanks ZykoticK9 ... cool feature.  I haven't been on IRC in years03:00
cornwallisyes, correct. the files on server2 need to be available on server1 through that same folder. the software will not allow it to work in different folders03:00
Random832of course, tab completion has its own danger03:00
Random832zykes-: isn't that right?03:00
ZykoticK9Random832, +103:01
* Random832 is always getting mixed up with Randall on #xkcd03:01
FNiI'm trying to add a cifs share, but the remote share has a space in the name. How do I represent the space for mounting?03:02
ZykoticK9FNi, you need to use a \ before the space to "escape" it03:03
thune3cornwallis: i'm still no 100% clear on what you are trying to do. But the direction I would point you in is "aufs".03:03
ZykoticK9FNi, for\ example\ this\ is\ with\ spaces03:03
FNiZykoticK9: gotcha. so "Server (E)" becomes "Server\ (E)"?03:03
ZykoticK9FNi, you got it ;)03:04
ZykoticK9FNi, no!03:04
FNido i need to esscape the brackets too/03:04
ZykoticK9FNi, you need to escape the ( too03:04
FNi:D great minds03:04
happyfacewhat controls the +tab shell auto completion?03:04
ZykoticK9FNi, "Server\ \(E\)" i think03:04
FNithanks, will try it03:04
cornwallisi will read into that thune3. thanks03:05
FNiit's a horrible name for a share, but I don't have access to change it...03:05
sweetpiFNi: or depending on how your doing it, you can wrap it in quotes03:06
ZykoticK9sweetpi, +1 on the suggestion FNi03:06
FNi" or '?03:07
ZykoticK9FNi, "03:07
sweetpieither actually03:07
ZykoticK9sweetpi, there is a difference between " and ' (don't ask me what it is though)03:07
sweetpifor shell, but some programs will only allow " in their config03:08
Dr_Williswe using spaces in share names in fstab? or did i miss somthing? :)03:09
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, share name of samba, not sure where/how it's being used ;)03:10
sweetpihe didnt specify where exactly. im just blabbing :)03:10
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  well in fstab you dont quote the spaces. you have to use some other weird sequwence.03:10
ZykoticK9FNi, see above03:11
Dr_Willisa single quote is  i always think of as a 'more intense' quote :) vs03:11
FNioh crap, yes it is for fstab03:11
Dr_Willisthe " which lets programs still interperate/change things in teh quotes.03:11
ZykoticK9not to be confused with executing a subprogram ` ;)  muddying the waters further03:12
Dr_WillisFNi:  i was thinking it was like a sequence like 'name/040whatever' or somthing odd like that with a ###03:12
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  i always try to use $(subprogram) these days :)03:12
sweetpiFNi: then \040 is for spaces03:12
* sweetpi is too slow03:12
Dr_Willissweetpi:  there we go.. :) i never can rember that.03:13
Dr_WillisI had teh # right at least.03:13
FNinow i'm confused. is it \ or /?03:13
Dr_WillisNow WHY its \040  i never have figured out.03:13
sweetpiFNi: its \04003:13
=== BlT is now known as ^peanut^
FNiand what about brackets, do they still need to be escaped too?03:14
ZykoticK9FNi, the \040 is NOT as escape character situation, it's an ANSI call or something03:14
randy_Dr_Willis: thats because 040 is octal for the space in ASCII03:14
bp0is there a ppa for nvidia drivers?03:14
bp0not the nvidia vdpau one03:15
randy_Dr_Willis: so, if you want to find a particular character that is not on you keyboard, you can just reference the ASCII table.03:15
sweetpirandy_: wouldnt that be 62 in octal?03:15
ZykoticK9bp0, that repo probably has the newest nvidia drivers packaged for ubuntu.  there may be others, good luck.03:15
bp0it doesn't have drivers, just the vdpau mplayer03:16
sweetpinm getting my numbers mixed up03:16
bp0is there a ppa with the 25x.xxx series of nvidia drivers?03:16
suboneCan anyone tell me what this line does in bash? `done < <( somecommand )`03:17
codeshahhey guys, my cron jobs keep beingloged to /var/mail/<user>03:17
codeshahhow can I change this? I added a >> test.log but that didn't work :(03:17
EruditeOgreAnyone out there have experience with configuring a 10.04 install for power saving on a laptop? Running PowerTOP right now and it's telling me an audio device is active 100% of the time but I can't seem to figure out what is going on or how to fix it.03:17
randy_sweetpi: lets not overanalyze the *why* behind ASCII.  i just know that if i check on ascii-table.com that 040 is for space in octal03:18
luis_ayuda, alguien me pude ayudar a poner modo monitro Ubunu03:19
FNiIs there a way to 'reboot' fstab so I can see if this worked?03:19
sweetpirandy_: yeah, i messed up. was thinking space was 32 in hex03:19
enav1hi people i wnat to see the hardware black list of ubuntu... give me a link pleas03:19
its-me-againFNi: never fstab an os when you are using it.03:19
FNiits-me-again: okay03:20
enav1luis_: unete a #Ubuntu-es03:20
randy_FNi: check /etc/mtab : that is the file for currently mounted drives03:20
ZykoticK9FNi, i think "sudo mount -a" will try to mount everything in fstab03:20
its-me-againFNi: the best way to fstab an os is to boot from live cd run gparted right-click on partition you want to run and check it.03:21
ZykoticK9its-me-again, are you thinking of fdisk?03:21
sweetpior fsck03:21
its-me-againoops i am03:21
randy_its-me-again: yeah, i'm confused too03:22
its-me-againFNi:  forget that i am having a bad day today i will stop helping03:22
its-me-againits me today by all03:22
slimhow can i make any usd drive that i ever plug in accessible to all users at once?03:25
usacomputertecHey anyone here know anything about DOS BOX? Can't get sound for Tetris Classic03:28
EruditeOgreusacomputertec: using pulseaudio?03:32
usacomputertecErudite0gre no I ditched pulseaudio for ALSA03:33
sweetpislim: you should be able to do it with a udev rule. there might be an easier way, but ive never tried to do this before03:33
slimsweetpi, how do i set the udev rule and what is that?03:34
ZykoticK9usacomputertec, semantics i know but Pulseaudio uses ALSA.  Pulse is a replacement for ESD.03:34
=== warren is now known as Guest53318
EruditeOgreusacomputertec: have libsdl1.2debian-alsa installed?03:34
usacomputertecErudite0gre just a sec03:35
usacomputertecErudite0gre it's not installed install it?03:35
rolandpishHi, I'm in a box with xubuntu and installed nautilus because of ease of use of some apps. How can I avoid nautilus respawn when I kill it?03:35
sweetpislim: like i said, ive never tried to give all users access to all usb devices. just thought it would be worth mentioning one possible way03:36
usacomputertecErudite0gre are you still with me?03:36
enriqrhythmbox is not showing cover art, plugin is enabled, spins continuously, any idea?03:38
ZykoticK9slim, you might want to see this post if your USB disks are FAT/NTFS http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1448092 good luck man.03:38
E_MANcould someone please help me with a permission problem?03:39
E_MANi cant install anything03:40
ZykoticK9!anyone | E_MAN03:40
ubottuE_MAN: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:40
Dr_Willisrolandpish:  check the nautilus command line options.  theres one you need to use i belive03:40
Dr_WillisE_MAN:  clairfy what you are doing and how.03:40
rolandpishDr_Willis, thanks! I'll check it right now.03:40
ZykoticK9E_MAN, "install anything"?  using what?  what are you installing?03:40
E_MANwhen i try to install any program i get an error03:41
ZykoticK9E_MAN, "pulling teeth here", what is the error?03:41
E_MANit says that i do not have the permissions to , or the file is corrupt03:41
E_MANsorry i type sorta slow03:41
alex_hi, I'd like a dock/panel in which open applications are represented by a single icon, but applications are NOT grouped03:41
alex_does such a thing exist?03:41
slimZykoticK9, thx but it says to add this to fstab: `/dev/sdd1 /media/usbstick vfat user,umask=000,utf8,flush,noauto 0 0`, but can i make ntfs use umask=000 as default for all drives, not just the ones the explicitly specify?03:41
Livin4JesusI need some help with Wubi. When I install it and reboot to really get it install, but when I get there, it just reboots. Help?03:42
ZykoticK9slim, i'm sorry i don't use FAT/NTFS for hardly anything sorry.  i really don't know.03:42
Dr_WillisE_MAN:  tell us Exactly what you are installing and how.03:42
slimZykoticK9, hmm yea not sure why im still using ntfs either. Its a legacy from the times where i still was using windows :(03:43
medyhi all. I upgraded to 10.4 and when i it restarted i am getting this error and a frozen sxcreen: a box pops up and says the nVidia driver isnt su[porrted etc etc and ubuntu will start in low graphics mode. but then it stays frozen. whats my first move here? do i need to make a LiveCD of 10.4?03:43
gluxonalex_: Avant Window Navigator?03:43
slimtoo much data to convert now.03:43
E_MANand i am installing it by using GDebi package installer03:43
Livin4JesusHihi. I need some help with Wubi. When I install it and reboot to really get it install, but when I get there, it just reboots. Help?03:44
EruditeOgreusacomputertec: try installing it and see if it works.03:44
alex_thanks I'll try it out03:44
Dr_WillisE_MAN:  so you are doing 'sudo gdebi whatever.deb'  ?03:45
E_MANlet me try03:46
E_MANhold on03:46
ZykoticK9E_MAN, in Dr_Willis you should substitute sudo with gksu03:46
Random832what exactly does gksu do that's different from sudo, other than using a gui for the prompt?03:46
ZykoticK9!gksudo | Random83203:46
ubottuRandom832: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:46
ZykoticK9Random832, using sudo with graphical programs can break your account!03:47
Random832the manpage for gksu just says it's a front-end03:47
NeonLightningwith my msi wind u100 every time i unplug the power it thinks its below the critical level and goes into standby and i can't see any setting to change that to do nothing03:48
medyi upgraded to 10.4 and im getting a frozen screen upon startup. do i need the new LiveCD or can i try to fix the problem with the 9.04 liveCD03:48
Livin4JesusHello? I need some help with Wubi Installer.03:48
Wiesshundmedy how old is your pc?03:48
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  gdebi  is terminal.. gdebi-gtk is the X gui. :)03:48
Livin4JesusI need some help with Wubi. When I install it and reboot to really get it install, but when I get there, it just reboots. Help me, please.03:49
medyweiSSHUND not old at all03:49
WiesshundLivin4Jesus,  no need to repeate just be patient03:49
medyamd phenom03:49
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, my bad, i though dpkg was used on terminal.  Sorry E_MAN ignore my gksu advice!03:49
Wiesshundmedy how old is the video card then?03:49
kifoHello, I was wondering if there is a way to run a program as root without leaving the terminal window open the entire time its running03:49
Random832dpkg doesn't handle dependencies03:49
E_MANsorry i am getting this error what does it mean sudo: must be setuid root03:49
Wiesshundmedy im just wondering bout the unsuppoerted msg03:49
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  gedbi on terminal on a deb will auto-grab the dependencies.. :)  thats the main benifit. actually it may also ask for root permisions/pass if you dont use sudo/whatever.03:49
Random832ls -l /usr/bin/sudo03:49
medyweisshund nvidia 980003:50
Random832-rwsr-xr-x 2 root root 127664 2010-04-13 13:43 /usr/bin/sudo03:50
Random832E_MAN: what is it for you?03:50
medypreviousluy i was using proprietary drivers for the nvidia card i believe03:50
Dr_WillisE_MAN:  sounds like you may have some how caused a major issue on the system if  sudo is not 'setuid root'03:50
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, good to know - thanks.  New tools are always welcomed ;)03:50
Random832have you at any point screwed something up with a chmod command?03:50
usacomputertecErudite0gre ok we installed it and now we need to see if it works.03:51
Random832what does ls -l /usr/bin/sudo say for you?03:51
E_MANrwxrwxrwx 2 root root 127664 2010-06-18 16:40 /usr/bin/sudo03:51
Random832also - anyone: is there a tool that does a comprehensive check of permissions against the package database?03:51
Random832E_MAN: ok, that's bad.03:51
FNiAnd another problem with fstab. The mount works perfectly but ubuntu executes fstab way before the laptop connects to the wireless network, causing the share to be inaccessible. Possible to 'delay' the mount?03:51
grumetehi I was installing wormux trough the shell and when getting "setting up wormux..." now freezes, it's just there for several minutes and nothing happens03:51
Random832first of all, chmod go-w /usr/bin/*03:51
Random832second, chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo03:52
E_MANi tried to fix another problem with chmod03:52
Random832ok, you screwed it up03:52
E_MANmaybe is screwed someting up03:52
Random832what was the chmod command that you did before?03:52
E_MANhold on03:52
Random832what was the _exact_ chmod command that you did before for the other thing, and what directory did you run it from03:52
E_MANgluxon: what was the command?03:52
Wiesshundmedy yea that would be normal (proprietary drivers) you might wanna make the 10.4 liveCD. i am not sure with that up to date hardware why its saying not supported03:52
kifoHello, I was wondering if there is a way to run a program as root without leaving the terminal window open the entire time its running03:53
E_MANgluxon: ???03:53
kifoE_MAN: you mean grumete?03:53
E_MANRandom832: i think it is chmod 777 ./ -R -v03:54
Random832E_MAN: eek. _where_ did you run that?03:54
Random832what was your current working directory at that time? and who told you that command?03:54
E_MANand kifo no gluxon is my  friend03:54
kifoah okay sorry03:54
* Random832 isn't so sure he's your friend if he gave you that command03:54
E_MANi think it was home/(my user name)/03:55
Random832that shouldn't have hit /usr/bin03:55
grumetekifo I'm trying to install wormux trough the shell.03:55
ZykoticK9E_MAN, if 777 has been applied to everything in /usr/bin that's a bad thing.03:55
Random832so... again, general question03:55
kifogrumete: something against synaptic?03:55
Random832is there any command that will verify every file against the package database?03:55
monkey_dust5 am here03:55
Random832and fix permissions03:55
E_MANis there a way to fix it?03:55
grumeteyes, it doesn't have the latest version.03:55
kifooh so youre using some package from the site03:56
Random832E_MAN: that's what i'm trying to find out... i gave you two things that should help, but without knowing the full scope of the problem, who knows what got screwed up03:56
grumeteok, the point is that it just stopped03:56
E_MANit is possible that i ran it in the wrong directory03:56
sweetpiRandom832: he probably missed the . in ./ and changed perms recursively on /03:56
medyis there a command to get into command line during the time ubuntu is strating up?03:56
Random832E_MAN: do me a favor and do ls -ld / /usr /usr/bin, and paste the output to pastebin03:56
kifomedy: you mean boot into command line instead of x03:56
E_MANdrwxrwxrwx 22 root root  4096 2010-07-22 23:34 /03:57
E_MANdrwxrwxrwx 12 root root  4096 2010-07-23 00:43 /usr03:57
E_MANdrwxrwxrwx  2 root root 36864 2010-07-23 00:53 /usr/bin03:57
medyyea that would make sense03:57
ZykoticK9medy, hold shift and select recovery mode from grub menu is the closest...03:57
kifoi used to have to do some roundabout thing03:57
EvilPhoenix!pastebin | E_MAN03:57
ubottuE_MAN: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:57
kifolet me link you medy03:57
kifomedy: i know theres a better way to do it but i did some weird workaround that always worked for me, ill find it03:57
Dr_WillisBiggest danger to a Ubuntu/Linux box these days.. seems to be the users :)03:57
Random832anyway, that tells us that what we were afraid of is true03:58
ZykoticK9E_MAN, if you've set everything in / to 777 i'd say reinstalling is probably easiest way to correct the issue.  Hopefully someone disagrees ;)  Good luck man, you might need it.03:58
Random832so is there any permission fixing tool?03:58
Dr_WillisRandom832:  Other then total reinstalling of every package... (ick)03:59
Dr_WillisRandom832:  and even then. that may miss some stuff :)03:59
medyshouldnt the recovery option in GRUB be only a command line?03:59
medybec that too freezes up03:59
NeonLightningDr_Willis: thats been the biggest danger for linux systems forever03:59
Guest15420hey i just got ubuntu and when i play something it plays out my speakers and my headphones how do i fix that?03:59
E_MANwhat exactly does 777 do?03:59
Random832E_MAN: it sets it to rwxrwxrwx instead of what it's supposed to be04:00
kifomedy: if youre talking about what im thinking i couldnt find any *easy* way to do it04:00
ZykoticK9E_MAN, everything read / write and worst executable04:00
medyok im just gonna gho home and make a livecd and start my search there04:00
medythanks anyhow04:00
E_MANis there a way to fix the permissions without reinstalling?04:00
Random832mostly just annoyances if you're on a single user system, but for example it'll break anything that needs to be setuid04:00
Random832or stuff that doesn't allow their files to be accessible to all04:00
Random832apparently not04:01
kifoHello, I was wondering if there is a way to run a program as root without leaving the terminal window open the entire time its running04:01
Random832just back up your whole /home/whatever to somewhere else and reinstall04:01
Guest15420hey i just got ubuntu and when i play something it plays out my speakers and my headphones how do i fix that?04:01
Random832kifo: gksu04:01
ZykoticK9kifo, start the program from "gksudo"04:01
E_MANill reinstall later, but it is working for now04:01
kifois that a gnome thing? Ill try it04:01
kifoit isnt going to start up the whole gnome panel and everything right04:02
Random832kdesu or kdesudo if you're on kde04:02
Random832no, it's just gtk04:02
kifoim in awesome04:02
kifoawesome window manager04:02
Wiesshundmedy in 10.4 i dont think the command prompt option exists from the boot screen natively , you have to get into the os and change the run levels04:02
ZykoticK9Wiesshund, incorrect.  medy04:03
ZykoticK9!runlevels > Wiesshund04:03
ubottuWiesshund, please see my private message04:03
Datzhi, I was just wondering why on the download page I see: 64bit Not recommended for daily desktop usage04:03
Dr_WillisWiesshund: You could edit one of the grub boot menu lines and use the 'text' option if you wanted.04:03
Guest15420hey i just got ubuntu and when i play something it plays out my speakers and my headphones how do i fix that? i have asla but i can't separate the channels04:04
Dr_WillisDatz:  use waht you want. that advice for people that dont even kniow what 64bit is mainly.04:04
kifoRandom832: ZykoticK9 that looks like it worked! thank you04:04
ZykoticK9Datz, official "bug" on the matter ;) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/58594004:04
Dr_WillisDatz:  see http://ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Marcel-Gagne-Orbiting-Planet-buntu/Stop-Apologizing-For-Linux04:04
DatzDr_Willis: ah, thanks for the info guys04:04
Dr_WillisDatz:  short answer. Use 64bit if you can. :)04:04
kifoGksu doesnt run it as the correct user04:05
warriorf1rgodI am having an issue with ubuntu 10.04 where my volume indicator applet shows my volume as muted, but nothing in sound preferences does.  I also cannot open alsa mixer and have no sound.  Any suggestions?04:05
kifoits transmission, it doesnt run with all of my torrents and everything loaded, like its a different user04:05
WiesshundZykoticK9, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" still work?04:06
ZykoticK9kifo, "gksu -u $username program"04:06
Guest15420can anyone answer my question? :(04:06
kifoZykoticK9: that equates to running it as root?04:06
ZykoticK9Wiesshund, don't think so.  but not "sure"04:06
FabParmadoes exist a startup delayer for autostart apps?04:06
ZykoticK9kifo, by default it's root, but if you use the -u switch you can specify the user04:06
Wiesshundheh on thing i kind of missed on newer distros, cmd line is nice if you need to fix gui related stuff04:07
Dr_WillisGuest15420:  you have checked the ubuntu forums? there may not be a quick fix. or it may depend on youyr exact sound card.04:07
Guest15420ok ill check04:07
kifoZykoticK9: no, that gives me permission denied04:07
ZykoticK9kifo, what command are you using?04:07
DatzZykoticK9, Dr_Willis: good articles, answered my question mostly I think :)04:08
kifogksu -u brendan transmission -m04:08
ZykoticK9kifo, are you user brendan?04:08
ZykoticK9kifo, then don't use gksu at all04:08
kifoZykoticK9: gives the same error04:08
NeonLightningwith my msi wind u100 every time i unplug the power it thinks its below the critical level and goes into standby and i can't see any setting to change that to do nothing. what can i do about that?04:08
ZykoticK9kifo, can you pastebin the entire error?04:09
kifoits only one line04:09
ZykoticK9kifo, is there a verbose switch?04:09
kifocould not open "/home/brendan/.config/transmission/lock" permission denied04:09
kifoZykoticK9: ill try04:09
ZykoticK9kifo, i bet the permission on that lock file are set to root!04:10
kifoZykoticK9: they are the same error, can i try this without gksu or should i use gksu04:10
kifoZykoticK9: the reason i run it as root is because if i dont it doesnt load any of my torrents or settings or anything04:10
ZykoticK9kifo, ls -l /home/brendan/.config/transmission/lock04:10
kifoI tried to fix it once on the advice of someone here but it messed everything up and i had to manually add them all again04:10
kifo-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2010-07-14 15:16 /home/brendan/.config/transmission/lock04:11
ZykoticK9kifo, owened by root exactly04:11
kifoi tried fixing this in some way suggested by someone in here and it really messed it up04:12
kifoso now i have to run it as root04:12
here4thegearUsing ubuntu in vmware but I need to be anonymous online. proxy maybe? what can I do ensure that I'm less 'traceable'04:12
kifoor it doesnt load my setting04:12
ZykoticK9kifo, if you need to run it as root it very bad!  you should fix it, but i'd worry about having to restart your torrents so don't really want to recommend solutions :|04:13
FabParmahow to delay the startup apps like beagle daemon, google desktop etc?04:13
kifoZykoticK9: yea im sort of ashamed to say i run it as root but its a problem i need to fix04:13
kifoi have some odd 700 torrents running all the time04:13
kifoso if i mess something up i have to re add them all one by one and say where the data is and check it04:13
kifotook me about a month, but its not a good situation to be in, running a program as root like that, i think04:14
ZykoticK9kifo, especially a network file sharing program04:14
kifoim not proud, but ive been unable to fix it thusfar04:14
kifotransmission chat people told me to renistall so, i dont want to do that, that would involve manually adding them all again04:15
thune3NeonLightning: there is a gconf setting trick in post 1 of this that might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=923003604:15
ZykoticK9kifo, this is BAD advice - but it bet it caused the problem in the first place.  trying just running "sudo transmission_BLAH_BLAH" and i bet it works.04:15
kifoit does, but then i have to leave the terminal open04:15
kifoand its very ugly04:15
ZykoticK9kifo, LOL04:15
kifoi just want to run it as sudo transmission blah blah in the background04:15
kifoso i dont have to be ashamed every time i see it04:16
suboneWhat is the equivilant kill signal for clicking the X in a windows title? so that if it goers to tray it will04:16
ZykoticK9kifo, you're proving to the channel why "YOU SHOULD NEVER USE SUDO for graphical apps" ;)04:16
kifoZykoticK9: i didnt want to, but on the advice of someone here, it became broken and i havent been able to fix it04:16
kifoit used to run and just not read files from external drives was the problem, it had to be root for that, then i did something and now it wont even start without sudo blah blah, i just want to run it as sudo blah blah in the background and have it be done with04:17
=== Toxic is now known as Guest24677
kifowouldnt running something through gksu as root be equivalent to running it as sudo blah blah from a terminal logged in as a user?04:18
ZykoticK9kifo, have you tried running it from inside screen?04:18
kifowhat is inside screen?04:19
ZykoticK9kifo, type "screen" in a terminal and see if it's installed, if not install it04:19
kifowhat is it....my computer is very slow, i cant run anything too graphical04:19
ZykoticK9kifo, lol it's not graphical at all.04:20
kifoedit: its installed04:20
kifotrying "screen sudo transmission -m"04:21
ZykoticK9kifo, ok.  once you type screen.  then start your transmission client as normal, then press ctrl+a+d which should "detach" you back to the first terminal.  then close the terminal window ;)04:21
Dr_Williskifo:  or from terminal --> 'commandtorun &' then 'exit'04:21
Dr_Williskifo:  and dont use the 'close button' ever. :) use exit command..04:21
kifoDr_Willis: that requires me to leave the terminal open04:22
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, if you close the terminal won't that close the program!?04:22
kifoi dont have a close button, i dont even have a mouse :p04:22
Dr_Williskifo:  & and exit wont04:22
kifoDr_Willis: yes, it will, because as long as transmission is running, it wont complete and go to exit04:22
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  it hasent in the last 8+ years.. there MAY besome that still close.. but ive never seen it.04:22
Dr_Williskifo:  i run gui apps with & and exit all the time.04:22
senthilIf you use "nohup sudo transmission &" you can close the terminal window04:22
NeonLightningthune3: lets hope that works(i just tried briefly and it now seems to lock up my system)04:22
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, xcalc & - then close terminal and xcalc closes :(04:23
Dr_Williskifo:  i just did 'transmission &'  then 'exit' here.. transmission still ruinning04:23
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  i did mention the 'exit' command and 'never using the close button' :)04:23
kifoDr_Willis: doesnt work for me04:23
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  xcalc &, and exit. does not close xcalc here04:24
kifoits okay i dont have buttons04:24
kifodont worry04:24
kifosenthil: that worked perfectly, thank you04:24
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, ok gotcha exit is key.  Thanks number 2 for the night ;)04:24
* Dr_Willis wonders WHY someone is 'sudo transmission' in the fiorst place04:24
kifoDr_Willis: bad command from someone in this chat04:24
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  ages ago i set up window manager where xterm dident even have a close button.04:24
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, a lesson on why never to run gui apps with sudo04:24
kifoanyways buttons are useless if you dont have a mouse Dr_Willis04:25
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, that was re: Transmission04:25
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  ive never really had any issues with gui aps and sudo.. other then a 'cant open display' due to X securioty type settings04:25
kifoDr_Willis: it always leaves the terminal open for me04:25
