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ScottLcan anyone help test this bug so we can get it backported?  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qjackctl/+bug/60791417:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 607914 in qjackctl (Ubuntu) "Backport qjackctl 0.3.6-1 from Maverick" [Undecided,New]17:54
ScottLgood instructions included in the bug report for testing17:58
crimsun_ScottL: nice test case21:07
crimsun_I'm a bit concerned that this is going into lucid-backports instead of lucid-proposed, though21:07
crimsun_are the changes from 0.3.4 -> 0.3.6 _that_ invasive that the fixes can't be cherry-picked onto our 0.3.4 package?21:08
ScottLcrimsun_, thanks, i would rather this go into -proposed as well but i was told i needed a patch and since this was handled upstream by a new release i wasn't sure a patch even existed21:12
ScottLif you could point me in the right direction i would love to dig further into it though :)21:13
crimsun_yeah, let me see if I can isolate a smaller patch21:16
crimsun_are you going to be around (not 100% attention necessary, of course) for an hour?21:16
ScottLyes i will, i'll be back and forth in front of the computer21:17
crimsun_sounds good21:17
ScottLtoday, i'm also hoping to submit a patch for the gnome-network-admin bug (disabled interface) in maverick, so hopefully this will resolve the bug going forward21:20
ScottLi had hoped to get a patch for lucid as well, but alas, i cannot get the package to build when removing 10_disable_interfaces.patch21:21
crimsun_do you have a build log with the FTBFS (with the patch unapplied)?21:23
ScottLcrimsun_, https://launchpad.net/~slavender/+archive/lucid/+build/1888652/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-i386.gnome-system-tools_2.30.0-0ubuntu3~ppa4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:24
crimsun_thanks, will look later21:24
ScottLno,thank you :)21:27
crimsun_looks pretty straightforward:21:36
crimsun_--- src/qjackctlJackConnect.cpp (revision 541)21:36
crimsun_+++ src/qjackctlJackConnect.cpp (revision 542)21:36
crimsun_@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@21:36
crimsun_                                QString sPortName   = sClientPort.right(sClientPort.length() - iColon - 1);21:36
crimsun_                                pClient = static_cast<qjackctlJackClient *> (findClient(sClientName));21:36
crimsun_                                if (pClient)21:36
crimsun_-                                       pPort = pClient->findJackPort(pJackPort);21:36
crimsun_+                                       pPort = static_cast<qjackctlJackPort *> (pClient->findPort(sPortName));21:36
crimsun_                                if (pClient == 0) {21:36
crimsun_                                        pClient = new qjackctlJackClient(this, sClientName);21:36
crimsun_                                        iDirtyCount++;21:36
crimsun_I think that's a nice SRU candidate :-)21:36
crimsun_fixed silly lintian error while I'm at it, too21:50
crimsun_ScottL: please try http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen/qjackctl_0.3.4-0ubuntu4.1.debdiff against pristine lucid21:53
ScottLcrimsun_, i'll do that this evening when family things settle down a bit22:16
ScottLbut i can start a clean lucid install now though :)22:20
ScottLcrimsum, how did you fin that?  was it in the qjackctl cvs?22:20
ScottLdid you just look for a description on one of the revisions with port renaming?22:21
crimsun_ScottL: I searched the source22:30
astraljavaAhh... superb, crimsun_! Much better than a backport.23:41
* astraljava goes to bed23:41

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