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kklimondawhat to do if the external repository address has changed? how to make LP pull the new one? Can I (or the LP project admin) do it myself or do I have to ask you? :)01:27
spivI think you can change it (for mirrors, perhaps not for imports?) if you own the branch.  If not I'm sure if you file a request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-code that it can be changed for you.01:30
mwhudsonkklimonda: which branch is it?01:31
mwhudsonkklimonda: what's the new url?01:40
kklimondasvn://svn.transmissionbt.com/Transmission (or svn://svn.transmissionbt.com/Transmission/trunk for trunk)01:41
mwhudsonkklimonda: updated01:42
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krisivesDoes Launchpad let others donate hardware to improve build speed?08:37
lifelesswe don't have a process for doing that at the moment; if you're serious (and it would have to be datacentre ready machines etc), 'flacoste', here would be the dude to speak to. However hes in US time zones08:38
krisivesIm in the US (its late) and my quad core isn't in a data center, but I think you guys should find a way to make your build cloud pluggable (but still secure) so that users can add to the processing power08:42
krisivesFor example, this machine can build quite quickly, and I don' use it 75% of the time08:42
krisivesP.S. - I <3 Launchpad08:42
spmkrisives: if someone else owns/runs/controls the hardware there is a pretty serious trust issue exposed. ie how do we know we're running on the bare metal vs in a VM - for a simplistic description. there's a heap more related issues around what you suggest. Trying to secure that? just not cost effective for my 2c.08:59
fta2hi, anyone to rescore a build? https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive/sandbox/+build/1890157 it keeps being pushed back, it was ~10min 1h ago, it's ~20now. i need this for work.09:24
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BlindFreakazoidHi, I have problems to login on launchpad :( The website says (Error ID: OOPS-1668B804).11:09
BlindFreakazoidThe problem exists since my account has been reactivated after beeing suspended because of spamming.11:11
BlindFreakazoid(I have no clue why I had been reported for spamming but I cannot check without logging in. :( )11:12
spivlosa ping for BlindFreakazoid's problem: their account was reactivated after suspension due to spam, but apparently has no preferredemail set.11:46
mthaddonspiv: what's the account11:46
spivmthaddon: it's not immediately obvious from https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=1668B804, but I think you can find an email address from that info?11:47
spivOr rather, not immediately obvious to me :)11:47
BlindFreakazoidthe account is konradgraefe11:48
BlindFreakazoidI can give you my email address via query if you need to know it, but...why isn't it there? O.o11:49
mthaddonBlindFreakazoid: it says "User report of email from Launchpad as spam"11:49
mthaddonspiv: I don't see a way to set the preferred email address11:50
BlindFreakazoidyes, I know...as I said before I cannot imagine what I did that could be considered as spam11:51
mthaddonBlindFreakazoid: no, as in you considered email from launchpad as spam, not the other way round11:51
BlindFreakazoidsounds strange11:53
mthaddonBlindFreakazoid: in any case, I'm afraid I don't know how to help you just yet - will need some advice from the relevant LP devs11:54
BlindFreakazoidokay, np11:55
BlindFreakazoidthat means for me to be patient and stay in the channel until one of the relevant LP devs steps in, right?11:56
spivmthaddon: I think in the database its a change of the status value on an EmailAddress for that Person12:00
spivmthaddon: specifically, 4 means preferred12:01
mthaddonspiv: we don't do direct changes to the DB12:01
spivAh ok, I'm clearly remembering the bad old days :)12:01
spivI wonder if an admin can set the preferred email at http://launchpad.net/~konradgraefe/+editemails ?  Otherwise I don't have any good ideas, so we'll probably need the help of a registry dev?12:04
mthaddonspiv: how did you get to that page?12:05
spivmthaddon: I constructed the URL by hand, I didn't try visiting it as I don't expect to have permissions to use it12:05
mthaddonspiv: I see an email address ending in .de as the selected contact address, but I can try "setting as contact address" again12:06
mthaddonah " Currently you don't have a contact address in Launchpad. "12:06
spivmthaddon: (constructed via clicking the 'edit' icon next to my emails on my personal page, and then s/spiv/kongradgraefe/)12:06
mthaddonBlindFreakazoid: you want the .de address, or the .com address as your contact address?12:06
spivmthaddon: ah-hah, that sounds like the thing you need12:07
wgrantIt's odd. Logging in again should have reset preferredemail, AFAIK.12:07
mthaddonBlindFreakazoid: ok, try logging in now pls12:07
spivmthaddon: much nicer than playing with fire^WSQL :)12:07
spivwgrant: yeah, there's clearly a bug somewhere if an account can get into that state.12:07
mthaddonindeed - would have been nice to be able to navigate to it, but constructing URLs is highly preferable to constructing SQL12:08
BlindFreakazoidit works12:08
BlindFreakazoidthank you so much :)12:08
wgrantspiv: Well, it was previously the correct behaviour. But not since SSO.12:08
BlindFreakazoidDo you know how launchpad determines wether someone marked mails from launchpad as spam?12:14
