jcgsi think it's in my webcam, anyway it's built into my laptop somewhere and it sometimes works, but it's stopped00:00
jcgswhat do i do?#00:00
gizmobayAnyone know how I can get konversation 1.3.1 for 10.04?00:13
jcgswhat about sudo aptitude install konversation ?00:27
jcgsgizmobay: is that the version in the repositories? also, see above00:27
gizmobaythe one in the repo is 1,2,300:33
BluesKajgizmobay, so what's the difference between 123  & 131 ?00:45
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aguja85_i cant get working wireless in kubuntu 10.04, i activated the b43 through the hardware drivers option but does not work. Which application by defect is installed to see essids available?02:01
joey1im using wine to load up itunes and  it keeps saying that the file itunes library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes. what do i do?02:20
thejackal221_hello everyone02:21
joey1where do i go  to get some answers here, cause i need some help.02:22
thejackal221_How do I change the kdedirs so it can point to a different file?02:22
thejackal221_if my question was unclear please let me know02:30
thejackal221_Is there anyone there?02:33
jcgsthejackal221_: i am02:41
jcgsthejackal221_ what do you mean kdedirs?02:42
thejackal221_jcgs the exact instuctions are n both cases you need set the KDEDIRS environment variable to point to the02:43
thejackal221_installation directory of both KDE4 and KDevPlatform.02:43
jcgsthejackal221_: in the shell is that?02:43
jcgsexport KDEDIRS=whatever02:44
jcgsthejackal221_: is that what you meant?02:45
thejackal221_Yes I think so02:45
jcgsthe installation directory is probably /usr02:45
jcgsbut you'd have to check what's supposed to be in the directory you want02:45
jcgsthejackal221_: you're very welcome02:46
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dartvaderHey guys. It seems that on my updated kdew (4.4.5) there is no "icons" module in systemsettings>appearance. what gives?03:00
ridinwhat's the default gtk+ appearance setting used in kubuntu?03:26
dartvaderridin: should be qtcurve afaik03:29
mcurranDoes anyone know how to fix the desktop icon placement issue when starting up?  I'm running KDE3 and the icons don't stay in the same spot after reboot03:30
dartvadermcurran: lol, that bug has been around for ages ;) i think the total rewrite of kde4 was an attempt to get rid of old spaghetti code that probably caused such as that one...03:34
dartvaderhi there03:35
uthmanyou god03:35
dartvaderwhat you mean? :)03:36
dartvaderin that case, then yes.03:37
uthmanwhat is case03:38
dartvadersorry, i was just joking.03:39
uthmanNo problem03:43
uthmanyou man , woman03:44
uthmanwhat is hooola03:48
raul_hooola is heeello03:48
raul_but in spanish03:49
uthmanhow are you03:50
raul_fine.. where are you?03:51
raul_here where? what country?03:54
uthmanSaudi Arab03:55
raul_oww is other continent03:56
raul_i am from south america03:56
uthmanwhere are you ?03:56
dan_Has anybody else had troubles printing using Okular?03:57
dan_it creates a print job for me03:57
dan_but it doesn't print03:57
raul_so i have no.. sorry03:57
raul_who speak spanish??03:58
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:59
raul_oh gracias03:59
raul_I feel alone on that channel04:03
raul_need help from someone about something of ubuntu 9.404:05
dan_can anybody think of another pdf reader available?04:07
raul_I enable video and audio for video conferencing Pigdin04:08
varnushis this ubuntu forum?04:08
raul_where is that?04:09
uthmanmy can help you04:10
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komodo1969using kubuntu 10.04 LTS - 'How do I disable bluetooth and wireless on startup?'04:13
uthmani dont know04:14
uthmanRight-click ease in the mouse04:15
komodo1969I've googled this and looked everywhere to no avail...lots of people asking this but no answers   :(04:15
komodo1969maybe I should ask:  'how do I configure autostart in kubuntu 10.04?'04:17
komodo1969I would have to ask something no  one knows.....04:22
Dan_Lwhat's the question komodo?04:23
Dan_LSorry I wasn't sitting here holding my breath until you asked a question.04:23
Dan_LWhat can we do for you?04:23
komodo1969lol....sorry if I came off obnoxious04:24
espadan7Hello all umm I had xbmc install on my Kubuntu 10.04 64bit but after doing updates it uninstalls on its own and it wont let me reinstall it. is anyone else having the same problem?04:24
komodo1969using kubuntu 10.04 LTS - 'How do I disable bluetooth and wireless on startup?'04:24
Dan_LOk.  Lemme help you:04:24
Dan_Lright click on your desktop, click unlock widgets.  find the widget in your tray, properties, tell it to not start ever again, yada yada.04:25
Dan_LNow,m since I know you're like me and you probably once used windows:04:25
komodo1969your right...i didn't men to though04:26
Dan_Lautostart is for things that aren't widgets.  You can change that by going into the autostart configuration thing.  Want to know a dirty trick about Kubuntu?04:26
Dan_Lbring up your keystroke launcher04:26
Dan_Land just type "autostart"04:26
Dan_LAs a matter of fact, many many many things kinda just work with that keystroke launcher.04:26
Dan_Lerrrr I forget what it is by default04:26
Dan_Lkrunner, I think it's called?04:27
