NyhaDoes Eduuntu have some admin tool for the teacher to view students desktop?02:37
mhall119but you're not here anymore...03:51
NyhaDoes Eduuntu have some admin tool for the teacher to view students desktop?13:12
highvoltageNyha: there's a tool called iTalc that can be used for that13:16
NyhaI'll look in to that, thanks.13:18
Nyhahighvoltage: do you know any others to compare with?13:23
highvoltageNyha: none that I can think of, but if you hang around some other people may have some more suggestions :)13:28
alkisgNyha: are your clients normal edubuntu workstations or are they thin clients (LTSP)?13:34
alkisgAnyway, there's also controlaula for normal workstations if you want to compare, but personally I wouldn't even install it because it doesn't get cleanly uninstalled. Some people use it though.13:37
alkisgAnd there's also http://wiki.tcosproject.org/Utils/TcosMonitor but I haven't tried it13:38
alkisg(i'm not sure if it runs outside of the tcos project)13:39
Nyhaalkisg: Im working on building a workstation network and later a thin client, if I can get any here in South Africa ;)13:41
alkisgNyha: well if you want to try the others go ahead, but your best bet is italc13:42
Nyhaalkisg: Shu, I'll have a look at them all.13:43
Nyhaalkisg: TcosMontiro use iTalc to remote view... :P13:44
alkisgNyha: it can use either italc or vnc13:45
alkisg...and, italc uses libx11vnc :)13:45
alkisgSo they're all vnc inside...13:45
Nyhaand is this secure?13:45
alkisgitalc is. But of course security comes with a speed/cpu price.13:46
alkisgMy only problem with italc is that it's barely maintained anymore... last release was years ago, I hope the advertised 2.0 version will come later on this year or at least in 2011.13:46
alkisg(so if it works for you, fine, if it crashes etc don't expect any fixes soon :))13:47
Nyhaalkisg: ah :P13:48
* alkisg had to create his own tools for classroom management - unfortunately not ready for international use yet.13:48
NyhaScripted using other apps?13:49
alkisgYes, but put a lot of pygtk in the mix too.13:49
alkisg+twisted for the networking backend13:49
Nyhaokey :P13:50
NyhaSo its a gui tool13:50
alkisgIn 2 years, if italc 2.0 isn't ready yet, I'll try to push it in the ubuntu repositories :)13:51
alkisgSo for now, go for italc and hope it works fine for you :)13:51
NyhaAh elinika...13:51
alkisgNyha: ? can you speak greek?!13:52
alkisgWraios!! :)13:52
NyhaI spent two years in tesaloniki and in rodos on rodos..13:53
Nyhaand two mounth in kalamata.13:53
alkisgWow, you've been all around Greece!13:53
NyhaSo you use this litle app as a teacher or as a it-cafe admin?13:56
alkisgWe use it in almost all of the schools in greece that use ubuntu - as teachers ,yeah13:58
NyhaCool, it looks like something I'd like to try, Im working on a project in cape town to build Ubuntu-based (ubuntu is Xhosa and Zulu language) computer arias for kids groing up with nothin in the townships..14:01
alkisgSounds good. Take a look at LTSP thin+fat clients too, they're much easier to maintain than standalone labs.14:03
Nyhaalkisg: Ye, at the moment I have 20 "normal" workstations, so this is what I'll start with, than I'll try to find a way to get thin clients for expanding. :P14:04
alkisgI'm booting all the normal workstations as fat clients, it's much faster this way, and much easier to maintain.14:05
alkisg(we don't have actual thin clients in any greek schools - only old + new PCs used as thin/fat clients)14:05
NyhaI have found one problem so far, the workstations bios does not support network booting..14:07
alkisgThat's not a problem, we put gpxe in the windows or linux boot manager14:07
alkisgAnyway, time to get some work done, bbl.14:08
Nyhaalkisg: thanks for the help :P14:08
alkisgnp - good luck14:08
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KE1HAIs APT-PROXY the best approach for managing applicaiton versions & policy changes on a school LAN/WAN ?22:27

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