Dr_Willisbut once i get a system set up. I dont really need to sudo much .04:25
Dr_Williskifo:  clarify what you mean/are doing perhaps?04:26
suboneWhat is the equivilant kill signal for clicking the X in a windows title? so that if it goers to tray it will04:26
ZykoticK9subone, do you mean minimize?  there is no kill signal for that.04:27
thune3NeonLightning: the only other suggestion in that thread to to make sure bios is current.04:27
ZykoticK9!es | henry__04:27
ubottuhenry__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:27
suboneZykoticK9, no i mean when i click the X button to close the app it goes to the system tray. what signal is equivilant of hitting the X button?04:28
kifoDURgod_: what?04:28
kifoDr_Willis: * what do you mean clarify lol04:28
ZykoticK9subone, those apps (like Rhythmbox) are special, they aren't typical linux behaviour.04:28
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:29
suboneZykoticK9, so you're saying i cant send a specific kill signal to it? i thought thats how the wm handled it...04:29
Dr_Williskifo:  i have no idea what you ment by 'always leaves teh terminal open'   what does? be verbose and concise on IRC :)04:29
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: can I PM please dude?04:30
ZykoticK9subone, you can use "kill PID#" or "killall program_name" to kill a program, equivalent of x in corner.04:30
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, of course.04:30
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
suboneZykoticK9, so then if it is equivilant how does the app know the difference between clicking the X and sending that signal, because its not going to the tray04:31
ZykoticK9subone, as i said, that tray stuff if "non-standard" behaviour04:32
suboneZykoticK9, the app already has it built in so why cant i do it?04:33
Izinucs_subone: the kill signals and x don't interact with the program itself.. mostly.. they do with the system.. it tells the system to "kill" that program04:33
ActionParsnipsubone: you can use alltray to tray apps04:34
suboneIzinucs_, so how would you recommend sending such an app to the tray as it would if the X was clicked because clicking the X and killing using killall are not the same result04:34
magicianlordwhat's the command to intsall the current nvidia drivers from console?04:34
suboneActionParsnip, i am not trying to tray anything that doesnt already tray itself04:34
subonei just want to do it from the cli04:34
magicianlordtru subone04:35
ZykoticK9magicianlord, sudo apt-get install nvidia-current04:35
Dr_Willissome programs have command line optiosn to do things like that. as a 'remote controll' type feature04:35
magicianlordZykoticK9: that's whati thought. thanks04:35
senthilyou can use "wmctrl -c  <window Title>" to close a window from commandline04:35
=== Archdave is now known as MastaBot
=== MastaBot is now known as Archdave
senthilyou have to install wmctrl thou04:35
subonesenthil, lemme try that04:36
Izinucs_subone: ah I missed part of your earlier posts.. you want a program to end up by the clock like pidgon works or empathy .. right?  I don't know the answer to that unfortunately04:36
=== Archdave is now known as MastaBot
ActionParsnipor you can use: kill with some special options to make it close gracefully04:36
wrekhey all. think i have a majr problem on my hands. booting into recovery mode i get these mesagges: init: ureadahead-other main process (3377) terminated with status 4. mountall: fsck /home [2818] terminated with status 8. mountall: unrecoverable fsck error: /home04:36
=== MastaBot is now known as Archdave
subonesenthil, that works thanks!04:36
ActionParsnipIzinucs_: alltray does it04:37
ZykoticK9kill by default is "asking politely" to close actually.  -9 is the "now" option.04:40
Dr_Willis'close with extreme prejudice' :)04:40
thune3wrek: is this after formating a new home partition? or did some action preceed this error or was it working and then out of the blue...?"04:41
Izinucs_ZykoticK9: what's the -15 option? *NOW!* as opposed to now04:41
ActionParsnipIzinucs_: -9 is the biggest hammer04:41
jvmhi. i migrated an old ubuntu user to ubuntu 9.10, and want to encrypt his home directory. could i simply do "sudo adduser –encrypt-home foo", login with his old user, login with his new user, then move all data from the old home directory to the new home directory, delete the old user, and rename the new one?04:41
wrekthune3 this happened after upgrading to 10.0404:41
ZykoticK9Izinucs_, i like Dr_Willis's "extreme prejudice" description ;)04:41
Izinucs_ActionParsnip: ZykoticK9 mee too04:42
ubuseranyone know a beat maker that would possibly work on ubuntu 5.104:42
thune3wrek: sounds like need to correct your fstab entry for your home dir.04:42
ActionParsnipubuser: lmms04:42
magicianlordwhat's the default nvidia driver installed04:43
Flanneljvm: You want to encrypt the whole home folder? or just the Private folder in it?04:43
jvmFlannel, there is currently no Private folder. i want to encrypt the whole home directory.04:43
ubuseractionp- my ubuntu 5.1 computer isnt connected to the internet either, do i need any special files, and im kinda new to linux.. can i just download the linux version04:44
ubuserit says ub 804:44
wrekthune3 im currently making a LiveCD. i guess I'll look at my fstab once i get one. can i just install a new version of ubuntu and keep my files? bec there are other things going on and it looks like a lot of work. i have the OS on a seperate partition04:45
Flanneljvm: Yeah, but you can add an encrypted private folder.  Alright.  http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/06/migrating-to-encrypted-home-directory.html  Is a howto for migrating04:45
ubuserdoes anyone know a beat maker that will work on an ancient version of ubuntu... 5.104:45
Dr_Williswhats a 'beat maker' ? a metrodome ?04:46
ubuserfl studio04:46
ubusermy ub 5.1 pc isnt on the internet either..04:46
Dr_Willisand fl studio is ?04:46
ubusermusic maker04:46
FloodBot1CHICOGAYCOLOMBIA: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
FlannelCHICOGAYCOLOMBIA Please stop.04:47
jvmthanks Flannel, i think i'll try it with the second user then, it sounds more straight-forward ;)04:47
CHICOGAYCOLOMBIAi am gay and my age is 17 :)04:47
ubuseranyone know a music maker like flstudio that will work on ubuntu 5.104:47
CHICOGAYCOLOMBIAi love britney spears :):)04:47
Flannelubuser: 5.10 isn't a supported version of Ubuntu (and hasn't been for a while).  I suggest you upgrade to a more recent one04:47
FlannelCHICOGAYCOLOMBIA: This is an Ubuntu support channel, please stay ontopic.  Thanks04:48
thune3wrek: this should be pretty straighforward from the livecd. depends on the "other things". With care (since your home dir is on a seperate partition), installing fresh and keeping home is doable.04:48
CHICOGAYCOLOMBIAi am gay and my age is 17 :):):)04:48
ubusermy 5.1 has sound and snd rec works...04:49
ActionParsnipubuser: i'm guessing you mean frooty loops. lmms is very similar04:49
ubuseri dont think it works on ub 5.104:49
ActionParsnipubuser: your release isnt supported anymore04:50
Dr_Willisubuser:  You should really consider reinstalling a newer version of ubuntu.04:50
Dr_Willisa 5 year old  version of ubuntu is  pushing it04:50
ubuserother one i have is 9.1   its only a 768 processor 128 ram04:51
FNiAnyone know why Ubuntu thinks my laptop lid is permanently closed?04:51
ubuserbut i always have trouble getting the mic to work in 9.104:51
wrekthune3 the other things seem to be the nviadia drivers. i guess first ill try to edit fstab although that always makes me nervous04:51
RealEyeswhats up guys?04:54
magicianlordwhat's the command to determine space used in console04:55
ubuserwhats another word for music maker04:55
Theohey guys. im running windows atm thru oracle vm virtualbox. i attached an usb drive but its no recognized by the machine. can anyone tell how to make vm virtualbox recognize my usb drive? cheers04:55
Flannelmagicianlord: du (Disk Used)04:55
magicianlordFlannel: thanks04:55
magicianlordFlannel: is that in megabytes?04:56
Dr_WillisTheo:  you have checked teh vbirtualbox docs/manual?  You Are using the Virtualbox from the Vbox homepage? not the ose version in the repos?04:56
ubuserim checking google for a music maker, whats another common word for it04:56
TheoHey Dr Willis. Yeah im looking at the manual atm and yeah i downloaded it from the homepage04:57
NeonLightningubuser: depends on what way your making music i use makers called trackers04:57
Flannelmagicianlord: KB04:57
Flannelmagicianlord: And, possibly base 10 instead of base 2 (du -h will make it human readable, --si will force it to 1000 instead of 1024 for human readable)04:58
doctorZeusvirtualbox docs were/are terrible imo.. it took me a few hours but google eventually led me to the path of success for usb devices on vbox04:59
Dr_Willislast i tried. i just clicked a few things. :) but that sas a few mo back.05:00
shockmounti always have problem with vbox05:00
shockmountworst i dont have a cdrom drive05:00
Theoneither haha05:00
ubuserif i am downloading a beat maker, can i use the linux version for ubuntu 5.10? or the src files??05:01
Theook thanks for the tipps guys05:01
magicianlordFlannel: thanks. the h parameter formats it by megabyte05:01
stanley_robertsohi all05:02
EvilPhoenixanyone here familiar with postfix?  someone in #ubuntu-server is seeking help with it and getting no responses05:03
Flannelmagicianlord: It'll format it in whatever prefix is most sane05:03
deathnight114If i install ubuntu with the windows installer on the same partition as windows, will it format windows?05:03
Flanneldeathnight114: You mean wubi?05:04
Flanneldeathnight114: No, wubi does no formatting or partitioning, it creates an Ubuntu install as a file on your windows system (two files, actually, I believe)05:04
sebsebsebdeathnight114: no since it doesn't set up a real partition05:04
Flanneldeathnight114: It's just looking for a drive to store the files05:04
deathnight114I just needed to make sure before i installed it05:04
cheater99i need to install a program in a specific directory, how can i do that? can i use the .deb or do i need to compile my own version?05:06
cheater99actually i need two separate instances of it05:06
SteamHi, i have problem with java and i get this message : ( PKIX path validation failed: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Certificate has been revoked )05:08
EvilPhoenixSteam:  it means the security certificate is invalid05:09
EvilPhoenixSteam:  whoever issued it revoked it05:09
Craig`hey again05:09
Craig`I was considering getting, http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Guide-Commands-Editors-Programming/dp/0131367366/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280030968&sr=8-1 do you think that'd be a good idea? I'm wanting to familiarise myself with the commands etc05:10
SteamEvilPhoenix, but i can`t use java applet any more , there is a solution of this problem ?05:10
matelotI want to cron a python script every 3 minutes, is this right ? ""*/3 * * * * python ~/emailme.py" ?" ?05:10
EvilPhoenixSteam:  unfortunately, none that I can think of05:11
amminiDoes freenode have a channel for Mint Linux?05:11
sebsebseb!mintsupport | ammini05:11
ubottuammini: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:11
amminisebsebseb: Thanks a lot05:11
ubusermy pc is ubuntu 5.1 (i know its old, but it works..) i dont have internet on this pc however i need to get a specific depency on this computer is there any way to download "sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt libsamplerate0 libsdl-sound1.2" to put them on a cd??05:11
sebsebsebammini: Your welcome05:12
Craig`so yeah, does anyone recommend me that book?05:12
sebsebsebCraig`: for learning programming or Linux commands?  I didn't go on link05:12
Craig`basically learning about linux and it's commands05:12
ubuserand install them cmds*05:13
sebsebsebubuser: the 5.1 repos are probably long gone05:13
sebsebsebubuser: 5.10 even05:13
Dr_WillisCraig`:  theres plenty of free books/guides and sites to learn  lots of that stuff..05:13
Craig`Dr_Willis, I was wondering if anyone had the book - i'd just get a pdf, but i can't currently find one -05:13
sebsebseb!terminal \ Craig`05:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:13
Dr_WillisCraig`:  i always check the bargin bins at the book stores for command line specific/bash books.  Most 'general' books are too general.05:14
sebsebseb!terminal | Craig`05:14
ubottuCraig`: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:14
sebsebsebCraig`: Basic commands and such in Ubuntu Manual, and theres also Ubuntu Pocket Guide which you can download or I think buy in book form even05:14
sebsebsebCraig`: I mean download or buy in book form,  same for the manual actsualley05:14
ubuserits in my repos... how can i download it to the desktop05:14
aloonsorry to bug , whats the channel name for maverick ? Thanks in advance05:14
sebsebseb!manual | Craig`05:14
ubottuCraig`: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:14
sebsebseb!10.10 | aloon05:15
ubottualoon: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:15
Dr_WillisCraig`:  saw this link today --->   http://mybroadband.co.za/news/general/14002-Eight-free-open-source-books.html05:15
sebsebsebubuser: I know 5.10 was a pretty great release, I don't remember it much now though, but even on an offline computer, why are you still using it?05:15
ubuserfree cds in the mail05:15
ubuserand it doesnt have internet05:15
sebsebsebubuser: (in fact its like I have completly forgotton 5.10 since it was years ago)05:16
Craig`thanks guys05:16
ubuserand the sound works and my mic05:16
ubuserand snd rec05:16
ubuserso all i need is a music maker05:16
ubuserand im good05:16
ubuseri just need the depencys in the repos list05:16
ubuseron a cd05:16
ubuserand only got like 20 mins..05:16
wrektif i install drivers while on a desktop session on the Live CD will they be there when i boot from the HDD?05:16
ubuserlinux nub05:17
ubuserpython is mcpimpin05:17
sebsebsebubuser: Linux noob after using Ubuntu since 5.10 ?05:17
ubuserhonestly i was wonderin if it was..05:17
ubuserwhat are "source" files exactly05:17
ubuserdos cmds?05:18
jvmhi. so ive a user with encrypted home directory, ubuntu 9.10. forgotten password. no important data in the encrypted home directory. i chrooted on a live cd and changed the password, but when rebooting, login didn't work. i dont wanna reinstall. adding a new user with the live cd also lead to "Authentication failed" when actually booting the system. how do you do this?05:18
thune3wrekt: not unless you are "chroot"ed into your hdd filesystem. If possible you could download ".deb"s and save them for installing when you boot hdd.05:19
ubuseris there a way to download svn repos to desktop05:19
aloonanyone ever have the problem in Lucid where you fn F-key to a virtual terminal and the screen is blank ? I can't seem to fix that even by doing everything in the write-ups to fix plymouth resolution etc05:19
sebsebsebubuser: I think there might be something you can use, I mean a repo for old releases, but I am not sure.05:20
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sebsebsebubuser: Ok the computer is offline, but even so why exactly are you doing 5.10?  Why not just put a later version on that is still supported, for example 8.04.05:21
ubuserdoesnt have teh internet and its an old pc05:21
forbidy#netcorp new free shell service running !!05:21
forbidy#netcorp new free shell service running !!05:21
forbidy#netcorp new free shell service running !!05:21
ubusergot the cds in the mail05:21
FloodBot1forbidy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:21
sebsebsebubuser: 8.04 works on old PC's as well05:21
ubuserand 9.1 doesnt have sound with the no internet05:21
hormigaI need help from the best compiler05:21
sebsebsebubuser: 9.10 you mean,  and sure, but 8.04 :D05:22
hormigai have a compiling issues05:22
sebsebseb!8.04 | ubuser05:22
ubottuubuser: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.05:22
ubuserthen i'd need even more cds05:22
ubuserneed cmd svn-repo ..download/ftw05:22
sebsebsebubuser: Well  offline install or not, once a version of Ubuntu is no longer supported,  as far as I know,  support for it, in this channel, is off topic.  Except for the upgrading to a later version that is supported, support.05:22
ubuserlibqt3-mt pl9x05:22
ubusersupported non working sound too05:23
EvilPhoenixyeah old versions are not supported here, except with "how to upgrade from a non supported version"05:23
ubuseroh ubuser, here http://packages.ubuntu.com/05:24
ubuserty ubuser05:24
ubuserinstalling lmms for the 5.10 pimps, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91620&highlight=lmms05:25
sebsebseb!language | ubuser05:25
ubottuubuser: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:25
hormigaI need an expert compiler to see this05:26
patman023hey guys, got a bit of an issue - was toying with compiz in ccsm, using the widgets plugin and tried to add something to the widgets layer, now compiz has crashed, and on reboot, i get a DM, but no WM. try to run metacity from tty1, and get an error Window Manager error: unable to open X display. any ideas what I could do to restore any WM?05:26
rwwpatman023: try DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace05:27
glickhey is there anyway thati can get root permissions when i deal with windows/05:28
jvmhi. how do you create a new user from a live cd on a ubuntu 9.10 installation? i tried, but get "Authentication failed." when rebooting and trying to actually log in with the newly created user. forgot password for the old one.05:28
glickso i can have root perms in nautilous say?05:28
RealEyesWhat apps does this guy have in his screenshot?? The ones that show his CPU usage and mediaplayer and such ... ? http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=95885&file1=95885-1.jpg&file2=95885-2.jpg&file3=95885-3.jpg&name=Yakano+-Colors-05:28
hormigasebsebseb: you must remember me05:28
ubuser5 hi 705:29
hormigayou once called me a troll05:29
rwwubottu: conky | RealEyes05:29
jvmglick, you can do "sudo su" on a console and then run the gui application.05:29
hormigaI need the best compiler here in this room to help me05:29
aloonI'm getting my Nvidia card setup and one of the things is to add a line to xorg "Option "RegistryDwords" "PowerMizerEnable=0x1; PerfLevelSrc=0x3333" , the thing is there is already an entry for Option "RegistryDwords , can there be two entries like that in the device section of xorg.conf ?05:29
thune3jvm: you are trying to add a user on a system you do not have sudo permission for?05:29
rwwheh, thought there was a factoid for it05:29
jvmthune3, right.05:29
ubuser!language | sebsebseb no backtalk05:29
ubottusebsebseb no backtalk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:29
sebsebseb!compile | hormiga rww05:30
ubottuhormiga rww: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:30
rwwRealEyes: It's called conky, and is in the 'conky' package. I don't know how to configure it, though.05:30
rwwsebsebseb: what?05:30
Craig`night guys05:30
aloonThe first entry is :  Option          "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"05:30
sebsebsebrww: ok I guess I didn't read something or misunderstood, nevermind05:30
aloonwhich I also added to help my nvidia brightness problems05:30
sebsebsebrww: I thought you said something about compile factoid, but I didn't read everything as well :D05:30
rwwsebsebseb: nah, I meant !conky05:31
sebsebsebrww: oh05:31
sebsebseb!botabuse | ubuser05:31
ubottuubuser: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:31
RealEyeswere you talking to me?05:31
bastidrazorRealEyes: http://conky.sourceforge.net/   ..read the variables page and documentation. it will tell you all you need to know05:31
tensorpuddingany media players which can play m4b?05:31
Dr_WillisConky is the kind of tool you play with for 3 weeks to get your perfect config.. then lose it. :)05:31
hormiga!botabuse | sebsebseb05:32
ubottusebsebseb: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:32
Dr_WillisIve learned to keep my fancy configs like that on my UbuntuOne account :)05:32
sebsebsebhormiga: your not meant to play with the bot in here, or ubuser for that matter05:33
bastidrazorDr_Willis: you are crazy.. conky rules and once you get it set. you want everyone else to use it05:33
GimpedRealEyes http://i34.tinypic.com/1zlc8rp.jpg <<< this is the power of Conky =)05:33
hormigaI come here for help05:33
Dr_Willisbastidrazor:  yes..  and it can take a week to get things just right. :) but i did find thiz the other day.05:33
patman023@rww: Window manager warning: "" found in configuration database is not a valid value for keybinding "run_command_1"05:33
hormigathey did not helped me in Ubuntustudio room05:33
Dr_Willishttp://code.google.com/p/conkywizard/      a nice gui/config tool for conky05:33
hormigaDoes anyone here knows something about Ubuntustudio?05:34
sebsebseb!studio | hormiga05:34
ubottuhormiga: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org05:34
bastidrazorDr_Willis: i agree, the tweaking needed to get it just perfect is time consuming. in my opinion it is well worth it. 2 of the 3 boxes i use have conky on them.05:34
patman023rww: Window manager warning: "" found in configuration database is not a valid value for keybinding "run_command_1"05:34
hormigaI come from that damn room!!05:34
Dr_Willisbastidrazor:  ive not even begun to learn the 'lua' features that are in the new conky versions :)05:35
emetI have a schroot05:35
jvmthune3, is that...unrealistic? i mean, on an older system it would just ve worked with chrooting and a simple "adduser", on the livecd.05:35
emetbut I can't install in it05:35
emetbecause sudo doesn't exist05:35
rwwpatman023: I take it that metacity doesn't start?05:35
sebsebseb!language > hormiga05:35
ubottuhormiga, please see my private message05:35
emetwhat did I do wrong05:35
grendal_primehey on the graphical greeter it opens up now with the screen split in half ..one half looks huge like its running something for people with limited visibility.  then it says something like "welcome to.." and i cant make out the rest of it.05:35
Dr_Willishormiga:  have you asked an actual support related question yet?05:35
patman023thats the error i get in tty105:35
bastidrazorDr_Willis: neither have i, the older configs i have still work and i have yet to have a want for Lua and its greatness.05:35
patman023so no05:35
rwwpatman023: considering that it's a warning and not a fatal error, I'd check anyway.05:35
hormigamany times05:36
grendal_primehow do i turn that off?05:36
emetis there any tool that makes doing schroots easier05:36
grendal_primei think i kid fkd that up somehow.05:36
safetynetWhen I go to System/Administration/Printing - "Add" a printer is greyed out - my HP Photosmart 7350 was listed But now is gone - Any ideas ? ?05:36
patman023rww: check which?05:36
hormigaI remember you, dr_Willis05:36
rwwpatman023: go back to your X session, see if metacity is running now.05:36
grendal_primeemet,  you mean ssh roots?05:36
hormigaDr_willis: do you know whats wrong here?05:36
grendal_primelike if you want to root an sftp user to there home dir?05:36
emetit's kind of like a virtual machine05:36
sebsebseb!language > grendal_prime05:36
ubottugrendal_prime, please see my private message05:36
patman023didnt work the first 6 times i tried it... now it did...05:36
patman023rww: thanks05:36
Dr_Willishormiga:  i havent even seen your actual question.. it must of scrolled past..05:37
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot05:37
sebsebsebDr_Willis: his actsaul question was basically well there wasn't one as such05:37
sebsebsebDr_Willis: hormiga asked for the best compiler in the room05:37
Gimpedwow its busy in here =D05:37
grendal_primesebsebseb, sorry.05:37
grendal_primewasnt thinking05:37
rwwDr_Willis: his actual question was pretty much http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/DFY0nQLE05:37
hormigaI was compiling intltools because UbuntuStudio had an old one, for the NetworkManager05:37
emetthat wiki page is garbage btw05:37
emetit hasn't been updated in like 3 years05:37
sebsebsebemet: well heres some good news then05:38
hormigabecause, Ubuntustudio did not detected my WIFI automatically05:38
sebsebsebemet: they are planning on re doing their help sites properly, by 10.1005:38
grendal_primeemet, you tried virtualbox?05:38
RealEyesGimped, what is conky? Can I download it? lol05:38
RealEyesGimped, what theme are you using?05:38
sebsebsebRealEyes: Conky is an app that you run from the terminal05:38
grendal_primeits about as simple as i can find ...and im a VCP05:38
sebsebsebRealEyes: will show your computers uptime and such05:38
hormigaI hate computers....05:38
bastidrazorRealEyes: did you not go to the page i linked you?05:38
hormigai am outta here05:38
=== root is now known as Guest18026
emetgrendal_prime, virtualbox is not really suitable for my use case05:39
SnakkahIs it illegal to use a live USB OS (such as Ubuntu like I have installed on a USB stick) on a public computer? O_o05:39
GimpedRealEyes: http://conky.sourceforge.net/ <<< can get it here =)05:39
sebsebsebshockmount: probably not, but might be against the rules for using that computer05:39
Gneait's easy to hate what isn't understood05:39
RealEyesbastidrazor, i didnt05:39
emetsebsebseb, :\05:39
sebsebsebshockmount: wrong one05:39
sebsebsebSnakkah: see above ^05:39
bastidrazorRealEyes: sudo apt-get install conky   .. the page i linked you is the documentation you need to configure it05:39
Snakkahsebsebseb, I figured that was for me. Haha.05:39
deathnight114how do i get adobe flash player 10 for ubuntu?05:40
deathnight114sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree installs 905:40
deathnight114not sure if flashplugin-nonfree is correct, but i know from when i previously had it installed05:40
RealEyescan someone read this pastebin file and tell me what this guy did while he was ssh'd into my system? :s05:40
rww!info flashplugin-installer05:40
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 19 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)05:40
rwwdoesn't look like 9 =\05:40
deathnight114i'll try05:41
GimpedRealEyes: if you setup conky, you can show port info and will prevent stuff like that from happening in the future =)05:42
RealEyesi let him do it05:42
collabrais there any program i can use to enable 'loudness equalization' for audio?05:42
RealEyeshe said he was upgrading my OS05:42
Gimpedah =|05:42
bastidrazorRealEyes: look at your ~/.bash_history  if he used your account.05:42
sebsebsebRealEyes: upgrading Ubuntu is easy to do graphicalley05:43
RealEyesbastidrazor, can I pm you so you can read the pastebin on history>?05:43
AVkrakkleWhat's up?05:43
RealEyesYou got it anyway lol05:43
tntcis there a good music file duplicate remover out there?  like a banshee plugin or something?05:44
deathnight114i did adobeplugin-nonfree05:45
RealEyesif anyone wants to read the pastebin file of this guy hacking my system, you can PM me.05:45
deathnight114and i clicked on a random video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62c3FL9b0Yc&feature=featured&videos=d94ltRRjhlQ)05:45
RealEyesI got the history log.05:45
deathnight114And when i try to move the video thing to a different location in the vid05:45
deathnight114it wont05:45
deathnight114nomatter what i do05:45