Dan_Lbut seriously:  if you're suffering from "whut's this called syndrome?" which you will for quite some time----that's your best friend.04:27
komodo1969yea - that worked....autostart is up04:27
Dan_LYou won't need to mess with that for this----but I figured I'd just tell ya about it anyhow:)04:27
Dan_Ljust kill the plasmoid in the tray.04:28
komodo1969OH!!   so it;s a plasmoid-thingy04:28
Dan_L[22:25:32] <Dan_L> right click on your desktop, click unlock widgets.  find the widget in your tray, properties, tell it to not start ever again, yada yada.04:28
Dan_LI was just trying to give you more information than you needed.04:28
Dan_LBecause I learn best when I get the big picture.04:29
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Dan_Lin truth:  the whole plasmoid concept is kind of a mindscrew at first.  But you'll learn to love it.04:30
Dan_LLook at me:  just a year and a half into my kubuntu experience, I've changed my daughters name to "kade"04:30
komodo1969when i right click on the kbluetooth the choices are greyed over04:31
corinthI hooked my PC up to my HDTV via HDMI (I also use HDMI to connect to my computer monitor) in order to watch a movie I have. Now that I've hooked it back up to my PC monitor...I have a blank and unresponsive screen until the Kubuntu splash starts up. This is a problem, since I dual boot with Windows and now I can't see GRUB...help?04:32
komodo1969I don't have bluetooth on my netbook.  I don't want to uninstall it, just don't want it starting on system start04:32
Dan_LThat's weird.  Lemme look.04:33
komodo1969I don't believe the kbluetooth is a plasmoid....I think it's a program04:34
corinthNote: the TV's native resolution is 1920 x 1080, and my PC monitor's native resolution is 1920 x 120004:34
iniusmankomodo1969 : try bootup manager04:38
iniusmansudo apt-get install bum04:38
Dan_Lgood call.  weird.04:38
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Dan_Lthat's really odd04:43
Dan_LI've never treid to disable it04:43
Dan_Land now I can't figure out how04:43
komodo1969hey....that was easy04:46
komodo1969bum got it    ;)04:46
komodo1969going for the final test....re-boot.   brb04:47
semi-nubhi everyone. im having some problems running conky. when i set it to autostart at boot up it flashes and disappears. is there some kind of wait command i can use or anything to make it work right?04:47
Dan_Lbum it is.04:47
corinthWhere is the grub menu list located in Kubuntu?04:48
semi-nubok this is a semi-noobish question.  i was trying to remove univerasl access from my top panel and i removed the evolution mail checker thingy instead, and i couldnt get rid of universal access icon. any idea how i can remove universal access icon and get back my mail cheker ><04:49
Dan_Lsemi-nub: errrr.....ubuntu or kubuntu?04:50
semi-nubdan_l:ubuntu.. oops im sorry i posted in wrong channel please forgive me04:51
Dan_Lsemi-nub: lol it's ok.  I was just wondering.  But you should switch to kubuntu.  We have better looking women here:004:52
semi-nubdan_L: actually i was thinking about installing KDE i used to use it with gentoox04:53
semi-nubdan_l: does kde have compiz support?04:53
Dan_Lsemi-nub:  YES.  And it's hawt.04:53
Dan_Lsemi-nub: try it for a day.  you won't go back04:54
semi-nubdan_l:  well i will definately try it out04:55
Dan_Lsemi-nub: kde is zen for your computer04:55
voriansemi-nub: more like compis has an abailable kde backend04:57
vorianworks very well04:57
Dan_Lsemi-nub: by 'very well' he means perfect04:59
corinthI need to edit grub manually so that Windows boots first. How do I do this?05:00
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sobczykhi, how to remove package with broken remove scripts?05:09
sobczykI want to remove gforge-plugin-mediawiki, it executes script to clean database, but the database was removed before05:10
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demismGood evening, I'm trying to get my mic to work and no such luck. I'm not sure what I'm not doing or what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help?05:14
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pitterBoa noite pessoal06:02
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m0zonekeeps telling me low on home folder space but i have like 600 gigs free   how the heck to i change it so i got tons of home folder space  Doh!06:09
DanielSadano one here?06:50
DanielSadathats werid06:50
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rwestphalany problems?07:04
DanielSadano, thanks07:04
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TheClonotek...... scusate ma dove metto per scegliere un canale09:41
JediMasterhey guys, I'm trying out kde 4.5RC2 from the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta, kde's software system blocked almost all of the new packages, so I've tried a dist-upgrade, but before I go ahead, it wants to remove kdebase-plasma, pretty sure that's a fairly important package to kde right?09:56
ubuntuMY pc can not start with kubuntu but it can start with ubuntu....10:02
ubuntucan can you tell me how ....10:03
JediMasterwe're going to need more information than just "can not start" =)10:04
ubuntuit repeat in login time10:09
ubuntuthe pc very old10:12
