meindian523Hey, just updated my system00:26
isiahwe salute you00:26
meindian523Has Grub been rolled back to Grub legacy?00:26
isiahcant you check your update logs?00:27
meindian523as in?00:27
isiahi thought there was an easy way to check it from update-manager00:28
* meindian523 can't see anything of the sort00:30
isiahi know00:30
isiahI was in error00:30
meindian523suddenly, there is a menu.lst in /boot/grub00:32
isiahi thought that was supposed to be there00:32
meindian523and it seems to be loading Ubuntu, and there is a strange item Chainload into Grub 200:32
meindian523why would I chainload into Grub 2 when Grub legacy can load my kernel just fine?00:33
meindian523isiah, AFAIK, since 9.10 there has been no menu.lst in /boot/grub00:33
* meindian523 parts, apparently won't find the answer here00:37
stlsainthey folks00:51
stlsaintJoeMaverickSett: sup01:05
JoeMaverickSettstlsaint, hi!01:11
JoeMaverickSettstlsaint, where you from dude?01:12
stlsaintJoeMaverickSett: im in texas right now01:27
paultagHey guys, I have a quick question, if anyone's around01:32
paultagMy netbook is barfing on boot. I've traced it down to this:01:32
paultag * b34 wifi driver is hanging init thread on boot01:33
paultag * it happens at random, about 90% reproducable01:33
paultag * REISUB fails01:33
paultag * Ctrl+alt+del fails01:33
paultag * No keyboard output01:33
paultag * No bootsplash01:33
paultag * Present in Xubuntu and Kubuntu 10.04 ( same kernel )01:33
paultag * It worked fine in Ubuntu 10.04 ( even though it's the same kernel )01:34
_schism_Good evening all01:34
paultaghey _schism_01:34
IdleOnepaultag: change when the b43 module loads?01:34
IdleOneTo explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »01:34
_schism_anyone have a moment to help me figgure out something. I am a noob and google is leading me in circles.01:34
paultagIdleOne: see, I hit single user to kill splash, and the last consistant line was that it's going from low to high, or something to that effect01:35
IdleOnepaultag: granted that is a  complete stab in the dark01:35
seidospaultag, try other kernels?  I had a wifi problem in 2.6.28 that was fixed in 2.6.30, *but* my laptop won't even run on the newer kernels like 2.6.3101:35
paultagIdleOne: aye01:35
paultagseidos: Humm, could be a regression, I'll have to test that01:35
_schism_I have a device that lspci is saying is        Verint Systems Inc. Device 0601 (rev 13)  but I cant seem to get it to be seen by anything or find out anything about it01:36
paultag_schism_: do you know what it does?01:36
paultaguh oh _schism_01:37
paultag_schism_: http://verint.com/corporate/01:37
_schism_paultag, yes they are cctv cards. video capture of some sort at least01:37
paultag_schism_: looks like logging stuff. Let me see if I can find more01:37
_schism_paultag, thank you so much I found theie site but could find anything else and I am trying to use zoneminder or something simular01:38
paultagthanks IdleOne, seidos01:38
paultag_schism_: can you give me lspci -v ?01:38
paultag_schism_: at least see what kern mod it's using01:38
_schism_yes sir just a moment. I am ssh into the machine01:39
paultag_schism_: sure01:39
* seidos is looking through his lspci.01:39
_schism_ummmmm its big want me to use pastie or a pm?01:39
seidosI'm sure I have mysterious devices in there01:39
paultag!pastebin | _schism_01:39
ubot2`_schism_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:39
paultagseidos: don't we all01:39
paultagseidos: http://i.imgur.com/0BbpS.jpg <-- NO EMOTION.01:40
JoeMaverickSettstlsaint, wow! cool! i'm in Malaysia.01:40
seidospaultag, actually, lspci seems to be making sense.  lshw is the different story.01:40
paultagseidos: I find lshw is a bit too verbose for my taste01:41
paultagslidinghorn: classic, I know :)01:41
_schism_paultag, http://paste.ubuntu.com/469099/01:41
seidospaultag, haha, cool photo.01:41
paultagthanks _schism_ :)01:41
paultag_schism_: sec01:41
JoeMaverickSettstlsaint, dude, i gotta go, it's morning here and i have to attend college. cya next time dude. nice chatting with ya. ;)01:41
paultagseidos: wish it was me01:41
seidospaultag, I thought it was.  Do you know them?01:41
paultagseidos: not a clue01:42
paultagseidos: internets are a great place01:42
_schism_paultag, no thank you sir I do appreciate it01:42
paultag_schism_: well I got some good news and some bad news01:42
paultag_schism_: good news is it's not watching your IP traffic01:42
paultag_schism_: bad news is it looks like Linux has no idea what to do with it01:43
paultag_schism_: However, there is a bright side01:43
_schism_paultag, ugh so basicly I can only use it with windoze?01:43
_schism_paultag, bright is good01:43
paultag_schism_: the Linux hackers do love programming drivers, if you file a bug for it, with all the information you can provide to them, they might be able to scrap something up for you01:43
paultag_schism_: it looks like it's almost usable, it even sees the onboard RAM01:43
_schism_paultag, you mean file a bug to the ubuntu devs?01:44
paultag_schism_: no sir, right up to the Linux devs. Us down here at Ubuntu are not much use with this, because it effects everyone01:44
paultag_schism_: sec01:44
paultag_schism_: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/01:44
paultag_schism_: might want to look up who writes multimedia drivers up with the Kernel01:45
paultagand CC him01:45
paultagor her01:45
paultagor it, really01:45
_schism_paultag,   thanks so much. I am trying to move everyone I can over to nix and its great to know that there are people like you here to help01:45
paultag_schism_: it's no problem. I'm sorry it's not supported yet :)01:45
seidosit's probably a video capture device01:46
seidosif I had to guess01:46