deathnight114Just like last time...05:45
FloodBot1deathnight114: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:45
nimbiotics_Hello all. When I installed ubuntu (9.10) on tis PC i chose not to require login on boot. How can I change that behaviour? TIA!05:46
deathnight114can anyone help me?05:47
safetynetTyped following shell command (sudo apt-get install cupsys cupsys-client) and cups still not started - ANY IDEAS ? ?05:47
sebsebsebnimbiotics_: Right I am not even on Ubuntu right now since another distro :)  ,but if you look under  system  and then I think its log in  under administration or preferences05:48
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  can you click on any of the video buttons for play/pause/ so forth?05:48
safetynetHello - Is someone willing to help me try and get my Cups printing service going again - Would be much appreciated.....05:50
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  i asked you a question...05:50
deathnight114just tried every button05:50
deathnight114doesn't work05:50
FabParmahow to install a ppa source?05:50
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  ok. so THATS the issue then05:50
deathnight114I remember when i used to have ubuntu installed05:51
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  try right clciking, and holding down the right mouse button, THEN left clicking on the video play/stop/slider buttons05:51
deathnight114I uninstalled flash player 9 (adobeplugin-nonfree) and then did some script05:51
deathnight114and it fixed it05:51
ZykoticK9deathnight114, are you using 64bit Ubuntu?05:51
greezmunkeysafetynet: have you tried: sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart ?05:51
deathnight114yes @ ZykoticK905:52
Dr_Willistheres dozen of 'fixs' for the 'cant click on a button in flash' issue05:52
ZykoticK9deathnight114, is clicking working now?05:52
safetynetgreezmunkey: Nope will give a shot though - hang on let ya know - THanks05:52
deathnight114It works with certain video05:52
deathnight114the ones with the older style look05:52
deathnight114it doesn't work on05:52
FloodBot1deathnight114: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:52
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nimbiotics_sebsebseb> Found it, its called "Login Screen". Thanks!05:53
deathnight114works with that, but it doesn't work with05:53
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  if you mainly have an issue with YouTube. you could use the HTML5 featuire  YouTube05:53
greezmunkeysafetynet: you can monitor listening services with: netstat -antp | grep "LISTEN" (cups should be on port 631)05:53
sebsebsebnimbiotics_: Your welcome, and yeah I knew about that, just coudn't remember at the moment,  what it was actsauly called or the exact menu in system it was in.05:54
deathnight114Dr_Willis, there was a command to get flash player 10, and it fixed it05:54
ZykoticK9deathnight114, clicking works in both firefox and chromium on my 64bit ubuntu05:54
RealEyesDoes anyone know a good YouTube video that explains Ubuntu and how it works in a theatrical manner? lol05:55
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  theres dozens of 'commands, and things' one can try to do to fix the flash issues.05:55
Dr_Willisdeathnight114:  one 'fix' is to disable compiz.05:55
deathnight114brb, i found the script05:55
nimbiotics_Another one ... How do I change super user's password?05:56
wrektwhats the command to display all the hdd's and their uuid05:56
RealEyesDoes anyone know a good YouTube video that explains Ubuntu and how it works in a theatrical manner? lol05:56
EvilPhoenixnimbiotics_:  google it we wont tell you since using sudo is all you need to do stuff.05:56
RealEyesnimbiotics, I know how to do that05:57
RealEyesgoto terminal and type in: su passwd05:57
terrylmGrub problem with new 10.04 install, kernel panic, no root, unknown block device (0,0) ... any ideas05:57
greezmunkeywrekt: sudo blkid05:57
xanguaRealEyes: i liked this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/best-advert-for-ubuntu-you-probably.html05:58
wrektgreezmunkey, thnx05:58
seanjwell, the bug for pulseaudio lagging in games was closed, yet it still exists in Lucid.. im not pleased05:59
sebsebsebxangua: It was ok,  and it wasn't this Sebastian that told him about it :D  When I was in a channel like last night,  a guy is like, you got mentioned on omgubuntu,  and I was like what,  no  I wasn't except when it was user days.  :D05:59
greezmunkeywrekt: np :)05:59
terrylmAny help with grub?06:01
sebsebseb!grub2 | terrylm06:02
ubottuterrylm: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:02
sebsebsebterrylm: I think what it is saying is it can't find your partition for Ubuntu, or use it at least06:02
safetynetgreezmunkey: I see after running shell toward the end of command return it says - ( LISTEN 2075/cupsd ) But not sure what I'm look'n at here - can you explain abit ?06:02
sebsebsebterrylm: no /  and no Ubuntu06:02
wrektthis is my fstab. http://paste.ubuntu.com/468722/ is there anything to indicate why im having such problems after upgrading?06:03
terrylmThanks all06:03
sebsebsebterrylm: either that or the kernel can't be used properly, hence kernel panic06:03
greezmunkeysafetynet: it means it is running, point your browser to "localhost:631" (sans quotes) see what happens06:03
sebsebsebterrylm: it is a fresh install or?06:03
safetynetgreezmunkey: By the way the first shell you gave did start the cups and printer shows up now as well THanks for that tid bit...06:03
sebsebsebterrylm: ok06:04
wrektbasically after upgrading im toasted. even with the liveCD i cant get a fresh install going as i get an error06:04
greezmunkeysafetynet: cool06:04
sebsebsebterrylm: Have you done Ubuntu before?06:04
terrylm9.04, running on it now.06:04
sebsebsebterrylm: oh so the problem was with 10.04, and then you put 9.04 on instead?06:04
wrekti wish i was on 9.0406:05
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ockkr
sebsebsebwrekt: yeah 9.04  the last properly good version of Ubuntu that is still supported realy,  except for one little feature that I didn't like :D06:05
terrylm9.04 first, then 10.04 on an unused partition.06:05
=== |_ockkr is now known as |_ocke
wrekti wish i could go back. im totally locked out now06:06
sebsebsebwrekt: I think 11.04 might be the next one though, and yeah 10.10  netbook only though06:06
sebsebsebwrekt: locked out?06:06
terrylmit would not boot, and trying to boot the old kernels for 9.04 booted into 10.04 but hung...06:06
sebsebsebterrylm: a dual boot?06:06
deathnight114fixed it!!!!!!!!06:06
wrektyea my machine is toasted06:06
wrektim on the live cd atm06:06
slinkeeyis it possible to create a virtual network device that is routed through my PPP connection06:06
sebsebsebterrylm: right uhmm06:06
sebsebsebterrylm: so which Grub you got on there?06:07
sebsebseb!grub | terrylm06:07
ubottuterrylm: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.06:07
Dr_WillisYou can share your dial up connection with other pc's on the lan. Yes. :0 did that years and years ago06:07
greezmunkeyslinkeey: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?06:07
slinkeeyso that I can can get around a vpn problem where my assigned ip address is the same as my office network06:07
bastidrazorDr_Willis: 4KB/s is not much bandwidth to be sharing :\06:07
slinkeeyno not share a connection06:07
terrylmI had to edit the root= entry for 9.04 kernel and it booted right up and here I am...06:07
Dr_Willisbastidrazor:  a few years back.. it was all we had. :)06:07
slinkeeyI tether off my blackberry and I am getting 10.20.x.x as the assigned ip06:07
sebsebsebterrylm: why dual booting 9.04 and 10.04?  since the problem with Grub ?06:08
slinkeeywell my office just so happens to use 10.20.x.x as the internal network06:08
=== Kaie is now known as Guest8132
terrylmjust like to know 10.04 work and migrate some things over before blowing 9.04 away.  like to have options.06:08
SaryHello Ubuntu ;)06:09
wrektanyone recognize this error: mountall: fsck /home [2818] terminated with status 8. mountall unrecoverable fsck error: /home06:09
slinkeeyso I was hoping to trick my notebook intot hinking it is on 192.168 network so it route 10.x.x.x through the vpn when connected06:09
sebsebsebterrylm: really the older Grub is better for most of us,  the one that 9.04 uses for example, but 10.04 nope.  In fact quite a few distros are still using Grub by default, rather than Grub 2, even Fedora which is interesting, since Fedora is more cutting edge than Ubuntu, gets most stuff first.06:09
CerebroJDWhen I boot up Lucid, I dont have a splash screen even when using 'quiet' and 'splash' in menu.lst, it displash for about 2 seconds after displaying "Starting up" in the top-left corner for 20 seconds, the goes to the logon screen.  Any thoughts?06:09
sebsebsebterrylm: personally I prefer 9.04 over 10.04, for various reasons, and 9.04 is still good to use untill  the end of October, when support runs out06:10
wrektall this talk about 9.04 is making me want to cry06:10
Saryahmad: ;)06:10
sebsebsebwrekt: why?06:10
wrektbec i upgraded and i wish i hadnt06:11
magicianlordwrekt: upgrade to 9.1006:11
terrylmthat is way i like options06:11
safetynetgreezmunkey: Hey thanks for all you're help on the printer - not sure why it flaked out - but things happen - Could you possibly help with one other little issue ?06:11
sebsebsebwrekt: same here, when I upgraded the other computer to 9.10, well actsauly the hard disk got compeltly re done what was on it, and I thought, ok i'll do 9.10 then, only like three months untill 10.04, but then 10.04 realy did let me down06:11
greezmunkeyslinkeey: hmm, you are getting an address on your BB that is in the same network as you company lan? That doesn't sound right.06:11
bp0can different disk use a different scheduler?06:12
slinkeeyWhy not greeze?06:12
sebsebsebterrylm: wrekt Newer is not always better! Yeah06:12
slinkeeygreezmunkey, why not? they both use the 10.x for the internal network06:12
RealEyeshow do i format the HDD and reinstall Ubuntu?06:12
CerebroJDgreezmunkey: it makes sense if they use the same dhcp method with the same masking pattern06:12
RealEyesw/o touching my win7 partition? lol06:12
=== clay_ is now known as clayg
Dr_WillisRealEyes:  what all is on it right now?06:13
sebsebsebterrylm: ok so whats the problem?06:13
sebsebsebterrylm: exactly?06:13
terrylmWell at this point ...06:13
claygWhat is a good app for ubuntu that will let me use my bluetooth gps and display where I'm at on a map?06:13
RealEyeswin7 and Ubuntu06:13
slinkeeygreezmunkey, not the same physical network... just the same scheme.. many private nets are 10.x.x.x/806:13
Dr_Willisclayg:  i wa thinking Google earth/maps let you do that.. but ive never looked into it.06:14
RealEyesi got it nvm06:14
terrylmI chrooted to 10.04 from 9.04 and tried to run grub, it almost seemed to work ...06:14
greezmunkeyslinkeey: yeah, I get that. Just bad luck then...06:14
safetynetgreezmunkey: I need to reset my Panel I believe it's corrupt because when I run an app it does not show down in the toolbar - I know there is a shell command to reset the Panel or Toolbar but can't remember what it is - ? ?06:14
terrylmuntill the end and it said it could not find a list of partitions...06:14
Dr_Willisrealslix_:  if you want to reinstall ubuntu over the existing install.  You just use teh custom partitioning feature of the installer and tell it where to put / and so forth. (over the existing partitions)06:14
claygDr_Willis, I'll give it a shot.06:14
sebsebsebterrylm: Do you know that 10.04 uses a completly different version of Grub than what 9.04 uses?  9.04 is the old Grub,  10.04 is Grub 206:14
terrylmso now I'm not sure if grub is working at all, half afraid to reboot ...06:15
wrektis it crazy/stupid/extreme to reinstall 9.04 into the partition the OS is in?06:15
slinkeeygreezmunkey, Yep.... I can get one machine on our network that is 192.168.x.x That is on some old subnet... The AS400 is dual ip addressed...06:15
greezmunkey!panel > safetynet06:15
sebsebsebterrylm: What boots up?  Also do you know which Grub is being used?06:15
terrylmWell, by editing the root= at the grub menu I can or could boot 9.04. not sure now.06:16
sebsebsebwrekt: yeah you could re instal 9.04 with a clean install, but with support it only has untill the end of October06:16
xangua!panels | safetynet greezmunkey06:16
ubottusafetynet greezmunkey: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:16
safetynetxangua: Thanks06:16
greezmunkeyslinkeey: I don't think spoofing the network at your end will help, the vpn is terminated at both ends, and associated routing entries are in place. The routing at your corp office would not know how to get to your spoofed net, so you would not get a reply to packets even if you could get them there.06:17
greezmunkeyxangua: (s) i get it!06:18
magicianlordhow are peeps liking 10.0406:18
sebsebsebterrylm: ok06:19
greezmunkeyslinkeey: about the only way I can think of to get around that would involve some heavy iptables/ipmasq work, and may not be worth the effort.06:19
slinkeeygreezmunkey, or I can ask att if 10.x is there only internal ip's that they assign..06:21
slinkeeymaybe they will also go 192.168 at request06:22
slinkeeynever know.. I doubt it though..06:22
greezmunkeyslinkeey: now you're on it! :) make them fix their network!06:22
greezmunkeyslinkeey: I mean really, they probably sould have a guest subnet or something you can get to.06:22
slinkeeynot really broke... just coincidence.. I could hit random hotspots that happen to use the 10.x internal scheme..06:22
sebsebsebterrylm: messing around with Grub is useualy not fun06:23
=== Prodego_ is now known as administrivia
safetynetxagua: Thanks so much - Mean allot - My panel is look'n sweet now - you folks thats answer questions are a big plus to us newbies...06:24
NanoDanomagicianlord: I like 10.0406:25
NanoDanoWe use it at home and professionaly06:25
Theohey guys. im running windows thru oracle virtuabox but it doesnt recognize my usb stick. i was looking a solution on google but nothin helped me. maybe u guys have a solution thats working? churrr06:25
NanoDanoTheo, is it mounted by your ubuntu?06:25
=== clay_ is now known as ClayG
safetynetgreezmunkey: Thanks a bunch and a bunch more by the way - means allot to me for the help - was pulling my hair out before!06:25
greezmunkeyslinkeey: you may be on to something there. Talk with your IT manager, explain what you are up against. Maybe suggest 172.19.1.x for BB vpn terminations. I doubt that private subnet is in use much at coffee shops.06:25
TheoNanoDano: yeah it is06:25
NanoDanoTheo try unmounting it first06:26
ughHey everybody.  Got a little problem I hope someone can help with.   My stinking touchpad just quit on me.   I can move the cursor around with it, buy I can click with either of the buttons or tap to click.  At first I could still use the right clicker, but now... not so much.   ANything you'd suggest I look at?06:26
greezmunkeyslinkeey: (with a 24 bit mash)06:26
ugh*can't click rather06:26
=== mike is now known as Guest42709
TheoNanoDano eject it or safly remove ;p?06:26
Random832ugh: sounds mechanical06:27
greezmunkeyslinkeey: good luck!06:27
greezmunkeyg'night all06:27
ughI was afraid you'd say that. :-(06:27
kschwangfelderhello all; is this the right place to ask an installation related question?06:27
Random832is the machine still in warranty?06:27
NanoDanoTheo, i just meant unmount the usb stick in ubuntu using umount06:28
slinkeeygreezmunkey, thanks for the tips even though it is not 100% ubuntu.. I was just hoping the ubuntu community had tricks up their sleees :) hehehehehehehehe06:28
=== clay_ is now known as Clayg
ughRandom: I wish.  Nope, about 4 years old.06:28
NanoDanoTheo, If ubuntu has the USB stick mounted, it will tell windows it's busy and wont let it have it probably06:28
Claygany decent GPs/map apps for ubuntu? just tried viking and gpsdrive, both are garbage06:28
TheoNanoDano, sorry how do i unmount it?06:28
Claygso I'm looking for suggestions that dont include those apps06:28
Random832sorry - if you don't mind the risk of completely ruining your machine, you could try taking it apart and cleaning it / finding any parts that are bent out of shape or something06:29
Error404NotFoundi am looking for easy to use Finance/Budget Management application. Gnu Cash is way over my head, i am just another IT guy trying to maintain record with no finance background.06:29
Random832other than that- buy a mouse?06:29
NanoDanoTheo, one sec06:29
Random832goodnight all06:29
=== aaronyy_ is now known as aaronyy
NanoDanoTheo: type   cat /etc/fstab in a console06:30
ughRandom832: I'll be heading out in the AM to pick up a mouse.  Easiest solution.06:30
NanoDanoTheo: and then see if you recognize the one that is the USB stick06:30
ughRandom832: Thanks for responding.  I appreciate it a lot.06:30
NanoDanoTheo: sorry I think the proper thing to do would be just type mount in your console, and it should output everything you have mounted currently06:31
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=== darth_grantium is now known as ExcruciationX
kschwangfelderso I am trying to install ubuntu to dual boot with windows xp home edition. my mother board is asus k8v se Deluxe.  The only way I could get windows xp to see the hard disk for install was to have it set up as RAID.  now, however, ubuntu install cannot see the disk.  any ideas on what I can try to get this going??06:32
kschwangfelderthe hard disk is sata, btw06:32
Dr_WillisYou have a single hard disk set up as a raid?06:32
kschwangfelderit was the only way windows xp would see it06:33
kschwangfelderprobably partially due to my lack of expertise06:33
NanoDanokschwangfelder: Windows only recognizes NTFS partitions and ubuntu usually uses ext3, so if you have 1 hard disk it should be partitioned into separate parts one for windows one for linux06:33
kschwangfelderNanoDano: right now it has two partitions; one with the xp that I installed and the other is unformatted.  how do I format it for ubuntu to see if the installer cannot see it?06:34
NanoDanokschwangfelder, it doesn't see ANY partitions? Does it at least see the one that has windows on it?06:35
kschwangfelderNanoDano: no, it does not even recognize there is a hard disk there.  it sees other things though, a usb stick, an external harddrive...06:36
NanoDanokschwangelder, I'm really not familiar with RAID or how that affects the installer. If you can boot into the LIVE mode off a CD you can try using the fdisk tool, but if you're not familiar with it either I wouldn't recommend06:38
kschwangfelderhmm, well the xp install is new, so if the only danger is ruining it, I have no problem wading into unfamiliar territory.  I am talking to you from  my laptop06:38
=== clay_ is now known as Clayg
dadeHello, Anyone around?06:39
Gimpedkschwangfelder: i suggest you explore the LiveCD and fdisk route first =)06:39
kschwangfelderGimped: Is the LiveCD different from the normal Ubuntu 10.4 install CD or is it just an option which can be selected from the install cd?06:40
dadeI'm running TS3 interfaced into MYSQL which requires libmysqlclient15off{u} to work but everytime i try to apt-get install anything else it tries to remove libmysqlclient15off{u} anyway to stop this from happening?06:40
NanoDanokcschwangfelder, should be same cd06:40
Claygwhat is a good map/gps app for ubuntu?06:40
Gimpedkschwangfelder: i'm not too familar with ubuntu's cd distributions06:40
NanoDanodade, not sure but try looking into apt-get options, maybe there is an option to keep existing versions instead of deleting when updating06:41
kschwangfelderNanoDano/Gimped:  I will try this and see what I can do.  Stand By...06:41
NoPartI'm running into a similar problem06:41
NoPartthe isntallation shows no partitions06:41
NoPartor drives06:41
NoPartbut it does see my thumbstick06:42
NanoDanoNoPart, is it a blank hard disk or does it have somethign onit06:42
PureSine hi I have downloaded latest version of Virtual Box and Ubuntu and installed an ubuntu VM on my Windows 7 machine, also I have a Windows XP VM machine. the problem is ubuntu VM causes the whole system(Windows 7) to crash. I know it is related to VM because I had no such problem before installing the VM. Also I should say sometimes the system had worked for about half a day without crash but usually it causes the system to crash under 1 hour. The06:42
PureSine cl06:42
PureSine<PureSine> ue that I have is that when I boot  ubuntu VM it gives a message "piix4-smbus 0000:00:07.0:SMBus bus address uninitialized - upgrade bios or use force_addr = 0xadrr"  . this message appears at boot time and before ubuntu logo appears. interesting thing is Windows XP VM does not show such message. Someone in VBox channel told me it is ubuntu related not VBox06:42
NoPartI removed all partitions with GParted06:42
FloodBot1PureSine: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
NoPartthe computer I am trying to install on has no partitions06:43
NanoDanoNoPart, I had a similar problem recently, I formatted my disk but i forgot to 'activate' it or something, hold on06:43
NoPartjust 1 terabyte of unallocated space06:43
NoPartNanoDano, I've never had this problem with Ubuntu before.06:45
Claygwhat is a good map/gps app for ubuntu?06:45
GimpedClayg: google maps not good?06:45
ClaygGimped, I never could find an option using google maps for gps intergration06:46
Gimpedclayg: ah i see =|06:46
ClaygGimped, maps or earth?06:46
ClaygGimped, have you used it yourself with gps?06:46
Gimpedclayg: have you tried kismet or gpsdrive?06:48
Gimpedsorry google earth =D but not sure if google has gps integration06:49
ClaygGimped, tried gpsdrive but it never was able to "move", i was able to download a map fo murich and thats pretty much it06:49
ClaygGimped, trying kismet now :06:49
NanoDanoNoPart, when you removed all partitions did you perform a format of the drive?06:49
NoPartNanoDano, negative06:50
NanoDanoNoPart, I think that was the problem I had. I had removed all partitions but it was kind of like 'dead' space, i had to do a format for it to recognize, or something =\06:50
GimpedClayg: check your pm's plz06:50
NoPartNanoDano, what can I use to format? Does the LiveCD have something?06:51
GimpedNoPart: you can use fdisk on a LiveCD or PartitionMagic if you have that =)06:51
dadeso what would cause apt-get to remove (and not upgrade) a package reguardless of what your installing?06:52
NanoDanoNoPart, there should be lots of info on the net about using fdisk06:52
NoPartThankyou very much, I will give it a whirl06:52
NanoDanodade, maybe a package got incorporated into another one, that you are installing06:52
dadethis is what i have installed for Teamspeak 3 and it keeps uninstalling it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/i386/libmysqlclient15off/5.1.30really5.0.83-0ubuntu306:53
Gimpeddade: could be a dependency issue? not sure if ubuntu has those kinds of problems =P06:53
NanoDanodade, what is it you are installing that's new?06:54
dadefor example06:54
dadeif i go for something thats allready installed like postfix apt-get install postfix06:55
dadethis is what it says06:55
dadepostfix is already the newest version.06:55
dadeThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:06:55
dade  libmysqlclient15off06:55
dadeUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.06:55
dade0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:55
FloodBot1dade: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:55
Claygim trying to compile kismet but ran into a problem at the end, if anyone has time to check out my pastebin of the results http://pastebin.com/uuEvHGWV I'd appreciate it06:56
dadewere you able to see my post?06:56
thune3 dade: if you don't autoremove them, they should stay just fine. no?06:56
Jordan_UNoPart: I personally doubt that formatting will help anything. The only reason I can think of that it would is if your drive has old data on it that looks like the installer to be metadata for FakeRAID. If the installer sees a drive using FakeRAID that it doesn't understand it ignores it, because writing anything to such a drive could cause you to need to rebuld the RAID array.06:56
dadehow do i get apt-get to stop auto removing?06:57
NoPartJordan_U, okay, what are my options?06:57
dadehow do i flag it as required?06:57
Jordan_UNoPart: I don't think that you're using FakeRAID, but the most common cause of a disk not showing up in Ubuntu's installer (when visable in other utilities on the LiveCD) is the installer incorrectly thinking it's FakeRAID.06:57
NoPartJordan_U, is there a known fix for this problem?06:58
NanoDanodade, i didn't see anything about it being removed, i just saw a note saying you dont need it and you can remove it06:58
Jordan_UNoPart: Reboot the LiveCD and press any key during the first few seconds of booting and you'll get extra boot options. Press F6 and select "No dmraid".06:58
NoPartokay thanks!06:59
Jordan_UNoPart: You're welcome, I hope that option helps :)06:59
Jordan_Udade: Do you know what that package is? Do you want that package installed?07:00
=== trice_ is now known as spungo
wrektok my mouse is glitching up big time. it keeps freezing up and then going really slow. its driving me crazy?07:00
dadeno matter if i try to install something that allready installed or if i just try to install lets say VLC it tries to remove that package07:00
Claygwhile trying to run kismet installed from repos it crashes and i see this http://pastebin.com/1tNJfTbV anyone seen this before?07:00
dadeand i cannont continue without uninstalling it07:00
Jordan_Udade: That's aptitude, apt-get doesn't actually remove that type of package automatically.07:00
[NoD]Dr`KamronHello people. :)07:01
dadeso use apt-get instead?07:01
rameshhow do i know if my computer overheating or not? i'm using ubuntu 10.407:01
Jordan_Udade: That will work, but are you sure you really need that package?07:01
dadeyes my Teamspeak 3 server wont connect to my mysql server without it07:02
Gimpedramesh: generally if you can fry eggs on your pc, its overheating07:02
[NoD]Dr`KamronI'd like to use my phone as a modem, but I've tried like everything and it won't detect the phone07:02
[NoD]Dr`KamronCan anyone help?07:02
ShadowFoxBiHwhat phone are you using?07:02
Jordan_Udade: Ok, then you should explicitly apt-get install it so that apt / aptitude know that you want it installed.07:02
wrektso anyone have a lead on this glitchy mouse on 10.04?07:02
rameshGimped if i can fry egg it means my computer fried already.07:03
dadegot it07:03
Gimpedramesh: lol you can get a system monitor prog and check that for cpu temps07:03
dadeso aptitude is more of a auto thing for less involved users?07:03
zitelliHi, I arrived now from de FISL...07:03
[NoD]Dr`KamronI've tried all the programs and apt-get installations and everything07:03
dadeversus apt-get?07:03
abhijit!sensors | ramesh07:03
ubotturamesh: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.07:03
rameshGimped any website that i can check what is the normal temp for my cpu?07:03
=== james is now known as Guest45051
daderamesh:  if your cpu is below 60C while under load you are ok07:04
Gimpedramesh: i use conky and that works great for me07:04
dadeThanks for the help guys07:04
abhijitramesh, best web site is your laptop company's website or call center they will tell you about it. also each laptop model have its own maintainance document which you can get from company. in that all details are there07:05
