spivGood morning.00:39
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ptmanis it possible to checkout only a subdirectory of a repository in bzr like it is in svn?10:07
ptmanI tried looking in the documentation and faq but didn't really find an answer10:07
GaryvdMptman: you can use a filter, but it is not going to save bandwidth.10:10
ptmanok, thanks10:13
GaryvdMBla - I can never get rebase to do what I want.12:18
jelmerGaryvdM, what are you trying to do ?12:19
GaryvdMHi jelmer12:19
GaryvdMI commit a revision (call it A) and then merge rev M and then commit B and C. So I have A M B C12:20
GaryvdMI wan A B C12:20
GaryvdMI want to lose the merge12:20
GaryvdMjelmer: lp:~garyvdm/bzr/bzrw12:21
GaryvdMThe merge was just a temporary thing, with I ment to uncommit.12:21
GaryvdMI wish I could do bzr rewrite -r 5344..5346 --onto 534212:23
jelmerGaryvdM: patches welcome :-)12:23
maxboh, you want rebase to sever the parentage of the start of the range12:24
maxbyeah, tricky12:24
maxbwell, not tricky, just not exposed in the UI, I guess12:24
GaryvdMI cant seem to work out  what to put into the upstream_location to trick it to do that.12:26
jelmerGaryvdM: you'd want rewrite, not rebase (except that doesn't have --onto yet)12:28
GaryvdMjelmer: Hmm - I don't have a rewrite command. I installed with apt-get. Busy installing from source.12:29
GaryvdMjelmer: I've install from source, but I still don't have a rewrite command (using lp:bzr-rewrite)12:33
jelmerah, sorry - I meant replay12:33
jelmerrewrite is a hypothetical command at this point12:33
GaryvdMAh - Ok12:33
GaryvdMjelmer: Thanks - I came right. One can use uncommit -r && revert to simulate --onto.12:49
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GaryvdMHi jam.16:36
jammorning GaryvdM16:37
GaryvdMjam: I would like to connect to the ec2 machine from home. I tried to do a ssh tunnel through work, but I could not get it to work.16:38
GaryvdMPlease could you add my home ip.16:38
GaryvdMjam: I'm building a bzrw test.16:46
jamGaryvdM: I should mention that I think 2.2rc1 is going to be this week17:01
GaryvdMOk - I'm actualy on leave this week.17:02
GaryvdMSo I'm hope fully going to do a bunch of bugfixes for qbzr :-)17:02
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jamGaryvdM: if you have a break from using the ec2 instance, let me know. I'm using the more expensive instance because I thought we wouldn't keep it running 24x7.18:38
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CrshmanHey guys, is there a way to apply a patch generated from a git user to a bzr repo?19:43
Crshmannvm, I figured it out19:49
jelmerCrshman: The plan is to be able to use "bzr pull" or "bzr merge" on git patches, but that change hasn't landed yet19:49
Crshmanjelmer: thanks, It turned out to be something trivial19:57
Crshmani was using -p0 rather than -p119:57
CrshmanI wish the git-bzr connectors worked a little better19:58
CrshmanIs there an official 2.2b4 package for ubuntu 10.04 ?20:05
mkanatbzr should support UTF-8 in checkin messages, right?21:28
jelmermkanat: Yes.21:29
mkanatI thought so. One of my developers' checkin messages looks like cp1252 instead.21:29
mkanatAnd he claims that he used the same editor he uses to write localizations, which are in UTF-8.21:29
mkanatFor a smart server, does it do something like use the LANG and try to translate from the console encoding into UTF-8?21:30
mkanat(Which could be problematic for doing "bzr commit" on a remote branch when your local terminal has a different encoding.)21:30
jelmerInternally everything is utf8, so the commit command converts from the terminal encoding to utf8 and then passes that on to other functions in bzrlib21:31
mkanatOkay. But in this case the "terminal encoding" will be the server's encoding, not the client's encoding, right?21:32
mkanatOr is it converted on the client?21:33
jelmerit's converted (at least it should be) on the client.21:33
mkanatAhh. So if the client is a Windows machine, even if the editor believes it's writing UTF-8, bzr will interpret it as cp1252.21:33
jelmerwell, it depends on what bzr thinks the terminal encoding is I think21:36
mkanatSure, but on Windows, if it's using OutputCP, it will almost always be cp1252. I mean, terminals are pretty much never UTF-8 on Windows.21:37
jelmerit might only be converting if you use -m, not if you use an editor21:40
mkanatAhh, hmm.21:40
jelmerbut I'm speculating at this point..21:40
jelmerrather, s/speculating/guessing/21:40
mkanatYeah, so am I--I'm not the person having the problem. :-)21:41
mkanatBut I am going to file a bug and point him at it.21:41
mgzfeel free to subscribe me to that bug, can probably fix it relatively easily.22:02
mkanatmgz: Okay.22:04
mkanatmgz: I don't know your lp name, but here's the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/61022922:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 610229 in Bazaar "Commit messages on Windows are interpreted as cp1252 even if they are UTF-8 (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]22:05
TodoInTXthis is probably a n00b question but I haven't found the answer in google yet... does anyone know how to relate a specific revision number to the tag that it's under ?22:05
TodoInTXi.e.  Rev = 1700.87.1  tag would be something like  mysql-5.1.22-ndb-6.2.922:07
samd_hi, is this the right place for some questions aobut bzr serve?23:57
jelmersamd_, yes, sure23:57

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