paultagseidos: aye, I'm with you on this01:46
paultagseidos: but has onboard ram via PCI, so it's CCTV or Cable01:46
seidosI can't think of any other kind of "video multimedia device"01:46
seidospaultag, firewire doesn't use onboard ram?01:46
_schism_yeah its a cctv device01:46
paultagseidos: Ooohh, good point01:46
paultagseidos: but this is on lspci ( ls pci )01:47
seidospaultag, I have no idea, I'm just asking01:47
paultagcalled it :)01:47
paultagseidos: Hey man, we're all learning useless crap every day01:47
_schism_paultag, its out of a windows based dvr (I am in the field) but I am trying to show people we need to use linux.....01:47
paultag_schism_: are you with an OEM ?01:47
seidospaultag, +101:47
_schism_paultag, I wish life would be a lot easier.  I am a tech01:48
_schism_installing and the like01:48
paultag_schism_: if those tech docs that show how the card works somehow made it's way to the kernel devs... ;)01:48
seidoslife only gets more complicated for a tech01:48
paultag_schism_: +1 I worked as a tech for years01:48
_schism_lol I can even find the card on their site or get them to admit it exist.  lets just say I am not supposed to have the cards..... they accidently made it from the recycle bin to my tool box.01:49
_schism_and oddly enough it was an accident........01:49
paultag_schism_: accedents happen01:49
paultag_schism_: mmhum :)01:49
_schism_paultag, yeah actualy it was.  but then again I am not complaining if I can make it work under nix :)01:50
paultag_schism_: worth a shot or two :)01:50
stlsaintpaultag: or two ;)01:51
_schism_yep. would be better if I actuly knew more about nix and ubuntu.  learning as much as I can but cant seem to wrap my head around it.  9.04 on this laptop because it took forever and a lot of begging to get the sound card to work and I am afraid to touch it01:51
* paultag busts out the tequila and salt01:51
paultag_schism_: :(01:52
stlsaintcrap there are alot of 'S' nicks in here01:52
paultag_schism_: *please* report bugs, we can't help make it better if we don't know about 'em :)01:52
stlsaint_schism_: have you considered going up to 10.04?01:52
_schism_paultag, yeah I wanna move to 10.04 but I dont have the skills yet and I like my buttons on the right ;)01:52
paultag_schism_: oh you can repair that no problem01:52
_schism_paultag, now that I know how I will :)01:52
_schism_paultag, realy?01:52
paultag_schism_: just apply a new theme, or use gconf01:52
paultag_schism_: I can give you the gconf line, if you want the stock theme01:53
_schism_paultag, not yet maybe in a bit one thing at a time I dont want to post it in the bug thingie and screw everything up01:53
paultag_schism_: this is a guide if you want to keep the stock theme -- http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13535/move-window-buttons-back-to-the-right-in-ubuntu-10.04/01:53
paultag_schism_: Sure :)01:53
_schism_paultag, cool thanks!01:53
paultag_schism_: np01:53
paultaggconf is like the registry for Windows01:54
paultagbut, you know, without the suck01:54
paultagOK lovebirds. I need to head downtown to get drunk.01:54
paultag_schism_: stop by anytime and ping me if you have issues. Someone is usually around if I don't get back to you01:54
paultagl8r respective sk8rs01:55
_schism_another question while my add kicks in...... if I use aptitude dist-upgrade will it upgrade me to 10.04?01:56
seidos_schism_, let me try typing it and see what it does.01:59
_schism_seidos, thank you sir. kinda afraid of brickig my lappy.....01:59
seidos_schism_, I'm not sure.  I ran it, but it didn't look like it would be a distribution upgrade on my system.02:01
seidos_schism_, but my system is kind of a hack job, and I use the term "hack" *very* loosely.02:03
_schism_seidos,  lol thanks for trying for me I do appreciate it02:03
seidos_schism_, this article says sudo apt-get dist-upgrade *should* upgrade to the next "revision"02:04
seidos_schism_, I don't blame you for not wanting to mess up your laptop.  My laptop is working now and I'm hesitant to mess with it.02:05
_schism_seidos, I saw that but when I tried it on a 9.04 system it appeared to stay at 9.04 oh well I'll try it myself when I figgure this server out I guess02:05
seidos_schism_, well, if it's any help, every time I upgraded before I did it through update manager.  good luck on your server.02:07
_schism_seidos, thank you. I am gonna play with it and give it a shot. if no love then no love02:07
_schism_seidos, ummm do you have 2 seconds by any chance?02:28
_schism_or anyone that wants to answer a super simple question about static ips......02:29
* slidinghorn is no genius but will try :)02:29
_schism_slidinghorn, thank you sir. I am following this guide http://www.ubuntugeek.com/change-ubuntu-system-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address.html  but the first line on my config file says   iface lo inet loopback02:30
_schism_is that bad?02:30
slidinghornare you setting this machine up as a router?02:32
_schism_slidinghorn, nope just as a server02:32
slidinghornis there an auto eth0 anywhere?02:33
_schism_whole file says.......02:33
_schism_auto lo02:33
_schism_iface lo inet loopback02:33
slidinghornlooks like the machine doesn't detect an ethernet device =\02:34
slidinghorncould you pastebin your lspci02:34
_schism_which is odd because I am ssh into it from my laptop.....02:34
slidinghornhrm..it's listed02:38
slidinghornhave you been through: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html02:39
_schism_not yet but I am now.02:39
_schism_yeah looking at it and it makes no sense to me. <sigh> being stupid sucks02:41
seidos_schism_, I know.  try not to get discouraged, because being stupid && discourage sucks worse than just being stupid.  :/02:44