Jordan_Udade: Yes, aptitude also has a pseudo GUI (ncurses) interface option and other features. Debian's official policy is to recommend aptitude, Ubuntu's general policy is to use apt-get, and in all honesty in most cases either will work just fine.07:05
dadethanks for the help :)07:05
Jordan_Udade: You're welcome :)07:06
[NoD]Dr`KamronSo can anyone help?07:06
[NoD]Dr`KamronI'd like to use my phone as a modem, but I've tried like everything and it won't detect the phone <-07:06
wrektdoes anyone have a lead on the glitchy mouse problem in 10.4? its pretty unusable as it is07:07
nimbiotics_Hello everyone, im using ubuntu 9.10, with a GeForce 9400 GT and nVidia driver version 185.8.36. I cannot keep screen resolution configuration between sessions. What can I do? TIA!07:09
rameshmy cpu temp is 60 to 62 celcius.07:10
Gimpedramesh: hm..mine is 53*C07:10
NanoDanowrekt, what kind of mouse? have you tried another?07:11
Gimpedramesh: if you're worried about your pc overheating i suggest getting a sys mon to keep track of it07:11
daderamesh: what cpu useage are you at? is this a laptop or desktop? 60c idle is hot07:11
Gimpedindeed, i'd like to fry some eggs on that one =P07:12
rameshdade: laptop. i'm only using xchat...07:12
wrektNanoDano, honestly i havent bec i dont have any others atm. ive NEVER had issues with this mouse ive had it for years and used it on prev versions no issues07:12
daderamesh: have you tried blowing out the fan slots with a can of air?07:12
daderamesh: is this by chance an HP?07:13
rameshdade... haha.. have not try that. there is some sticky thing at the fan site.. just noticed...07:13
NanoDanowrekt, 1st I'd say try another mouse, 2 try a mouse of a different kind (USB or PS/2) or even just another usb slot?07:13
daderamesh: reason i say so ive seen tons! and TONS of laptops overheating and its cause they have a HUGE dust bunny covering the internal heatsink07:14
PSYK3Dhello everyone07:14
dadeand of course that little laptop fan isnt strong enough07:14
dadehey psyk3d07:14
wrektNanoDano, diff usb slot seems to be working better yay07:15
wrektNanoDano, good thinking07:15
wrekthave to restart be back later07:15
PSYK3Dit this the right place to ask questions when in trouble07:15
NanoDanowrekt, awesome! You know, persoanlly I ruined 1 of my usb slots by spilling water07:15
dadePsyk3d: i asked my problem here :P07:15
rameshdade thanks. i will blow my laptop now...07:15
wrektim gonna have to investiogate this further bec its in the back and never had an issue07:15
daderamesh: let me know im currious now :P07:15
rameshi'll be back07:16
nimbiotics_Hello everyone, im using ubuntu 9.10, with a GeForce 9400 GT and nVidia driver version 185.8.36. Driver is NOT keeping screen resolution configuration between sessions. What can I do? TIA!07:16
NoPartNanoDano, just tried the steps you suggested.  No love, its still not seeing my disk07:16
oshinimbiotics: have you tried nvidia-xconfig?07:16
PSYK3Dmy laptop has ubuntu lucid installed in it, idk why, but it resets speaker output on every reboot07:17
PSYK3Dany idea?07:17
NanoDanoPsyk3d what do you mean resets output? volume?07:17
PSYK3Dit resets it to 007:18
nimbiotics_oshi> never heard of it before, but just tried and got an error message at http://dpaste.com/221648/ ...07:19
NanoDanoPsyk3d: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105008107:19
oshinimbiotics: try sudo nvidia-xconfig07:20
PSYK3Dive tried everything on ubuntu forums07:20
PSYK3Dnothing works :(07:20
PSYK3Di even added alsactl restore in rc.local07:21
erkan^hello, i have a question. My netbook is Samsung N210. Which keyboardmodel can I choose? (I have Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition)07:22
nimbiotics__oshi> same error :(07:22
=== nimbiotics__ is now known as nimbiotics_
KoterpillarHow do I rename the ~/Private directory ecryptfs-utils creates? I want the encryption, etc., but I want another name.07:22
oshinimbiotics: sorry man, dunno then.07:23
cornwallisanyone recommend a password manager?07:23
RealEyesi just installed Ubuntu again, what is the command I'm supposed to run to make sure everthing is installed properly?07:25
RealEyessudo apt- get install ???07:26
Chat2006 yup07:26
NanoDanosudo apt-get update07:26
NanoDanoto make sure you're all up to date07:26
Chat2006 first update07:26
iflema!apt | RealEyes07:27
ubottuRealEyes: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)07:27
RealEyessun java?07:27
RealEyesthat still wont let me download it07:28
RealEyesi need java to work in firefox ...07:28
oshiRealEyes: ubuntu has gone over to openJdk07:28
xanguaRealEyes: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:28
xanguait install openjdk (besides flash, codecs, fonts), that should work fine07:28
RealEyesawesome its working07:29
noboothi, i upgraded ubuntu and now it doesnt boot up :(    it says: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed. no such directory07:30
RealEyeshow do i get compiz working?07:30
abhijitnoboot, you need to update grub07:30
nobootmounting /sys on /root/sys  no such directory07:30
RealEyesthx for the help, guys... btw07:30
rameshdade r u still here?07:30
oshiRealEyes: also do a sudo apt-get install flash-plugin-nonfree07:30
nobootabhijit, how can i do this?07:30
abhijit!grub2 | noboot07:31
ubottunoboot: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:31
oshiRealEyes: to get compiz working you just need to enable it in the appearence app07:31
abhijitnobody, you upgraded which version to which version?07:31
oshiRealeyes: should work if you have video drivers installed07:31
nobootabhijit; how can i upgrade if ubuntu doesnt boot up? is this possible?07:31
RealEyesi do, but its not showing me compiz07:31
abhijitnoboot, , you upgraded which version to which version?07:31
RealEyesi had to run a command before07:31
RealEyesi chose extra but its not showing up07:31
RealEyesyou can tell my rez is all shoddy lol07:32
abhijitnoboot, yes it is possible. you go to recovery menu07:32
abhijit!fixgrub | noboot tryin reinstallin grub07:32
ubottunoboot tryin reinstallin grub: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:32
nobooti get a shell after the error: can i do it from there?07:32
oshiRealEyes: sudo apt-get install gnome-compiz-manager07:32
RealEyesthats the one!07:32
abhijitnoboot, read above msg07:32
rameshafter blowing my laptop fan my cpu temp 46 celcius on idle07:32
nobootok thanks i will read it!07:33
abhijitramesh, how do you blown it?07:33
rameshuse my mouth le....07:33
abhijitramesh, can you come to my home?07:35
Blue1i have a zombie task - nepomukservices -- umn looks like some search crap - how do I turn it off, permanently>?07:36
rameshabhijit why?07:36
xanguaabhijit: stop that please07:36
abhijitramesh, to blown up my laptop fan? :P :D ;)07:36
rameshha ha ha...07:36
abhijit!hi | rena_07:37
ubotturena_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:37
RealEyescompiz install didnt work07:38
PaperBoyguys can any one send me the linux word list file  not sure  it might be in usr/share/dict/words  or usr/dict/words07:38
RealEyesword list?07:38
jtccim bored07:39
thune3Blue1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105281607:39
RealEyesjtcc whatchu wana do?07:39
Niglopwhen you 'restart X' are you restarting the X server or X window system?07:39
PaperBoyyes the word list07:39
PaperBoyany one please?07:39
PaperBoyit has around 96274  last i looked07:40
abhijitI dont have that directory.07:40
thune3Blue1: thread didn't show that directions worked, so it could be wrong.07:40
Blue1thune3: on my way07:40
KoterpillarPaperBoy, sudo apt-get install dictionaries-common07:40
cobalt237I'm trying to install a Brother printer for scanning.  I have printing working, but following their guide, they have path references like /proc/bus/usb that don't exist on ubuntu07:41
PaperBoyKoterpillar: im in windows07:42
CubJohnhey, sometimes, my screen goes complete dim, but I can still barely see what it is on the screen, any idea how to fix this?07:42
barcodei cant get any desktop manager to start :(07:42
rameshcubjohn laptop or pc?07:42
Blue1thune3: there is no "system settings" I can find07:42
barcodecan anyone tell me why startx isnt working :'(07:43
CubJohninspiron 152507:43
cobalt237barcode: Are you getting an error message?07:44
Gimpedbarcode: are you using compiz?07:44
barcodecobalt237 one second lt me get to it07:44
barcodeGimped no sir07:45
woodyjlwI have a ati hd 2600xt.  would other linux OS have better support for ati drivers or older versions of ubunt support it better?07:45
=== clay_ is now known as clayg
Gimpedbarcode: can you do a "killall Xorg" in terminal and restart xorg to wm login screen?07:46
barcode"Mount of filesystem failed. A maintennce shell will b started07:46
barcode"xorg: no process found"07:46
jtcccan someone say jtcc: ... im testing hilight..07:47
thune3Blue1: i've never used kde4, 'system preferences' maybe. This thing http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/kdegnomelucid14.png07:47
Koterpillarjtcc: ... im testing hilight..07:47
Gimpedbarcode: um...does it say which filesystem didnt load?07:47
barcodeGimped no /:07:47
Gimpedbarcode: are you in gnome or kde?07:48
claygwhat is the best router software for ubuntu? i want to turn an old computer into one so i can control how much bandwidth each person uses, this way if i have 200k per second, i can give little johny 50k per second, the wife 50k and of coarse 100 for myself just to be reasonable and prudent07:48
barcodeGimped: gnome07:48
Gimpedbarcode: try rebooting to see if the problem will solve it self on reboot first07:49
barcodeGimped i tried rebooting maybe 100 times its been awhile07:49
woodyjlwanyone know if older versions of ubuntu would support ati cards for gaming?  or is there other linux os that support ati drivers better.  my ati hd2600xt sucks on ubuntu 10.04 only 12 to 20 fps in wow07:49
Koterpillarbarcode, mount -a will complain and give the name of FS. Then, Fsck.07:49
happyfaceclayg: why don't you just put dd-wrt on a router to do that07:50
Koterpillarbarcode, also, just "mount" will list mounted filesystems. You can see which one is missing.07:50
barcode"xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server"07:50
Blue1thune3: I am using gnome07:50
barcodeGimped can i pm you?07:50
FloodBot1barcode: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
clayghappyface, id like to use ubuntu07:51
Gimpedbarcode: sure07:51
Blue1thune3: yeah I don;t use kde...so that's why it made no sense07:51
RealEyesman, my res looks like shit07:52
arquebusI installed a pdf book with synaptic, so how do I access that book? typing its name in the console does nothing07:53
Koterpillararquebus, dpkg -L <whatever you installed>07:53
RealEyeshow do i get my resolution looking better?07:54
arquebusKoterpillar: ok, great thx07:54
RealEyesdo I have to reboot? lol07:54
rena__Any BR there?07:54
KoterpillarRealEyes, system - settings - display?07:54
Archana_RealEyes, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:55
RealEyesno errors07:55
RealEyeswhat did that do?07:55
Archana_RealEyes, Try this :  restart > recovery mode > root > run that command.....07:56
ykayaI have a Toshiba Laptop and the illuminated buttons on the laptop does not work. The buttons are for wireless on-off, play-pause, volume up-down etc. My ubuntu version is 10.04. Has anybody managed to operate these buttons?07:56
abhijithello Archana_07:56
Archana_abhijit, Hi..07:56
abhijitArchana_, may I pm you?07:57
RealEyesmissing job name07:57
Archana_abhijit, yes.07:57
Archana_RealEyes, ?07:57
jg271hi, i'm trying to setup an ext_filter in my apache, i added   'AddType text/haml .haml \n ExtFilterDefine HAML mode=output cmd=/usr/bin/haml intype=text/haml outtype=text/html' to my 'default' vhost, but still, when i click on a '.haml' file the browser tries to download it (the ext_filter doesn't seem to process it), can anyone see what i'm doing wrong here?07:57
RealEyeswhy wont my su password be accepted?07:57
RealEyesdo I have to change it?07:57
colombianHello, is there any way I can limit the virtual memory allocated to a certain process? Say I want to run a C++ program with only 32 MB of heap size07:58
Archana_RealEyes, IS this the account which was created during installatio OR any other account with adminis powers ?07:58
Archana_RealEyes, You have to enter the password 'blindly' .. the dots won't appear.07:58
RealEyesi know07:58
Koterpillarjg271, #httpd?07:58
RealEyesi just created this installation07:58
KoterpillarRealEyes, do you use su?07:59
RealEyesim trying to use su but it wont accept my password07:59
RealEyesim trying: passwd07:59
Archana_RealEyes, why do you want 'su' ?08:00
Archana_RealEyes, just add 'sudo08:00
RealEyeswhy not?08:00
Archana_RealEyes, add sudo in the start of any command to run with admin powers..08:00
RealEyescool i adjusted my monitor08:04
Archana_ykaya, Hi, Try this : http://keytouch.sourceforge.net08:04
RealEyesim at 1440 x 900 now08:04
Archana_RealEyes, B-) I too am.08:04
kschwangfelderNanoDano:  I have returned from booting the LiveCD to see I could create the correct partitions on the undetected hard drive.  When I boot into Ubuntu by CD, I am able to see the drive in the disk tool and make new linux partitions.  However, when I boot the Ubuntu installer, it once again does not see my hard drive08:06
=== kancerman_ is now known as kancerman
arpad2after changing refresh rate, my screen goes black in 10.04, smb for help?08:08
ykayaArchana_, thank you very much. Already tried keytouch but I was not successful.08:13
Archana_ykaya, If no one is answering here, you may try ubuntuforums.org Good luck.08:13
kschwangfelderhi everybody.  based on some earlier advice from NanoDano, I booted the ubuntu 10.4 LiveCD to see if the disk tool could detect my SATA hard drive which the installer refuses to recognize.  the disk tool does see the hard drive and allowed me to create appropriate partitions.  however, when I run the installer, it still only sees a usb stick and external usb drive.  any thoughts on a next possible step?08:13
Archana_kschwangfelder, I too had such problem at my friends. I tried every other trick found on the sites. No use. Maybe you could try wubi... :(08:14
kschwangfelderwubi causes its own set of problems.  it would not load properly, hanging up on not being able to find a proper root directory or something08:15
Flannelkschwangfelder: Check your BIOS settings to make sure you don't have some RAID type stuff going on, also check to make sure your MoBo supports the HDD, you may need to set jumpers to force the drive down to slower speeds/protocols if that's the case08:16
ykayaArchana_, thanks a lot.08:16
Archana_kschwangfelder, Sorry. I wait with full hope that the 10.10 will have fix this problem so that i can install on my friend's computer.08:16
FlannelArchana_: I suggest you check the SATA speeds on his mobo vs the drive08:17
FlannelArchana_: Next time you get a chance, of course :)08:17
kschwangfelderFlannel: I actually already forced it to a lower speed.  it has a working windows xp install on it.08:17
kschwangfelderit's just not visible to Ubuntu installer08:17
Archana_Flannel, Thanks for replyin. =)08:17
kschwangfelderUbuntu booted from live CD does see the drive08:18
kschwangfelderbtw, not that it matters much, but the mobo is asus k8v se deluxe08:18
Archana_Flannel, But ubuntu 9.04 'sees' his partitions on the hard.. but 10.04's installer says unallocated space....08:18
RealEyes"man bash"08:18
arpad2after changing refresh rate, my screen goes black in 10.04, how the fix this?08:19
=== administrivia is now known as Prodego
RealEyesi need help setting up conky lol08:19
valentinexhow to do this from usb disk if i do not have cd rom, sudo apt-cdrom add08:21
collabraanyone know the codec package that will allow me to play wma audio files in ubuntu?08:22
valentinexwas facing this problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55161808:22
valentinexcollabra: i use vlc player, but not sure08:22
collabraI'm trying to use rhythmbox,... and i just need a codec package.08:23
collabraare there any out there?08:23
valentinexcollabra: i think this is for uhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41362408:24
SwedeMikecollabra: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats08:25
Archana_collabra, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:25
SwedeMikecollabra: and for future reference, that was the first hit when googling <ubuntu play wma files>08:25
collabrathankx alot mike,... i just wanted to use the room08:26
collabrai'm sure one of those ideas will work08:26
SwedeMikecollabra: well, in order to help you we used google, so next time you can avoid sitting here saying "anyone, anyone" by trying that out directly.08:27
SwedeMikecollabra: just trying to help you fish by giving you a fishing rod instead of giving you a fish....08:27
Archana_collabra, also install gstreamer plugins from synaptic08:27
Archana_Bllq21, Hi.08:29
collabradon't worry about it mike,... and thanx Archana08:31
Tomashehey guys need some help with installing samba correctly08:31
Tomasheanyone willing to help me out ?08:31
SwedeMike!ask | Tomashe08:32
ubottuTomashe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:32
Bllq21anyone knows something about programing on C++08:32
Tomashei got 64bit server ubuntu and i switch to 32bit08:32
Archana_Tomashe, Have you read this first ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently08:32
Tomasheanyway i made a backup of everything about samab and openvnc08:32
Bllq21i'm trying to make a Hangman game08:33
Tomashewhen i try to restore it its no working correctly08:33
Tomashecould anyone help me .. better in pm since i get confused with all the lines here :)08:33
SwedeMike!details | Tomashe08:34
ubottuTomashe: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:34
Tomashethe problem is that i dont really know what is wrong ... and i'm a f*cking n00b in this08:34
Archana_Tomashe, Don08:34
Tomashedont ?08:35
ertuHi. I was giving xfce a try. While I was browsing through themes it crashed and now I can't log into xfce. Any ideas?08:35
Tomashewould you mind in pm archana?08:35
Archana_Tomashe,  No, i don't know to helo you. sorry. dont = don't talk like that.08:35
Tomasheohh ok :) i just fight with it for few days08:36
Tomashedont know whats the issue08:36
thune3Blue1: sorry for the delay. i assumed you were using kde since nepomukservices seems to be kde related. http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Metadata/Nepomuk/NepomukServices . Do you have some kde installed to run kde apps in ubuntu?08:37
RealEyesgot my shizzz looking exactly like OSX now, but not exactly...08:41
RealEyesit doesnt look like the -latest- snow leopard but, its close.08:41
xibalbahello everyone, i was wondering where i can find out information about the installation options about the type of server you want, such as dns/lamp/mail/etc...i want to know hat each one of these options does08:41
RealEyesi'd like to learn more about the docks you can set up;08:41
DDAZZAHello, I have a Amilo Li2727 and have just put on ubuntu but can't enable wireless to work.  Is there anything I can do or does it only work with windows.08:41
xibalbaanyone know what documentation i would look at to find these things?08:42
arpad2after changing refresh rate, my screen goes black in 10.04, how the fix this?08:42
RealEyesarpad2, lower the refresh rate?08:42
arpad2RealEyes: yes how to do this? i can access only terminal, otherwise screen goes black08:44
RealEyesidk how to do it from terminal08:44
oscargodsonis there anyone that could possibly help with a touchpad issue with a brand new HP Envy? It's got a multi-touch touchpad like MBPs and clicking doesn't work when there are more than 1 finger on the pad, and 2 finger scrolling is grayed out also.08:44
xibalbaany takers to my simple question?08:44
xibalbacan't seem to find the answer via google08:44
Resfirestararpad2, sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup08:47
Resfirestararpad2, then do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:47
Ranakahmorning :D08:48
gen_cornwalliswhat are you trying to figure out xibalba?08:48
Ranakahrun ubuntu in recovery mode08:48
arpad2Resfirestar: thx very much!:) i'll look into this08:48
Ranakahdrop to root shell and08:48
Ranakahsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:48
FloodBot1Ranakah: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:48
thune3xibalba: tasksel is that chooser app. the packages installed are listed in /usr/share/tasksel/ubuntu-tasks.desc see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel08:48
arpad2Ranakah: how to got to root?08:49
Ranakahon boot u push shift key08:49
Ranakahto get a grub menu08:49
Ranakahafter splash screen of bios08:49
AVkrakkleGot a total noob question here.  Been looking all over the internet for a tutorial on how to install my damn sound drivers...08:50
AVkrakkleAnd nothing seems to be working.08:50
xibalbawhat is the app to get the fedora like service program ?08:50
xibalbasysvconfig ?08:50
thune3xibalba: packages aren't listed in that file like I thought.08:50
xibalbai just found it the other day can't remember the name of it suddenyl08:51
AVkrakkleDoes anyone know why the "make" command would give me errors?  I'm following instructions word for word: http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87000108:51
Tomashehow do i print all samba users08:52
iflemaxibalba KPackageKit??08:53
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RealEyeshow do you change your background to cycle through an entire folder?08:54
oscargodsonman, ... i just wish my trackpad worked, everything else works including the weird meta keys on my HP Envy, but not the trackpad...08:55
thune3xibalba: tasksel command has some querying options: "tasksel --list-tasks" to show available tasks. "tasksel --task-packages <selected task>" will show packages that would be installed.08:57
quiescensI don't think people are answering the right question08:58
xibalbaanyone know where bind stores its logs?08:59
xibalbathanks thune308:59
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professor_Ghi all09:02
Sam_FisherHowdy Ya'll09:02
=== Sam_Fisher is now known as Guest27061
xibalbablast i cant see why my bind9 serer wont start up09:03
Guest27061Can't get BenQ flatbed scanner to work. Snapscan:libusb:007 error09:03
Guest27061Installed Xsane09:04
mvki got a 2.6.35 kernel installed from mainline PPA, yesterday was pushed to the kubu 10.04 repos, and my packagemanager said it would ignore them >>09:04
mvkbut now it comes up again, that it has 4 security updates > i dont want to be installed and keep my 2.6.35 kernel, what should i do?09:04
adityaghow to log ssh sessions at server ?09:05
professor_Ghumm good question09:05
professor_Gadityag,  what ubuntu are you useing09:06
adityag professor_G: 10.0409:06
ertumy newbie solution would be to " last >> ssh_log "09:06
professor_Gadityag,  http://www.ubuntux.org/is-there-a-way-to-log-ssh-sessions09:07
professor_Gadityag,  try the link09:08
xibalbahey thune3 , you know how i can get some debugging output from this bind startup script ?09:08
xibalbaroot@zcs:/etc/bind# /etc/init.d/bind9 start09:08
xibalba * Starting domain name service... bind                                                                    [fail]09:08
xibalbathats not super useful :(09:08
adityagprofessor_G:: i want to see the cmds executed by someone whose logged through SSH09:09
xibalbaroot@zcs:/etc/bind# named-checkconf09:09
professor_Gadityag,  oh09:09
xibalbafuckin a wish i knew that 30 minute sago09:09
Chigginshey, how long should it take to format 1.2TB as ext4?09:09
hspaansertu: sudo grep sshd /var/log/auth.log09:10
adityagprofessor_G: any solutions?09:10
Chigginswhat that a semi-serious answer? because its taking years :\09:10
professor_Gadityag,  http://www.blindhog.net/linux-telnet-and-ssh-session-logging/09:11
professor_Gadityag,  any help?09:11
=== mike_ is now known as Guest33798
adityag professor_G: i dont want to log my currently logged sessions. I want log others connected to servers09:12
Chigginsis there a way to safely stop an active disk format?09:12
adityagi want to see the cmds executed by some1 connected to my server via SSH09:13
RealEyesdont let anyone ssh in!09:13
RealEyesadityag ...09:13
Tomashedamn guys please help me :(09:13
RealEyesgo to terminal and type 'history'09:13
hspaansadityag: turn on accounting09:13
RealEyescopy/paste that into pastebin.org09:13
adityag hspaans: how?09:13
adityagRealEyes: he's solving my problem09:14
professor_Gadityag,  ahh http://bashcurescancer.com/run_remote_commands_with_ssh.html09:14
hspaansadityag: your google is broken? search for "linux accounting" of "linux acct"09:15
professor_Gadityag,  any joy?09:15
sunk8could use some help guys. My internet connection works only in Windows and openSUSE. Not even on the Ubuntu Live cd. I can ping websites, but cant surf them... :-(09:15
sandkingcan someone please help me how can i connect to a shared directory on a windows pc?09:16
professor_Gsunk8,  is your web browser installed ok09:16
professor_Gsandking,  ssh?09:16
ertui know this is kind of irrelevant with ubuntu but..  I was giving xfce a try. While I was browsing through themes it crashed and now I can't log into xfce. Any ideas?09:17
sunk8professor_G, yes sir. I cant even install updates. Just pinging okay.09:17
sandkingprofessor_G: i need only to copy files over the lan09:17
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:17
vu1kani've got a netgear wnr834bv2 that got reset to factory defaults, when i plug an ethernet cable into it, my ubuntu doesn't even see that i've got a viable ethernet connection...i went into network connections and set everything to automatic, and it still won't connect to the router's config...any suggestions as to why this is?09:17
sandkingand i enabled sharing and i even see the workgroup09:17
sandkingoh wait09:17
sandkingit needed some more time to connect09:18
professor_Gsunk8,  does your internet say local only?09:18
vu1kanit was working fine before the reset09:19
xibalbaanyone here good w/bind ?09:19
xibalbai'm struggling w/such a newb thing09:19
professor_Gxibalba,  i had the same thing09:19
xibalbadoes someone mind helping me out here and taking a look09:20
sunk8professor_G, local only, where? I have an ethernet cable connected. I created a PPPoE connection. It connects fine and opens up just one page.... google.com Am not sure if it's picking that up from just cache...09:20
xibalbai just need it to resolve 1 domain, zcs.lethalnetworks.com, so i can install Zimbra09:20
xibalbaVery Simple, I've done DNS on freebsd a bunch of times. dunno why i'm struggling so hard09:20
sunk8professor_G, I have a valid ip address, checked thro ifconfig09:20
xibalbaprofessor_G , if you take a look i'd appreciate it09:20
professor_Gsunk8, in windows does it say (hover over wireles/signal meater) say local only09:21
Gryllidahow do I add user to sudoers group in bash?09:21
xibalbaGryllida , try sudoedit09:22
xibalbaprofessor_G , i know i'm missing something simple09:22
suprengrsunk8: you are describing awhat sounds like a driver problem09:22
sunk8professor_G, I am using Windows XP. So there was a Local Area Connection already... That's my ethernet cable. Created a PPPoE connection  and it works fine...09:23