otswimhello, i have a shared printer on a windows computer and i'm on a lan with this computer via kubuntu; how can i use it on kde?11:08
well_laid_lawnotswim: I found this   http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/linux_system_administration/kubuntu_quick_guide/ch02s05.html11:15
omkarhey guys,I have installed kubuntu on my acer 5745G laptop but the battery doesn't reflect the proper battery usage11:19
omkarhave anyone faced this issue or know how to fix this11:20
otswimhi, how do i share a folder for windows?11:49
jtheuerotswim: with samba11:50
jtheueri think it is even built-in in konqueror11:51
otswim'configure file sharing' does nothing when i click on it (in the properties of a folder)11:52
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tranquilwatersanyone here that works with kate?12:03
tranquilwaterspast week it happened a few times that all of a sudden the text direction in kate switched from LTR to RTL, and only in a few lines :S moving the cursor down a few lines, there the text is normal LTR again... anyone got a clue what's going on?12:04
tranquilwatersI am unaware of some switching shortcut, but if such a thing is the evildoer I would love to know so I can disable it12:04
jtheuertranquilwaters: I had similar problem but that clearly where graphic card issues and no related to kate only ;-)12:07
tranquilwatersjtheuer: can you tell me more about the problems you had?12:08
tranquilwatersI have only noticed it on kate... I've been using it all morning to type some python, and it happens quite random... I figured out that if I ctrl-Z a bit until i am at the point before the switch, and then type the exact same thing again the text direction does not switch12:09
jtheuertranquilwaters: very, very much text caused scrolling issues in kate and konqueror. Some lines didn't scroll and so on. Not yet resolved12:09
tranquilwatersI haven't had any other problems that I noticed12:09
jtheuerintel integrated card, nothing special. the usual subnotebook crap12:10
tranquilwatershmmm, I don't think I have the same issue then, can't say I have a lot of text12:10
tranquilwatersyeah I have intel as well12:10
tranquilwatersapart from a weird light spot in the bottom right corner of my laptop screen it works just fine12:10
tranquilwatersthanks for the answer :-)12:11
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roamI'm using kubuntu netbook edition and deletes some wigdgets from "Page one " activity. When I add other widgets, I can't bring them into a two collum layout. Any hints how to do it?12:30
otswimhi, 'configure file sharing' does nothing when i click on it (in the properties of a folder)12:41
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Dimitrovajoin #jakarta12:55
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Exilanthi, is youtube/html5 working for someone in konqueror? if so, what setup? (read it is possible, but have not found reports of ubuntu-users or so)13:34
efeshay! :)13:39
efesI got a silly question related to bash. On my account, in my bashrc I have some own macros. One of them require root priviledges. How to run my own macro, but as root?13:43
Exilantsudo macro?13:43
Exilantor put the sudo into the macro?13:44
efesExilant: I can't do sudo macro, cause this macro will be executed after sudo, so it will be taken from root's .bashrc13:46
Exilantah, indeed. put sudo into the macro then13:49
BluesKajHiyas all13:50
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tranquilwaters@otswim: you need to be root to set up filesharing. I think it is a bug that it does not ask for a password by itself. But you can run 'kdesudo dolphin' and then try again.14:01
tranquilwatersotswim: you need to be root to set up filesharing. I think it is a bug that it does not ask for a password by itself. But you can run 'kdesudo dolphin' and then try again.14:01
otswimtranquilwaters: it asks for a password but then does nothing; i needed to install kdenetwork-filesharing or something like that :)14:02
tranquilwatersah ok :)14:03
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summitzmerhaba yardım edebilecek var mı?14:08
Pici!tr | summitz14:08
ubottusummitz: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:08
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ner0xHow can I remove a service from automatically starting when my system starts?14:41
iniusmansystem setting > advanced > service manager14:45
ner0xiniusman: If I only have terminal to deal with?14:49
iniusmansorry.. no idea14:50
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Torchner0x: what kind of service exactly?14:57
ner0xTorch: hylafax server15:01
idzisiemka jest tu jakiś polak bo mam pewien problem15:09
Misterio!pl | idzi15:09
ubottuidzi: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:09
ep_On 10.04 I get "connection to the ibus-daemon" error output (eg stderr) whenever i run *any* kde/qt application.  Why is this and how do i fix?15:10
idziwho know how to download files from windows workgrouup15:11
Misterioidzi: You mean a local network sharing Windows' and Kubuntu applications? Install samba15:13
ep_Several lines of error output refering to  QInotify, QFileSystemWatcher etc.  Is this a bug?15:14
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:14