_schism_seidos, nah I'll plug along just please forgive stupid questions..........02:44
seidos_schism_, I'm not even in a position to ask for forgiveness from...trust me.02:45
harrisonWhats up for discution tonight?02:57
Darkness_DesI recently installed foxiFrame Basic (to maximize my usable screen space) in Firefox and put my Window controls on the address bar. It works great, but I can't keep the Window maximized when I reopen it. The white squares are rather annoying. Does anybody know how to make it save my preferences?02:57
_schism_harrison,  well if you can fix this i woul love you   https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1646402:58
ubot2`bugzilla.kernel.org bug 16464 in PCI "PCI card seen but no drivers available" [Normal,New]02:58
harrisonSchism I am not a driver guy so sorry I can't help on that. anything else?02:59
harrisonanyone here know anything about irssi?03:14
slidinghorna little03:14
harrisonOkay, How do I diconect from a session?03:15
slidinghornhave you tried /disconnect ?03:16
slidinghornwill only disconnect from the server that has focus03:16
harrisondidn't see that in /help but if you don't mind I might try that and come back.03:16
harrisonokay that didn't work.03:19
harrisonI had to quit and start irssi again.03:20
slidinghornhrm...have you checked out this page yet?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi03:20
harrisonNow that I see that link I *slap head* should have gone there first.03:21
harrisonHeres a question: what system setups do people have who use ubuntu? Mine: P4 1.8GHz, 736 MB ram, 80 GB HDD, other goodies.03:36
IdleOneharrison: http://paste.ubuntu.com/469130/ my sys info03:39
__schism__woohoo figgured out the garble garble static ip thingie. even if it crashed my router.....03:45
_schism_and my clients.... odd03:46
=== bgs100 is now known as bgs000
Darkness_DesDoes anybody knows how to have multiple video chats open at once in Skype where everybody can see and hear eachother?05:43
RealEyeshey guys... I was wondering how i can enable file transfers on my yahoo messenger through the 'chat' app?05:44
RealEyessomeone is trying to send me something and it just says he is cancelling it05:44
Darkness_DesEmpathy doesn't have that kind of ability.05:45
RealEyesWhich one does?05:45
Darkness_DesGo to http://web.im in firefox.05:47
Darkness_DesThat's the Yahoo messenger.05:48
seidosit is kind of silly that we can't send files to one another anymore05:49
seidosbut everyone is behind a NAT these days05:49
seidosI mean, directly, without hosting it on a server05:53
brandonHey all, I'm new to Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop and Win Vista on a laptop. Trying to print from Windows Vista laptop to printer connected to Ubuntu desktop. The Vista laptop found the printer but when I try to print to it, I'm getting Communication error. Please help06:09
nUboon2Agei need to stop and restart whatever programs are controlling power on my Lucid notebook.  Due to bug 60529006:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 605290 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Unplug, replug AC on laptop, screen pulses, battery discharges, indicator not reliable, power statistics and preferences screens unavailable (affects: 1) (heat: 377)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60529006:11
nUboon2Agebrandon:  i don't know much about printing, but let me ask a few questions:  Can you print okay from your Ubuntu machine?06:14
nUboon2AgeAnd if so, what did you do to configure Ubuntu?06:16
nUboon2Ageoops brandon is gone...06:17
nUboon2Agewell i need help with my power.  Basically i need a workaround for this bug06:18
nUboon2AgeDoes anyone know if there is a way to stop and restart gnome-power-manager and if that would do the job?  This bug is driving me nuts.06:21
nUboon2Agekermiac: geirha geirha seidos , tenach, anyone?06:26
seidoshey nUboon2Age06:27
seidosgnome-power-manager.  blech.  What bug are you having?  Is it not warning you that your battery is low?06:27
seidosyou can kill the gnome-power-manager process, then run it in a terminal, I think06:27
seidosor run it again using alt-f206:27
seidosnUboon2Age, are you there?06:30
kermiacnUboon2Age: hmmm.... is it gpm that is failing, or just indicator-applet failing to update?06:30
nUboon2Ageseidos: its bug 60529006:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 605290 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Unplug, replug AC on laptop, screen pulses, battery discharges, indicator not reliable, power statistics and preferences screens unavailable (affects: 1) (heat: 377)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60529006:31
seidosnUboon2Age, and what kind of laptop are you on?06:31
nUboon2AgeDell inspiron 220006:31
seidoswhat kernel version?06:31
nUboon2Agekermiac: i'm plugged, in but it thinks i'm not and its discharging06:32
nUboon2Ageuname -v06:33
nUboon2Age#36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 22:02:19 UTC 201006:33
nUboon2Ageuname -a06:33
nUboon2AgeLinux glorious-u 2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 22:02:19 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux06:33
seidosthat's a weird bug06:34
seidosit's different than what I had with my laptop06:35
nUboon2Ageright now the bug doesn't even require me to unplug/replug -- it seems like just jostling will do it now :(06:35
seidosI never got it fixed, but it came a moot point since my battery stopped working after it drained completely too many times06:35
seidosI can't give you a silver bullet06:36
seidosI can only tell you what I would try.06:36
seidosFirst, I don't think the problem is gnome-power-manager06:36