thune3Gryllida: not sure of command line, need to add group "admin" to user09:23
randy_Gryllida: yeah, the admin group has 'sudo' priveleges according to the default sudo policy09:23
hspaansGryllida: sudo usermod -a -g admin LOGINNAME09:23
hspaanssudo usermod -a -G admin LOGINNAME09:23
hspaanssorry, you need the second one09:24
randy_Gryllida: even easier, you can just add them to that group from user admin in the menus09:24
professor_Gxibalba,  do you mind me pming you?09:24
sunk8suprengr, driver problem? the kernels of both Ubuntu and openSUSE are the same. I wonder what's wrong.09:24
xibalbaprofessor_G , not at all go ahead09:25
xibalbaon aim or irc ?09:25
xibalbaxibalbasd on aim09:25
noboothi, i updated ubuntu and now it wont boot. i got a suggestion to reinstall grub from livecd. i am now trying this.. but when i do sudo grub-install ..(args here),  i get a warning: warn: "Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR.  This is a BAD idea.."09:25
nobootshould i continue anyway?09:25
suprengrseveral users have had identical problem... all ok up to 9.04 then in 9.10 - exactly as described by yourself.   See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/49299009:25
noboot/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and its use is discouraged..09:25
xibalbaah i just fixed it09:25
Gimpednoboot: no dont continue...=/09:26
suprengrsunk8: several users have had identical problem... all ok up to 9.04 then in 9.10 - exactly as described by yourself.   See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/49299009:26
arpad2Ranakah: sudo dpkg-reconfigure ... didnt work09:26
biharimy office system did not permit in between two systems09:26
biharii have a linksys router in between09:26
professor_Gxibalba, irc09:26
biharii am configuring but it says searching, trying and is not happening09:26
sunk8professor_G, suprengr plz take a look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152593409:26
sunk8suprengr, nope. That person had a wireless. probably a propereitry driver. I am using rj45 ethernet cable.09:27
professor_Gsunk8,  i see your issue now09:27
hspaanssunk8: do you have a firewall running?09:28
Gimpednoboot: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-24113.html <<< try that09:28
biharican any one help me09:28
arpad2after refresh rate change, screen goes black in 10.04, any suggestions what to do?09:28
sunk8hspaans, no sir. nothing other than the sweet iptables. But I can ping the sites, so i dont think there should be a problem, rite?09:29
biharimy office system did not permit in between two systems09:29
biharii have a linksys router in between09:29
biharii am configuring but it says searching, trying and is not happening09:29
FloodBot1bihari: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:29
hspaanssunk8: turn it off09:29
hspaanssunk8: most likely you have broken pMTU discovery09:29
nobootGimped, why doesnst grub-install install itself in the MBR?09:29
suprengrprofessor_G: cheers mate09:30
sunk8hspaans, pMTU?09:30
sunk8hspaans, could you plz translate it into nooby english?09:30
Gimpednoboot: not sure, should ask the devs that question =)09:30
nobootGimped, ooh i picked /dev/sda  in stead of /dev/sda1 now.. and that works!09:31
hspaanssunk8: turn iptables off, drop all rules and try again09:31
nobooti wonder whats the difference09:31
nobootgonna try a reboot09:32
tr33m4nsurely you'd install grub to mbr of /dev/sda?09:32
tr33m4noh wait09:32
tr33m4nu said that09:32
Gimpednoboot: gratz =)09:32
nobooti dont know what sda or sda1 mean09:32
sunk8okay, ill be back soon. gotta reboot. same comp. ;-)09:32
sunk8hspaans, okay, ill be back soon. gotta reboot. same comp. ;-)09:32
Gimpednoboot: sda = soft drive something 109:32
AVkrakklequick question: how do i tell my sound card to use snd-ctxfi instead of snd-hda-intel?09:32
Gimpednoboot:  i think09:33
hspaanssunk8: reboot? why09:33
nobooti'll google it09:33
arpad2after refresh rate change, screen goes black in 10.04, any suggestions what to do?09:33
nobooti could use some extra knowlegde:)09:33
nobootoh, sda1 means partition 1 on sda09:33
Gimpednoboot: yeap something like that =P09:34
RealEyesi cant get root access09:34
RealEyeswhat is the default p word?09:34
tr33m4nRealEyes, try doing sudo before your command, the default password is your password09:34
tr33m4nie, your user password09:35
tr33m4nif your trying to log on as root from gdm, that's not gonna work09:35
tr33m4nyou could enable the account, however it's not recommended09:35
Cheeryhi. could you propose a small webserver that I could use simply by starting it in directory where I've got the contents I want to put up?09:36
Cheerythere's no other http servers on my system09:36
tFFRealEyes, u may login as a default user then "sudo su -" to become root09:37
tFFthe root's pass is the same as for the default user09:37
Cheeryalso, could someone FINALLY update the chromium-browser to newest version from that old version 5?09:37
tr33m4nCheery, have a look at lighttpd, might be what you need09:38
tFFRealEyes, yeah, and u gonna do this from terminal09:38
vu1kani've got a netgear wnr834bv2 that got reset to factory defaults, when i plug an ethernet cable into it, my ubuntu doesn't even see that i've got a viable ethernet connection...i went into network connections and set everything to automatic, and it still won't connect to the router's config; it was working fine before the reset...any suggestions as to why this is?09:38
xibalbaprofessor_G , is that something you offer here regularly? remote linux support via ssh?09:38
Wintermute_Hi all! :)09:38
Wintermute_Small question regarding system update...09:38
tr33m4nalso to update chromium I added the repositories found in Ubuntu Tweak09:38
Wintermute_What are updates that are not security updates?09:39
tr33m4nI get the daily builds09:39
CheeryWintermute_: they are other updates09:39
CheeryWintermute_: simple eh?09:39
CheeryWintermute_: it ought read somewhere unless that feature is broken.09:39
hspaansWintermute_: little bugfixes that needed to be fixed due to broken functionality or experience09:39
Wintermute_Cheery: Ahhh09:40
AVkrakklehow can i tell my soundcard what drivers to use?  every site i go to says system>preferences>sound but I'm not seeing any options for ALSA09:40
Wintermute_Cheery: Ok. But it don't change version of the package itself correct?09:40
professor_Gxibalba,  no moastley by controlling thir computer (moving the mouse .etc)09:40
Wintermute_Cheery: Like, ubuntu 10.04 will use php 5.3 forever correct?09:40
CheeryWintermute_: depends.09:41
tr33m4nWintermute: you can downgrade to 5.2, I had to do that for a successful Drupal installation09:41
Wintermute_Cheery: on what?09:41
Cheerythere's minor updates and then there's major updates09:41
Cheerymajor updates break backwards compatibility at least partially09:41
ussahelp please how can i install messenger on ubuntu09:41
RealEyesdo you guys know how to get 'sensors' on your panel?09:41
Wintermute_tr33m4n: You can run drupal now on 5.3 :P09:41
Cheeryussa: install pidgin internet client09:41
tr33m4nussa, what sort of messenger?09:41
RealEyeswhen I try to add and search for it, nothing comes up09:41
hspaansussa: start empathy09:41
tr33m4nWintermute: true, but many plugins don't worj09:41
Wintermute_Cheery: Ok, but major upgrades are only from major version changes (like from 09.10 to 10.04)09:42
hspaansussa: it support microsoft messanger / communicator09:42
CheeryWintermute_: minor updates fix little things that are just unspecced or wrong behavior.09:42
Wintermute_Cheery: But it should not change the version of the software it self...09:43
tFFRealEyes, what kinda sesors? cpu, mem, network, disk - just add system monitor applet09:43
Wintermute_Cheery: Lets say that my app works with apache2.209:43
CheeryWintermute_: it does. That's really important anyway.09:43
sunk8hspaans, I'm back. No go.09:43
RealEyestFF: thats not the right one.09:44
sunk8hspaans, firewall is not an issue.09:44
tFFRealEyes, add system monitor applet to the panel09:44
CheerySay the user is having an old version of the software, that's going to be visible from version number if it gets updated whenever fixes arrive.09:44
Wintermute_Cheery: And then, one day... I just run a plain apt-get upgrade to apply security fixes and it change my apache to 2.3???09:44
Wintermute_Cheery: This is not the expected behaviour I guess...09:44
tFFRealEyes, and the choose sensors u want09:44
CheeryWintermute_: the major version number ought not change without user intervention, of course.09:44
tFFRealEyes, *then09:44
sunk8By the way a really weird thing happened... I can search through the google search bar through firefox. But I installed opera, so it's not a browser issue.09:45
sunk8hspaans, By the way a really weird thing happened... I can search through the google search bar through firefox. But I installed opera, so it's not a browser issue.09:45
Cheerythat's the case with python, (2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 are all different packages)09:45
rumbertIn APT preferences, how can a package source such as Ubuntu release or 'security update' be preferred?09:45
tFFRealEyes, i assume u r in gnome09:45
Wintermute_Cheery: I think it should change to <same_distro_main_version_package>-ubuntu<revision> no?09:45
RealEyesyes i am09:45
Wintermute_Cheery: Ok... thanks! :) so no security update are actually functionality fixes :D09:46
Wintermute_Cheery: thanks!! :)09:46
CheeryWintermute_: that's the case. Though there are minor and major version numbers.09:46
Cheeryand the versioning is bit different on every program anyway.09:47
Wintermute_Cheery: I guess the minor can change, but it don't brake backward compatibility09:47
Cheerythough if features change during the run of version number, that version change should be major.09:47
RealEyeswhat is that terminal command to update restriced packages or something?09:47
Wintermute_Cheery: Good... Thanks!09:47
Wintermute_Cheery: See ya09:48
CheeryThere's one exception though.09:48
Cheeryoh. he left already.09:48
arpad2after refresh rate change, screen goes black in 10.04, any suggestions what to do?09:48
Cheerywell, maybe he understands that if software update doesn't break backwards compatibility, it's discussable whether major version number change is required.09:48
RealEyesarpad2, someone just had that same problem...09:49
spungoarpad2: yeah, I suggest you leave the refresh rate as it was. *chortle*09:49
thune3sunk8: is it an mtu issue anyway? does "ping wikipedia.org" work and "ping -s 1472 wikipedia.org" not work?09:49
asktobyJust recently installed the latest Ubuntu. When I was first using it, the envelope in the tray would turn green occasionally.09:50
rumbertI think it would be something with Pin: release a=??????  What are the values for Ubuntu?  is different than debian.09:50
asktobyPresumably to let me know of new mails and broadcasts. Not any more! Any idea why?09:50
X-Raimohello, I compiled new kernel using make bzImage modules modules_install install. But there's no initrd file. Why? And how to create it?09:51
hspaansrumbert: the backend is the same09:51
tr33m4nrumpert: release a=Lucid/Karmic etc09:51
arpad2spungo: how to do this?09:52
tFFRealEyes, 1 more thing. are u using une lucid or desktop one?09:53
RealEyeshow do i tell?09:53
RealEyesI just put in: sudo apt-get install sensors-applet vlc09:53
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tFFRealEyes, is a ver for netbook version or generic for desktop?09:53
tFFRealEyes, typos, sorty09:54
tFFsorry )09:54
tr33m4ndoes anyone else find that when updating server 10.04 sometimes /usr/bin/<command> gets their priveledges removed? after an update I found apt-get without any at all! had to chmod09:55
RealEyesim on a desktop09:55
RealEyeswant to read my terminal?09:55
RealEyesI can pastebin...09:55
tFFRealEyes, have u succeeded with your sensors?09:55
RealEyesNo sensors found!09:55
noboothi, i upgraded ubuntu and now it doesnt boot up. i did grub-install from live-cd and now i just get a grub prompt at reboot. What should i do?09:55
hspaanstr33m4n: create a bugreport09:56
tr33m4nnoboot: did you specify the root partition for the grub-install?09:56
noboottr33m4n, yes09:56
tr33m4nhspaans: good idea09:56
tFFRealEyes, just press right mouse on your panel and "add to panel" "system monitor" applet. that's it09:56
nobootsudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/dddddd  /dev/sda109:56
nobootlike that09:56
nobootit said it was successful09:57
RealEyestFF its not working09:57
rumberthspaans: the valid values are different.  For Debian, it would be 'stable'09:57
tr33m4nnoboot: try doing it to /dev/sda rather than /dev/sda109:57
tFFRealEyes, how come? what do you mean by?09:57
nobootoh sorry, i did it with /dev/sda09:57
nobootnot 109:57
hspaansrumbert: no09:57
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rumbertnoboot: install package mbr and put it on your MBR09:58
RealEyestFF: read my terminal, I'll pastebin it09:58
rumberthspaans: what do you mean?09:58
noboothow do i put it on my MBR?09:58
tr33m4nnoboot: when you upgraded did you upgrade grub as well? you might be using grub-legacy09:58
hspaansrumbert: you put in a release name and stable is only an alias09:59
nobootit says grub 1.98 (thats the new one, i think) in the grub prompt i get at boot up09:59
rumbertnoboot: I do not remember.  I found out from the included documentation, which would be in /usr/share/doc/mbr .09:59
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rumberthspaans: no longer.  The release name, like 'squeeze' or 'woody' is no longer valid.09:59
rumbertnoboot: you put grub on the partition, right?  something needs to run from the MBR to pass off the boot to the partition10:00
hspaansrumbert: woody isn't part of the report, but squeeze is10:00
nobootrumbert, how do i do that? probably not10:00
hspaansrumbert: and squeeze just runs fine here10:00
rumberthspaans: I don't know what you mean by report.  But both are release names.10:00
nobootrumbert, it gives a grub prompt at boot-up.. doesnt that mean grub is installed somewhere?10:01
tr33m4nnoboot: you may have to chroot into your installation from a live cd and issue update-grub10:01
hspaansrumbert: they need to be release names that are part of the repositories you're using and woody is not been part of the repo for a long time now10:01
rumbertnoboot: yes, but is that grub remnant from former install and you have 2 grub installs?10:01
Aruzsi_Hi There! rdesktop without window frame is a bug or a feature? Looks like a window without window manager.10:02
rumbertnoboot: i see you said it is new version10:02
nobooti just did update-grub and it repaired something10:03
rumbertnoboot: what you need to do depends on whether you installed grub most recently to MBR or partition.10:03
rumbertnoboot: that is best.  try it10:03
AVkrakklehow can i tell my soundcard what driver to use?  i'm trying to switch my X-Fi from the default to snd_ctxfi10:03
tr33m4nnoboot: i'd recommend booting live cd again, select boot from first hard disk, and issue grub-install from installation rather than live cd10:04
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tr33m4nnoboot: wait, grub-update even10:04
noboothow do i select boot from first hard disk?10:04
swjHi all!10:04
nobootim in a live cd right now10:04
tr33m4nnoboot: there should be an option on the menu that appears when you boot the live cd10:04
tr33m4nnoboot: you'll have to restart10:05
nobooti dont think i got an option10:05
nobooti'll try it now10:05
tr33m4nnoboot: ok10:05
stanley_robertsohi all10:05
stanley_robertsohi swaj10:05
livo1AVkrakkle: SB0910?10:06
swjwho is from Ukraine?10:07
hspaansinternet2007137: try #ubuntu-cn10:07
Neno_q8hi i have problem with java , http://pastebin.com/Eiw4eSWh10:07
AVkrakklelivo1: I'm going to guess, no.... what are you referring to?10:07
AVkrakklelivo1: I just installed Ubuntu yesterday, keep in mind.  Never used Linux before.10:08
rumbertNeno_q8: looks like perhaps probem with application packaging10:08
livo1internet2007137: 请加入 乌班图中文irc频道。 #ubuntu-cn10:08
AVkrakkleCreative Labs [SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio] CA0110-IBG10:08
zlclhi - using 10.04. having external monitor connected to laptop, I can't hit 'apply' in the Monitor Preferences screen (It doesn't do anything).10:08
mvki got a mainline ppa kernel installed, but now ubu wants to install a new kernel from ubu repos10:09
mvkhow do i prevent this from happening?10:09
Sheepherdhi guys im trying to install openusb but i keep getting following error with "./configure": http://paste.pocoo.org/show/241476/ i tried to reinstall pkg-config but it didnt change anything10:09
hspaansmvk: put it on hold10:09
mvkhspaans: ?10:09
swjto zlcl: you must find drivers for your vodeo10:09
caachey guys, how can I retrieve data from a .img file?10:10
zlclswj: cheers.10:10
hspaansmvk: you need to put those packages on hold10:10
arpad2after refresh rate change, screen goes black in 10.04, any suggestions what to do?10:10
livo1AVkrakkle: USB sound card or a PCI?10:10
tr33m4ncaac: should be able to open it with the archive manager10:10
Neno_q8hi i have problem with java , http://pastebin.com/Eiw4eSWh10:10
mvkhspaans: how?10:10
caackk tr33m4n10:10
hspaansmvk: see the apt-get how manual10:10
AVkrakklelivo1: PCI10:10
zlclswj: are these present in the default repository ?10:11
sheos123de colombia  como estas10:11
AVkrakklelivo1: I know ALSA supports it.  I just need to tell it to use the ALSA drivers.10:11
RealEyesbye #ubuntu lol10:11
caactr33m4n: it says "The file is of an unknown type" when I double-click it10:11
hspaanscaac: it depends on the layout. if it is an iso then file-roller can do it for you10:11
AVkrakklelivo1: I just don't know the command, and I can't find it anywhere.10:11
hspaansarpad2: don't change your refresh rate10:11
swjto zlcl: no. but try to look at the device manufacturer10:12
caachspaans: a guy told me it was a backup, 'cause I'll need to reformat my flash drive10:12
arpad2hspaans: unfortunately I ve already done it :(10:12
livo1AVkrakkle: Official website should provide a sound card driver10:12
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hspaanscaac: file <filename>10:13
AVkrakklelivo1: I read that it's no longer necessary with the ALSA drivers.10:13
=== zz_thyri0n is now known as thyri0n
caacerror :/10:13
caacthe file has a lock icon on it though10:14
AVkrakklelivo1: The card says it's using snd-hda-intel, though.10:14
caacso I'll try to open it as root10:14
hspaansarpad2: try the xrandr command10:14
tr33m4ncaac: you could use the dd command to extract its contents10:14
AVkrakklelivo1: How do I tell it to use snd-ctxfi?10:14
caactr33m4n: how?10:14
tr33m4ncaac: or mount the img, then copy the contents10:14
hspaanscaac: that means it is or read-only or not readable for you10:15
livo1AVkrakkle: If not, then change the system - preferences - sound - the hardware, the following configuration file options10:15
arpad2hspaans : ok10:15
caacso I'll open it as root?10:15
abhijithello guys whats up?10:15
tr33m4ncaac: mount -a -o ro,loop image.img /media/image10:15
swjto  zlcl: also seek to i-net may already have someone like that and someone laid drv10:15
caactr33m4n: I only got a flash drive10:15
caacwhich is messed up10:15
livo1AVkrakkle: system - preferences - sound - the hardware, the following configuration file options10:16
froudHi, Ubuntu 9.10. What package(s) must I install in order to get a CUPS Development Environment so that I can make from src?10:16
caacI tried opening it as root, it still gives me the error: The file is of an unknown type10:16
AVkrakklelivo1: I'm looking at the Hardware tab right now.  The only option is "Profile."10:16
tr33m4nfroud: sudo apt-get build-dep <packagename>10:17
hspaanscaac: what does file <filename> say when you run it as root?10:17
caachspaans: does it require a sudo?10:18
livo1AVkrakkle: 你的系统版本是什么?10:18
ertui know this is kind of irrelevant with ubuntu but..  I was giving xfce a try. While I was browsing through themes it crashed and now I can't log into xfce. Any ideas?10:18
caachspaans: dump.img: data10:19
caacoCean_: hey!!10:19
oCean_caac: hi10:19
caacoCean_: after 12h, it finally finished creating the dump.img :D10:19
froudtr33m4n: thx10:19
hspaanscaac: how did you create it?10:19
livo1AVkrakkle: Your system version?10:19
tr33m4nfroud: no worries :)10:19
AVkrakklelivo1: You mean like.... OS version?10:19
caachspaans: a dd command, can't remember, I'll ask10:20
livo1AVkrakkle: yes10:20
caacoCean_: how can I retrieve the data from the file?10:20
AVkrakklelivo1: 10.0410:20
AVkrakklelivo1: Lol, what was with the Chinese?10:20
oCean_caac: wow. That's a looong time. However, copying the image to another image should be lots quicker10:20
oCean_caac: well, there is the challenge :)10:20
caacEnglish please10:21
oCean_caac: the problem is, that the image file is not really a blockdevice, so it won't play nice with partitions10:21
abhijitertu, try in #xubuntu10:21
livo1AVkrakkle: I am also, but I have just told you the options10:21
ertuabhijit, alright thanks10:22
AVkrakklelivo1: Hmm... I keep reading the same thing, but I don't see anything on that tab but Profile.10:22
livo1AVkrakkle: Oh, I am Chinese, and English is not good, where you can be certain of the exercises.10:22
oCean_caac: the dump is merely a backup, just in case. If we can come up with a solution, you would be able to try that on the real device, but maybe someone can come up with anything you could try on the image file (I haven't yet)10:22
AVkrakklelivo1: Ah.  Cool.10:23
caacoh, so the dump can be used after I reformatted my flash drive?10:23
oCean_caac: anyway, you could try a 'mount -o loop /path/to/image.img /mnt' and see if any errors show up10:23
livo1AVkrakkle: thx10:23
llutzcaac: thats an image of a raw-drive? use losetup with offset option to mount it/access data10:23
lukas_xxHi all, I have a problem with install nvidia drivers, especially with a package nvidia-settings. There is Depends: screen-resolution-extra (<= 0.11). In repository I have only screen-resolution-extra 0.13. Do you know a solution how can I install nvidia-settings. Thanks a lot for your help.10:24
caacoCean_ and llutz, don't confuse me lol10:24
caacwhat should I do?10:24
oCean_llutz: any ideas? the original device seemed to have lost its partitiontable10:24
oCean_caac: try the mount command first? No harm in that10:24
ski_Also it depend have you make dd of ex. /dev/sda or /dev/sda110:25
livo1AVkrakkle: Your sound card may not be supported. Ubuntu's support for some hardware is not very good. Especially in the many factory and did not develop the appropriate driver under linux. What you are to use sound recording?10:25
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caacoCean_: mount: you must specify the filesystem type10:26
AVkrakklelivo1: I'm using a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio.10:26
oCean_caac: try adding -t vfat ?10:26
llutzoCean_: i havent read all. its an image of a drive which lost partition-table and he wants to restore that table? dd if=file.img of=/dev/sdX count=110:26
=== zz_thyri0n is now known as thyri0n
AVkrakklelivo1: I read that it is now supported with ALSA.10:26
llutzcaac: http://tinyurl.com/rawimage10:27
AVkrakklelivo1: But it wants to use the HDA Intel drivers for some reason.  I don't know how to tell it to use ALSA.10:27
hspaanscaac: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery10:27
CheeryI look for a small httpd I could run from command line to test a small static web-app10:27
oCean_llutz: the usbdrive had apparently lost its partitiontable. Just to make sure he dd the device to an image on disk, that way creating a backup on disk. Partitiontable is still not there10:28
ski_if dd has been done like dd if=/dev/sdX ... there is also partition table on dump.10:28
Cheerylovelyfully all apps I found just are horrible >:Ö10:28
caacllutz: I'll do "dd if=dump.img of=/dev/sdb count=1"10:28
oCean_caac: I don't see how that would restore the partition table10:28
llutzcaac: stop, i misread your problem10:28
hspaanscaac: see the page as partition tables can be recovered (read guessed)10:28
caacoh ok10:28
ravibnHi! I am unable to print on Karmic 9.10 The printer setup seems to be alright10:28
oCean_caac: you re-tried the mount with -t vfat ?10:28
caacadd - t vfat to the end, k10:29
abhijit!printer | ravibn10:29
ubotturavibn: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows10:29
livo1AVkrakkle: Your sound card and the same as my. But I is USB interface, can be used directly. The default is ALSA.10:29
caacoCean_: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,10:29
caac       missing codepage or helper program, or other error10:29
caac       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try10:29
caac       dmesg | tail  or so10:29
Benkinoobyhmmm, i am trying to get automount for usb's running on my system (ubuntu 10.04, fluxbox gui), but on the ubuntuwebsite i didn't see any usefull information and other forums are far outdated. what processes are required to run to get a successful auto mount? when i plug in a pendrive, it get a window telling me "unable to mount [pendrivename]. not authorized". so it lloks like automount is up and running, but my permissions are f**** up. where can i10:29
FloodBot1caac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:29
Benkinoobystart to search for the problem?10:29
caacoh dear, sorry10:29
AVkrakklelivo1:  Hmm... I don't know what to do, then.  It's not using the ALSA drivers.10:30
ravibnabhijit : all the setup seems to be ok. When I print from any doc it does create a job and the printer head also moves but no characters are printed10:30
llutzcaac: try using "testdisk" to recover the partitions10:30
abhijitravibn, dunno10:30
caacllutz: tried that, analyze and deeper analyze gave me shit10:30
livo1AVkrakkle: You can try to post on the forum. I found that people who use linux very enthusiastic.10:30
Jibadeehais it possible to install ubuntu to an usb memory stick so i can use it on various laptops - sort of like a portable installation10:31
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution10:31
oCean_caac: llutz might have a good point there. You can install "testdisk" from repository10:31
AVkrakklelivo1:  Cool.  I'll try that.  Thank you.10:31
ravibnthis is a very strange printer problem I am facing with this printer HP deskjet f30010:31
livo1AVkrakkle: Maybe try other sound card drivers to support the sound card can be used.10:31
caacit's installed10:31
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livo1AVkrakkle: Because a lot of hardware drivers in linux under essentially the same way. The sound card I can use many types of driving.10:32
AVkrakklelivo1: I noticed.  I just wish I knew how to do something as basic as pick which one it uses.10:33
llutzcaac: you can try "gpart" too for partition-recovery10:34
livo1AVkrakkle: Synaptic Software Manager.10:34
ravibnI have a strange help with my printer HP deskjet F300 any help is appreciated10:34
slidinghorn!ask | ravibn - :)10:34
ubotturavibn - :): Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:34
llutzcaac: gpart10:34
tr33m4nravibn: what's the problem?10:34
livo1AVkrakkle: Flexible use of search function.10:34
caackk, installing10:34
AVkrakklelivo1: Hmmm.... Nice!10:35
ravibntr334n : I have the printer setup alright when I print from any document it creates a print Q job10:35