idzi@misterio but i've got samba and i can download files from linux15:14
idzibut i want fron windows to my kubuntu15:14
Misterioidzi: Read serverguide, the link is in ubottu's message15:15
idzioki done15:21
idzithx 4 alll15:21
MisterioYou're welcome15:22
henkka-i got a video file i'd like to watch with dragonplayer and the video has subtitles separately in an .srt file how can i viwe the video with teh subtitles?15:23
henkka-Can someoen recommend a video player to use with kubuntu?=15:27
nerdy_kidhenkka dragonplayer?15:29
henkka-some other player than that15:30
nerdy_kidhenkka smplayer is cool, it also supports VDPAU if you have an nvidia card, vlc....xbmc is a media center but its cool. um.....there is kaffine but it sucks imo15:31
henkka-yea i just found VLC from google and tried that15:31
nerdy_kidpersonally i use dragonplayer for most everything, smplayer for any hd decoding and vlc for playing dvd's that are on my hd.15:32
ElenchIs anyone successfully using kwebkitpart with konqueror?15:34
nerdy_kidElench works here15:34
ElenchIs there a guide to setting it up with kubuntu somewhere?15:35
ElenchSorry, i'm technically illiterate and having trouble figuring out where to start15:35
nerdy_kidElench just :  sudo apt-get install webkitkde15:35
nerdy_kidElench then open up file associations search for "html" and under "text>html" select the embedding tab and move WebKit to the top of the list15:38
ElenchIt's not listed15:40
ep_10.04 64 bit, Why do I get "IBusInputContext::createInputContext: no connection to ibus-daemon" errors whenever I run any kubuntu/qt/kde applicaton?15:41
nerdy_kidElench then its not installed....if you are sure it is then logout/back in.15:42
Elenchnerdy_kid: ok, many thanks15:42
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Elenchnerdy_kid: you are a scholar and a gentleman15:52
nerdy_kidElench lol you got it to work?15:53
Elenchnerdy_kid: yeah, just needed a relog15:54
ElenchShould probably have tried that before i got to the point of asking on IRC...15:54
nerdy_kidElench cool :D  good luck!  as a side note, you can switch in real time by right clicking on a web page and under "preview in" select the engine you want.  pretty nifty.15:55
ElenchOr under view>view mode15:55
ElenchIn the menubar thingie15:55
nerdy_kidoh yeay, didnt notice that before....15:55
BigC_Why does Kubuntu use so much memory?15:57
nerdy_kidBigC_ nepomuk15:58
nerdy_kidat least in my case15:58
BigC_can you give me a link to tell me what "nepomuk" is?15:59
nerdy_kid4.5 seems to fix that though15:59
nerdy_kidnepomuk is kde's file indexer -- simply put that is.  a little more complicated but i dont understand all of it.15:59
nerdy_kidyou can disable it under systemsettings16:00
BigC_oh, well Kubuntu compared to openSUSE KDE, Kubuntu uses (on my computer) around 400 MB average on a default install, while openSUSE uses around 130 MB.16:01
BigC_thats of memory16:01
nerdy_kidBigC_ ah not sure...you can check using system monitor (ctrl esc) to see which processes are using the most ram16:02
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
nerdy_kidclick the memory tab to sort acording to memory usage16:02
BigC_ok, currently I am using, get ready, ubuntu, so I dont have KDE installed16:03
BigC_even thought I know how to install the KDE packages through ubuntu, I just dont want to right now.16:03
nerdy_kidoh ok.  yeah not sure about it sorry.  that is a huge difference though.16:04
BigC_but I was just asking out of my previous experiences. It seemed like a big difference.16:04
BigC_cause Kubuntu would lag just when moving windows, but opensuse kde was smooth.16:05
nerdy_kidBigC_ strange, opensuse has always been at least twice as slow as kubuntu for me.16:06
BigC_the only time opensuse has been slow for me was when I popped the live cd into a laptop, but I think it was just KDE.16:08
BigC_it was also slow for Kubuntu to load to, so thats why I am thinking it is just KDE16:08
nerdy_kidlivecds are always slow -- i installed opensuse next to kubuntu and opensuse just crawled. idk...16:09
Elenchnerdy_kid: do you use webkit with sites that have flash content?16:25
nerdy_kidElench well like i said, i use chrome mostly so havnt really tested konqueror with webkit much.  one sec though ill see if it works....16:26
ElenchOh right, i missed that comment sorry16:26
nerdy_kidElench no prob..doesnt work.  can hear the flash working but it doesnt display16:34
Elenchnerdy_kid: for me it crashes whenever i try to go to iplayer or youtube16:35
nerdy_kidElench oh wait that was using khtml retrying16:35
nerdy_kidok now it works, but very slow.16:36
nerdy_kidyoutube works fine....16:36
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nerdy_kidElench idk personally i would give chrome a try, blazing fast here.  on the other hand flash has always been buggy for me so it could be flash.16:38
Elenchnerdy_kid: well, i just checked, and it seems that KHTML works better with flash now, so i don't need webkit for any reason any more16:38
ElenchThanks for all your help though, most kind :-)16:39
nerdy_kidElench glad to help :)16:39
ElenchAnd i am trialing chromium at the moment16:39
nerdy_kidno google chrome?16:39
Elenchalmost the same thing16:40
slinker1without the tracking16:40