nUboon2Ageundoubtedly there's some hardware thing going on too, but ubuntu is not handling it well06:36
nUboon2Ageseidos: go on...06:36
seidossorry, gf is talking to me06:36
seidosyeah, so06:37
seidosuhhh, where was I.  Oh yeah06:37
seidosyou could kill gnome-power-manager06:37
seidos*but*, you would need a way to know when your battery is low06:37
seidosI have a perl script that *should* work, if you want to go that route06:37
seidosand without gpm it won't lock your computer06:38
nUboon2Agething is i can reboot, but who wants to do that06:38
seidosoh, rebooting "fixes" it?06:38
seidosis that what you were saying?06:38
* seidos scratches his head06:38
nUboon2Ageyes, temporarily, till next time06:38
seidosand there is nothing that seems to be causing it, even jiggling the power cord, huh?06:38
seidossorry, the filter on my brain to the keyboard was broken06:39
seidosI meant that jiggling the power cord appears to cause it, right?06:39
nUboon2Agei think it might be jiggling the power cord, but ubuntu isn't recovering when the ac is plugged in again06:39
kermiacnUboon2Age: that sure is a strange bug. are you sure it's not hardware related?06:39
RealEyesCan you play SimCity2000 on Ubuntu?06:40
seidosnUboon2Age, well, only way to know that is to use a different OS, and only way to confirm that is to dual boot.  Windows and OS X don't have a live cd06:40
nUboon2Agekermiac: yes, i think it is hardware related somewhat, but Ubuntu isn't handling it right.  even w/ no other change if i reboot it will 'fix' it.06:40
seidosnUboon2Age, what you *can* try is using a different kernel.06:40
seidosnUboon2Age, kermiac, "that" == hardware problem06:41
seidosRealEyes, you could try using wine to play it.  I don't know.06:41
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: i know there are some earliest versions of simcity that were released to public domain (renamed)06:42
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: but to do SC2K, you'd probably need to try wine as seidos says06:42
seidosnUboon2Age, yeah or if you just want to get your strategy game kicks you could just play battle for wesnoth,  It's in the repositories.06:43
seidosoops!  ^^ RealEyes06:43
nUboon2Ageseidos: kermiac: with no physical movement, jostling or anything if i reboot it will fix it.  That's why i know its not completely hardware06:43
seidosnUboon2Age, oh, so kill gpm, then wiggle the power cord.  see if the problem still happens.  It will confirm if it's gpm06:44
seidosnUboon2Age, that's a good point.06:44
kermiacRealEyes: This site might help http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=10343&iTestingId=2547106:44
kermiacRealEyes: also this forums post - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132139706:46
kermiacok, time to leave work... bbl06:46
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: Micropolis is old SC, renamed and open sourced:  http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/12579706:46
seidosnUboon2Age, I admire your work ethic.  +206:47
nUboon2AgeSC 300 http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/463806:47
nUboon2Age 06:47
RealEyesnUboon2age, no it's not06:48
RealEyesMicropolis doesn't look like simcity200006:48
RealEyesI'll just run it in win706:48
RealEyesits no biggie06:48
RealEyesNew question: is there an app better than Gwibber?06:51
nUboon2Ageoops, i cut it too close and lost power.  When relogging in there was a quick message about Power Manager, but i couldn't read it cuz it was too fast06:52
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: i meant to type SC 3000 for Linux http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/463806:53
seidosnUboon2Age, what do you mean "cut it too close"?  gpm didn't tell you your battery was at a critical level?06:53
RealEyesEff that!06:53
nUboon2AgeAlso i've forgotten the differences, but in addition to Micropolis there's LinCity.  They're related somehow...06:54
seidoslol, that's about what an OEM license for win 7 costs.06:54
seidoskind of makes me wonder how many lines of code sim city is06:54
nUboon2Ageseidos: gpm kept flashing different amounts of time left on battery, but i didn't see what the last one was.06:54
seidosnUboon2Age, if you still have the problem, you should use some kind of program or script to warn you when your battery reaches a critical level from /proc/acpi/battery/BAT*/state.  If you drain too many times completely you will permanently reduce your battery's capacity.06:57
nUboon2Agethere was another one i was playing with that focused on transport and power, not sure what the name was, but it was in the repos RealEyes.  I haven't seen anything as refined as SC2K as a free as in beer, but if your find one, let me know cuz i'm crazy about SC06:57
nUboon2Ageseidos: yes this bug is killing my battery.06:57
seidosI liked playing Battle for Wesnoth.  I couldn't beat it though, on the hard level.06:57
seidosnUboon2Age, well, save your battery.  use a script until a permanent fix is found.06:58
nUboon2Ageseidos: i'd love to use one if you've got something that would help.  i'm not proficient w/ scripts yet06:59
seidosnUboon2Age, I have a rather rudimentary script that I've used in the past that worked on my system.  It grabs data right out of /proc/acpi/battery/BAT*/state06:59
seidosnUboon2Age, I wouldn't say I'm proficient.  But this was something feasible to work on for me, plus I found someone with an EEE-PC that had the same problem, that wrote a script.06:59
nUboon2Ageseidos: initially i thought it was something w/ acpid-support and that's how i wrote the bug, but one of the triagers said they thought it was gpm and changed the package.07:00
seidosnUboon2Age, here is the perl version:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/469177/07:02