oCean_caac: as for the testdisk part, from the manualpage is seems to work with imagefiles too. llutz might correct me here, but I think a "testdisk /path/to/image.img" should get things started10:35
ravibntr334n : also it prints on the printer10:35
ravibntr334n : that is it moves the printer head and paper but no characters are printed10:36
llutzoCean_: this kind of recovery always should be done from images, never from real devices10:36
caacso I'll do oCean_'s command10:36
ravibntr334n : only a blank sheet is ejected10:36
oCean_llutz: understood10:36
ravibntr33m4n : so what do you think abt this problem ?10:37
tr33m4nravibn: try printing an ubuntu test page from the printer manager10:37
ak-48hi all :D10:37
livo1AVkrakkle: Oil10:37
tr33m4nravibn: if that works then it's not your printer10:37
AVkrakklelivo1: What's that?10:37
tr33m4nravibn: the printers not your problem that is10:38
caacProceed or sudo?10:38
livo1AVkrakkle: Refueling........10:38
ravibntr33m4n :  where is this printer manager10:38
AVkrakklelivo1: Refueling with what?10:38
oCean_caac: don't think sudo is needed, if so, you'll get an error message soon enough10:38
PeterNLHi, my wifi connection sometimes disconnects, and I can't reconnect unil I reboot. Atheros AR928X PCIe adapter (ath9k) on 9.10 32bit10:39
oCean_caac: if the imagefile is owned by your user, that is10:39
ravibntr33m4n : ????10:39
caacwell it says "Note: Some disks won't appear unless you are root user."10:39
livo1AVkrakkle: Buttoned your sound card.10:39
tr33m4nravibn: currently using the dreaded XP... at a guess I'd say System>Preferences? or maybe Administration10:39
caacit's root10:39
caacso I'll do sudo10:39
AVkrakklelivo1: What does that mean?10:39
PeterNLravibn: system>administration>printing10:39
tr33m4nPeterNL: thanks :p10:39
caacgonna disconnect, brb10:40
ravibntr33m4n : that is only printer configuration10:40
livo1AVkrakkle: Ha  ha ha, that is, you need to find the driver as soon as possible so that  your sound card to work together, so that your efforts mean.10:40
AVkrakklelivo1: Oh, I see.10:40
PeterNLHi, my wifi connection sometimes disconnects, and I can't reconnect unil I reboot. I do have this problem with any network. Atheros AR928X PCIe adapter (ath9k) on 9.10 32bit10:41
ravibntr33m4n : I used win XP to print on the same printer and it does the job so there is no problem with the printer at all10:41
tr33m4nravibn: there should be an option to print a test page in the printer preferences (sorry, I'm currently using XP, therefore don't have my ubuntu install to reference)10:41
livo1AVkrakkle: Chinese and English speech patterns of difference.10:41
erUSULPeterNL: enything in dmesg when it disconnects ?10:41
tr33m4nravibn: oh ok10:41
AVkrakklelivo1: Ha ha, I understand.  Your English is very good, though.10:41
tr33m4nravibn: what exactly are you trying to print?10:41
PeterNLMaybe... I'll try to look in older syslogs if I can find something10:42
ravibntr33m4n : any document you take and print it just ejects a blank page after moving the printer head10:42
erUSULPeterNL: also install this package ( newer drivers ) linux-backports-modules-wireless-karmic-generic10:42
PeterNLerUSUL: I'll try that10:43
tr33m4nravibn: try deleting the printer from the print manager, and add it again10:43
caac1oCean_: partition table > intel?10:45
ravibntr33m4n : I hv given the print the test page let me see what comes out10:45
=== caac1 is now known as caac
ravibntr33m4n : in the printer Q it displays as processing10:47
caacoCean_: you there?10:49
ravibntr33m4n : it completed the printing job but a blank paper10:51
caacoCean_: nvm, I chose Intel, I'll do analyze now10:52
oCean_caac: back. But i have no experience in using testdisk.. I just saw some examples, seems to provide possibility to analyse?10:54
caacanalyzing atm oCean_10:54
caacseems to work10:54
caacI'll continue10:54
sawsereqwa hi all, i'm about to install some form of Linux on a new laptop, I've never used 64bit Linux and i'm now wondering whether it's time to switch.  Any thoughts on hardware/drivers with 32 vs 64. any other aspects I should consider ?   It's a W510 Thinkpad with an i7 CPU10:54
caacor wait, should I do "load backup"?10:55
om26ersawsereqwa, +1 for 64bit10:55
oCean_caac: really don't know. Would that be a backup of the partitiontable? could be10:55
abhijit!64 | sawsereqwa10:55
ubottusawsereqwa: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.10:55
caacidk ><10:55
caacllutz: you there?10:55
sawsereqwaye i know they're supported, but are the repos the same, are the drivers as good etc..10:56
icerootsawsereqwa: 64bit working fine now10:56
sawsereqwai'll probably be putting xubuntu10:56
ravibnsawsereqwa : Hi! none of the Ubuntu disto worked on my laptop10:56
Tomashewondering .. there is a way to install gui on my ubuntu server 10.4?10:56
abhijitsawsereqwa, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit10:56
icerootsawsereqwa: repos are the same (adrress) but its using amd64/all instead of i386/all10:56
Tomasheif yes .. how10:56
PeterNLerUSUL: http://pastebin.com/cvkKeiF810:56
icerootTomashe: sure10:56
abhijitTomashe, sudo apt-get install ubuntu10:56
sawsereqwaabhijit, thanks10:56
HarrySWhich way is the "cleanest" way to upgrade Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04? It's on a customer's remote box, and I wish to upgrade it via ssh, but I also wish to minimise any potential problems that I would need to drive over and fix. I would also prefer for the user to not notice any changes after the upgrade if possible.10:56
icerootTomashe: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:56
abhijitTomashe, sudo apt-get install ubuntu -desktop10:57
oCean_caac: did it display any partition layout yet?10:57
ravibnsawsereqwa : on a core i7 cpu u need a kernel with i686 kernel so none of the Ubuntu downloads that are available currently work with core i710:57
caacdunno oCean_ ><, I'm a newbie10:57
icerootHarryS: the normal upgrade,way but remeber this10:57
iceroot!controls | HarryS10:57
ubottuHarryS: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side10:57
ravibnsawsereqwa : this is my first hand experience10:57
caacI'll pm10:57
Tomashe-desktop is unknown somehting like that10:57
sawsereqwaiceroot, i mean does it take longer to package 64bit programs/is it harder. should i expect the same programs available as easily.  will it be harder for me to compile stuff that isn't in the repos ?  say I need libxyz10:58
abhijitTomashe, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:58
icerootsawsereqwa: its the same10:58
abhijitTomashe, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop for kde10:58
HarrySiceroot: "normal upgrade"? I thought there are many different ways.10:58
icerootHarryS: do-release-upgrade10:59
iceroot!upgrade | HarryS10:59
ubottuHarryS: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:59
icerootHarryS: of course in a screen-session10:59
HarrySall right cool, thanks10:59
icerootTomashe: but why need a gui on the server-edition? why not using the normal ubuntu-installation?11:00
icerootbut that brings an interesting question, is ubuntu-desktop on 10.04 lts supported 5 years or 3 years?11:01
psycho_oreosI think all lts are supported for 5 years11:02
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)11:02
psycho_oreospartially correct there I am11:02
icerootpsycho_oreos: but server and desktop are using the same repos11:02
psycho_oreosiceroot, doesn't matter, its up to the policy makers, so servers are supported for 5 years on lts11:03
Slowmoveis there any programs for playing bluray discs on linux yet?11:03
icerootpsycho_oreos: but server comes without ubuntu-desktop11:03
icerootSlowmove: no (not drm protected ones, which are all you can  buy)11:04
psycho_oreosiceroot, you can always install the desktop later, just don't expect to gain 5 years worth of support using desktop packages with server backends11:04
sawsereqwaiceroot, thanks, i'll go ahead with 64 then11:04
vakhi all11:04
icerootpsycho_oreos: i know,  but i think you get the queestion wrong/cant answer the question11:05
abhijitsawsereqwa, i m using 64 bit lucid11:05
Slowmoveiceroot - is there any development in that area. Any projects aiming for playing those or is the DRM to hard to fix?11:05
HarrySIs the Ubuntu team considering switching the button sides in the next release, how it was prior to 10.04? I understand it's an easy config change, but why?11:05
icerootSlowmove: there are projects atm there is a project for normmal blu-ray11:05
psycho_oreosiceroot, then I don't understand what is your question. Yes server does not come with desktop as standard is only because its meant to be for computers to be dedicated and usually headless11:05
thyri0ni almost got used to the buttons on the left side11:06
slidinghornHarryS, they have plans to keep them in their current spot (on the left) as they want to put "new stuff" in the right corner...not sure what though11:06
HarrySQ_Q That's crappy in my opinion.11:06
mitiora./msg NickServ identify meteor11:06
thyri0nwas quite a nice idea, I like it11:06
MatBoyare there still issues with flash and so on on 64bits versions ?11:06
icerootpsycho_oreos: the question is, what packages have 5 years support in lts, only the default packages which comes with the installation or all? if all, why desktop edition has only 3 years if they are using the same repos11:06
* MatBoy installed 32bit on his 64 bit lappy :S11:06
thyri0nmakes it bit more distinctive11:06
abhijit!identify | mitiora11:06
ubottumitiora: You can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.11:06
icerootMatBoy: there is no amd64 flash anymore11:07
thyri0nhi slidinghorn by the way :)11:07
WaltzingAlongiceroot: packages for lucid11:07
MatBoyiceroot: that sucks ?11:07
slidinghornhey thyri0n11:07
psycho_oreosiceroot, whatever packages native to server, so whatever that came on server as standard will most likely have 5 years support11:07
icerootpsycho_oreos: so no ubuntu-desktop11:07
HarrySI think it looks stupid, users might click the X while chosing the file menu, and it also discourages Windows users to use Ubuntu now (most people don't want huge change)11:07
thyri0ngot back to Ubuntu 10.04 after some serious distro hopping11:07
abhijitMatBoy, switch to 64 bit11:07
MatBoyabhijit: yeah I need to, my laptop is slow of you ask me11:07
MatBoywith 32 bits11:08
psycho_oreosiceroot, yes because ubuntu-desktop requires xorg and other things and that isn't standard part of server release11:08
thyri0nHarryS: from a usability point of view it's possibly stupid11:08
abhijitMatBoy, hmm11:08
thyri0nmac users will like it though11:08
garryhow to install gnome shell in ubnntu 10.0411:08
icerootpsycho_oreos: but what about packages which dont have a gui and does not come by default (e.g. vim)11:08
aeon-ltdMatBoy: what spec is your laptop anyway?11:08
psycho_oreosiceroot, they most likely fall under desktop but I wouldn't know11:08
aeon-ltdgarry: you mean gnome-terminal, just go to synaptics or use apt11:08
MatBoyaeon-ltd: lenovo t61 with a T7100 and 2GB11:09
aeon-ltdMatBoy: clock speed?11:09
HarrySWho cares about Mac users? The majority of computer users (and those switching to Ubuntu) use(d) Windows.11:09
abhijitmitiora if that was your password then chage it immidiatly11:09
MatBoyaeon-ltd: 2x 1,8Ghz11:09
thyri0nHarryS: absolutely right there11:09
aeon-ltdHarryS: yeah true, market share for macs are low, i could probably see iOS users take over full OSX users ina bout 5 years11:09
ikoniaMatBoy: that laptop will have no issues with flash11:09
Tomasheafter i installed the gui how do i witch to it? i user putty to remove control the server11:09
ikoniaMatBoy: if you install the flashplugin-nonfree package from the package manager you will get flash11:10
abhijitTomashe, it will automatically login to gui11:10
MatBoyikonia: no, but it's slow overal... I mean... I think I need 64bits for a more stable system... as I have on my other systems too11:10
ikoniaMatBoy: you think wrong11:10
ikoniaMatBoy: you won't notice any visual difference in general usage between 32/64bit11:10
MatBoyikonia: 32bits on 64bits HW is not always stable and fast11:10
ikoniaMatBoy: yes it is11:10
icerootwas there a develop-channel on freenode for ubuntu?11:10
MatBoyiceroot: ubuntu+111:11
Tomasheit's not11:11
ikoniaMatBoy: the only time it's a problem is if you exceed 4GB of ram, and use the PAE kernel11:11
icerootMatBoy: that is beta-channel11:11
ikoniairk: #ubuntu-devel11:11
MatBoyoh indeed :)11:11
icerootikonia: thx11:11
ikoniaiceroot: #ubuntu-devel11:11
aeon-ltdMatBoy: full 64bits performance will not actually be achieved until a few years, when there is a coding overhaul.11:11
aeon-ltdMatBoy: the problem most likely lies in the software your using11:11
aeon-ltd*not the OS, yes i know its software aswell11:11
MatBoyaeon-ltd: yeah true, but I run it on my desktop for a long time and it's more stable I get the feeling11:12
ikoniaMatBoy: are you experiencing visual slow performance, or processing slow performance11:12
MatBoyand why should I go to 64 bits anyway than, if mem is the only issue11:12
ikoniaMatBoy: don't got to 64bit then11:12
vakUbuntu was installed as guest OS un VMWare running under Mac OS X. Now I try to play the this Ubuntu-guest image under VMWare that runs also in Ubuntu and... no networking :( I hope I should just change some things in my Ubuntu-guest OS?11:12
MatBoyikonia: slow performance, ok my disk is encrypted but even than... a lot of CPU usage for nothing and so on11:12
ikoniaMatBoy: is performance visually slow, or cpu/processing slow11:13
aeon-ltdMatBoy: my advice, as ubuntu grows stay away from stock configs, e.g. gnome + compiz unless your gpu can handle it11:13
PeterNLMatBoy: what process is using the cpu?11:13
caacanyone familiar with TestDisk?11:13
iceroot!anyone | caac11:13
MatBoyikonia: both11:13
ubottucaac: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:13
caacdude I asked my question11:13
ikoniaMatBoy: ok, visually slow is a good chance xorg is miss-configured, that's a common issue,11:13
MatBoyaeon-ltd: even compiz runs smooth on my eeepc :)11:13
ikoniaMatBoy: processing slow, lets look at what's hogging th eresource11:14
icerootcaac: maybe but we dont scroll the channel to see if someone asked a real question11:14
ikoniaMatBoy: yes, but that may have a supported/correctly configured card11:14
PeterNL(I don't have problems with gnome+compiz. I like it and it's fast. 2*2,1 GHz + 4Gram + HD4570 @ 9.10 32bit pae)11:14
garryhow to install gnome shell11:14
tukadafoondayHey people, i am new to linux, I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and when it was installing the update my computer locked up, anywho, now it hangs on the bootup and says the following (Process:407) Glib-warning**getpwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0) any help would be great - thanks in advanced11:14
ikoniawhy are you all referencing your system spec to compiz ?11:14
aeon-ltdMatBoy: i wouldn't run compiz unless it was useful in some way11:14
ikoniaMatBoy: what video card is in the problem machine ?11:14
MatBoyPeterNL: depends on, I was bittorenting, and what version I use... it defuncts and cannot be killed using the pid, and that is with more programs... I have the idea that encryption is not that fast but people say you should not notice it11:14
Tomashehmm looks like i need vnc11:15
Tomasheanyone could help me with that11:15
MatBoyaeon-ltd: I use it a lot11:15
garrygnome shell on ubuntu how can i install it11:15
ikoniagarry: search for the package in the ubuntu repos11:15
aeon-ltdgarry: you mean gnome-terminal, just go to synaptics or use apt11:15
ikoniagarry: then mark it for install11:15
ikoniagnome shell is a gnome 3 feature11:15
PeterNLtorrents *can* use a lot of cpu. Is that all?11:15
MatBoyikonia: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)11:16
ikoniaMatBoy: ok, so that should be a supported but low powered device11:16
aeon-ltdPeterNL: torrents genreally hover over aroun 2-4% of cpu11:16
MatBoyPeterNL: but 100% all the time ?11:16
garrywhere i search the in ubuntu repos11:16
ikoniaMatBoy: you need to make sure your xorg ocnfig is using the "intel" driver11:16
ikoniagarry: gnome 3 is not released yet11:16
caacso.. anyone familiar with testdisk?11:16
garryand other gnome shell can i download11:16
tukadafoondayI don't mean to be pushy, but can anyone help with my problem?11:17
PeterNLOn my P3 600MHZ I have had over 90% when calculating the hashes of a few gigabytes of torrent. I don't know what that would be on a modern cpu...11:17
Tomasheguys how do i install a vnc client ?11:17
MatBoyhe damn, is xorg.conf not used anymore... ?11:17
MatBoythis was changed I thought11:17
ikoniaTomashe: there are plenty in the ubuntu repos, open the pacakge manager and search11:17
garryikonia i need to install any version of gnome shell11:17
aeon-ltdPeterNL: what client?11:17
PeterNLMatBoy: depends on what drivers you use11:17
ikoniagarry: it's not available until gnome-311:17
BenkinoobyTomashe: get a console and type sudo aptitude install vlc11:17
Tomasheserver sorry11:17
PeterNLaeon-ltd: transmission (headless)11:18
MatBoyPeterNL: just a default 10.04 install11:18
ikoniaMatBoy: xorg is used if you hardcode it, if there are parameters (file empty) that are empty, gnome trys to work them out11:18
aeon-ltdPeterNL: but was it gui?11:18
ikoniaMatBoy: so it's dynamic unless you use xorg.conf to hard code your options11:18
Tomashepl dpw11:18
PeterNLMatBoy: Oh, you have intel grapics, so you don't use xorg.conf anymore11:18
MatBoyikonia: I always did it like that :) xorg.conf rules :D11:18
TomasheBenkinooby: whats now11:18
ikoniaMatBoy: ok, so hardcode the intel driver and see if that makes a positive differnce11:19
tukadafoondayHey people, i am new to linux, I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and when it was installing the update my computer locked up, anywho, now it hangs on the bootup and says the following (Process:407) Glib-warning**getpwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0) any help would be great - thanks in advanced11:19
PeterNLMatBoy: the closed ATi and nVidia drivers still use xorg.conf...11:19
MatBoyPeterNL: ah, mhh... I mostly have 2x Nvidia in my PC for my multiple monitors :)11:19
ikoniaMatBoy: some intel cards default to the i810 driver which doesn't work as well as the intel11:19
MatBoyyeah but ATI is a big issue on Linux, never like(d) it11:19
garryikonia so cann't install it11:19
ikoniagarry: no, gnome 3 is not released yet11:19
MatBoyah nice, someon is in here as root :D11:19
PeterNLMatBoy: it actually works as good as on windows (still crappy, but kinda ok)11:19
MatBoyPeterNL: yes, but we are in Ubuntu here ;)11:20
BenkinoobyTomashe: doesn't work for server?11:20
ikoniaMatBoy: it's just an ident, doesn't mean he's using root11:20
PeterNLrule 1: never update fglrx unless you have to11:20
MatBoyikonia: moslty it is11:20
hspaansMatBoy: please stop spreading fud11:20
Tomasheafter i installed it11:20
Tomashewhats now11:20
xibalbaanyone here good w/postfix ?11:20
Tomashehow do i connect to it11:20
tukadafoondayI guess no-one knows how to help me?11:20
xibalbai'[m trying to do a simple smtp forward server11:20
BenkinoobyTomashe: argh! sorry11:20
quiescenstechnically, its not even an ident response11:20
Benkinoobyi read vlc and not vnc11:20
MisterioMatBoy: I would use NVidia, if I were you11:20
quiescensbecause it has the ~11:20
MatBoyhspaans: people login from mailservers as root to IRC to get help... so... hehe I see it a lot :)11:20
xibalbai have a transport map with  the following11:20
garrykk thanks ikonia11:20
xibalbalethalnetworks.com      smtp:reza.homeunix.net:250011:21
Benkinoobyvlc is for playing video -.- ...11:21
xibalbabut my maillog file keeps saying this11:21
hspaansMatBoy: I mean about ATI11:21
xibalbaJul 25 03:20:02 lethalnetworks postfix/smtp[48660]: AEFC14501B: to=<reza@lethalnetworks.om>, relay=none, delay=18, delays=17/0/1.2/0, dsn=5.4.4, status=bounced (Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=lethalnetworks.om type=A: Host not found)11:21
MatBoyMisterio: yes I have them alsways in my PC... but this... it's a laptop :)11:21
xibalbacan you guys tell me if reza.homeunix.net resolves11:21
xibalbafor you ?11:21
Tomashehow do i install vnc11:21
garrycan u tell me how to install themes in ubuntu 10.0411:21
Benkinoobyah, ok...for vnc there are many...11:21
FloodBot1xibalba: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
ikonia!themes | garry11:21
ubottugarry: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:21
garryikonia: can u tell me how to install themes in ubuntu 10.0411:21
vistakillertwo months official release of Lucid now and plymouth is still broken11:21
MatBoyhspaans: it sucks, sorry, no other experience by myself and with people around me... on windows it seems ok11:21
ikoniaTomashe: open the package manager, search for vnc then hit "install" on the packages you want11:21
Tomashei'm using putty11:21
Tomashei have no desktop11:22
vistakilleri see today this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAIznHhNKPk11:22
aeon-ltdgarry: just download them put them in .themes or /usr/share/themes11:22
Misterioxibalba: If you can resolve evertone can; use in terminal "host reza.homeunix.net"11:22
Tomashethis is why i need to install vnc11:22
quiescensxibalba: its saying there's an error trying to resolve lethnetworks.om11:22
MatBoyTomashe: you have no dekstop and use putty ?11:22
Tomasheso i could seee the desktop11:22
llutzxibalba: <reza@lethalnetworks.om>  <- typo in address? om/com11:22
quiescensxibalba: which makes sense because i don't think there is a .om11:22
vistakillerthe problem is that i have the same netbook and plymouth is completly broken there11:22
abhijitxibalba, connection error11:22
Tomashei have desktop i just cannt see it putty is just see terminal no?11:22
PeterNLxibalba: reza.homeunix.net (
aeon-ltdPeterNL: are you running transmission is a gui environment?11:22
hspaansMatBoy: the FOSS-driver just do their work and for a long long time11:22
vistakillerand to my dekstop machine too11:22
PeterNLPeterNL: I run transmission on my server. I use the web interface11:22
aeon-ltdPeterNL: but is it running in X on the server?11:23
garryikonia :what is eyecandy11:23
PeterNLaeon-ltd: I run transmission on my server. I use the web interface11:23
vistakillerwhy you dont fix two months now the plymouht problems? We have report these problems two months before the official release but nothing happens :(11:23
ikoniagarry: read the link11:23
ikoniavistakiller: why are you ranting in here11:23
hspaansMatBoy: the closed source crap from both ati and nvidia are both below any standard11:23
Benkinoobymaybe you give x11vnc a try11:23
PeterNLaeon-ltd: I don't dare to run X on that machine :O11:23
ikoniavistakiller: this is not the channel where developers listen11:23
ikoniak00giez: please don't11:23
ikoniavistakiller: contribute to the bug report11:23
tukadafoondayI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and when it was installing the update my computer locked up, anywho, now it hangs on the bootup and says the following (Process:407) Glib-warning**getpwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0) any help would be great - thanks in advanced11:23
magicianlordare deb files compressed?11:23
aeon-ltdPeterNL: maybe you could try rtorrent? and ssh instead of the web interface, it might be lighter11:24
vistakillerthere is 6 bug report already for plymouth but nothing happens11:24
Benkinoobytomashe: maybe you give x11vnc a try11:24
ikoniavistakiller: ok - so ranting in here won't help, post a construvtive post to the bug11:24
k00giezwas up mao11:24
abhijitvistakiller, #ubuntu-devel11:24
vistakilleri must write 6 posts :P or is more11:24
ikoniaabhijit: no11:24
ikoniaabhijit: that is not a support channel11:24
abhijitikonia, no? ok11:24
BenkinoobyTomashe: do you have a gui on your server?11:24
ikoniathat is for development discussion11:24
magicianlordsometimes bugs arent fixed for months, until next release11:24
abhijitikonia, I see11:24
PeterNLNope, I need a good looking web interface, and transmission actually works great. The time it actually downloaded faster that it could calculate the hashes was an exeption...11:24
vistakillerplymouth is the first think that will see a new user11:25
PeterNLaeon-ltd: ^11:25
vistakillerhow they left this bug to pass to official release?11:25
ikoniavistakiller: stop now11:25
vistakillerok banned me11:25
ikoniavistakiller: I've told you ranting in here will get you nothing, contribute to the bug report11:25
vistakillerwhen i always say something that you dont like you ban11:25
=== marius is now known as Guest81047
vistakillerand i am old ubuntu user11:25
xibalbawow this is too much ext11:25
aeon-ltdPeterNL: yeah, is there anything else running on the server, if you can go to it now use 'top'/'htop' and see what else may be consuming all the processors power11:26
Benkinoobyhow can i fix that annoying "unable to mount [drive name] Not Authorized" ? any hints where to start?11:26
llutzvistakiller: you're offtopic here, take your rant somewhere11:26
vistakillerthis is the famous ubuntu community?11:26
ikoniavistakiller: I don't care on your age, make a contribution to the bug report,11:26
vistakilleryou ban the people that complain about something?11:26
ikoniavistakiller: it will get progressed, if you provide helpful information11:26
garrycan i back up my data online11:26
ikoniavistakiller: complaining in here will do nothing11:26
vistakilleri help with bug reports 4 years now11:26
aeon-ltdvistakiller: haha lol, 'famous', not likely just a big channel is all11:26
ikoniavistakiller: that's great, so you know the process11:26
slidinghornxibalba, if you'd like you can also check out #ubuntu-beginners -- less clutter there :)11:26
vistakillerand i am member in loco community of ubuntu11:26
Tomashei installed x11vnc hwo do i connect to it ?11:27
PeterNLaeon-ltd: it's not using 100% now. That was only once, and it was a few months ago. And there is http, ssh, postfix, dovecot, transmission, php, mysql and lots of other things running on that box :D11:27
vistakilleryou can say just "stop now" so easy to me11:27
ikoniavistakiller: then you know the process, so use the process to help with the bug instead of complaining in here11:27
WaltzingAlongstop now11:27
ikoniavistakiller: I have said stop, I'd suggested how to progress the bug, so I don't want to see any more on it please.11:27
vistakilleri help the bug report but nothing happens11:27
ikoniaabhijit: why are you suggesting random channels ?11:27
llutzxibalba: ..<reza@lethalnetworks.om>..  <- typo in address .om/.com?  how should postfix deliver to a non-existing domain/host11:28
abhijitikonia, not random. he says that something with solving bugs.11:28
ikoniaabhijit: do you know what the topic of #ubuntu-bugs is?11:28
vistakillerok i live in your happy community world guys this was not the ubuntu that i know all this years11:28
vistakillersomething have change11:28
aeon-ltdPeterNL: oh okay, fair enough11:28
abhijitikonia, bugsquad11:28
ikoniaabhijit: and how will that help him resolve his bug?11:28
vistakillerlow quality test and none from developers have hear the problem that we report11:28
tecb0yhow do you setup a ssh tunneling server11:28
BenkinoobyTomashe: type to console : man x11vnc11:29
tecb0yso i can connect back to it when i am out of the house ?11:29