slinker1indeed :)16:40
ElenchThe real one?16:40
slinker1fraid so16:41
ElenchGood to see you!16:41
slinker1you as well didn't think to see you in the k channel how's things?16:41
ElenchWork sucks, everything else is ok16:41
nerdy_kidslinker1 oh tsk all the info they collect is anonymous and one can opt out anyway....16:41
ElenchAnd you?16:41
slinker1don't believe it kid16:41
ElenchGoogle's motto is ‘Don't be evil’, ergo, they are evil16:42
slinker1doing well we have a corporate tiger team coming in on the first so kinda busy16:42
nisha_newbiequick question: i have ISP with dynamic ip and as i log-in i get connected to auto eth0...i want to create a new connexn with ISP name since I use several ISP's and want to identify them by name so basically I want to remove auto eth0...is it possible?16:42
slinker1any dhcp connection will probably show as auto eth016:43
nerdy_kidslinker1 {shrug}  personally i really dont mind.....16:43
nisha_newbieslinker1: i used to remove auto eth0 from ubuntu and add new connexn with ISP name...i can add it here but cant remove auto eth0 as i guess it is hidden default connexn16:44
slinker1right thats what i meant16:45
nisha_newbieanyways it is not bigger issue and the good news is I have been trying to convince my friends n collegues to move over to Linux since about a month now and finally i managed to get 1 of them remove windows completely and use Kubuntu :) thank all guyz here for the support for that16:47
slinker1w00t :)16:52
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eschatronafter adding a second nvidia card to my xorg.conf, kde crashes within a few seconds of starting.  the log file reports "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop." and a backtrace.  can anybody help with this?17:47
gazraHello someon there?17:49
gazraeuphorial, sometimes things go wrong by updates, just install it new, and leave the home directory, so that all your individual costumizations in your account stay.17:51
gazraUUUps that was an old one, hahaha17:52
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nuovodnawhen will kde 4.4.98 be released in lucid beta backports ppa?18:10
winmuttim building my own kernel 2.6.34 trying to get KMS support for my radeon drivers. Is there anything I need to change from the default config to get the kernel to work with kubuntu?18:15
RespectTMneed help with wine18:18
RespectTManyone here?18:19
RespectTMneed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:24
gazrawhat do you need with wine? But wine doesn't have anything to do with kubuntu, you are in the wrong channel18:29
RespectTMwine on kubuntu18:29
RespectTMprobably ur right :)18:29
RespectTMi need help anyways18:29
RespectTMcant install net framework 2.018:29
gazraDo you really think that kubuntu is resposible for every application that can be installed in it?18:29
RespectTMno, i dont think so. i just need help installing18:30
gazraYou know that not all windows applications run under wine, do you?18:30
RespectTMyes, but this app which i want to install runs on wine18:31
RespectTMi dont know how many ppl got lucky installing this app18:31
gazraHave you used winetricks?18:32
gazraYou can copy many dlls from a Windows system, and then make your wine very pawerfull18:32
RespectTMi'm still newbie using wine18:33
RespectTMi just need to run osu! for entertainment18:33
RespectTMneed invitation to wine channel18:39
moesNeed workaround for adding wallpaper to workspaces in kubuntu 10.0419:27
moes Need workaround for adding wallpaper to workspaces in kubuntu 10.0419:32
ubuntuhii all, i am trying to install kubuntu from harddrive, but on installation process, it crashes. what i did was downloaded the iso and put it into a new partition. then booted from it (editing menu.lst). please help me19:33
alonsonetwork plugin is not managin my network19:39
alonsoi can not connect to wireless con network manager19:39
alonsowith network manger19:39
alonsohow i can enable it again19:40
alonsoi can not connect to wifi networks hellllllllllp19:41
alonsonetwork manager says that network management is disable19:42
alonsohow i can enable network management again ?19:43
eschatronmy suggestion is19:43
eschatronsudo service network-manager stop19:43
eschatronsudo rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state19:43
eschatronsudo service network-manager start19:43
harolddongis kmozillahelper the package that integrates firefox with kde?19:44
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delightalonso: you can fix your network by typing following 2 commands into a terminal19:48
delightsudo sed -i.bak 's/'false'/'true'/g' /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state19:48
delightsudo service network-manager restart19:48
delightfirst checks that all configurations in NetworkManger.state are set to true ... if not it changes them + copies the old file into a .bak ...19:49
delightsecond actually calls the network-manager service <<< this does the restart19:49
Riddell** Kubuntu Meeting in a minute in #ubuntu-meeting19:59
jinzougenHey. I'm using kubuntu and I'm kinda curious about the updates. I used to get a message in the task bar every so often saying there were so many security updates and whatnot, but for the past month or so I haven't gotten any notifications. There are also none when I go into the update tab of the add/remove software option.20:01