seidoswell, get something to warn you when your battery is critical, then we'll work on seeing if there is a config file hack that will fix it07:02
seidosnUboon2Age, here is the python version:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/469179/07:03
seidosnUboon2Age, you can run them one of two ways.  Either do chmod +x filename, then ./filename07:04
seidosnUboon2Age, or, for type "language" filename, e.g. perl perlfile.py07:04
seidosall right, the next thing to check out is /etc/acpi-support, I think07:05
seidoswhoa, this is weird07:06
nUboon2Ageokay i'm getting those scripts...07:06
seidoscorrection, it's /etc/default/acpi-support07:06
seidosand, you can *try*, setting enable_laptop_mode = true07:08
nUboon2Agehaving trouble w/ firefox...07:12
nUboon2Agekonqueror comes through07:13
seidosfirefox should work without any problems.  Do you have a lot of tabs open?07:16
nUboon2Ageno.  but i'm not going to hassle w/ that right now, just going to get these scripts set up...07:16
nUboon2Ageseidos: okay that took some finaggling, but i got the scripts07:22
seidosnUboon2Age, the scripts are nothing fancy.  but I'm confident they'll get the job done.07:24
nUboon2Ageseidos: the first one, does that require any particular name?07:25
seidosnUboon2Age, no.  but I titled them power-manage.plx for perl, and power-manage.py for python07:25
seidosjust name it something that makes sense to you that you'll remember.  You might want to go back and look at them while you're learning perl and python :)07:26
nUboon2Agei'm starting in w/ python now, so i'm happy to have a practical lesson. :)07:27
nUboon2Ageseidos: does the first one have to have a .sh or anything like that?07:27
seidosnUboon2Age, no, .sh is for shell scripts.  these are perl and python scripts.07:29
nUboon2Ageoh, i see you answered already, sorry07:29
RealEyeshow does one set their background to change ever so many seconds to a certain folder of pictures??07:30
nUboon2Ageseidos: could you please walk me through what they do?07:31
nUboon2Ageseidos: oh, here's something that might effect this.  The acpi reports the same incorrect info07:32
seidosnUboon2Age, sure, they get input from /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state, checks the value of capacity to 2 hard coded values...07:33
seidosand if it is too low, it will warn you07:33
seidosI just realized something, you might have to change the code in the scripts to work on your system.07:33
seidossorry, this is first time anyone else I've come across could use them07:34
seidosrun cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT1/status07:34
seidosit should tell you the status of the battery, if it doesn't, you might have to change BAT1 to BAT007:35
nUboon2Agecat: /sys/class/power_supply/BAT1/status: No such file or directory07:35
seidoschange BAT1 to BAT007:35
seidosokay, change 1:  in both scripts, you need to find replace BAT1 and put BAT007:36
seidosif you use vim, it's :s/BAT1/BAT0/g07:36
seidosthat's weird, it makes me wonder how gpm does it.  Maybe it checks what output it gets first.07:37
nUboon2Ageokay, i changed it in both07:38
seidosnow try running one or both, see what happens.  I think that's all the changes you will need to do.  Everything else should be the same.  Oh!07:39
seidosone other thing you'll have to change07:39
seidosyour critical battery mAh might be differen't than on my laptop07:39
nUboon2Ageseidos: see i figured it was something at the acpi level or lower, because acpi reports incorrect info about AC07:39
seidoswell, if these files are wrong, then I think it has to be the kernel07:40
seidosbut in my experience, these files have been right, regardless of what bugs I've had07:40
seidosnUboon2Age, okay, so type cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info, get "design capacity warning" and "design capacity low" values07:41
seidoswell, design capacity warning is what you want.07:42
nUboon2Agedesign capacity warning: 450 mAh07:42
nUboon2Agedesign capacity low:     136 mAh07:42
seidosI have the scripts coded for 300 mAh on the warning07:42
seidosif you want it customized for your battery, you'll have to change that value07:43
seidosnUboon2Age, you should change the 300000 value to 450000 in the perl script07:43
seidosand if you want, the 200000 to 13600007:44
seidosbut you might notice that the 136000 level doesn't do anything.  I couldn't get the hibernate command to work from a terminal.07:44
nUboon2Ageseidos: okay changed it in both.07:47
seidosnUboon2Age, the python and perl scripts?  nice +2.07:47
nUboon2Ageis this something i need to run when i think its getting low, or just run once when i start and forget about it?07:48
seidosnUboon2Age, well, now run one or both of them.  see how it works for you.  I think you'll have to run them in a terminal, unless you change their files to executable, then you can run them in alt-f207:48
seidosnUboon2Age, well, until we figure out why your not getting the proper warnings, you should have one of them running at all times.  draining the battery all the way is bad.  It ruined my battery.07:49
seidosnUboon2Age, run the perl script, I'm trying the python script on my laptop, and it isn't working right.07:52
nUboon2Agei ran the perl script and it say 339900007:53
seidosyeah, it prints out the battery capacity07:53
nUboon2Agenow the number keeps going up. :)  like that part07:53
seidosyour current capacity is 3,399 mAh07:53
seidosyou're on AC now?07:54
nUboon2Agei just realized that the battery capacity part is being reported correctly, its the AC state that isn't working right.07:54
nUboon2Ageyes i'm on AC now07:54
nUboon2Ageand it correctly reports it right now (ie. i haven't triggered the bug yet)07:55