abhijitikonia, dunno. but he can meet some people working on that bug and he can talk to them11:29
tecb0yi can only find documentation on the client side11:29
ikoniaabhijit: no he can't11:29
tecb0yno the server side configuration11:29
abhijitikonia, ok11:29
Tomashei installed it and open ports and set a passwrod11:29
ikoniaabhijit: the people "working" on that bug are not in that channel, it's Bug Squad, not the developers working on it11:29
Tomashewhats now11:29
BenkinoobyTomashe: i don't have x11vnc at hand right now, so i can't tell u the command straight... btw do you have a vnc server running at the computers you want to connect to?11:29
WaltzingAlongTomashe: installing x11vnc - done; now start x11vnc, which starts a vnc server attached to an x11 session.11:29
abhijitikonia, ohh I see. ok11:29
PeterNLg2g, bye!11:29
aeon-ltdPeterNL: bye11:30
WaltzingAlongTomashe: followed by a vnc client to the computer where you ran x11vnc11:30
tecb0yi want to be able to run all my http traffic securely11:30
Tomashecan offer me a good client ?11:30
Tomashea windows client that i can see the ubuntu machine from11:30
ikoniaTomashe: ##windows for windows software discussion please.11:30
WaltzingAlongTomashe: ^11:30
BenkinoobyTomashe: tightvnc, ultravnc, ...11:30
greenone@tecb0y , did you try ssh with tunnels ?? :)11:31
Benkinoobyhow can i fix that annoying "unable to mount [drive name] Not Authorized" ? any hints where to start?11:31
WaltzingAlongBenkinooby: become authorized11:31
Tomashei'll try them11:31
BenkinoobyWaltzingAlong: nices guess ;) but how?... what files do i have to modify... where can i set it?11:31
tecb0ygreenone, i googled ssh tunnelling but couldn't find any good documentation11:32
tecb0ygreenone, i have setup a ssh server with openssh and thats all working11:32
greenonea moment, ill post some info11:32
erUSULBenkinooby: are you memeber of plugdev and fuse?11:32
tecb0ygreenone, but i dont want how to forward all my http traffic to it when i am out11:32
tecb0yso its all encrypted11:32
WaltzingAlongtecb0y: what do you want to do? open ssh server to access from the outside?11:32
Tomasheit saies to me fail to connect the server :/11:33
Tomasheon tightvnc11:33
tecb0yWaltzingAlong, when i am put of the office say a hotspot that all my traffic is encrypted11:33
Tomashei wrote it's my local ip for the ubunto11:33
llutztecb0y: "ssh -D 8888 user@youserver" to setup a SOCKS-proxy. point your local webbrowser to localhost:8888 "SOCKS 5" then to use the tunnel11:33
WaltzingAlongTomashe: and you are connecting from another local machine?11:33
* greenone Use GSTM for linux tunnel app btw11:33
gopscan any one help me11:34
Tomashethis is what i wrote in my putty11:34
abhijit!ask | gops11:34
ubottugops: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:34
WaltzingAlongTomashe: putty will look at port 22, guess you were to try in ultravnc (connecting to port 5900)11:34
BenkinoobyTomashe: you need to have avnc server started on your target computer11:34
Tomashetightvnc not ultra11:35
tecb0yllutz, i tried ssh -D 9999 tec@myserver -p 555511:35
Tomasheon tightvnc i cannt change the port11:35
n0a1iashey so every time i try to open software center, it loads, then  closes instintly and idk y11:35
BenkinoobyerUSUL: yes11:35
tecb0yllutz, but it just ssh's into my server11:35
llutztecb0y: and creates a tunnel11:36
BenkinoobyerUSUL: ~$ groups [username] adm dialout cdrom plugdev fuse lpadmin admin sambashare11:36
Sliferfrench ?11:36
Tomashesorry i put my server open ports 5800 and i set it on my tightvnc so now it's 5800 and still nothing11:36
abhijit!fr | Slifer11:36
ubottuSlifer: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:36
llutztecb0y: use ssh -N  if you don't want that11:36
Sliferhey abhijit :)11:36
Sliferthnkx man :)11:36
abhijithello Slifer :)11:36
Tomashehow do i check if it's running or now11:37
greenoneyou have to connect to localhost:5800 in VNC when the tunnel is running11:37
WaltzingAlongTomashe: nmap
tecb0yllutz, ok sweet works !11:37
foolguyCan I use a ps3 controller with ubuntu over usb?11:37
Tomashenmap is currenty not installed11:37
tecb0yllutz, so i just leave the the terminal logged in?11:37
llutztecb0y: yes, if you close it, you'll close the tunnel11:38
BadElvishi, i want to write a linux driver for a usb sim card reader. it consists of a usb-to-serial converter and a hex-inverter. http://www.linux-usb.org/ seems to be interesting but seems a little bit outdated. what is a good point to start reading?11:38
BenkinoobyTomashe:t this one helped me a lot, but i guess you allread read it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC11:38
BenkinoobyTomashe: do you have phsyical access to the server and the (windows) desktop?11:39
Tomasheit's in the next room11:40
Tomashei dont have screen there11:40
Tomasheso i want to use the vnc11:40
jeffmr_I've installed bt4 to a usb thumb drive by formatting it as fat32 in mac os and then using netbootin and an iso image in bt4.  I've also installed refit and bt4 on a partition on my hard drive.  Refit recognizes and boots the linux partition but it recognizes and won't boot the usb drive.  It appears with a bootcamp symbol over it and says its a legacy os but when I select it to  boot the screen goes black and the computer heats up.  I've cr11:40
jeffmr_bootable drives with other linux oses.  Is there any reason this doesn't work?  Backtrack is an ubuntu distribution and I've asked on their channel.11:40
vicky_hey ppl11:41
bazhangjeffmr_, bt4 in #backtrack-linux11:41
jeffmr_bazhang, I've been there11:41
=== vicky_ is now known as Guest52716
jeffmr_not many mac users11:41
bazhangjeffmr_, its not supported here.11:41
jeffmr_are you an admin?11:41
bazhangjeffmr_, does it matter? its not supported here.11:41
BenkinoobyTomashe: just to get it right: your'e sitting in front of a win computer wich you want to use to controll your ubuntu server via vnc. the server has no monitor.11:42
jeffmr_well, it does because its linux, this is a huge linux forum, and their might be a linux guru here that knows the answer considering that there are 1441 members here.11:42
ikoniajeffmr_: backtrack linux is not supported here, do not ask again11:42
bazhang!backtrack > jeffmr_11:42
ubottujeffmr_, please see my private message11:42
ikoniajeffmr_: you have been given the correct channel to join11:42
jeffmr_I'm not asking for support, I'm asking it anyone knows, what is this a concentration camp?11:43
ikoniajeffmr_: this channel supports/discusses Ubuntu only,11:44
Benkinoobysorry, this was inappropriate11:44
ikoniaBenkinooby: thank you11:44
jeffmr_backtrack is ubuntu11:44
ilovefairuz!backrack | jeffmr_11:44
ilovefairuz!backtrack | jeffmr_11:44
ubottujeffmr_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:44
ikoniajeffmr_: no it's not, this is the last time you will be told11:44
jeffmr_konia are you admin?11:45
ikoniajeffmr_: it doesn't matter, please respect the channels topic11:45
Benkinoobywhoa... it could ahve be so easy: if jeffmr_ would have tried the same thing with ubuntu instead of bt to lern how to do it....11:46
jeffmr_I've already done that11:46
ikoniaBenkinooby: backtrack has differnces, hence why it's not supported here11:46
jeffmr_say hi to your 'dads' for me11:46
ikoniaBenkinooby: they also have a good support channel, however backtrack is not aimed at "new" users, so they don't cut a lot of slack11:46
MadnessRedHi, I am having some trouble installing a program from source, its being weird about ./configure, where is best room to ask for advise?11:47
ikoniaMadnessRed: what are you trying to build/install11:47
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:47
ilovefairuzMadnessRed: be specific about the errors11:48
kristof_Dhello, I have a little problem: my computer suddenly doesn't boot from harddisk anymore. I've tried to reinstall grub via live-cd, but there doesn't seem to be a /boot/grub/stage1 anywhere on my system. Could anyone help me with what to do?11:48
ilovefairuzkristof_D: can you mount the hard disk using the livecd ?11:49
kristof_Dilovefairuz, yes11:49
slidinghornkristof_D, what exactly happens when you power up the computer?  is it a dual boot?  if not, hold shift during boot to bring up a grub menu.  if nothing, what error(s) are present (if any)11:49
BenkinoobyTomashe: i am in the pm channel... see my messages...11:50
MadnessRedhi, sorry11:50
ilovefairuzkristof_D: mount your root partition, and pastebin, fdisk -l11:50
kristof_Dslidinghorn, I have a dual (actually more) boot, when I boot it tries to boot from cd, then just keeps restarting the computer11:50
MadnessRedtrying to compile the-board11:50
jeffmr__that's the great thing about backtrack, you can be on any network and rejoin11:50
ClouseHi there all, does anyone know how to do manual duplex with cups in ubuntu?11:51
MadnessRedit says: ./configure; make; make install11:51
Theohey guys. how can i delete a program which i downloaded and installed? it was a .deb data11:51
LjLTheo: sudo apt-get remove packagename11:51
erkan^sudo apt-get remove ppa/deb the11:51
ilovefairuzMadnessRed: it requires gtk 3, and latest trunk of clutter, that won't compile by default on ubuntu11:51
ilovefairuzMadnessRed: wait until there are packages or a ppa11:51
MadnessRedI have cd'd to the directory of the file, if I do ls, it lists the files, I downloaded, however when I type ./configure, it says bash: ./configure: No such file or directory11:51
kristof_Dilovefairuz, http://pastebin.org/41741811:52
Theoand how do i know the package name? thanks11:52
ilovefairuzkristof_D: where's ubuntu installed? sda5?11:53
kristof_Dilovefairuz, yes11:53
MadnessRedilovefairuz: ok thanks, I'll wait a bit then11:53
RubyUddersI'm trying to get a pptp vpn connection working and having no luck - is there a way to configure it without having to use network-manager?11:53
Benkinoobyhow can i fix that annoying "unable to mount [drive name] Not Authorized" ? any hints where to start? i am in the admin, fuse and plugdev group (and some more)...11:54
ilovefairuzkristof_D: sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt11:55
ilovefairuzkristof_D: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda11:55
ilovefairuzBenkinooby: try restarting and see if the problem goes away11:55
kristof_Dilovefairuz, install_device not specified.11:56
ilovefairuzkristof_D: pastebin the command and output11:56
=== abhijit_ is now known as release
kristof_Dilovefairuz, I'm sorry, I mistyped the command, it says installation finished. Should I try booting again now?11:58
ilovefairuzkristof_D: yes11:58
=== abhijit is now known as Guest64288
kristof_Dilovefairuz, ty very much for the help :)11:59
=== release is now known as abhijit
cwe_uniexaii sugeng dalu sedulur11:59
Sliferhello abhijit, where can i find " Compose Key " in my ubuntu plz ?11:59
ilovefairuz!id | cwe_uniex12:00
ubottucwe_uniex: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia12:00
slidinghorn!id | cwe_uniex12:00
abhijitSlifer, what is compse key? do you mean super key?12:00
slidinghornoh...beat me to it ilovefairuz12:00
ddheemana must have tool for Ubuntu users http://anu.homelinux.net/git?p=uapt.git;a=summary12:00
Sliferi guess yeah abhijit12:00
cwe_uniexoia mv dch12:00
abhijitSlifer, you have mac or pc?12:00
cwe_uniexoia bro gie da mslh nui12:00
Sliferpc abhijit12:00
abhijitSlifer, then its the windows key. windows logo is on that key12:00
abhijit!en | cwe_uniex12:01
ubottucwe_uniex: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:01
Sliferthnkx abhijit :)12:10
pieman82Does anyone know how to fix playback on media players Ubuntu? I have this strange light blue kind of filter on vlc and the default media player. Any help would be great.12:14
=== chris___1 is now known as zChris
ilovefairuzpieman82: in a video file? what's the format?12:15
=== ivar is now known as Guest96781
ilovefairuzpieman82: in a terminal type, file /path/to/video.avi12:15
ilovefairuzpieman82: and pastebin12:15
its-me-againhi all wondering if there is a good opensorce music and video converting app that is on both ubuntu and windows12:16
bazhangits-me-again, no idea about windows; ffmpeg try ##windows for windows support12:16
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:17
pieman82ilovefairuz:No such file or directory12:18
rash1293is there any software in ubuntu that check cpu temp and give warning when temp go up?12:19
ilovefairuzpieman82: well the latter part is to be replaced by your own path to the file12:19
bambam_I accidently deleted trash bin from desktop panel ! how to get back ?12:19
ilovefairuz!hi | old12:19
ubottuold: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:19
ilovefairuzbambam_: right click and "add to panel"12:19
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
jrib!away > pjarnahom12:20
ubottupjarnahom, please see my private message12:20
bambam_ilovefairuz : No it does not give me that option12:20
pieman82 ilovefairuz:I know thanks.12:20
ilovefairuzbambam_: the panel right click menu has no "add to panel"? make sure you click on an empty area in the task bar12:21
bambam_ok but then I can not move it to the place where it earlier used to be ... ie ... in the box of "workspace 4"12:22
=== hasen_ is now known as hasen
bambam_ilovefairuz : how to get trash bin inside the panel ... I mean in the 4th box which opens workspace 412:24
ilovefairuzits-me-again: there are ffmpeg builds for windows too, google it12:25
ilovefairuzbambam_: right click on it and select 'move'12:25
=== administrator is now known as Guest43955
bambam_ilovefairuz: No it does not move INTO it12:26
ilovefairuzbambam_: take a screenshot12:26
ilovefairuz!screenshot | bambam_12:26
ubottubambam_: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.12:26
xibalbawhere can i get some help12:27
ilovefairuz!details | xibalba12:27
ubottuxibalba: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:28
xibalbai have a bind server listening but i can't connect to it for queries,....and it's running12:28
xibalbawill do12:28
xibalbai have a bind9 server running, but i can't make any quesries against it. tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      21746/named, but nslookup times out. /etc/resolv.conf is nameserver
=== andy is now known as Guest3564
xibalbathose are my conf files12:29
Kuninhere's an odd one, my main computer does not respond to keyboard or mouse clicks (but mouse movement works, and other mouse buttons work), have a movie playing and it's still going...12:30
ilovefairuzxibalba: any relevant messages in the log?12:30
bambam_ilovefairuz : have a look http://imagebin.org/10669212:30
Kuninany ideas on how to fix (can ssh in) without killing X?  No crazy looking processes running12:30
ilovefairuz!es | Miley_Cyrus12:30
ubottuMiley_Cyrus: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:30
xibalbailovefairuz , nothing in the love yet12:30
ilovefairuzbambam_: so where do you want it?12:31
ilovefairuz!en | Miley_Cyrus12:31
ubottuMiley_Cyrus: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:31
xibalbailovefairuz , its really weeird cuz dns was working fine a few hours ago12:31
xibalbaany thoughts on this ilovefairuz ?12:31
bambam_in original place, that is extreme bottom right hand corner12:31
kiwi__how can i free disk space on / on my eeepc using nbr 10.04? is it possible that nbr uses more disk space than others? i dont have many packages installed, but already at the limit.12:31
bambam_in the 4th box of workspaces12:31
ilovefairuzxibalba: nothing in the query log?12:32
Miley_Cyrusmy new single is can't be tamed12:32
xibalbaweird thing is i can't ping out of my network either12:32
xibalbathats probably the issue12:32
ilovefairuzbambam_: as far as i know, applets cannot be located INSIDE the pager applet (the one showing 4 workspaces) but alongside it12:33
=== hasen_ is now known as hasen
Kuninwhy cannot I not do modprobe -r ehci_hcd on 10.04?12:33
ilovefairuzxibalba: traceroute google.com12:33
bambam_ilovefairuz : then how was it there in the first place, in fresh installation the bin is always in the 4th box of workspaces ?????? :O12:34
xibalbaits somethnig to do w/my router12:35
ilovefairuzbambam_: http://i.cbsi.com.au/story_media/339302705/ubuntu_lucid_lynx_6.jpg .. it was not INSIDE of it, it was to the very right12:36
=== nevdull_ is now known as nevdull
lxsysI've got a Realtek RT8139 PCMCIA wired ethernet adaptor and it won't work. Any ideas?12:37
ilovefairuzlxsys: pastebin: lshw -C network12:37
artinstartinDoes Ubuntu 10.04 offer encryption of the whole disk on installation? What is the easiest GUI way to encrypt the whole Linux partition? thx12:38
yessir_turanHi, by mistake I downloaded postfix12:38
ilovefairuzyessir_turan: do you mean installed?12:38
yessir_turanand the config script as appeared.. I actually did "sudo apt-get install auto-apt checkinstall"12:38
yessir_turanand it installed postfix.. Now its asking me for configuartion. I don't want to install that. Can I terminate. I press cancel, but it doesn't terminate.12:39
yessir_turanCtrl-\ doesn't work either.12:39
ilovefairuz!screenshot | yessir_turan12:39
ubottuyessir_turan: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.12:39
lxsysilovefairuz: can't pastebin it, i haz no network interfaces that work.12:41
yessir_turanilovefairuz: Thanks for the help. :) However, the damage has been done.12:41
yessir_turanI think I'll purge and see what happens.12:41
ilovefairuzlxsys: copy on a usb stick ?12:42
=== alerpiz is now known as alper
* lxsys goes and looks for a usb stick12:43
Kuninanyone know what this means: pcscd: commands.c:1010:CmdGetSlotStatus Card absent or mute12:43
ilovefairuzKunin: what are you trying to do?12:43
Kuninilovefairuz: it's just spammed in /var/log/messages12:43
ilovefairuzKunin: probably the driver of a smart card reader12:44
Kuninilovefairuz: I'm trying to figure out why all of the sudden my mouse and keyboard do not respond (mouse is partial, movement works as does the reprogrammed buttons, but primary buttons do not)12:44
Kuninilovefairuz that's what I thought, and that shouldn't be the cause of my problem... very confusing12:45
ilovefairuzKunin: anything relevant in Xorg's log?12:45
its-me-againis ffmpeg a linux application12:46
Kuninilovefairuz nothing that stands out to me12:46
bazhangits-me-again, in the repos12:46
ilovefairuzits-me-again: yes, a command line utility12:46
PadhuHow can i increase the font size in empathy?12:46
ilovefairuzKunin: pastebin ?12:47
ilovefairuz!es | selofi12:47
ubottuselofi: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:47
Kuninilovefairuz xorg log?12:47
selofijoin #ubuntu-es12:47
ilovefairuzKunin: yes, Xorg.log.012:47
ilovefairuzselofi: /join12:48
Kuninilovefairuz http://pastebin.com/Ef38uYdg12:48
troubleddid ubuntu break standby mode recently (since last round of updates)? Suspend no longer works. The system just beeps on startup and I am forced to restart with a reset12:48
Kuninhaving two computers is useful :P12:48
lxsysilovefairuz: usb mounted but won't let me write to it, coming up with permission denied.12:49
ilovefairuzlxsys: format?12:49
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
troubledeither ubuntu broke suspend on my machine during last updates or after being instructed to test the latest vanilla kernel (maverick). Any ideas if the kernel would cause any tools to update in a way that would break the system suspend?12:50
bazhangtroubled, maverick kernel with lucid? that is explicitly not supported12:51
troubledLinux compaq 2.6.18-bootsplash+ipset+u32+ipp2p+mms+sip-1 #1 Tue May 13 12:18:52 EDT 2008 i686 GNU/Linux12:51
troubledoops, wrong machine, sec :)12:51
troubledbazhang: Linux wks 2.6.32-24-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 5 09:20:59 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:51
bazhangtroubled, thats not the maverick kernel12:52
troubledbazhang: I was specifically told to test a problem in 10.04 with the .35 current kernel. I did. since then the system fails to suspend.12:52
bazhangtroubled, that was not good advice. and it is explicitly not supported.12:52
troubledbazhang: let me explain it better. I suspend and have suspended this machine every day without problems since january when I installed. 2 days ago I tried the maverick kernel and had a system update. one of those 2 things broke suspend12:53
jribtroubled: so don't use the maverick kernel?12:53
troubledjrib: im not, but i did boot it once to test something. just putting it out there. I just pasting the `uname -a` of what i am actually runing now12:53
bazhangtroubled, indeed. and using a kernel from a development release is explicitly not supported for just such a reason. it will break things.12:53
jribtroubled: then don't say you're using it, that's confusing :)12:54
troubledjrib: sorry, bad wording. Not "using", had "tried" it to test for a problem for a bug report.12:54
jribtroubled: anyway, it shouldn't have affected anything else afaik12:55
sobersabreI have ubuntu machine, and it has a file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox12:55
quiescensi'm still using 2.6.31, which occasionally fails suspend, 2.6.32 frequently breaks usb and/or video acceleration requiring a restart to fix, and 2.6.34 causes X to completely die resulting in loss of any work in progress12:55
sobersabreinside that file there are these settings:12:55
troubledbazhang: thats fine, but any idea what might update in the config files that might have tweaked their configs that might break suspend by even just trying maverick?12:55
quiescensso for the timebeing, 2.6.31 is still the.. least annoying of 3 evils12:55
moshisushihello! i'm trying to follow this guide: http://shifteightgeneration.com/content/wdtler-fix-tler-setting-wd-desktop-hard-drives, but now i need to make a bootable usb stick instead of burning the image to a CD12:55
moshisushibecause my server has no CD drive12:55
bazhangtroubled, no idea about maverick kernels and current releases, sorry12:55
troubledjrib: thats what I am thinking. but its either that or the last update to the system from proposed. just here checking if anyone else might have noticed it12:55
moshisushihow do i do that in ubuntu?12:55
bazhangmoshisushi, unetbootin12:56
bazhangmoshisushi, assuming it is a linux iso12:56
=== root is now known as Guest79166
troubleda look at the syslog though seems to show like the system, upon powerup, starts logging as if its finishing shutting down for a suspend, then it locks up and I get the beeps12:56
moshisushibazhang: nah it's not a linux iso really12:57
bazhangmoshisushi, what iso12:57
troubledbazhang: got a system you can suspend real fast? :)12:57
moshisushibazhang: not sure what it really is.. it's a CD for fixing Western Digital drives12:57
bazhangtroubled, works fine for me12:57
moshisushibazhang: it's FreeDOS or something12:58
Guest79166do any one here know hacking?12:58
troubledbazhang: nice to know its an isolated problem. thanks :)12:58
bazhangmoshisushi, no idea if unetbootin can handle that.12:58
sobersabreanyway, how do I disable this apparmor setting?12:58
bazhangGuest79166, kernel hacking?12:58
Guest79166no web site hacking?12:59
jribtroubled: what was your reasoning for testing the kernel?12:59
bazhangGuest79166, no, dont ask here12:59
Kuninilovefairuz see anything?12:59
lxsysilovefairuz: i'm just going to type it cant be bothered to get stupid usb to work, shouldn't take 20 minutes :(12:59
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: i haven't to make freedos boot of usb for a similar thing but it failed to boot though I didn't pursue it much, try asking in #freedos12:59
troubledjrib: I was asked by a dev in a bug report12:59
jribtroubled: right, but regarding what?12:59
ilovefairuzKunin:  still looking12:59
ilovefairuzlxsys: right-click and format is not working ?13:00
troubledjrib: a dvd problem. seems the latest kernel is fine with it13:00
troubledwell, dvd drive13:00
jribtroubled: ok, just figured maybe it was related13:00
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: haven't been able *13:00
lxsysilovefairuz: yes it is, but teh other laptop keeps throwing up permission denied13:01
troubledjrib: nah. but as I was saying, this only happened the last 2 days, and the only thing that happened since was the .35 test and a package update13:01
moshisushiilovefairuz: however it's not really freedos....13:01
jribtroubled: do you know what packages were updated?13:01
moshisushii mean.. FreeDOS is ON tehre13:01
Kuninilovefairuz well... apparently some keys are working, kill X did13:01
moshisushibut you boot the CD, THEN you select FreeDOS13:01
ilovefairuzlxsys: mount it and copy using, sudo cp /path/to/file  /media/disk/13:01
moshisushiso i guess it's just some kind of bootable CD13:01
troubledjrib: not off hand. was some stuff from proposed and some stuff from security. i'd have to go through the logs13:02
lxsysilovefairuz: tried that, won't work. also made a file on the usb from working laptop and it was ok, edited it on other laptop and it wasn't happy.13:02
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: yes it is, the disk utility runs on freedos13:02
jribtroubled: hmm, proposed isn't really meant to be used as a an "always-on" repository13:02
troubledjrib: ya, might just be the first time ive been bitten by having it on. i don't want to disable it now though in case I start getting missing dependancy issues13:03
jribtroubled: you won't get missing dependency issues13:03
lxsysilovefairuz: nevermind, somehow smacking the laptop in rage got the damn card to work... must be loose connection13:04
ilovefairuz!who | moshisushi13:04
ubottumoshisushi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:04
troubledjrib: even if I remove something that was updated to a higher version than is stock and they depend on stuff that was from proposed or pulled in from it?13:04
Kuninilovefairuz and a new error when X restarted: could not updates ICEauthority file /var/lib/gdm/.ICEauthority13:04
moshisushiilovefairuz: sure :>13:04
quiescenspercussive maintenance13:04
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: what you are referring to is just the bootloader, the actual OS is freedos13:05
jribtroubled: you're removing things, dependencies aren't required to remove something and apt would tell you if other things depend on it13:05
troubledjrib: well, guess ill disable it than, thanks13:05
moshisushiilovefairuz: so getting the image on there with UNetbootin set to FreeDOS is worth a try?13:06
moshisushiilovefairuz: well, that's what i'm doing now anyway13:06
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: i don't think it would, but try it13:06
ilovefairuzKunin: sudo chown -R gdm /var/lib/gdm13:07
Kuninilovefairuz was about to do that, just looking to see what it was now... user landscape and group admin... no idea what either of those are13:08
Kuninilovefairuz and the original problem still exists13:09
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: http://wiki.fdos.org/Installation/BootDiskCreateUSB has instructions for ubuntu13:09
ilovefairuzKunin: the keyboard/mouse are not working even after restarting X?13:09
Kuninilovefairuz correct, still not working13:10
ilovefairuzKunin: there could be a memory corruption somewhere, try rebooting?13:10
Kuninilovefairuz BUT, they do work through synergy, so the keystrokes and such are being registered somewhere13:10
Kuninilovefairuz IE, I can move my mouse onto this computer, and using the mouse/keyboard from my main type this message13:11