jinzougenWhat do I check to make sure it's still checking for updates regularly?20:03
BluesKajjinzougen, I mostly ignore those notifications , i just do sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade, every day.20:05
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afinkI've got some serious weirdness going on with kubuntu today.  My KDE desktop will revert to my gnome background and when I right click I get all gnome, gtk options...20:18
jinzougenI think it was just my mirror. I changed it to another one and suddenly there are 105 MB of archives to download and update.20:34
jinzougenSomething was up with the uchicago.edu one.20:34
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alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:01
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
FloodBotK2alonso: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:04
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:04
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.21:04
euphorialIf you ask over and over it makes people not want to answer you.21:05
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:10
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:10
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:10
alonsohow i can get my card reader to work with kubuntu 10.04 amd6421:10
FloodBotK2alonso: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:10
BluesKaj!shout | alonso21:11
ubottualonso: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.21:11
alonsocan you help lowercase too21:11
alonsooh come on help me21:12
BluesKajwhat kind of card , alonso ?21:13
BluesKajsmartcard? or .....?21:13
alonsoi thinks its a ricoh21:13
alonsocard reader21:13
alonsoit can read SD/MS-Pro/MMC and Xd21:14
alonsoits a internal reader21:14
alonsoit came with my laptop21:14
alonsohp pavilion dv6605us21:14
BluesKajlook in dolphin/places when you insert the card21:15
alonsoit doesent get detected21:16
BluesKajdid you look there?21:16
alonsoonly my usb and root are there21:16
BluesKajok ,what kind of card are you trying to read?21:18
alonsokingston , 4 GB21:19
BluesKajI suspect the reader is outboard and connected to your laptop by usb, correct?21:19
alonsoformated as fat for use with my wii21:19
alonsoits internal21:20
BluesKajstrange , been using SD cards for ages on this lappy without a hitch...did you try the SD on a different computer?21:21
alonsoi have no reader21:22
alonsoon my wii work fine21:22
alonsoi been running homebrew from the sb21:22
BluesKajdunno about homebrew21:23
alonsowii applicatione21:23
alonsowii applications21:23
alonsothe point is my wii can read and write the sd without problems so it works21:23
alonsobut my lap doesnt detect it21:23
BluesKajsorry, no clue why that is21:24
BluesKajcould be the format21:24
BluesKajbut , just a guess21:25
alonsoi need help21:25
BluesKajlook around on google-linux , maybe you'll find something21:25
alonsoim warrior level 40 and im going to kill you if you dont help me21:26
alonsosorry too much Lineage II21:26
maconow now, threats are not ok21:26
alonsoit was joke21:26
alonsoi play too much that MMORPG21:26
alonsodo you play21:27
BluesKajalonso, threats don't bother me21:27
BluesKajit's just a game21:27
alonsonot for me21:27
alonsoi have problems ...21:28
BluesKajit's not like your life is gonna end21:28
alonsoyeah ...21:28
alonsoyou got me21:28
alonsothat game is my life21:28
alonsowhy what ?21:30
ami__ada yang dari indonesia?21:30
BluesKajalonso, I suggest you try to help yourself by doing some research about your laptop with kubuntu on linux in google-linux ...it'll teach you how to search and fix stuff yourself21:30
maco!enter | alonso21:30
ubottualonso: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:30
alonsois someone interested in a sword21:31
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ami__how ?21:31
alonsoi sell it for 2.000.000 adena21:31
ami__teach me please21:31
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:31
BluesKaj!who | ami__21:32
ubottuami__: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:32
ami__!ubottu thank ubottu21:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:33
ami__ubottu: not like that21:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:34
macoami__: ubottu is a bot21:34
ami__!maco owh21:34
macoami__: i dont have a factoid21:35
maco!factoids > ami__21:35
ubottuami__, please see my private message21:35
ami__maco: ok21:35
macoalso, please experiment with ubottu's factoids in a PM21:35
ami__maco: how21:35
macoami__: /msg ubottu whatever you want to say to the bot21:36
ami__maco: me newbie21:36
macoami__: dont know what client you're using, but double clicking on ubottu in the nick list could also work to open a PM21:36
ami__maco: owh thank21:37
ami__maco: where u from/21:37
ami__maco: i d'nt have pm21:38
macoami__: im sure your client can do it21:38
ami__maco: teach me please21:38
macotell me what client you're using first21:39
ami__maco: how?21:39
macooh wait your join thing says quassel21:39
macosee the list of names on the right?21:39
macodouble click on ubottu if you want to PM ubottu21:39