seidosgood, the script sounds like it's working :).  If the number is going up, and you're not on AC, that would be terrible.07:55
seidosso your saying if you wiggle the ac cord, then do cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state it won't say it's charging?07:56
nUboon2Ageyes.  if i unplug right now and replug, chances are it won't correctly sense when i replug07:57
seidosI really don't understand the acpi implementation.  I'm pretty sure it's implemented in the kernel.07:57
RealEyessh: Can't open /home/username/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper.sh07:58
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: that sounds like a neat trick.  i've heard of changing it on a regular basis like every few days, but i hadn't heard of every few seconds.08:01
RealEyesim getting into it right now08:02
seidosnUboon2Age, well, only one way to find out.  If the file isn't right, then I think kernel is definitely not right.  Problem is, I'm not a kernel hacker.  So I wouldn't even know how to try and fix it.08:02
RealEyesi think it worked08:04
RealEyesmy bg changed but, idk how fast its going to change lol08:04
nUboon2Ageseidos: hmmm... i think either you're right its the kernel, or just above the kernel.  but i don't know much about that yet either...08:06
RealEyesnUboon2Age, it changed my BG but, it's not working...08:06
RealEyesim getting errors in terminal08:06
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: what are the errors?08:06
seidosthe script doesn't run without errors, I don't know squat about bash scripts.08:07
RealEyes/home/realeyes/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper.sh: 3: Syntax error: "(" unexpected08:10
seidosls: cannot access ~/wallpaper: No such file or directory08:10
seidosI changed the wallpaper directory in the script08:11
RealEyessudo: /home/realeyes/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper.sh: command not found08:11
seidosmaybe it needs to be ~/wallpaper/08:11
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: where'd you find the .randomwallpaper.sh ?08:11
seidoshere are all the errors I'm getting:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/469202/08:12
nUboon2Ageooh, 2005, i wonder if that will still work08:12
seidosI'll ask in #bash08:13
nUboon2Ageseidos: RealEyes it looks like that just needs to be set to wherever your wallpaper directory is08:19
seidosnUboon2Age, ha, I think you're right.  I changed the bottom line too.  Let me try my pictures folder, I don't really have wallpapers.  Just one, really08:20
RealEyes^ is the script i've got right now08:21
RealEyesit's not changing every 30 seconds though08:21
RealEyesthe error im getting now is...08:22
RealEyesrealeyes@The-Blue-Box:~$ /home/realeyes/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper08:22
RealEyesbash: /home/realeyes/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper: No such file or directory08:22
seidoswhere'd you get the while loop?08:22
RealEyeswhile loop?08:23
nUboon2Ageused the search tool and found my backgrounds / wallpapers are located in several different places, but they are all listed by ubuntu-wallpapers.list in /var/lib/dpkg/info08:25
RealEyesthats good08:26
RealEyesI bet you could use that info to make the script search for them differently08:26
nUboon2Ageto make that script work i think its expecting them to be in the same directory.  or i guess i could create a directory and put symlinks to all the wallpapers.08:27
RealEyesit wants to be in the same dir08:28
nUboon2Agesymlinks would work i think08:28
nUboon2Ageif i really knew what i was doing i'd probably just move them all to the same directory, but i'm afraid of breaking things.08:29
nUboon2Agebut part of my point was RealEyes that it'd be worth using the search tool and find out where your wallpapers/backgrounds actually are.  or just open that file.08:30
nUboon2Ageand then if you find a directory where most of them are, THAT's the directory you should put in the script, not the one from the example.  That one won't work for you probably08:30
RealEyesthats what ive done08:31
nUboon2Agetry opening /var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-papers.list and see what it says08:31
RealEyeswant to see it?08:32
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: yes08:32
RealEyesthis is as it stands now, im talking in #bash to find out more08:32
nUboon2Ageseidos: i see RealEyes while loop too.  RealEyes, how'd you know to add that.  i didn't see it in the example you directed us to.08:33
RealEyes"Ok, I found out what I was doing wrong. I just needed to cd into the directory and /.compile.sh"08:34
RealEyesI'm getting errors on this step, now.08:34
nUboon2Agebut the directory needs to be the one where your wallpapers actually are, yes?08:35
RealEyesI knew to add it because I'm talking to the guys in #bash and applying my own knowledge to the problem.08:35
RealEyesYes, you're right about that.08:35
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: ah i see08:35
nUboon2Agewhat does /var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-papers.list say?08:36
seidosRealEyes, you came up with your while loop before you joined #bash iirc08:36
RealEyesbash: /var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-papers.list: No such file or directory08:37
nUboon2Agesorry, that should have been var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-wallpapers.list08:37
RealEyesseidos, idk what you guys even mean by 'loop'08:37
RealEyesbash: var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-wallpapers.list: No such file or directory08:37
RealEyes'while loop' idk what that is08:38
