Cimi_welcome back ivanka :)14:23
ivankahi Cimi_ !14:24
ivankaCimi_: I am at guadec so not back yet :-)14:24
Cimi_ivanka: ahah ok :)14:24
=== Cimi_ is now known as Cimi
Cimihi otto :)14:25
doctormokwwii: ping15:12
kwwiidoctormo: hey, sorry I haven't been around lately...I've been ill15:50
doctormokwwii: Oh I how your ok15:54
kwwiidoctormo: with any luck I eventually will be15:54
kwwiidoctormo: in the meantime, ivanka or iain can answer any questions or help, etc.15:55
doctormokwwii: We've been thinking about a site for svg pieces of artwork. We got a basic ccHost going quickly and wanted to poke around each person.15:55
doctormoBut we have to make sure there is a need for it against ubuntu-art.org and spread ubuntu.15:55
kwwiidoctormo: yeah, I have wanted a special site with that kind of functionality for quite a while15:56
kwwiidoctormo: but I am not sure what is best, ubuntu-art.org is willing to help as well (I know the guy personaly)15:56
doctormoWe need a good name for it :-)15:56
doctormoWell yes, I tried to talk to them too, but hard to get in touch with.15:57
doctormokwwii: Anyway, get better!15:57
doctormoAnd we'll talk about it later.15:57
kwwiidoctormo: hehe, indeed they are hard to get in touch with :-(15:57
kwwiidoctormo: if you want, send me an email and I can see that they get it15:58
doctormokwwii: Sure thing15:59
doctormoemail sent16:02
kwwiicool, thanks16:02
Cimiivanka: are you in london next week?16:34
ivankaCimi: yes, I am - all week :-)16:40
thorwildoctormo: only for SVG? the artwork wiki is too hard to use, especially regarding attachments. but a replacement for the incoming section would have to handle raster images as well16:59
doctormothorwil: What section of artworks are raster?17:00
thorwildoctormo: well, since backgrounds happen elsewhere, theme screenshots and potentially posters and such are left17:01
thorwildoctormo: meanwhile, it looks to me like spread-ubuntu has a problem of isolation, not well known, no ties to ubuntu-artwork17:02
doctormothorwil: Posters should go to spread ubuntu17:02
doctormoscreenshots should got to hell imo, but maybe some other palce for those.17:02
thorwildoctormo: there should be a central (ubuntu) design/artwork site for better visibility of all aspects17:03
doctormothorwil: There should be, but we're talking about many, many use cases and workflows.17:04
Cimiivanka: because I was thinking with otto about which week I could come17:04
CimiI need to know it asap17:04
Cimi(we did creat things today, new theme :)) )17:05
doctormothorwil: How would we be able to bind together all the functionality from all the various art websites... or make sense of them enough to have a central website for linking?17:05
ivankaCimi: next week would be great - let's do that!17:06
thorwildoctormo: couldn't be done by tying together what's there already, would need to be a fresh start17:06
doctormothorwil: We'd need a full specification of what to make of a fresh start.17:07
thorwildoctormo: sure. specifications grow scary, fast , though :)17:10
doctormothorwil: specifications can be trimmed and edited, bit hard to edit machinery once it's setup on the other hand.17:11
thorwildoctormo: http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/random-idea-for-design-collaboration-tool/#comment-471117:15
doctormothorwil: hmm, well we got most of that list. Just not versions and editing.17:18
doctormoin ccHost17:18
doctormothorwil: Are you more of a python dev like me? Or can you do php?17:19
thorwildoctormo: i can do some python and don't to touch php, it's ugly from 20 meters away already :)17:20
thorwildont' *want* to, even17:20
doctormothorwil: I agree with you there, shame cchost is php based.17:23
thorwildoctormo: well, if i code, it's currently for my own custom blog, anyway. only after sufficient progress there would i touch something else17:24

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