maxbHrm. People are requesting non-sensible VCS imports just to work around bzr-builder lack-of-features12:28
maxbi.e. importing both http://invertika.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/client/ and a subtree of that as separate branches.12:28
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maxbDo we have a CHR person today?13:14
maxbPlease could a registry admin or CHR designate lp:~vcs-imports/junit/trunk as development focus? Thanks.13:14
* sinzui looks13:15
sinzuimaxb, done13:16
maxbthanks :-)13:16
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sjamaanjelmer: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/118906 <- was the bug I mention here fixed?17:39
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jelmersjamaan, hi17:54
jelmersjamaan: that revision is already rolled out to lp17:55
jelmersjamaan: so my guess is that it's a different bug17:55
sjamaanI was afraid of that17:55
sjamaanShall I file a new bugreport?17:55
sjamaanOr is there some neat trick that can help me link this report to bzr-hg?17:56
jelmerYou can click "also affects project"17:57
sjamaanI can't find that, jelmer17:59
sjamaanah, it's not a bug17:59
sjamaanIt's an "answer"17:59
sjamaanI'll file a new bug17:59
jelmerthere should be a link to create a bug from a question17:59
jelmerwhich does pre-fill-in and links back to the question17:59
jelmersjamaan: it's a pretty big branch18:06
sjamaanjelmer: I consumes a lot of memory pretty early during the download18:18
jelmersjamaan: Yeah, but it keeps the entire revision history in memory (the revisions/manifests, not the texts)18:20
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sjamaanjelmer: I think is an import of an older project which used to be kept in svn, but I'm not sure18:20
sjamaan(we use this at work, I'm not involved in the project itself)18:21
jelmersjamaan: the svn importer is much more efficient in terms of memory usage18:21
sjamaanPossibly, but hg is the repo where new development is taking place18:23
sjamaanI don't know exactly when they started using hg18:23
jelmersjamaan: Not possibly, for sure :-)18:28
sjamaanYou're the one who knows18:29
sjamaanBTW, is there any ETA on when Launchpad will update its bzr-git?18:29
sjamaanBug 588724 is another one I'm waiting for to be fixed in Launchpad :)18:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 588724 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Reads first 2 bytes more than once (affected: 4, heat: 28)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58872418:30
sjamaanyeah, that one :P18:30
sjamaanjelmer: Do you think the hg repo is atypical in any way?  You said it was large, but is it insanely large?18:35
sjamaan(also note that I was trying to import two repos, both of which failed)18:36
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jelmersjamaan: It's not unreasonably large, but bzr-hg is far less mature than bzr-svn or bzr-git18:41
jelmerand the hg smart server protocol makes it very hard to scale conversions this way properly18:41
sjamaanIs there another way to get this thing imported?18:42
sjamaanA working import might convince my boss to start using bzr at work18:42
sjamaanjelmer: Do you need me to install that meliae?  I wouldn't mind doing so, but I'd assume it's reproducible on your end and you can get it easier18:55
sjamaan(see the annotation by John A Meinel)18:55
jelmersjamaan: You might be able to make a manual import using fastimport/fastexport18:56
sjamaanIs there a way to upload that to launchpad and have it use that as a base to mirror new changes onto?18:56
jelmersjamaan: it will probably be a while before bzr-hg/launchpad imports support this branch18:56
jelmersjamaan: No, as branches created that way are incompatible with bzr-hg18:57
sjamaanWhy doesn't launchpad use fastimport/fastexport?18:57
jelmersjamaan: fastimport/fastexport doesn't generate deterministic revision ids18:57
sjamaanIs it possible to use fastimport for mirroring, then?18:58
jelmersjamaan: How do you mean?18:58
sjamaanI don't want a one-shot conversion, but a continuous mirroring process18:58
jelmersjamaan: That's possible with fastimport, but only with deterministic revision ids specific to your local mirror18:59
sjamaanThe upstream team will continue working on the hg branch18:59
jelmerIn other words, if somebody else also does a fastimport mirror of that branch they will have different revision ids.18:59
sjamaanIt sounds less painful to just use hg, TBH19:00
jelmersjamaan: At this point, that might be the best choice, indeed.19:00
sjamaanHow about that bzr-git bug, jelmer?  That one was fixed, but when will it get in Launchpad?19:01
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jelmersjamaan: I know it's on thumpers todo list, so I would think with the next lp release but please ask him to be sure.19:02
sjamaanok. thanks for all your help19:03
sjamaanthumper: Could you tell me when the fix for Bug 588724 will be available in Launchpad?19:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 588724 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Reads first 2 bytes more than once (affected: 4, heat: 28)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58872419:04
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jelmersjamaan: fwiw thumper is in NZ so he probably won't be around until 11 or midnight our time19:14
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