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: the while operation will continue going around and around in the loop until the08:38
seidosRealEyes, nUboon2Age I gotta' go to bed.  If you get it working, I'll get it from you later.08:38
RealEyesI have a very loose understanding of linux and bash08:38
RealEyesseidos, night man08:38
nUboon2Ageit reaches the given08:38
nUboon2Ageseidos: thanks so much for the help!!!!08:38
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: until it reaches the given goal.  So while (its not satisfied) loop until (end goal)08:39
RealEyessh: Can't open /home/username/wallpapers/.randomwallpaper.sh08:40
RealEyesohhh lol08:40
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: so in this case  "$lastnum" -eq "$number"08:40
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: but i don't know if that means equals or what.  ask in #bash.08:41
nUboon2Agewhat does cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/ubuntu-wallpapers.list say?08:46
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: ^^^08:46
RealEyeslists a bunch of them08:46
RealEyeswant a pastebin?08:46
nUboon2Ageyes please08:47
RealEyes RealEyes: drapes (source: drapes): a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2-3.2 (lucid), package size 178 kB, installed size 2332 kB08:48
RealEyesnUboon2Age: sudo apt-get install drapes08:49
nUboon2Ageokay RealEyes , so yours are most all in /usr/share/backgrounds/ , so a simple approach is say WALLPAPERS="/usr/share/backgrounds/"08:50
RealEyesok, but then how do i make it run?08:51
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: i don't think it has to be in that directory, but since i've got a different setup that doesn't lend itself as easily as yours to the experiment and since ihave to crash now also08:53
RealEyesim going to crash soon too08:53
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: i'm at the limit of my knowledge i'll have to stop there.08:53
RealEyesI'll keep pushing it tomorrow.08:53
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: to get it to run automatically one approach will be to add it to the startup programs.08:54
RealEyesi cant even get it running properly08:54
RealEyesi dont want something bad to startup lol08:54
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: also ask the #bash folks where it should be located and how to invoke it.08:55
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: yes, wait until you can invoke it from the command line08:55
nUboon2Agebefore adding it to startup programs08:55
RealEyesthese guys are like ... hopeless08:55
RealEyesthey let you know a little and leave you hanging08:56
nUboon2Agebut with the help of the #bash ers you should be able to get the simple part working.  now that you know where your wallpapers are08:56
RealEyesthere is no simple part haah08:56
nUboon2Ageand so know what to put in the WALLPAPERS= variable08:56
geirhafiles=(/usr/share/backgrounds/*.jpg) n=${#files[@]}; while sleep 30; do gconftool-2 -t string -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename "${files[RANDOM%n]}"; done08:57
nUboon2Agegeirha comes through. :)08:57
geirhaThat'll change to a random wallpaper every 30 seconds.08:57
RealEyesdo i need to put the '*' there?08:58
nUboon2Agegeirha put the whole while loop in one line RealEyes08:59
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: essentially the logic of the whole script in one line.  brilliant geirha!08:59
RealEyescan you make a pastebin of the script? lol09:00
nUboon2Agethe * is the wildcard for all the .jpg files in that directory09:01
geirhaRealEyes: To test it, you can just paste that whole line into an interactive shell09:01
nUboon2AgeRealEyes: that IS the whole script -- all in one line.  the ';' divide each command09:02
RealEyesit worked...09:02
RealEyesi dont think i made the shell -i though09:02
nUboon2Ageokay g'nite all09:03
geirhaGood night :)09:03
benson_how'd, i have a question regarding my lubuntu 10.04.. am in the right channel to ask about lubuntu?09:03
RealEyesgeirha, say I wanted to change the dir, what part would i change?09:03
benson_how'd, i have a question regarding my lubuntu 10.04.. am i in the right channel to ask about lubuntu?09:04
geirhaRealEyes: You can add several globs: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/glob09:04
RealEyesbenson_ plz dont flood09:04
nUboon2Agebenson_: these folks can try, there is also #lubuntu09:04
geirhae.g. files=(/usr/share/backgrounds/*.jpg ~/wallpapers/*.jpg)09:04
benson_join #lubuntu09:05
geirhaRealEyes: files there is an array: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/Arrays09:06
RealEyesgeirha, i cant understand that yet...09:09
RealEyesI think I'm just going to drag my BG files into that same folder lol09:09
geirhabenson_: This may or may not be the right channel to ask. It depends on whether the question is regarding base ubuntu or something specific to lubuntu.09:10
geirhaRealEyes: In bash4 (echo $BASH_VERSION), you can also have recursive globs09:10
RealEyesIDK what that means!09:10
RealEyesI'm a huge noob, dude.09:10
RealEyesYou helped a lot, thank you, my BG is changing.09:10
RealEyesI just need to put more files into  that folder, I think...09:10
geirhashopt -s globstar09:11
geirhaecho ~/**/*.jpg  # lists all jpg files in your homedir and all subdirectories09:11
RealEyeshow do I put that into the script?09:12
RealEyesomfg geirha you are THE shiz09:15
geirhaI don't know what shiz is, but yeah, I probably am :)09:16
RealEyeswhy does it stop when i close the terminal?09:21
RealEyesthis is wayyy too complicated to just do something so simple09:21
RealEyesi got drapes now09:21
geirhaYou want it running in the background?09:24
