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jcastroklattimer: ok see if you can assign the ibus bug to "canonical desktop team"09:09
jcastroit should09:09
oLoyoliMy date-time indicator says it's Saturday still...09:09
klattimerI'm assuming that it would be a really obvious link09:10
klattimerI can't see it at all :/09:11
jcastroklattimer: there should be a yellow ! next to your name  in the assignee column09:11
jcastroat the top of the bug09:11
klattimerI see that09:12
klattimer... not so obvious09:12
jcastrowelcome to launchpad!09:12
klattimerit says, select a team of which you're a member of09:13
klattimerwith a search box09:13
jcastro"canonical desktop team" in there09:13
klattimerif I search canonical desktop team, nothing comes up09:13
jcastrosigh, same problem I have09:13
jcastrook fixed09:13
jcastroso basically after you do each one this is to say "ok ken your turn to put it in the distro"09:14
jcastrook while those are out of the way, the dx team is having a call right now and will find what bugs to give you09:15
jcastroklattimer: are you familiar with how merges and merge proposals work in launchpad?09:15
jcastroklattimer: you can snag the code like so09:20
jcastrobzr branch lp:notify-osd09:20
jcastroand just familiarize yourself with it while I hunt down some workflow docs for you09:20
klattimerwell I've used bzr a few times09:21
klattimerso that's all good09:21
klattimermerge requests not sure of so familiarising myself09:21
jcastrothat's the start09:22
jcastroit will be easier to do it that way because the dx team works all in launchpad, so they'll be able to review your changes and commit directory to the upstream project09:22
jcastroklattimer: examples: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/notify-osd09:28
jcastroklattimer: unless assigned otherwise here's the buglist https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/notify-osd/+bugs09:37
jcastrohi njpatel09:37
njpateljcastro, hey dude09:37
jcastronjpatel: klattimer is reading up on bzr, lp, and notify-osd09:38
jcastrohe's basically here to polish it off09:38
njpatelah nice, hey klattimer09:38
jcastronjpatel: but he needs bugs assigned to him09:38
njpatelRight, I think davidbarth  mentioned it this morning09:39
jcastronjpatel: also I'm asking him to read up on merge proposals, etc.09:39
jcastroif he's going to be doing all this dx work then he might as well do it the way you guys do it09:39
njpateljcastro, awesome09:39
njpatelWhat, badly? ;)09:39
njpatelCool, I'm awaiting a call from david to do some triaging anyway, so I'll make sure to do go through the notify-osd ones too09:41
MacSlowjcastro, regarding n-osd... you can point klattimer towards me, should any technical questions arise09:41
klattimerhey ho MacSlow09:41
MacSlowklattimer, small is the world :)09:41
jcastroalso, mpt pointed to this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD#duration09:41
jcastroand these: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD#position09:42
jcastrodo you guys know if there are bugs open for these features?09:42
jcastroand can we confirm which parts of those are implemented?09:42
MacSlowjcastro, yup... but I don't know htem by heart (by number) :)09:42
jcastroMacSlow: as long as you know how to assign them to him. :D09:42
MacSlowjcastro, :)09:42
MacSlowklattimer, jcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD#position regarding that position... this gconf-key selecting the position-option is not implemented09:44
MacSlowklattimer, jcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD#duration is very tricky/involved... to get it all done09:45
jcastrois the position gconf key as important as the duration ones?09:46
MacSlowjcastro, I'd say (and I think mpt would so too) that timing is more important09:46
MacSlowjcastro, klattimer: but that I'd check with mpt first before proceeding... just to be sure09:47
MacSlowjcastro, klattimer: the whole gconf-position option is certainly easier to implement09:47
jcastroyeah but it's not really user visible09:49
* jcastro thinks that gconfable options are probably not a good use of resources09:49
MacSlowjcastro, the general problem with gconf-options is getting an equal amount of testing for each code-path behind each option and get any potential side-effects covered testing-wise09:53
MacSlowhm... does the above sentence make sense to you? :)09:53
jcastroit does09:53
jcastrowhich is why I think bugfixing and duration makes more sense09:53
MacSlowthat's my view too09:54
klattimeruntil there's a UI to configure notifications, adding gconf keys ends up being in the hands of the distribution... of which I'm only aware of one shipping notify-osd for notifications (unless something's changed) so unless ubuntu is going to vary between spins then there really is little point doing a gconf key for position09:59
davidbarthklattimer: hi, yeah; i'm doing tons of bug reshuffling and milestoning right now10:05
klattimerdavidbarth: cool10:06