macothats it21:39
ami__maco: owh thank21:39
ami__maco: r u buzy now/21:40
macoabout to catch the bus home from work21:40
ami__maco: how i add u my friend?21:40
macothere is no "add"ing on irc21:41
maconor buddy lists21:41
ami__maco: then?21:41
macojust channels (chat rooms) and PMs (private messages)21:41
ami__maco: realy?21:41
macowhen you close quassel and start it again, itll bring you back to whatever channels you were in when you left21:41
ami__maco: i from indonesia21:42
macoi had a flatmate from there once21:42
ami__maco: how to join jakarta?21:42
ami__maco: owh21:43
macoi meant is that the city you're from in indonesia21:43
ami__maco: i can't english21:43
macoif you want to join more channels in quassel, click the blue # button at the top and tell it the name of the channel. you're in #kubuntu now. there's also #kubuntu-offtopic21:43
macoand plenty others21:43
ami__maco: thank vry much21:44
macobut im leaving now21:44
ami__maco: ok21:45
ami__maco: thank21:45
merikehi, any pointers what's debug package for /usr/lib/libxcb.so.1?21:58
merikethere's libxcb1-dbg but that still left me with ?? in trace21:59
Torchmerike: sounds like you got the right package, though.22:01
Torchmerike: let's see the backtrace.22:01
uneivihello guys!22:02
uneiviis there somebody here?!22:02
Torchuneivi: sure. this is a support channel. just ask your question, if you have one.22:02
merikeTorch: currently it's http://pastebin.org/42087022:03
uneivihow do i do to add the mplayer plug-in?122:04
Torchmerike: the interesting part is always where the "[KCrash Handler]" line is.22:05
Torchmerike: in this case that's thread 3. but there's not much there, so the backtrace will be useless, i'm afraid, no matter if you have the dbg packages or not.22:05
merikeTorch: too bad then :(22:07
uneivihow do i do to take another chat?22:07
Torchuneivi: type "/join <channelname>"22:07
uneivioh finally, thanks22:08
uneivii see u don't want me here, am i right?22:08
Torchuneivi: no, absolutely not.22:08
Torchuneivi: you just need patience.22:09
eschatronafter adding a second nvidia card to my xorg.conf, kde crashes within a few seconds of starting.  the log file reports "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop." and a backtrace.  can anybody help with this?22:13
uneivioh when i try the configuration of my screen on the nvidia options it don't work and say" not found xorg.conf wrinting" what would i do?22:15
uneiviits happens when i try to save the configuration sorry22:16
eschatronuneivi, did you try running it under sudo?22:17
j800rhey guys, what happened to the qt package for recordmydesktop :s22:18
Melodisthello, I think I need to install the linux smp image kernel, but I dont know how to do that with kpackageit22:19
Melodistcan someone help? :c22:19
uneiviyeah i create the one with the same properties over the xorg.conf file22:19
j800rno one know?22:19
uneivisorry but i'm novice here22:20
Melodist:c no one?22:21
uneivii guess22:21
MelodistI wonder22:22
uneiviif u try to do the upgrade automaticly22:22
Melodistif I whined about how much better synaptic is, would people show up?22:22
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TorchMelodist: all kernels are SMP these days AFAIK22:26
Melodistthen why does kubuntu only see one of my cores ;_;22:26
MelodistCPU cores22:26
uneivioh, i don't know22:27
TorchMelodist: does it? how do you check?22:27
Melodistwell, for example, in the cpu monitor widget i only have one bar22:27
uneiviyeah does it?22:27
Melodistand in wine, for example l4d2, im not being allowed to enable multi cores22:28
TorchMelodist: pastebin the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo to be sure22:28
Melodistderp it says 2 cpu cores all right :s22:29
TorchMelodist: ;-)22:29
Melodisti guess i'm back to square one ;w;22:29
Melodistthanks anyway22:29
TorchMelodist: you could probably just configure the cpu monitor widget to show the second core.22:29
TorchMelodist: for wine, i dunno.22:29
Melodistalso, is it normal for my kwin desktop to be running at like 30~50 cpu percentage?22:30
Melodistwith Kwin animation /suspended/?22:30
TorchMelodist: it shouldn't, no. if that happens it's either buggy gpu driver or a bug in kwin.22:30
TorchMelodist: intel graphics?22:30
MelodistIntel Core 2 Duo, i'm running on a macbook :x22:30
TorchMelodist: what brand of GPU does it have?22:31
MelodistGraphics card? Nvidia 9400M22:31
TorchMelodist: hmm, nvidia is normally the most reliable you can get.22:31
TorchMelodist: got the binary nvidia driver?22:31
Melodistthe latest 235 version, too :x22:32
dualshoottjoin #slackware22:46
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harolddongDoes anybody else have a problem with Amarok not showing any context menus?  Running kde4.5 rc 2, qt 4.7 and amarok 2.3.1.  Any menus within the program will just not show up.22:58
harolddongI can't even get to the setting with it like this.  I've tried wiping the amarok profile and starting from scratch a couple of times but it didnt help.22:59
Torchharolddong: same versions here, but no problems.23:05
harolddongTorch: do you have a lot of podcasts added?  I thought for a while that that might have something to do with it23:12
Torchharolddong: none, actually.23:12