geirhaMake it executable (chmod +x thescript), then add it to startup applications (System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications)09:25
RealEyesthx for the help man, wish i could soak up more info09:26
RealEyestime to crash09:26
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cannedbubbles1Having issues booting/installing netbook ubuntu. Tells me there is missing vmlinuz. Any suggestions?15:19
paultagwhoh, niffty15:20
paultagcannedbubbles1: did you set up a seperate boot partition?15:20
paultag14:21:16 <cannedbubbles1> By that you mean? Sorry to IM, just dont want to make  myself look all that dumb hah.15:22
paultagcannedbubbles1: NO! NO!15:22
paultagcannedbubbles1: we love question from all users!15:22
paultagcannedbubbles1: <315:22
paultagcannedbubbles1: So, when you installed, how did you set up the default install? It showed two colored bars15:23
paultagcannedbubbles1: use largest free space, wipe drive advanced etc15:23
cannedbubbles1Here's all i did15:23
cannedbubbles1Followed the steps on the site to put the netbook install on a usb with the program they suggested. I'm running windows 7 atm, and am going to run ubuntu along side it. When I booted up the ubuntu install it gave me a list15:24
cannedbubbles1When I tried to do boot to hard didk or what not15:25
cannedbubbles1it basically did nothing15:25
cannedbubbles1I tried running it off the usb and got missing vmlinuz15:25
paultaghehehe yup15:26
paultagcannedbubbles1: try Try Ubuntu without Installing, to use it via USB, or Install Ubuntu to install :)15:26
cannedbubbles2Well that's the thing it does nothing when i try to intsall it15:27
cannedbubbles2I hit enter and it says nor does anything15:28
duanedesigncannedbubbles2: where you using unetbootin?15:34
paultaghe left15:41
duanedesignall three of him :(15:41
* duanedesign needs to do some hacking today15:42
pedro3005duanedesign, cool, what are you doing?15:45
duanedesignpedro3005: hello16:14
duanedesignadding a tree struucture to the command list to make commands easier to find16:15
pedro3005duanedesign, oh, it's getting pretty sweet16:15
duanedesignand when you select a command and hit 'help' it shows the man page :)16:15
pedro3005awesome work duanedesign16:16
duanedesignpedro3005: thank you.16:16
duanedesignthe tree structure adds a bit more complexity to the add/remove command feature16:17
pedro3005duanedesign, would you say GUI developing in Python has been tough?16:17
duanedesignpedro3005: not to bad16:18
pedro3005I see16:18
pedro3005duanedesign, what have you been using, PyGTK?16:18
pedro3005Any GUI app such as Quickly or something?16:19
pedro3005I mean Glade *16:19
duanedesignpedro3005: not yet. I wanted to master it first manually16:20
duanedesignpedro3005: once i feel comftorable i will definetly use quickly/glade16:20
pedro3005duanedesign, how does it work then? Do you specify coordinates for positioning buttons and stuff?16:20
duanedesignvertical and horizontal boxes that you set width and height. You can put objects in the boxes from the top or bottom left or rifgt16:21
pedro3005I see, cool16:22
pedro3005duanedesign, any particular place you've been learning it from?16:22
duanedesignhttp://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2tutorial/index.html, Acire,  http://faq.pygtk.org/index.py?req=index16:26
duanedesignpedro3005: ^16:26
pedro3005duanedesign, thanks16:27
duanedesignpedro3005: this too, though it isnt easy to find what your looking for in it. http://library.gnome.org/devel/pygtk/stable/16:27
duanedesignpedro3005: i also noticed there is a python and gnome.library search widgets for Firefox16:28
pedro3005ah, very nice16:29
pedro3005I'll start learning it someday :P16:29
duanedesigni am not sure if this is on by default but you can click on the search widget in Firefox and select manage search engines. In there you can check 'show search suggestions' and it will tell you when you are on a page that has a search plugin available16:30
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paultagibuclaw: I wanted to try arch19:13
paultagibuclaw: got it starting to boot19:13
paultagibuclaw: same kernel issue19:14
paultagthat means it's an upstream issue19:14
nuboon2age_seidos: i tried an older kernel, but still the same power problem19:46
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harrisonanyone here?22:07
harrisonWas there anything being discused before I posted?22:10
harrisonWill there be any questions?22:12
IdleOneDepends if anybody needs answers22:12
harrisonsounds good.22:12
nhandlerHmm...What is the environment variable that controls what language a CLI app uses?22:15
harrisonI don't know.22:16
nhandlerharrison: An example of what?22:17
harrisonwhich CLI app?22:17
nhandlerharrison: Any. It works for all CLI apps properly setup for translations22:17
IdleOnenot sure I understand correctly but don't apps get the language from locale22:18
harrisonNow I understand, I thought Language ment Python or C, but it means english or french, etc.22:18
nhandlerIdleOne: Yeah, but iirc, there is an environment variable that ultimately gets set and controls the language.22:28
IdleOnenhandler: that is above my head, wish I could help more22:28
IdleOneI would suggest #ubuntu-server22:28
nhandlerIdleOne: No problem. I'm trying to finally get my head around translations to try and get ClassBot translated, but I can't test them to see if they are working22:29
nhandlerIdleOne: Not really a server topic. But I know a few people who will probably know22:29
IdleOneperhaps ask the translation team22:30
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nhandlerWell, it looks like I was right when I was trying to use LANG, but my translations weren't working22:49

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