wh1sk3yj4ckhow do I run a cli command so that it doesn't go into .bash_history?13:11
Kuninilovefairuz or, more odd... keyboard works (on both systems), but mouse still does not work (on either)13:12
llutzwh1sk3yj4ck: start the line with a space13:12
ilovefairuzKunin: pkill synergys and start it again13:12
wh1sk3yj4ckllutz, cheers mate13:12
Kuninilovefairuz no apparent change13:15
ilovefairuzKunin: more than one synergys could be running, try killall -KILL synergys, and restart X13:16
Kuninilovefairuz unless they can hide from ps -e I doubt it, but ok13:17
HaarDzHow i can use the sed command to change this " ' " character13:18
allgurui have improved www.noobsnetwork.com !!! , what do you think?13:19
Kuninilovefairuz no change13:19
ilovefairuz!ot | allguru13:19
ubottuallguru: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:19
jribHaarDz: sed s/\'/x/   ?13:19
Tomashehey guys13:19
ilovefairuz!hi | Tomashe13:20
ubottuTomashe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:20
Tomasheneed some help with setup my vpn client13:20
HaarDzjrib: i tryed this way, but don't work :/13:20
padhu1how can i increase font size in empathy13:20
Tomashei installed the server already the x11vpn13:20
jribHaarDz: it works... pastebin what you are doing13:20
HaarDzjrib: let me try again, hold on13:20
ilovefairuz!hi | winendah13:20
ubottuwinendah: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:20
winendahanyone can tell me how to make splash screen :)13:21
moshisushiilovefairuz: FreeDOS booted13:21
moshisushii just copy over the files from the image then?13:22
moshisushiilovefairuz: ^13:22
Tomashe22/tcp  open  ssh, 53/tcp  open  domain, 80/tcp  open  http, 139/tcp open  netbios-ssn,445/tcp open  microsoft-ds13:22
Oer!cn | colin_13:23
ubottucolin_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:23
ilovefairuzwinendah: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&q=make+plymouth+theme13:23
Tomashehow do i check my vpn13:23
Tomasheplease help me out13:23
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: link of the blog again ?13:24
winendahthanks ilovefairuz13:24
ilovefairuzcolin_: write:         /join #ubuntu-cn13:24
moshisushiilovefairuz: sure, http://shifteightgeneration.com/content/wdtler-fix-tler-setting-wd-desktop-hard-drives13:24
ilovefairuz!details |  Tomashe13:24
ubottuTomashe: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:24
colin_Thank you,ilovefaituz13:25
Ankihere is mine new desktop check out http://i29.tinypic.com/2zhmsmd.png :)13:26
Kuninilovefairuz well, reboot works... I just hate using reboot to fix things13:26
calebrhi, does anybody know if it is possible to get boost > 1.40 for ubuntu as deb package?13:27
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: there's a directory on the ISO called 'dosapps'   so copy that to the usb drive .. it has the scanning app you need to run13:27
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: you can extract is from the ISO using archive manager13:27
Kuninilovefairuz thanks though13:28
ilovefairuzKunin: np13:28
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
moshisushiilovefairuz: yep done, gonna try n boot it now13:29
BenkinoobyTomashe: sorry got distracted13:29
Benkinoobyare you still here?13:30
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minthi all. i'm dealing with a real nagging problem. my problem is the same under ubuntu/linux mint. i'm using a broadcom BCM4328 wireless card in my laptop(under windows, everything is fine) and i'm having huge lag problems. one moment i can dl with full speed and 2 seconds later it drops to 10kb. i'm using broadcom STA drivers13:34
magicianlordhello. flashplugin install couldnt download, and never installed the plugin13:38
greenonemagicianlord: Did u try install with synaptic or downloading the .deb install ?13:41
e01can You suggest me some clipboard manager for gnome-panel13:41
ilovefairuze01: glipper13:42
magicianlordyes, i fixed it13:42
magicianlordi had to remove the installer13:42
ilovefairuz!hi | second13:42
ubottusecond: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:42
greenonenice w0rk ! :)13:42
linxehis there anything in the repositories that will help me in aligning a video recording from a camcorder with an audio recording of the same event (I recorded a friends band playing on multitrack and have just been mixing it down, and now want to synchronise the music to the video camera footage I made)13:42
ilovefairuzmint: pastebin lshw -C network13:42
linxehsomething like iMovie ?13:42
e01ilovefairuz, i install it but it won`t apear in plugins list13:42
abhijitlinxeh, kdenlive?13:43
ilovefairuze01: it's a tray app13:43
e01how to run it13:43
secondI'm trying to restore a computer for some relatives -_- I setup ubuntu and they used an EXTREMLY weak password, it seems as though someone has guessed the password (go figure) and removed root from all users but themselves, the computer isn't always on which is why they are never logged in. I can see the user account13:43
ilovefairuz!es | alberto13:43
secondhow do I get the computer to drop a root shell ?13:43
ubottualberto: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:43
moshisushiilovefairuz: it all worked13:43
ilovefairuze01: from applications menu13:43
moshisushiilovefairuz: thanks13:43
ilovefairuzmoshisushi: you're welcome13:44
secondI did init=/bin/bash from grub and it dropped a shell but I was unable to get it to passwd13:44
linxehabhijit: I'll take a look, thanks13:44
secondit kept saying invalid auth tokens etc13:44
secondso I tried the recoverymenu but the text on that is messed up too13:44
ilovefairuzsecond sudo passwd to change the root password13:45
greenonelinxeh: Enna or Moovida13:45
e01ilovefairuz, i had no glipper or clipboard manager in the menues13:45
linxehabhijit: that looks great, thanks13:45
secondilovefairuz: I was root13:45
linxehgreenone: ok I'll take a look at those too - many thanks13:45
abhijitlinxeh, :)13:45
linxehgreenone: those don't do anything like what I want to do ?13:46
secondilovefairuz: I was in a dropped shell after init=/bin/bash13:46
calebrhi, does anybody know if it is possible to get boost > 1.40 for ubuntu as deb package?13:46
williamgo ubuntu!13:46
ilovefairuze01: did you install it first? alt + f2 and type glipper13:47
hiromihey blurid13:47
bluridmaybe someone can help??13:47
linxehcalebr: libboost13:47
hiromiblurid, ask13:47
ilovefairuz!details | blurid13:47
ubottublurid: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:47
justakillhey everyone can someone help me out i'd like to know if my synaptic package manager is correctly configured13:47
ilovefairuze01: did you install it first? alt + f2 and type glipper13:48
ilovefairuz!details | justakill13:48
ubottujustakill: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:48
ilovefairuzsecond: what are you trying to accomplish ?13:48
calebrlinxeh: yeah, libboost is in 1.40 and i need at least 1.41. lastest is 1.4313:48
justakillwell it works its about my repository's13:48
bluridi want to install another linux distribution via usbstick. Or trnsferred the bootloader to my usb is bit of a problem13:48
linxehcalebr: oh sorry I didnt read ;-)13:48
greenoneLinxeh : Thats true, u can try VideoCut or AviDemux to do something like that but thats all i know about video apps like iMovie, but maybe those apps will help :)13:48
justakilli'm not sure i have the right ones for my distribution13:49
linxehgreenone: fwiw, kdenlive is exactly what I was after :)13:49
linxehgreenone: thanks!13:49
ilovefairuz!unetbootin | justakill13:49
ubottujustakill: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:49
bluridthere most be a program or something??13:49
ilovefairuz!unetbootin > blurid13:49
linxehblurid: yes, try unetbootin13:49
ubottublurid, please see my private message13:49
secondilovefairuz: I'm trying to reset the root password13:49
greenonelinxeh, thanks will have a look at those apps later13:50
secondalso the user that logs into gnome (auto-login) has had its password changed too13:50
ilovefairuzsecond: login normally to the machine and sudo passwd13:50
JackNocturnei need help about ddrescue > http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/rpvjzsin  < thanks in advance13:50
secondilovefairuz: sudo needs a password -_-13:51
secondwhich I don't have13:51
ilovefairuzsecond: what happens when you try passwd in init=/bin/bash ?13:51
Random832second: you don't have a password on your regular user?13:51
Random832i don't think that configuration is supported13:52
ilovefairuz!pm | Tomashe13:52
ubottuTomashe: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:52
secondRandom832: nope that was changed by whoever hacked in13:52
Tomashenoone helps me13:53
hiromiTomashe, ask again13:53
secondilovefairuz: I think it may be because I didn't have rw, I had ro13:53
secondforgot about that13:53
ilovefairuzsecond: use livecd, and chroot to your root partition, then execute passwd13:53
Tomashei cannt understand why my vpn isnt working i installed the x11vpn using that : http://lifehacker.com/317125/set-up-vnc-on-ubuntu-in-four-steps13:53
Tomashethen downloaded tightvpn client13:53
secondilovefairuz: -_- mhm that was my first idea but they lost the cd13:53
* second is doing this over the phone -_-13:53
Tomashebut still cannt connect to the network on my localhost13:53
hiromiTomashe, is the VNC port open on both firewalls13:54
ilovefairuzsecond: append: rw init=/bin/bash13:54
Tomashei dont know atm i'm using putty to connect my server13:54
secondilovefairuz: i'll try that next, last time had ro (read-only)13:54
Tomasheand i'm kinda n00b13:54
hiromiTomashe, hold on13:54
Tomashewhen i do nmap it gives me some values13:55
e01ilovefairuz, i restart gnome and glipper is apearing now:)13:55
llutzsecond: install a fresh OS on that machine.if someone hacked in, you cannot be sure he hasn't left some more things. you cannot trust this system13:55
Random832second: edit /etc/shadow and replace the encrypted password with "VwL97VCAx1Qhs" - that sets it to "root"13:55
Random832or yeah just reinstall13:55
Random832llutz: though if they changed the root password they're not that subtle :P13:55
JackNocturnei need help with this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/rpvjzsin13:56
Random832and changed the user password13:56
secondllutz: I'll just lock everyone out13:56
robotjoxhello, I wonder if anyone here can help me - I'm trying to log into a networked server through a remote connection with ssh, but I get a "Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)" all the time. I don't know much about ssh, but I have been asked if I have "enabled port forwarding in my client", but I am using bash, so that should be alright, yes?13:56
Random832second: technically even if you do that and even if it _tells_ you everything's locked down, there could be a hole it's been programmed not to tell you about13:56
secondllutz: you don't know these people, they would really really f that machine up if they tried to do a fresh install13:56
llutzRandom832: speculation, you cannot be sure. so reinstall is the only way to get a known state13:56
secondRandom832: I'll have to do the best I can13:57
secondat least until I go visit them13:57
Random832how would they "f it up" (also language)13:57
secondRandom832: >_> you don't know them, trust me on this one13:57
ilovefairuzrobotjox: bash is a shell not an ssh client13:58
ilovefairuz!ssh | robotjox13:58
ubotturobotjox: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:58
secondthat machine also has windows on it, they would wipe that and all their datas :P and I would be blamed for it13:58
robotjoxilovefairuz: oh, yes - so I guess I'm using "open-ssh", then?13:58
karmic-koalahi all, anyone knows what's the opposite of easy_install (aka if i wanted to get rid of stuff installed using easy_install) ???13:59
JackNocturnehelp with ddrescue  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/rpvjzsin13:59
ilovefairuzrobotjox: yes openssh13:59
eigentorHm how can I disable password request when installing software from the software center14:01
robotjoxilovefairuz: but do you have any idea why I can't get in?14:01
eigentorI trust myself ;)14:01
ilovefairuzJackNocturne: unmounting it will ensure no data is written14:01
abhijithow to see my gnome version?14:01
JackNocturnethank you : )14:01
williamgo into system monitor14:01
=== Rooney is now known as SecretDreams
ubuntu-usrhi all14:02
abhijitwilliam, thanks14:02
ActionParsnipabhijit: dpkg -l | grep gnome-common14:02
ilovefairuzrobotjox: is that the first time you use ssh?14:02
ubuntu-usrdoes anyone know how to send file from symbian s60.3 using putty?14:02
robotjoxilovefairuz: I have done a "-v" debug, but all I get is "Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)"14:02
abhijitActionParsnip, ok14:03
robotjoxilovefairuz: no I have used it often14:03
robotjoxilovefairuz: but never with forwarding14:03
ubuntu-usri'm using ssh connection to ubuntu14:03
ilovefairuzrobotjox: type: ls -l  ~/.ssh/id*14:03
ActionParsnipeigentor: you need to type the password as you are using gksudo as your user is just that, a user but you are in a special group to allow you to use sudo and gksudo14:03
eigentorActionParsnip: eh....14:04
robotjoxilovefairuz: that lists the keys14:04
eigentorwell I use the shell regularly on my webserver14:04
eigentorbut on the desktop this is new ground for me14:04
ActionParsnipeigentor: its the correct way to run graphical apps with elevated priveledges, sudo for graphical apps like nautilus and gedit will ruin file ownerships14:05
ilovefairuzrobotjox: ssh-copy-id user@host14:05
Utrinqueparatuscan you install une to a sd card14:05
eigentorActionParsnip: ok14:05
eigentorbut I had problems understanding what I should do14:05
ActionParsnipUtrinqueparatus: sure, there is an option in the livecd to install to usb14:05
=== 36DAABWV0 is now known as pula_n_pizda
KrisKoubuntu-usr: copying files via ssh: scp /path/to/file/file.xxx user@computer:/store/file/here/14:05
UtrinqueparatusActionParsnip: i have no cd drive its a netbook14:06
ActionParsnipeigentor: just stick with it, it makes the system more secure14:06
pula_n_pizdahello i have problem with login14:06
eigentorActionParsnip: sure14:06
robotjoxilovefairuz: then I get the "Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)" again :(14:06
KrisKoubuntu-usr: not sure if U can copy files from e.g. mobile phone running symbian14:06
ActionParsnipUtrinqueparatus: do you just want to install from SD card or install as a persistant install to the SD card/14:06
Utrinqueparatuseither or14:06
ActionParsnipUtrinqueparatus: ok then you can use usb-creator-gtk in an established Ubuntu once you download (and MD5 test) the ISO you want14:07
ubuntu-usrKrisKo, i'll check it. but i think that's impossible because this command will be given remontly. i'm wrong? how about put command?14:08
artinstartinHow can I change the settings of the audio (amplifieing the already 100% volume) permanently?14:09
froschiubuntu-usr: i think you really can not with putty14:09
KrisKoubuntu-usr: put command is for ftp protocol, it has diferent syntax, but it's also possible to copy files via ftp14:09
ilovefairuzrobotjox: try loggin it using: ssh -o "PubkeyAuthentication no"  user@host14:10
Utrinqueparatusi am trying to copy files from ubuntu to an external ntfs hdd and it keeps giving me the error: error open file "file path" input/output error14:10
ubuntu-usrKrisKo, so in this case my server should have ftp server too?14:10
aaronyyssh has buildin sftp14:11
XimDevdear all, how do I know the model and brand of my hard disk using commandline in ubuntu14:11
XimDevand serial number14:11
oCean_XimDev: use lshw14:12
ikoniaXimDev: your hard disk vendor may have tools, but it's doubtful14:12
ilovefairuzUtrinqueparatus: check cables, or try formatting the disk, if neither worked it's a hardware issue14:12
llutzXimDev: hdparm -I /dev/sdX14:13
ikoniaoCean_: nice one, didn't know that showed the disks serial14:13
troubledXimDev: hdparm -i /dev/XXX should tell you all14:13
XimDevthanks a lot oCean_ ikonia and llutz14:13
XimDevthanks a lot troubled14:13
robotjoxilovefairuz: thanks for your help, but now I can't even log into the remote server anymore let alone the remote computer I am trying to access. I think there's a  problem on their end. Thanks again!14:14
llutztroubled: -i won't show serial14:14
oCean_ikonia: hdparm seems to do the trick also!14:14
troubledllutz: does on mine14:14
robotjoxilovefairuz: I'll try to contact them. Thanks!14:14
troubledllutz: even tells me the firmware rev14:14
ilovefairuzrobotjox: their firewall probably blocked you for repeated attempts, and you're welcome14:14
llutztroubled: my bad, you're right, sry14:14
froschiubuntu-usr: i'd go the other way and find some ssh client for s60, like http://thinkabdul.com/2007/11/29/rsync-symbian-synchronize-nokia-s60-files-with-multiple-foldersdirectories-on-computer-via-ssh-over-wifi/ <- never tried it, but will soon :)14:17
padhuWhich is the best GUI firewall for ubuntu 10.04?14:20
KeithChesterim trying to get eeepc acpi support package installed, but am getting the following error message:14:20
padhugucf  or firestarter?14:20
troubledpadhu: firestarter seems to do an okay job. i use shorewall now though14:20
KeithChestereeepc-acpi-scripts: Depends: acpi-support-base but it is not installable14:20
KeithChesterany ideas?14:20
troubledpadhu: shorewall isnt a gui btw. but it pwns :)14:21
padhuoh, then how can i use it?14:22
GupGuys, I'm trying to track down a memory leak... any good tools about? It would be cool to plot the mem usage of the individual process from ps on a graph over time or something?14:23
GupI've tried comparing screen shots of top or activity monitor throughout the week, but everything just seems to be slowly increasing!14:23
padhutroubled:  ^^^14:23
spikypadhu: gufw works well14:23
troubledpadhu: shorewall? its a bunch of config files in /etc/shorewall that you "fill in the blanks"14:23
ubuntu-usrfroschi, thx. i wonder is port forwarding here is unnecessary14:23
ikoniaGup: what do you think is leaking ?14:23
troubledpadhu: shorewall is more of a rather advanced firewall though14:23
Gupikonia, thats the problem, i have no idea!14:24
padhutroubled: give me an link for learn it14:24
ikoniaGup: why do you think something is leaking then ?14:24
troubledpadhu: http://sohrewall.net/14:24
troubledpadhu: iirc, ubuntu ships with 4.2, so pick the docs accordingly when on that site14:25
AloneWolfCROHeloo! I have a q? How that i remove nautilus elementary?14:25
padhuSure, troubled. Thank you14:26
ubuntu-usrfroschi, where rsync daemon should be run? on ssh server or on my mobile?14:26
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: open the package manager, search for the package, click remove14:26
troubledpadhu: also, to have a better shorewall experience, I removed/disabled the package for the default ubuntu network that gives each user the option for specifying the networking info. I forget the package name though. basically, I reverted back to a "traditional" networking environment where the eth is brought up during start and stays up14:26
padhutroubled: oh14:27
AloneWolfCROok i will try14:27
angelitusssHi everyone! I wonder if any has solved the flickering screen issue? I'm having that problem with ATI radeon 1200x and Intel based video cards.14:28
troubledpadhu: also, you probably want shorewall-perl instead of plain shorewall, that installs a perl version of the compiler instead of a bash/sh based compiler. there are limits that probably will affect both, but perl tends to be the more powerful one14:28
Jecanybody use ibus ?14:28
troubledpadhu: an example: the shell shorewall can do firewalling on a bridge, but the perl version cant yet. (not likely to affect you). Where as the perl version can auto detect broadcast address of an interface but the shell version cant, etc.14:29
ikoniaJec: just ask your question14:29
AloneWolfCROikonia: i can't see nautilus elementary on synaptic :S14:29
padhutroubled: that's good idea. any GUI tar ball?14:29
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: there doesn't appear to be a  nautilus elementary package in the ubuntu repos14:30
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: how did you install it ?14:30
troubledpadhu: as for the package to remove, do you know that little applet ubuntu gives you to control networking? remove that package. As for GUI, no, its just "always on" so to speak. just apt-get install shorewall-perl shorewall-doc, and you should be good to go. Its safe to install too as it wont run until you enabled it in /etc/default/shorewall14:31
AloneWolfCROi thik via ubuntu tweak14:31
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: then we don't support it here14:31
AloneWolfCROI know :S14:31
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: then why are you asking ?14:31
AloneWolfCROi just thing that you will still help me14:32
ikoniaAloneWolfCRO: I have no idea how ubuntu-tweak installs packages for you, you'll need to speak to the ubuntu-tweak people to find out how it installs14:32
terryWhats PDTV?14:32
Gupikonia, i have to reboot once every few weeks, when i do mem usage is about 20% with loads of free or cached, but used slowly creeps up until its left no room for cached, things start to swap and everything grinds to a halt, here's my munin memory graph http://imagebin.ca/view/wuyxlS.html14:32
terryWhats PDTV?14:32
AloneWolfCROok thnx14:32
terryWhats PDTV?14:32
=== sebastian is now known as minnse
froschiubuntu-usr: if you can login from putty, you don't need port forwarding in your setup. then you don't need it for filetransfer either. rsync daemon *if* you need it should be run on server. but you shouldn't need it for basic usage (only for advanced user managment or so)14:33
ikoniaGup: simplest thing to do is, boot your box, leave it running with nothing additional open, see how that responds, that will rule out generic services/applications14:33
angelitusssHi! Anyone solve the flickering issue? (Ubuntu 10.04 -  ATI or Intel)14:33
cloud_xff7any girl here?14:34
troubledcloud_xff7: ?14:34
ikoniacloud_xff7: this is a support channel only, please keep to that topic14:34
cloud_xff7calm friend14:34
cloud_xff7ubuntu spanish_14:35
ikonia!es | cloud_xff714:35
ubottucloud_xff7: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:35
cloud_xff7<ubottu> thank you friend :D14:35
angelitusssHi guys14:35
Gupikonia, could be a bit inconvenient.. it runs all sorts of stuff like mail server and backup stuff i wouldnt want to be down for any period of time, not to mention i need to use it to work on!14:36
angelitusssI moved all the Win machines to Ubuntu. But now I have half of them flickering, anyone solve this?14:36
angelitusssI mean, at my office14:37
ikoniaGup: so you're going to have to use tools like top to see where your resources are going,14:37
sam__having problems with etting my windows effect when i enable my nvidia card it resets my resolution to 640x480, i ried a few different thing then got the mesage 90.7 kh/84.6khz frequency out of range please try a diff resolution, since then i had to reinstall pclinux because it wont loead into ubuntu14:37
angelitusssWe're very happy, but the flickering in 10.04 could be annoying...14:37
XDS_"mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc2,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error        (aren't you trying to mount an extended partition,        instead of some logical partition inside?)        In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail  or so "14:37
XDS_Nothing wrong with the disk14:38
padhutroubled: ok, i am going to try14:38
ubuntu-usri made usb disk with ubuntu but i would like to add ghost 4 linux to my usb drive. how to do that?14:38
DarsVaedahi, i could need some help troubleshooting my network connection14:38
troubledpadhu: np, gl!14:38
amaureaHi! I'm trying to mount my mobile phone as a mass storage device. It supports this, but when I attach it, it does not automatically appear in /media. Is it possible to make the computer rescan for devices to mount there? Or how could I mount it manually?14:38
oafubuntu-usr: do you have ghost for linux?14:39
DarsVaedai have no connection to my router, ifconfig says that my inet addr is that makes me wonder14:39
DarsVaedamy router works, i'm writing from my notebook now14:39
ubuntu-usroaf, i'll download it soon14:39
troubledpadhu: if you get stuck and firewall yourself offline, just remember to do "shorewall clear" in a shell as root. that will open your firewall up so to speak. "shorewall stop" actually blocks everything in or out14:39
froschiubuntu-usr: mmhh... about rsync and port forwarding i take everything i said back. according to the docs, it's kinda confused, and for some reason you seem to need the daemon...14:39
erUSULDarsVaeda: is the lo adrress. what is the ip for eth0 or wlan0 ?14:40
DarsVaedaahh ok, there is no eth014:40
=== XDS_ is now known as XDS2010
DarsVaedaat least when i do "sudo ifconfig"14:40
erUSULDarsVaeda: what NIC card do you have on the machine?14:40
ubuntu-usrfroschi, you mean deamon at server side14:40
DarsVaedaits onboad, worked yesterday and like 2 years before14:41
erUSULDarsVaeda: lspci | grep -i net14:41
oafubuntu-usr: how to use ghost 4 linux?14:41
DarsVaedarealtek RTL8101E14:41
erUSULDarsVaeda: try « sudo modprobe r8169 »14:42
Gupok ikonia, i'll keep comparing screen shots over time, but as i say, it looks like everything slowly increases its mem usage. i'll upload them over the next few days if i still cant figure it out! cheers :)14:42
DarsVaedawhat should that do erusul?14:42
erUSULDarsVaeda: dod eth0 come up ?14:42
ubuntu-usroaf, see at http://redkrieg.com/2007/03/19/ghost-4-linux-complete-guide-to-imaging/14:42
DarsVaedathe light is on at the cards input14:43
oafubuntu-usr: thanks14:43
DarsVaedacan i check if ubunt can access the card?14:43
DarsVaedalike hardware-manager in windows14:43
erUSULDarsVaeda: « sudo modprobe -r r8169 && sudo modprobe r8169 »14:43
erUSULDarsVaeda: then « dmesg | tail -n20 » paste the output14:43
blue112Hi here =)14:43
Benkinoobyis 79.179.5XX.XXX a LAN ip?14:44
troubledBenkinooby: you mean rfc1918? no14:44
DarsVaedai can not paste the output14:44
DarsVaedabut there is an eth0: entry14:44
erUSULDarsVaeda: do you see any obvilous error ?14:45
DarsVaedaeth0: RTL8102e14:45
padhu troubled: sure14:45
DarsVaedano errors14:45
erUSULDarsVaeda: do « ifconfig » does eth0 appears now ?14:45
sam__any 1 know what caouse the" 90.7khz/84.6khz frequency out of range please try another resolution" error it prevents me from loading ubuntu14:45
Benkinoobytroubled:s o i sould be able to ssh to it via internet?14:45
froschiubuntu-usr: yeah, or on mobile... both options seem to work according to the docs... i only don't see any encryption at all there or ssh protocol though... this is strange...14:45
DarsVaedathe only thing in dmesg is that it says PCI INT A disabled14:46
troubledBenkinooby: well, its an internet routable ip range, if thats what you are asking. ie: its not 192.168.X.X, 172.16.X.X or 10.X.X.X14:46
DarsVaedabut a bit beneath says PCI INT A -> GSI 17 ...14:46
erUSULDarsVaeda: check « ifconfig » does it have a eth0 now ?14:46
ilovefairuz!hi | blue11214:46
ubottublue112: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:46
Benkinoobytroubled: ah ok, thx. i was not sure about the rang of LAN ips14:46
DarsVaedano just local14:47
wildc4rdafternoon all14:47
erUSULDarsVaeda: :(14:47