harolddongyeah I'm starting to think having podcasts added is screwing up my menus23:13
eschatronif both of my video cards were assigned the same irq, does that explain x crashes?23:17
kubuntuI've been having problems with my pc and I notice it's with the kernel updates, would it be so bad to not update the kernel and leave my computer stable?23:27
julio-PEKmail is very slow when i try to create a IMAP account, i search for similar problems http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=87873 this is a know problem? Someone having the same problem? tnks!23:28
ilya-xmy KPackageKit system update process has been stuck on "Waiting for package manager lock" for the last two days, the updates won't download/install. I already rebooted several times, with no luck. This started after I shut down *during* a previous update. Is there anyway to reset this thing or force the updates to go through?23:29
Torchkubuntu: kernel updates are solely security updates (unless you go from one kubuntu release to the next), so it's at least problematic in theory.23:30
kubuntuAnd I'm on kubuntu hardy heron23:30
kubuntuTorch: may the problem also be that once the kernel updates, all the other kernels are still 'installed'? Can I uninstall previous kernel versions?23:32
Torchkubuntu: yes, a kernel update does not automatically remove older kernels, but no: this is not a problem. the older kernels are just a bunch of unused files in that case.23:32
Torchilya-x: a stale apt lock file might be the culprit here23:33
Torchilya-x: do you have a file /var/cache/apt/lock ?23:34
kubuntuI know theoretically the updates shouldnt be a problem but it's the conclusion I've come down to, this is the 3rd time I install linux23:35
Torchkubuntu: is there a reason you need to run hardy? it's really really old.23:35
kubuntumy computer's retarded...23:35
mcurranAnyone know how I can add a delay/sleep to the drawing of the desktop icons in kubuntu, so that the panels load first?  I looked in my home directory .directory file, but it looks like jibberish.23:35
kubuntuTorch: basically it's the only version that recognizes all this pc's hardware w/no prob23:36
ilya-xTorch: no, I don't... only pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcashe.bin in that directory, along with an "archives" directory23:36
kubuntuI tried 9.10 and it wouldn't connect to internet wirelessly23:36
Torchilya-x: ah, it's /var/cache/apt/archives/lock ... do you have that one?23:38
Torchilya-x: hmm, sorry, my knowledge about apt is too spotty, it seems. that file does not go away once i exit apt-get.... sorry, doesn't look like i can help you with this one.23:39
ilya-xTorch: yes, I have that one23:39
Torchilya-x: but try apt-get upgrade on a konsole and see what it complains about23:40
Torchilya-x: that should be a little clearer than packagekit23:40
kubuntuI know it's old but nothing's wrong with it :) can do everything the new ones can... as long as it isnt kde4 that is :-P23:40
Torchkubuntu: well, if that was the only problem, mabe that could be fixed asily.23:40
Torchkubuntu: in 10 months hardy will go out of support. what then?23:41
Torchkubuntu: even less.23:41
kubuntuI dont know... does it matter?23:42
Torchkubuntu: yes.23:42
Torchkubuntu: you need security updates. even on linux.23:42
kubuntuTrue, but that doesn't mean upgrading to each new version all the time if u find one that works for you23:43
Torchkubuntu: i don't want to discuss this, i'm trying to show you that your strategy won't work.23:44
Torchkubuntu: installing an old version that accidentally works on weird hardware out of the box and hoping there will never be the need to upgrade is not a strategy that can possibly work in the long run.23:44
ilya-xTorch: it told me to run "sudo dkpg --configure -a" which caused KPackageKit to crash... I'm gonna reboot, hopefully it's fixed23:44
Torchilya-x: no reboot required, i think23:45
Torchilya-x: this is not windows23:45
Torchilya-x: does apt-get upgrade work now?23:45
ilya-xTorch: haha, yeah, but I just restarted KPackageKit, told it to search for updates, and it's stuck in "Waiting for other tasks"23:45
kubuntuok, point taken... what would you suggest? installing 10.04 then?23:46
Torchilya-x: make apt-get work on the shell first. forget about packagekit23:46
Torchkubuntu: install 10.04 and spend some time to research what's difficult with your hardware23:46
ilya-xTorch: ok, in the shell it seems like it's downloading and installing updates now23:46
Torchilya-x: great, so it basically works.23:46
ilya-xTorch: yep,,, now it's telling me to restart (haha), so I guess I'll do that... it was a kernel update... if you don't see me again, it worked, and I thank you for your help :)23:47
Torchilya-x: yw. good luck ;-)23:47
kubuntuTorch: ok, I'll try that then.. I can always come back here to ask as well :)23:48
Torchkubuntu: sure, you should.23:48
Torchkubuntu: if some piece of hardware does not work, this is your first stop to ask.23:49
Torchkubuntu: there's also ubuntu for hardware questions, as those tend to be the same problems regardless of desktop used.23:49
kubuntuI do research, but my pc is really quirky for some damn reason23:49
kubuntuTorch: thanks23:51

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