davidbarthklattimer: there are couple of mem leaks in n-osd first, then some patches waiting to be reviewed and integrated, and then some multi-monitor issues (if not fixed by the former) to merge in10:06
davidbarthklattimer: and when you get bored, a request to try and improve the test suite to support unattended tests10:07
davidbarthwe have some xvfb-based framework in dbusmenu, and i'd love to see if you have ideas to use that i n-osd as well10:07
davidbarthklattimer: once i've assigned the bugs, can you take a look and give me some estimates10:08
davidbarththe goal being to do a fair but reasonable investment in doing the necessary cleanups10:08
davidbarthbut not block you for too long on that, because there are other app. indicators bugs that should be fixable once the design is refined (keyboard in particular)10:09
jcastrodavidbarth: he's just finished ibus, do you have any opther app indicator bugs in mind?10:12
sensejcastro: I've asked before, but hplip works now?10:19
senseIf that has problems still he could take a look at that.10:19
jcastrosense: we decided that it's best to wait for upstream Qt to implement KSNI10:21
davidbarthjcastro: the keyboard one, but that'll require that some validation from mpt; i think we came up with a good approach last week, but i'd prefer him to finish commenting on that in the bug reports he's on10:33
klattimerdavidbarth: any word on those bugs?11:43
klattimerI'm going to head out to lunch in a bit and would like some new stuff to get my teeth into this afternoon11:44
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klattimermpt about?13:21
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davidbarthklattimer: back on n-osd bugs, so can you look at all the high & medium prio bugs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/notify-osd/+bugs, except #428509 and give me a ballpark time estimate?14:08
klattimerI'll take a look through them14:08
davidbarthklattimer, jcastro: then i think it makes sense to invest ~2-3 days to start with14:08
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klattimerdavidbarth: a rough guess would be something like 6 days for high + medium on there14:33
klattimeras long as I don't hit any major trouble along the way14:34
klattimerlets say probably 9 is a safe estimate14:34
davidbarthklattimer: ok, with automating testing being harder or easier than leaks?14:37
klattimereasier, there seems to be better pointers in total, but memory leaks are ok too14:39
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klattimerpointers to resources I mean :)14:39
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bratschejcastro around?15:58
jcastrobratsche: yep15:59
bratschejcastro: Oh hey dude.. was wondering if you have any priority bugs in the queue that ayan could work on?16:00
bratscheHe's finished up the bugs assigned to him and was wondering if I know of anything else he can hack on that's desktop related.16:01
jcastrogive me a minute16:01
jcastroany specific area?16:01
jcastroor just ayatana bugs in area16:02
bratschejcastro: I figure just any ayatana bugs that you've been watching.  If not it's no big deal, I just didn't have any specific bugs I could think of so I figured I'd ask you.16:02
jcastroon the phone, give me 2 minutes.16:02
bratscheSure, no worries.16:03
jcastrobratsche: any of these would be great: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationAreaTransition/CompatibilityFixes16:06
bratscheayan ^16:07
jcastrothat's like a ton of stuff in the archive16:08
jcastroso best thing to do is do a cost/benefit analysis of how popular something might be16:08
jcastroie. start porting apps that are most used.16:08
jcastroyou'll need to cross reference http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ ftw16:09
jcastrothe bugs themselves are tagged with "trayaway" in lp: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=trayaway16:10
jcastro(or should be tagged with that)16:10
jcastroalso, any papercut: https://edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/maverick16:14
jcastroayan: is that enough? ;)16:14
jcastrovish: feel free to jump in here, heh16:15
jcastrosense: you too!16:17
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vishayan: what happened to  Bug #8949 ? any luck with that one?16:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 8949 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu) "Opening a deleted 'recent document' results in a new file. (affected: 6, heat: 95)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/894916:24
sensejcastro: Most certainly not right now! :P16:25
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kelelsaihi, I'm new here. I missed the section or documentation that says where to get the code from to Fix bugs. Does anyone here know the link that references how to do so?19:34
vishkelelsai: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix  ?19:37
htorquehi, can anyone familiar with the unity design tell me, where that dark line at the bottom of the panel comes from?20:29

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